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The Testament of Truth (pages 176 - 200)

Testament 176

~ Song of the soul ~

Every soul has a song to sing as God does gently pluck a heart string, and as the plucking begins to strum the expression of LOVE is undone, and that soul does its song sing and within does happiness take wing, and the song does grow and grow and God's love does begin to grow. 

So all true lovers wherever you be, please heed this soul and be forever free.  Reach out with love to all you meet, let them through you God greet.

Children I can only SHOW YOU the way, that you SEE IT I do pray, for treasures of light, and treasures of love, await for any who aspire above. 

You cannot even dream of what is in store.  Eternal paradise that's for sure for the magnificence of the Creator awaits you, but first YOU must show that YOU are true.

Nothing but nothing this end can compare to what in the heavens for you I prepare, for the infinite intelligence of Wisdom and LOVE has abounded from the beginning in the land above. 

“Please seek deep,” I ask, for there are infinite treasures within your flask, treasures which I will expose, first you show that you believe this rose. 

I speak of FOREVER when I speak to you. 
I speak of FOREVER for all souls TRUE. 
I speak of FOREVER, and evermore. 
I speak of FOREVER for what's in store. 

Both ends of God reach infinity.  Both ends EXQUISITE, please believe me.  One of PAIN forevermore, one of PURE JOY that's for sure, and ANY that me believe will NEVER ever again grieve, for your soul cleansed of darkness forevermore will only experience true love for sure.

And you CANNOT imagine what it is like up in heaven away from the spike.  Every soul perfection in every way, all reaching out saying: “Join us today.” Infinite Wisdom and love flowing through from the source of the Creator, through me to you. 

Oh sweet sisters, and brothers too, I pray you'll join me for my truth is true, and my way is the only way I say to you, way up to heaven to our Father TRUE.  For it is TRUTH that HE speaks through me for, forevermore would HE have you free, and His sweet Wisdom from way out the past will forever and an eternity, last.

So I reach out this one more time calling you near to sup my wine.  Wine of WISDOM, wine of TRUTH, wine of reality that you stand not aloof from ANY you meet as you stroll along. 

SHOW BY DEED you've heard my song.  This truth from heaven I now whisper to you, for if I shout you'll think I'm untrue, for many shout but none seem to hear, and I am the one to eke out your fear.

I, and our Father, AM now cleansing you of ALL your sin if you are true to the Wisdom streaming down from the land of love where forever you can abide when you go above. 

Testament 177

~ Earth plane ~

This plane of earth I do see is but a level of materiality, and for our soul to thereon walk must we in a fleshly disguise stalk.  Like a man on the moon we are strapped into a space balloon, a fleshly disguise, so that none can see what type of spirit within there be, and after a time the suit does wear out.

At this time does the soul give a great shout, home, home at last.  We go home back from the place we did for a time roam.  That is what we do shout if others we did not clout, for those that below go wither in the truth God does show

To those who do not believe
to those who did brothers deceive
to those who did others misuse
to those who did others abuse

So fear not when the flesh you do leave, for the good it is not a time to grieve, 'tis just a time when you do part from earthly friends and again make a start with those in heaven you left behind for a time, when in the flesh God did you bind to walk on this lowly place, to help your brothers still wielding a mace.

And on this level, your mind I see is like a radio, that out of tune can be, for when receiving more stations than one is there confusion and you fall undone.  For telepathic receivers* are we, receiving thought from the many levels that be invisible to us in the flesh.

And we need try to with God enmesh, meaning the level of light that emits truth in the darkening night, and if to this level you can tune in, then for SURE you stay sane and WIN your journey and your task, the soul's journey under the fleshly mask.

So remember what I say to thee.  It is the SOUL that survives for ALL ETERNITY, and as the soul does evolve can it the mysteries of the universe solve, and in time does it aspire and abide forever way up above the mire of this level and those below.  “Believe” I ask, “The truth I sow.”

Remember, to your journey win must your mind be clear, and free from dark thought within, and 'tis the Star high up above pouring out cleansing rays of God's love making sure your mind stays free of dark thought, rising up within to control thee.

Listen, believe, heed.  From within now arise the negative breed.  'Tis your choice of what you do, whether to the dark or the light you are true.

Testament 178

~ In God's likeness ~

Children, we are the creation of the love of God, and we express God's likeness even when on the sod.  The likeness is in the spiritual form, not the flesh which on earth we have worn.

It is the essence deep within that is of the light, and also the sin, for both sides are of God, you need understand this as along you plod. 

One side is the love the other is the hate, so heed my word or you will be late for the light, which is the love now cleansing out the sin from up above, and only when the sin is drawn clear is your soul free and to God's love you draw near in totality.

Please this believe for God's truth is endless within my weave.  And we express the reality of God, angels hear this and they do nod in unison as I now write, for it is WE who express God's Might in the positive, and the negative too when we allow the evil through.

For, as we are growing spiritually, both sides of God flow through us freely.  We need feel and we need learn that the side of love we have to earn, through Wisdom, and understanding too with what we feel when we're untrue to others when we wield the mace to others of the universal race.

So now heed me and forever you'll freed be, for your journey has been an eternity long, for it takes that long to learn about wrong which as yet you have been unable to see, 'tis why once again God sent me to thee.

