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Vatican 'City"
The idolatrous "harlot" of Babylon

As written by Terence the Christ spirit

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~ The unholy Vatican "City" ~

Where "a" Pope by the power of his own pen decreed that he was in fact a "spokesman" for the Devil as he, simple man, self-appointed by other men to stand as "Pope" deceived his own soul and did it to hell condemn for misguiding God's most precious children, being His/Her creation, you.

This "harlot" sold his/its "own" soul as well as the souls of God's children to the Devil as "it/he" deceived them in return for material wealth untold that was 'accrued' in the form of land, buildings, silver and gold and precious stones, as it/he plundered the planet aided by the Devil and other men filled with greed as it seeded untruth to the multitudes it enslaved as it used the Holy Word of God as its "weapon" of control.

These multitudes await below for the truth and "freedom from ignorance" I sow. Read on as to the truth, as well as how "man" did fall.

"The hour now is, when "the dead" being you ALL will hear the voice of God through His/Her son, MINE, and those who hear will live."

The "dead" are also the countless discarnate spirits who inhabit the thousands of "rooms" or realms that exist outside heaven. They have already heard my voice speak and thus already have made their personal choice as to whether to me heed and be freed, or whether to me deny and continue on sinning and thus to remain enslaved captives in the underworlds of dark cold pain.

"The Son of Man has come and his face is visible on 'clouds' on this web site. My "powerful" exposure of sinful man and my exposure of the "way" of the deceiver is also visible thereon.

You will soon see that "Popes" believed that they could by their "decree" change my decree and for their folly "get off scott-free." I decree that all do pay who "try" or "do" alter the daily "Rite of passage" ceremony needed by each soul to become free as given by GOD through ME, and they will be bound for an eternity.

I do return in the "weak" flesh, but the power of the divinity of my soul is such that I was able to see through the falsity of the distortion of the truth as "paved" by the Devil through the mind of vain prideful men, and also through the power of Light within my sin free soul I have corrected the truth on earth.

For the destiny of all spirits lies within the power of MY mind as to God I align MY soul and bear witness to the wisdom of the TRUE Light. The TRUE unadulterated gospel of the kingdom of heaven I now bring by MY pen will be "preached" throughout the whole world as MY testimony to all nations and then the "end" will descend as swiftly as the falling of an "axe."

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~ The Antichrist in "Christian" disguise ~

The Crusaders and "Conquistador" far land invaders walked hand in hand with the Devil as they conquered many a country seeking power and glory, and their "men" wielded swords bloodied and gory as they said they were Crusaders on a holy cause but in reality were the Devil's workers as they bloodied their own spiritual "paws."

These satanic "men" were sent by the servants of Satan's den. Being "priests" robed as harlots with "dresses" of purple and red with rings on their fingers of jewel studded gold, who had "united" incestuously with kings and other men bold enough to "think" that they could avoid the justice and judgement of God as now revealed by my pen with its "ink."

God did "decree" that one-day all men would my face see as for God I did "dispose" judgement upon all men by the power of my inner rose.

Every man outside heaven who wielded a mace or deceived any soul is a disgrace, and every "soul" whom "out of the flesh" did "pass away" awaits now God's "pleasure" as they do "sit" in a realm where no angels play.

All these 'fools' are now judged by me the spirit of eternity who is the ONE who holds the key of heavens door and the key to the Devil's door.

So it is now I to "expose" the "harsh" reality so that you all have one last chance to at pure truth glance before the very gates of Hell do "splurge" their hatred at your door.

Let all "men" now see that "Crusaders" were all men filled with iniquity as they carried sword and cross and thus showed God and all their inner dross. For they did in fact show no charity, no works of mercy, and displayed no patience. Let all men see the iniquity "sponsored" by robed priests purporting to be working for ME.

There are now other men "awakened" by the power of this pen and they now to Father will be true and they will mercilessly do what they are inspired to, which is to mete out pain to all the "pompous" who are but poppy cocks vain.

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~ The "chosen" race ~

Jesus was not born of "the chosen people" in the "manner" proclaimed. The people "chosen" as the race into which God's messenger was born were "an" iniquitous race that needed to be seeded with truth.

The "chosen of God" family are those of any race or colour who heed the message Jesus brought and show God their allegiance to "it" the message by their daily deed. Having an "allegiance" to a religion is not the plan of God, but it is the plan of El Diablo.

