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~ The Greeting ~

How do you meet "strangers" off the street, the ones whom would with you entwine, because their thoughts say: "On this one dine."?

How do you meet "friends" on the street, nice folks whom you did "today" meet, do you your body with theirs entwine, being a "call" to freely on you dine, or do you calmly show respect, and thus your sanity protect, and theirs as well if their minds are in a bothersome spell.?

Children, many an earthly ritual has as religion become habitual, and all just "follow on" because others say: "This way shows you have freedom won."

So many do "jump and shout," others do backs clout, some rub noses as they draw near, others kiss cheeks with a "crocodile" tear, others give an "open" bear hug hoping to drag you onto the rug, others stand aloof, saying: "I am 100 proof."

So as you do see there is many a "way" that greetings can be expressed, "clothed or undressed" it is for you to decide in what "reality" you abide. Is it really your intent to by greeting say: "My body can be lent,"? for if so, then it impress as in a wide armed welcome you against them press.

If your intent is to but greet with a friendly smile, do so, and stand back a mile, if the other does a hand reach out you can decide whether to deny or shout that your heart is clear, thus your hand to theirs draws near.

So remember, many would give you a bear hug and then if they can they will you "mug." So don't just follow others ways, also false teachings taught many days. Be "reserved," thus you show respect, upon this all now needs reflect.

A touch of the hand and a smile is for sure very worthwhile, for if on another day you'd more give so both in an "advanced" relationship live, then you have something more to offer, because on the first meeting you did not all "proffer," and also it gives both a chance to perceive whether 'tis a deepening relationship or a "grieve."

So I can only suggest that with courteous wisdom are you blest.

Father God says: "Those who are too forward today will for their folly pay, for it is temptation to me when an offering is given for free, and I will presume that you assume that your closeness is an invite to come in even though your friendship I did not win."

Mother God says: "I intend for none to 'stand back' when they have a chance to a back pat, but I also do now wish to say: 'your loving expression can be assumed as 'free play,' so if you have not yet decided how far the other can touch, or if you seek not their caress as such, why do you them embrace, as they see not the intent on your face.'?

Better to look them in the eye, and in it and your 'touch' they can espy a 'halt' or a 'go,' so this reality you all needs know. None know what others do 'think' and feelings elevate faster than an eye blink, so in this 'present' day and age, heed now our earthly sage, for the 'free hug' is in fact a take in itself if a demanded partake: 'I want to feel you, and only by acquiescing do you prove you are true.'

Equally, when to a 'stranger' a 'free' hug you give, it is an invitation to with you live in a much closer way. So if that is not your intent, then stay 'away,' meaning, do not it imply, just look the 'friend' in the eye and with a smile say 'hello,' or 'goodbye,' and if you wish to impart a handshake then do so with a twinkle in your eye.

It matters only to you and the one to whom your greeting is extended as to what the actions will be, and as to what each 'feels and thinks' as greetings exchanged be, and also, the 'custom' of differing greeting ways have each their positive and negative ways, it is entirely up to you to decide now how you personally it do.

What do you want to 'project,'? what do you want to 'protect,'? and more importantly, 'how' does the other feel if in the 'guise' of a greeting you attempt to 'take' or something 'seal.'

For the greeting can be the time to 'chance,' ie; making the greeting more than a fleeting glance at another soul who by chance did into your vision stroll, for many would 'open' be, then cry 'foul' when the other would closer be.

So decide now on your need, decide on the others desire, will you too much demand or will you with a kind respectful approach uplift them higher.? One must never "assume" that from a past greeting that we can 'presume' to the same greeting be given, for the other's mind could have been driven when last you met.

So place a safe bet, and always if you can, just 'play' the respectful plan, until the others 'grace' shines at you from their face, then you will see if the greeting in any way will 'furthered' be."

So I go on to further say about the "greeting" and the "stay."

Do not with over zealousness a "friend" greet and say: "You are most welcome to with me stay," and then after a day or two "wish" that you had not been to God so true, because your inner feelings that through you stride now make it difficult for you to in sanity abide.

For the "closeness" of the other may become too much as they "assumed" wrongly about the depth of your "care" as such. It is better with your welcome saying say: "If you need to stop for a week or a day, we will assist you in any way we can, but it is not our intent that you our lives "span" for too long as we are on our own plan. Please feel that our welcome is indeed one that will help you to help to your own self with light seed, and we will endeavour to assist you as you too assist us each day."