So with His Wisdom, that of THE WORD, you'll heed the message about the sword, and in the understanding you'll stand calm, and having REAPED reach eternal balm.

The eternal balm is but another place of infinite beauty, where none wield a mace, the place where infinite truth and love abide and where forever you in pure happiness stride, and forever are there things to do and forever can you places go to, and forever is that world too.

And forever you'll make new friends too, and forever can you things make for there is no ignorant negative brake of ignorance in the mind that on this level is so unkind.

“Believe me” I say to you, “Can you not see around about you, for the vision of the intelligence of God abounds even here in the world you plod.”

Testament 179

~ Worry & Control ~

Worry not and fear less, these two I must impress, for if from worry you stay free 'tis much easier to follow me, and my way is the WORD if you've seen, and also heard. 

So dear friends who this read, prepare your minds with all speed.  Let God's love shine through.  To God remain true.  Let God's love shine through you.  Show the world you are true.

All armed forces show CONTROL by someone who would someone OVEROLL, and ALL control comes from below where insanity and greed, does grow. 

'Tis only the light up above that pours out freedom with love, where all but all equal be, those who are free from negativity.

Some for sure older be, with deeper insight flowing free, and the light that forever flows through increases feelings of JOY in those true.  For forever do some strive to uplift their brothers so they'll survive, and the joy the reward that be, can increase for all eternity.

Oh my brothers try and see the TRUTH from eternity shining through me.  Uplift your brothers with your love, show you are true to God above.  I show the subtleties of the negative breed and how in the minds of the "good" they feed.

Take the case of the supposedly free world, and how they control others for THEY are controlled from BELOW themselves I see, as are all Governments on earth and sea, believing that FORCE is the right way out and that they have the RIGHT to wield the Devil's shout.

The shout being; “DESTROY those in the way, destroy all that show power play, for if we destroy them, WE are free,” is how evil thought blinds us to God's reality. 

So I remind you sons of the sod that it's time now to remember GOD, for those of the flesh, who use the strength of the right arm will fall below to the Satanical charm.

Many Nations I see were "raised" in the name of Christ's See, Truth and Justice, and the ways of our Lord, but by your ACTIONS you heed NOT the Word: "Forgiveness, and Mercy, and turn the other cheek." Not "Use the sword to subdue the meek."

And I warn you now sons through this pen that soon many will fall to Satan's den.  The DEN BELOW where ALL WILL GO who through THEIR thought allow evil to flow, for our God ABOVE is very real, so TOO THE DEVIL who'd every soul steal.

Burning chemicals, torturing souls, poor little children cringing through mens spoils.  Spoils of TAKING, Vengeance and greed, truly men controlled by the satanic breed.

And I am HERE to BID for those MEN who need to remember HIM again through my pen, for now the Planet's test really begins and non believers will fall through their sins. 

Testament 180

~ Manifest Energy ~

The earth and materiality that we see is but energy that made manifest be, but the spirit deep deep within, IS the spiritual essence that did BEGIN, that was at the beginning, and can never end, and IT is the truth and reality friend. 

IT goes on, and on, and on. 
'Tis only materiality that falls undone. 

The soul goes on, but it can change in intensity and wisdom, and further range, and its expression limitless be, its brilliance getting brighter, forever we see. 

See the truth of the OTHER SIDE, don't let its reality from you hide, for if you CAN in heaven believe, 'tis more difficult for the dark one to you deceive.

Deceive you so you won't abide in God's Word and thus fall aside, aside from the WAY of, give with love, and thus fall below and not aspire above.  So heed me, this I ask, set your souls and reason to task.

“Reason” is all I ASK, see the reason of LOVE and in heaven bask, for IF we give love and share and care, be forgiving and merciful e'en when the cupboard is bare, then for SURE we've heeded God's Word and we'll be uplifted to heaven by our dear Lord.

Is it possible for God to appear in the flesh so as to with humankind to easier enmesh.? On this point would I further speak to enlighten you who are as yet are a little weak.

GOD IS ALL so even the flesh is OF GOD, so God's ESSENCE is here on the sod, but God's EXPRESSION, His mind and face cannot be seen by the earthly race.

ONLY divine souls can God see for 'tis God who reveals it to them see, and the Wisdom which is God's THOUGHT, again can only by a divine soul be brought, brought into this world FREE, flowing from their inner source of divinity.

So 'tis not good enough to sit on the fence and pray, HOPING for clarity to come your way, for in your DENIAL of my kind, others could follow you and become blind. 

Testament 181

~ Barrier to the soul mind ~
The wall between consciousness and soul.

I tell how it works and how its spell.*
Why it IS that we need to be out of
of our spiritual seed. 

The consciousness that you use, is so that THIS LIFE you diffuse, diffuse meaning, act it out without the memory of the soul's shout, for the soul within does REEL from its truth, and pain feel.

Feel from what it did before when in ignorance it hurt the poor.  So EACH LIFE is a test that's ADDED ON to all the rest, and each life you new truth SOW, which back to the soul does flow.

And changes take place, deep within which ALTER the state* of the Sin bin,* lifting UP, or dashing LOW, and new understanding does IN flow.

'Tis only when you life pass on that you SEE if you fell or WON, for in passing over you REALLY SEE what CLASS of spirit you really BE. 

