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Letter to Caroline Larner of the CEC political party of Australia

Dear Caroline, I refer to our meeting on a street in St. Helens where we discussed a little of the world’s ‘woes’ and possible ways of helping society. I have read your ‘The new citizen’ newspaper and the ‘EIR’ ‘LaRouche’ publication July 6 2007 Vol. 34 No 27. I commence my reply by addressing the:

‘History and Philosophy of the Citizens Electoral Council’ which you represent.

All that I wish to say on this is that the few ‘on line’ paragraphs contain both fact and fiction, but what you need to try and see is, that even though you believe in the ‘sovereign right’ of the individual, you also believe that - - - ‘for the good of the individual’ - - - that they need to be ‘governed’ by ‘the philosophy of your ideological belief.’ (Your religion)

This is the false belief of every government on earth, for all believe that, - - - for the benefit of the nation, the flag, the people, the rules, the king, orderliness etc., - - - that ‘some’ (the elect elected) must in one way or another exert ‘control’ over the masses, and thus guide them forcefully into contributing to the benefit of the whole.

This very ‘premise’ of the use of ‘force & control’ excludes the individuality and free will of the very individual you seek to protect, and it is the very reason for the decline in peace, sanity and rationality on globe earth as the ‘oligarchy’ of government exert forceful control in a dictatorial manner using ‘legislation.’

This very ‘premise’ is also in fact in contravention of God’s Command: “Love one another and go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving unto those yet sinfully living.”

For the ‘moment’ any person or ‘ruling’ Rule of an institution uses ‘force’ to ‘tax or regulate or punish’ any person for non-compliance, the persons invoking the control or punishment are ‘playing’ God and unknown to them, they have placed their own soul into the Dark and punitive superior Law of God:

“As you or your servants do unto others - will be done unto you.”
 Be it pain or pleasure - in equal measure.

And, - - - unbeknown to them, they also drew in some invisible dark energy of the dark aspect of the Source, (God) and IT contaminated their souls and increased the ‘volume’ of Sin within, (Negative emotions) through which their minds are accessed by the deceiver and, - - - He continues to ‘tempt’ them in many ways for the sole purpose of destroying them for ‘supping’ on the forbidden fruit of evil. (His destructive energy)

Man since the beginning of ‘earth’ time has either used ‘force’ of arms (the club, axe, spear, or gun) to subdue and subjugate and tax or, has used ‘rules’ that are backed by the same ‘force of arms.’

We need no ‘legislation’ to ‘save our nation,’ we simply need conformity to God’s Command in the knowledge that all are ‘equal’ in that all are subjects of God and subjected to His immutable Law.

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Thus we need to ‘educate’ and ‘foster’ the spirit of reconciliation with God, and become respectful, kind, peaceful, caring, merciful, compassionate, and forgiving.

I shall speak now on the ‘madness’ and ‘badness’ of LaRouche and those of his ‘ilk,’ being those that believe falsely that once ‘elected,’ that their ‘rules’ are ‘the law.’

LaRouche as many men believes that he is the ‘one’ to guide mankind into the ‘golden age,’ and he also believes as many before him, that it is ‘he’ the sage. But he sees not his own insanity that is caused by ‘unbridled’ vanity.

He also places himself in the ‘position’ of God, as he promotes himself as the ‘all-knowing’ prophet who can implement ‘change’ to the positive as he directs his criticisms using the word ‘oligarchy’ here and there as being ‘a’ or ‘the’ causal factor for the demise of living standards.

He sees not that his mind is ‘possessed’ by invisible spirit beings that themselves are being controlled by a very dark power that will not be ‘quelled’ by any other means than THE TRUTH of God’s Command being adhered to.

His ‘brilliance’ at using words to ‘mesmerize’ or confuse listeners is such that few can actually observe the activities of the invisible ‘hobgoblins’ that lurk in the background, and this is evident in his statement reference an orbiting planet:

“It is not the orbit that determines the pathway, but rather, it is the pathway as such, which determines the orbit.”

Surely his ‘scientific’ mind can see that - - - the orbit is the ‘pathway,’ along which the planet travels and, - - - the pathway is the orbit along which the planet travels - - - on its ‘journey around a ‘greater magnetic force’ that itself determines the ‘orbit or pathway’ of the ‘lesser’ body.

It follows that, the orbit and the pathway are one and the same.

