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Foreign Correspondent. ABC TV.
Monogamy or Polygamy

I ask thee: Why is it that people cannot just be free, and thus individually be respected for what they be, a person who stands in God's eyes, a person either dumb or very wise, a person who does what they do because they are very true, either to the light or dark, thus loving or with diminished spark. Why does the "other" always demand that their "spouse" heed their command.

On the words "marriage" we needs now reflect, and do we even needs the word "partner" protect. I believe that we needs just be "Mary and Thomas, or you and me." Free to be loving, free to be kind or free to caring or even unkindly blind, free to be this or even that, free to ignore, or the others back pat.

Ownership needs now be a word of the past, for truly this "demand" will not long last, it's time for all to put on the "brake" and a little lessen their "immoral" take, for in the seemingly virtuous words "I love you," it seems that all are now immorally untrue.

Expecting the other to be what they are not, and thus continually placing the other on the spot. That is, within their own eyes, and through this they begin to the other despise as the other cannot enough "give," thus the "principle one" does unhappier live

For whether we male or female be it seems we have a unique expectancy, one that says "Look at me," I demand that it so be. If this demand you cannot "meet" then with a happy smile I will you not greet.

So again I say its time to reflect on your personal demands and try and protect your personal inner rose of light, for it crumbles when you wield dark might.

"I love you and you love me," applies to all in the heavenly sea, "Thus you are free to come and go, always upon you I my light bestow, whether together or whether apart I'll never give the darkness entry into my heart."

So to all true "lovers" I now call out saying: Its time to now know what life is about. Its not about ownership of others who on earth stroll, its not about using others and trying to them control, its not about thinking "poor little old me," its about saying "At last I am free and thus I can to you a little more give so that you in happiness a little more live."

It's about caring for others who are less than you in their "inner" freedom so to them you are true, its a little about you trying to see that maybe you are bound more than you can see and thus it's the time to really walk slow, and only your inner light to the world now show.

So to you all wherever you be, please now I ask just heed me, for as feelings within you stronger grow my pure truth you'll all get to know. For the rising darkness deep down inside will demand more as "up" it does stride, and "it" is the purest form of control, that is why on earth only "discontent" does yet stroll.

For what it is that I do see is that in the purest light, polygamous we can be. Not that we "marry" and thus the other "Take," for that means that one can with "total" control the other break if at others they even glance, so in heaven none take such a foolish "chance."

All just "live" and happy be, whether their personal choice "singularly" be, or one or more may "gather around" for a day or for eternity bound, all just giving as none do take, thus in happiness there is no need to put on any brake. All do each other deeply respect and as all only express love there is naught to protect.

And, there is naught to demand for all God's children of the light heed God's command freely as in happiness they stroll, so I say again "Are your fears and unhappiness due to the "control" of "it" the dark one in your heart and mind." For only "it" says: "The other is unkind," and I say "Matters not what the other be, I shall endeavour to let my light flow free."

Whether with "one" or whether with "three or two," as "loving" people we will only let light through. It's only "silly men" who in the past said "One day you'll old enough be to live with one until eternity. If you share your love with any other it will be called polygamy, and as a society, you cannot share your love, thus to be true to "us" you must deny the God above."

So "our" society has even made it "seem" a crime if one shares ones love and for any other "tries" to care. And what about our "partner" with whom we did "entwine," who feel our "present" reach out actions are soiling them with grime? For if they really love us and have no fear within, then I'm sure they'd "let the other in" to the loving fold where each can happy be.

But this time is unfortunately not here yet I see, for the darkness deep in the heart of each continues on to say: "God's loving call you must breach," and the dismal power of this "jealousy" we harbour in our inner "fold" is a force of total "denial" as I have you all told.

For 'tis "it" that cannot share or even reason "why" our God says "Love all" from out the sky, that is, those whom you'd like to touch, that is those who'd like you to them touch. Those who seek not your closeness you'll not impinge upon. Those you seek not to touch needs respect this "stand off" and still respect you much.

It's all a matter of "personality," being that we are "free to do" what we so inspired be, as long as it does not impinge upon another's freedom to "be." Thus to you who'd "reach out" in any loving way, remember, it's up to the other to say "come" or "stay away."

So until the "time" has come when darkness I've sent below, just try your hardest to my "love" get to know, and halt the faster flowing feelings by heeding not "its" thought, for in any dark expression only more suffering is bought.

Let us just now "be" you and me, free to mono or poly gamblers be. Let no other person try and interfere in the thoughts to "us" God does bring near. Let "we" just expressfully loving be to all that into our sight draw near, draw them close if they shed a tear, or stand by if in "aloneness" they would cry.