NOT what you did believe
NOT what you did perceive
NOT the colour of your skin

For some are PURE and crystal clear, others dark like wood veneer.  Others black, through and through.  'Tis in this way we see who is who.  So, IF into the flesh you could see, it would be very difficult for some to be, be at peace as along they strode if they KNEW of their heavy load.

So God above who loves all would GIVE a fresh chance to all, for in EACH LIFE, IF they the Word HEED, they clear the past and light in feed.  So 'tis why the earthly test, where in each life, is new truth IMPRESSED, and over time, and time, we see EVERY soul one day again with God be. 

Testament 182

~ Lower levels of darkness ~

Those who FALL and downwards go can for ETERNITY downwards FLOW, for eternity below is the darkening night, as is above for eternity ever brightening light.

And the more that you do USE negativity and its power diffuse, the deeper the darkness within your soul and the EASIER for deceit to you control, and over time, and time, and aeons of time, can you fall FURTHER into the grime.

And more and more does your soul fret as darker and darker does your sin get, and as your sin does RISE, to clear, the full power of Hell will draw near, and you will be INFUSED with insane hounds whose tortuous thoughts will ARISE, from demonic grounds.

And through your insanity could you FALL for you'll be a destroyer and make others pall, and if you DIE as you others destroy, you will fall to the DEPTH corresponding to your ploy. 

UTTER darkness some levels be, freezing COLD the icy winds blowing free, and MERCILESS beings hound you on that shore where FOREVER you'll feel TERROR and can't die for sure.

So now put a STOP on your negativity before you flop, and TRY to reality SEE, BEFORE you are overcome by insanity, for soon ALL feelings to rise and soon, will ALL, others despise, and through THIS if we KILL, we will fall below and fill Satan's TILL.

For Satan too Bid's for you, as does the God of MERCY too, so now 'tis up to YOU to see the light and DECIDE what to DO.  The negative feelings we MUST FEEL, this is the way understanding does in steal, for our souls need to understand what it's all about, the darkness which RETURNS with such a CLOUT.

Yes, returns when we it USE, when WE others abuse, so it takes a LOT of power within to OVERCOME the feelings of sin.  It takes a mighty man to it dispose so its negativity onto others you don't impose, for if we it USE and to others lash out, IT WILL RETURN and you'll feel its clout.

Friends, if at present my truth you cannot see then all I can say is, believe in me, for I have just walked a LONG, HEAVY ROAD, just so as to help you and others free of the load. 

For, each time I come back* I needs again understand CONSCIOUSLY the power of the satanic band, and I like the others must be near the give in* BEFORE I can see the power of sin.

But once again now my soul is clear, this is why God's thoughts are true and near.  MY MIND is kept free from satanic men when I wield, as now God's sacred pen.  Like the rest, you may me not believe, thinking; “How can anyone so believe, for Christ performed miracles on the sod and Terence is just an ordinary bod.”

Testament 183

But I am CLOAKED in a heavy disguise and can only be seen by the very wise, for now's not the time for miracles see, now's the TIME for believers to be BE SAVED, and forevermore grace God's heavenly shore.  So ONLY WISDOM flows through me, all that's needed, so you can walk free.

So friends, now your TEST to see if you can be forever blessed, for IF you believe in what I say, then you WILL FOLLOW Jesus' way, and His way was the WORD OF GOD, Peace unto all here on the sod.  There is NO halfway to in the sunshine bask so friends, set your souls to task. 

EVERY SOUL shall be attacked from within.  GOD will see who hears His message, “Don't sin.” The eternal struggle to reach the light is accomplished by those of inner sight who can BELIEVE what they don't see, see with their eyes of materiality, and as such walk in blind FAITH.

And God will encircle THEM with His golden wraith Of INVINCIBILITY so spiritually they return to the land that be, where they were CREATED aeons ago and where they again now long to know.  For, eternal was the outward path into the Universe away from God's Staff, His home of pure love, so now believers will return above.

Heed me children I do ask, heed the wisdom out my flask.  As I AM so shall ye be, finally freed forever of all inner negativity.  It is through our MIND our test, and the test on ALL now to be IMPRESSED by spiritual forces way, way below, who daily now will all minds slow.

You will all see, you will all feel feelings and thoughts that will make you reel, and ONLY THOSE who believe me and USE MY STAR will get free.  Try hard please I ask, for ahead now lies your final task, the task to help others with LOVE.

SHOW THEM that YOU heed the cry of the dove, for in helping them they will follow you, GOD'S light and love to which you are true.  Understand please what I say for heaven is forever and ever and a day.

So fear not what is OUTSIDE, it is from WITHIN the battles ride.  How WE react to what we see are the feelings and thoughts within.  That be the deciding factor as to WHAT we do, the deciding factor as to WHOM we are true, the deciding factor as to WHERE we will go, the deciding factor as to who we follow.

The ACE at the top of the pack, or the knave the black jack, whose cunning and evil ways have mislead all for countless days.  See it and see it clear, TRY NOW and draw God NEAR.  His yardstick the WORD BE, so that the "which way," you can see, heeding it and you have WON your eternal return to the land of Sun.

Bless you children.  I do ask heed me now, soon the final task.

