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The Testament of Truth (pages 151 - 175)

Testament 151

~ Children ~
needs be spoken to:

Ask children why sometimes they happy be
and sometimes fear or anger flows free.

Can they try and understand that these “feelings” are from another land, they “invisible” be, things we cannot see, things we cannot touch like boats or toys or dolls as such.

Ask children to “think” about “thought,” is it some thing that can be “bought?” Is it something you can “hold” like toys of which we have been told? or, are thoughts “things” that come and go, things that seem to quickly flow?

From moment to moment they “appear” and as quickly “disappear.”

Children need to fully understand that their “spirit soul” comes from another land for a time and a time, and with a fleshly body it does entwine and then it does “depart,” and again in that “other land” makes a fresh start when the flesh becomes “old.”

All this, children needs be told from the time they are “young” and their first songs are being sung.  This way they will “see” the “briefness” of materiality and try not to “all hold” through greed as they get old.  They will be happy to “give away” and thus heed God’s say. 

They must be told the truth, as given by God’s proof, that the light says:

“Only Love,” the eternal call from above, and,
the darkness says;
“Destroy those who take your toy.”

So each will understand their “feelings,” those of the lower land, and the ones of “Love,” feelings from the land above. 

And, all must be told what to DO to control negative thoughts flowing through so that they happier will be as of these “dark” feelings God sets them free.  Tell all about God’s Star and the love it exudes from afar. 

Testament 152

~ School Children ~
Children needs be told:

“I wish to speak to your thoughts, and this to your thoughts I say:”

Are you aware there is a Star above,
are you aware there is a Star of love,
are you aware this Star is true,
are you aware this Star can do much for you.

Are you unhappy and do you feel far away. 
I just want to say I am your friend today,
and my heart reaches out to you,
yes to the thoughts now flowing through.

If you feel lonely, if you feel blue,
listen to me, I’ll tell you what to do. 
Say this little prayer with me today
and your mind will feel happier in every way.

Let us together see the Star above,
the Star of Bethlehem filled with Mother’s love.
IT is shining for you and you and you,
the thoughts flowing through. 

I see the Star of Bethlehem high up above,
brilliant and beautiful and filled with God’s love.

I see a white light shining down from this star
cleansing through my body with its power from afar.

Wonderful Mother please now be with me,
fill me with light and set my soul free. 

And children please understand, there are others in another land.  They are lonely too.  Their thoughts reach up to you, so together, three times a day we with the thoughts will say the prayer of the Star above, the one filled with Mother’s love, and then we’ll feel happier too, as will the “thoughts” flowing to me and you. 

So that is what I say today to all “thoughts” that come my way. 

Testament 153

~ All children - adolescents - adults ~

All must be taught about “thoughts” that abide in their minds and “sit them astride.*” They must all fill their souls with “quink” being God’s wisdom recorded in ink, and thus they will understand the “ways and power” of the underhand.

All must be told to “go slow” and the full reality get to know, the reality of the power of good, the reality of the power of the misunderstood.  All must now try and see what is now to be. 

Within every "tribe" and culture there are people good and people bad.  And the other "fact" that is so sad is that within every race there are a multitude of religions superimposed upon all God's children who walk under this sun.

Yes, and every religion does say "Come unto us for we are the only way." I say that all religions are false as they all condone "force" and its accompanying power play.  Thus we need no religion; we only need GOD and the truth being God's leaven.

What is the truth? you might ask that is applicable to ALL who under this sun bask.  To aid you and you and all inhumanity too I have again come to earth at this soon time of NO mirth and truthfully and plainly give it "up in the air" so that every tribe may it share.

Basically, every "parent" must tell their children to "Only love" and to walk in peace as asked by God's dove.  They must also be told of God's ONE Law, that says, "As you do returns to your door."

So in this way all learn that if they others verbally or physically burn, then ahead they will suffer as a bigger bully jumps on their head.

And they must now be given the "revealed" by me reason as to how and why their minds become "non-reason" to the point that they cannot avoid putting another's nose out of joint.

Please tell all that for past folly they will now pay.  Thus they must heed the call of non-retaliation as well as the new way to pray. 

Testament 154

~ Children of Evil ~

“Are children born evil?” Some ask of me, and the “truth” I’d have you see, being, that the souls of “men” and “women” return to this “playpen*” and yes, they do “enmesh” with babies “bodies” and we them bless by telling them as they “grow up,” that on light and love they must sup.