To Toppage 47

The "poor" State

with its Executioner

"Sadism" is the trade of the Dark
The "Executioner" has made his bed with the "shark"

And the shark so cunning be that the executioner "believes" he is virtuous to the society that does pay him well for his trade, and in each "execution" of duty he digs deep with a spade.

Shovelling in darkness into his own soul as "cunningly" through his mind does Satan stroll saying: "The condemned you must greet for he must grovel at my feet, for as you look into his eyes, I can show him I him despise."

So callously "kind" can an executioner be as he puts out his hand to shake that of the one in deep misery, for the condemned know they are going to die and deep down they in deep sorrow do cry.

But they must Reap what they did Sow, and every child of God does one day get to this know. So I say to the executioner "untrue,": "Why to your own soul do you this do." For you destroy for man, for the taking of life by man is not God's plan. It is but Satan who did man deceive, and all deceived do eternally grieve.

So you too shall one day pay for every soul you destroyed as you did "play" the game of arrogant man, one day son your spirit soul will fall and you will look more than wan as you face the depths of dark eternity.

It is I the one who does all see, believe you me.


To Toppage 48

~ Midway Island ~

Just like the pacific Isle "Midway," you too can an island be, and each needs this see. For at any "moment" our island be what it be. An emotional "State" that can change, sometimes calm and sometimes "strange."

We must endeavour to see that others be what they be, from us must only be reflected respect, whatever in front of us we see. In no way must we of the other demand, in no way must we the other reprimand, we must just upon them bestow the "right way" if it we know.

Please now just "accept" what others do, even though you think it impinges upon you. All will now be made to express the feelings with which God did them bless.

be they through fear "withdrawal"
be they "control" of those near
be they "love" expressed
be they "destruction" by darkness impressed

You, just the "Midway" point be, an island that all can see,
a lighthouse to show the way, be kind and compassionate every day.


To Toppage 49

Nuclear Proliferation

If 97 % of Nuclear Arms are in the "hands" of Russia and America today, then soon for all this rubbish we will pay. For America is "bound" by minds unsound, and soon there will be a "shake" on their ground.

Yes, it will all collapse and each "mind" will go into relapse as all their "leading hands" are bound by the dark evil "hound." And if you personally can this not see, then for you too do I weep in pity. For any who support the American "Take and Control" rort will soon be personally struck down by the invisible dark clown.


To Toppage 50

Attn: Ashley Fuller
Public Land Use - Public Land Commission

Logging & Reforestation

With reference to your "Areas of protection" that of the public you "ask," I now set my pen and mind to task. There are vast tracts and areas to use that in no way mans "ways or eyes" abuse.

So let us at this moment say that no logging is to be done any day that does any "Ridge" inspan that will affect the little creeks that man does "dam" or in any way use, for logging as such does the "eco" abuse.

So any "Settlement" being one house or many, needs be "protected" against those seeking gain for a monetary penny. So any rain that does fall needs fall on trees tall, that is any rain leading into a stream for the water needs be fresh like iced cream.

Other than this, areas can be "set aside" for those loggers who in forests would stride. Areas "set aside" by you and me, those "designated" by a "conscious" society.

For many areas "outside" the rivers of which I speak may also be areas that "greenies" would seek to have "left" in their natural state, and their "wishes" are valid, so let us not them berate.

It's time to now "sit around" and as "friends" talk, with minds sound, so all who "woodsmen" would be, can find a patch to "fish for their tree." None by governments bound, none controlled by minds unsound, all just being true and replanting acreages, and thus being true.

Let any land owner be free to cut down any tree, but let none "foul" the water flowing through. This applies to miners too. Let there be no foul "outfall" from any factory or sewerage system.

All who fall "foul" of this "sane" command shall themselves fall foul of another's demand, "Foul another's water and you'll fouled be," this is God's message to all humanity.

This and all Current Affairs articles are available planetarily via bimonthly updates on my web page. Read my "Blueprint" for governments now available.

To Toppage 51

BHP Steel - 'tears'

"Why"? do people "strike" when they are told that the "Company" has become "old," too weary to carry on for the "burdening" has its race won. Yes, the workers via Unions do impose a heavy load that overweight grows to the extent that the Company does crumble.

"Why"? I ask do the workers then grumble, surely the world can now see that: "Unionism" now = "Insanity"
For we cannot "forever" be on the TAKE, something somewhere has to break.

So tighten your seat belts for now the road becomes very rocky and all "unload," shed their "demanders" one by one until all the "chairs" are empty, says this one. Yes, it's all a "game" of musical chairs, no one cares how the employer fares, all just "snatch" at every chance as soon as the "employer" does the other way glance.

Yes my brothers, you and you, it will be "bloody rough" trying now to be true, all needs "arm" with bucket and spade, you'll all soon rely on the vege patch you made.