Testament 184

~ Falsity of Christians ~

I was raised this life in the Christian See, even though now I of no denomination be, and from my letters it may seem that with criticism I the Christians ream, meaning, against them shout, saying they are wielding a negative clout.

And why it IS that I so go is because to the whole world do they show that THEY deny their God, showing that THEY ARE disbelievers as they plod.  For none, but NONE do their God heed and thus SHOWING they support the dark breed.

And these supposed Christians ACCUSE every other race of being Godless, as they BOTH wield the mace, and I hope that ALL WILL SEE the reality of what I am showing to thee.

How everyone has gone astray over hundreds of years up to today, and ALL are brothers, all must see and ALL heed the ONE GOD speedily, any that is who would SURVIVE this last destructive spiritual drive.  For those who cannot God hear will NEVER to heaven draw near.

So, EVERY LETTER WRITTEN is for ALL, for ALL can as yet others maul, and I wish for you to UNDERSTAND the insidious power of the negative band.  I seek not to criticise thee, so seek not to criticise me. 

I seek for to but you SHOW
what you ARE DOING, and WHICH WAY to GO. 

For heaven is the END of life's race and we need to be CALM, as we pace, following not those who went before whose destructive ways are very poor, for destruction leads but to hell, an eternity long spiritual spell.

So why go for a hellish ride just because of arrogant pride.  STRIVE to be meek, being meek is not weak.  Being meek you are spiritually tall, being meek you'll not fall.

I AM the author of Christianity, and Christians are you ONLY when free within of inner sin, and only then can you win.  So now try HARD to HUMANE BE, then ONE DAY you MAY a Christian be.

Don't try to under any banner fly for all deceit is visible to God up high.  I hope you try and see what I say for all written is sent by God today to ANY who does this book read, and who TRIES to emulate my seed. 

Testament 185

~ Governmental Control ~

ALL "control" shall cease once all find inner peace for then, all shall freely "give" and all shall in happiness live, for truly it will be the time for to in happiness entwine.

And all shall freely move "around" not "bound" by any "control" sound.  It will be a time of "haste" for there will be no time to "waste."

It will be a time of "clean up" after the "going" of the satanic pup and thus I do see, there will NO Regulations be.  Just an Advisory board rather than an "overlord."

So children soon my deed is done, soon your freedom won, then we will truly see what the word "Gaiety" be, and love does abound, and wonderful music is found, and we will dance in heaven and below because God's TRUTH I did sow. 

Testament 186

~ Discernment ~

We needs to discern who has the right to "earn" the light and love we bring, so they can in happiness sing.  Who needs to "hear" the truth that we bring near.  Who needs to "see" the power of the light that be.

For many would our time "take," dragging us down with their "rake" thus wasting "our" time, and soiling us with their grime, for they are not ready to listen to the truth that has been written.

Their minds in deep circles go and no light in them does flow.  These we must observe and from their clutches "swerve" and leave their souls to GOD, who helps the truly lost as they plod.

We must seek out the meek upon whom vengeance did "wreak" its toll and them abuse, and their minds they did "lose" to the darkness for a time, and also soiled their hands with grime.

Those are the ones who need Truth and thus their souls reseed with hope, so they can grow and new light and love does flow, welling up deep inside their soul as they daily stride.

So, they too go on their way, passing on the new truthful say, helping many others to clearer see the how and why all be.  So all who pass by our way will have something to say,* some to seek and take* for deep darkness does their soul rake,* others seek to understand what by God was planned.

So it is now up to YOU to decide what to DO.  To daily waste your time and soil your soul with their grime or, reach out and others touch who TRULY need your time as such.

Testament 187

~ Honesty ~

Honesty I do see is the key, is the key for a searching soul to use if their own soul they'd not abuse, and this searching soul needs find the "Key" to the "quiet" mind, one that is free from devious thoughts that float freely UP from realms below and their whisperings* in minds sow, in minds that "open" be, this I see, this I see.

And this "opening" to the mind, that makes many dishonest and blind, IS the emotions deep within, the dark ones, the inner sin, being Fear and Anger too.  Ego and Jealousy but a few, of the “forces” that now swifter unwind, thus, humanity more unkind. 

So my wisdom I send thee, on page 33 it be,
THE Key that all must follow, and MY voice rings out not hollow. 

For ALL who heed not me shall by dark thoughts blinded be when their dark emotions arise, to clear,* as God's LOVE draws daily more near and thus many shall "Possessed" BECOME, and THUS many shall "fall" undone because they made others bleed through MANY a dishonest* deed.

Sisters and brothers I reach out to you, for you I know have souls true and say as you go your way: "THE LIGHT on earth shines today."

This way to our Creator are you true to the message I send to you, the one that o'er time did unfold through my soul so very old. 

Testament 188

~ Indulgences ~

There are those who "think" they can Indulge on darkness and then their pockets with indulgences* bulge.  Children, men are very foolish I say who "think," to heaven they can buy their way by paying for any "misdeed."

This is deceit that Religion did seed as a "way" to "seduce" you into "thinking" that they were true, and thus they do you entrap,* and thus Satan does your knuckles rap.*

For, it IS the deceiver who spins a weave in men's minds of "make believe," that you can deny our God and "indulge" on this sod, and then by "prayer" pay and avert the Reaper another day.

