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To: Professor Amin Saikal
Middle Eastern & Central Asian Studies
Australian National University

Ref; The lame western moral horsemen

My brother, I believe that you are a man of the Light, and today I beheld your face in my sight as you spoke on ethics and morals too, and the "principles" of the fallen too.

For the "West" has fallen from grace, and in God's eyes is also a disgrace as it too is politically "found" on quicksand, soon to be collapsing ground. There is no earthly morality for those practicing "duality," meaning, those who "darkness" condone because the suppressor extends a $$$ "bone."

Every country on God's earth has "fallen" and shows no mirth, especially when the "poor" arrive penniless at their door. And as for Australia, we are pirates too, burning fishing boats and ostracising many too, being the visitors to our shore who we incarcerate without trial for sure.

And America is the satanic "bitch" the "prophesied" land soon to fall in the ditch for "her" men are warmongers for sure, abusing multitudes on many a shore. And this truth I do know for Allah's Light did it me show, and even though I a "white" African be, my insight is a reality.

"So none should others judge and condemn" says "Allah" via my pen,

"All should freely trade, only this way is peace to be made, and 'free' means steal no duty, every government is piratical as they forcibly take booty. In every conceivable way do they the 'controllers' steal peoples pay."

So I now to you write enclosing a couple of pages for your "sight," for much has been written by me for I AM the spirit from eternity, sent down to JUDGE the quick and the dead, the enlightened and those supping not on Allah's bread, being the Wisdom from afar that shines via my Bethlehem Star.

All I give now to thee, please tell all planetarily that there is a message from Allah written personally for me and you.
It is "seen" on Allah's personal golden web page being the Truth of the Truth.


I am here to guide all believers home to the Light.


To Toppage 26

To: Pat Dodson
Aboriginal Reconciliation Council
Reconciliation with our Creator, Mother divine.

Elder Pat, it's time to put on a "smile" and prepare to walk the last mile, for if reconciliation is your theme, then it's time to more than "dream."

For truly it's time to reconcile with "Mother God," and to do this, we needs help each other to try and clearly see that reconciliation is a matter of spirituality, and a true spirit does naught but "Love even their oppressor" I hear from God above.

And "How" you may ask "Do you reconcile with others who do not even smile" ?

You just ignore them for sure, and just sweep up your own "floor," meaning, watch what you express verbally, and otherwise just everyone bless, and quietly go your own way, earning your own pay, somehow trying not to beg, even if needing help to stand on one leg.

For we must reconcile our souls to God, not to "others" as on earth we plod,
and the "inner" reconciliation with God means, we "smile" at all on this sod.

Too much has already been "said," it's time for all to make a fresh bed beside their own campfire, helping all who call by, and uplifting them thus higher. Too many today demand, too many today do others reprimand, too many want to "take" control of everything and a mess make.

I say "enough is enough," God, my brother, will all takers "out snuff," yes, soon you will see a swiftly erupting calamity. Please read my message on Suicide that does on my "web" page abide, then you'll help many a lost brother to live as you pass on the wisdom I give.

And tell all your people that the word "Reconcile" means:
"Climb over your own style, do not expect to freely sup out of another's fast emptying cup."

Soon all funds run dry, soon black and white will all cry for all deny their Creator, I say to thee, that is what God says to you via me. I believe you are a stalwart man, I believe you too are a part of God's plan, so why don't you also come to me and we'll talk o'er a cup of tea.

There is more at stake than this land, there is a spiritual Summerland. Some of your people have it seen as they "prayed" and did dream, and that place is very near, as is the "other" of coldness and fear.

We my brother do choose the one we go to, the win, or the lose. We lose if we hide our face, we lose if we show lack of grace in our daily deed, any expressed "foulness" and we bleed.

For above is the Light, none get there who demand and fight, only the lovers who forgive as they "pass over" in heaven live. The others fall into the dark night, yes they join the foolish ones who are white, who also in ignorance do fight, thus both do entwine forever in a deep dark plight.

Friend, I await you, friend, I believe you are true.

Terence, 22.4.001

To Toppage 27

To Australians of Aboriginal descent
I now write to all "Elders" and ask you of your intent.

