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Page - 1 - The 'error' of Judgement
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Page - 3 - The Dark energy in action
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Page - 7 - The 'no conscience' kill
Page - 8 - Terrorist activity
Page - 9 - National Invasion
Page - 10 - The 'nod' of God

~ The 'error' of Judgement ~

The moment we make a judgement that is for the purpose of punishment, we have erred in God's eyes. For the 'law of man' is the punishment 'arm' used for any non-compliance to the 'command' or demand of men to comply with man's 'rules' or acts or statutes.

The statute itself is not 'the law,' it is the rule within which is stated the command to obey. God's Command is that man obey the "Only love" call, together with its 'attachment' to be compassionate & merciful & forgiving & understanding towards those whom do not comply with the aforesaid commandment.

God only expects mankind to be respectful and to walk in peace, God does not expect man to comply with 'edicts' of other men 'couched' in the guise of 'It's for your own good and the good of the community.'

God's Law is the 'Just' return for all deeds carried out by man, be it deeds good or bad. Being a 'return' of good for good or pain for pain.

You cannot 'break' man's law or God's Law. For the 'law' itself is but a statement giving the consequence for non-compliance to a 'decree' under man's law, or the consequence of the action 'good or bad' under God's Law.

Man's law gives a punitive response for any non-compliance to man's 'policies,' and this negative action places all its 'enforcers' within the 'dark' punitive side of God's one Law. For God's Law stipulates a response either positive or negative for every 'action' carried out by man.

Man believes falsely that punishment, as a 'form' of 'justice' is corrective. Seeing not that the more he punishes, the more he suffers, for God's Law is immutable and in operation 'invisibly' at all times, and stands supreme above mere 'mandates' of man or any 'consensus' of the masses.

No man or system or nation stands above God's Law, thus all forms of punishment attached to community 'conduct' codes of man, or taxation demands, or fines demands arising from non-compliance to 'rules' is folly, and all whom are a 'party' to its implementation accrue a 'payback' due under God's Law.

God's 'scales of justice' are perfectly balanced when God decides to 'correct' any imbalance. This 'correction' by God is now to be done 'quicker' as all mankind pays its 'blood' dues due for their past support of 'regimes' vain and punitive and untrue.

Man has always used force & punishment to coerce other men to comply with demands imposed, and all men suffer the consequence as all are 'involved' in some way.

God's Law is 'Just,' being an 'eye for an eye' - thus a good deed done brings a good deed in return - a $10 debt 'accrues' a $10 payback take. God either gives or takes an equal amount.

Man's law is unjust, as a $10 payment 'default' under man's legislation could 'earn' a $1000 punishment fine, and even 'invoke' a prison sentence as well. Man's way is very offensive in God's eyes and very unwise as all will now see.

It is not for man to take or punish. It is God's Command that man only give so others can happier live. It is for God to enforce the take or to punish in His Realms below. It is the Deceiver to 'bestow' His 'temptation' in man's mind to be 'as' God and thus defy the Light and punish and fight.

All whom 'justly' sit in 'judgement' of another are the Devil's operatives, and they now are to be 'similarly' judged by God the Dark Sovereign Power, and all will see the 'depths' of their past iniquity, for as they 'suffer' and fall, let all know that they did it to others before. That is God's Justice

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~ The Conflict of Resolution ~

The moment we try and resolve conflict using criticism, castigation, punishment, or force of arms, we enter into a fresh conflict with GOD for defying HIS Holy Command to be merciful & forgiving, and we then accrue a return due of suffering as we 'interfere' in the lives of HIS children and use 'darkness' in our punitive role that is itself conflict.

We can only resolve conflict by being peaceful in our actions, and by trying to educate others yet in 'conflict,' so that they too can learn to heed God's Command to "Be peaceful."

Personal conflict and International conflict can only be 'resolved' when the people involved fortify their minds with the fresh wisdom found within this web site content and the 'Brief Summary' star prayer so that they can abide in God's Code of Conduct and be respectful, kind, compassionate, and forgiving towards others yet 'sinning' when in the face of adversity.