Children, only I am the soul true.  Indulge ONLY in what I say to you, that IS, you will pay for any "indulgence" on darkness any day, for the "Reaper" wants to repay thee in the same manner you "took" see. 

And you cannot for it "pay."
Only in
fiery flack* will it come your way.

So "pray not" at the foot of any man.  All who so "ask" are of the satanic "plan," the one that has "men" control the ignorant who on earth stroll.  So Open your eyes, become wise, God says :

"You will Reap what you did sow," this truth I do know. 

Testament 189

~ Expression ~

Ones "Voice" is a sound on the "air," maybe a voice from "below" that would another "snare," or a loving voice from "above" showing all the existence of true love.

I but a messenger be.  I hope some of you do it see for you all are a little "bound" until pure love has your soul found.  Let your "voice" flow free only if it can "see" that it must only express love, only thus will you "go" above.

IF darkness does through you flow, my voice you heard not and don't know and thus, you'll fall down to the "lower land," only then will you deeper understand.

Our "beings" are but "energy" this I know, and "through us" does energy eternally flow, either light that is crystal clear, or darkness that does us "spear."

You choose today for I soon go away to my promised land where I'll await with outstretched hand to welcome you, and you, and you.  Those who try to be true, not to the man, simple me, but to God's Word that flows freely.  IT upon your minds impress thus your souls you bless.  Please give it a glance only thus does your soul have a chance.

A terrible "loneliness" does through me flow for the depth of the dark I do know and I see what I see, the place awaiting some of thee and I would you save.  I, forgive you for the "sound" you made, but some for sure will cry, all who me deny, "For the Law is the Law," this I know for sure. 

"And all will for their sinning pay,"
that our God says
"Is My Law forever and a day."

I bless you on your way, my love flows stronger every day. 
My "eyes" now look up to the star above.  Seek it I ask, it is pure love.

Testament 190

~ Enlightenment ~

Enlightenment of what? Is it of the soul or of the mind that you seek?
Realisation of what? That you are "meek" or yet an arrogant "freak"?

True enlightenment is when you can "walk tall" and be peaceful when under duress and not spiritually fall, because your soul is "enlightened" due to God having purged it of all Sin.

Meaning, that there is no "dark energy" left therein, being the emotions of anger or fear or greed or any other that o'er aeons of time you did within it seed.

True enlightenment of the mind is thus when your soul as per 'above' is free of sin and thus you are no longer blind and you can see God's requirement of thee.  Being that you never "mistreat" those whom you meet who are yet "blind & unkind."

True realisation is "attained" too when your soul has become "true" due to the grace of God after you heeded God's Command that you "Only love, peaceful be, and never retaliate against avenging "angels" sent to punish thee.

Once you are "pure & demure" then this realisation upon you does "grow" and also pure truth from above from the Light does God upon your mind daily bestow.

Only then do you fully realise the importance of being "humble" and wise and heeding our God of Light who eternally says: "Never fight."

An enlightened person never "sits" in idle meditation but aids freely every distant "relation" by showing them the "way" to go as per my pen today.

The "enlightened one" realises that they are not "God" nor are they "elevated" above any other spirits who on earth do plod.  They can clearly see that all are but God's children seeking to become spiritually free.

It is now the time for all to see that the achievement of "enlightenment" is only attained once any being has followed the path to SALVATION as given by GOD, not man

And only when one has attained salvation is ones soul purified and thus free from all negative energy being the negative emotions within (greed, anger, fear etc that is the SIN). 

Once this PURE "state" is attained then and only then is one fully enlightened and becomes a "Christed" soul, and only then able to bring forth the pure teaching of Allah/God. 

There is at this point in time only ONE such person on earth and that is the returned Messiah ME.  Only I have attained a purified soul sin free and only I bring forth the pure uncontaminated message from God to ALL of every race, colour and creed. 

Only I know "how" God cleanses out the sin that is drawn in by negative deed and I can state categorically that all "teachers" of the day who self elevate themselves as they make others pay for supposed "enlightening" information are themselves deluded and on the way to a distant dark destination for a time for deceiving God's children who try to their meditative ways mime.

An enlightened soul comes to the realisation that all men perceived as "errants" promoting "rubbish" do in God's eyes deserve the opportunity of being aided along their unenlightened path.

Testament 191

~ Friends ~

It is better to "be" with friends when you are "bruised" rather than "stuck" with those who you "misused." Its easier then to pray and tell God, that never again on any day will you others misuse and make them suffer a "bruise."

Let us all now abide in love, and be daily blessed from above.  My love goes out to you, the abused and the untrue, saying :

"Please now follow me, my love and truth sets you eternally free."

There will be a wonderful "Exodus" to the "above," my land of eternal love, to those that heed me, for God will set them free.  This I do know.  This truth I do sow, so please now join me, we'll dance forever and happy be. 

The "Reality" that all need to clearly see
is the simplicity of the TRUTH that BE. 

GOD says:

"LOVE ONE ANOTHER, all are sister and brother.  If YOU cause any pain YOU are vain thus, you too will REAP what you sowed, and WILL weep.

If abused, then turn the other cheek.  ONLY this way do you remain meek.

Be forgiving for SURE to any wrongdoers who come to your door.  Bless all who abuse you, thus to your Creator you stay true.