For our loving God up high does now heave a great sigh, wondering why you do what you do, in being so untrue. For it appears that your intent is mainly to collect monies to be spent, rather than gathering your people around and teaching them to till their own ground.

So I personally now to you all write, inspired by our Creator of Light,
and She to you now does say:

"I want you all to come My way, so please my children heed now my pen wielded by Terence the one by me chosen to guide you all up into the Light, and to get here, you must not fight.

You must now try hard to forget the past when others made you fret, it was "payment" you see for what to others was done by thee. Yes, "payback," that word you do know, but forever I say that you must not it sow.

You my children must learn to forgive, only this way do you in heaven live."

Thank you Mother divine for revealing through me about the swine,
the devilish dark forces way below who by "spells" their deviousness sow.

That is why so many Aborigines die when they are "locked up" I do espy, for from the darkness thoughts do arise, and in the minds of many they themselves do despise, and thus their own life take. I say it's time to put on the brake and quickly all your people teach how dark thoughts our minds do breach.

My intent is true
My intent is to help you

Please now come my way, to you personally I'll teach the "time of day" before your people suffer more, for they are all "goaded on" for sure by many solicitous men now revealed by my sacred pen.

They sell their souls to become rich,
all soon fall into the ditch,
so before then please heed me, for only my spirit can pure truth see.


read Mother's web page


To Toppage 28

To: Ann Davies, Sydney Morning Herald
National Press Club Luncheon.
'International Day of the book'

I refer to the discussions referring to authors incomes, writers crisis, authors compensation as financial incentive, why I ask do we needs welfare to be "inventive"?

Maybe the writers motto should be "I give you a free look"

I wonder why writers feel "forsook," maybe their books need a fresh look. You cannot expect others to pay for your "daydreams" night or day, and the "government" is just a body empowered to assist you and me, it's not up to us to demand sustenance in the form of a reprimand.

If I wish to a fisherman be
then after 4 pm I can go down to the sea
and wet the hook on the end of the line
if the 'fishing' cannot support my life divine

Yes, I might need to break rock all day
to earn funds, and not expect others to pay
so dear "authors" whoever you be
read now the coming calamity

For my book is free, an inspired message from the Source it be. Free on the Internet, and for sure it says: "All now will fret for an eternity or two, unless they begin to be true, and a little give so the other can happier live"

For you see we all have a demand, even the tax take is a powerful command, and I say "tighten up your belts" for soon now many swollen welts. For all it seems just want to write, and for that "Right" they will fight. So please, link in to my page, tell the world I AM here, the heavenly sage.


To Toppage 29

~ The Dispossessed ~

The dispossessed are those who could not see that God asked them to allow others to roam free. Thus they did all control and they lands "took" as o'er the earth they did stroll.

Yes, in every planetary village and town it was done by all men, yellow, black, white and brown. Over hill and over dale they by force destroyed and took and now will "Pale."

For all spirits in the flesh today are "reincarnated" I do say, yes, and all will now see what you did as you abused be, and if any of you continue to retaliate, then you'll fall forever and Satan will you berate.

So do not "try" and lands take, for of your own souls will you a greater mess make. People all demand justice I see, but they forget that God's justice there be. The one that says:

"All will know what you did as you reap what you do sow"

So when will all listen ? For all the deaf do bleed.
God says
"Forgive and I will bless your seed."

So heed me, you were all dispossessed because with the "Devil's" thoughts were you impressed, thoughts that gave you a reason to deny the Light and fight. All who continue on in this way will become dispossessed of their freedom forever and a day.

That is as written by my hand
that is as by God planned.

The Spirit of Truth, 23.4.001

To Toppage 30

ANZACS --- Gallipoli

So now the "story" again we see
of the W. A. Light Horse Infantry
all young men, lively and bold
and also courageous, a story old

All heeding their leaders, older men, all ignorant and arrogant, all denying God's pen, all rush in where angels fear to tread, all now "below" where they made their bed.

Shivering and shaking in the cold, they are yet young and not yet old, for spirits live eternally, and this fact you'll all needs see, and these young men wait for me, "me" being the story I now tell thee.

For they now wait in "hope" that God will extend to them a "rope," a golden thread that shines so bright, it is the starlight that shines day and night, and through it they will hear of love, and hear my voice, for I am the dove.