The "pen" of God

To Toppage 52

~ Gay & Lesbian ~
"Coming out Parade"

Well it's time to the true story tell for now is ringing the final bell, a story very very old, listen, and be bold. For soon now much will change and more and more do minds derange, to the extent that none do "see" that Sodomy & Lesbianism unnatural be.

So to "it" display is foolish indeed, for amongst others it does bigotry breed. For none as yet are at all wise, all do the others as yet despise, and we needs understand that any unnatural act is in itself by "lack" backed.

Maybe the lack of "love"
maybe improper "teaching" say I the dove

Either way I do see much suffering ahead is now to be, for if an "unnatural" act we advertise, it means we are "arrogant and unwise," telling the world that we "different" be and this difference others must be made to see.

And if you shove the "unwanted" down another's throat, somewhere ahead you sink your own boat. For arrogance is a "dark" breed, and only respect must we seed.

And in sodomy there is naught "gay," 'tis a word "bastardised" by those who play with others of their own kind, also the "lost," also a little blind. But, it is not for you or I to judge, any of us is entitled to our own face smudge. For truly, we blacken our own eye when in arrogance we make others cry.

So to you, you and you, lesbians or sodomisers who do what you do, whether it's for "kicks" or whether for "true love," you'll needs heed me your brother and his message from above.

For "naturalness" is the only way to "go" without having to pay, for deviousness e'en done with "consent" means you are controlled by thoughts bent, and these "thoughts" are from spirits unwise and they tell you to the naturalists despise, thus ahead you will cry, for respect for the others you deny.

Do what you must do
in private, and thus be true.


To Toppage 53

Blair "Appointment"

Why do we "appoint" public servants with "religious hype," when will we give up all this tripe,? Bullet proof Daimlers and active footmen, if a man cannot open his own door he's lazy, says God's pen.

Or, totally blinded by arrogance and self elevation, soon to join his "predecessors" on the same "station," juggling the cash box that soon "enlightened" be, for the "hole in the bottom" no "politician" seems to see.

The hole being the ever widening "space"
created by their lack of inner grace.
Spending more and more as they bring impoverishment to every shore.

People, it's you and me who should decide how much the cash box should be, not leave it up to political men to take more and more with a stroke of their pen. We should "freely" into the cash box "give" so others a little happier live.

And we should less "take," yes, it's time to put on the brake and less off the cash box demand, for all takers deny Mother's Command to "Only love and give," not try and fill up a forever emptying sieve.

Tony Blair, if my message to humanity you neither see nor understand, your whole "race" will succumb to the power of the underhand, IT will all "try," IT will all impoverish I espy, IT will all destroy whom "IT" deploy. That applies to you, you and you, all politicians, who have always been "less than true."

3.5.001 T.L. (1997 A.D.)

To Toppage 54

~ Nelson Mandela ~
Kabila Military Force

When will my black brothers see that there is never any peace militarily. For thousands of years have men fought to gain control, this being to fill their financial retort, whether it be for women, land, cows or cash, all have used "spears" to the other smash.

And as their opponents "spirits" were disembodied through pain, they vowed from their other land that vengeance they would gain. Yes, and even to this day they so do as telepathically they inspire you and you.

It's called "Payback" in another land, it's called "The Reaper in action" by the Christian band, it's called "The foolish Reap the pain they did Sow" by the heavenly band. "Why," I ask, "Do you not yet on earth understand."?

There is only one way to find earthly or eternal peace, and you cannot if you the "workings" of a gun grease, neither can you by sharpening a spear, or building a Fort so the enemy cannot draw near.

My brothers, ALL do pay their dues for when in other lives they did others abuse. And now is the time to with God's Holy Word entwine, and, stand calmly "As a lamb to the slaughter" if another would destroy you, or your sister or daughter.

That is the only way to go.
That painful truth all humanity will now get to know.

And if to IT they cannot comply, then into the dark will their "spirits" be confined I espy, and, there is NO surcease there, all do the same eternal fate share, all struggle and each other abuse, for eternally do their minds say: "The other abuse."

In the lower land the dark holds the ultimate say,
and mentally are you bound, as I did before say.

It is only in the land above where your mind has the freedom to "make love," children, try and this see for God is truly "tired" of the arrogance you be, as you "leaders" lead "His" children astray, and I know that for an eternity or two you will each personally in great suffering pay.

Yes, for every drop of blood your "subjects" do spill,
you will account for, as it is daily "budgeted" in your Till.

I AM the Holy Living Word - Terence 5.5.001

read my "BLOOD" document on the Internet

To Toppage 55

HEC Chief Executive Dan Norton
Ownership of Hydro Electric Commission of Tasmania

Dear Dan, as a member of the public I encountered a circulating "attempt" by the Premier of Tasmania to "culpably" draw in the public to his plan to try and "virtuously" steal funds from the HEC "Till."