His other ‘nonsensical’ observations are that man can ‘increase his power to exist in the universe and control it.’ Seeing not that God controls everything* via the mind of man on this level. (Note at document end ref; God controls everything* )

If he can so categorically state that ones senses ‘eyes, smell, taste, hearing, touch’ do not ‘tell’ one anything because they are ‘fraudulent,’ then he is ‘certifiably’ mad, for ‘sight and sound’ will save you from ‘injury’ if you use them when seeking to cross a vehicular highway.

It is both ‘mad’ and ‘bad’ to stride forth or the earth via ‘media’ or other means promoting untruth and criticizing others. It is better to heed me and tell others of their error and ‘how’ they can help themselves to become ‘sane and good.’

It is God to lead man out of the ‘desert,’ and it is my pen to reveal the Autocratic, dictatorial and singular mastermind behind all deception, terror, insanity and destruction that is escalating because man continues to defy God and use ‘force’ to control, interfere, dictate, steal, judge, condemn, punish, kill and destroy.

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Every politician seeks to attain CONTROL of the ‘legislature’ so that their ‘party’ can CONTROL the ‘book of rules’ according to their own ‘particular’ philosophy (religion or ideals) and, - - -

All they in FACT can do is to ADD to the ‘controls’ over the people, and those ‘in power’ are themselves forced to add more punitive attachments to force compliance using punitive ‘correction’ to their ‘ordered’ way. A ‘new’ government’ simply means ‘new’ rules.

The fundamentalist ‘belief’ or ideology or ‘religion’ is whereby the rules of an institution are seen as ‘god’ to be ‘sacred’ and elevated above the command of God.

It simply means a continuation of the RULE by the GUN - No peace for anyone

LaRouche sees many of the ‘ills’ of the world but he cannot see the REALITY of global warming, and neither can he see the gigantic ‘plot’ to entrap mankind via his emotion of greed that is instigated by the Dark mind of the invisible but ‘super intelligent’ Serpent.

LaRouche seeks to elevate himself into the ‘position’ of absolute power and authority so that he and his ‘forces’ can exert control, - - - being his ‘version’ of leading all into the ‘golden era.’

Every politician and their ‘party’ of followers believe the same thing, and none other than myself can see the ‘cruelty’ of the BEAST that daily spins its silent ‘web’ of deception over all that believe the same thing that is the  ‘LaRouche’ factor. Being:

They believe that they have the ‘right’ to ‘gamble’ with the lives of others and, - - -
They believe that they have the ‘right’ to interfere with the lives of others and, -

They believe that they have the ‘right’ to control the lives of others and, - - -
They believe that they have the ‘right’ to ‘vocally’ and by legislation ‘dictate’ and invoke and impose rules to regulate the lives of others and, - - -

They believe that they have the ‘right’ to tax others in order to fund and support all their ‘daydreams’ and, - - -
They believe that they have the ‘right’ to punish any person that has a difference of opinion and they are ‘cast’ out of society into dungeons and impoverished in order to ‘correct’ their behaviour.

 All is pure folly, and it is I to expose the hidden DARK force that is the mastermind soon to bind everyone that cannot turn their ‘face’ to God and set themselves free from their own ‘control over others’ conspiracy.

YES, the system will collapse.
YES, the currency will collapse.
YES, the world will soon be a ‘mad’ house.
YES, there will be change.
YES, all will ‘wonder’ what to do.
YES, there will remain but a few.

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 NO, there will never again be a ‘government house.’
NO, there will never again be any political ‘lice.’
NO, there will never again be any ‘police’ gun men. 
NO, there will never again be any ‘ordering voice’ giving others ‘no choice.’
NO, there will never again be any ‘controlled’ boundary to any land.
NO, there will be no greed or arrogance or ignorance found.
Each will have ‘found’ God’s Word through me and found the way.

Each will simply be peaceful.
Each will simply be truthful.
Each will simply be respectful.

Each will simply be merciful, kind, compassionate, loving and considerate.

For all that ‘remain’ will have been set free from ‘Sin’ that they so arrogantly and ignorantly drew in.

It is my pen guided by the Light of God to reveal the Dark of God that man ‘invoked’ as his ‘genie,’ and man must now pay the ‘price’ on an individual basis before becoming free to move onwards and upwards on his return journey to the Light.

Any person or ‘group’ invoking the ‘LaRouche’ factor is a danger unto all for spreading ‘propaganda’ that ‘damages’ God’s ‘cause,’ for it misleads people into raising up factions that use force to control, and that ‘factor’ is what leads man into deeper bondage to the Devil, the Dark Sovereign Power.

The LaRouche ‘movement’ seeks to protect the ‘welfare’ of the community in its own way, and I say that God not man is the ONE to protect His children that heed (conform to) His command as issued by ME.

