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~ The Fiji Letters ~

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~ The Fiji FIGHT ~

Oh what a "sorry" plight we see as every Fijian forgets his 'spirituality' as all demand in some way that the "other" fella for his folly pay. And the "folly" that I see is the simple fact that the others a different "colour" be, and they have a different taste and a different smell.

Can none see the satanic spell that has bound every mind that has become blind to reality. For the "Christian" God did say that we must help our brothers each day and love our enemy and share with all our last crust of bread or "penny."

So now we see the result of ancestral spirits who now take hold of every mind that should have been told that any who for any reason try and others control do stroll "out of bounds" reference the Commandment of God to ONLY LOVE and thus they will suffer and fall say I God's Dove.

We are all "natives" and indigenous of/to our land of birth. Thus I am a Tanzanian even though I now live in Australia and 'hold' Australian citizenship being the requirement of the day.

Thus too is every person born in Fiji a "Fijian" by right of birth, irrespective of the "origin" of their parents or their colour or their spiritual beliefs. This applies to every earthly "land." Race or other differing "aspects" do not come into the equation.

Neither does one have to be an "aborigine" of any land before they have right of 'total' ownership of the land or the right of control over any other. For none have this "right" other than GOD who controls all whom in ignorance and arrogance plod on earth.

Thus it follows that I as a Tanzanian by "birth" can freely stride on this earth and abide in any land "as" a "citizen" of that land without first needing to ask anyone or complying to the demands of anyone. I shall however always be by "birth" a Tanzanian.

Thus it follows that my "Nation" will always be Tanzania, irrespective of my present "citizen" situation. I cannot be 'bought' by another Nation so as to be "able" or "eligible" to compete in international sport under their "banner." No, resist the "false" financial "offers" and remain a sane nationalist of your God given birthright.

For me being a citizen of Australia means only that I am a sane respectable member of the local community of that place, and all now 'know' where they may see me face to face. I do not need to comply to any "local" regulations, no; I do as at "home" and abide in God's call from up high. Thus peace and kindness and forgiveness is my way each day.

Yes, I AM the Messiah again here, so please now "put down your arms" and read my FINAL message from God that is free on air on my web site:

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~ Fiji Crisis ~

Friends, "enlightenment" comes from our God up high who says: "NOW is the time all will cry who did deny My Commandment to Only love and compassionate and merciful and forgiving be."

The Fiji "crisis" and "situation" is critical, in that any person who heeds the "voice" of a man in the flesh such as Speight or Mugabe or heeds their own "unforgiving or retributionary" thoughts will be incited to rob, rape, pillage or kill. Thus they will fall into Satan's "den" for defying God's call via God's sacred pen.

Fiji is facing this crisis because primarily the "local" indigenous population could not "accept" other children of God as their equal. They have treated "Indians" as visitors who are 'persona non grata' because they were of a different culture and 'way.'

This also applies to the 'immigrant' Indian race who also in God's eyes are a disgrace in many a way. It is time for all to see "all colours" abiding in Fiji as Fijians with equal rights.

Fiji is facing the "invisible" END time eruption of insane thoughts that will access any "open" mind and use it to mete out divine justice. This it (The dark) does by "justifying" a reason, be it based on 'deeds of others,' their colour, race, creed or tribal differences, land issues etc etc. All give it scope to seduce them into denying the ONLY LOVE Commandment of God.

The enemy is not man in the flesh, it is the invisible satanic voice that gives you no choice but to die spiritually if you are seduced by its "honeyed" voice.

The "secondary" cause of the problem is the impoverishment of the people due to the nature of every "System" of man that uses enforced taxation that results in high costs of all produce, and whether a 'leader' is democratically elected or but a 'rebel' it is all the same, For the people still pay the taxation burden that increases annually.

The "tertiary" cause of the problem is the telepathic interference in the minds of the people by their ancestral spirits who are NOT all loving and kind, and many of them use their "offspring" to mete out vengeance as they keep their minds locked into the past in unforgiveness for many a long day as they the spirits demand the "other" for a past folly pay.