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~ False teachings ~

Man has "wrested" the past scriptures unto his own destruction as the Devil did "toy" in his mind when greed and "power" did the souls of men blind and bind to the extent that "they" sought to elevate "man" to stand between God and men. That was not God's plan but the Devil's plan, so that HE the Devil could twist and weave and cunningly deceive all mankind.

I Terence was born into a race of "humble" meek people who lived by the sea as simple fisher folk who "inspired" me by their simplicity. Thus they were God's "chosen" to be my earthly "education" so that I could see the iniquity of "those" over the sea who thought that "we" the simple were "godless savages" needing to feed their salvationary greed.

Religion said that it could spiritual freedom give as it said that its "head" was a man mandated by Christ as it said that it could spiritual freedom give if to it your allegiance you did give.

The Church of man "bedded down" with the political "System" of powerful men and jointly planned to plunder and control the people. The people also supported these "systems" through fear and their own greed and thus permitted the Devil to place his "seal" upon their very soul.

Man has been deceived by the Devil operating through State and Religion into believing that he must destroy the enemy for "humanitarian" purposes. This falsity has been promoted by the "Rulers" of every State on earth and "seconded" by "Religion," both being powers thought "the norm."

This "deadly" practice is totally contrary to God's Holy Word "Love thine enemy and turn the other cheek if your enemy cuts off an ear with his sword."

It also justified the continuance of the practice of "usuric" theft of money in the "systematic" lending practices of the day with high percentage interest rates which have led to the enslavement of our children as well as annually lowering the value of all currencies. All this has been the "sandy" base of the "City" of Babylon.

The "order" of the day through Jesus from the Father was that all should just freely give of their accumulated profits so that others less fortunate could easier live. Other than this a loan was to be free with no "interest" accruing from usury.

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Sons of "Caesar" being the "followers" of the system of man did by "force of arms" threaten the "keepers" of the past holy scriptures with death in the lions pit if "they" the holy scribes did not "add in" falsity that gave "Caesar" a justification to continue to steal money by taxation off the people of all lands conquered.

The "self governing" judiciary of every country being the "force de jure" that stands above the political "arm" of man is the force that "permits" the "robed ones" to operate "tax free" as payment for their condoning of the ungodly atrocities of the elected "System" that fights "Wars" and by legislation extorts funds by taxation in all lands.

Religion "El Vaticano" used the word of God to elevate itself by proclaiming that "Christianity" stood "above" other religions because its foundation was the incarnation of God in the flesh, and that a "man" Peter "somehow" held the authority of God over man, and it "somehow" passed by "succession" from man to man, i.e. Pope to Pope, many whom were insane and proved by deed that they were no more than a "dope."

This distortion of fact was the inspiration of the Devil through the mind of man who was encompassed with the "sin" emotions of greed & vanity & pride that permitted the dark 'Sower' to feed in feelings of power & control.

Neither Jesus nor I are "God himself" speaking the eternal word. We are but messengers of the eternal word, thus is the Word of God made manifest in the flesh of this world. Through the mind and mouth or pen of mortal man with sin free soul.

Christ is not the new beginning of everything. Christ is not the fulfillment of the yearning of all the world's religions. The Word of GOD brought to earth is the fulfiller of all when heeded by you personally.

The pure (Christ) soul was but the bearer of the message. Yes, the message is God speaking directly to you. "Stop praising men and look to God direct" is the message from this God's sacred pen. You may ask Jesus for his help by saying "Jesus I see your shining star, being God's wisdom from afar, please help me to see that it is only the message from God that will save me."

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~ Falsity of "water" baptism ~

Jesus as all men entered this false world and thus was subjected to its false beliefs and teachings. Thus was he subjected to a water baptism by man, for in his "youth" he probably as you "thought" it may have been a part of God's plan. It was only when he was 'released' of the burden of sin within that he could clearly see its falsity.

The sacrament of baptism which, by the immersing of man in water by a man, gave the men the power to control men. For the submersion of a person into water does naught towards their salvation. Thus this "ritual" by man who said: "Only we are authorised by God to set your soul free" was an "act" of improprietous iniquity as it bound men "unto" the hands of the Devil's control by man through man.

This "control" enabled the Devil via the "select elect" to control the minds of millions upon millions of incarnate and discarnate spirits as it "the city of religion" stole their daily bread, and as it used them to fight for it's "spread," it enslaved their souls deeper into the Devil's bed.

The mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection is only now revealed by me to set you free. As is the "Baptism of reality," being, that once the wisdom of the WORD you do hear and see, then you have been baptised spiritually.

For the "water" baptism by man is not the foundation of Christian existence as is "proclaimed" by the Catholic See. The foundation of living the true Christian "way" is by heeding the message that Jesus brought earth's way that did say: "Walk your road in peace and be forgiving of thine enemy, and be compassionate and merciful if you would become a resident of heaven above."

Thus is your road to salvation paved, when you have heard the words of the God of love as given by Jesus and now me the again "risen in the flesh" dove. My "past" mandate given to simple men was NOT "Raise up a religion to serve your needs," but was "Go forth as simple men and tell all of the words by our heavenly God given." That was the Mandate true, which is again now given unto each of you.

Any who now heeds my clear truth will be saved; those who heed the words of "papal" men will all follow them down to Satan's den. Believe you me, all will needs for their iniquity pay, for the ONE law of God stands proven forever and a day.

Papal "men" spoke falsity as they for the Devil did say: "Praise be to Jesus who forgives your iniquities each day if you bend your knee to us who hold the key for "him." They deceived you as they took your lands and money and spoke for the dark knave who is untrue.

God says, "I do none forgive so that they can in heaven "freely" live. All must abide in my ONE Law and pay their dues first, before I them forgive so that they can enter my land of light where none do fight. My ONE Law stipulates: You will Reap what you did Sow before to heaven you can go."

It would have been "wiser" to fellowship with the deranged and bring them peacefully to my door with the truth of my Word, than to "fellowship" in "buildings" with other deceived men who were controlled by priests who defied my pen. The "priests" of today will now "pay" for the "sins" of their "fathers" of yesterday.

Many earnest "godly" men are today employed by the systems of man and thus have been "caught" by the snare set by Satan that is now exposed by this pen. They need to stand "apart" from their sorry "State" and begin to with reality relate as they go their way spreading this gospel of today.

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~ Redemption ~

Conversion to being a "Godly" person by virtue of following the words spoken by Jesus, is when you suffer quietly in non-retaliation when other ignorants abuse you in payment of your past due. This applies to all of any race or colour or past belief.

So "redemptive suffering" is when you are prepared to be crucified as you pay for your past way. As you thus as a true believer pay your due you reconcile your soul to God, not man. Thus you become purified by the Holy Spirit who fills your enlightened soul with Light and when fully freed of sin within you too become "as one with God."

The falsity revealed by me is the raising up of a 'religion' that condemned all other "men" to purgatory if they did not "bend" their knees to a "pompous pope." He being naught in God's eye than a sinful arrogant mortal trapped by the precedents set by his vain predecessors into believing that other men could not see the face of their God unless they proclaimed their allegiance to this unholy "body."

The "proclamation" by the "Vatican See" that Jesus is quote: "True God and true man," is also the work of the dark one that contravenes the Words of the Father who said: "I have sent my son to you as my messenger true, heed what he has to say so that you can change your iniquitous way."

He the Father did not say or imply that Jesus was God, or even "a" God, or "as" God. All spirits who have attained the heavenly realm became "as one with God" meaning, that their soul is pure light, "Christed souls," freed of the dark inner sin within. Jesus is not "The only son of God," he is one of millions of daughters and sons of God who exist in the house of God.

Man has "wrested" the scriptures unto his own destruction as "he" man raised Jesus into Godship and praised him the man Jesus rather than hearing and heeding the message he brought to earth from God. Seed your soul and mind now ONLY with the pure uncontaminated truth given personally by the pen of God.

Peter the "man" was not the "rock" upon which Jesus said mankind must base their "foundation" on. The rock was the Holy WORD he Jesus brought to earth.

God's Way:

Your "house," being your spirit soul,
IS only standing on "firm rock,"
when you abide in the WORD of GOD, being:

"Walk in peace and only love one another."

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~ The sacrificial crucifixion ~

The sacrifice of Christ was that for God and humanity he returned to earth in a manner that would expose him to the "works" of the Devil so that he would become as sinful man and be seduced by the Devil and succumb to the thoughts of the Devil.

This "sacrifice" was done so as to be able to show man that to become free of the enslavement to the Devil, one had to be prepared to be crucified in non retaliation "As a lamb to the slaughter." For only in the fulfilment of the Law of "You Reap what you did Sow" are you released from your iniquitous past.