But many deep, deep down, with evil “thoughts” do “frown.” So even as “babies in the wood,” by us their actions are misunderstood.  For humanity cannot “today” understand that reincarnation was by God planned and thus give souls “another chance” to at the truth TRY and glance.

So yes, “some” babies are evil through and through, their “souls” very untrue and “thus” Satan does their minds breach and thus this truth I today must teach so “people” can understand the power of the “evil” hand.  That through “some” souls it can us reach as telepathically “some” minds it does breach.

So ALL babies needs be told by parents about the light and the cold, and about the good and the bad, and about “Thoughts” happy and sad, and how to fortify their “mind” against evil thoughts so unkind that would lead them astray and “destroy” others like a “toy.”

So as you can see, it is “sad” that even little children are bad at times and feel NO remorse as bad feelings do them “divorce” from light and from love. 

So please tell all about the “dove,” and the message I do bring so in happiness they can sing, as God does in them unwind* and cleanse out darkness so unkind.

And then God will see, that you to our “little people” are true, for as evil does “arise,” children's actions you will despise and all will needs “see” and “hear and heed” God’s final call via me. 

Testament 155

~ Children~

Children must be taught swiftly the reality of what BE, not just told Don’t do,” its not like learning to tie up a “shoe.” They must be taught about the MIND and EMOTIONS that are unkind and about the power of THOUGHT, through which much anguish is bought.

They can quickly learn what happens when they “others” burn, that it does “come back” and “another” does “their face” smack.

Children different be from adults this I do see.  Their minds more “open” be to TRUTH that reality be.  They must not be taught “Strike back” if another does them attack. 

They must be told to “Lie down,” then ahead they’ll less frown. 

They must be told “What to DO” (Star of Bethlehem prayer) to keep their “minds” to God true.  They must be told “HOW” to keep free (From incurring suffering), that NON-confrontation it MUST be.

They must learn to “understand” the power in the Devil’s hand.  (More power than any one) They must the truth KNOW, that they WILL Reap what they sow.

They must be taught to LOVE all, say I the dove, even those of the 'underhand' (Aggressive ones) who God’s truth do not understand.  These they must not deny.

Even though they make them at times cry they must still “reach out” with a daily smile and a friendly “shout” saying “G’day, with us you can play.”

They must daily forget yesterday if any made them fret.

They must be told “As the Sun goes down the painful past must be ‘laid down’ and as the morning does arise look to the heaven and the starry skies.”

So we must all now teach that only LOVE can breach the minds of the bully boys who think the others are but play toys. 

Testament 156

~ Bishop Worlock & Celibacy ~

Oh, his words "Sometimes we fall from grace," as he sat back with a supercilious face, lost in the deep dark night as he sits alone in his celibate plight.  Never having had a woman in his arms, never having experienced God's "charms."

Yes, God's charms are his daughters love sent down to help the "poorly" from above.  The poorly being the arrogant fools over whom daily Satan drools, for the darkness can nothing see and also can it not love freely.  It stands but alone and in loneliness turns into stone. 

So dear ladies you are God's grace even though so denied by the foolish race of men who deny your charms, men who fear to enter your arms, men who fear that they may become "lost," when already they live in the land of frost. 

So reach out to them I do ask, help them to a little in sunshine bask and heed not their "silly say" being the words at confession and their "pray."

You dears have naught to confess, be loving and kind and GOD does you bless.  Look not to man to a blessing impose when they even fear to buy you a rose in case someone does see that maybe they "feel" something for thee.  So all I can say is it is very sad that men think sex and ladies is bad. 

It is because they are so vain that they don't see that sin is but "pain" meted out by one to another and by denial of a sister in a "bother" because they feared to stand by her side, letting down "theirs" as all are full of pride, and as said, God sees ALL the silly "poppycocks" about to fall. 

Yes they will.  "Each and everyone" say I the king from the sun, for all lead God's children astray with the falsehoods they preach every day. 

So dear ladies as said before; "Please now heed MY knock at your door, for it says you are free to LOVE ANYONE, even priests," and God smiles above. 

Testament 157

~ Celibacy ~

“Celibacy a gift from God” he says! What rubbish say I.  To what good earthly "end" would God a mind so "bend" to the extent it needs "sexless" be before it can set other souls "free" in the act of "Communion." That to me means a "UNION."

And even the "communion" is distorted, by ministers minds is it thwarted, for the "Act of Communion” in God's eyes IS :

The UNION between man and God's WORD

The "communion" is the "Have you heard what God through Jesus did teach, that Jesus on earth did preach.” ? So "IF" you have "communed" with God you have "eaten" of God's WISDOM as you plod.

