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Satan v/s Love

The Media 'hex' on sex

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~ Tony Chapman ~

Program Manager
ABC TV 7.30 Report
PO Box 9994 , Sydney 2000

Tony, I felt that it was time to write to you for “as usual” the media get caught up in emotions untrue, being those that others criticise as they ‘follow’ the ways of others unwise.

All this ‘falsity’ does is but promote the untruth that has man for so long “smote,” being the belief that it is a “Sin” to with your penis “another” woman enter in. This “outside” ones earthly marriage was always taken to be untrue for silly men in frocks said so to me and you.

Why I ask do we “listen” to men ‘queer’ who themselves are ‘afraid’ to a woman draw near, for they do believe that they will be ‘contaminated’ and thus spiritually grieve, when all the time it was Satan who did them deceive.

So as ‘tis I the returned spirit of truth to once again on earth “plant” THE TRUTH, I enclose a couple of pages for you as well as my CD with its message true. My message from heaven does grow and grow, thus my CD content does now slow, and for an “update” please to my web page relate.

Please be true to our “besieged” friend “Bill” who is being attacked by wolves from all sides, please send him by fax my letters so he can have a “chance” to defend his soul, “For he needs not tell any lie” is what our God says from up high, “For I can “relate” to any man who'd with a real woman mate.”

"Friend, please tell all Australian viewers about “ME”
their invisible God they cannot see
who has HIS story to tell

about heaven and soon coming HELL

for all who continue on in their way
for all walk backwards today
Tell all to seek my web page “given” by my dove meek

Tony, your “crew” may “drop in” any day.


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To: President Bill Clinton
C/o American Embassy, Canberra

~ Bill Clinton ~
Excelsior — Jones

This I write to “Bill,” as well as Miss “Jones” who’d take him for a “spill.”

Bill, why do you fear a “rort” that uses as its base a natural “sport,” being that men are “designed” to reach out, and “Ladies” can say: “Yeah baby” or “Get outta my sight.”

Now in my mind, you only “did” wrong if you heeded not God’s song, that says:

“Do not impose your “flesh” upon a daughter of my rose, unless she does say: “I welcome you today.”

So if of this you are “clear,” then why do you “sit” in a daydream and her attempt to “steal” deny, just say to all:

“Yes, to with her entwine I did try, and she did give me a little “come on,” until my “buttons” came undone, but suddenly she was encompassed with fear and withdrew, saying: “Please don’t come near.”

So as a “decent” believer I withdrew, so I now ask all the “intruders”: Why do you all get into a stew as you all falsely believe that you’ll get free dollars because of myself I a name made, and if you all continue to “Pry,” you all ahead by God will be made to cry.

I did the lass not “assault,” so why does she ‘think” of emptying my bank vault ? It’s because she now is full of greed and maybe wishes she’d gone further and stolen my seed, then for sure she’d now be crying “Rape” ! as the whole planet goes “ape.”

It seems to me today that woman no longer “wish” for man to be men today, and “feel” imposed upon if man “attempts” a sexual foray.

And I also “Jones” reprimand for her foolish arrogant demand, for it is a “nasty” attempt at a Take, as she does a man’s “credibility” attempt to break.

Please now tell all your “men” from me, that they and their “women” needs read my message swiftly.


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~ Clinton & Truth ~

It’s time for Clinton to be frank, and fear not to ‘admit’ he does ‘wank,’ and, if he feels the need, he does with “others” share his seed.

For his “role” is to serve and also to God’s call “observe,” and God says “It’s OK to ‘love’ and have sexual contact with many” I hear from above.

So “who” are these “men” who prosecute with mouths “set and resolute” saying: “You should celibate be, only we can ‘fornicate’ privately.”

And why my ‘brother’ Bill do you feel guilty about what you did do ? you son did nothing untrue, for presumably the “others” did not cry, they partook and shared the “high.”

All now on earth share the bandwagon of hate that some others can with a few ladies mate, it’s all envy I do see, as well as “denigration and thievery.”

