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Officer in Charge – St. Helens Police Station
 cc – Constable Kent Ritchie

Dear Sir, I request that you ‘release’ constable Ritchie from duties on 8 October so that he can attend the Launceston Court of Chief Magistrate A. Shott at 9 am.

His presence is required for he is a ‘witness’ and participant in the criminal conspiracy against myself a peaceful citizen of the land, being wherein members of your ‘constabulary’ and others continue to persist in my harassment and punitive coercion to force me into ‘bowing’ to the punitive and warring ideology of the state institution you serve.

This activity is TREASON against the State of Heaven, and in contravention of the mandate to ‘operate’ granted by God unto man.

This activity is TREASON against the State & Commonwealth of Australia Constitution and in contravention of the mandate to ‘operate’ granted by the principle clause of the very institution that your officers serve:

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116 states;

 "The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and - - -

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Religion: 'A system of belief in the worship of a supernatural power or God.' or
The recognition by man of a superhuman power entitled to obedience, reverence, and worship.

Doctrine - the teaching of a 'church' or religion or other teacher that forms the 'base' upon which a person bases their 'ethical' code of conduct.

As Kent Ritchie is the ‘person’ that summonsed me, he is complicit and is required to attend so that I may cross examine him as a part of my defence submission to said court on a ‘number’ of issues pertaining to this case.

Please ask your secretary to write or email me to confirm that he will be present on the day.

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~ The Sword of GRIEF ~
The 'Sword of Damocles'

Mr. Shott, Mr. Lusted, Mr. Ritchie, I do not 'belong' to your ideological belief nor to your Institution, for my RULES of engagement differ, and they only condone peace and mercy and forgiveness.

I do not 'subject you' into compliance to MY rules using force of arms as do you, I simply tell you of your error and your own 'accruing' terror within the THE REAL LAW of God, that is soon to be seen on earth as was recorded scripturally as the END time TRIBULATION, where every person 'reaps' what they sowed on a 'Just and Equitable' eye for an eye basis. That is the absolute Justice of God.

What you also do not see, is that when you 'summons' someone for the purpose of their punishment, that it is a little like the 'spell' placed upon someone by the 'Kadaicha' man, for it is the Sword of Damocles placed above their head by the inquisitor, and the victim thus knows that when it 'falls,' it will inflict pain and suffering as they are 'speared' by ITS 'judgement' and, - - -

As you go to bed to sleep each night you do not see that during the months that 'drag' by prior to 'conviction,' that many of your 'victims' do suffer fear and dread as do their families, who may 'resultantly' become short of water and bread or a home when their loved one is carried away.

Friends, it is too easy to say that they deserved it. They may well have, but what you need to see is that within the Law of God that you also deserve to suffer equally for all their suffering you impose, as well as all the 'collateral' suffering by all persons involved and, - - - it is most certain that one day possibly far ahead you too will be dragged away and forced to pay for every 'agonising' moment suffered by others that was the result of your personal action and interaction with other children of God.

There is a cruel and dominating 'monster' that operates through the 'books of rules' of government and community 'councils' on earth, and He is the controlling, extortionist and destructive satanic force. All that adore His unholy book and uphold and fund and condone His merciless and unforgiving and punitive and controlling ways are 'minions' in His service who defy their Creator and suffer the consequence.

Yes all pay the price for foolishly placing their 'foot' in Satan's 'VICE.' He will not let any go until they learn to heed the Truth I do bestow. Heed me now or suffer eternally. Foolish are those that think that the 'rule book' of an institution gives them immunity from God's Law.

Rules with punitive attachments - NO
Advisory Codes of Conduct - YES

Note: 'Fires of Hell' - Let it be clearly understood, that the use of force that always causes 'someone' anguish is the use of the 'fire of hell,' and any person using that forbidden force will by that same force be 'burnt' on another day. Any person that uses force to control or punish another becomes a person that defies the Command of God to:

"Go your way in peace and only be loving, compassionate, merciful and forgiving to my other children."

And the dark force that inspired their negative interaction factually marks their spiritual forehead with a black X. And as any person defies the “Peace and love” Command for any reason and they interfere, regulate, control, tax, fine, punish, abuse or kill others, the size and power of the sword of Damocles that they raise above their own head grows and, - - - the sword sends out a signal into the depths of the darkness that says:

This one is to be punished.  - This one is to be deceived. - This one is to suffer pain for being vain. - This one is to be 'cut' and is to be 'bled' until every drop of blood they spilt is accounted for, and all the suffering they so 'justifiably' imposed will be justifiably imposed upon them within God's holy Law. This also applies to those that condone or support and thus fund the ongoing iniquity.

Certainly we must teach our youths how to be in conformity to God's "Peace & love" command as they learn to respect others, and this we do with positive code of conduct guidelines that are reasonable, example:

"Drive on the correct side of the road at a safe speed so as to avoid colliding with other road users because, - - - it is being kind and respectful to others and yourself to be considerate and, - - - if you do cause pain to others you will be made to suffer it within God's law at a later date, for no amount of insurance 'cover' nullifies the Law of God."

Rules contain punitive attachments and are not guidelines, they are Decrees given by a Dictator, and these rules enslave and subjugate the whole community, and they force all into defying the Command of God as they and their supposed 'servants' enslave and subjugate and punish and wage war upon other community members using said rules

I return to earth at this point in time because man is only now able to 'comprehend' and understand energy, electricity, and its positive or negative attributes of 'attraction' and 'opposing' interaction ( For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction) and, because it is only now that there is the mass communication of radio, TV, and the internet.

God awaits to see 'who' is the first 'enforcer' that comes to me with 'cap' in hand saying: "I have become free and I wish to help thee set others free."

There is no 'Kingdom come' of fun and joy and happiness for anyone that defies their God of Love.

So sayeth His/Her dove.