And for those who to others "go" and stay, be prepared to not sit around all day and expect to be waited on hand and foot, you must place your input by way of positive deed as you help to plant flowers or vegetable seed.

May your welcome be positive, light and polite, thus ahead you have room in which to stand back and not fight. Do your best to let all know that your intent is to let God's truth sow, and that each is free to be or not to be.

Let none on others impose, unless they within have a darkened rose, and thus they are unable to see what it is I say to thee and thee.

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~ The Tempter ~

Temptation, is the "bare apple" just out of reach.
Seduction, is the
"thought" that does our mind breach.

Temptation is the "bare apple" that does our sanity breach, because you seek to it touch, and it says:

"I care not as such, even though my 'nakedness' I expose and you can 'see' the brilliance of my rose that I so openly flaunt, it's my vanity that does you taunt, so I can lead you along to see ref: your sanity 'how strong' your mind really be, as you 'stand' under my tree, hoping that your 'gaze' will my 'tempting' erase so that off my 'perch' I climb down and off your 'face' erase your frown."

Temptation is when we cannot "see" that the other is "bound" and not free, thus their sanity we needs protect and upon our vanity reflect. For if we do not wish to "partake," then our "outreach" needs be on "park brake," so that we project not any "forward move" until both a need for togetherness prove.

So if your "apple" you bare, all will at it stare, and you'll then have to "stave them off" with more than a "hat toff." For many as yet cannot see that even apples are not for free, they yes, can be given away, but usually you have to for them pay.

And the payment is: the truth that you are living God's proof, being a soul that is loving and kind, and that by "partaking" you'll not the other bind.

So do not "tempt" the blind who cannot see that if in sharing a touch they do not own thee. If this you cannot understand, you'll be confined by those from the lower land who believe that what they touch they now do own.

The serpent "tempted" woman to "test" man,
and at the same time did man's mind "span," saying:
"By force take the woman,"

Thus were both tempted by the Tempter, and both fell from grace.

The "temptation" was the serpents seductive thoughts giving them a seemingly virtuous reason to control the other in some way, all control is of the dark, thus as each denied the light and "controlled," their souls drew in some of the dark night.

Both were seduced by the serpent into taking negative action that made it easier for the serpent to seduce them into more negative action.

She was "tempted" to stand back
He was "tempted" to her attack.

Once you have chosen to with another "sexually" lie, do not them deny, for it is through your inner sin that the Tempter "suggests" that you have a reason not to let them in.

Of course, if there is any other reason as to why with them you would not "lie," be it illness or boredom of their ways then say so, and tell them they may go their way and with any other do, for you in "that" way have no longer the desire to so do.

Both are also thus free to choose to both in "celibacy" together stay, or walk away.

This today is pure truth I have sown,

so any who a "Temptress" be, or a "Tempter," will be bound and never be free.

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~ Exclusive Relationships ~

Exclusivity means: Only your face I would see, others hold no power over me,
even if you go away, I'll be yours when you return another day.

Exclusivity does not mean: You belong to me
because only your face I'd see.

That is the control of the darkness over those who stroll outside of heaven.

If in an exclusive relationship you have chosen to live, then neither take nor deny, for this is the Tempter's TRY. Be "celibate" to the WORD and give of each other so the other in frustration does not live.

Even if your "half" of the relationship exclusive be, do not expect the other to so be, and if they do at any time with another child of God entwine, then it is up to you to continue to be to them true. This is what my pen does say as for the light it does sway.

Whether you are a woman or man, be you with a companion of the other sex or with a stranger, you must subdue any "thoughts" tempting you to take, for both have the freedom of choice to refuse an advance by any.

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~ Your Intent ~

My talk "equi-sexual" be, one day I hope that each of you it see. The Devil is the one of "both sexes" who would ALL take to "HIS-HER" lair, and a bloody mess make in that place where her/him are bound are bound, until an aeon ahead their freedom may be found.

Do not show "intent" for closeness and then "withdraw," that is arrogant vanity that may lead the other into insanity. The "Tempter" is neither man nor woman, it is the Devil working in the minds of the unwise who listen to its projections.

As said, the Devil can naught share, and in "this" expression comes the "snare."

For the man is physically stronger than his "mate," and many a "lass" to this will relate, thus the Devil's "thoughts" that does man "breach" say: "Take by force," then the Devil does him teach the folly of "that" day, and for his arrogance the man does pay.

