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~ The 'enlightenment of the lost soul 'William' ~
The exposure of the unholy 'High Priests' of the 'Illusion' Sects.
The vain, arrogant and foolish who are deceiving so many as they 'come' in 'The name of' Jesus or other spirit beings.

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Spiritual danger


Dear reader - this series of ten emails arose from a difference in the religious ideological belief of two persons, namely 'William' and the other being myself, the 'Master fisher of men' sent by God to earth to 'correct' the Truth around the issue of Salvation - saved or unsaved.

As so many others 'come' in the name of Jesus, the Father, God, holy spirit, messiah etc.,  and in fact every priest so states as he 'crosses' his heart to 'bless' the listener, it is very difficult for an average person to decide 'who is who,' namely 'true or false.'

There are very few indeed today who are not trapped by the hundreds of different religious ideological teachings placed in front of them by people stating that their 'thoughts' are/were being guided by Jesus or other highly evolved spirit beings, when in FACT the only TRUE path is the ONE given by God through my PURE 'spirit soul,' (No negative dark' emotions within of fear or hatred or greed or vanity etc.) for I AM the 'Spirit of Truth' who has returned invisibly as a 'thief in the night' - being ONE whom you cannot see. (The purity of the soul within)

William who has been corresponding with me is one of a 'sect' who have been taught to believe that life on this realm is but an 'illusion,' and that pain is also an illusion. He is also of the belief that God judges not and punishes not, and much on his web site is the 'works' of other mortals who also believe that they are inspired by 'Jesus' or other highly evolved persons.

As this delusional religious ideological philosophy of 'ILLUSION' was 'new' to me, I did some research and found that it was a 'belief' existing ages ago in China and India and in later years 1956 or so was reinstated in a book named 'A course of miracles' and  were a part of the teachings of a 'lady' who also stated that Jesus was her inspiration, and I do at the end of this document comment on the error of said teachings in her book of purported 'miracles' in my 'Addendum.'

I trust that my responses below assist the 'illusionist' believer to begin to realise that absolute falsity of said teachings, teachings which are keeping many people trapped in a very REAL 'cursed' state of delusion, a state which may well be their 'undoing' in the desperate times soon at hand in every land.

It is my task for God to reveal unto man that no person existing outside the Light of Heaven is working their way TO the Light, for in fact all were OF the Light and created IN the Light and lived therein, but, everyone presently existing outside that realm * (see note at document end) have fallen from grace and ARE slowly going 'backwards' and DOWN towards the DARK (Hell) due to their vanity, pride, arrogance and ignorance.

It is the grace of God who sends my spirit soul again here to see if there is even ONE I can assist, but to so do they will NEED to READ and seed their minds with God's untrammelled Truth and fresh revelations from MY pen. (God's pen)

It is my pen to reveal that everyone is being mentally interfered with from other realms of consciousness TELEPATHICALLY, and thus NONE have 'free' minds other than myself, being a person who cannot be accessed by the Dark devious or frivolous ones (demons) as the 'entry' point is ones inner SIN, (negative emotions) which is what enable telepathic intrusion and subjugation by devious spirit forces. (Spirit possession)

My spirit soul is FREE having NO inner Sin within. (Negative emotions) and thus my mind can speak TRUTH absolute to assist you and you and YOU to BECOME FREE OF INNER SIN and thus have NO negative emotions within.

My first letter to 'William' was a 'send' outreach to many hundreds of people worldwide and I received a response from William:

Letter 1

On Sun, Mar 31, 2013 at 11:05 PM,
Terence sent a message using the contact form at

Soon all Hell is to break loose planetarily as minds are 'open prised' telepathically by very powerful invisible demonic forces who will seize control of the minds of 'sinful' man more and more and use them to turn on each other - - Terence - - Visit:

----- Original Message -----
From: William
To: Terence
Cc: FatherMotherGod Amon Ra
Sent: Monday, April 01, 2013 5:43 PM
Subject: Re: [Contact Us] absolute truth - Messiah is here

We hear about a new messiah each week. I'm sure this guy is a big deal to you, but his message really isn't that evolved.

Letter 2

On Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 4:04 AM, Terence wrote:
Dear William, maybe you would enlighten me as to what you 'think' an evolved message would be, and you obviously have not found the interest nor the time to find out what this 'guy's' message actually is - do you wish me to enlighten you?
----- Original Message -----
From: William
To: Terence
Sent: Tuesday, April 02, 2013 1:33 AM
Subject: Re: [Contact Us] absolute truth - Messiah is here
An evolved message contains no judgment, that comes from the ego, not God. The message appears to at least be based upon the old religious belief system, it sounds very much like the Judaic religions. Unfortunate, as it appears parts of his message are divinely inspired, but he just couldn't let go of the old paradigm entirely. We see this a lot among the "messiah" types.
Terence, we can't stop you if you want to follow this, but we certainly don't recommend it. Anybody who tells you that you need to follow their message or "you are eternally lost" is using fear to control people. God is not that stupid, nor is God that impotent. God Is Unconditional Love, and nobody is ever "eternally lost". I pray you can soon see the nonsense you're spreading, though I know it takes people a while sometimes to see that things like these are not their salvation.
I have nothing but Love for you Terence, and while you may not be able to see this at the moment, it's with Love that I tell you you're heading down the "wrong path". God Is Love and Joy! Not this heavy religious nonsense, that's what separated people from God, not what brings them back to God's Presence.
Blessings, Wil

Letter 3

On Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 4:13 PM, Terence wrote:
Dear Wil, I cannot thank you 'enough' for writing to me for as I see it, many would come to the same conclusion as you and thus would FAIL to look a little deeper into what this 'guy' is saying. I have in fact sent out over 10,000 emails in the last month over the planet to radio-TV - newspapers and Oh so many religious organisations and 'guess' what? Only 4 responses to me! -  3 'unreadable' due to such negative content, and then there is YOURS, being the ONE God obviously wished me to read for a VERY specific reason.