LaRouche ‘hangs’ his picture of ‘paradise’ upon discovering the universal physical principles. God says:

“Paradise on earth is only ‘found’ when each discovers the spiritual principles of MY Law and MY Command, and they thus ‘conform’ to the code of conduct ‘Standard’ delineated by ME being:

“Love one another and go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving unto those yet sinfully living.”

For thus and only thus does ‘each’ receive an equal beneficence within MY Law and they find peace and happiness, for they show ME that ‘unto others’ they are reasonable and respectful and, - - -

Believe it or NOT, whenever you regulate or ‘plot’ to control any ‘one’ of MY children you become MY ‘enemy’ and, it is I to now ‘smash’ all in ‘opposition’ to MY Command and, - - - if you cannot understand ‘why and how’ then that is your ‘problem’ for being ignorant swine.”

If you are a ‘baby boomer’ doing naught but relaxing under the palm trees on a beach then you are ‘safe’ for God’s Command you do not breach but, - - - if you demand that others for your ‘time’ pay then it is you to be ‘enslaved’ by others on another day.

If you are a politician just doing your ‘job’ then you are ‘unsafe’ spiritually because you do ‘break’ (contravene) God’s Command because, - - -  you use rules to tax, control, seize, invade, punish, or destroy and you do ‘whatever’ you ‘wish’ to, and thus you invoke the Wrath of God for this abuse of others and ‘ahead,’ it is your ‘belly’ to be filled with dread as He (God) passes His ‘judgement’ upon your head within His Law in this realm or the after life.

Go your way in peace and never ‘invoke’ a rule or ruling to control or punish others.

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The LUNACY of the ‘LaRouche’ factor is now on the rise globally as is the ‘arrogance’ that does others despise. LaRouche perceives the ‘enemy’ as globalization and he believes that the ‘old’ provincial sovereignty of each national ‘boundary’ is the way forwards.

The 'seat' of absolute negative, dark and destructive power is where 'one' is the dictator, and their 'ordering voice' is backed by the muscles of men wielding the sword, axe, spear, or GUN, and their 'rules' are the 'Tyrant' that causes so much suffering. Every government is using 'rules' backed by force of arms and is Military rule wielding dark power.

The 'seat' of absolute negative, regulating and destructive power on earth are the books of 'rules,' and the ONE supreme intelligence that invokes them telepathically via the minds of the vain, arrogant, and ignorant is the Dark Sovereign Power, (God the Father) as He 'yokes' mankind to slavery and suffering as their 'due' within His Law for their complicity in using His 'forbidden to use' dark energy.

I say that God is to ‘smash’ every  ‘sovereign’ swine that uses ‘words’ to confuse and control and regulate and berate the masses. Every ‘government’ on earth is now to be destroyed by the Dark Sovereign Power GOD in the manner revealed by my pen. Set yourself free by following me.

There will soon be true ‘globalization’ wherein there are NO ‘borders’ patrolled by ‘gunmen’ and no ‘rules’ stealing taxes or ‘royalties’ or licence ‘fee’ levies, and all God’s children of every ‘race’ will be free to come or go or ‘trade’ without the interference of any ‘regulator,’ for they (the regulators) will have dug their own ‘grave’ with their own ‘spade’ in God’s ‘vault’ below unless they heed me now and ‘bow’ in subservience to God’s Command.

The new ‘way’ is via my The Testament of Truth book.

“Follow God’s way” is the ‘cry’ from me for only God’s Light can the ‘clear’ way see.

The ‘bridge’ is ready. I see it now spans the turbulent waters to heaven completely, and this bridge is very strong, cemented by the Power of TRUTH over wrong, and today the vision was given me that the last step was to be inserted by me.

And the step came into my mind, being, the "Declaration of Independence" by the blind, as each does within SAY:

“I am turning direct GOD'S WAY. I am heeding this book. I take on now a new look” and thus they tread on firm ground, and thus are they less bound, and thus the weeds disappear before Satan's rake draws near.


Note: God controls everything* - As man is created in God's 'image' man has the freedom to 'live by' or deny the Command of God and, - - - as man chose to defy God and to sup on the 'forbidden' dark forceful, controlling, punitive and destructive energy of God, man placed himself within the punitive and destructive aspect of God's singular Law, and God metes out His 'eye for an eye or equal' retribution through the mind and 'hands' of the vain, arrogant, and ignorant upon all that are complicit to using said dark energy.