Let compassion and mercy flow free and I, your God, will release thee.  Be concerned not what others DO, just YOU to MY call stay true.  Freedom of choice is what life is about.

You are free to unto all on earth SHOUT saying, the Prince of Peace IS here, to God's message through him draw near.

If confronted then GO as a lamb to the slaughter, retaliating NOT, and become My heavenly son or daughter."

Testament 192

~ The Moral Issue ~

WHAT is a "moral" issue? Is it about "fleshly" tissue.  The "playing around" with the flesh in which we are "bound" for four score years, ten and a day on earth, searching for the "Godly way."

OR, is it something "deeper," that twists and weaves like a climbing "creeper" that shows not its beginning or end, whether a dangerous foe or trusting friend.

The moral of the story I say to you is being to The Word TRUE Simple is it not when you "see" the core of the "plot." Simple in that we need ONLY LOVE and be peaceful unto all who on earth plod says the dove.

Any "soul" lacking "morality" is a soul that is lacking wisdom and "spirituality" because their minds "clouded be."

And thus, the simple truth they cannot "see," viz a viz the man Jesus in the flesh whose "simplicity" he did impress onto all around who, "seeing not" his light, him "bound" and did his flesh destroy, "thinking" he was no "man" but a "boy."

And these same "men" today with the WORD "morality" play, saying that it is the feminine breed that by their "actions" lack the moral seed as they their "womanhood" flaunt and thus man's "lustfulness" taunt.

Sisters and brothers I say to you that morality has nothing to do with the "male feminine bit," in "relation" to The WORD OF GOD you needs it "sit." So the moral of the story today IS, that NONE heeded my past "say."

All were thus blind, all were thus unkind to their sister and brother and abused one another, and THIS lack of "morality" was caused through "perverted" spirituality. 

Thus all went astray and ALL yet heed the serpent today, so IF you'd become spiritually free, heed the "MORAL" I speak to thee. 

Testament 193

Western Respect

So now my Star does rise in the East and on it must the "West's" eyes feast, for the West must now learn RESPECT, and on their past deeds now reflect, for the West did the whole world subjugate, as forces of greed became their 'mate' and thus, destruction they did 'wed,' and with "destruction" they now will "bed."

For 'tis the West now to daily fall deeper into the mire, and all are to pall for they have forgotten how to live, and too how to the needy "give." For, as they took, the darkness will them rake and any destroyers will burn at the stake, for as said, now it be the time for the Reaper to see

who did their God forsake,
who was forever on the take,
who deceived the poor,
who is to fall for sure. 

So prepare your end, using the message I send, for the Reaper is to knock on the door of every deceiver, that is for sure, and any who learns not from me will for sure never be free, for when the reaper makes you cry, God's call from above don't deny. 

The call of "Don't retaliate," if you do, you'll be late, for if you retaliate and also die, your cries will be heard way up high as you plummet down the slippery slide, and demonic forces reach your side. 

And, as they TEAR YOU APART you'll WISH you had made a fresh start before you left the flesh, before your soul did with spirit enmesh, before you struck your last blow that sealed your destination below. 

So respect for others IS THE KEY.  Now try and understand it IF you can, somehow, for it is the time for the truly true, to show the world what they can do.  As in the beginning, 'tis at the end.  God's love eternal God does send. 

Heed it if you can, heed it and become a part of God's plan. 

Testament 194

~ The living God ~

So another day over and not much fun.  Another day when "understanding" and emotions did run.  Feelings between "friends" who are not sure what is TRUTH and what is "poor."

But 'tis for me that I can think, for I know not what others "rise or sink." 'Tis a time for scheming I see, some more "bound" and others more free, but what I write is for all mankind so in them can understanding unwind, for we MUST others understand, then be FORGIVING for their dealings underhand.

Souls fall down every day screaming out “How and why did I go astray.  I did God believe, why did God me deceive.” And this is God's reply that calls out from up high:

“You child did not HEAR my call of draw the needy near.  You child did not believe me when I said I'd set you free ONLY, when by your deed, you showed me you believed my seed Jesus the living God* being MY WORD given to the sod.  So, in denying HIM you rebuked ME and thus, I set you not free.”

The message* is "The Living God" -
Jesus being the bearer of that

Any of us can anything DO, IF the negative thoughts are allowed to flow through yes, even kill or others maim, all in ignorance, 'tis a shame, a shame.

So who is good and who is bad? The one who threatens or the one who is mad, and madness as I it see, is just a soul that is not free, free from thoughts from way below that in their minds does unkindness sow.

So the one who threatens can become mad too IF they allow "those" thoughts to flow through.  'Tis a strange life I lead for only I can see the satanic breed.  Aye, the souls of men who fell below, who'd drag us down so they can crow.

One day all will my truth know for 'tis I who must the truth SOW, but by then much will be done by those below who'll have many on the run.

Yes, more and more will we now see, explosive emotions running free as emotions are cleansed out by the dove yes, truly drawn out by our Lord God above.

Put your minds to task men I do say, ONLY this way will you get to heaven one-day, for those deceitful men below would "their" evil in our minds sow, and they HAVE access, believe you me, and INCREDIBLE POWER as you can see.  So build the ARK, the ARK OF THE MIND and to self and friends be a little kind. 