So Bill, stand tall, it is the persecutors to fall, as well as the “ladies on the take” who do a mess of their own souls make, surely at the “time” they could have said: “NO, I do not wish to share the seed you’d sow,” and there is naught wrong in that, and certainly naught wrong in “sharing” the presidents “mat.”

Just say to all who “pry and accuse” that you have naught to say, and you’ll not them abuse. If they demand you go to court so as to “satisfy” their iniquitous rort, then you needs just say as I do “Come and get me if you’d me TRY.”

And when you “stand’ accused before the judge say: “If you and others would my “actions” smudge then you are free to so do, I have naught to say to you, so if you would me ‘impeach’ then do so, for I have no more to “preach,” I remain silent in the ‘face’ of your vengeful song, I remain silent for I have done naught wrong."

Terence - the Spirit of Truth

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Clinton & the fallen “Starr”

Yes, a grubby little man is “Ken” whose mind the devil did span as he “decided” to sully his own “rose” as of his brother’s “integrity” he decided to “dispose” in a flurry of media hype, and his own mind and soul he did “wipe” with foul deeds of “R” rated testimony that was “taken” from a “lover” phony. For in reality the “lover” was a “witch” who wielded a switch for she did “deny” the “togetherness try” that no doubt she did enjoy. So why now the “he forsook me” ploy?

And as for the “media” who sodomise their own “pages” just for a “fast buck” or increased wages, well yes, pornography does sell, but at the same time its “promotion” is a greater sin than the “activists” who were “in” a totally “legal” play in God’s eyes I say.

For “Bill” yes, did “flirt” as ‘she’ lifted his “skirt,” but he did not her abuse, so why does she and the planet its “mind” lose? Only because as said, all “point the bone” away from their own bed as they others criticise and despise and “foul” do cry, and all do live in a “glass house” that God will now “shatter” and delouse.

So I can but suggest to you that you’d better “be prepared” for when a “fallen star” latches onto you. For none of you will escape from being “exposed” for the time in your past when you did “more or less” others “rape.”

Yes, God knows you are all untrue, and “pornography” did flow through all of you, not the “kind” when girls and boys with their “bits” play, but the unkind things you do to others each day.

And as for “Bill,” well, he took a “spill” for he is “wan” and less than a “full” man, for as said, he did naught wrong do other than apologising to you and you, for it is none of your business “what” others do, be it in your minds true or untrue, and all who “investigate” work for the devil, who “ahead” sits them on his avenging plate, for it is only the devil who wants to “know” which way all do go.

So as said, you all needs now prepare for the same “exposed” fate you all will share for the time you did “revel” in anothers suffering as you walked the wide road to hell.

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~ The peoples folly ~

Starr has had his day and for his folly the American people did millions upon millions of wasted dollars pay. All this in the guise of a System “wise.” But in reality, what the world did see was the Reaper in action as vengeance “ruled” in the “ministerially” blessed court action. Yea verily I did see a man in a ‘frock’ purporting to be a man “of” God blessing the proceedings on the day that “judgement” was to be passed in a “merciless” way.

For over a year did hundreds of silly “men” pour over “doctrine” inspired from Satan's den, and iniquity did flow as all wanted to know “who” did “what” do. Not seeing that to their own souls they were untrue.

So the land of the “Eagle” has fallen to evil as retribution is expounded as zealots their “gavels” pounded as they did say: “That man for his ways must pay.” That is what I did see and can but hope that some of thee will be set free from “following” the dark ones below who justify their actions that upon their own souls does darkness bestow.

Their influence within the mind of simple man you may not yet understand nor even be aware of. Let all men now heed me. Be kind and merciful or the devil will you bind. It is you the American people who for a vengeful thrust did pay via taxes and all now needs pray. The people now needs also change their way and no more for arrogant foolishness pay.

Be it for an “attack” on the morals of a simple man, or an “attack” on Saddam that impoverishes millions more of God’s children, being children, women, and men. Ignorance you may “think” is bliss as you walk free. Soon you all will for the iniquity of your servants pay. Yes, you all will anguish see and anguish be. Blessed are the few who to the true light remain true.