And my voice can reach below
verily, into the depths it does go
so even the lost, I will reach
so even the lost, I will teach of what is now to be, before each can be set free.

So I again say to the "alive," you and you, heed now God, not men untrue, or you too will fall below, and excruciating suffering will get to know. Let us now not any Anzacs "raise," let us now not any Anzacs "praise,"

for they, did others destroy
as they, did darkness deploy
thus, they were not men of Light
they were employees of the dark knight

We are all now wiser so heed my song, prepare your minds to be more strong, strong enough to say "no NO NO" if any man says to you "You go to war." This way you will spiritually survive the coming catastrophic satanic drive. 

Let none fear you. You be calm and to God now be true. And to you now who all fell below, heed also my truth and my wisdom get to know, for as others this message do read, through their eyes, they will you also it seed unto you.

Blessed are those who heed me
by my wisdom, God's, they will freed be.


To Toppage 31

~ Tony Blair ~
New Labour "Gaming"

It's time to review the "gaming" Law
for governments put out a giant "paw"
and much of the money take,
with their "usual" massive rake

All of course in the "guise" of "We need it and we are more wise, and if you want to play around with your money, we'll some of it bind." I say it's all "fiddle faddle," it's time "pollies" rowed with their own paddle, not just being the "middle man," for that was not a part of God's plan.

So it's time to put on the brake and not ANY gaming money take.
For it is pure theft I say to you, taking what is not given to you.

Would it not be nicer if one million people got "rich," because one million came "second" on the "pitch," and even if they earned but twenty bob, all would be happier so I ask "Why rob."?

And the winners would be me and you, and with our "own" winnings we would be true, donating what we wish to donate to a cause, not having it "taken" by those who us berate.

Tony Blair is "showing" his power, that "hidden" disease he'd just love to shower upon the British, that impoverished race, and for sure he'd wield a very heavy mace. For arrogance and Ego's walk hand in hand, they are the "force" of the lower land, and "IT" is the ultimate control over the foolish who on earth stroll.

I've said enough on "that" vein so now I'll revert and just speak "plain." Gamblers, gamers, whoever you be, it's time now to set yourselves free from the ones with sticky paws who have mouths like "Jaws." Be not their "collectors" and them pay, your profits spend your way.

All governments must now "bow out"

Let the "racers" enjoy their sport with happy shout, and let them have many a "second place" so multitudes feel that happy inner space, and in their joy they will give funds to many so many happy live, and as for you Tony Blair, all I can say is "Beware, beware."

The Spirit of Truth. 24.4.001

To Toppage 32

Maxine McKew - Lateline ABC
Ref your program

~ "Why is God absent" ~

Your "protagonists" spoke of many biblical things, how God at times sings and even stings, how God was "said" to be present, but was "absent" when Bosnians were "hell bent" on destroying each other, whether mother, sister or brother.

And, spoken too was the origin of biblical foundation documents too,
what I ask you was the foundation TRUE ?

IT Maxine was the WORD that said:

Be loving, wield no sword
I - AM the Light divine
because I - AM the Dark swine

Yes dear, what simple "inhumans" cannot see is that God "both ends of the stick be," and when we give out flack, it the dark does then us attack. That's why God says:

Salvation through non retaliation,
because only that way do you for your past PAY,
only when you have paid is your road to heaven gold paved.

So dear lass, please advise those on your "show" of the new old message that on earth God did sow through the mind and pen given me, so I could lead to the Light all humanity.

That is, those who can "read" and "hear" what via me God did seed. Please advise all that the soul tall walks on earth today, and all can read on my web page what God does say:

"I will all destroy who continue to evil deploy, it is time to see that it is I who "accesses" thee, in your mind, be you kind or unkind, and when you make others frown you are working for me the dark clown, for they do deserve to suffer what you put out, and, for your arrogance I then via another you clout. So all who hear not Mother's call to "Only Love" as told by my dove will succumb unto ME, and by ME their Father shall they destroyed be."

This as spoken by God via my hand today

25 April 001

To Toppage 33

~ 'Light' Life Force - 'Dark' Death Force ~

The current can be very strong if you do not know right from wrong, and the current will carry you away if you heed not my say. Over the lip of the abyss you'll go, carried over by the mighty flow, and for an eternity and a day you will wish you'd heeded my say.