I AM the awaited messianic 'Imam' to lead all true believers back to Paradise.

Terence Al-Meshi 

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Cross examination questions 1 - Sergeant Gary Lusted
(As I represent myself, I will be the one to cross examine the prosecution police witness)

Sergeant Lusted, I do not require you to be ‘on oath’ as such for as always we stand in our Creator’s presence, and he is the only one to judge the truth or otherwise of your answers to me and this court.

Subsequent to my receiving a summons with your name on it as ‘complainant’ – I sent you a letter via email to the Tasmania police, did you receive it?

I now refer to the following Constitution acts of Tasmania and the Commonwealth if Australia;

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116 states;

 "The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion,

Constitution Act 1934 (Tas)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians.
Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Dictionary: Religion = 'A system of belief in the worship of a supernatural power or God' or
the recognition by man of a superhuman power entitled to obedience, reverence, and worship.

Part V - General provisions
Religious freedom

46.  (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen. -

      (2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief -

Sergeant Lusted, in my letter to you did I give you reference to the Constitution acts to aid you? -

Sergeant Lusted, if you know that I am a man of peace, that has not disturbed the peace, and that I am a person that has a different religious belief to yours, and you have been told by me of the relevant clause within your Constitution that allows me or ‘permits’ me to live according to my religious belief and my conscience, - - - and you still ‘pursue’ me for the intent and purpose of my receiving punishment, - - - is it not a factual and proven case against you of religious persecution, and Treason against the State of Tasmania and God, for your defiance of your own Constitution, and defiance of the Command of God? -

Would you at this point in time like to withdraw your complaint against me, or do you wish to persist in your personal unlawful attack upon me as you try and use this Court to coerce me into bowing to an ideological belief that is contra to mine? -

Can you see that any person prosecuting or persecuting another is of the ideological belief in punishment as a way of ‘correction,’ and when their prosecution results in a punitive sentence; they have in fact caused an imposition of distress, suffering and loss upon their ‘victim’? -

Can you see that as my ideological belief is one of only extending peace, mercy, forgiveness and education to those that do disturb the peace, that I in fact adhere to a different ideological belief to yours? (Religious belief) –

Can you accept that if my God commands me to only be peaceful and merciful and forgiving, that it would be error for me to fund any person or ‘group of people’ or any institution that has the contrary belief of  punishment and war and ‘inquisition’? -

Are you aware that if I have not disturbed the peace of the land, then I am in conformity to the public order and morality ACT of your Institution and to the Command of God that states: “Go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto those yet sinfully living”? -

Did you ask for legal advice in reference to the Constitution in respect of my case with its ‘religious’ belief connotation? -

Are you being coerced by superior officers to ‘try’ and use this Court and this magistrate to ‘test’ the power and validity and authority of the Constitution of your Institution in relation to the guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion section of this case? -

Is it not a fact that state ‘officers’ are waging an ongoing ‘war’ against me for the purpose of inflicting theirs and your ideological belief upon me? -

Are you aware that this is an open public ‘trial’ that is being watched by thousands of viewers on line who are reading the facts and proceedings and awaiting the outcome?

Does it mean anything to you that I state that I am the Messiah, the plenipotentiary of God sent to earth to enlighten humanity and being the one ‘judge’ all men? -

Are you aware that it is you that ‘daily’ defy the command of the Creator, and that you knowingly or unknowingly place yourself within the punitive aspect of His Law? -

Does it mean anything to you when I state that; - - - if you proceed against me then you have shown your God of your arrogance and defiance of His Command, and by your own deed place your spirit soul into great peril as you send it into the abyss when it departs your flesh, and it will fall into a 'state' of absolute terror and turmoil and agonising suffering? -

Did you issue your complaint against me because you personally saw me driving on a public road or was it ‘hearsay’ reported to you by some other?

I ask again, would you at this ‘late’ point in time like to withdraw your complaint against me?

On 8th Oct Sgt Gary Lusted did not attend court.

I have one witness – please call Constable Kent Ritchie

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My cross examination questions to Constable Kent Ritchie

Constable Ritchie, for how many years have you served with the St. Helens constabulary?
For how many years have you known me?
Are you aware that I am a teacher of spiritual truth and a mental health consultant?

In all your time at St. Helens, have you ever heard of me disturbing the peace of the land?

Have you ever heard of me interfering in the lives of others?
Have you ever heard of me being verbally or physically abuse to others?
Have you ever heard of me being intoxicated?
Have you ever heard of me being mentally disturbed and a danger to others?

Have you ever heard of me being a disorderly person?
You have entered into my humble home, did you find it neat and tidy and orderly?
Do you know the definition of a terrorist?
Is a terrorist a person that threatens, intimidates, and interferes in the affairs and lives of others, and causes mental and emotional trauma and inflicts physical harm?

Is it not a fact that in order to carry out their duties to ‘rules,’ that police are forced to do all the aforementioned, and thus themselves defy their God and their own ‘rulings’ reference social order and morality? -
Is a person that condones or supports or funds a ‘terrorist’ organisation ‘guilty’ of being so associated? -
If according to my ‘book’ of moral conduct it would be improper for me to fund the punitive ideological ways of your institution, does it not suggest to you that I am simply following my own God given moral code of conduct so as to protect my own soul by not funding what to me is 'terrorist' activity? -

Can you see that by my ‘funding it’ your state coffers, I thus become complicit to its ‘ideological’ ways that are ‘contrary to’ and ‘in opposition to’ mine? -
Can you see that in punishing me, you are trying to get me to ‘pay up’ (in the future) and thus imposing a religious observance, being the fiscal support of a contrary doctrine? -
Constable Ritchie, as a result of your actions against me in the past that have placed my aging wife under great duress and resulted in my being incarcerated, have I ever subsequently made any threat against you or been rude to you? -

Is it a fact that in accordance with my religious belief in peace and goodwill, that I have in fact gone ‘out of my way’ to try and protect you from harming yourself spiritually, due to what by me is perceived simply as your ignorance of the spiritual truth of the matter, and extended my kindness and consideration and given you a CD containing God’s full message to humanity? -
In your minds eye, am I a person having a peaceful demeanor of good moral code of conduct? -
Does it follow then that I am ‘bowing’ to the ‘Go your way in peace’ Command of God? -

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It is my designated way of life, being my religious belief that I should place God’s Code of Conduct Command above any book of rules of man, rules that designate the daily conduct of the Police and force them to defy God and control and punish people.