As all people on earth and in spirit realms outside Heaven have 'accrued' spiritual 'pain' debts and have 'dues' to pay to God, it is within personal relationships that via negative emotions the 'darkness' wields its retribution by 'critical' word and abusive deed very easily.

All 'companions' must seed their minds with my fresh wisdom so that they do not become the 'Reaper in action' in their daily interaction. For the dark 'shadow' that is invisible, works through any 'ignorants' to accomplish its 'destruction' and punishment.

It the Dark will use you to 'punish,' and at the same time 'claim' your soul for your arrogance and defiance of God's "Only love" Command. None who continue to defy the Light of God will be permitted to live or love; they will all be destroyed and swept below to get to know loneliness and eternal suffering.

All must try and see and 'understand' that each individual has their own unique needs and dreams and desires, and each must be 'free' to do whatever they wish to, as long as it is within the bounds of God's Code of Conduct.

If it is not within the bounds of the Light of God's Code of Conduct - peace & love & respect - and thus within the jurisdiction of the Dark due to being negative, punitive, critical etc, then and only then is the 'errant' judged as needing good counsel and education so that they can learn to be 'community friendly.'

However, if they 'object' by continually defying God, then that is their 'prerogative' and they will be dealt with by God in the 'afterlife.' You stay kind and mercifully true to your own soul and wield no 'sword.'

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~ Dark energy in action ~

All 'conflict,' all abuse, all WAR is but the darkness wreaking its payback 'vengeance' upon those who used it before, as they thrust pain upon others. It is our deed that does darkness invite if we of it take a 'bite.'

For the Law of God is but ONE and it is 'JUST,' - - - energy by God given back to each on an equal basis, as they permitted it to via them 'outwards' thrust. Positive or Negative. (Good or bad.) All use of force and punishment or abuse is negative, be it justified or mandated.

So as your 'deed' you daily seed, you invite a 'return,' be it love & share & forgiveness as your expressed ware, or be it pain & punishment as you 'cruelly' mete out the Devil's 'justice' to others whom in their 'past' did for it work.

Energy given for energy 'spent,' so let us now 'repent' as the Dark spear does mete out its deadly intent, being to pay man back for when in 'his' past he did others 'viciously' attack.

The Dark energy is a part of the Source, use it in defence or attack and you divorce your own soul from the Light, and at the same time you become a 'demon' lost eternally in the dark night.

The dark comes now to each door to set you free, free from your past iniquity. Remember Jesus and what he did say: "Go as a lamb to the slaughter if you would join me in Heaven one day."

His 'spirit' is within me. I am the truth who can all see. Heed me now, for soon the 'dark' will upon you 'call,' and if you succumb to its retributionary thoughts and cause others pain, you will fall.

Give out only positive energy, and it will be a 'Tribute' to you. If you express darkness by using negative energy and others abuse, your own soul becomes darkness too.

Suffer your due as it the Dark imposes pain upon you, and then if you do not retaliate, then it will set you free to in peace live and be.

All whom now continue to fight or punish or control are but the 'ignorant' of this world who have been deceived by the Dark 'invader,' who has 'justified' in their mind a reason to defy the Light of God and be unkind to others.

The moment man uses 'force' to attack or to protect himself he loses his protection of God, for it is then God the Dark Sovereign Power to him attack via other 'non-believers' as payback for what man did in his arrogance, and in defiance of God's Command of "Peace."

All expression is God's energy in action or interaction,
positive or negative, all a part of the Source.

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The energy used to punish or destroy or control or abuse is dark negative energy in action, and a mere 'mandate' by men or 'consensus' of the majority cannot 'void' the 'equal & opposite' flow return due to its user. As we 'impose' upon others we thus impose upon ourselves via others. The Law of God is inviolate and eternal.

Any whom use force (darkness) to punish or destroy, divorce their own soul from the Light. (The darkness they drew in draws their soul further away.) They also 'earn' an equal suffering 'due' that returns to them on a later day, be it this life or in another place.