For only my soul can see what truly is now to be, the separation of the good and bad, some eternally happy, the others sad. My heart reaches out now to you, saying:

"I know it's hard to be true, for the feelings deep down inside are what allow you to in darkness abide. For they are the power of the dark, they are the "bite" of the shark, and they allow dark thoughts to come in, the thoughts that give you a reason to sin."

So listen now please to me, heed the star message I give to thee, for the power of "its" prayer helps you be stronger within I do see. Blessed sisters and brothers of mine, I want you all in the land divine, but for you to personally there go my truth in your hearts must sow.

Cause pain and pain comes to thee, this but divine justice be.
Be loving, and love comes to thee, this you all want I see.

So heed now our loving God who via my pen seeks you on this sod. Be forgiving in every way, be merciful as for your past you pay, and together we'll walk the last road as God unburdens our inner load, being the darkness we ignorantly drew in, and then we'll be free and our last journey win.


To Toppage 34

~ Council ‘prohibitional’ policing role ~

Northern Midlands Council and all others planetarily “cite” many reasons for not issuing building permits. For a variety of reasons they have “lost” their role of “Advisory” and have become a very “Regulatory” body that imposes “its” will upon the people, rather than “assisting” the people to fulfil their needs.

Because of this negative control, the people being the “user” also has “found” that it is now in a position to demand more than its “share” off councils ref services, and now neither can “meet” their commitments to each other.

For many home owners “believe” in their right to expect much in the way of “free” service from councils, and thus councils cannot now for the “extra” services pay even though their “rate” take is increased annually forever and a day as their “annual” needs & wants they fulfil with the “latest” machinery to drive over their “landfill.”

Thus the in equanimity begins.

Point 1 - Let any landowner build any home without having to ask permission or “submit” to plans approval off any person.

Point 2 - Let any landowner “contract” direct to the local council for the “personalised” services they need. These services may “alter” annually. This way, no services will be given by council until “its” terms are agreed to by the landowner who is also entitled to ask others to “serve” them.

Point 3 - It is the time for the community to stop “thinking” that councils and other departments are “mandated with impunity” to dictate their demands. For it is the community they serve, let the council this FACT now observe.

Point 4 - People ARE and must be free to subdivide, and free to on any “nature or size” of land survive. It is not for any other to say: “Your “space” is not good enough for you to on it stay, therefore we will not ‘licence’ your “gate.”

Every council must now change its role to “Advisory” only.


To Toppage 35

~ Originality v/s Spirituality ~

IF you are a person of "mixed" blood, then any "claim" for Australian soil is a claim based on "mud." Having no valid foundation for you deny your other relation, the one who lived over the sea, maybe Irish or English blood they be.

So any claimant who does so "insist" has a mentality in a "twist," and sells "his" true past for money and thus forsakes the true spiritual land of honey. This earthly land we all do leave, and if here we "demand and fight" we grieve eternally as our spirit flies away to a "lower land" where it does pay.

So listen now to me for my "coat" has many colours I see, yes, my flesh is of mixed blood but for sure my spirit is not made of mud. It is a rainbow of colours divine, it heeds not thoughts from the swine, the spirits who fell below who through many minds say:

"Forward go, and demand our land and take,
and if needs be also you can a mess make."

My spirit "indigenous" be, an aboriginal of the heavens I see, so I am an aborigine of the Light, sent here to say:

"All fall into the dark night if they 'race' use to others deny and abuse,
or if they 'creed' use to imply that they stand more high"

Children, we are all on earth today so that for our past we can pay, and then and only then be freed, all who try and escape will bleed eternally I say, for in retaliation, more "blood" is "banked" their way.

Yes, all is taken into account, you cannot by force it surmount. Every drop of blood you spill gets tallied by GOD in your "Till." The "heavier" your Till does get, the more your spirit does fret, and the deeper into the dark it does fall and the more it suffers from forces tall.

Look only now to the LIGHT
forget Race - Colour - Creed - and the "Fight."
We individually have to "earn" that final spiritual inheritance
wake up friends, give your sweet inner rose a chance.