The rules ‘force’ Police to enter a ‘state’ of immoral conduct in God’s eyes, and they are forced to ‘disturb the peace’ of others as they invade, seize property, punish, detain, and incarcerate, and all this is causing mental and emotional trauma, physical suffering, and ‘death’ at times, - - - all in order to ‘satisfy’ the TEXT rules.

Police should only haul in persons that do disturb the peace, and solely for the purpose of their rehabilitation, not for the purpose of punishment as that places them outside the ‘Command of God’ and into the punitive aspect of God’s superior Law.

As for the ‘conduct’ of police, prosecution, and magistrates, in reference to their daily actions they should ask themselves;

Where is the Love?
Where is the Mercy?
Where is the Compassion?
Where is the Forgiveness?
Where is the ‘commanded’ Peace?

Kings, Chiefs, politicians use ‘rules’ as the means whereby they extort money from the people, and the police and courts are used to ‘immorally’ coerce, threaten, punish and abuse persons that do not comply, and this is what places the enforcers into coming mortal danger and even greater spiritual Peril.

A ‘good’ economy means that the ‘coffers’ of the dictator controlling the land are ‘awash’ with money stolen from the purses of the people using coercion backed by armed men (police) that ‘pose’ as benign. The 'police' in every land are being used as an imposing force, they need to become a true community 'Peace Corps' that only arrests those that do disturb the peace of the land, and thus help to maintain 'order' in God's 'globe earth' realm.

Freedom of religion means the right to ‘choose’ to;
Bow to the ideology of WAR or, to bow to the ideology of Peace.

It is better to ‘suffer’ at the hands of ‘Caesar’ in this life rather than at the ‘hand’ of God for eternity.

Police officers need to ask themselves:

Is the ‘book of rules’ our God?
Is our ‘gun’ our God?
Is our ‘oath’ our God?
Is the ‘wage’ we receive our God?

If not, then why do we defy the command of God and also operate outside the constraints of the very rules of our Institution that apply to others?

I hope all see that IF the Constitution has any 'validity' and IF the magistrate is 'honest,' then I would be acquitted of the charge - - - BUT - - - the fact that I would have been subjected to the 'trial' on 8 Oct means that those involved (complicit) would have 'ridiculed' my 60 days 'clemency' clause given unto them by God, and they would have thus decided to 'forge ahead' and defy God's Command.
Are they doing this to 'test' the authority and power of God?
are they simply 'hoping' to put me down?
are they testing the 'honesty' of the magistrate?
are they doing it to 'test' the authority of the Constitution Acts I give below?
are they totally ignorant as to their mandated authority within the Constitution of their own institution?

All mankind will soon see.

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  The 'finding' of magistrate Arnold Shott

The Chief magistrate Mr. A. Shott indicated that he had read my "defence" in full and ruled that my presentation submission was "no defence" and, that the ‘case’ against me was ‘proven’ and that he would give me 3 months to ‘pay’ the punitive monetary fine imposed by him.

He did not indicate ‘what’ would take place if I failed to meet his demands, and we will have to await that day to see that ‘factor’ on or about 2 March 2008, as I never give in to coercive demands to 'pay up or else' from ‘non-believers.’

The magistrate 'found' that the immunity granted unto me and all peaceful men by God and the Constitution was 'irrelevant,' and that living by my 'religious belief' was no protection from him nor 'his' rules book 'bible.'

Magistrate Shott delivered his ‘finding’ in great length, showing that he took considerable time to read my submission and to also do his best to seek out past precedents that would ‘enable’ him to find a ‘legal’ way to avoid being honourable and bowing to God’s Command and the 'limited' authority vested unto him by his own institutional Constitution and letting me go ‘free’ and, - - -

By his actions he chose to ignore the freedom of religion guaranteed to every citizen within the Australian Constitution and the Constitutional Act of Tasmania. This is an act of TREASON against his institution and his God.

One reason given was that there was a past precedent set in a ‘case’ in the year 1912 AD at which time a person had refused to do military training due to it being contra to his religious belief and would offend God and, - - - the Court of Tasmania ruled that military training had naught to do with religion.

Magistrate ‘Shott’ has thus based his decision on an erroneous and flimsy base,* for in his mind, he believes that the reference to freedom of religion means that a person is ‘allowed’ to carry out the weekly ritual of prayer etc, with others of similar belief, and he sees not that true ideological ‘worship’ is a 24/7 (every moment of time)  bowing to God’s Command and living it every moment of time. (E.g., being peaceful, merciful, compassionate, kind, forgiving etc., and not funding any contra punitive ideology)

Note: erroneous and flimsy base,* - There are ONLY two opposing religious ideological beliefs in existence. That of WAR and that of PEACE.

In living the 'religious' ideological belief of "Peace" one is required to submit to God's Command and ONLY be peaceful at all times, and in all situations be forgiving, merciful, compassionate and respectful to warmongers, extortionists, thieves and murderers and educate them as to their error.

In living the 'religious' ideological belief of "War" one believes that one can defy the "Love one another" Command of the Creator and be punitive and wage war and interfere, tax, extort, invade, control, enslave, steal, punish and kill.