The 'equation' is simple - - - + = + : minus = minus. Positive received (joy) for positive given. Negative received (pain) for negative given. An equal return due. A 'Tribute' of love, or a 'Retribution' of hatred.

All negative energy (suffering) imposed upon you by force is simply the 'natural' return due meted out by the vain who hold God's Word in disdain. They relieve you of your spiritual debt, and it is then them to later suffer it and fret.

Any 'punisher' or 'abuser' or soldier at 'work' killing others for pay is the 'Devil at play' on that day via the mind of the ignorant.

Any 'punisher' or 'destroyer' meets the same 'fate' on another day in this world or the next, at the hands of other 'men' who on that day also with the Devil's darkness 'play.'

Any person being abused by the Devil's forces are but 'souls' whom in their past either used darkness in their life or a prior one, or paid others to be their armed force and thus imposed suffering upon others.

Now is the separation of souls for eternity. Use Darkness and you join its forces below. Use Light by being forgiving & merciful & kind & compassionate, and your soul will rise up into Heaven above. The Land of peace and love.

The darkness only comes to your door to collect its due 'purchased' by you, and at that moment you show God if to God's call of "Peace & forgiveness & non-retaliation" you are true.

The darkness only 'enters' your mind to seduce you into being its 'worker' of evil when you have its 'dark' energy within, due to having used it in the past (sinning.) For its 'task' is to destroy all that interfere in the lives of others, for all 'controllers' are interferers who defy the Light of God.

When will this inhuman race see that the darkness is a part of the Source? It is eternal, indestructible, and self-empowered to abuse you when you defy the Command of the Light and use dark energy to be untrue.

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Every person or policeman or 'magistrate' who 'judges' another as punishable, and enforces 'such' is the Devil (Dark Sovereign Power) in action, and is no 'different' to a soldier, for they are waging 'war' against others in the community, as this 'action' causes pain and suffering and loss.

All regulators soon will 'feel' the same 'weight' imposed upon them by God's 'Sword' for their defiance of God's Holy Word.

The Devil (Dark Sovereign Power) and Its 'dark energy'' is the Avenger of God the Source, and IT is 'justified' in meting out IT'S 'side' of God's Law. - - - Darkness and pain imposed - - - for darkness and pain used by the vain 'justifiably' in their minds, as they used it to punish and thus held God's Word in disdain.

Let the wise now see that the 'law of man' is the punishment 'arm' of God in operation through the ignorant.** Being the retribution of the Dark Sovereign Power (The Devil) for some past offence when the person defied the "Only love" command, it is not necessarily punishment for the 'rules' of man that were disobeyed.

You have been 'warned' as to the consequence of defying the Commandment of God, and warned against the continued use of 'dark' energy.

It is now your 'choice,' for my 'voice' has had its say and soon I go away to my 'home' in the Light, and any of you whom continue to fight or punish or abuse or control others, will continue to be 'punished' eternally in the Dark below for your arrogance. This I do know.

The darkness is now to destroy all on earth that use its energy. Once this 'purging' is done, the world will only be peopled by the pure of heart. Prepare now for Satan's 'run.'

What is there for you and me to see? It is the harsh 'stark' reality, being that all civilian 'fighters' or judicial 'punishers' or army 'destroyers' are but souls 'trapped' by darkness, who are being used justifiably by the Dark due to the darkness within them that enables dark thoughts to 'possess' them and use them in defiance of the command of the Light of God.

God forgives none who use darkness in their interaction in any way. God's LAW demands that each 'user & abuser' pays for every 'drop' of blood they 'spill' on their way. Only then are they set free if they heed me, and learn to become meek and 'turn the other cheek' when darkness does to them 'return,' and them 'burn.'

Let us now reach out with love & light and help the 'lost' whom aggressively punish or fight. For only thus are we true to our Light above as we try to 'uplift' those lacking forgiveness and love as we extend compassion & forgiveness as 'ordered' by our God above.