To Toppage 36

~ Carleen Bryant ~

Many of us did see
the letter written by thee
asking all to forgive
by being loving and their love give

And I too ask all now to reflect upon what they to our God do project, for all who suffered before, made others suffer for sure. And those who do "remain" in the flesh show God their disdain, when the call of forgiveness they deny as they call out "Hang him, do not even him try."

And this applies not to all, for a few I see do walk tall, and they do not aught demand for they heed our God's Command. It's time for all to forget the "ritual," that of "remembering" that has become habitual, for God says:

"Look now ahead, if you fail you freeze and fall dead."

And what it is that I do say is that all now needs heed me and pray, for any can do what your son did do, and ahead, you'll see that I speak true. For minds now more derange and are "overpowered" by thoughts very strange, and all on this level need help for soon all will become tangled in "kelp."

Yes, for all by "darkness" are bound for "It" the dark has every mind found.

So to you Carlene saying: "I am glad to see that you are true and your son "ahead" will be," I now write this for the "forces" that bind his mind I can see. So I'll wait for a little time" until with his consciousness I can entwine. This letter too I'll send his way with some understanding on how to pray.

Terence - The risen one. 25.4.001

To Toppage 37

~ Jim Lehrer Hour ~
Oklahoma Bomber

So the Jury has been selected, one that will Judge, setting aside their "Principles and Prejudices" as they smudge their own souls as they another condemn.

"When will my children learn"
is asked by God through my pen.

"That they are not 'free' to others 'Try,' all who so do thus 'die' for I
then them incarcerate and on 'lower levels' their spirit souls berate."

I have said enough on this before, so I'll just "knock" on America's door saying:
"Prepare, for you all soon the fate of the "bombed" will share."


To Toppage 38

~ The Innocence of the Innocent ~

Much have I said today about the coming time when all pay, for all loudly shout "We innocent be" and yet it seems that none yet "see" me. For none on this level are innocent, all have a self righteous intent.

The intent to everything take, and any "abuser" to destroy or financially break. Not seeing their "innocence" was lost an eternity ago and they are full of frost, and for aeons did they go around the "karmic wheel" and now soon the Devil will their souls steal.

For it is that Final time when God says:

"All to now separate and entwine with their final resting place,
being the heavens of love, or the other as described by my dove."

Please now try and see "how" the Devil deceives thee, by giving you endlessly a seemingly virtuous reason to the Light deny, so that with "it" you can eternally cry.

Innocence means "free within of sin," thus no "dark thoughts" can get in your mind and you thus deceive so that another by you is made to grieve. The innocent are those true who have paid their dues for when untrue, thus the "beast" does "pass them by" without the "intent" to make them cry.

So if your spiritual "door" has my mark, it will be bypassed by the dark, but IF it is "dripping" with blood, your door will be smashed in and your soul will turn into mud as you are confronted by the insane race who recognise all who lack inner grace.

And they the insane are inspired by God to destroy the non-believers who on earth plod. Thus with a frenzied shout the oppressors destroy all foolish who did evil deploy, and these arrogant oppressors to the "Dark one" true, are themselves then oppressed and destroyed too.

Blessed ones - believe me
only I the fullness of God see
for I AM the holiest ONE
returned from the land of the inner Sun

~ The Spirit of Truth ~

To Toppage 39

Bishops Committee for Justice
~ Women participating in the Catholic Church ~
Tasmanian "Hearing" as advertised in the Launceston Examiner.

Justice there is and Justice there be, but it should not be wielded by thee I see. Man was not empowered to woman control, but he has in the past assumed that role, and man's "time" has now come where for his past he falls undone.

You have been deceived for so long that you now know not right from wrong, and as all men you soon will be "called to account" by the power behind this pen, for IT is the ultimate authority and it judges all condoning impropriety, and this we see you do as you bless and praise men who to their brothers were in the past untrue, and in this you them deceive, and others another day grieve.

So this little note is to let you know that God's message did his messenger bestow for all earthlings to see, even thee, and it came "free on air planetarily" via the communication of the internet, and on its content I place my bet.