You have heard that you needs peaceful be, BEFORE God sets you free.  Thus the "Celibate" bit onto the "ACT" you needs sit, meaning, be celibate to the WORD for those who "deviate" fall to the sword.  'Tis thus the “Act of Celibacy” means :

“Merciful and forgiving ONLY be.”

I hope some Ministers this see before they destroyed be, for they have tried to "prove" that loving feelings can them not "move," and they have been proved wrong because sexual feelings are strong.  Yes, they ARE a part of God, God "hears" and His head does nod, saying:

“Any who My feelings deny will for sure fail before they try.”

So my COMPASSIONATE friends, help me help God make amends by spreading God's now FINAL WORD to all the ministerial ignorant who have NOT HEARD. 

Testament 158

~ Women of the street ~

And what of the WOMEN of the street* who with open arms their brothers do greet.  What does God think of their way,* what does God think of their say.*

“Thank you, thank you for the time that with needy men you do entwine, for they'd be lost and fall below if their seed they could not sow.

Thank you, thank you for the time you do share my light divine, when your counsel did flow free, when you counselled men needy.  For many wanted just to speak and be spoken to by a heart meek, and a meek heart is hard to find, yes sometimes even a heart kind.

So you women of the night, who shone a lamp, shining bright, thank you for the time of day you helped needy brothers who came your way.

I now release thee from the stigma placed upon thee by men of the "cloth" who as all see, are dowdy like a moth.  The only "wrong" done your way was at times the demand of your pay, that at times was so great, that a needy soul would "lose" a "mate."

So if from greed you are free, then the light does bless thee for helping with many a hand, for release within that God so planned, and as you on your way now go, let more loving light flow rather than the vindictive "Sin" that flows violently through many a "bin."

Mother - Father

Testament 159

~ Earthly relationships ~

Earthly relationships start with "You I love " then change to "I own you" I hear from above, and this "ownership" does each destroy who unknowingly the "dark side" employ, for it IS the dark's Demand that we deny God's “Loving” Command.

So relationships "start" with "Respect" as each does their "darkness" protect, being their inner fear, or jealousy, that "another" may come near.

It is only "as time goes by" that the "tester" does both "try" and begins to demand from each other that their "time" each needs "smother," by demanding to know all each does do, in case it is being "untrue" to the side that needs all "control," so that in freedom they don't stroll.

And little by little we fall, and emotions within make us pall, for we suddenly "realise" that the other may not be "wise" for they soon forget to "love" and are "miserable" say I the dove.

For, if their partner does not all "say" in what they "did" to others each day, then darkness does each or one clout, and at each other they begin to "shout," soiling their hands with grime and their souls with clammy slime, and each does go their way from hateful words the other did say.

So for a "relationship" to be TRUE, respect needs to be the word too.  For individual souls we be, even though we walk two by two to the sea.

Each has a heart that can sing, each with any can "fling" their song into the wind or rain, thus helping the lonely or vain.  So to you or you who'd BE true, only let your light shine through and never of any DEMAND, for "Love and freedom" IS the Command.

Testament 160

~ Sexual relationships ~
( the act of union)

You do not have to "GO" with anyone as you journey on earth away from the Sun.  You can walk your road completely "free" and be, just be.

You do not have to "touch the hand" of a maiden from the Summer land.  You do not have to walk the road with a man if it is a burdensome load, as said, all "lovers" are free, "lovers" being those of divinity, people who are “clear" within of aggression and fear.

They are free to walk "alone" and to any "talk," but as said, they are free to "GO" any which way and their truth sow, whether it be totally alone, like a dog without even a bone, or whether it be with a partner "in hand," loving and caring and as God planned.

One to ease the load as each does walk earths road, or one can walk "in between" in ecstasy as they do "dream" of the land far away that they will return to one day.

So you see, as said, any which way can you lie in bed.  With one or two or even three, God has NO law on this I see, for you can "many" touch, or just one if it be such. 

So blessed children I do say via my pen, a'fore I go away,
that GOD IS the plan, not foolish man, and God says:

"Cause no pain.  If you do, you are vain and this the sin be, not the "togetherness" of the free.  So remember," says God above, "You are free to love all, and in any which way, privately," I hear God say.  "For others may not understand your ways of journeying into the promised land, but openly can you ‘touch’ and greet and smile as such. 