Let all now see that the Dark Sovereign Power and the Light Sovereign Power are both aspects of the same Source (God.)

Note: ignorant.** Being the vain and arrogant who have been mentally 'seduced' by the deceptive 'nature' of the Dark Sovereign Power.

This Dark 'force' abhors those whom use its energy, and thus it tempts them to 'sup' of this energy, so that as they use its 'force' to abuse, they draw it (dark energy) into their souls, and as it 'grows' therein, it 'weighs' their soul down, and as their spirit departs the 'flesh' its weight and 'coarsened' vibration drags them down into the underworld, where they are then 'subjects of' the Dark Super Power and 'subjected to' its never-ending torment.

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~ Murderers 'pride' ~

It is so sad that Australian soldier 'forces' lads (and others) see not their 'error' as they deliberately set out to destroy by murder most foul others in another land, and they at the same time feel 'proud' because of 'praise' of their deeds from their 'families' and homeland authorities.

I ask: "Would you or their families 'condone' their deeds if they were 'simply' going across their own street to murder their neighbour and destroy their homes, businesses, water & power etc, and 'dismembering' their wives and children"? Why does 'man' follow orders given by vain & insane politicians?

None it seems can see that Saddam is just "Reaping what he sowed" in his evil past and, that his 'destroyer,' (Western 'union') will equally be subjected to a 'dismembering' blast on another soon coming day.

It is the deeds of the 'abusers or punishers or destroyers' that brings a return suffering to every 'door' of every person who condones the acts of, and funds by taxes paid, the wages of these 'purveyors of death and destruction.' For they are but the 'servants of the people' who pay their wage.

None of the employers or soldiers see their 'own' iniquity, for the darkness that does them 'bind' also makes them blind due to their 'mandate to be unkind,' and their 'justification' that did 'unwind' via the minds and mouths of political non-believers such as 'Bush' and Howard the coward, and 'Blair' the savage 'moron' who soon will share the eternal dark 'fate' of all 'idiots' who forcibly enter another's 'home' gate and them berate.

I AM HE the Messiah returned from the Heavenly Sea. Please tell all mankind that now is the time to set themselves free from iniquity OR fall into the ABYSS.

One cannot 'hide from God,' neither can one 'stave off' the murderous advances of another equally as bad as you who has retributive intent because of your past 'misspent.'

So if the likes of 'Howard' think that "sandbagging" his Federal building in Canberra will 'repel' a 'counterattack,' then he is also a deluded soul and, he will suffer the same fate that he 'planted' on Iraq's plate. As will any of you who funded his forces untrue.

"All 'non-believers' in God's Word will now die"
Is what I hear from our God up high.

Note: The punitive power wielded by a judge, magistrate, policeman, soldier, or 'wife basher' etc, is the same power. Being the Dark use of 'force of arms' to accomplish an extortionist or punishment deed.

Every user of 'darkness' is 'justified' in their mind to so do. Thus a 'supposed' terrorist is no different to you or you or you if in God's 'eye' you are being untrue to one of His precious creation that are His 'offspring.'

Thus if your deed is contra His Code of Conduct to be only "Loving, kind, respectful, merciful, compassionate, and forgiving," then you are in for a very 'sorrowful' fate. If you 'think' that your Creator is 'impotent' then my portent is personally for you. Try now and be true to God's Holy Word, and put down your sword.

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~ The 'no conscience' kill ~

Humanity seems to believe that no one does 'grieve' when a 'soldier' does fall, and that their 'loss' is of 'no consequence' because of their chosen 'business.'

This false belief has grown from the untruth that soldiers killed in the line of duty are 'fair booty' to the opposite side, and that 'dying' is what they are paid to 'endure' if that is their fate.

But to our God of love above and their 'family' at home they are dearly 'beloved,' and it is of great consequence when they do not return home.

When will soldiers and their 'enemy' see that it would be 'wiser' to stay happily at home heeding God, rather than 'groan' wounded in the 'dust or mud' because they thought that the other was 'bad blood.' When in reality, the others are but as them, 'simpletons' deceived by vain men.