Be wise - seek it out
before your past does you clout

The Spirit of Truth 26.4.001

To Toppage 40

~ Landline ~

The importance of the Land is seen only by a very small "band," that dedicated band of women and men who annually strive to be outspoken and "offer up" the goods they "breed" as they "plant" many a varying seed.

And as I see it, all humanity will soon rely on these "battlers" who struggle in the rain and the "dry." Your program is one of the "best" on air and by it am I impressed.

Please I ask of you tell all your "Landowners" of my message true, for as said, from the cities soon will many flock and be reliant upon the farmers they did mock.

So the good hearted souls need to "see" my "Blueprint" and thus "provision" for what soon is to be. Fuel and seeds and implements too will be needed to be given to me and you, so each can their little space find on the caring farmers land.

Blessed are the true
who can help the many pull through.


To Toppage 41

Notices to Seamen ALERT !
To the: International Maritime Authority

To any who can "believe," I do write enclosing a copy of my message sent today to the "Cruising Helmsman" magazine. It contains some information which will assist your departments in making "some" preparation for soon coming catastrophic times.

The mentioned catastrophe is that of earth changes which will not only affect sea going persons and coastal inhabitants, but there is also further information available which will give all an understanding of the "why" for the planetary rising confrontation, aggression, and rising insanity (non reason).

This is extremely important to the Masters of all sea going vessels as they are dependent upon having sane rational minds at all times, and the times now upon us are leading many to lose control of their minds at the most inopportune moments.

Please look very deeply at what is offered to you. The following is a part of the letter sent to the magazine .........

More pertinent to the cruising helmsman however is my book of "Visions" in which I have seen a coming catastrophe of truly gigantic proportions which will affect every Seafarer in the Pacific basin soon......

Extract from the 21 page book "The Visions of the Last Prophet" ...quote...

I wheeled in the air as though I was a fish eagle, seeing the long stretch of modern high rise buildings stretching many kilometres.

Away to the west, rose the Tamborine mountain range about ten kilometres away. I kept turning until I faced the eastern horizon. The sea was calm, there was suddenly a swiftly moving energy wave flashing across the Pacific.

It suddenly became obvious that there were more than ten waves at a few kilometre intervals, they suddenly transformed themselves into swiftly elevating bodies of water, as they found their footing on the shallowing waters of the continental shelf

-- up -- UP --UP they rose.

Enormous bodies of water, travelling at such a speed that the face of each was almost vertical. Due to their depth, they were a very dark blue colour, their summits were over one thousand feet. I felt that 350 metres would be a reasonable estimation.

The waters totally covered the distance of my vision along the coastline to the north and south, they swept in destroying all in their path. The water from the waves swept inland, right up to the low foothills below the Tamborine range. It was truly an unbelievable sight to see.

As each wave receded, the next one rolled in, it went on and on, nothing stood before them. My long distant vision suddenly picked up movement, just above the line that the waters were reaching to, and I saw lines of people lined up outside tents. All were being inoculated. I realised that either there had been some prior warning of this cataclysmic event, or society had already collapsed.

I can only now consciously assume that there has been some huge undersea volcanic eruption off the Australian coastline, possibly in the area of the Lord Howe "rise" some 700 kms off shore..... unquote

I have moved from East Africa and now live in Tasmania, and since being here, I have researched the "Lord Howe" rise and find that this "Island" is in fact the remaining 2.5% of the rim of a giant volcano that rises some 12000 feet up from the ocean floor, its original rim was some 100 kms in diameter.

The Lord Howe rise is a ridge that runs parallel to the east Australian coast for some 2000 km and starts 200 miles offshore and is about 250 miles wide, along its length, are some half dozen giant volcanoes of which some extend to within 100 metres of the ocean surface.

In my vision I had seen many people already relocated above the water surge area and thus have only "assumed" the waves are from volcanic action. It is therefore hoped that helmsmen will have a few days or weeks notice of volcanic "beginnings" under the sea.

I believe that it is only the northern end of Australia having the protection of the barrier reef that will survive the unbelievable coming wave action. Truly, it will be advisable for any vessel to be at least 50 miles offshore any coastline, as the "elevation" and angle of the approaching wave front is fairly "vertical" once it finds a footing on the continental shelf, and it will definitely "knock down" and overwhelm all in its path with its many many waves..