Firstly, I am the ONE who is the author of The Testament of Truth and have spent 20 years writing its voluminous content for the sole purpose of the enlightenment of man and to prepare them for the coming 'devilish' snare to now erupt everywhere, and your words to me made me realise that 'with' so many others 'coming' in the name of Jesus, the Father, God, holy spirit, messiah etc., (In fact every priest so states as he 'crosses' his heart) that few indeed would get past the front page and INTO the reasons for my return with the fresh revelations of God therein - so -

Is it not TRUE that our God is to JUDGE 'who' is to rise and who is to fall? YES, so my evolved message do in fact reveal 'how or why' everyone today is on the wrong 'side' and as yet UNWORTHY of upliftment. So say I THE MESSENGER of the Most High.

It is I to EXPOSE 'how' this final judgement takes place, for it is NOT that our God as such does IT - for VIA his PEN (MINE) HE reveals that it is simply the INNER ENERGY within man which uplifts the spirit or pulls IT down. (The SIN) Being the 'mass' of negative emotional energy within each.

Yes, the PURE soul such as mine has NO negative emotions within. No fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, vanity, pride, lust etc. thus when IT departs my 'biological flesh' it is drawn UP into a similar vibrational level. The bigger mass of negative energy within a soul the lower down it is drawn to.

IF you were to read my message you would realise that God's LIGHT love energy is outpouring at an intensified rate for a time to purge every spirit on every level of 'some' of their inner darkness they drew IN through their defiance of God over eternal time - - - BUT - - - If they do not fortify their minds as given by God they will BE TEMPTED to continue using IT (the forbidden to use dark energy of God) and IT will continue to grow within them as they RETALIATE in the face of adversity - - - (Defying God's Command) - - - and THUS their personal choice to LOSE their chance to become spiritually free. (Drawing God's DARK energy into their soul) IS what separates them from THE LIGHT of God (Heaven)

Wil, your words < God Is Unconditional Love, and nobody is ever "eternally lost" > It is I to REVEAL what should be very easy to see that God HAS twin energy polarities. (God is NOT 'only love') Why otherwise could WE 'The created' have twin polarities of EMOTIONAL ENERGY within? LOVE - HATE - benign and malignant - kind or cruel - merciful and merciless? We could NOT, for naught exists outside of God's energy. (frame)

Man now WILL 'Reap what they sowed' on the DARK (painful) side, and NONE will avoid their 'karmic' dues. (The fulfillment of God's LAW) All will be tempted by/through their DARK inner energy to retaliate and ACCRUE a further painful due and ALSO draw IN more dark energy during their negative interaction. hence their need to learn HOW to fortify their minds (suppress dark thoughts) so as to NOT retaliate,

As I see it, your response has made me even more 'aware' of my need to within the FIRST few paras of my very first page to include a few lines from my 'The ONE True faith' document - this I have just done today and I HOPE that IT will give readers an 'incentive' to look deeper into my 1000 files and 14 audio tracks compiled telepathically from THE SOURCE God, to SAVE their souls.

Not that everyone needs to read everything, for my 2 page summary is enough, but I simply have been given a thousand and one 'aspects' so that even the most 'stupid' will find something to save their 'miserable' souls. ALL ARE PRESENTLY ON THE ROAD TO HELL for their support of the ANTI love system of domination, retribution etc.

Thank you so much Wil for your input - please advise others that I AM the messenger, and for SURE there is NO other to 'appear in the sky.'

PLEASE do NOT advise others that I am not HE - for in so doing you become a DECEIVER - let others come to their own personally informed decision to take my words (God's) extremely seriously or with derision - NOT YOU. God IS the Light creative energy (She) and HE the Dark destructive energy.

I hope your 'org' does not continue to 'list' the Testament of Truth as : (Report as inappropriate)

Thanks to YOU the following texts now beginning para 3 on my main web page is copied from my 'The ONE true faith doc
(The 'thin white line' page)

 When there are many 'coming in my name,' how do you the individual recognise the TRUE messenger of God, (Messiah) and why did he (I) need to return? The true messenger of God returns to establish peace on earth by showing all mankind that NO person is living the ONE True Faith revealed on this web site (Book 2 of 9) and, - - -

Although every religion on earth has the 'peace & love' Light of God within its teachings 'somewhere,' and the words Islam or Christian or Buddhist or Hindu or 'Catholicism' are used daily, - - - the FACTUAL 'livingness' of being or doing the TRUE 'peaceful, merciful, compassionate, loving and forgiving' ACTIVITY as REQUIRED by GOD of man are NOT. It follows that adherents to 'religion' have LOST the ONE and only WAY as prescribed by God.

How so? Because THE Religion * of the DARK 'devilish' ORDER of absolute domination, interference, subjugation, extortion, fine, punishment and killing has cunningly invaded EVERY 'belief' of man VIA the dictates of vain and arrogant mortal men of War backed by their armed forces.

Note: Religion * - the ideological doctrine adhered to, be IT 'War or Peace' ~ mercy & forgiveness or the opposite of; merciless persecution, subjugation and punishment.

Yes, in the guise of 'Secular' institutions this very Dark Religion has seized CONTROL of every land mass on earth and is in FACT the government institutions. For they and their officials are ruled by their own RULES of engagement which force everyone in the land to bow to the RULING dictates or be punished, disadvantaged, evicted or destroyed. (Crucified)

Yes, through using and 'playing with' God's forbidden to use Dark destructive energy essence man is now totally BOUND by IT, and the use of IT now appears 'normal.' Only those who have the 'nous' to comprehend what I say and CHANGE from being wolves to being lambs will be set FREE by the LIGHT of God, She.

No 'one' is above any other, and everyone now needs to comprehend the existence of the twin energies of God:

Creative & destructive ~ Benign & malicious

Ask yourself, "Why would God have a LAW: 'As you sow so shall ye reap' IF it was not so"?
In every level of consciousness, be it material or spiritual ~ For every 'action' there is an equal and opposite reaction.