God is infinitely just, so for Jesus to be crucified in order to be able to show the inhuman race "the way" to salvation, it was necessary for him to "take on" the sin of this world as he came into the flesh.

These emotions of anger and fear and greed did enable the Devil to use him in an aggressive manipulative way so that he would incur a "negative" karmic debt, for which he would have to pay before being freed from the clutches of the Devil and then to return to heaven.

Once he had done what he did and his face too was from the Light of God hid, then God did the sin from his soul remove so that "calmly" he could be taunted and thrust upon a cross to show you how you now must become "As a non-retaliatory lamb in the face of the reaper" before you are set free.

Thus the falsity of the "Whore of Babylon" is revealed as the Church of man that deceived you when via it the Devil said that you could avoid your "crucifixion" due, by bowing to men who "indulgently" for silver and gold falsely said that you could avoid the karmic due and still attain the place above.

Yes, these "whores of iniquity" said: "Confess your sins to me and I will set you free." They also said: "Give us your money be it silver or gold and I as the appointed Pope of God will sell you an "indulgence" or two so that you are "ahead" when untrue." They also said: "The more to us you give, the happier our God will be, and the quicker will you God's face see."

They also told you to wear "medallions" and to praise "saints" and "figurines" and to pray with "beads" as with your money they did knead their bread and prepare their own place with the dead in the land below.

They should have to you just said: "Heed the living word of the Lord God up high by being forgiving each day and walking in peace and never fight for pay."

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~ The "substitute" mass ~

When Jesus said: "Sup on my wine and leaven." He meant that all should drink the pure crystal water of heaven, being the wisdom of God as the "leaven."

It was the Devil who through the mind of man said: "Make a simple plan in which you can control the wealth of man by saying that it is you priests who are the "giver of life" through a simple ritual of "Blood sacrifice" as you say to the simple people:

"Come to our Church with steeple and we will give you the flesh of a man to eat and his blood to drink that will free you from your past way, and by the way, for this free offering of forgiveness from our God you must us a few shekels pay."

The "blood sacrifice" practices of the priesthood that had been "in vogue" long before Jesus came earth's way did not stop once he had passed "away." Neither could the "priesthood" relinquish their control over mankind.

So they "set up" their own exclusive "State" as with the "other" bestial System of "Caesar" they did "sodomicly" mate. Thus they "jointly" did lands invade as in the guise of Godly "humanitarianism" they killed any opposition to their religion or State.

Little by little the writings did "change" as the power of greed did man's mind derange. Until we come to today where many rituals have been "given" by man as needed by man if he is to find his way.

Yes, a "priest" it seems believes that he can even the Holy law dissolve as he says that forgiveness does from his "lips" evolve when on your death bed you lie and he the priest tells you another unholy lie. For he can naught absolve or forgive for God's Law of "You will reap and weep" does apply if you ever made any other cry.

The partaking of the "Eucharist" as given by Jesus to those present at the "last supper" was: "Tell all you meet that as they daily break their bread to eat then they must remember the wisdom sent from God up high and they must daily try hard to abide in the given Word that said they must walk in peace each day and not wield a sword."

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~ The "She" of creativity ~

The Devil seeks to destroy all creation and to this do placed a "shard" between man and his closest relation, being the lass he does love. To do this he used the mind of priests and their scribes again as they were vain and he distorted the truth to his power over them gain.

He the Devil implied that "She" the Mother of creation was a harlot and unclean and less than HE, and thus did "wean" her name from the Godhead, and he also placed shame upon the female "sex" as he said that sex without his blessing through priests was a disgrace.

So vain "vulgar" man thought of a new plan to elevate "males" by the impropriety of their unholy pen. Yes, as many references they could find reference God as "SHE the Mother of creation" they did from texts delete and thus in shame they will the very Devil meet.

He the Devil said that "priests" should be celibate as women were "less" than they, and thus via their 'silly' minds did he bind the "Godhead" into a "Triune" male God, being Him and Him and Him. Instead of the reality of SHE (Mother) - HE (Father) & WE (The daughters & sons of God) who when free of sin do join in the eternal dance above of eternal love.

The evil one then said: "It is the women who seduce thee, not me. Thus to attain heaven "uncontaminated," you must celibate be, so avoid the temptresses who seek to love thee." And vain man was so blind to this satanic perfidy that he succumbed to the tempter Satan the deceiver.