The Devil's "thoughts" that do the women breach, saying: "The arrogant man you must a lesson teach, thus you can 'stand back' until your mate has found his track," thus through vanity is her mind "found" and by it the dark is also bound.

The Devil will us all overroll until our souls are free of dark when on earth we stroll.

When I say "Welcome all with open arms," it means "exude kindness and compassion," it does not mean "display sexual charms," for those who to "some" so do, will be bound by forces untrue.

Yes, you are free to "give" in any way to help others happier live, but do not "offer" then "take away," or for this folly you will pay, for the "unsound" who have not yet "reason" found, do not have the capacity to "share" temporarily or permanently.

Yes, it is good and proper to "hug," but then, if confronted in any way, don't be a mug and your "lover" deny, for your soul draws in darkness I do espy.

The "greeting" letter that "cautions" respect, is so that on your "free" hugs you needs reflect, and I now speak to man, for many a man does "take," as he presses his body on a woman and thus does partake before she has said: "Lets go and our love sow."

To ladies too I caution "go slow" until the man's intent you get to know. For if the man is by the Devil bound, his future "actions" will be unsound. If you him a little "give," he may decide that you in his "harem" will live, and there he will you then deny, for many wailing there do cry.

For as said, the "dark" says: "I own all who their "favours" to me have shown, they will me "degrade" if they are freed to help others, or sit with them in the shade."

To whom do we "reach out and touch," in reference to the ones who are not our closest "loves" as such, those in need, or those filled with greed ?

For those in need do "outcry" calling out "Please help me up to the sky," and those of greed reach not out to love and give or seed, but by arrogant demand they forcefully "take" with their ever expanding rake.

If you aught them "sexually" give, they will expect and demand that with them you exclusively live, that is for both man or boy or flaxen haired lasses who with the Devil bound "toy."

You each must now decide whether or not to with the Light abide, for it does say:

"Show respect today and my light do not deny to those that 'outcry,' but to those who would off you 'take,' you needs put on the brake, for if you "in" to their demands give, then both do in unhappiness live, because ahead, they will you TRY, and as you become constricted you will them deny, and thus as I did say, for this denial you will pay."

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~ The Moslem Disgrace ~

Those in "Purdah" are bound by men with minds "unsound," who know not the word "share" and neither do they for any "care." They are the "living disgrace" of those carrying an immoral mace, for it truly immoral be to confine any so openly.

I say "openly," for it does show that man believes now it is normal to so go, in that he can his immorality flaunt as he God's Might does taunt. And through me now God does say:

"Free my daughters today,
or soon you will be bound by me once of your flesh you are unbound,
for when into my lower realms you do go, the results of your vanity you'll get to know."

Terence - The Pen of Allah

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~ Man's Marriage Control ~

Man was "convinced" that it was a sin if his "spouse" allowed another a "look in." Thus his "mind" did say: "You are exclusively mine today, and if you in any way are "loose," I am entitled to you abuse, and I will your "beauty" confine to protect you from the other swine, who like me do "take" and freely on others partake."

So man's "marriage" is the ultimate control of another human who on earth does stroll, for whatever the "sex" they be, neither can God's truth see. Being, that they must not any confine, if they do, they are swine. And that either is free to come and go, and to individually their own truth sow.

The ACT of man's marriage is in itself a "Pact with the devil made," as one does for "ownership" ones freedom trade. For the ACT of "possessing" another in exclusivity is in itself "binding" that soul to any demand, and legitimises in the devil's mind a reprimand if in any way the other "looks at" another sister or brother.

And thus by this ACT we deny the Light and plunge our souls into the dark night, for once the "Pact" is sealed, then the power of possessiveness is revealed. And soon the loving anticipation does wane, and the serpent does then power exert and gain. So we all now must "glean" the reality of why off old ways of "ownership" we must our souls wean.

GROW UP, on positivity now sup, and if your "partner or lover" looks at another and you suffer pain, then it is the sin vanity that you did ingrain through your past denial of the Holy Living Word.

Yes children, and as this darkness is drawn out like an extracted tooth you will in pain shout, for the reaper will you clout, and no anaesthetist is near when the "sin" is drawn out.

My beloved children, your suffering I do see, try hard now I ask of thee to naught upon others impose ref: your demands, or with darkness will you stain your inner rose. Set others of your control free, thus of your bondage I relieve thee.