It is surely the time for all children of God be they politicians or the poor to now speak up and make a stand against "supporting" sticky hands. The "tackiness" of the try is seen as it speaks first on many supposed positives, land care, aqua culture, clean green paddocks, schooling etc, all this is the rhetoric to disguise the $ "Take."

The HEC is a giant rort for it "taps in" to the public "retort," that never ending supply of money given through the needy who cry out for "power" each and every day.

So the "Government" does now presume that the "overcharge" it can consume by a "fraudulent" demand that it does make as it says: "For your own good we must it take, for with "it" we'll more money spend and thus show you we are your friend."

Children, as I it see, there is enough taken through the HEC, taken to the interest charged "protect," and on this we needs reflect. Better to pay off the Loan, so that ahead we do not groan, for IF we owe "another" who joins the "play," they will cut off the power if we don't pay.

So as I see it, there is a massive calamity ahead if we listen to old Rundle who wants to feather his own bed. For no "take" can justify the "workings" that are this "try."

He says we the equity will keep, the dams and the brooms that with the workers do sweep, thus he says we stay in control as our "equity" cannot away stroll. Children, you are the equity, for you pay the "runner" who "runs" the generators, and the linesmen and the secretaries are also the equity as they daily "play."

So all that I see as being sold is the "control" of the "monetary take," so we are being "over rolled" by power brokers who cannot see, for by "millions" they blinded be, and they have a mighty presume that our enforced value power costs they can consume.!

Yes, the power should be free, other than the "supply cost" I say to thee. So lets ONLY pay the owing off quickly, and, as the interest is lowered, let the "unit" cost drop daily. Wake up Tassy, it's soon too late, soon the "Power" is shut off at the gate, because the unions who are not very wise shut all off in their power guise.

That's if you and I cannot annually more wages pay. Pay off the debts I say to you, before the thieves steal all and leave naught for me or you.

Terence, the "pen" of God. 2.5.001

To Toppage 56

Tony Rundle
Premier of Tasmania

You have "called out" to Tasmanians saying: "I'm right, I can deliver you into a better plight," and I a simple fisherman from over the sea have now a few words to say to Tasmanians about thee and the "running" of the Hydro Electric Commission.

I looked at the "Hydro" annual report '96' sent to me, it was a "maze" that did me amaze, for within it were "signs" of many a "craze," cracks appearing all over the place show that the HEC is an "utter" disgrace.

Hundreds of people with their finger in the "Pie," and still you "try for more" I espy. If the HEC is for the people who already pay much tax, then of "more" contribution they should be able to relax, yet the HEC employees are taxed to the hilt, as is the Company, so we the "tax payer" stand on a three legged stilt.

I believe that the people who own the whole lot have by experts and government men like you been controlled by a giant plot. A plot where so many take, and I say that God son will it all now break.

Yes, it will soon all "crumble down"
and in fear and uncertainty even you will soon frown.

I believe the populace needs now be set free from the arrogant selfish takers, and this is to be. I believe that "one fifth" is all each needs pay against the power bills they do receive on pay day. This would be enough to meet the "continuing" running expense, for the "Loan sharks" have already had enough recompense.

It's time to think "straight" and now get it right, for soon all stand spiritually in God's sight. Yes, one end of God or the other, the light and love or the dark bother.

If we servants of the public be, then our take must of any taxation be free, and also we must the public bless with all profits, and it into their account impress... and the wages that the public workers earn, should be "lowered" so the people don't burn, and they shall be of an amount that is free of any taxation account.

Thus "our" expenditure for "services rendered" is LOW, this for any public service is the way to now go. The tax boys took their "fill" out of every sip that out the cup did spill. It's now time to the rort "abort" and fill with Light our spiritual retort.

I am sure my words will not your mind change, but, it will be done by others as their minds derange. So I ask you to please come to me so together we can talk and prepare for what is soon to be.

To Toppage 57

~ Computer Wizardry ~
Education and the Computer

There are enough children who cannot compute, so the use of computers will not change the "square root," for the problem does swiftly multiply because all are taught wrongly I espy.

All expect to off others earnings live, all on the take, none do aught give. So lets teach our children in grade I and 2 to grow their own cabbages I say to you. Yes, give them a bucket and spade. Yes, give them a hat to their head shade. Yes, help them make a vegetable patch. NO, do not them with computerised wizardry their eyes "cross hatch."

It's like giving a Rolls Royce to a boy. First must come the work, then the play toy. We need no more experts who cannot see that their daily food is made by you and me.