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“Rape” by Media

The “pornographic” nature of the disclosure of Bill’s sexual “activity” is the obscenity in the distortion of reality. The reality being that people do “couple” in different ways with “different” partners on different days.

The obscenity is that “readers” are being “taught” via the media, and they begin to believe that it is “natural” to be “obscene” by ones critical and denigratory expression of anothers “way,” and all the time the real agenda is hidden behind the “titillating” script that has been justified by “someone” as a means to expose another “crime.”

The real agenda being that all participants in this “chase for glory” saga are all “the devil in action,” that is an old old “retributionary” story, and HE the dark one who IS the ultimate persecutor is the one “controlling” the minds of all the “ignorant” participators who support the ongoing saga of “impeachment.”

Any newspaper that “writes” about the personal sexual behaviour of an individual is “detailing” a “pornographic” brief, and as such has the “intent” to cause embarrassment to a person as it by deed denigrates their “way” by impinging upon their personal life’s expression. All this being done for monetary gain as well as vindictiveness.

These “sordid” tactics have become the “norm” today because all “morality” has flown away as man justifies the “use” of “Vice” and then denigrates his own newspaper by its expression “not nice” in an attempt of “personal” gratification as he “joins in” an “attack” upon the “credibility” of another human being.

Any “talk” about the sexual “conduct” of another in a “public” paper is sleaze, and shows lack of respect as well as the low morals of the editors and writers of the words. It also shows that the editors of the “columns” are also prepared to sully the minds of the “youths” who read the rubbish and who then also become as “uneducated” as they are, and they then believe falsely that it is “normal” to slander and criticise and despise others.

Editors of newspapers who thus show their contempt to the mental well being of their readers are all “ignorant” of the way of God, for God says: “What to others you do will be done unto you.”

So “Freedom of the Press” also is a “misnomer” in the sense that “purveyors of darkness” via the “pen” see not that they will “Reap what they Sowed” when they abuse others in their self righteous “justification” to so do, as they falsely believe that their “freedom to speak” mandate somehow absolves them from the Law of God.

It is only I your God who is “immune” to the Law and thus “beyond” its reach, for it is only I to “speak” critically so as to you foolish ones teach. So all who denigrate as they pry will be “tried” and convicted and condemned by I the invisible God they cannot see. So shall it BE.

So before you “editors” reap what you did sow, I wonder if you have the courage to “Sow” a public apology by saying: “I the editor of the “Sunshine day” do apologise to my readers for “following” the American “way” by publishing denigratory news that came my way. I also apologise to “Bill” for criticising the way he does “play.”

“Mercy” - the pen of God

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~ Footnotes ~

Footnote to “Bill”

My brother, as you can now see, you are not “safe” even in Capitol hill, so why don’t you retire and fishing go, and have a little enjoyment before “other” wolves their faces show.

For truly, it is the time to become a man and be as God did plan, a free man, not a puppet on a string who does others “sting” because he has an “office boy” duty to perform that in God’s eyes is “out of norm.”

Yes, any “retribution” against Saddam or any “other” brings back to us a “bother.” When man can this see and forgiving BE, then he will become FREE.


Footnote to “Monica”

My sister, you are yet “young” in the “ways of life” where “wolves” can lead you into a way of strife as they say: “What he did do was to you untrue, therefore you are justified in heeding us and doing as we want you to.”

Please now see your “wrong” and publicly to Bill say: “You did no wrong in God’s eyes, and I was wrong to “our” actions despise. I set you free of any obligation to me and hope you can forgive me too for what I “foolishly” did to you as I heeded the “false call” of a “fallen star.” Let us make amends before God so that I can again see you smile at me if on our paths we do each other see.”

That is expected of any who would “attempt” to make another “pay” for what was deemed to be a folly on a past day.

Terence, the spirit of truth.


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~ Satan v/s LOVE ~

The greatest ‘enemy’ of the Dark is LOVE, for all lovers lose its “grip” and rise way up above, thus love and any loving “Act” was the core that the satanic ‘voice’ attacked.