---- Original Message -----

From: William
To: Terence
Sent: Tuesday, April 02, 2013 10:22 AM
Subject: Re: absolute truth - Messiah is here

This "god" of judgment and duality is nothing but a reflection of your own mind.

Letter 4

On Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 11:28 PM, Terence wrote:

Dear Wil,  as for your words to me below < This "god" of judgment and duality is nothing but a reflection of your own mind.>

Can you not SEE that there is NAUGHT existing OUTSIDE of the 'frame' of God or 'God's ENERGY'?

Can you not see that 'good intent and action' exists as does 'bad intent and destructive actions'?

Can you not agree or comprehend that 'both' actions are energy in motion and that both POS & NEG energies must exist within the frame of God?

At the age of 74 and having lived the bulk of my life in Tanzania, Rhodesia and RSA, I have seen the existence of PURE LIQUID EVIL being displayed by merciless mercenaries and KNOW that 'such' exists. Are you telling 'others' that the DARK essence somehow exists outside the frame of God?

AND - in your mind does IT the destructive dark not have ITS own 'eye for an eye' LAW? (Absolute Justice) Injure others using IT and others will use IT to injure you.

As for your words <  "god" of judgment and duality > All I CAN say is that the belief you hold in a God of "ONLY love" cannot BE, for IF it was 'so' then there would be NO 'pain & suffering' nor negative emotional energy within mankind and all COULD and WOULD "Only love one another"

What is God speaking OF in your mind when HE says unto man:

"I forbid you to sup on the 'fruit' (dark destructive energy) from the tree of evil or the knowledge thereof"?

God states that YOU must NOT be a swine but that you must FORGIVE those BEING swines because - - - they have become trapped by IT (Dark energy) and it is NOT up to you to punish them - for in so doing YOU draw IT (dark energy) into your soul and place YOURSELF within the punitive aspect of ITS divine LAW.

pain and suffering IS NOT A reflection in my mind BRO - IT is a REALITY -

When our ACTIONS are less than loving & kind & merciful & compassionate & forgiving and we or our servants are controlling, interfering, punitive, judgemental, critical, vindictive, merciless, punitive we ARE expressing God's DARK energy.

I have had a look at your web site and comment on a few points I see;

1 - John Smallman guided by Jesus states: < The era of the old and dishonest ways is over. - Many of you are still asking when the New Age will arrive, and I would like to reaffirm for you that it is already here. signed 'Your loving brother Jesus > 

I Terence state; John is a FALSE PROPHET coming in the name of Jesus - his mind is bound by a very devious spirit seen by ME and to be spoken to BY me. John is 'bound' mentally due to his inner SIN of the dark emotion of VANITY. The era of extremely devious and dishonest ways is ONLY NOW beginning - the new age of PEACE is yet 'years' away.

 I do not 'come' in the name of Jesus, I state that I am Terence the mortal man within whom resides the Spirit of Truth. My mind is guided by SHE, the Light, God.

 In FACT as John purports to be 'guided' by 'Jesus' he is in FACT implying that his 'source' is impeccable and absolute truth - grave error indeed.

2 - Mike Quincy guided by SaLuSa states: < The darkness will eventually play itself out and is already losing its power to create more fear. In this respect in spite of the apparent threat of war, know that it will no longer be allowed. >

I Terence state; Mike is a FALSE PROPHET coming in the name of SaLuSa- his spirit 'guide' is NOT of the pure Light and is also as Mike a 'false prophet' because the darkness is intensifying and NOT losing ITS power to create fear, and also WAR is soon to erupt globally and there will be fighting within every town and city and within each family as the minds of mortals are telepathically subjugated more and more by devious destructive spirit beings existing on lower realms for THE REASONS and in the manner revealed by my pen.

As I see it, the power of the DARK is now so 'great' that everyone is living in a delusional state believing that ALL IS WELL when it most certainly is NOT. The DARK is the power of God and thus LIMITLESS, and everyone needs to awaken to the FACT that the psyche of the world's population is becoming more 'unsteady' especially when one is faced by oppression, aggression, loss, injury etc., only those who strengthen their minds and ARE thus 'ready' to suffer anything in NON retaliation will be safe and later saved.

Wil, as for your words to me below < This "god" of judgment and duality is nothing but a reflection of your own mind.> IF only light & love EXIST then 'why' have YOU judged my pages as inappropriate?

YOU 'bro' need to see that the information on your own web site is PROVEN to be error and deceptive (By my pen) and - - - IF I AM who I so say I am, then for YOU to openly deceive others due to falsity 'preached' on your 'site' and at the same time turn ALL away from God's golden web pages (mine) - - - then you are turning people away from THE ONLY TRUTH that exists on line today as you believe that your Creator God does deceive.

I wish you well - Terence

The sacred amulet of God's 'dual' energy in eternal motion as seen on the pages of The Visions of the last prophet:


----- Original Message -----
From: William 
To: Terence
Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2013 2:50 AM
Subject: Re: absolute truth - Messiah is here
Pain and suffering is a product of illusion, which comes from the mind. Of course nothing is separate from God, but can't have the belief that one is separate from God? You're trying to make a "god" that embodies every mental concept, which is a "god" that contradicts itself. A "god" at war with itself just like humanity, which further proves it's a "god" created with the human mind. If every thought is real, then "god" is a lie! Of course, not every thought is real, some are rooted deep within illusion, such as pain, suffering, and fear. All those are the products of believing you're separate from God, they're not aspects of God, they're the result of denying God.
The biggest duality is Reality and illusion, and half of that doesn't exist, making duality itself an illusion. You really need to understand the illusion of mind, or you will be consumed by the mind's illusion and live in your own fantasy world of duality. Duality = 2-dimensional thought, can you not see how limiting that is? And you seek to put your limits on to God! Don't worry though, God's already forgiven you as God has no judgment. It would be completely unfair to punish children who don't yet understand how the world works.
Blessings, Will

Letter 5

On Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 3:34 PM, Terence wrote:
Dear Wil, your words < Pain and suffering is a product of illusion, which comes from the mind. >

An 'illusion' is something 'unreal' but it is a 'deception, false belief, false.' (Dictionary)

If you believe that a person suffering 'malaria' and feeling absolutely terribly sick is in an 'illusion' so be it.
If you believe that someone who has just had their leg crushed in a car accident and feeling utter pain is in an 'illusion' so be it.