To Toppage 58

Mr. Mobutu
Security Guards - "Heavies"

Mr. Mobutu, please reflect on why you need "heavies" to you protect. Is it because you are "mad,"? is it because your people are sad and want to bring you down, ? or do you in fear and vanity drown ?

Son, you have a murky past and your "present" time is not long to last, soon you will go "away" to the land where all "fornicators" pay. Yes, for the trouble they did make, for the funds they did take, for the darkness they did exude when to God's young children they were rude.

My brother, you will "retch," God son will your "limbs" stretch. Yes, you will be "racked" with pain, being the "prize" for the vain. All leaders like you are to your own souls untrue, and none of you can see your deep dark spiritual destiny.

yes, our spirits live forever
yes, they "die" in the land of never
yes, it is only if they go above
that they
sing and dance and make love

Foolish are the untrue, multitudes will fall with you, for all do with "people" play, abusing them daily, I do say. So I can but again humanity warn, all masturbating mentally will mourn, it's time to stop mucking about and using others, for deeper you fall into the satanic night.

Yes, deeper does one go for ones "pay," deeper into suffering for each we did abuse, I do say. So I ask: "Why strut around wasting millions as your 'flocks' starve on the ground"? Can any leader hear me I ask, or do you all wish to in hell bask.

God son sees all the funds you steal to pay the wages of those "heavies" to protect you with zeal, they too fall deep down for every person they knock down, all for you, all for you, an insane fiend so very untrue.

Kabila ya "Kabila," watu na roho tupu. Terence 5.5.001

To Toppage 59

Dan Norton
Hydro Electric Commission

Dan, I "attach" a copy of the letter I have written to Mr. Tony Rundle, I do hope that you see the depth and reality of that which I speak, for truly, it is only "common sense" that I seek. For too long have all been wrong, and its time to now heed our Lord's sweet song.

A public "service" cannot be conscionably used as a means to earn a profit and more from the very people it does represent, that is an "indicator" of minds bent. !

Firstly - For the public consumer to pay unit fees for power consumed amounting to some 500 million dollars annually, it means that those funds were their net earnings after tax, and in earning this 500 million, the tax boys would have already pulled in some 250 million net off the consumer.

Secondly - The tax department should not be "put" in the position of "exclusive" demand rights, thus enabling them to seemingly virtuously "take" from every monetary transfer, for not only has the consumer already paid tax for his "donation" to HEC unit charges, but this "donation" has had to be "upped" so that the "living" wage of HEC employees can be "enough" to again be taxed, !

Thus the public pay another "hidden tax."

The employees of the HEC or any public works department that are all funded by already "taxed monies," should have received a "non taxable" pay packet, thus the "business" is equitable and for the people it serves.. and, as non taxed, a thus lower pay packet would cost the power "user" only half, ref: annual wages.

Thirdly - There should be No profits accruing and thus available for investment in any public service, it seems again ludicrous that not only does your investment attract advisory and other fees, but any business "profits" ( your figures $ 50 million) also is again taxed.

Any "excess funds" must be credited to the consumer.

As for the Bass Link, I am told that we have a present surplus of power that would cater for Tasmania's needs for over ten years, so there is no urgency to go deeper in debt is there? Also, I believe that it is the time to "reef in the sails" and await the cyclone.

I do hope that you are the man of God to set right the "dark" plight. I believe that a "Humming Hydro" could run on "donations," this would do away with a multitude of costs, from billings, buildings, etc. The HEC is "here" to supply public needs, but has been "used" by power brokers to "extort" in the guise of "We do it for your best interests."

Please seek deep into my planetary "expression," soon swift unbelievable changes to affect even all your staff. Be advised and warned of the deep implications of the importance of "knowing" our actions, we are all individually accountable in God's eyes.


To Toppage 60

Rob Borbidge
Century Zinc Mine

You are "changeable" from day to day, no "WIK" in the candle today, but with a chance to "Light" Century Zinc, and you "underwrite" a deal with red ink. Yes my brother, it is "in the red" that you now have made your bed.

It is "a deal with the devil made" when for $$ you swap the shovel for a spade. $ 30 Million you'll "give away," pray I ask: "With what money do you pay," is it "taken" from "one" Australian hand and "given" to another from another land."?

Surely you did already see that we must all Australians be, if you one "Caste" placate, ahead, they will you definitely berate. For their demands will now grow, for they see that you can "fall into snow" if the price is right. !

Thus you already have lost the fight, there is naught else for me to say, I have told you all the "time of day," each now will have to decide whether in the Light or dark they will abide. For "separatism" you all do breed through fear and greed.

And the $ million price of your soul, 30 pieces of silver !