Let "love and kindness" be your bond
with any whom you share a "waving palm frond"

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~ God's Marriage Plan ~

God's marriage plan was that we only the word "Love" span, meaning that we are "free to partake" and that we never abuse or take. For in our partaking we only give, to one who seeks our touch, so they happier live.


~ A marriage made "in heaven" ~

A marriage in "heaven" is one TRUE, where each is concerned not what the other does do. Each is only concerned to their love give, so the other does happier live.

A marriage in heaven is one "wise," for neither does the other criticise or despise. Each does heed only what God does say, being: "Only be loving as you walk your way."

A marriage in heaven is one true, for before God one "asked" and the other said "I do," and thus it was only God to each bless, and only God to the "Only love" rule impress.


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~ Wantonness ~

Wantonness is not what you "see," for "free giving" means many a possibility.
You can be "Wanton from lust" as your flesh upon others you thrust.


You can be "Wanton from need" and seek others to with your loving seed.


You can be "Wanton from desire" to uplift the ailing higher.

Either way, I do see your "intent" needs be examined by thee. For your intent will turn into deed, and it is the deed that does your soul seed, either with light or dark, for through deed do each place their mark.

So let your "mark" be one of Light, by all means share your "delight," to those who can it see and who try not to deny thee. But do not it "force" upon those who as yet divorce themselves from the truth of the Light that says "Share another's "offered" delight."

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The Virginal "Plan"

Every man has a desire to express his seed. To receive it, woman has a need. As each does with the other entwine with love, they experience the divine.

If the man's expression is clouded with sin, being lust or greed, then pain may be expressed by him and then the woman will cry, and ahead she will him deny, then he will her take and both of the darkness sup and partake.

If the woman is clouded within, having fear or vanity as her inner sin, then too she can "distort" her need and her creation abort.

Thus too does she deny, so you see, with any sin within, all do cry for none can show respect, all have forgotten how to their virginity protect. Yes, woman and man had a virginal "plan," meaning, to of "inner sin" be free, thus not "tainted" by the one who dark be. (The SIN of the Devil)

Try now and abide with me, let God's truth flow forth through thee.
be kind in all you do, thus to the dark are you true.
and as to it you naught owe,
home to the Light can you go.


It does not matter what I say
all will take it the wrong way
until within of dark they are free
this I see - this I see.


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~ The Lone Gunman ~

More and more now shall we see lone gunmen walking freely over this earthly loam, as they with deadly intent do roam. They truly bear a vengeful sword for it is they who heed the Word emanating from the "Most High" who says:

"All who deny My call to 'Only Love' are now to die."

So this note is to warn each of you that if confronted, you'll needs be true and deny not the call to "Only Love" that emanates from me, God's dove. Lone gunmen are those who in the past exuded darkness and now feel its blast, that icy coldness from way below from whence all "thoughts" in their minds do grow.

Yes, they are telepathically "inspired" to abuse all who at another time or place did themselves darkness diffuse, and we must these gunmen bless, this truth upon you I now impress.

For if we would them "try," or if we would make them cry, then we too heed the call from below, allowing vengeful thoughts to in our minds sow. So now you all do see how easily we mentally overpowered be, by the very same dark force that did the "other" from their sanity divorce.

So prepare now for justice to flow, for the dark, the reaper, does each conscience know. Yes, every one who allowed it in before has its fateful mark upon their spiritual door.

And absolute justice it be, it can all see and there is now to be no escape for any who did others "rape," or abuse, or deny, it the dark did all espy, and it now would its tally take and a "bloody mess" for sure will make.

Fortify your mind so you remain kind and if a lone gunman comes to your door, offer them a cup of tea and kindness for sure. Do not them berate or detain, just be calm and stay sane, for if there is a debt owed by you, they for sure will to the dark be true, and mete it out and at you shout or clout, or even you destroy for when in the past you did evil deploy.

So now, many will bleed for an eternity longer and never be freed because they cannot see or hear how to be set free. Non retaliation in any way is how for your past you pay, no one will you attack, no one will your face smack, unless you must it feel, for absolute justice is God's seal.

So you are free to walk and with a lone gunman talk, fearlessly, for they will not you touch unless they are inspired to as such. Prepare now to see lone gunmen erupting in insanity, pass on to them the WORD given to us all by GOD, our Lord.