I say that all 'felt' via ones emotions OR ones nerves IS A REALITY, be IT happy OR sad.

Every thought is REAL for the moment in time that IT exists and impacts upon our senses. Sure IT 'comes and goes' but it has the capacity to make one ACT and DO something, be it benign and kindly to another or cruel and unkind to another.

Your words < If every thought is real, then "god" is a lie! >

Why you should you even THINK a 'thought' that God is a LIE simply because 'a thought is real,' is beyond me. A thought IS ''real' and may well be an inspiration to mankind from the mind of God to uplift mankind. It may also be a LIE to mislead, emanating telepathically from a dark or devious person living in some other level of consciousness OUTSIDE of the pure Light, of which there are thousands and more.

I am not you and you are not me, thus we ARE separate unique beings created by the ENERGY of God and thus we ARE 'separate' from God also but - - - we are NOT separate from God's ENERGY as we use IT in our every action or interaction and dependent upon WHICH ASPECT of IT we use, -  there IS an equal and opposite reaction.

If we use the benign creative energy of GOD we get a similar 'nice' comeback later or immediately.
If we use the malignant destructive energy of GOD we get a similar 'nasty' comeback later or immediately.

What you and all your readers and 'workers' such as 'John Smallman' and others NEED TO REALISE is that all the input of thoughts into their minds from other beings existing elsewhere is NOT from the high realm, and thus their information is deceptive and misleading readers.

John obviously believes that Jesus is inspiring his mind. Jesus is not, it is simply a 'frivolous' spirit using John as ITS 'channel' to make IT and John FEEL very important.

Also, all the spirit people linking in to EVERYBODY on the planet are LOST souls needing to find their way * to THE Testament of TRUTH so that the essence of pure Light now being expressed from the Source can purge their souls - this it is doing but - - -

as all are OR soon are to face their NEGATIVE past karma so that IT fulfills God's Law, they will all have to SUFFER (IT WILL NOT BE AN ILLUSION) and IF they retaliate through failing to understand that which I preach they will accrue another suffering due and will also draw in MORE DARK ENERGY which counteracts their purging and is what drags one down and away from the Light.

Note: LOST souls needing to find their way * - How do these invisible souls find their way to text on my web site? As individuals such as yourself and all mankind READ my text (God's final message) - those linking IN telepathically also read IT and can thus educate themselves and get ready to RISE UP to higher realms directly without having to enter this level.

Mike Quincy & John Bannerman ARE in 'deadly' spiritual danger for more than one reason, deception being the least of it. PLEASE be good enough to give me either their phone or email contact and/or ask them to contact me and also please forwards THIS entire discussion to them so they can 'enter' into IT. - Terence

God's Judge Terence de Malaherre
Centre of Enlightenment
Constitutional & Spiritual Consultant
Mental & emotional counselling

Lalapanzi - Anchor road
Pyengana - Tasmania 7216


From: William
To: Terence
Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2013 10:19 AM
Subject: Re: absolute truth - Messiah is here -

If you want to believe it's real, I'm sure it will all seem very real to you. Such is the nature of an illusion.

Letter 6

On Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 6:11 PM, Terence wrote:
William, have you never suffered any pain?
Whose 'teaching' is it which tells you that feeling pain is an illusion?
Do they also teach or 'preach' that feeling Joy is an illusion?
Be HONEST -  'Prick' your finger with a needle now and tell me that you felt naught?
Brother, 'belief' is one thing but REALITY is another.
I believe and state that THE REALITY soon to be here and everywhere is that 'BRUTES' using God's DARK brute FORCE will be causing an 'awful' lot of PAIN and, everyone with a mind OPEN to dark spirit people will be those USED telepathically by said DEMONS to mete out this PAIN.
'God help them' for they WILL "Reap what they sow" and that WILL go on and on and ON FOREVER in dark realms below where all defiant of God's Command of 'peace & love' will GO, -  say I the messenger of THE MOST HIGH.
As for some of your first words to me
< Anybody who tells you that you need to follow their message or "you are eternally lost" is using fear to control people >
I am NOT seeking to control people I am only seeking to set them FREE, for if they do NOT listen to God's message VIA me they will retaliate in the face of adversity and they WILL 'die in their sin' and BE eternally LOST.
Why will they retaliate? Because they will NOT be 'in control' of their own minds, for their minds will BE 'possessed' by the thoughts of others INTRUDING forcefully who will use them as their INSTRUMENTS of destruction.
People do NOT yet understand that the 'Sin' within (negative emotions - fear, anger etc.,) is the vibration LINK to lower dark realms and VIA this link comes the mental telepathic connection to THE DARK - to people like the spirit deceptively POSING as Jesus and gaining more and more CONTROL over John's MIND, and when IT so decides it can and WILL override his mind COMPLETELY and all will SEE what John does - - -
As I have NO negative emotions within my soul my inner 'rose' of LIGHT is ONLY linked to THE LIGHT and I cannot be 'superimposed upon' from any realm outside of THE PURE LIGHT.
A 'possessed' person may be unaware of what is taking place because their 'conscious' mind is set aside for a moment or longer such as was for Martin Bryant who to this day said that he did not do the 'deed' as such - but his biological body did and thus he now pays the price and he 'suffers' emotionally etc. - Terence
From: William
To: Terence
Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2013 12:57 PM
Subject: Re: absolute truth - Messiah is here - 5
Of course I've felt pain, but that doesn't make it any less illusory. The whole physical realm is an illusion that some people take entirely too seriously. Even under the most rudimentary understanding, your whole experience is created through your brain.
WE'RE ALL EQUAL TERENCE! WE'RE ALL ONE WITH GOD! The only darkness is that which denies the Truth, and that's part of your own mind, despite how much you want to put it on God. Darkness is a lie, and that's why I say your "god" is a lie.