Please tell all Fijians of my message to all and tell them all to prepare to now show GOD of their intent by their daily deed. Those who find any "excuse" to be less than kind to ANY other will NEVER see their heavenly Mother God.

I AM the spirit of truth

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~ The 'Speight' Decree ~
"That needed to be read out by George to Fiji"

I George Speight am a real man whose mind was an "open plan" to the extent where powerful Fijian ancestral spirits did control it with their thoughts. Thus as you and the whole world can see I was led on and on seeking more control.

I have "found" the true way today as our Mother God above has via Her returned dove the Messiah written this note by Her hand for every Fijian and also for every child of God in every land.

I do at this very moment realise that my actions were unwise and also that I have been unkind to many whom I did control and bind.

I also do see that many other Fijians such as me have been misled by my act and thus stole more than bread from God's other children of the "other" Fijian race.

I do also now see that my act was a disgrace in the eyes of God and thus I do openly apologize to you and you and can but say that from this moment on I am at the mercy of God who via one or more of you may seek to make me pay for my folly.

I thus will do as God asks and that is to walk away and go home today. I also now do ask that you all set your minds to task and see the reality given by God to me.

That every Island on earth is God's land and thus we must understand that the place we call Fiji will now hopefully open its arms to those of any race.

I lay down my verbal mace and apologize to my Fijian sisters and brothers of every colour and ask that we now all heed our God above and thus only love our neighbors.

Let us share our hearts and land for each needs their own place. I will try from today to be courageous and a soul of grace, so that I can one day see my creator's loving face.

I George Speight say that I do believe the messiah is again here today and I request all Fijians to seek his message of hope and love. Let us now all walk together so that as Fijian children of God we can one day dance above.

As I now go my way our God above will see who is forgiving and who decides to try and punish me in any way. Let God make me pay, not my fellow man, or my debts today accrued will your "back" span.

This is what I George Speight have to say today as in thanks for God's blessings I will now daily pray.

Written for "George" by the hand of God

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~ Sitiveni Rambuka ~

Is an "elderly" man many Fijians know. One who in his past did the wrong way go, but one who now can clearer see that "righteousness" is the way to be.

I wonder if Sitiveni hears my "call"?
I wonder if his soul is one standing tall?
I wonder if he now will sharpen his
spear, his mind, and to God stand near?

Yes, on these "wonderings" I ponder and say to myself: Shall I send him this letter or place it on a shelf? But I do not ponder for long, for I do believe he is a courageous Fijian who will hear my song.

Sitiveni, please now for ME the invisible God you cannot see, pick up a "Conch" shell and blow it very hard so all do it hear as you tell Fijians of MY loving Word. Being the message your brother Terence did bring to earth from Mother God my wife, to warn all of the "how & why" of the escalating strife.

Tell all to seek my WORD and to prepare for the way for those soon to wield MY sword. Yes, tell all how the darkness does in their minds get in. Tell them that if they fight then freedom they cannot win. Tell them to go home and prepare to calmly as men face the lions erupting from My lowly den.

Sitiveni, do this for me and again one day my Light you will see. For all now will pay for "impropriety." Heed now Terence the wielder of MY sacred pen. For it is he now the leader of humanity by ME chosen.

I your Creator have spoken

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~ Foreign Affairs ~
"Mis-management - energy wrongly spent"

All we see today is political power play. Bullyboys in every "town," some seemingly wise and others who look like a 'deadly' clown as they strut around with their minds by darkness bound. It matters not to me other than for me to say: Can you my point see?

For in Fiji today we see this power play exuded by one of your "own" men Speight who uses force to enter the "power play" gate. Hoping as along he does go that "somehow" all will get to him know and through their racial "demands" they will elevate him into a position of security but he sees not his impropriety.

For even if "man" gives him a mandate, for heaven he will still be late as God does not "forgive," God says: All "abusers" cannot avoid MY LAW and they will for a time and a time in Hell live. (As you Sow, so shall ye Reap)

But I speak not "only" of Speight today but also of all "other" political men who "join in" the fray. Yes, Australia's "Downer" and NZ, UK and USA too it seems have words to say that in God's eyes are untrue.