I believe that all coastal areas bordering the pacific basin will be inundated by water and thus all Coastal Patrols and National Emergency personnel needs be on standby. Residents of Coastal areas needs ask themselves "Where will I go to when I hear "rumblings" offshore?

Due to the usual "non believing" mentality ref "Visions" it will be a "maximum" catastrophe as few will prepare for what is to be. I can only say "Please store some provisions and "be ready" to move out of town to higher ground at the first signs of offshore disturbance. You will not be returning home after the "floods" have come.

Find calm shelter in my harbour at Internet web address.

*** There may be a water survey department with the capacity to calculate the danger areas that will be flooded given the size of the waves to come, to aid those "calculating" the wave flooding capacity, the collapsing wave still had the capacity to flood the "causeway" on the Mt. Tamborine road behind Oxenford (Qld. Australia) with 7 metres of water.


To Toppage 42

Kerry O'Brien - 7.30 Report
Port Arthur Massacre

I can but feel very sorry for humanity for none yet can see reality. None yet understand the truth that emanates from my pen, Good's proof. None can see the power of God's hand that released many at Port Arthur to the Summerland.

All are but "revelling" in self pity, none have compassion for the one who set all free. Yes, God did Martin Bryant use to His merciless reaping force diffuse, yes the Reaper in action for all to see just how terrifying it is now to be.

For every spirit "embodied" that was "touched" by "pain" was in a past life arrogant and vain, and thus as you too will be enmeshed with your past, they were "impressed" by the force that is very old, by the force that God has you told will be used against any of you who in the past allowed it to flow through.

So Martin Bryant was their "deliverer" I see, used by God to set the others free and yes, this poor man too will ahead pay the price for being "true." True to the darkness and denying the Light that says: "Only Love and never fight," and I say it's time to me now heed, for soon, as in Port Arthur, multitudes will bleed.

For all have a heavy Karmic debt, all in the past made others fret, even you and I can see that the "survivors" could murderers be, if they could their vengeance wreak, they the "other's" life would seek, for all hold God in disdain, all today are ignorant and vain.

God says: "Lay the past to rest"

I say again its time to be blest by the fresh wisdom I bring thee, OR, many will do as Bryant did I see. I now do my pen down place, wondering how many of you have any inner grace enough to at least "see" what it is I have said to thee.

"The Reaper in action IS God in action"

Yes, for you all I do weep, for as said: "In self pity you sleep,
it's time for all to see reality, and swiftly learn what via me God gives to thee."


To Toppage 43

~ Media "Intrusion" ~

Media personnel "believe" they have a "mandated" divine right to intrude anywhere day or night and their quest satiate, even if in "indignity" it is upon others forcibly impressed.

This is to you advise that soon all will hear the cries of those who arrogant be, and those whom the word "Respect" cannot see. Soon even the media will "learn" that their seemingly virtuous mandate to their story earn is oft an imposition, and thus they will now be "turned upon," and as such, all too will pay their dues for when "others" freedom they did abuse.

Be meek, you too needs my star seek.


To Toppage 44

Saddam - Iraq Trade Sanctions.

Clinton and others, I bring again to your door my 'Epistles of the last prophet' doc page 143 ref: Trade Blockades. For surely now you can see that "Saddam" a "free" man be from your sanctions you impose that Karmicly destroy your inner spiritual rose, as multitudes of women and children suffer, whilst Madeline and others in indignation their feeble chests "out puff."

"Wake up"

God says: "All sanctions are an act of war against MY needy children,
all so doing are arrogantly vain and do one day become totally insane."


To Toppage 45

~ Maternity Pay ~

When, I pray will the human race see the "way," in that they so much demand and that this is contrary to God's Command. "If you nothing make, then nothing take."

Ladies, if via your "pleasure" you become pregnant with child you cannot expect others to for your "time" pay. If you cannot for any reason attend your "duty" to contract your "commitment" for financial reward, then accept this for what it be, and set your "employer" free.

"On self or spouse you'll needs rely, or sister or mother" I do hear from up high.

Even the "sick pay" demand is now a reprimand and if your time at work you cannot give, then an employer should be able to work give to another, maybe your closest sister or brother.

Any "Claim" for reward with no time given is the sign of total planetary insanity.


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