Testament 161

~ Physical abuse ~

Physical abuse of others usually takes place because the perpetrator believes that they can “carry out” the act with impunity.

This “belief” is the result of “empowerment” by man, through legislated enacted mandates, as in Law enforcement, or Military forces.

Other abuse is the negative antisocial “behaviour” carried out by a person who is temporarily “mentally unstable.”

Mental instability is the cause of all “uncivil” acts performed by one against another, be it from verbal abuse, to killing.

The instability is the direct result of negative emotions such as fear, greed, lust, jealousy, hatred, etc.  being “active.” Thus permitting “dark thoughts” to intrude into the consciousness of a person.

Society has deemed it “necessary” to take retributionary action against perpetrators in order to “punish and control.”

God says : You must treat all my “erring” children as beings of “diminished responsibility.  They all pay their “dues” and Reap what they Sow.  You as an individual must somehow get to this know.  All are “responsible” to ME for their actions to others.

You must personally remain “true” to your sisters and brothers.  The more you twist and weave and control and punish, the more you grieve.  You I have told, must just “forgive” the ignorant arrogant ones if in heaven you’d live.  So all now must quickly others just “educate” peacefully or forever will darkness you berate.

You must personally forgive and only let love flow.  This is the only way that My realm you get to know.  So personally now make no other grieve.  For as you do, it is but Satan who did you deceive.”

I now with love and wisdom you of ignorance release.  Walk in respect and leave others in peace, and I wish you all the best.  By my wisdom, God’s, you are all blest. 

Testament 162

~ Exclusive Relationships ~

Exclusivity means :

Only your face I would see, others hold no power over me,
even if you go away, I’ll be yours when you return another day.

Exclusivity does not mean :

You belong to me
because only your face I’d see.

That is the control of the darkness over those who stroll outside of heaven.

If in an exclusive relationship you have chosen to live, then neither take nor deny, for this is the Tempter’s TRY.  Be “celibate” to the WORD and give of each other so the other in frustration does not live.

Even if your “half” of the relationship exclusive be, do not expect the other to so be, and if they do at any time with another child of God entwine, then it is up to you to continue to be to them true.  This is what my pen does say as for the light it does sway.

Whether you are a woman or man, be you with a companion of the other sex or with a stranger, you must subdue any “thoughts” tempting you to take, for both have the freedom of choice to refuse an advance by any. 

Testament 163

~ Your Intent ~

My talk “equi-sexual” be, one day I hope that each of you it see.  The Devil is the one of “both sexes” who would ALL take to “HIS-HER” lair, and a bloody mess make in that place where her/him are bound are bound, until an eon ahead their freedom may be found.

Do not show “intent” for closeness and then “withdraw,” that is arrogant vanity that may lead the other into insanity.  The “Tempter” is neither man nor woman, it is the Devil working in the minds of the unwise who listen to its projections.

As said, the Devil can naught share,
and in “this” expression comes the

For the man is physically stronger than his “mate,” and many a “lass” to this will relate, thus the Devil’s “thoughts” that does man “breach” say : “Take by force,” then the Devil does him teach the folly of “that” day, and for his arrogance the man does pay.

The Devil’s “thoughts” that do the women breach, saying : “The arrogant man you must a lesson teach, thus you can ‘stand back’ until your mate has found his track.” Thus through vanity is her mind “found” and by it the dark is also bound.

The Devil will us all overoll
until our souls are free of dark when on earth we stroll.

When I say “Welcome all with open arms,” it means “Exude kindness and compassion,” it does not mean “Display sexual charms,” for those who to “some” so do, will be bound by forces untrue.

Yes, you are free to “give” in any way to help others happier live, but do not “offer” then “take away,” or for this folly you will pay, for the “unsound” who have not yet “reason” found, do not have the capacity to “share” temporarily or permanently.

Yes, it is good and proper to “hug,” but then, if confronted in any way, don’t be a mug and your “lover” deny, for your soul draws in darkness I do espy. 

Testament 164

This “greeting” letter that “cautions” respect is so that on your “free” hugs you needs reflect, and I now speak to man, for many a man does “take,” as he presses his body on a woman and thus does partake before she has said : “Lets go and our love sow.”

To ladies too I caution “go slow” until the man’s intent you get to know.  For if the man is by the Devil bound, his future “actions” will be unsound. 

If you him a little “give,” he may decide that you in his “harem” will live, and there he will you then deny, for many wailing there do cry.