And this voice did every realm “penetrate” as it silently telepathically said: “It is a sin to mate unless I personally you control, thus with no other can you ever stroll, for when you feel “high” then my emotions of jealousy you deny, and my voice you cannot hear when in a loving embrace you draw another near.”

So children, it is time to truth seek, not to vengefully your “dissatisfaction” upon any other wreak, for your “false” judgement you pass on to another who is but a simple man, your brother, and there is nothing that he does do that yourself have not done, is that not true ?

So all of you who him condemn are denying God’s call from this sacred pen, and you too will be judged one day, and yes, you’ll lose every cent of your ‘pay,’ for the utter waste of time when you arrogantly soiled your souls and pockets with grime. All on the take as you “attempt” to another's sanity break.

Soon, every religion to FALL, soon, every “minister” to PALL, for the deceiver spoke through their mind, and as you see, HE the deceiver did every soul bind, for none of you now heed me, being my call of Forgiveness and Mercy, for you did for so long the false one mime, that to be loving and free with happiness, you cannot dine.

I ask, that you now all go your way, leave Bill Clinton to GOD I do say, IF he did any lass abuse, then for sure, God will with WRATH him abuse, as he will upon each of you who so “openly” show your denial of God’s Commandment true being:

“Love one another”

Sex and love are different, certainly, however, any positive entwining means “Light & Joy” flowing freely, and this too is a part of love, that is personal between any two, and if they mutually so agree that their “bits and pieces” can “jointly” as one be, then that is their personal “affair” and foolish is any other to at it “stare.”

If any does their “body” impose upon any other who would not so “dispose,” then they foolish and arrogant be, but that too is between them three, yes, the two and God, not the two and other foolish “pry’ers” on this sod.

So let us all now ‘grow up’ and on a little wisdom now sup, read my Testament true, only then will your soul know how to be kind and true. For if you any other denigrate, then for sure it is you to be late, to reach that wonderful land divine where in “privacy” you can with any joyfully entwine.

All whom another's “business” seek to know are purveyors of darkness as their inquisitive “inquisition” they cunningly bestow in the guise of the virtuous self righteous who in their merciless demands imply:

“You prove your innocence before we ‘idiots’ can away move.”

The true marriage is the spiritual one to God, we are only “unfaithful” when we “adulterate” the truth and perform any deed that is unloving or unkind to another. What any “outside” this deed think of it is not the issue, for what people do with their “tissue” is between them and God.


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Extract from: The Testament of Truth, page 262-5

Sacred: Sacred site - Divine Holy Place- Holy Grail.

Your “Inner divine spiritual Light,” is the only sacred site.
If you try and protect it with negative “Might”
one day you will fall into the dark night.

Your sacred divine light becomes “clouded” when you deny God’s call to “Only Love,” and thus you “employ” darkness as you others abuse or destroy, clouding your light with more negative energy, “sin” drawn in.

Marriage, divorce, adultery, illegitimate children.

Marriage is: a “contract of love - inspired by God above.”
“Man,” has through religion deemed
that children born “out of wedlock” as illegitimate,
ie “illegal to mate” if not licensed
by Religion or State.”

In God’s eyes, this is pure “adultery” of Truth,
all are God’s children, “Legal and loved by God."
We must all “divorce” our “Minds” from the “Dark force,” saying:
‘til death do us part, I from darkness will “stand apart.”

Sacraments: When you have:

“Heard” the call to “Only love”

“Seen” the reality of God’s call of “Forgiveness”

“Heeded” the wisdom of God’s word by “Deed.”

Thus have you “supped” on God’s “Bread” and “drunk” of the “living water of eternal life,” and thus, have you been baptised and consecrated by the Holy Spirit.

Resurrection: means:

The Spirit soul enters the ultimate level of light, heaven.

Heaven: The ultimate realm, of pure light, no darkness.

Your soul is only “resurrected” when free of sin (negative emotions)
matters not whether it is “out of the earthly flesh” or IN
it can ONLY to heaven GO
when its “fleece” is as “white” as snow.

Fasting: Abstaining from supping on darkness, (negativity).

Faithful: True to God’s Word, Compassionate & Merciful.

God calls out:

~ Heed and be freed ~


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