And what the lost robed men could not see was that they for their personal perfidy were then subject to God's law and thus would feel lack and not find the touch or sweet caress from God's daughters on any shore when they leave this place in disgrace.

All should be Celibate to the WORD and thus not wield a sword. That is the true way, and lost "robed" man must now pay for the guilt and "anal" deed he did seed through trying to suppress the feelings with which God did man bless so that he could enjoy a sweet caress. For no nakedness or caress with any beloved women is a sin. That "belief" is soon washed away into the sinbin.

And Priests were so 'deceived' by the deceiver in relation to that "selective" pleasurable "hot spot," that He the dark one even convinced them that the "flesh" of the man Jesus was "induced" through divine intervention rather than THE invention of God being the happy, loving, and natural sexual union to be consummated by any whom would conceive a child.

This falsity then led "man" to adore an earthly mother rather than adoring the Word of GOD given by the son of her "lover." That is the story true now given personally to each of you.

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~ The TRUE "Rite of passage" ~
"Passport to heaven"

I now "reiterate" to you the only Right that God bequeathed unto you at the "last supper" given by me. It was the one "ritualistic" Rite that would ensure that you would be "uplifted" out and away from the clutches of the Devil who has held you in bondage for many a day.

This "Rite" was and yet is the only way that you will "find" free passage to the Light of God. This "Rite" is the thrice daily ritual that is "undertaken" by you as you "break" your daily "fast" and eat your food.

This "Rite" is sanctified by God/Allah as you remember the words of Jesus spoken at the Last Supper as given by God for you, being:

"Never wield a sword. Be merciful. Be compassionate. Be forgiving. Turn the other cheek in non-retaliation when confronted by the arrogant. Love thine enemy as you understand their ignorance. Walk your road in PEACE and tell all whom you meet of this "supper with me."

I now add to this daily "feast" on God's wisdom with the added Star of Bethlehem prayer as given in the Testament of Truth as the means whereby the light of God will lessen the impact of dark thoughts from entering your minds each day.

The "feast" on our daily bread and the feast on God's Word is to remind us that after we have partaken our meal and leave the table, that we "recall" what God did say through the mouth of Jesus, and thus we walk away from the table with "good manners" and respect for all God's children as we walk tall in the light.

All other "rites or rituals" promulgated by men or women were "ideas" given by the Serpent as a means whereby the serpent via "man" could control the way of man during their days on earth and "under" the earth.

All who "commemorate" God's wisdom as given again by me will after having paid their dues be set free to return to heaven when of their flesh their spirit is set free. Let God now guide you, not man or beast.

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Children, you do not need "priests" to attend any of your special "occasions." You can "bless" your own children with the wisdom of my Word as they grow in stature.

You can celebrate your own "joining together in a union of love" with one of the opposite sexual gender either "alone" with them or with friends and family.

You can bury the flesh of the departed without "fuss and bother" from "Systems" men or men of religion in attendance. The "spirit has flown" and its next destination is already "found" before you have placed your shovel to dig the ground.

You may "celebrate" your daughter's "Rite of passage" into womanhood by the "Sign of God" given when her "menstruation" does begin. For by this time she should be "wise" as to why she needs be "care-full" when she lets a lad "in."

You may "celebrate" your son's "Rite of passage" into manhood when his voice does "break." For at this time he is by "Sign of God" a man and can then choose to heed my voice and his own house build on a "plot" of free land that God does each person freely give once they have become an adult as per "above" and can then bring forth another spirit soul into the flesh with the blessing of God.

Let us no longer "celebrate" the rituals of foolish man who does "plan" to circumcise girls and lads because of foolish ancestral fads. These "harsh" acts our God does not condone and all who did it "apply" will with pain groan.

All it is that God asks of you is that to the WORD you remain "celibately" TRUE. So please now heed me and of all "ritualistic rubbish" set yourself free as you just daily do what in God's eyes is true.

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~ The destruction of Babylon ~

The "Gates of Hell" that did "prevail" within the unhallowed "walls" of the bastions of man's Church could not prevail against the Light of my Might.

I have now "destroyed" the veil of falsity that "surrounded" the Vatican City, and the hallowed Word of God did prevail and will save many whom for an eternity would have wailed in sorrow if my "arrow" of truth had not "felled" the dark "sparrow" that was a hawk in the disguise of a dove.

The Devil did every "System" of man use to "wage" War, and the Devil did "infuse" this force with men of "religion" who openly "joined" the warring force for pay as they walked together with the soldiers along the dark road to Hell in ages past as do many "official" armed forces priests today.