For as said, the “dark” says : I own all who their “favours” to me have shown, they will Me “degrade” if they are freed to help others, or sit with them in the shade.”

To whom do we “reach out and touch,” in reference to the ones who are not our closest “loves” as such, those in need, or those filled with greed ?

For those in need do “outcry” calling out “Please help me up to the sky,” and those of greed reach not out to love and give or seed, but by arrogant demand they forcefully “take” with their ever expanding rake.

If you aught them “sexually” give, they will expect and demand that with them you exclusively live, that is for both man or boy or flaxen haired lasses who with the Devil-bound “toy.”

You each must now decide whether or not to with the Light abide, for it does say :

Show respect today and my light do not deny to those that ‘outcry.’ But to those who would off you ‘take,’ you needs put on the brake, for if you “in” to their demands give, then both do in unhappiness live.  Because ahead, they will you TRY, and as you become constricted you will them deny, and thus as I did say, for this denial you will pay.”

Testament 165

~ The Moslem Disgrace ~

Those in “Purdah” are bound by men with minds “unsound,” who know not the word “share” and neither do they for any “care.” They are the “living disgrace” of those carrying an immoral mace, for it truly immoral be to confine any so openly.

I say “openly,” for it does show that man believes now it is normal to so go, in that he can his immorality flaunt as he God’s Might does taunt.  And through me now God does say :

“Free my daughters today, or soon you will be bound by me once of your flesh you are unbound, for when into my lower realms you do go, the results of your vanity you’ll get to know.”

Terence -
The Pen of Allah

Testament 166

~ Man’s Marriage Control ~

Man was “convinced” that it was a sin if his “spouse” allowed another a “look in.” Thus his “mind” did say :

You are exclusively mine today, and if you in any way are “loose,” I am entitled to you abuse, and I will your “beauty” confine to protect you from the other swine, who like me do “take” and freely on others partake.”

So man’s “marriage” is the ultimate control of another human who on earth does stroll, for whatever the “sex” they be, neither can God’s truth see. 

Being, that they must not any confine, if they do, they are swine.  And that either is free to come and go, and to individually their own truth sow.

The ACT of man’s marriage is in itself a “Pact with the devil made,” as one does for “ownership” ones freedom trade.  For the ACT of “possessing” another in exclusivity is in itself “binding” that soul to any demand, and legitimises in the devil’s mind a reprimand if in any way the other “looks at” another sister or brother.

And thus by this ACT we deny the Light and plunge our souls into the dark night, for once the “Pact” is sealed, then the power of possessiveness is revealed.  And soon the loving anticipation does wane, and the serpent does then power exert and gain.

So we all now must “glean” the reality of why off old ways of “ownership” we must our souls wean.

GROW UP, on positivity now sup, and if your “partner or lover” looks at another and you suffer pain, then it is the sin vanity that you did ingrain through your past denial of the Holy Living Word.

Yes children, and as this darkness is drawn out like an extracted tooth you will in pain shout, for the reaper will you clout, and no anaesthetist is near when the “sin” is drawn out.

My beloved children, your suffering I do see, try hard now I ask of thee to naught upon others impose ref: your demands, or with darkness will you stain your inner rose.  Set others of your control free, thus of your bondage I relieve thee.

Let “love and kindness” be your bond
with any whom you share a “waving palm frond”

Testament 167

~ God’s Marriage Plan ~

God’s marriage plan was that we only the word “Love” span, meaning that we are “free to partake” and that we never abuse or take.  For in our partaking we only give to one who seeks our touch, so they happier live.

The purity of nakedness

Nakedness is nakedness, saying:

"I've nothing to hide,
I am what I am, I'm not filled with pride.

You see what you see, what I reflect,
so be respectful and my truth protect."

'Tis but those foolish filled with dark thought
who "think" that nakedness is sinfully fraught.

So now is the time to let pure truth unwind
so that to others, and selves, we become more kind.

'Tis only when the mind is fully free
that the truth of LOVE all will see,

So 'till this time I ask of thee,
cleanse the mind daily to help it stay free.

For, our Star of love shines for you and you
and its essence is oh so true.

Call on it three times a day
and our love and caresses will flow your way.

GOD calls out:

“Oh lovely children, I call out to you. 
Only to ME, your God, be true. 
Please leave all earthly men behind,
'tis they who are so blind.”

Testament 168

~ Wantonness ~

Wantonness is not what you “see,”
for “free giving” means many a possibility.

You can be “Wanton for lust”
as your flesh upon others you thrust.