To Toppage 84

Industry, Safety & Mines
attn: P.C.Stevenson, geologist.
Technical Report of 1973 on Lot 119, 66 Tamar Ave.

Mr. Stevenson I write to you with reference to a report that for your department you did do in respect of a "Land fall" way way back, and ask if to your report you would now back track.

For in it is a "bore hole" that was dug by a giant "mole," and from what it did "extort" you made a finding, then summarised your report. And what I personally do see is that there is a variance in the summary from what was found by thee.

So I ask: "Why did you summarise" in a way that was unwise"? for, if from the facts we do look at the land, then it was "falsely" took. Meaning, that as an incorrect summary was given, the Council into the area has a "no walk sign" now driven, and this plot 66 is 105 metres "wide" and a Boeing 707 could on it abide.

So please now before God answer to me whether or not your error you do see, for if you do, it is not too late to make amends, for Council does now "berate."

Secondly, what I ask is: "What is/was your mandated task, is it to "error find" and thus another man's land bind, or is it to just clearly speak the truth from your beak" ?

If you believe that you are empowered to make another grieve by saying: "I declare that this land be relegated to the same usage of/as adjoining land, this duly signed by my authoritative hand." This is what you have done and I ask: "Empowered by whom under this God's sun"?

For I needs "speak" to that authority and tell them they are "false" and are "beings" of impropriety to in any way decide how another must on their land abide.

And this applies to the George Town Council too, for they are hiding behind the report made by you, and not only do they others "break" by saying: "You must under the trees in the open live," but they for 25 years annually their rates take, thus they also by falsity off others partake.

As said before, I know your findings per "sampled" bit are true, showing no land slip has or will accrue, and thus your summary should have said: "There is no reason for a man to not lay his head safely on his bed."

For your interest I do enclose my sketch to you giving the reasons "why" the shoreline edge did subside, not slide. It was "under worked" by the river flow 10,000 years or so, but now the basalt has a natural barrier formed, so of my intent now be informed.

I wish to with a building proceed and also wish to the Council seed with a "cleared" go ahead from you so they can finally ACT with intent true. For all wrongs shall now be exposed by the power of my pen's rose.

Read my message to humanity:

Your brother of the Light

To Toppage 85

Open Circular
George Town Councillors
Re: Land acquisition under false circumstance - Tamar Ave lots.

Some 25 years ago a Mines department surveyor issued a report that was the result of a bore "test" hole place on lot 119 at 66 Tamar Avenue. Prior to this, some homes had been built on a steep slope along Tamar Ave and it was "feared" that there may be a "slip" problem and further building was halted.

The test results were conclusive, in that there was no evidence found to in any way show any land slip had ever taken place. For some reason, the surveyor "summarised" his report in a contradictory manner to his test hole findings.

Due to this, many lots were "taken" by the Council under false pretext, thus depriving their owners possession of the very widest and safest lots on the strip along the river front, lots that were so "wide" in length, that had homes built on them, they could anyhow have been built on flat ground well away from the slope.

There was one lot that was not resumed, as its owner had known that it was "firm" ground and he declined to be a party to the Council "reclaim process." It is only today, as a building permit is asked for, that Council staff now seek by foul means to ensure that its present owner is deprived of using their land by rezoning it ..

Not only this, but a recognised surveyor Owen Ingles had been called in to examine the ground for foundation footings, and his "positive" findings report given to Council.

This circular is to advise all Councillors of the "happenings" so that they may seek to redress their role in a proper manner and take the necessary action of rezoning the lands, returning them to their rightful owners and lifting all building restrictions.

I do attach for your perusal the necessary documentation that has accrued in respect of this "take." This documentation that is a part of the whole is enough to assist you in making your personal decision as to what needs be done.

It is now the time to right the wrong, and to do so, we needs be a little strong, showing a little courage and helped by the knowledge that we are being inspired by God's heavenly entourage.

You must reassert your authority, for you are representing the community, and if you through ignorance or lack of interest permit the "employees" being Council staff members to do what they wish, then you too are spiritually  partially responsible for the acquisition of land by "theft by misappropriation."

So Councillors you and you, and our "brother" surveyor who submitted his summary untrue, all were led a little astray, thus denying the public who your wages do pay, thus vacant now does stand their land, awaiting to be "used" as by God was planned, why not now it return, ? saying:

"Its possession does our fingers burn, and "we" have decided it's a little "hot," thus in "redemption" we place it in its "correct" spot, being in your hand, for truly it is now returned to you for it was not our land."