To become free and to place yourself within the positive aspect of God's Law and thus only receive His 'eye for an eye or equal' Tribute through the mind and 'hands' of the kind, loving, peaceful and merciful, you must personally lay down your 'mace' and stop supporting, condoning, or funding institutions that control, suppress, invade, impose, punish, dictate, tax, or destroy God's other children and, - - - you will also be required to suffer all past 'dues' already accrued from your past activity or complicity and NOT retaliate against your 'oppressor' that is 'God sent' to set you free from your past iniquity.

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~ Letter 2 to Caroline Larner ~

Caroline, "What if a new 'community effort' is commenced by you personally"?
I give a few guidelines below - Just thoughts - Terence

The History & Philosophy of the Community Aid Council


CAC Tasmania is a new ‘era’ community effort established in 2007 by a group of concerned citizens that believe that the time has come to have the Creator as ‘head of house,’ and thus make preparation for the time of tribulation.


CAC Tasmania is an ‘unregistered’ non profit organisation solely based on the free giving of donations, and endeavours to primarily reach out to every community in Tasmania and from thereon to the world.


CAC is based on achieving peace in every community through the education of the general public by the dissemination of information pertaining to the new revelations available free on line at


CAC workers endeavor to bring about social and economic changes that are based on God’s Command, as they implement strategies to elevate the spiritual aspects of living, wherein citizens begin to rely on their God and their conscience rather than rules.


CAC will endeavor to implement community projects that are funded solely from the free giving goodwill of community members, and all projects or services actually provided will be ‘run’ on a solely ‘cost’ basis. Be it 'banking, garbage collection, other provision of every aspect of community welfare.


CAC will endeavor to establish ‘outreach’ centers in every town whereby citizens that become mentally disturbed or violent can be 'detained' by unarmed 'peace corps' and assisted and educated and counselled, mentally uplifted with new understanding and set free, rather than being punished for disturbing the peace.


CAC will ‘operate’ the new ‘Feeling Easier Seminars’ as part of the rehabilitation of man process, as they also disseminate literature pertaining to the content of the ‘Truth’ web site above.


CAC members will live according to the ideological ‘Standard’ given by the Creator; peace, love, mercy, compassion, and forgiveness, and they will give selfless service to the best of their individual capacity as man faces the ‘sword, axe, gun and brutality,' and they will do their best to hold fast unto the Truth until the ‘reaper’ has run his course and true and everlasting peace begins on globe earth.


CAC will not interfere in any way in the lives of others, and have no rules or regulation or 'punitive' effort, and will raise up public awareness and 'advisory' codes to aid those seeking assistance in the various businesses or other aspects of daily living.


CAC members will be true public servants answerable to their conscience and the Creator.

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Letter to Bob Avakian

Dear 'Bob' Avakian, from my home in Tasmania I watched the USA news in which the president of Iran was 'slated' in a very unwelcoming manner by very disrespectful persons, not the 'least' being someone in the crowd holding up a banner depicting the Iranian 'head' as Hitler and your web site URL,  however I did have the time to reach for my pencil and note it, hence this outreach to you and all your readers also.

I refer to the content of your R for revolution 'Communist' newspaper
and comment on your 'philosophy statement wherein you state:

We 'follow' the Karl Marx (and others) philosophy.

This is a very 'loose' statement, because the 'ideas' that flowed through the mind of 'Marx' and many other philosophers were very convoluted and 'skipped' around a little like a 'fairy' butterfly that was very indecisive in respect of 'which' flower to settle on - - - this in fact leads everyone nowhere. For all that is left to factually 'settle' on is the word "Communism" - - - for no other 'philosophy' is actually offered or referred to.

The word 'communism' is however of itself a philosophical 'doctrine' - it follows that it is also an ideological 'belief,' and it follows that it is also a 'religion,' for its 'adherents' all 'bow' to the dictates of the 'leaders' and their rules and regulations that they perceive as the 'super power.'

I see the following from searching the 'web':

Communism - "class struggle in theory"  - in practise;  A scheme of equalizing the social conditions of life; specifically, a scheme which contemplates the abolition of inequalities in the possession of property, as by distributing all wealth equally to all, or by holding all wealth in common for the equal use and advantage of all.

Commūnis means "common", "universal", "generally shared".
Mūnĭa means "duties, public offices, tolls, excises," and any kind of civil services and obligations to the community.

My 'simple' mind tells me that the 'ruling' policy of every government on earth 'fits' into the above category because, all citizens are 'forced' to cough up their 'Munia' to the rulers, so that it can be shared amongst everyone in a 'Communis' manner - - - thus equalising the social conditions of life.