1 - The 'finding' of the magistrate has the result that police 'workers' (State Authority) have been 'licensed' and 'empowered' by the Court (his finding) to go against their own mandate of authority granted unto them by the Commonwealth and State Constitution and God and the 'people' they are 'paid' to serve and, the 'ruling' in fact grants them the 'right' to steal goods from my property or your property in lieu of any supposed monetary 'debt to them' accruing.

2 - This finding also shows all of 'us' in the community that the Tasmania and Commonwealth Constitution has no 'teeth' and no 'power' to protect the religious beliefs or 'liberty' or freedom of the individual.

3 - This finding also shows all of 'us' that the magistrate clearly shows his own disregard of the authority granted unto him by the Constitution, for his statement that my submission was 'No defence' shows his inability to be true, honest and impartial for reasons known by himself and God.

4 - The judgement is regrettable due to the fact that it will 'embolden' and mislead the police because, they have been given a false sense of security and a false sense of 'impunity' against God's Command, and none will see that the 'verdict' of a mere man of the 'cloth' of State is no protection against God and God's immutable "As you do is done unto you" Law.

If a 'qualified' magistrate is unable to set a wise 'precedent' and exercise the use of the supposed 'powerful' Constitutional base of society of his own Institution, and use the relevant 'acts' to protect a citizen of the land against religious persecution, extortion and invasion of premises being carried out against them by an 'agency' or individual, then it clearly shows that the magistrate is NOT in control of his conscience nor his 'mental' faculties, and the magistrate is thus a 'possessed' person being used by the invisible Dark Sovereign Power (punitive aspect of the Source) to 'mercilessly' extract any spiritual dues accrued by person in their past. (According to God)

If God sees that I still have a debt to pay Him from any of my past actions then I will suffer a further punishment or loss at the hands of the merciless ignorant.

If God sees that I do not have a further debt to Him, then even though police have been given the 'green' light to continue harassing me I will not suffer loss or punishment.

The matter now lies in the hands and minds of the police ‘workers’ as to how they interpret their rules v/s their mandate from God and their own Constitution, and how they do or do not respond to God's love one another Command is up to them as individuals.

I personally see this ongoing saga as one of opportunity to help reach my brothers and sisters with the "reminder" that God is real and that God's Command is to love one another and to only be loving, compassionate merciful and forgiving and, - - - that God's singular "As you sow so shall you reap" LAW is the law of this earthly land and all other realms in spirit. I 'fear' for my persecutors and pray that they see the Light one day.

For they see not that their religious ideological belief is that they can 'rule' and are entitled to overrule the beliefs of others simply because they hold the 'power of the gun' upper hand over those that are unarmed and peaceful believers in God and His Command.

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My response to Magistrate Shott

Dear Mr. Shott. I firstly wish to acknowledge that you have 'courteously' been the first of many magistrates (and a Judge) to be respectful enough to accept and read my submission to the court. You are thus the first with enough 'dignity' to make the effort to try and see what it is that I am trying so hard to get you and all to see.

But there is a BIG 'question mark'? Being that it appears that you have approached the matter at hand with the sole purpose of seeking a 'way' to avoid setting a new and 'exciting' fresh precedent, whereby 'together' we could take a giant 'leap of faith' much greater than that of the 'moon landing' of Armstrong.

You have relied upon the false belief of some prior judicial precedent that has 'limited' the religious 'worship' of God to be ONLY for activities of prayer etc., held at certain times of the day or week when persons of the same 'belief' congregate to 'sing' or pray or hold other 'rituals' of their indoctrination.

God is not confined to any 'particular' time or gathering or ritual, for your own court 'trial' of another person is a 'ritual' in itself is it not? One in which you invoke the power of the Dark malignant and punitive 'energy of God' in your interaction with His other children. Seeing not that every 'action' has an equal and opposite return within God's superior "As you invoke and do - will be done unto you" Law.

Is it not 'better to 'invoke' the loving and benign 'energy of God' in your interaction with others and receive an equal and opposite return unto you of that goodness? Try and understand that the 'particular' energy we USE does over time and more time in eternal time fill our soul and we become 'as it is.'

Why do 'judicial' men rely on 'obscure' precedents 'set' by their forebears that defied the Command of their Creator? It is because their forebears themselves did not understand God's Law. Every precedent must be 'tested' against God's Command to live in peace and be loving, kind, merciful, forgiving and respectful and, be educative rather than punitive.

That the 'case was proven' against me is not the issue, for I clearly did not have any State issued licence 'permit.' I was 'only' in possession of a valid 'Pass' mark on my driving test. The issue was/is whether:

A - I has 'passed' a driving test at an approved school in my past and was thus proven to be a 'validated' and competent driver.
B - In God's eyes I am in conformity to His Command as I go my way in peace and causing no harm to any other. (Are you?)
C - Within the 'authority' granted by your Constitution to you, am I not entitled to live in accordance to my personal ideological belief?

I am trying very hard to get you and the 'poor'* police officers to see that G-O-D demands complete subservience to H-I-S Command, and no man such as 'Caesar' or you or any institutional authority can void or avoid the consequence of defying H-I-M. for His Law applies to all.

Note: 'poor'* police officers - They are poor because they are forced to do what they are told to, and ahead will be forced to suffer the consequence of their interaction with others, and they rely on their elders - - - being YOU and your 'rulings' to be their 'guide' rather than their God or me.

The State (Caesar) uses punishment or the coercive threat of it to force people to bow to his ideological belief. Being that he has the 'right' to rule them and force them to defy their God and, you went to great lengths to disprove the validity of my 'belief.' God's Command supersedes all 'deliberations' of men.

You 'Sir' also believe and 'lead' others to believe that you have the 'right' to overrule my belief using the 'belief' of others that they are 'better informed' as to the meaning of RELIGION in respect of as to 'how' or 'when' or for 'what' hours of the day or week one can or should 'worship' a supernatural power or GOD. That is insanity or vanity.