All this "communal" iniquity was and is condoned by the "overlord" who rules in the "City of the Vatican." Let all "wise" men try and this see and then set themselves now free before "it" tries to do battle with me the spirit of eternity.

This unholy "City" that is the tower of "Babel" and the den of perfidy with its "rituals" that entrap men is now to collapse as rubble as it is destroyed** and razed to the ground by man incited by the dark one who destroys all men and their buildings tall who by deed heeded his 'voice' through greed, as they built their house on silt in heeding not the commandment to "Only love."

Then he the dark one will drag their souls below so that the ONE law of God they get to know, and it is they who for an eternity will toil before their souls in fire will boil unless they quickly heed this fresh message I seed and show God their "enlightened" deed.

Let any "earnest" believer in God "employed" in this city of perfidy quickly defrock and come my way by heeding now the fresh wisdom as they turn direct to God and pray that their fate they can in peace meet so that one day they can walk on heavens street.

I AM HE the spirit of eternity who does say: "Blessed shall they be who can now see, and thus by the power of my pen set themselves free of the satanic "fold" of robed priests who soon will by the very Devil be told of their impropriety."

The Pope is not the shepherd of God. The Word of God is the "shepherd" to give you the direction to follow and it is I who is the bearer of the "staff" for God. I am the "standard" bearer and my "colours" are true blue, being the colour of the Holy Spirit too.

Each woman or man on earth or under the earth must now ask themselves:
"Is my faith in the religion of man, or is it in the Word of God."

Note** - Every religion is to also be destroyed as all deceive mankind.

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~ The Jubilee ~

Year One (1997) 001 TL "True light" will thus be remembered as being the year of reflection on the pure Word of God as brought to earth by Christ in the flesh of a simple man called Terence and raised up in the clouds for all to see in that year that set the beginning of the new age to be.

This "Jubilee" will celebrate the Re-incarnation and coming into the world of the son of God and blessed "plain" earthly woman who personally "solved" the mystery of salvation for all mankind. The Logo of the "Logos" chosen is that of the bright morning star, being the symbol of true light.

The "theme" proposed is that all celebrate their release from ignorance as they prepare to stare in the face of the Reaper, being ignorant man incited and inspired by the very Devil to mete out divine justice for God the Father.

This Jubilee is the fulfillment of the ONE Law of God, being that all do Reap as they did Sow. All will pay their dues as they lose the lands they took through "usury" and by force of arms as they invaded others space.

All will suffer "pain" at the hands of the oppressors who will be merciless and none will understand the language they speak as they are "foreign" to this land and vengeance they will wreak upon the unwise who did God's Command to "Only Love" despise.

The Jubilee will commemorate the "final" years of rule by arrogant man as confrontation escalated towards God's end plan. And once the "Reaper is run" and God's cleansing "fury" is done then the peace on earth's shore we will commemorate joyfully for sure.

The Jubilee will be commemorated by the cancellation of all debts accrued through the "medieval" evil practice of lending by "usury." All will lose their untrue "investments" which placed a devilish "yoke" upon their own children, and thus all whom did borrow this sad "sorrow" will be freed by the stroke of my sacred pen.

The Jubilee will celebrate the annulling of every "Act" and "Regulation" and "Statute" written in the unholy books of man that are to be destroyed as decreed now by me.

The Jubilee will celebrate the "raising up" of the Constitution of God as given in The Testament of Truth as all "of God" register No Vote for the election of any man as "head of house," and all stop paying their taxes to the Devil's workers.

The Jubilee will commemorate the raising up of the message of the Lord that is The Testament of Truth being God's final word to all as they prepare to rise up or eternally fall.

Let all now see clearly that man's negative way is the false way that is promoted by political systems and religions who "bless" young innocents and their weapons as they are sent to war against other equally deceived children of God.

Let us now "forget" the named religions of "Christian" or "Islam" or "Buddhism" etc, for none are peaceful when confronted and all deny the Holy Word.

Let us just stand unarmed and "alone" before our creator as children of God who will show God by deed that they are worthy to enter heaven as they now divest themselves of their "religion" with its false commitments and rituals and fly direct to heaven on my fresh leaven which is the true word of God.

Let the commemoration now begin with each "believer" kneeling before God saying "Thank you most beloved Creator for giving me a final chance as you reveal the truth of sin, and how the Devil does a soul win." This is now my final say, prepare now for your last END day.