"And by the way, be advised by what "past" geologists did say, some that it is 'alright,' others 'it may slip in the night,' thus you can personally decide if on it in a house you would abide."

"For we Councillors now do see that it is not up to us to control you, nor to "take care" of thee, you are old enough to decide where you place your fire side, and if ahead any of you do "mourn," blame us not please for "we" did you "warn."

It is truly the time for all to see that the "role" of governing bodies is only advisory. If a person thinks any Council did a mistake make, to Court, none must them take.

It's time for personal responsibility in every way, and if you buy land or a house, it is up to you to pay for another to ensure that your intended purchase has no "hole in the floor." It is not up to Council to us protect, they are our servants, on this now reflect.

Please read my "Blueprint" document and be responsible citizens, all humanity has erred, alert yourselves to the difficult coming times on my web site.

In the deepest sincerity

To Toppage 86

Murder most foul
Australia and its "inhuman" rights

Murder is the "reward" if of the Australian State you are a "Ward." Because if you do "conceive" a child, you will "bereave." Yes, by "force" you will be taken away in the early hours of the day, for the force will you convince that your "flesh" you must mince.

So utterly lost are the depraved today in the guise of "helpers on the way," and society pays the wages of all denying God's heavenly sages, being those who went before, and who now abide on heavens shore from whence they look down and in deep sorrow frown for what they do see being "permitted" by you and me, as we abdicate our responsibility ref: a child and their fertility.

For if one is a true "Ward" then let us bless them with a reward, and if with a child God does them bless, we will upon them our love impress. And a place for the new born will make, not by foul murder its life away take.

So children, you, you, and you, again I say "Observe what is done for you by those empowered by your "wage." It is all wasted in insolent usage to abuse, deny, and destroy, as with it they play with as a toy."

Yes, and so blind our "Elders" be that their ungodly inhumanity they cannot see as daily they give up their "choice" to be able to heed God's voice.

And ahead now all will frown, for the darkness for sure will us drown for a time for what we did do, when we permitted it to flow through the hands of so many that we paid with a silver penny, and blindly looked the other way hoping the "unseen" would go away.

And I say: "All the unseen will arise, they will berate and criticise, yes, and they will destroy all who did evil deploy. They will through the minds of your neighbours speak as they for your blood do seek."


To Toppage 87

The flesh & You

Are you in your flesh, the flesh that God did your spirit enmesh, or did your spirit soul "jump out," for fear did it clout.? More and more will you now see similarly to the lone gunman, many roaming freely, and they will "partake" all that their minds say "in rake."

You will see your friends and family change, in some cases their minds will derange, but in others, they will change their "inner face" as another spirit does with theirs change place.

Yes, one or two or more, will walk in the "fleshly" open door, thus you will be "speaking" to many a "lost soul" for sure, and they for sure will you TRY, they for sure will you terrify.

For they are from long long ago, and not all have quiet conversation to sow. Whatever they project, remember to only show your deepest respect. Do NOT in ANY way attempt to them confine, just let them on your sanity dine.

They will whilst in "another's" flesh DO what they are inspired to, then they will vacate and go their way, whilst the "owner" of the flesh is made to pay for what their "flesh did do," when inhabited by others untrue.

So now you do see why it so important be that you understand what I am trying to tell thee. Protect your mind and soul, or the "unseen" will you "overoll," and you are then left out in the cold and pay the price as I have you told.

Personal responsibility today, reflect on my star and heed my say.

IF you me deny,
for eons you will cry,
I care not how 'strong' you think you be,
multitudes of spirits are mightier than thee.


To Toppage 88

~ Storm Warning ~
To all Cruising Helmsmen

Not too far away will arise a catastrophic day, one when the "tide" will arise as

Giant Waves

darken the skies. Yes, much turbulence will flow as all humans get to know that the planet on which they live does at times need to "give," and as its "plates" do move, much water will my visions prove, and many for sure will frown as multitudes perish as they drown.

Many "craft" will be washed away and "crushed" as none heeded my say, being that each must now prepare their minds so devious thoughts don't them snare, by giving them every "reason" to not believe that this is the final season, thus many will plod along, "thinking" their "ship" is strong.

Anyhow, I hope I can "reach" a few who live near the coast and who'll do what it is I now ask so that ahead, they can help in my task. For many a "mouth" will needs be fed as so many will be paralysed by dread, and the fish that are available "free" cannot be caught without boats I do see.