Letter 7

On Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 8:42 PM, Terence wrote:
William, we ARE sentient beings having a biological body, and all around us is materiality, so how can you describe our existence here in this REALM of God's creation as simply 'illusionary'?

Neither this realm nor our 'being' is created by our brain, it is our brain which permits us to exist consciously within it. Even if having no brain a 'rock' can exist and NOT be an illusion to those who have a brain.

Equally, how can you state or 'believe' that 'darkness is a lie'?

Darkness (negative energy) is simply WHAT IT IS. Light (positive energy) is simply WHAT IT IS.

Similarly to 'hard or soft' - 'hot or cold' - 'malignant or benign' - 'creative or destructive'

So OUR God is NOT a 'lie'

God simply IS the ALL

Our inner energy IS God's energy. But we the individual can be FULL of God's LIGHT energy and 'shine' brightly and smile upon ALL where we exist in the spiritual realm of LIGHT and equally we can be FULL of God's DARK energy and 'grimace' at everyone in the DARK where we exist in the spiritual realm of HELL.

So here in the biological FLESH are spirit beings whose spirit soul within has incarnated from thousands of different spiritual realms, thus many have more light than dark within and many have more dark than light within.

It is due to the volume of this light or dark within EACH, that their vibration links to different levels corresponding to the unique vibration and they are telepathically linked to said LEVEL of consciousness.

Some realms are total 'confusion' packed with lies and nonsense and thus those embodied here have a serious mental problem. All due to the mental disturbance with conflicting thoughts entering and rationality is compromised.

I have NO darkness within so my VISION is absolutely CLEAR to ME but not to YOU and your thoughts (consciousness) seem to be having difficulty with that which I PREACH.

Your words below < Of course I've felt pain, but that doesn't make it any less illusory > to me are NONSENSE, because you cannot FEEL an illusion. A feeling of pain is a REALITY.

However if you BELIEVE or have been taught that what you FEEL is but an illusion then so be it. We do not speak the SAME language and thus communicating is difficult.

My God, OUR God is not an illusion nor a 'lie,' but certainly you cannot see God's ENERGY, nor can YOU see God's FACE, for to so do your spirit soul needs to be FREE of all dark energy within. Once it is 'so' then I can assure you that BOTH God's faces will be revealed to you, HE and SHE as seen constantly by me. - Terence

Extract from the Visions of the last Prophet

From: William
To: Terence
Sent: Thursday, April 04, 2013 1:39 AM
Subject: Re: absolute truth - Messiah is here
You're trying to cut Creation in half with your mind! Good luck with your duality stuff, an Awakened Being can count much higher than 2. What is negative anyway? Do you even know what that word means? Negative is that which negates, that which denies. Negativity is nothing more than that which denies God, that which separates from God. You cannot integrate that which Truth, all you'll get is a confusing mess of a belief system. Your whole world lives in your own mind, nowhere else. That's what I mean by illusion. The energy that makes up that rock is real, your mind's interpretation of it, as some physical object that exists within a dualistic creation, is pure fantasy though.

Terence, step beyond your limited mind and you'll find the Real God.

Letter 8

----- Original Message -----
From: Terence
To: William
Sent: Thursday, April 04, 2013 6:24 PM
Subject: Re: absolute truth - Messiah is here

~ The delusional 'illusion' ~

Dear William,

As you believe that 'this' realm and its 'suffering' is naught other than an illusion within ones mind, all I can say is that everyone 'living' with that 'belief' are following a FALSE religious doctrine. For 'wherever' our consciousness exists be it in this level or any other or, whether we are happy or sad and suffering, we ARE in FACT living in A REAL WORLD. Any person 'believing' differently is delusional.

If you cannot SEE that there exists within this realm those who CREATE as well as those who DESTROY then that is your 'blindness' or state of delusion. Both 'energies' with their accompanying THOUGHTS which drive man 'either' WAY do EXIST in this REAL WORLD.

If you believe that our God consists ONLY of a creative energy essence then so be it. You are entitled to your belief. All I am trying to do is to ADVISE everyone that the energy of which God is 'comprised' has twin polarities. One Creative and the other Destructive. The words 'positive or negative are simply that, words to show opposites.

These energies of God LIVE IN PERFECT HARMONY as they revolve around each other in an eternal 'dance' of desire and love and giving and receiving. So in FACT these energies ARE simply what they ARE.

I and others give their 'aspects' names or we use words to show that they IMPACT upon 'us' their creation in different ways. The one uplifts us (positively) and the use of ITS creative benign energy makes us happy and joyful because as we GIVE IT to others via our DEEDS then within ITS 'Law' we are 'showered' by a similar loving return to us via others.

However, the other 'aspect' drags us down (negatively) and the use of ITS destructive malignant energy makes us unhappy and sad because as we IMPOSE IT upon others via our DEEDS then within ITS 'Law' we are 'showered' by a similar hateful return to us via others.

Anyone who cannot 'see' nor comprehend the existence of these 'opposing' or 'opposite' energies of God IS living in a delusion of 'non acceptance of REALITY.' It is thus that their world is one of an 'illusion' within which they are HELD mentally 'spellbound' from that DARK realms. This 'spell' over their minds says:

"All is well, the dark does not exist, only love exists and OUR God - THE One and only God is ONLY 'pure love' and thus 'He or She' will ensure that you are safe eternally irrespective of how you live or what you do or preach or teach, for you know that darkness is an illusion and thus a 'lie' perpetrated by the ignorant."