To Toppage 61

Yasser Arafat
Palestine - Israel

You must not FIGHT terrorists
You must just FEAR NOT terrorists
Thus you lay down your arms
Thus you abide in Allah's charms
Why follow Israelites "untrue" ?
who all show Allah they are false like you.

From Muhammad the Prophet through me to you.

Terence. The prophet of Allah. 7.5.001

To Toppage 62

~ Vocations ~
Political or Media or Singers or Otherwise

Choose your vocation for love not money
enjoy your labours, don't just steal honey

For you all have a position of Trust, that is your "Godship," that you express it truly is a must, for your "Talent" God given be, thus your talents express freely. Let society your "needs" donate.

All humanity fails in this, thus all are "late," for all do all for money, they'd rather "take" than exude their honey, their love that should flow free. So most, working in the wrong vocation be.

thus they demand more
thus discontent grows more & more
thus they you reprimand
thus greater their personal demand.


To Toppage 63

Ambassador S. Wiryono

My brother, "Political objectives" are for a "Take" financially, and also to "objectors" break. You I believe are a man like me, one who would assist humanity, thus you openly express that as neighbours we should each other "bless," by being respectful and TRUE, this point is "stressed" by you.

For we all know how the media love to "elevate" news so that its content looks "great" as well as being the bearer of news that does "grate." So you must wonder why Australians don't harder try and be "as one" with your "teeming" country in the sun.

You must wonder why Australians are so "unwise" and do criticise you and your ways despise. You must wonder too "how and why" so many Indonesians are also to "Allah" untrue, as they each other abuse and thus darkness diffuse.

I saw you on TV today and thus send this note your way, for I know WHY so many soon will planetarily CRY. And to help Indonesia I send this information to you, asking:

Are you an ambassador TRUE

If so, then you will seek to advise all your country of my message that stands TALL. I am the "Spirit of Truth" who has reincarnated from long ago. I have come from Tanzania the land of the chosen one to now reside in Tasmania where "telecommunications" are saner.

Please read my message now available planetarily on the Internet:

Terence . The "pen" of Allah. 7.5.001

To Toppage 64

'CARE' & International AID

Before you "go in" to a country and give Aid, remember, the sufferers dug their present situation with their own spade. Thus, it is not up to you to "caringly" make them anything do. You must not to them say: "Do this our way or, we will not protect you and will go away." Neither must they make any demands from you. Graciousness on both sides is needed as Light is seeded.

God says: "All sufferers must learn that they must not others burn."

Be they children or adults, what you cannot see is that their "spirits" were confrontational before. Yes, all spirits "in the flesh" did live before, and thus they all return to this shore where they suffer what they did put out.

As said, "Only when suffering, does one learn not to others clout."

You could have "been" in any colour flesh last life, and when you leave here, you can "Rise up" or fall deeper into strife. So to you and you who wish to give aid, only give succour and place the sufferers in the shade.

Give them food and water and tell them you will help their son or daughter. But do not stand in the "way" if the aggressor wants to make them more pay. You can only the aggressor advise that their past acts and intentions are not wise, and that all do pay for any darkness they put out on any day.

So please reflect, none of us must any other protect, only to the TRUTH put out, ie; what life is about, and yes, give succour to the needy lying in the ditch, as well as helping with good counsel the aggressors on the "pitch."

And all "Aiders" must leave their "arms" at home, with empty hands must you roam so all do see that you "of God" and unarmed be. The UN is a sick joke, a "toy" of that bloke, and all the "hangers on" will soon also be out of food, for the "Role of helpers" none have yet understood.

Let us unite in peace, not with arms and ammunition our lads "grease."
Try and see what I say to you, so you personally the right thing now DO.

"Mercy" my pen 7. May. 001

To Toppage 65

Senator Brian Harradine
Morality & Censorship

I saw you "gasp" in despair as on Peter Thompson's "First Wednesday" program you were "flayed on air" by a bevy of women who all deny God's pen as they did openly flaunt their disdain at your moral stance, even though "theirs" was a dark stain in that they are "happy" to draw blood and deny by "censorship" to give birth. So I wonder why your morals they "try."

Yes - moral values are now low
No - politicians should not censorship bestow
Yes - parents must censor their children's "read"
No - we should not "filthy" writings "seed"

Yes - there is soon to be much pain
No - one does not give in to the vain
Yes - we must the "youth" educate
No - we must not the "ignorant" berate

Yes - we must allow the "porn" to be
No - it is not us to say others can it not see
Yes - we can raise our consciousness up high
No - in doing so we must not make others cry

Yes - many now can not the TRUTH see
No - we must not say "It will so be"
Yes - please understand "why" all does collapse
No - do not confront this moral relapse.

Just quickly my message from God read, and your blessed soul with fresh Light seed. My "Truth" document explains the "abortion" plight, please tell all to seek the guiding Light.