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The Creed of GOD

I am the giver of all life.
I am the source of everlasting love.
I am the source of everlasting truth.
I give my all to those who heed my call.

THE TRUTH - is the Crux of the Core,
  being the message of the cross for sure
  in that on "your day"
  you must not retaliate in any way.
THE LIGHT- is the Wisdom from afar,
  symbolised by Christ's Morning Star,
  visible - in an earthly sense
  to any who would "recompense."
  of Peace - not the sword,
  of Mercy and Compassion too,
  and ONLY - let love through.

So the Staff of the shepherd is God's strength
that is revealed to you at great length
and IF on the strength of God's Word you lean
then all inner darkness will God from you wean


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Which faith is the TRUE FAITH - O GOD of the sky
please of this wisdom do not me deny.

The true faith is ONE - that of MY WORD
those who it hear not - think it absurd
religious faith - is a word of mankind
and through its follies - man is in a bind

Twisting and turning saying - which way to go
which side is true - the lesson we don't know
so I say to you - see it clear
'tis direct to ME your GOD must you now steer

HEED MY WORD - every day
HEED MY WORD - and daily pray
ABIDE BY MY WORD - is what I ask
ABIDE BY MY WORD - 'tis your only task

God's only Commandment
"Love one another"

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~ The TRUE Plan ~

God via messengers did plan to teach the errant to become true. This is what I now reiterate to you and you and you. The plan was that any that had been inspired by God's messengers sired through the mortal flesh of woman, were to walk their way in a special way.

The special way was one where all whom the inspired did greet were to be told:

"I did the messenger of God meet and this is what he did say:

"Walk your road in peace each day. Wield no sword, for that is the way of the dark overlord. Be merciful to any whom wrong you in any way, and do not expect them to pay for their folly, no, you forgive them if you in heaven would live one day.

Be compassionate to the evil ones for they are ignorant and know not that what they do is to themselves being untrue. All do pay for folly.

Tell all that the ONE Law of God is immutable and thus all do Reap what they do Sow. This means that what we do to others is done to us by others. Yea verily I say unto you that all who suffer are but suffering because of what they did to others before."

That was the plan of God given by Jesus, and any woman or man hearing the above was to go their way as simple children of God if they were inspired to be earthly "guides" to the lost.

God did not say that any man stood above any other by "Mandate or Authority." NO, the WORDS of God given by the messengers as I now do is the PLAN in its fullness. For any who did it hear and heed by their daily deed would be freed from their bondage to the dark force and thus saved.

God did not say that any should 'dress' in a selected "pompous" robed uniform way. No, that is setting oneself "up" as being an "elevated" spiritually. The reality being that all are yet spiritually poor.

Many a 'caring' man or woman has become a "party" member to one or another religious orders on this planet. Thus they have already denied the PLAN that did say: "Individually walk your way."

It did not imply that the "inspired" must tell people to "join up" and become a part of a "club." Neither did it imply that there were any rituals to be performed. No, it was but a matter of being a caring, humble person who was ready to aid the spiritually lost.

So we stand here today where priests hold a powerful "sway" over the children of God. Yes, some priests such as the one of whom I will now speak are genuinely mild mannered, kind and meek. BUT - - they are promoting a GIANT lie that says:

"We can guide you to the heaven on high, and "our" saviour did already promise that if you became one of "us" then God will forgive you for all the blood and pus you did spill and you will not have to pay your due by falling down the hill into the clutches of Satan."

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So now I send a few lines to my old friend Gonzalo who is a Spanish priest upon whom the Devil will soon feast, for this kindly man does 'stand' and preach and teach what he falsely believes to be the truth.

That he "operates" as a priest in itself implies that he is a "special" representative of God, and that too is a lie. It the "name" priest or bishop or "order" etc is what "attracts" the "moths" who are seeking the bright light of salvation.

The PLAN of God is for me and you to just tell all we meet of the message true given on the above page to you, as well as the message of the bright morning star with its prayer to fortify your mind so that you can become truly kind.

So any "priest" or any of their "flock" who continue to be a club "member" will soon suffer as dark forces do them "dismember" for setting themselves above others of other races or "creeds," as all should just be a party to good deeds.

Yes, any who are to now become True to God must walk "alone" with God and in God's WORD abide. Please now "fellowship" with the lost evil ones so they can hear the wisdom loud and clear. Only this way will you and they quicker become free as God does see your new way.