Son, it 'YES' is Father God who 'denies,' for it is His 'dark' energy essence being the forceful destructive power which man is forbidden to use in their interaction with others. So as man uses said energy or 'pays' or funds others who use IT on their behalf and cause PAIN or loss etc., to others, then there IS a 'karmic' return DUE within the Law of the ENERGY used - "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."

Cause pain - pain returns ~ cause joy - joy returns

So 'how or why' does or can OUR God 'us' mere mortals DENY? As we use said dark energy of His we ARE defying Him and 'stealing' IT, and unbeknown to 'us' as IT flows through us onto the other some of IT 'sticks' or remains within our SOUL and contaminates it with 'darkness,' Sin, and the negative emotions within us grow and, - - - at the very same 'moment' the vibration of our PURE Light energy within is coarsened and is consequentially vibrating at a LOWER (heavier) frequency and, - - - thus it (our spirit) is drawn away and DOWN and OUT of the LIGHT (His creation) which is His eternal 'canvas' of beauty.

So 'bro,' ask yourself: "Why is my 'consciousness' not presently living IN THE PURE LIGHT OF HEAVEN"? The response from my pen states:

"No 'dark speck' of energy can exist in the pure Light for a number of reasons, not the least being that IT would BE a 'blot' on God's ever moving canvas of His 'picture' of eternal bliss and purity and, - - - once you have defied HIM then His ENERGY becomes your eternal ENEMY and seeks to drag YOU further away from THE LIGHT and to crush YOU underfoot for being 'swinish' and NOT 'happy' to live in Paradise. For IF you were you would never have defied HIM in the first instance."

So, my task is to AWAKEN everybody TO THE REAL WORLD and say: "Please awaken from your individual 'delusional' state because you and ALL who 'believe' as you do are in extreme danger due to having been lulled into the BELIEF that 'All's well' when it is NOT."

There is NO 'dualistic' creation as you put it, there exist dual ENERGIES, and if this you cannot SEE then it so BE. I HAVE WRITTEN ENOUGH TO YOU personally, and IF you continue to believe that my Testament is 'untruth' and not worthy to READ then that is your personal choice to defy and deny THE CREATOR'S "Voice."

If you personally tell even ONE other to NOT 'view' it (my Testament of Truth) because you believe IT to be 'worthless,' then 'son' you are a deceiver misleading others and you WILL 'die in your sin,' and regrettably will simply find your consciousness suddenly ahead existing FOREVERMORE in an unbelievably agonising REALITY.

Being THE REAL WORLD which exists below.

William, all the 'contributors' to your WEB 'religion' - < > are in FACT its 'high priests & priestesses' who are the role models for the viewers, and regrettably according to MY 'book' are misguiding them, misleading them and keeping them in a state of DELUSION.

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From: William
To: Terence
Sent: Friday, April 05, 2013 1:53 AM
Subject: Re: absolute truth - Messiah is here
The Divine Paradox is that you are unique, but also one with Everything. There's no separation between your Consciousness and the rest of the Universe, except for the walls you create through the mind. And it's not a religious doctrine I follow, though I can see why you would believe it is, as your whole world seems to be made up of religious doctrines. There's a Real God waiting for you when you can step beyond all that nonsense.

Letter 9

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From: Terence
To: William
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Subject: Re: absolute truth - Messiah is here

William, I give the meaning of the word 'religion' below as extracted from one of my documents.

You are in error saying that there is no 'separation' of my consciousness, because IT (my consciousness) IS unique and 'separate' to yours is it not? Of course it is, for we see things differently. We 'both' see the others 'doctrinal belief' as NONSENSE, and I place your own words to me upon your plate:

 "There's a Real God waiting for you when you can step beyond all that nonsense."

Note: Australia's own Macquarie dictionary page 835 (Compact version)

Religion - - the quest for the values of the ideal life - - - the ideal, the practices for attaining the values of the ideal, - - - a system of belief in the worship of a supernatural power or God' or the recognition by man of a superhuman power entitled to obedience, reverence, and worship.

Religious - - scrupulously faithful, pious, devotion - - - this means that ones 'religion' is not any named 'Church' organisation, but it is the policy of ones daily code of conduct interaction with other children of God.

Note: Your 'quest' for an ideal life with its 'values' requires you to convince yourself that everything existing outside of heaven is a delusion. This 'illusion' is so powerful that it blinds you to THE OBVIOUS being, that your conversations with me are REAL and do impact upon your unique consciousness. Every realm outside of the pure Light of Heaven is filled with spirit beings having their unique consciousness and experiencing moment by moment activity, and for SURE every realm exists and IS a 'creation' or a 'part' of God.

If YOU are living what by you is perceived as an 'illusion,' and you are ABLE to be 'consciously aware' of that FACT, then it is NOT and CANNOT be an ILLUSION.

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From: William
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Subject: Re: absolute truth - Messiah is here

Good luck finding God through the perception of separation. God is always going to be just out of reach.

Letter 10

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From: Terence
To: William
Sent: Friday, April 05, 2013 12:50 PM
Subject: Re: absolute truth - Messiah is here
William, as God IS God, He or She does not 'operate' according to the beliefs of MAN. God simply IS, and what I hope to get you to see is the possibility that as destructive, nasty, interfering, dictatorial, controlling, punitive 'elements' DO exist, that these elements MUST be a part of God, for naught exists outside of God's frame.
So God is NEVER 'out of reach' as you put it, for we are eternally using God's energy which is what we are comprised of and sustains us and in fact enables us to be 'sentient' and to ACT or interact with others.
I have been inspired to take a step 'further' and thus will in the next day add some information to assist everyone including 'illusionists' and it will be around the issue:

"What is the spiritual danger which 'awaits' those who subscribe to the ideological philosophy of ILLUSIONISM"?


~ The spiritual danger of 'Illusionism' ~
Note: the below are  'overall' and may not all be the 'beliefs' of William.