We are all sisters & lovers & mothers or brothers, and all have a Father above, who seeks to now 'awaken' all via the Light of HIS dove. Heed now HIS sacred pen before by your own 'bad' deeds you are eternally broken.

And 'what' exactly is a soldier? - - - Quite possibly a very nice person when not on the 'hunt.' - - - But more 'certainly' a person paid money to defy their God and 'act' as a 'Mercenary killer' for a society that itself is deluded and deceived by its 'elders & religion' into believing that 'war' and 'force' is right. It is not.

Soldiers are but people put on the 'spot' through false beliefs and false programming. Thus they kill & destroy, and much evil deploy when sent by politicians who themselves are Anti Christ.

Go home lads, and leave the 'bad' deeds to those who would do it for no 'pay,' due to hatred and insanity being their 'way.'

For if you go out on the road, then any 'civilian' or soldier from the other side knows that you 'wish' to them kill, and they will find it very hard to heed me the Light and suppress their 'dark' emotions that tell them to send you to 'death's' hill.

For whether you are a soldier or a 'policeman' you are paid to kill, and thus in times of 'strife' when you do abuse 'man & wife,' you will become a 'prime' target, for you are a threat and a danger, and you do abuse both friend and stranger for you do 'follow' orders to so do.

Thus as your 'chosen' path is one of darkness, to be frank, that is where you are 'heading,' and you also deserve to there go, for your 'open' defiance of God's Word that by your daily deed you do show. Ask yourself:

" What proportion of the 'local' population are 'us' the force, 1% or more or less"? The answer should show you that you are 'outgunned and outnumbered,' and on the 'day of reckoning' soon to be, your 'life' will 'hang' on a thread supported only if you have heeded me.

For soon the 'tide' is to turn as humanity sees that their servants are in fact their enemy, and as God awakens them 'within,' to the fact that the armed forces they thought they employed to protect them, were in fact being used by politicians to enslave them, then the 'anger' will boil and my 'toil' for you and you will be the only 'hope' for you.

And don't 'fund' or support government systems that abuse others on your behalf, for few of the evil deeds they do are seen by you. You will only know of 'them' when satanic forces come to your door to 'collect' their blood 'due,' and then you will no longer 'laugh' as your 'flesh' and family are 'shredded' and cold steel into you is embedded.

And I say "NO," - - - darkness & pain never go away until all dark deeds done by you or your servant 'staff' are paid for under God's ONE Law: 'An eye for an eye.' If any 'person' wants to one day be safe, then you must become as me, a man of peace, and no man's enemy. All whom continue to 'take' the others 'eye' will for an eternity cry.

Terence - the Spirit of Truth

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~ Terrorist activity ~

Let it be clearly understood that as man does 'brood' and plot and scheme to instigate a terrorist attack, that his mind is under telepathic attack by the demonic forces of the Dark Sovereign Power.

These invisible forces far away are 'empowered' within the punitive aspect of the Law of God to 'have' their terrifying way because, - - - all those that they abuse via the mind of man did in their past in some 'other' way cause suffering to others.

So 'as' the terrorist 'strikes' and causes 'agony' to others, he places his own soul into the absolutely 'Just' Law of the same Dark Sovereign Power, and is 'marked' spiritually as ONE to ahead suffer the same, on and on until for all 'dues to God' he does pay.

Let it be clearly understood that as mans 'ANTI-terrorist forces do 'brood' and plot and scheme to instigate a reprisal or pre-emptive attack, that their minds are also under telepathic attack by the demonic forces of the same Dark Sovereign Power.

These invisible forces far away are 'empowered' within the punitive aspect of the Law of God to 'have' their terrifying way because, - - - all those that they abuse via the mind of man did in their past in some 'other' way cause suffering to others.

So 'as' the ANTI-terrorist forces 'strike' and cause 'agony' to others, they place their own soul into the absolutely 'Just' Law of the same Dark Sovereign Power, and are 'marked' spiritually as 'individuals' to ahead suffer the same, on and on until all 'dues to God' are paid.