You can be “Wanton from need”
and seek others to with your loving seed.


You can be “Wanton from desire” to uplift the ailing higher.

Either way, I do see your “intent” needs be examined by thee.  For your intent will turn into deed, and it is the deed that does your soul seed, either with light or dark, for through deed do each place their mark.

So let your “mark” be one of Light, by all means share your “delight” to those who can it see and who try not to deny thee.  But do not it “force” upon those who as yet divorce themselves from the truth of the Light that says :

“Share another's offered delight.”

Testament 169

~ The Virginal “Plan” ~

Every man has a desire to express his seed.  To receive it, woman has a need.  As each does with the other entwine with love they experience the divine.

If the man’s expression is clouded with sin, being lust or greed, then pain may be expressed by him and then the woman will cry, and ahead she will him deny, then he will her take and both of the darkness sup and partake.

If the woman is clouded within, having fear or vanity as her inner sin, then too she can “distort” her need and her creation abort.

Thus too does she deny, so you see, with any sin within, all do cry for none can show respect, all have forgotten how to their virginity protect.  Yes, woman and man had a virginal “plan,” meaning, to of “inner sin” be free, thus not “tainted” by the one who dark be.

Try now and abide with me, let God’s truth flow forth through thee.  Be kind in all you do, thus to the dark are you true, and as to it you naught owe, home to the Light can you go.

It does not matter what I say
all will take it the wrong way
until within of dark they are free
this I see - this I see.

Testament 170

~ Temptation ~

Temptation is when Satan does your mind breach.  Temptation is when Satan does your mind reach with thoughts that turn you away from the command that God did say was what HE did require from the children HE did sire, being, that they were to “LOVE each other,” and thus abide above.

IT is Satan whose "whisperings"* did draw near.  It IS Satan with thoughts that veer into your minds via your "Sin," thoughts that say : "You can still win your return up above even if you heed me and don't love, because, you have a right, and deserve to allow your actions my way swerve."

So temptation is when we breach the teachings our Father did teach, and the tempter who led us astray is also the one who makes us pay for the error of our way, when we heeded its say.  And when we use its power as a ploy, it the dark one, does us eternally destroy.

And the temptation is but that we did "Sin," enacting out the dark emotions in our "Sin-bin" to the extent that we others do "break" and from others we steal and "take."

It is nothing to do with "Sex," that is another satanical "Hex" imposed through the minds of silly men, "poppy cocks," exposed via this pen.

As said, temptation is thoughts that enmesh with our minds, and thus our actions impress to the extent that we cause others pain, and thus sinning because we are vain.

So children heed now the Word of God who again walks with you on earth's sod.  When you make love to a "girl," God's child, it is this "expression" that keeps you sane and mild,

“So love all God's daughters on the sod, respect them too,” I hear, as I plod, and then God will respect you for seeing that to His daughters you are true. 

Testament 171

~ The living God ~

So another day over, and not much fun.  Another day, when "understanding" and emotions did run.  Feelings between "friends" who are not sure what is TRUTH and what is "poor."

But 'tis for me that I can think, for I know not what others "rise or sink." 'Tis a time for scheming I see, some more "bound" and others more free, but what I write is for all mankind so in them can understanding unwind, for we MUST others understand, then be FORGIVING for their dealings underhand.

Souls fall down every day screaming out "How and why did I go astray.  I did God believe, why did God me deceive." And this is God's reply that calls out from up high:

"You child did not HEAR My call of 'Draw the needy near.' You child did not BELIEVE Me when I said I'd set you free ONLY when by your DEED you showed Me that you believed My seed Jesus the living God* being My WORD* given to the sod. So in denying him you rebuked ME* and thus I set you not free."

Note: Jesus the living God * - The holy WORD or words contained within the Command of God are THE LIVING GOD, the man Jesus is NOT the 'living God.'

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God stipulates:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

Note: living God being My WORD* - "living" = living in accordance with the context of the WORD = Right action in the eyes of God = loving, kind, caring, respectful, peaceful, merciful, compassionate, creative, beneficent ACTION projected unto ALL at ALL times in ALL situations.

Note: you rebuked ME* - You rebuke God as you deny or defy His MESSAGE of peace & love & mercy & forgiveness as spoken by Jesus, being God's Command and the Salvation requirement.