The spiritual danger associated with this philosophy is their ignorance of THE TRUTH in respect of the 'cause & effect' LAW of inner ENERGY which EXISTS but which is invisible to the 'illusionist' and all as is the 'clarity' of my spirit soul.

How does or will their ignorance pose a danger?

1 - Because of their ideological BELIEF that God consists of ONLY one energy  - - - Love, benign, creative, merciful, giving and forgiving etc.

2 - Because of their ideological BELIEF that 'sin' does not exist as they have not been taught that SIN is ones INNER ENERGY of darkness comprising all known and unknown negative emotions which are the ENERGY of the Dark aspect of THE SOURCE, God.

3 - Because of their ideological BELIEF that all is an 'illusion' and there is NO 'punishment,' and this implies that they can be kind OR cruel and NOT 'pay' the 'blood price' within the "As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW of God. A law which they neither accept, know, nor comprehend.

4 - Because of their ideological BELIEF they do NOT understand the power of the intrusive 'nature' of telepathy emanating from Dark realms of consciousness which ALREADY controls their 'thinking' and is what is keeping them in a state of delusion.

5 - Because of their ideological BELIEF it follows that when they ARE faced by an aggressive 'race' of 'possessed' people soon to erupt globally of which many of them will BE, they will fight or defend and kill or maim solely to remain FREE from their 'illusory' pain and suffering and they will draw IN dark energy which WILL drag their souls to HELL, say I the messenger of the Most High and,  - - - their 'illusions' will be quickly dispelled there as they will eternally be 'shrieking in agony' as they find themselves IN A REAL WORLD.

Being the place all end up IN who defy their Creator in using His Dark energy and denying His "Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful, compassionate & forgive thine enemy" Command.

To avoid this fate they need to quickly REINSTATE God's TRUTH into their MINDS and fortify their minds daily in the manner prescribed by my 'Star Prayer' and PREPARE for THE END days of great travail seen HERE, there and everywhere. All need to understand that all we DO becomes our 'due.'

Be IT loving & benign OR

V - for Vicious
V - for Vendetta
V - for punitive Victory

I now give you the reader and all those linking IN telepathically to your MIND a very deep TRUTH indeed.

The reason 'why' man cannot 'forgive nor forget' his enemy for past hurts imposed upon him by others is due to the DARK (negative) energy of God within his soul, for it is NOT in the NATURE of God's dark energy to either forgive or forget ANYTHING.

Thus when man 'originally' defied God and 'took' or USED this dark energy which IS the ENERGY OF GOD the Father, unbeknown to man, it is God Himself who becomes their ENEMY and due to the 'brilliance' of God's MIND and ITS eternally 'endless' capacity, no mortal man stands any 'chance' to 'win' against HIM and, it was thus that 'originally' God SAID:

"IF you defy ME and sup on the 'fruit' of MY Tree you will die in your SIN"

So you had better 'believe' ME now when I say that NOT even ONE of YOU is on the 'stairway' UP to Heaven for you cannot carry IT the dark negative emotional energy of GOD within you UPWARDS. All persons 'vacating' their biological body are drawn swiftly to a realm with an energy 'field' having a similar vibration to the mass of their INNER ENERGY.

It is I to now ADD: Between the realm of pure Light and the ream of pure Dark there are more than a million levels of consciousness and 'each' is inhabited by uncountable souls who exist in a 'particular' level of ENERGY VIBRATION which is the same vibration as the mass of dark energy contaminating their SOUL.

It is only the pure souls (of which there are uncountable) living in Heaven who are NOT mentally 'disturbed' by intrusive thoughts. For in that realm all is free and benign, and no other would intrude rudely using telepathy but, - - - every 'speck' of dark energy IS intrusive by nature, and thus everyone having IT within can be or become intrusive, dominating, unkind, disrespectful, punitive, merciless etc., IF and WHEN dark thoughts compound their negative emotions and 'trigger' negative interaction.

BUT, as everyone having even ONE 'speck' of dark energy within is LINKED to the Source of darkness being the servant of God the 'Serpent' it follows that due to ITS incredible POWER (The power of the Almighty) that it can and does 'hypnotise' and seduce and tempt and coerce and deceive ENDLESSLY, for IT never sleeps and IT knows everything there is to know about YOU and your PAST and IT does ITS very best to drag your 'faithless and worthless' soul into ITS Lair.

How does IT accomplish this? By enticing you to use MORE dark energy in your interaction with others so that little by little over an eternity of time by your OWN actions you draw IN more and more and more DARK ENERGY.

In times of great suffering, duress, insanity, danger and violent confrontation it IS VERY EASY to be tempted to RETALIATE especially IF you believe that all is but an illusion and there is thus NO 'comeback.'

Thoughts from THE DARK  are flowing upwards eternally through the minds of people on many levels who are passing ON these thoughts to persons in other levels and behind these thought ARE or IS the brilliant MIND of the Dark seeking to prepare a SNARE for YOU. It can pave the way for a time years ahead when you suddenly 'give in' and do something you instantly REGRET but, - - - too late, you drew IN some dark energy and accrued a 'pain' due or other through the negative interaction.

All persons in the flesh have no 'concept' of the minds of spirit beings who link in and see not that they are ALL themselves (spirit beings) 'subject to' and being USED by the DARK, and foolish indeed is anyone who simply 'believes' that their 'guide' is pure of heart or 'gospel' in their teachings.

Irrespective of 'who' you THINK you are, - - - IF your spirit soul is not as 'pure' as mine then you ARE capable of being USED by THE DARK to BE Its retributive 'arm' as it 'balances' ITS 'Scales of punitive Justice' over the face of this EARTH place which for sure is REAL as will BE the terrifying times and suffering to now BE.

I can state quite categorically that NO PERSON who fails to understand God's message via my pen will survive the coming INSANITY. I speak NOT of material survival for we all 'pass over,' I speak of spiritual survival being ones destiny ahead in the after life. For ANY who now fail to become free within of SIN will over the next eternality BE drawn down and down and down and ultimately into the eternal FIRE.