There is only a little time to prepare, all must now with others THE TRUTH share, the "evil" is not what people do, the evil is the darkness they allow through.

Please now read my golden web page::


To Toppage 66

MIA Korean Soldiers
"Return" demand by Irene Mandra

Dear lady, society demands killers stay behind bars, why should any soldier be sent home from wars. ? For soldiers are killers I say to you, and they are not sent, they go, for they are untrue.

Yes, they also ignorant be, for the "way" of society they could not see, they could have said: "To war I'll not go, for God says I will reap what I sow," that is if they were by their parents taught that heeding not God's Command to "Only Love" is with danger fraught.

So your brother and others who "willingly" go out to make others cry, certainly do suffer on earth and when they finally die. For they are confined in a cell below until they have reaped what they did sow.

And its time now for the likes of you to rationally yourself just remain true, for your brother did the other land invade, yes, thus his own bed he made, and the poor soldiers of the other side were also sent to die by the arrogant ones filled with pride.

Let us now naught demand
Let us now but heed God's Command

For even your demand is wrong, it also denies Mother's "Only Love" song. All demanders do pay, any demand is the wrong say. "Forgiveness" is what God said "Is the only way to a heavenly bed."


To Toppage 67

Pauline Hanson & 'Race'

So now we see "Western" disgrace where so many "think" they are the only race who should in a country abide, one they "took" as they did stride, and this country will now see escalating unreasoning insanity, for all are filled with pride, all in arrogance do stride.

All are ready to "follow a leader" who for a white race is a "breeder," and this for sure is vanity, and is the precursor of a calamity. So even Australia will now "toil" against emotions that "within" will boil, and all I can say to you and you is:

"It's time to abide in my message true."

For blood will soon be seen on this land, that will be "wasted" by an arrogant band of hateful violent angry men who have been exposed by my pen. Yes, they are the spirits from before who reside in a far distant shore, and telepathically they will minds breach, and the truth on earth they will thus teach.!

The truth that all will die who heed not the call to "Only Love" from high, and their dismal fate below you'll share, unless you are kind and can care for others of any race, and in no way against any wield a mace, for "within" all are spirits true, sent by God into flesh just like you.

And this is what you cannot see, for in "them," your ancestors be, for as we into flesh go "round," in different colours are we bound. So others children you destroy, could have been your daddy who taught you how to play with a toy !

Pauline, seek you "One Nation"
or do you seek a "One Race State"

Oh ,so blind the darkness be
it is IT - that deceives thee.

Terence - The Light you cannot see. 9.5.001

To Toppage 68

The 'Offering'

If your "offering" to God is money "on a plate" then for sure for heaven you will be late. "Your offering must be Love, Respect and Kindness" says God above. "It is those who have something positive to give, who in My Light do one day live."

When you are "young," your offerings may include "delightful physical excitement," so the other "fulfilled" does live, and when you are "wrinkled and old," then what each can see is your smile and the twinkle in your eyes, that be the constant reminder that your "offering" as such is your kind care and your kind touch.

So let us now offer only offerings TRUE, being the offering of "Peace & Love" too, by all means offer a plate of food so the truly hungry do not brood, but money ! that is a waste of time, it is consumed by false shepherds who soil their hands with grime.

Kindness children, on this reflect
and with respect, your soul you protect.

To Toppage 69

~ Kindness ~

When kindness is expressed by you, through your soul Light flows through the being upon whom you project, and through their soul into the depths it does reflect.

Thus your light becomes a "balm" that does help a far distant soul to feel God's charm. Yes, through the negative emotions of fear does your light "flow" to the one who stands near, and the one below who is far, far away, feels a little warmth flow their way, and this warmth ignites a little fire in their soul and their spirits rise higher.

So now you can a little begin to see the importance that all have reference spirituality, for through every soul in the flesh can one a little light and love onto the lost "below" enmesh. So to you all now I say:

"Be True"

"Multitudes you are not even aware of do rely on God's love flowing through you."

Terence the Truth. 10.5.001

To Toppage 70

~ Students on Strike ~

Today, students are brash, trash, and unwise. The word "student" they despise, they are "free loaders" seeking to be rich, soon they all will too fall into the ditch.

Students, I can only say to you it's time to your own consciousness to be true.

Do not expect to in luxury live
Do not expect others to endlessly funds give

So that you can "idle" hours away, knowing full well that others for your time do pay.

Study is a word meaning "intent," study, is the time to which you have lent your full attention to work, it is not the time to "have fun and shirk." By many "forces" are you bound, ie. no "advanced" job until a "qualification" is found. But I ask:

"Why do you needs qualify, and at the same time, for you, another does cry."?