So if your "vessel" can be kept at "home" then make sure it is kept on "high loam," away from the coming "surge" that will run due to undersea eruptions once begun. Fill it with plentiful fishing gear for the days when "lack" draws near. For not an "inch" of new line will be found as all coastal shops will be drowned.

And also many a "hook," or of food will many be forsook. It's best to fit your craft with a "Sail," for fuel will be as scarce as a 10" nail. I am just preparing your minds to be true, I am sure your guidance will help you too.

If your craft is too large to take ashore, then other preparations are in store. You'll needs find a spot where you can it "sink" as quick as your eyes blink. Yes, your craft will not be destroyed if with heavy "stones" it is "de buoyed," sunk "outside" the reef or in 20 metres or more in a "place" that is not too far from your door.

Thus it will on the bottom "rest" until with "revival" and "upliftment" it can be blest. At least then you'll "live" to sail it another day, so prepare now, for no insurance company for any losses will pay, it will be such a catastrophic relapse that every finance house will go into "collapse."

Seal up the "motor" well before time, and then rely on sail power that fresh air divine. Remove all electrics and worn out socks, and make sure it is fitted with "giant" sea cocks. For most vessels that are made of wood do for sure try and be good, yes, they can be quite hard to sink.

And also now to "Cruising Helmsmen" I add: Your free roaming days soon end and it will be a time sad. Please now decide on what soil you will wish to abide when the Pacific ocean succumbs to "high tide." For you could be "stuck" for many a day with no food and no pay.

So please make "provision" for a four year stint, with an "empty purse mint." Keep a "lot" hidden away, in the land where you'll be when you for your past will pay. Then you'll be a little more free to support yourself and any others God sent sailing with thee.

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~ Sitabu ~

The "Ship" that died of shame so you could eternal freedom gain was my "beloved" vessel given to me by God, and "it" I had to "cut free," and this vessel in the deep did "sink" and was "swallowed up" by the whale that did it "drink."

As said, far from the shore, and now my "fishing" days are no more, for the "hulk" is like the flesh of man that on earth for a time does span, until, the "inner spirit" is set free, and again is known by the name that God given be.

"Sitabu" was the name of the vessel owned by me, but its spiritual name "Inshallah" be, for truly it is by the "Will of God" that I do all as on earth I plod. So my "earthly" ship I did lose so that my "voice" God could use, and I travelled far away and write to you all as I do today.

So what is the shame that enabled "it" the dark to power over me gain, so that I could understand the power of the underhand. What was the "shame" and nature of the "seed," was it fear or was it greed that my soul took on for God, so I'd understand your ways, the ways of this sod.

It matters not I do see, for now of "IT" have I been set free, thus I now can clearly see "its" power and set thee free of your shame, your inner sin. So heed me and I'll help you win, for your sin too will make you drown, yes, and you too will frown as your boat does sink, and leaves you afloat in the drink.

And as fear does clutch at your "maw" then you'll clutch at my straw that I do daily to you offer, but you as yet see not that I it proffer. Try and observe your inner sin, the negative emotions through which the tempter does into your mind get in, and then "He" does you "seduce" by saying:

"You can the light deny, as others you 'confront' and make them cry."
For in this He does you deceive, for in reality it is you who ahead does grieve.

So before I do go away, please try and heed my say.


To Toppage 90

ABC TV Kerry O'Brien
80,000 annual Australian abortions "OK"

Kerry, it is apparent that you are as all programmed with "insanity," as you "reason" that abortion virtuous be, because you and others do not know at what "point" a child does "grow."

As Senator Harradine said, "It occurs when the seed penetrates the ovary in a bed." In the same way I do see when a chickens "egg" warmed be. Yes, something does the "growth" trigger, and only fools and the ignorant with God's ways jigger, and stuff around and "suck out" a child's brains because murder they seek. !

It's nice to see that the Senator so "open" be and defends the unborn that you cannot see. And when I ask were you born, to do what you do. ? Did you only life meet when your daddy spanked your "seat,"? or did your "frame" begin to grow when your daddy his seed did sow. ?...

"When"? will the arrogant see that in the "dark" their pricks shall off cuts be.


To Toppage 91

Aborigine Stolen Generation Compensation
& HREOC - you and me.