You 'Sir' also believe and 'lead' others to believe that you have the 'right' to try and force me by 'punishment' or the 'coercive' threat thereof to 'join' your system of belief. Failing which I will be hounded and persecuted by people that are presently ignorant gun toting 'scoundrels' dressed in uniforms that earn a wage to interfere, kidnap and hold men in hostage in cells for a mercenary wage.

You 'Sir' also 'lead' others (police) to believe that you have the 'right' to overrule my belief, and this 'sadly' leads them astray. This Sir is 'deception' * and any person that deceives others and thus leads them to the Abyss is a very 'sick' individual and most certainly in need of God's 'correction.'

Note: 'deception' * - A part of the negative aspect of the 'dual' positive Creative & negative Destructive energy of God that DOES exist

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You have given no 'credence' to the possibility that my TRUTH is valid and applicable to you and is being 'served up' to you and all humanity to SAVE your souls. Is it because God placed me in the disguise of a simple person? Was it not 'written' that my mighty spirit soul would return to earth "as a thief in the night"? Meaning, that it would be invisible to your eyes.

Maybe you will revise your decision once you have looked deeper into my 'teachings' as you 'yet' do have the opportunity of assisting mankind to better themselves, and to also halt your own slide into oblivion in the after life. For you presently 'hold' the religious ideological belief that YOU can defy God as YOU between the hours of 9 - 5 each working day 'practice' your ideological belief 'condemning' people to suffering and loss and mental and emotional turmoil, as you believe that you are 'as' God and thus above God's Law.

As I see it, you are presently 'indoctrinated' by precedents 'set' by our forebears and the rules raised up by others. (The sins of our forefathers) These 'rules' are in fact the base of your religious belief, and thus you seek ways to 'punish' rather than to assist in the elevation of the lives of others.

As I see it, I have 'exhausted' every avenue open to me God's LIGHT to show you and all the error of your ways. I am 'respectful' of your 'choice' to go your way using 'force of arms' to subjugate every other 'ideology' but, - - -

I do not use force of arms to force you to become a peaceful man, and this is the 'difference' of our ideological beliefs. For you believe that because you are 'backed' by FORCE of 'arms' that I must be compliant with the Rules raised up by others and, - - - that I must be punished for any non-conformity.

I do 'know' our God Sir, and I leave you to HIM to be dealt with within HIS absolutely 'Just' and equitable "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law. Yea verily, the Might of His Word will be the 'Sword' wielded below in the Abyss by the 'hellish' forces of death, and they will sup on your 'carrion'* and will leave your desolated soul with no 'breath' and IT will 'rot and decay' for an eternity long time because, - - -

It was/is your choice to be a living SWINE who 'disgracefully' scorns the Holy Word of God and raises the 'Sword of Damocles' over my head and that of others and, - - - on THE day your 'pen' or that of any 'other' of your 'brethren' "pens" an 'arrest' Decree over me for failing to 'pay up' your punishment 'tax fee,' you will know that your 'time' has come.

Note: your 'carrion'* - You are condemning yourself into the hands of demons because you have chosen to daily 'feast' on the negative aspect of God's energy, and IT fills your soul and drags it down to ITS level. It is our individual choice to sup on the forbidden 'fruit' of the Tree of EVIL in our moment by moment 'activity' and DIE spiritually or, - - - to ONLY be the Light of LIFE in action and LIVE.

Why would a man with the position of 'Judge' choose to find an obscure and false precedent to enable him to overrule God's Command and punish a fellow man?

Did I not place the TRUE Holy Word of God upon his plate? Did I not submit a truly 'open' and proven defence? One wherein there was NO 'need' for him to 'peer' into past texts for the Text of his own 'Constitutional' authority was enough to permit him to set me free.

Why then did he choose to impoverish his own soul simply to disadvantage me as he made a 'mockery' of God's Holy command to him? Why did he also choose to make a 'mockery' of the 'value' of his own spirit soul? Was it arrogance? Was it ignorance? Was it 'fear' of ridicule from his peers?

Why did the magistrate also choose to place his own soul deeper into the punitive aspect of God's LAW: "As you do is done unto you"?

I believe that he did this because he does not believe that God reigns supreme and, - - - he believes that his 'judgement' using 'legislation' is 'all powerful' and, - - - that he is 'invincible' because of his belief in the authority of the rules and his 'position' and, - - - he also believes they give him 'immunity' against the LAW of God. This is ERROR of belief that leads all the 'infidels' into liquid TERROR.

Note: 'infidels' - Those that defy the "Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving" Command of God as they 'find' a reason to use forceful dark power and inflict mental, emotional or physical suffering, injury, sorrow, deprivation etc., upon another sister or brother of any race or colour or creed.

I 'fear' for the soul of the man Arnold Shott, and I again raise my 'pen' and call out to him: "Set us both free - come to me."

Dear Arnold, you have chosen to use precedents to defeat my 'loving' cause. I can assure you that all that continue to FIGHT me will LOSE their spiritual 'battle' and FALL into the oblivion of eternal suffering. Please look deeper and try a lateral look 'sideways' away from your today 'fixed' position, and try to 'entertain' that I might have a point worth your further deliberation and investigation, for you can 'arrest' your own downward slide into total oblivion IF you now heed my pen.

For 'some' reason I believe that if you do 'come my way' so to speak, that together we can move Tasmania forwards and upwards, and also begin the rehabilitation of your own soul and that of others as we implement the 'Feeling easier Seminars,' using the Launceston Remand centre facilities that can also be used for visiting Police as an educational facility.