Words of "flack" and "attack" as they say: "We will impose sanctions on Fiji from today unless they "do something" and put Speight the terrorist away." And who are "they" to speak such words for you and me? I love my sisters and brothers as well as the lost.

Yes, just because a "Saddam" or "Speight" is for heavens gate late, it seems a "foolish" reason to declare an "open sport" season and "sock" every other poor sister and brother in the "suffering" land. When will politicians see their own "terrorist" actions underhand?

Do none of these politicians see that they too are "terrorists" in God's eyes as their own actions by sanction are equally unwise? Probably never, that is why I say forever:

"Please now the Word of God heed, never support any political system for they all deny God's sacred pen. And if you "freely" any taxes pay then God "assumes" you support their power play and THUS you are personally responsible too for their actions untrue against your distant relations."

Why should you the population suffer just because our bully boys puff out their chests? If we cause you misery then under God's law it comes back to us does it not?

I say let GOD be your "head of house" today. We do not need any "Chief" for every chief brings grief through "his" incessant demand that we abide in his foolish arrogant command.

Let us all just go home today and earn our own pay and give some away to the needy. Let the politicians pay for their own fax and properly earn their own "extorted" tax, that will in the NEW coming day be nothing more than a "donation" from our earned "untaxed" pay.

Wake up planet earth, all have "karma" to pay because all heed foolish men in "our" pay. I say 'withdraw' from every "System" of man and just stand "free" before God, for that is God's plan. Read my:

WAR & National Karma Document 17 p. The hidden accruing personal "pain" debt.

No country should "interfere" in the "Affairs" of any other. They should ONLY give positive AID, not say: "Do 'this or that' or we will dig your grave with a sanctioning spade." Any who are so "foolish" as to send in armed personnel in the guise of "peacekeepers" are also incurring a 'heavy' karmic penalty.

I AM the Messiah

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~ Alexander Downer ~
"Foreseeing the future"

Alex, many times before have I knocked on your door and did yes receive one reply for sure. But I now "hear" as you "of" Fiji and the 'rim of fire' speak that you believe not in the return of the soul meek.

For I did for many a day say that I could "foresee" what was coming earth's way, and I did say "Please now prepare for the Devil is soon to many souls snare."

Yes, brother begins to fight brother and steal off sister and mother. Yes, and I do know why all seek retribution and why all in unforgiveness will cry as their souls fall out of the "sky."

I also see that via you Australia does "interfere" in the lands of others, and thus under God's LAW we too will soon feel fear. Yes "Alex," it is true, for God's Law says: "As you do will be done unto you."

Why don't "we" a little prepare for the now escalating mental snare, wherein all will be justified in not only demanding their right, but they will justifiably kill as they fight their "perceived" enemy.

After all, the "people" have been led that way by politicians and religious elders who themselves will now fall and all but all will pall. For "simple" men we all be and none but none are yet "free" of the satanic voice that telepathically controls all who listen to its voice.

Yes, it tells all to others "burn" and others kill, and to steal from their neighbours "shop" till. Soon the world will be "ablaze" and all will have on their face a look of fearful "amaze" as they "wonder" how their God did them forsake, seeing not that God said: "I destroy all whom of darkness partake."

So the darkness that all do now "see" is the wrathful face of God erupting planetarily via the mind of all whom did in their past on darkness partake, and it is they to "each other" now break. For the "other" being all who now suffer are past "offenders in God's eyes" who were unwise.

So any who "freshly" of darkness partake do their own bed in Hell now make. For what none do see is that God both the Light and Dark be. Thus any "avenger" estranges their own soul from the Light as they for the darkness as a "Reaper" do Fight.

Maybe now a 'few' will see the 'cause' behind the erupting insanity, being the vanity of man through which the 'dark side' of God did their minds 'span.' Yes, via the "SIN" within, being the negative emotions our 'sin bin' do we fall into defying the Commandment to ONLY LOVE.

I AM God's dove - heed now or bleed now - Terence