It follows that we all in every land live 'under' a communist umbrella where there is no freedom, so "what" I ask is the 'revolution' you seek that could bring in any change to the positive? For all that I see is that any 'revolution' brings discontent, control, death, destruction, and simply a 'change' to the old 'guard' that held the gun as they held their Creator in contempt.

The philosopher 'Kant' said;

The Critique of Pure Reason (CPR) is an attempt to answer three questions:

  • "What can I know?"
  • "What should I do?".
  • "What may I hope for?"

I say that there are only two philosophies that exist, the one of WAR and the one of PEACE

Try and realise that there are inequalities for a very good 'reason' and that it is simply a 'karmic' process wherein the poor 'sufferer' is simply paying off their spiritual 'dues' from some past time, and if you 'advise' them that they have a 'right' to fight for a 'better' change then it is you in error, for not only inciting 'terror,' but you are deceiving your 'poor' followers into again falling 'foul' of the immutable Law of God.

There is never any 'right' to demand, reprimand, take from others or fight. As said, when you so do, you then by God are forced to 'suffer' the same consequences that you imposed upon others. It is probably 'unimaginable' for you to conceive that the soul of a poor 'victim' starving in a 'camp' in Somalia is simply a spirit soul that incarnated into the biological flesh of that 'race' and place ordained by God, - - - so they could 'feel' the grief that way in their past they had imposed upon others due to their arrogance.

Bob, our existence is eternal and if any person believes that they are 'disadvantaged then they need to LEARN to ASK for aid, for it is those as you and all other leaders untrue that tell them that you will be their Saviour and use a raised 'spade' to coerce others, and thus steal Munia from others by FORCE so as to be seen as an 'angel,' - - - and believe you me, the 'fate' of all complicit is a 'fait accompli' in that the Devil did win and ahead, your suffering does begin.

I now answer the three questions so that the 'spirit soul of 'Kant' can rest in peace;

"What can I know?" - You can get to know the truth as given unto man by God via my pen, for I speak telepathically to every discarnate spirit each day.
"What should I do?" - You should go your way in peace and never raise your voice or hand or sword against any other.
"What may I hope for?" - If you never retaliate in the face of adversity, and never make demands upon any other, and if you turn the other cheek when being abused, then you may 'hope' that your God will release you from your past and purge your soul of the 'sin' (dark emotional energy) you drew in when you were less than kind and loving and peaceful.

So 'Dear' Bob, its time for all mankind to see that everybody has a 'black' heart that is full of sin (dark emotional energy within) so there is no point in calling others 'foul' names nor is it wise to criticise their ways, for in God's eyes all are arrogant sinners. As for the USA and its western 'allies,' they need to try and see that the 'others' only do what they do out of fear, for it is the 'USA forces' that already are overloaded with atomic weaponry and who already are invaders with no 'shame' that deal out death and destruction, so ask yourself: "If 'Bush' was the president of Iran what would he be doing to 'defend' the nation against a proven warring neighbour"?

It is my sacred task and duty to 'warn' all mankind that the REAL enemy is the 'Trojan horse' SIN within everyone, and IT is the dark energy of the Source and IT is indestructible. So all anyone is doing as they rant and rave and dictate and 'punish or destroy the 'flesh' of another is, they are in FACT drawing in more of IT the dark energy into their own soul, and accruing a spiritual 'due' of suffering that is EQUAL to all they are meting out to other equally ignorant people and, - - -

Man needs to see that by 'choice' they are maintaining their 'orbit' around the DARK star of 'death' in perpetuity because, ITS 'As you sow so shall ye reap' LAW is equitable, Just, and immutable Justice, so ones suffering can only cease when on halts one punitive expression and begins to revolve within the 'orbit' of  the 'As you sow so shall ye reap' LAW of the LOVE Star of 'freedom' as they conform to ITS Command - "Love one another and go your way in peace."

I enclose below the content of a letter I did bestow upon another sincere person. Please read it and its attachments on line and then place a link from your newspaper to my web site before you 'incite' any more people. For in God's eyes your president 'Bush' is no better that the president of Iran, and no 'government' system of today is 'pleasing' to our Creator, and He is most certainly 'searching' out all 'dissidents' so that His dark forces below can grow in power in this realm via the minds of the vain, proud, arrogant and ignorant, and smash everything that in His eyes is 'displeasure,' and all the ignorant non-believers in the use of 'love' that He uses, will fall below and suffer an eternal ongoing measure for measure of pain.

Certainly we 'caring' individuals can give assistance to other less fortunate, but it must be done using funds donated freely by the community.

In sincerity -  Terence Malaher


End of document.



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