If people BELIEVE in or 'follow' the BELIEFS of 'Illusionists' who believe that ONLY Heaven is REAL, and this and other realms of consciousness are simply an ILLUSION, then they need to ask themselves:

"Why is my 'brain' with its/my consciousness with its 'sentient' feelings NOT in the Light of Heaven?  Why is it that I cannot get OUT of this ILLUSION?

Is it just POSSIBLE that our God sent my consciousness to 'earth' or some other realm because in my past I was defiant of Him ~ Her and I did infuse my own soul with Dark energy which is the cause of my 'dilemma,' being my 'illusion' DELUSION"?


~ Addendum ~

I can but trust and hope that my INPUT if read by readers will BREAK the 'spell' binding their minds. I believe that some of your teachings were inspired by the 'Course of miracles' book and I comment a little here to assist you. I have no 'time' to read its 700 pages but have selected a few at random.

Some purported 'miracles' and my comments:

As so stated:

Miracles are thoughts because everything is thought. Nothing has existence outside our minds.

My comment on the above:

The above is not an inspiration of God nor Jesus because it is absolute RUBBISH. There is no doubt that as God enabled 'man' to THINK, that our creation is miraculous, but to state that everything is thoughts is error, for we FEEL our emotions without necessarily 'thinking,' and we also SEE and HEAR using our other senses also without the need to have any thoughts. Thoughts are simply thoughts, having NO emotional feeling nor other 'senses' attached but, thought can trigger emotions or 'action' and an emotion can trigger thoughts and actions.

The whole universe and all its content exists outside our minds, so that statement is also error.


As so stated:

The truth of God is that we are all one.

My comment on the above:

The above is not an inspiration of God nor Jesus because it is absolute RUBBISH. There is a distinct uniqueness of individuality of the spirit souls created by God, thus we are NOT 'one' but we are zillions upon zillions - uncountable, and our uniqueness of individuality shows that we are not 'robotic' lookalikes. We do 'yes' have an energy essence being a 'part' of God's energy which was 'taken' by God from His-Her entwining to create us as unique individuals.


As so stated:

We would never try to attack or hurt others if we were not afraid of them. "Atoning" means "undoing," which is another word for "correction." Basically, when we atone for our sin, we undo the belief in it. We do not make it real and then try to undo it, - - - you deny the reality of sin by changing it to a mistake. As the Course teaches: Sins are punished, mistakes are corrected.

My comment on the above:

The above is not an inspiration of God nor Jesus because it is absolute RUBBISH. The REASON why we attack or hurt others is because our THOUGHTS drive us to so do. We make NO 'move' until our thoughts tell our 'body' to so do, and it is thus that we need to NOW understand that our thoughts can BE imposed upon our minds so that we react negatively or vengefully even if we did not wish to so do, but so did because we were temporally 'possessed' by incoming thoughts from THE DARK forces below who know EXACTLY what OUR 'victim' needs to suffer to 'balance' the Scales of justice' of THE DARK ENERGY.

One cannot 'deny' the reality of Sin nor 'correct it. SIN is the dark energy essence we draw IN to our soul as we USE dark energy in our interaction with others. IT cannot be 'punished nor corrected' for IT simply IS dark energy contaminating ones SOUL and IT can NEVER be removed by anyone EVER. It can only be 'purged' by the outpouring Light of God as is taking place NOW. But if you retaliate when faced by adversity then you draw MORE in and NEVER win your spiritual freedom, say I the messenger of THE MOST HIGH.


As so stated:

A Course in Miracles states: No one is punished for sins, and the Sons of God are not sinners.

My comment on the above:

To 'be' a sinner means that you have abused another and USED dark energy and infused your soul with IT. If you have any 'speck' of dark energy within your soul you have 'convicted' yourself to live outside the pure Light and BE deceived on and on and ON by IT the dark energy essence because, - - - THAT is its NATURE. The more of IT which over time 'grows' within your soul the coarser and heavier your vibration gets, and you will FIND that ahead you will awaken and be 'conscious' in another 'illusionary' world as you call it, but the REALITY of suffering there will soon AWAKEN YOU FROM YOUR REVERIE.


As so stated:

"Now, if the greatest effect of sin in this world is death, demonstrating that death is an illusion simultaneously demonstrates that there is no sin."

My comment on the above:

Utter RUBBISH, WHEN will people awaken and start to live in THE WORLD of REALITY?

I can categorically state that I can find error in every page of 'that' unholy book if I had the time or inclination to into IT look, but I do not wish to waste any more time. It is YOUR personal choice to now READ God's FINAL message to YOU or, to deny IT and continue ON in your delusion unto ETERNAL DAMNATION WHICH DOES EXIST.

The most unfortunate CONSEQUENCE of believing in the philosophical doctrine of 'illusion' is that people also believe that 'sin' or 'sinning' or the causing of pain is also a delusion with no consequence, and thus when faced by insane minds meting out retribution they will retaliate and accrue a heavy spiritual due and as their REAL and EXISTING spirit soul exits the flesh of this world they will find their 'consciousness' being transported to an even 'worse' STATE of existence due to having drawn INTO their soul more invisible dark energy.

Go your way in peace and do NOT deceive

This IS the LAST call - Terence

Note : everyone existing outside that realm * - There is an exception to this statement because in FACT there are 101 million souls who have entered the flesh of this world directly from the pure Light to assist God and me and humanity to uplift the lost and they will be the first to acknowledge my message from God and they will comprehend it and prepare to assist the lost through their travail and agony by educating them and giving them the fresh Wisdom I bring.

These spirit beings are situated in every village or town on earth and as their pure souls entered this realm they took ON some negative emotions for God (As did Jesus) so as to be able to comprehend how via said emotions man is mentally led astray by thoughts emanating from the DARK. Prior to exiting the flesh these dark emotions will be purged from their spirit soul and they will return to the Light from whence they came.

Reference page 45 - The Visions of the Last Prophet -