Testament 195

~ The ladies ~

Is there anything I need say the "Ladies" way, for some think I am untrue, possibly yes, even you, for my pen keeps saying MEN and "HIM" reference our God in heaven rather than saying:

“Yes our MOTHER GOD does us bless.”

Yes, you, you, and you WOMEN, are you "true ?" For, what you need to understand, it is of the MEN that God does DEMAND that they now pray, and START their return today.

Did my "pen" any woman deny? Did it make any of you cry? OR, did it but say: MEN, I do you despise who walk in the DEVIL'S eyes.  For 'twas man who controlled you and did what he did do.  Thus making you too deny your love flowing, thus you too to cry.

So when I speak of men, 'tis God that word CHOSEN.  All women I love for I am the dove, so all you women who feel "lost" via this pen, read THE MESSAGE, become WISE, rather than your brother despise, for my message is for you, yes, any WOMAN OR MAN untrue.

“Those TRUE will me LOVE even if I was wrong” I hear from above from MY DIVINE MOTHER who says:

"So many fuss and bother not seeing that they entwine with ME, being MY LOVE DIVINE shining through MY SON, verily the first ever one."

So any of you who'd be WISE, do not attempt to me despise.  Seek my message I give THEE.  ONLY WHEN SEEN will you become free. 

Testament 196

~ Counsellors ~

People seek a “resolution” to their problems, and this “seeking” from the darkness stems, for it is the darkness deep inside that would rational discourse override.  So there is naught to resolve other than, “I will no longer revolve in the mode of resolution." For in it there is no solution.

Thus I will but ABIDE in God's message that does me “astride,” covering me in its truth.  I just need to "believe" its proof, being the message it does bring that says,

"IF in inner peace you would sing, THEN just fortify your MIND as the negative feelings within do UNWIND, for ONLY when they are "gone" is my personal journey "won," so I now will do my best to HEED God's call and THUS pass my test."

So any Counsellors true, I mean you, you and you, we must ONLY this story now tell.  All who heed it NOT go to Hell.  "Men's" counselling "theories" are of the frost,* they go on and on until both are lost* in deeper and deeper "confusion" as fresh income* brings greater "contusion."

So as SAID, heed me, seek to eat only MY BREAD, my Father's wisdom I do bring, and thus one day in Heaven you will sing.  Just fortify your mind, just daily be kind to yourself and others too as you go your way and do what you do.  Leave out all the rest.

THE PAST must be laid to rest, yes, dug into the ground with a spade and DAILY fresh ground "made" by looking to ANY new idea, one that contains not fear, and the best one is "What can I do for YOU," as a needy soul comes to you. 

Forget your past and yourself.  Put the past on an invisible shelf. 
Be wise, look ahead.  Be wiser, heed my BREAD. 

The dark reminds us of the happenings of "yesterday,"
projecting it into tomorrow so we live not in a happy "today."

Thus we live the today in deep sorrow, so thus are we by darkness entrapped until all our energy has been sapped and then, IT does strike us down to a land where we forever frown. 

Children, sisters and brothers dear, please to God's Word draw near.

“Yesterday please forget,
just on being LOVING today, place your bet.”

God says: “Please your love "give" so my light in them does "live"
and I will uplift also you, and increase within the feelings true.”

Testament 197

~ Helpers ~

The "helpers" are the lowest for sure because they sit on the floor, and in humility they do greet those who they do meet, and they are the lowest in this land for IT is as God so planned, that they are humble, and meek, so they can help those who are spiritually weak.

For they in the past did learn about the emotions that do others burn, and they also understand, what by God is of them "planned," that they carry no mace, that they but display inner grace, showing Father's requirement by deed as Mother's love they quietly seed.

And also, the helpers do see the value of humility in that a Wolf* can draw near because "from" a Lamb* there is naught to fear, and thus, the wolf we "tame" by teaching it the loving "game," and when it does understand, it too joins the heavenly band.

So my sisters and brothers so true, yes I mean you and you, remember that we must but "love every wolf," I hear from above, by extending a caring hand and a kind word of truth so they understand how, and why, they went astray, so they can see clearer from that day.

There is naught in the universe I see but brothers and sisters who be all in need of the truth, so that they stand not apart and aloof.  All must needs to "know" that there are places to "go" where love and truth unwind the "feelings" that them do bind.

So I bless you all today.  I know you believe my say for you are a part of that love that abounds in the heavens above, and I just need to make it clear so that ahead you do not fear when "forces," to which none can "relate," begin their vengeful spate.

At this time, just stand calm understanding their destructive charm,* knowing what its all about, that the light is drawing the darkness out of the souls we need to reach with the truth, that in the past they did breach, so that they have an easier way when "love" is given, and not power play.

Humility and respect does your virginity* protect for if you begin to "berate," your soul you spoil* and decimate with pain that on you does sit,* and in your space* it cannot fit.  So you see, when we are blind,* we suffer pain unkind.

If your soul you would not stain,* stay clear* and be not vain, because you all only know what you know because the source did it upon you bestow, so that you could fulfill its need, and its love and truth thus seed.

And IT, bestowed IT upon you because, IT deemed, that YOU were true.  So please do not let me down for then for you, and you, I'll frown, for I write this today so you and many will come my way. 