The "Church" of man did its soul besmirch and left many unhappy souls on a lonely search for their own, but I see that their souls reaped for what in the past "times" was sown.

"Why," I ask, "Must we now compensate ?
"Why," I ask, "Do 'they' us today berate ?

Do all not understand that our forebears will pay for this underhand ? But not monetarily by you and me, they will pay spiritually, the way it should be. !

Any who seek "damages" are "on the take," so I say it's time to put on the brake, for all today demand off the government, and "its" money is ours and we do not want it misspent.

Lois O'Donohue needs to let the past go, that is the Truth that God does sow. Any who now demand to off others take, will for sure a planetary mess make, yes, and they will suffer too, as do all who to God are untrue.


To Toppage 92

~ NATO ~

The NATO Claims of "Alliance, Treaties, Peace keeping etc" is all just "Bullshit" that blind leaders of men upon the population sit as "they" seek to their lands protect, and wish to ensure that the enemy is away kept.

yes, they do your money use,
yes, they send your children out to their lives lose,
yes, they heed not God's say,
yes, soon they will all be swept away.


To Toppage 93

~ The Sin & “man” ~
blessed wo-man or ‘plain’ man

Much has been written about “Sin,” being the negative emotions within. Much has been written about the mind of the dark force that via telepathy does any ‘listener’ from their sanity divorce.

Much has been written about how it inspires even the “true” if they heed its devilish cunning “intent” coming through. Yes, it can drag down even the true until one day they begin to frown. For what they did not see was what IT was projecting through them onto you and me.

Let us all now give a “shout” that at last we know what it is all about. Then we can truly the other “sinners” forgive, for we are all sinners until freed within of the dark. So let us all now just help the “other” to win by not inciting them in confrontation.

Let’s heed now the call from above to just express care to any close or distant relation. For we all relations be, all created by the Source who yearns to “their” offspring see. Yes, Mother & Father both love you and hope you heed me their messenger true so one day we can all dance above and truly we will know the meaning of “TRUE LOVE.”


To Toppage 94

~ A million years away ~

This “note” I now write for a “long away” coming day. It will be a day more than a million years away. The day when again some of you will me see on this earth, again sent to set those “ready” free.

For after this coming “cleansing” is done, all will have pure souls under this sun, and then for one thousand years or more only pure souls will incarnate from the Light for sure. They will “enter” free of sin, thus the planet will be “raised” with a new “beginning.”

But after that span of time has been “run,” again will some of you be incarnated from “below” to again mingle with truth from the sun. Yes, some of you will this test fail. Some for an eternity will quail. But some at a time yet thousands of years away will be “released” from purgatory to again hear the truth I bestow.

And when you incarnate from below with the “sin” within, the whole “merry go round” of pain on earth you’ll “bring in,” and as your “falsity” you on earth will “sire,” those here ‘of’ the Light will be teaching you truth to try and elevate your “consciousness” higher.

So this little note I do “append” to warn those a thousand years ahead that one day again from the dark will our God many spirits again into the flesh send. So keep your candles burning bright so that you do recognise “IT” the sin when it again appears in your sight.

That is for those God sends as “keepers” to earth which will remain for a very long time as a “boarding school” to teach the lost that all have light within and all are in God’s eyes of worth.

~ The Spirit of Truth ~


To Toppage 95

~ The Source ~
The Last "Current Affairs" update

The Source has now told me that this is the last Current Affairs information page. You have enough INFO to help you down the road, any more, and your mental computer will go into "over load." For as you should now be able to see, that the "expression" out from the Source endless be.

The "Single page" basic message from God is the "Narration" at the end of the "Brief Summary" listed on the web front page, revert back to IT when in doubt.

Father says: "It's time to look within, stop blaming others for what they do, you are all equally untrue. Try and this see for soon shall I show you the Power that I BE. I advise you all to "close up" your "mouth," for each of you has an "expression" uncouth."

Prepare now

Terence. The Spirit of Truth. 20 May 001.


I sincerely "hope" some of you "awaken" to reality,
for truly we stand at the "brink" of eternal time spiritually,
some to eternally be hounded by merciless swine,
some to dance forever in the light supping love divine.


"Can you 'mentally' be true" ?
that is what I ask now of you.

"When you 'pass over' which way will you go" ?
to the Light or to the Dark
the answer to this - do you truly know.


Through my pen shall God you teach,
until I fly away and again heaven reach
for sure
I'd like to meet you at heavens door.


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