Please feel free to contact me or visit and have a cup of tea as we speak as 'brothers' with the sole intent of elevating the consciousness of mankind as insanity unwinds and ALL then believe me. Please also read my 'The religion of Truth & God's Decree' page given at the end of this paper, for presently you are 'locked in' to a very Dark religion of DEATH, being the contra ideological belief in control and punishment.

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The Chalice of Life or the Cup of Death

Yes the river, being the energy of God runs along its 'parallel' course, and we the 'children' were advised and 'warned' a very long time ago that if we chose to 'sup' on the powerful but enticing Dark energy that IT would contaminate our inner Light and IT would deceive us into using ITS 'Might' and IT would then destroy our very soul.

All that rely on force to attain or, to gain control or the upper hand or to punish, invade or destroy ARE supping from the bitter sweet water of the Cup of DEATH. It is 'sweet' in that its power makes one 'drunk,' but it turns bitter once we see that we must not only PAY for our folly, but that IT has contaminated our very soul as so 'ignorantly and arrogantly' we did stroll.

It is simply a part of God's energy, thus it simply does what it seeks to, and relentlessly it fulfills its own 'aspect' of the Law against anyone that ventured into its 'realm of darkness' and supped on its feelings of power that were so enticing and irresistible as the thoughts emanating from its 'Master' the Serpent said: "Use my power to gain control of all and you will not fall because you will become as ME, the invisible God that you cannot see."

Children, we have all been deceived by the subtle web weaved in our minds due to many a reason, and thus we can only 'pray' that we will become free from ITS clutches if we have the capacity to begin to ONLY drink from the Chalice of eternal life as we ONLY go forth in PEACE as Commanded by the Light of God.

I am not here to condemn you nor to 'judge' you, I am but here to tell you that it is you that condemn your own soul, and it is you that place it within the punitive aspect of the immutable 'eye for an eye' or 'As you sow so shall ye reap' Law of the Source. So the Judgement is placed upon yourself by your daily 'moment by moment' interaction with others.

I am here to also advise everyone of every race and creed that they have 'filled' their souls with Dark energy, being the result of their 'gambit' in their past when they supped on forceful energy as they abused others, and now contain ITS 'energetic' emotional energy of anger, fear, criticism, hatred, jealousy, vengeance, vanity, fear etc. within, that are NOT a natural spiritual state but one 'ingrown' over countless centuries whilst living here or 'there' in realms of spirit pre-incarnation.

As 'common' man now feels the 'pull' of these aggravated emotions in the manner as revealed by me, they too 'as you' will feel empowered to 'strike' with venomous punitive intent and then, - - - you and all will have nowhere to 'hide' as they go forth meting out retribution for and on behalf of the THOUGHTS of the Devil seizing control of their psyche. Woe and more woe is to be for all that defy the message from God via me.

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 The 'finding' of God the Father

This 'judgement' commences with the police and judiciary, and their 'crucifixion' is to be imposed* by the 'invisible' State of Hell demonic enforcers of the 'punitive' aspect of God's Law via the mind of ignorant man in this realm or in the after life, as revealed by my pen in my main 'Testament to humanity.'

This 'judgement' commences with the indictment on page 20, and the Judgement of God to be imposed is, that every person funding, condoning or supporting or 'engaged' personally in any activity perceived by the Creator as 'contra' to HIS commanded 'Peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgiveness' code of conduct is by HIM marked as ONE needing to be subjected to the punitive aspect of HIS 'correctional' Law, in the manner as stated in paragraph 1 above.

Note: Let it be clearly understood by all mankind that: All armed forces personnel, be they 'police' forces or 'army' soldier forces or 'air' force personnel are terrorists in the eyes of God, for all 'bear' weapons in public places and use them against His children for many a reason. The 'principle' one being that they are ordered to by other men or by the rule books they hold sacred. The second being to control, interfere, terrorise, subjugate, extort money, seize others territory or wealth, cause injury or destroy.

Let it also be clearly understood that any person in the community that condones, supports or funds these 'warriors' are in God's eyes very unwise for they are 'fellowshipping' with known terrorists, and a 'portion' of all the terror, suffering, interference, destruction of property, and personal injury imposed by these armed 'forces' becomes their 'due' and their 'crucifixion' is to be imposed by the 'invisible' State of Hell demonic enforcers of the 'punitive' aspect of God's Law via the mind of ignorant man in this realm or in the after life, as revealed by my pen in my main 'Testament to humanity.'

Note: be imposed* - The 'terror' of the underworld is not only mental emotional and physical suffering imposed upon you by the merciless, but it is the capacity of the invisible darkness to keep you 'coerced' into joining one of the many destructive 'factions' of cruel devilish beings that roam far and wide torturing other 'dissidents.'

For you are unable to 'resist' their demands of you through your fear of their threatened 'reprisal' for non conformity to their demands, and as you go forth with them and cause great duress and suffering to others, it follows that others do the same unto you, and this goes on in perpetuity for none are able to avoid it due to their arrogance and ignorance of MY truth.

If you are a person that has become a person with a debt to God and thus will be spending 'time' in the underworld, then believe you me, if you do not 'carry' the wisdom of my word with you and thus be 'able' to 'suffer' your crucifixion in non-retaliation as you resist the 'temptation' to fight, then you will for an eternity quail. Only those that have seeded their minds fully with MY wisdom before going there will have any 'hope' of ever getting out.

 All done by you or - in your name or - on your behalf - comes back to you
Be it goodness bestowed or suffering IMPOSED - that IS the ABSOLUTE Justice of God

All mankind is now 'gearing up' and preparing for 'internal' or 'external' WAR
You have but a very short time to amend your ways or fall for an eternity FOR SURE

The ONLY safe way forwards for anyone is to 'disarm' and follow the peaceful and educative 'way' forward as given by me.

Yes there is a 'Paradise' with the fulfillment of every 'desire,' for the Light of God loves YOU and eternally seeks to uplift you higher.