Seek deep into all I tell you, only this way will you see I am true, and then, you will fully understand, how and why its the ONLY WAY to the Summer land. 

Testament 198

~ Darkness ~

Children, I speak on "Darkness" today and I hope you understand my say, for darkness can never "go away," it abides in the universe forever and a day and you cannot darkness destroy, if you try you are already in its employ.

IT only leaves you alone when you stop making others groan. 

Yes, when others it do "use," it does their inner light diffuse, and when you thus them would destroy, the darkness then "plays" with you as a toy.  So what we needs understand, we the human race, is that it is WE who must lay down the mace.

Only then will the darkness stay away, once with us IT has had its FINAL SAY.  For it will us FOREVER ABUSE until our past we did "lose," meaning, that we did PAY our penance IN FULL for our past "hey day" when in arrogance we caused pain, when in arrogance we were vain. 

Yes, God's WORD is TRUE.  ONLY let love flow through. 

So I now ask, can you not see the Power of our God, that BE the MIGHTY, the ALL, the LIGHT and the dark fall, and you cannot God destroy so play not with God as you would a toy, for God is mightier than thee, one day I hope this you will see.

And the darkness like the ocean be, that washes the edges of our fraternity, and if you build a castle upon the sand, you will feel the cold water of the underhand, IT will wash you away, so heed me TODAY for now rises the dark tide, sup on it and with IT will you abide

Testament 199

~ The Devil's Robots ~

I refer to the evil ones and say now to you all; Try and understand the power of your inner Sin, and the pain suffered eternally in the under land

All "with sin" become "robotically" telepathically controlled by the satanic darkness once their Sin gains a "certain" size and power within them.

Thus as they work "for" the dark one, as you all in some ways do and cause pain, they draw more darkness in and thus under the one law of God they suffer more and more, and any of "these" who hear me not cannot their freedom win.  They become terrorists.

"Love them or you too will die," is the message from our God on high.

All whom continue to heed the "dark voice" lose their mental capacity of freedom of choice, and thus they die for they can do naught but make others cry. 

For via the emotions of Sin within do thoughts from the "comptroller" flow in.  Yes, HE is the Master of darkness who also hides His true face until your soul is so dark that it falls into His place.

Then it is too late I say to thee, for He never sets you free.  Greater and greater becomes your "debt" and more and more do you suffer and fret. 

So become now wise and never any other abuse or criticise or you will lose your freedom of choice and thus you'll be unable to heed God's "Only love" call, and as into sinning 'ways' you fall it is you to fall deeper into evil ways and darker forays. 

So let us be truly compassionate to those already untrue.  For they know not the wrong they do.  Yes, they are you and you being ones who are less than merciful and thus unforgiving and untrue.

I can but do my best to show you the "open road" and to try and help you unburden your lode of darkness and bad karma you yet must feel before you can rise up to heaven.  Fail me and in the Devil's fold your fate you personally do seal.

"Try, please try" is the call from the sky

For if you in any way the call to "Forgive others" deny, then you follow the way of the lost and also become evil and you fall out of the sky.  So if you cannot be "only good" then beware, HE already did you snare.

So now the "tide" of darkness does rise, engulfing all who were unwise.  Those who on darkness did sup will be "claimed" by the satanic "pup." Those of inner sight, will heed, and lean on God's Might, that invisible powerful "Word" that so few seem to have heard, that says:

"Non confrontation. 
LOVE even a distant "relation."

Be forgiving too, to any that abuse you, and if they would make you cry, and if maybe you could die, then as a lamb to the slaughter go, this way only, to heaven you will flow spiritually, into a real life of bliss. 

All 'Retaliators' join the wind and piss that exists in the land below where destruction and retaliation does forever flow. 

Brethren, children so sweet, now is the time to the Prince of Peace greet, verily with open arms, and absorb his wisdom God's sacred charms into your soul and into your mind, thus to your spirit you will be kind.  Those who heed not now little old me will fail their test and never be free.

I say, now prepare for the silent, invisible, cunning snare that will now all the unwary entrap, and for sure will their knuckles "rap" eternally as they fall below.  And as they "fall," they will then know that my message was true, but too late for the "untrue," so give your soul a last chance, into The Last Prophecy take a glance and then you will see HOW from Satan's snare to stay free. 

Testament 200

~ Pain then Peace ~

Children, first the darkness then the Peace.  You heed the LIGHT, then your release.  If you continue to fight, heeding not my say, then forever you go the dark way, for God now will cleanse this place.

On earth there will abide the humble race, all darkness confined below, all soon will this reality get to know.

I have spent a lot of time soiling my hands with "your" grime so that I could consciously, "here," understand, the power of you, of the controller's "hand."

So, now I can clearly see, the "sickness" that ails thee, the darkness that you sucked in, foul muck adding to your Sin bin,* and now you must spew it out, as you will when IT does you clout.

So do not retaliate and then you'll feel just great, for as the sickness does clear, to the light and love and truth you'll be near, and God will be your forever friend.

The God, being light will you befriend.  Yes you will return to heaven.  Your freedom you did earn for you heeded the call from above that said,


There is only ONE moral responsibility, heed God.

Terence - the "pen" of Allah/God


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