If money is personally to you "lent" by your request, then, I believe your "intent" may be a little different than today, when for your studies you don't pay. No student should aught demand, they should be taught the "Respect" Command, and if any do decide that in this "teaching" they won't abide, then they are free to go and their "oats" to life sow.

I see we all need a new beginning, one where all are winning, each shall pay their own way, studying at night and working in the day. For sure more "studious" all will be, for "self respect" is the way, to be the inspiration to drive one along, not the "I demand to loaf" as the song.

Send all the youth now home to study I say, and if they some study "materials" need, let mom and dad or themselves it seed. Yes, each now must contribute, not just at the tax man "salute" saying: "You off others took, pay now for my study book."

Wake up "world," all are blind,
to our children we are unkind,
we have taught them all to beg,
already now they stand on one leg.

Beg and be blind - study hard and life will unwind.

To Toppage 71

Industrial "Action"

Industrial action is when we rebuke our employer and over them puke, showing our own disrespect for the other, on this reflect. For what it is the "actor" does say is: "Your conditions are not adequate ref: "pay," thus we will bring you 'down' at the 11th  hour and you thus frown."

And what the "Actors" do not see is that what they do, they do selfishly, yes, they do it to themselves, for one day, 'tis they who sit on the shelf. Yes, the Company does close down, then the "actor" ahead does drown in deep sorrow and fear as coldness and poverty does draw near.

Children, listen to me, it is not for you to treasonable be, yes, a "ransom" you demand, that is a treasonable reprimand. All because of greed that an "idea" in your mind does breed.

Wake up Australia, you all walk the wrong way, soon for your arrogance you will pay. Your "conditions" once you did accept, on this please reflect. Just because like "wolves together" you gain power, if you strike, you sully your inner flower.

The word "Union" means: "We can take, and via a "mace" any business break." "Why" I ask, belong to any "Sect" who metes out wrong ? Just like religions who heed the Devil's song as they say: "You have a right to your soul protect, and to do this, you can destroy," I did above say: "Reflect."

For all today it seems do find a valid reason to escalate the move to join the insane of non reason. So take a long hard look at what you personally do, for personally are you judged by God, I the dove do say to you.

The Truth and the Light. Terence. 11.5.001

To Toppage 72

ABC Compass Program
~ Raelian Movement ~

Ken - thank you for the "Raelian" info sent me, quite near the truth, but still contradictory, for in it does it say: "You were created by "us" Elohim on a past day," and further on says: "Matter has no beginning and no end .......... nothing is created"............ I ask,..."Are we a pretend" ???.

So, I have spoken to the "spirits" of the lost who are egotistical and still bound by frost, the ones who did "come through" the mind of Rael with thoughts "untrue"!?

Or, maybe 'twas Rael who could not see the reality that spirits there be, and maybe he "thought" they were extra terrestrials coming to earth to "pat his back like a pal."

Anyhow, what I do see is that there is NO message to help thee or me, no warning about the "dark" and its sudden attack like a cruising shark. So please send an E Mail through to the Raelian Movement with "our" message true. Tell them to it share with "theirs" so they can all prepare.

To Toppage 73

~ L.A. LAW ~

Los Angeles "Law" shows now its obscenity to the fore as off "our" children it does "take" a hundred guineas with its "taloned" rake. Yes, truancy has "become" a way to fall undone, for the avenging angels in the guise of a "golden eagle" do now show their inner darkness that does darker glow.

So, I say: "The eagle has landed in its 'lair,' truly did Satan that eagle snare, and it is an eagle no more, but a 'black hawk' that works for that far distant shore."

Children, listen now to me, soon even the USA collapses into insanity, and each will fight and in a frenzy scream, for all will "take" more, as all do "day dream." It's time to now "walk away" and find a farmer and to him say: " Please lend me a bucket and a shovel, I need to plant veges and build a hovel."

And if the farmer says: "Keep walking lad," then for him pray, for it is very sad that none today can our Lord God heed, all have succumbed to selfishness and pure greed.

So blessed "ones" who can me "hear," quickly now to my message draw near, for even now as I "speak," dark angels "rob" the meek, yes, and their wages you pay, "Why" I ask, "do you not see the time of day" ?

"Pay no more taxes," God does Command, "Pay not the wages of those who do you reprimand, for if you pay someone to steal off you, then to their soul and yours are you in ignorance untrue."

Pay no fines, just in Court say: "I have naught to give or say today."

"Then for sure you'll be judged by ME your invisible God you cannot see, and I will off you take through the arrogant who I will also later break. Yes, all who in the guise of virtue take from you, are to their own souls very untrue, and one day they fall down, they eat 'crap' and eternally frown."

My pen 'Mercy' is true - Terence. 11.5.001

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