If you try and be 'a' God and 'command' and control and regulate and punish and abuse others, then YOU end up on the eternal FIRE


Because the REAL God is the ONE to Command, and if you HIM deny and defy and thus make any of HIS 'other' children CRY, then HE sees that you are not 'fit' to 'sit' in HIS Light, and HIS Dark destructive energy that YOU drew into your arrogant soul drags you down and out of HIS sight.

For by your own 'deed' you have damned your own soul that forever by the 'weight' and power of HIS energy confines you in a very small and terrifying space and, every one of you is 'presently' sucking in dark energy each day as upon the 'flesh & blood' of your victims you 'prey' and I say: "Only those that now turn to me will have the opportunity to amend their ways and begin to let God set them free of their inner 'cancerous' and deadly dark energy."

If 'Caesar's' enforcers are so 'adamant' in abusing and punishing people for non-conformity to Caesar's decrees, (State) then why do they not 'consider' what God the father will do to them for defying His Decree of love & peace & mercy & compassion & forgiveness as being the commanded 'way' and, - - - what will He do unto them for using punitive force in their interaction with His other children when He forbids it?

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~ The ‘reins’ of absolute power ~

Is God all powerful or is it Caesar? (State) If God is all powerful then ‘why’ does God permit Caesar’s ‘armed’ forces to continue to harass me, jail me, and cause me inconvenience?

To answer this, one first has to understand that God is both Light & Darkcreative & destructivemerciful & merciless, benign and beneficent and malignant and punitive.

For once one can see this ‘factor,’ then one can understand ‘why’ and ‘that’ the merciless, malignant’ and punitive aspect of God operates through the mind and hand of sinful ‘ignorant’* mankind.

Note: sinful ‘ignorant’* - the ignorant are Infidels, being persons that defy God’s “Go your way in peace and love one another” Command.

For the ‘attributes’ of the Dark Sovereign Power (God) the DARK destroyer are absolute vanity, pride, jealousy, hatred, anger and arrogance, for He is above His own ‘eye for an eye’ Law and, - - -

These are also the ‘attributes’ of Caesar the man and the ‘operatives’ of State institutions, and they all believe that they also are ‘above’ the civil code of God and man whilst operating within the ‘encoded’ rules of their institution, reference their controlling, punitive or destructive code of conduct. This is because the DARK ‘sinful’ energy of God is within them 

What simple man needs to see is, that when any person is controlling another, or interfering in the lives of others, or in any way stealing their ‘pay’ or goods or, causing them any mental, emotional, or physical harm, that they are in fact being used by the Dark Sovereign power as ITS ‘adjuster,’ and all they ‘do’ unto others becomes their ‘due’ within God’s Law

It follows that any person meting out ‘darkness,’ (negative, controlling, punitive, destructive energy) is using the absolute power of God the Dark Sovereign Power, hence the absolute ‘authority’ of Caesar (State) to mete out punitive ‘vengeance’ to all that oppose its edicts.

Why? Because unbeknown to man, every person has a ‘debt’ to God that is probably naught to do with the edict or ‘case’ involving the punishment by Caesar.

Example, if I am incarcerated for two months for driving a vehicle without having paid an $11 annual ‘licence’ tax, the ‘time’ in the hellish cells is God’s punishment via ignorant mortals that became my ‘due’ way back in the past, when I must have caused others a similar inconvenience etc., and has naught to do with my ‘defiance’ of State rules.

But, as I see it, as it is God the ultimate power and as God is absolutely Just, it follows that once I have paid all past debts to God, that no enforcer of Caesar will have God’s ‘backing’ to jail me for simply failing to comply with any ‘taxing’ decree of the state institution, and I will be able to walk free as long as I never again disturb the peace of others, as I bow in obedience to God’s Decree: “Go your way in peace.”

So in continuing on my way in my ‘unmarked’ vehicle with no State ‘taxes’ or fees paid to Caesar, I believe that THE DAY will come when no person will continue to use force to interfere in my life and no person will punish me, and everyone will then understand what it is I am saying being:

Every ‘enforcer’ is a punitive ‘operative’ and is placing their own soul in danger spiritually, and they will ‘suffer’ within the absolutely Just Law of God and, - - - only when they walk in peace as ‘me’ will they one day far ahead be also set free.

So I can but hope that they begin to see what I say ON THE DAY the State ‘magistrate’ says: “This man has no case to answer” because, everyone will then assist me to implement the educational and better way of living so that everyone becomes forgiving and understanding of the power of our invisible God.

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The use of force, be it for torture, cruelty, banishment, incarceration or killing is backed by God’s destructive and forceful energy because, all those that ‘suffer’ from its imposition deserved it from or by their own past actions and or, through the actions of their paid servants, be it in this or a pre-birth time on another level of consciousness.

All persons using force or coercion etc., to restrict, control, punish, abuse, disadvantage or kill any other have ‘crossed’ into the dark side of the river of eternal life and placed their body, mind, and soul into the hands of the Dark evil and merciless One and into His aspect of the ONE Law: "As you do will be done unto you."

I do not refuse to pay a fee to validate my driving certificate of competency simply to defy ‘Caesar’ or his ‘authority,’ I refuse to fund his punitive and coercive and destructive system of control and, - - - I do what I do so as to show you something from my ‘enlightened’ perspective so as to help set you all free from slavery and suffering.

I believe that I do not have to ‘pay up’ endless taxes simply because the demand is backed by the coercive ‘threat’ of punishment for non-conformity for that is extortion.

The police and judiciary must now try and see the hidden ‘depths’ of iniquity and their own complicity to ‘white collar’ crime.

All I do is for you with the surety that God will ‘follow through’ and back me up, *

Note: God will ‘follow through’ and back me up, * - If God is the ‘protector’ of those as me that do walk in peace, then “why” does God ‘permit’ me to be punished and jailed by a State institution?