Any living 'way' or 'activity' that is in contravention of the WORD places the individual outside the Command, and they 'cast' their own soul into the Abyss, for as they sup on the forceful, punitive, callous, disrespectful, cruel, malignant and destructive energy of the fruit of the tree of evil in their ACTION against others they contaminate their own soul with ITS Dark energy that drags their soul DOWN and away from the Light of Heaven.

The message* is "The Living God"
Jesus being the bearer of that Word

Any of us can anything DO, IF the negative thoughts are allowed to flow through, yes, even kill or others maim, all in ignorance, 'tis a shame, a shame.

So who is good and who is bad? The one who threatens or the one who is mad, and madness as I it see, is just a soul that is not free, free from thoughts from way below that in their minds does unkindness sow.

So the one who threatens can become mad too, if they allow "those" thoughts to flow through.  'Tis a strange life I lead for only I can see the satanic breed.  Aye, the souls of men who fell below who'd drag us down so they can crow.

One day all will my truth know for 'tis I who must the truth SOW, but by then much will be done by those below who'll have many on the run.

Yes, more and more will we now see, explosive emotions running free as emotions are cleansed out by the dove yes, truly drawn out by our Lord God above.

Put your minds to task men I do say, ONLY this way will you get to heaven one-day, for those deceitful men below would "their" evil in our minds sow, and they HAVE access, believe you me, and INCREDIBLE POWER as you can see.  So build the ARK, the ARK OF THE MIND and to self and friends be a little kind. 

Testament 172

~ Fleshly Charisma ~

I speak of "Charisma," I speak of ME.  I speak of the "SOUL" you cannot see.  It is hidden in the very deep disguise of an earthly man, simple, not wise, and his "Charisma" is "low" on the scale, for the soul would have it that you follow* the TALE, the message in the book, rather than a fleshly man of "good look."

So if you look at the man you will fail for you will see that he has a tail* showing that he ignorant be, yes, possibly more worldly ignorant than thee, for many of you follow the flesh and with MEN of "Charisma" you enmesh, thinking that as they charismatic be, that they the truth know and see.

And how then does a Christed soul self REVEAL? By their DEED, and that from others not steal.  Man always seeks a flash of fire to uplift him from out the mire, and on this level we needs BELIEVE the subtle WORD OF GOD and its truthful weave. 

So at THIS end time, believe me, there shall NO flash of fire be, only silent messages will flow and from my PEN, grow and grow, and those that BELIEVE will QUIETLY spin their weave, believing the messages from out my pen and trusting I know the how, why, and when.

That they believe that I the Christ be matters not between you and me, for vanity and ego will deceive all who look at me, seeing me short not tall. 

People here like people STRONG physically, and intelligent, with power that's wrong, so 'tis but the SIMPLE who'll see me, and think: “He seems truthful to be.”

And when they see that I am not wrong, and the planet reels and brings down the strong, those who did me believe will be greater fortified in their weave. 

And others who my truth could not see will be ashamed to come to me and the forces below "tall" will drag them down, and they will fall.

So 'tis but my SOUL that is WISE, as said, hidden in a very deep disguise, for as a "thief in the night" have I come to TEST YOU, yes every one, to see if you can follow THE TRUTH, God's call.

The message is THE PROOF, and only those who the message do SEE will by the SOURCE SAVED BE.  So one more time I do SAY:

“Follow NO MAN today. 
HEED the call from up above and thus one another "ONLY LOVE."

Testament 173

~ The Keys to Heaven ~
Authority of God's Word v/s
authority of man's Church

I write to you reference the word "Authority," and man's Church, confirming their impropriety, for their "Authority" was placed "on" a man "Peter" who was a part of God's plan and thus their "Authority" was by a "blessing," thus with the REAL TRUTH they were "messing."

For, by this Authoritarian "disposition" did THE TRUTH become lost in "position," for Ministers said:

"’Tis but we who are blest.  By "Succession" is God's Authority on us impressed, so 'tis only we who know the way, come to us each Sunday and pray."

And as said, the "Rock" is God's WORD of “PEACE, wield not the sword.” So all who follow Peter the man, heeded NOT the CORE of God's plan.

Thus their houses with rocks made of "silt" were also on quick-sand too "built," and thus all will now be washed away unless they today heed my say.

For 'tis I who holds the KEY to heaven, being God's Wisdom, yea verily my leaven that I freely again give to you, hoping you'll try and be true.

For time now does swiftly flow past and good days won't longer last.  Any who think that Hell's gates can't prevail at a man's door will for sure quail.