The escalating 'terror' and travail on earth is the Wrath of God unfolding via the minds of the arrogant and ignorant 'sinners' who all pay the 'ultimate' price in lands far below until the Dark Sovereign Power is 'satisfied' with HIS imposition of agony upon their 'bad' seed.

Any person 'plotting' or finding a 'reason' to bear 'arms' or weapons against another or to send forth others to do their 'bidding' and impose injury to anyone is a terrorist in the eyes of God. There is NO 'legitimacy' or mandate that voids the absolute Law of God.

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~ National invasion ~

The national invasion of one 'nation' against another is an unholy 'attack' upon 'sister & brother,' and this home invasion that is murderous, heinous, and materially destructive is always undertaken by non believers who 'invade' in order to attain or obtain socio & economic benefit.

What can I say to the invader?

Upon your own 'flesh' will God 'sit' a similar return, and you will 'yearn' to become free of this suffering that will be as a 'million' scorpion 'tails' sting in the darkness of the underworld in the 'afterlife.' All 'home invaders' are terrorists whatever their justification, and they all end up at and in the same hellish destination.

What can I say to the invaded?

Do not fight back, or you too will suffer the 'again' flack as your spirit is sent below, the place where all fighters go as they defy God's Holy Word and wield gun or sword.

All whom defy Allah/God and 'act' as merciless 'clowns' will be sent below, and there they will get to know why Allah/God said:

"Sup on My holy bread, being the wisdom of My Word"

"PEACE unto all"

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~ The 'nod' of God ~

As God 'nods' His head an idea or 'instruction' spills forth into the mind of 'someone,' and instantly that 'command' is set in motion. Be it positive or negative, for God is the 'instigator' of all action and interaction throughout His Created 'worlds.'

His positive inspiration flows forth through the 'light' within his children and they compassionately and mercifully and lovingly do what they can to uplift others.

His negative commands flow forth through the 'sin' within His errant children and they vindictively and mercilessly and destructively go forth to interfere, punish, and destroy those 'He' set in their 'sights.'

As none are above His supreme Law, all accrue a karmic 'comeback' for sure. Be it love or joy for positivity expressed or, suffering and pain for negativity expressed. Thus it is imperative for 'each' to ensure that they teach all to only walk within the 'Light' side of God's Law.

For thus they only receive a positive Tribute at their door and, their 'sin' becomes no more and, then their souls cannot 'entertain' His dark 'thoughts' anymore.

Try and see that you can 'operate' either within or 'outside' the rules of man named by man 'The law,' but either way you are still operating 'within' the scope of God and God's law for sure, and no mandate of man issued by man 'permitting' you to punish gives you immunity from God.

Every 'enforcer' or 'regulator' or 'punisher' within the State 'systems' of man has taken it upon themselves to be an 'operative' of the Dark and thus place themselves within the dark side of God's ONE Law: "As you do is done unto you."

This they did do believing that what they were taught was true, and that it was 'permissible' to punish me or you and, - - - to be 'above' the Law of God because it was a perceived 'duty' to humanity to punish offenders.

This falsity is now exposed by me, for the face of God I do see, and I also see Him 'nod' at me giving me the 'authority' to now expose the depth and cunning of HIS darkness that is used by Him to destroy all that defy His "Only love" command and use said darkness in their interaction.

It is only His 'love' for Her your Creator above that 'permits' my merciful message that exposes 'Him,' so that any that can my truth see have a final last opportunity to change their way before their 'last day.'

Being 'the day' that they are judged by He or me, for on that day any 'found' using His darkness will be 'marked' by Him as unworthy, and their soul will be dragged below to spend an eternity in 'ice' colder than snow where they will more than scream as His destructive 'energy' does them literally 'ream.'

Let us now together implement the new 'strategy' to uplift and assist those yet offending HIM, rather than 'assisting' Him in their punishment, for that is energy 'suicidally' misspent.

End of document


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