My ‘enlightened’ answer is this: Any person that in their past has defied God and been less that peaceful and merciful and compassionate loses their divine protection, - - - until such time as they have ‘paid their dues’ and suffered equally within the Law of God, - - - for all the ‘suffering’ they imposed upon others.

For until such time as their ‘dues’ to God are paid, they are within the merciless ‘bounds’ of the Dark Sovereign Power of God that ‘justifiably’ and Justly ensures that at any moment of time that He ‘orders,’ the offensive one can be punished by any person that themselves are walking ‘ignorantly’ and thus can be used by Him.

It is thus that ‘as’ in my past youthful years I did in ignorance cause others harm, ( I was a policeman) that I accrued a ‘due’ to God, and I have been ‘paying’ the price by being incarcerated by the Court of Caesar.

However, if I have now paid all my ‘dues’ to God then it follows that God will not ‘require’ the magistrate to impose any ‘further’ punishment upon me. In fact the magistrate would be unable to so do for God would ‘still’ his thoughts and he would mercifully permit me to walk free.

Every ‘the law’ TAX imposition by man is extortion, extortion, extortion, backed by the police or others carrying GUNS.

Note: Taxation extortion is the criminal ACT of extorting money from the community under the pretext of 'official & legal,' wherein it is in fact extorted using coercive threat of punishment backed by  force of arms. This is 'white collar crime' perceived as 'normal' due to precedents set in the past by vain and arrogant 'warring' men.

Every ‘time’ you pay a ‘tax’ or ‘fee’ or ‘royalty levy’ and receive a receipt, the receipt is your material protection against persecution and prosecution by the enforcement ‘arm’ of State government and the ‘retributive’ hand of God.*

Note: ‘retributive’ hand of God.* - try and see that the more ‘taxes’ you pay for ‘protection’ by an armed force, the deeper into spiritual debt you become and ahead, the greater your tribulations.

The Dark retributive aspect of the Source (God) uses the coercion of vain arrogant men to keep you supporting them and their punitive and warring activities so that He (God the sovereign power) can destroy your ignorant, fearful and arrogant soul.

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page 36

It is better to stop funding iniquity and PAY all your past accrued dues to God via infidels and become free. Go your way as me ‘defenseless’ with NO protection from armed men and, as you suffer at their hands you become free.

I am of the firm belief that the community does need education, direction, and service providers, and if the community wishes to elevate a central 'Council' committee of responsible persons to 'head' such an endeavour then that is also positive.

The problem that has occurred over the 'ages' is that those 'entrusted' have extended their 'power' in a negative way that has become an extortionist dictatorship backed by the police 'force.'

Politicians have used 'dictates' backed by force to 'muscle in' on every activity of mankind through their greed and arrogance, and the people of the land (every land) have been 'conned' or coerced into parting with more and more of their hard earned money by these 'super power' extortionist thieves that live in a fantasy land.

Yes, the 'servants' of the people have become 'masters' that dictate, and the community members have lost their 'freedom' and are punished for any disobedience to the 'rules' of the ruling body that have a false ideological belief that they can 'steal' and impose 'grief' and NOT pay the price.

The 'interests' of the ruling 'body' have become more important than those it was raised up to serve. I cannot 'serve' or fund or condone any activity that coerces other persons in the community into bowing to the dictates of people that 'pose' as benign, whereas they in fact defy God as they interfere in every community activity and inflict great suffering upon many.

The State (Caesar) states: “You defend yourself and have my protection using my rules, and if you do not conform then you will have to defend yourself against ME.” (State)

God says: “You defend yourself and have MY protection when you go your way in peace, and if you do not conform to this Decree and you rely on force or the arms of men, then you will have to defend yourself from ME.”

All are beautiful when their faces are covered with ‘smiles.’
All are ugly when they are controlled by the Devil’s ‘wiles.’

I now seek God as my benefactor and protector  and I will become FREE.
I will ‘suffer’ my crucifixion at the hands of others for my past defiance of God when I ignorantly supported iniquity.

I believe that ‘when’ I have paid my past dues to God, albeit at the hands of ignorant mortals, that I will then have divine protection and will never again be persecuted by God or  any person or institution and, - - -

This document is named "God v/s the State of Tasmania," however its content applies to all persons on every land on earth, for you are all funding and condoning and supporting the 'trail of torture and tears,' and you will all have to suffer similarly as I in this realm or the next before your God sets you free.

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There is no 'common decency' left on earth when man can no longer 'recognise' what an 'act of extortion' is.

There is no 'common decency' left on earth when men are so 'fearful' that they cannot 'oppose' the advances of those that use 'beguile, coercion and threat' to steal.

There is no 'common decency' left on earth when men believe that they can 'interfere' in the lives of others and use 'trickery' and a benign 'smile' to enter the property of others and simply take what is not theirs to take.

There is no 'common decency' left on earth when men defy their God and live in a merciless and unforgiving way, as they by 'word' or 'deed' force others to be punished in some way as they believe that they are 'mandated' to be 'as God.'

There is no 'common decency' left on earth when 'fathers' or 'mothers' cannot set their children 'free' of their 'interference' and thus 'permit' them to live their own life in accordance with the freedom granted unto them by this God's pen.

When there is no decency then there is 'savagery,' and soon we start those days when men cut out the hearts and livers of their victims, and it is then that they show God that they are beasts.

Let it be understood that for any man to 'take' anything from another using rules or by falsity that, - - - both are condemned as EVIL by God via this pen.

Let it be understood that for any man to 'punish' anyone using rules or by false belief that, - - - both are condemned as EVIL by God via this pen.

Let it be understood that any 'man' showing their Creator that they are 'merciless' will be 'mercilessly' dealt with by God the Dark Sovereign Power.


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