It's only those Peaceful* at the knock on their door who'll not die in shock, for they'll not fall down "below." To heaven, my world, will they flow when as a Lamb they do pass through a heavenly barrier, like glass, and then my truth they will see and be glad they believed ME. 

~ Self-Realisation ~

What is SELF-REALISATION to you.?

Is it the realisation that you are true, that GOD you have found, by ignorance no longer bound, and that from this "day" you will believe God's say.?

That you are strong enough to forego any dark stuff.? That from this day on only light will from you be SHONE out, into every dark place where others still wield a mace, and that you will not any "deny," that for your "aid" do cry.?

Is that "Self-Realisation" for you ? or is there aught else you would DO.? You understand that "within" you know that your soul did WIN and thus you can now "relax," and no painful thoughts you "tax."?

For self-realisation to me, means that you CAN SEE the core of the reality, being, that LOVING IS SPIRITUALITY, and that if in "Love" you can abide, then Love does with you stride. 

And when this you do realise,
then truly you have become WISE. 

Testament 174

~ False belief ~

God's messenger has "come through" to do what he must do to all humanity.  SHOW that the wrong way they yet ALL GO.  Believing they are already "saved," believing their destiny "gold paved," believing that they can destroy the ones they think are in Satan's employ. 

NOT seeing, 'tis they with whom Satan does daily "play."

For, as "they"are unkind, 'tis Satan their minds does blind, and Satan has been* so subtle and cunning that all humanity he has "running" each and every different way.  NONE heeding GOD'S SAY.

So any who "play" with God's "boy," me, thinking I am but a "toy," had better soon think again or for sure you soon will feel pain.  I am here to help you so please stop saying 'tis me untrue.

'Tis time to keep vain mouths "shut" and behave like a helpless mutt, for "As a lamb you must go," did God say, “IF you'd join me one day.” So in "silence," like a lamb be, if in heaven one day you'd be.

For all who in wisdom* retaliate, for sure will soon be "late" For the "window" in heaven will close soon says the "pen” of God's rose, and there is so little time for YOU to understand my rhyme, so READ rather than SPEAK, and God's FINAL message SEEK.

Friends I have "returned" your way because my love for you is forever and a day, so please try and heed my voice, but for sure 'tis your personal choice. 

Testament 175


Have you ever looked into the pits of Hell, gazed into eyes under demonic spell, felt the power within them grow, knowing that for you there is NOWHERE TO GO.

Insanity does reach its peak within their soul as they evil wreak, and if you stand before them you for sure will feel it when you receive what you did put out.

For the Devil does wield a mighty shout of Revenge and Vengeance too, and for sure they will find you, for there IS nowhere to hide, for the WHOLE UNIVERSE is within God's stride, and it IS as I said before, God and the Devil are ONE for sure.

What you put out you WILL receive, and now it's time for you to me believe. You, it is of YOU I speak, for none of you are yet humble and meek. The Devil's Power limitless be, the Devil's Power will never let you free as long as you others abuse, as long as you the Devil USE.

And the WORSE you are the WORSE you'll get, and the worse you GET the worse you'll FRET, for you never feel what you PUT OUT, you ONLY FEEL when others you clout and FOREVER can you be tapped, and FOREVER can your knuckles be rapped.

You ONLY freed be when the Devil you CAN SEE, and UNDERSTAND. How he USES YOU against others who were untrue and how they then RETURN, and with the Devil's Might you again burn.

So FOREVER can you around go UNTIL my truth does in you SOW, and forever can you never be free UNTIL you heed the truth that be the WORD of our God above, the WORD of our God of love. The simple truth that you must see BEFORE the Devil lets you

BE FREE from his clutch,
FREE from his need as such,
FREE from his control,

FREE when you don't others overoll, for the Devil works for God, the Devil is the reaper on the sod working through ANY who do abuse, heeding not God as they others misuse.

So brothers and sisters true, heed what I say to you for our Father God in heaven above, beckons you through me to our land of love.

~ The Quick and the Dead ~
Who are the "QUICK" and who are the "DEAD."?

The quick are those who feed on God's bread, the bread being this Wisdom of mine that takes the soul UP to the land divine, where for sure it is "quick," and you can move fast with a "flick," a flash as one streaks around with a clear mind and soul sound.


The dead are those that die, for they are blind and do not try to heed the message I do bring, so their soul will never sing.  They will fall and they will freeze, and for eternity crawl on their knees, pleading to be let go from the darkness that does flow eternally in that cold place where every soul wields a mace. 

So I now say, “Come to me, any who'd "quick as a flash be."


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