I hope every "priest" or "club" member does this note understand, for all whom this "directive" deny will fall to the underhand. For non-compliance does mean that your mind is controlled from below. This fact I do know. Read on what I did say to my "fellow man" who believes that it is he not I who is of God's plan.

First message sent Nov 1999. Subject - 'The last days'

Gonzalo, I need to now ask you: "Are you for me, or against me?"
Please reply - Terence

Reply received:

Original Message ----- From: Gonzalo Munoz

Sent: Thursday, December 02, 1999 8:40 AM
Subject: The beginning of time

Dear Terence - I received your cryptic message. Very few words and ominous meaning. I believe in life. I believe that this world is beautiful and exciting, even though some people are doing everything in their power to destroy it. I am sure that nature will take revenge for the dreadful devastation that we humans are inflicting on her. But I am all for life, beauty, compassion, peace and reconciliation, and for living in harmony with nature, people and elements. Maybe the ends of time for some people are near but our dreams and visions will live forever. - Gonzalo

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Hello Gonzalo, I regret replying so late but have been away. I write to you because you are my brother as well as the son of our heavenly Mother. And yes, my letter is ominous because none it seems believe our invisible Father who says, "All will now pay for the iniquities of the past day."

I had "hoped" Gonzalo that my "Vatican City document" would have "shown you" a reality. For all religions have been used by the invisible dark force to control and deceive God's children into believing they are safe and saved.

As you can see, none believe that hidden in me is the soul of invincibility. I asked you if you were 'for me' because if you had said "yes," then I would have asked you to be a TRUE man and help in Mother's GREAT Salvation plan.

If you are not 'for me" then you are 'against me,' because it means that your 'disbelief' in me is due to the Devil controlling your mind and thus it is the very Devil to soon bind you and all the spirits linking into you.

Yes, and every day you continue to be a 'religious' priest is another day of Karma accrued, and another day later when dark forces will karmicly feast upon you.

My friend, you talk of the "dreams" of men. Well now, all men are living in a "dream world" and it is GOD the FATHER to awaken them all so that the REALITY of the "fall" into the Pit they know, for Father abhors the deceit that man does SOW.

I hope my "wisdom" inspired by Mother you can see. For then truly you will have been set free and then you can help Mother and me. My brother, none who go below have the time to 'dream,' NO, they only SCREAM, for they "fall" amongst the ones whom they did deceive and I can assure you that there is NO forgiveness in that lower land.

Gonzalo, you are nicknamed "Spain" by our mutual friend who did her freedom gain. As a "Spanish" man you could help your 'race' to find the message that does now the very heavens span. - Are you "able" to give me a "concise" answer to my first question Gonzalo? - Terence - the spirit of truth.

Note: Today is 24th Dec 003 (1999) and no response has been received.


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TRUTH v/s Religion & Cults

There is a "Club" that calls itself Christian and states that all others are "religious cults" that false be. The "others" do the same thing I do see. What none can see is that before ANY religion came into being there was only two sides to the "spectrum of God."

The Light & the Dark
The Love and the "shark"
TRUTH and the Deceiver

Thus all needs now see that the word "Christianity" is not the "body" of religious "Orders" that span this planet who "read" from a book they call the "Holy Bible."

No, a Christian is a follower of Christ Jesus, in that they by deed seed only Love, compassion and forgiveness as they walk their way as they heed the message of God that God sent through Jesus the man, and as they walk their road daily they stand before God as an individual, they do not "belong" to any man or religion of man.

It follows that any "man or woman" of any race - colour - creed who now heeds this "call" of God to "Be only merciful, forgiving and compassionate," is a true believer. A "Cult" is any organization of man that names itself as the "group" that "holds" the Salvation plan exclusively.

God's Salvation plan is not "exclusive" to any club, it is "attractive" in that it seeks to by divine inspiration show man the way to attain freedom from the dark controller who does control all realms outside heaven.

Thus the "leaven" of God being the wisdom of the pure word I bring again to earth is the "wine," being the water of eternal life. It is man who has separated "men" from this reality and thus all have "voided" their spirituality.

All religions "hold" up their "semi" precious books that have been "infiltrated" with deceit as they 'greet' others with disdain, as all who "think" they are already safe and saved are vain. None but none can see that I AM HE, and only those who now heed GOD via ME will finally "awaken" and be freed.

Thus it is now that all religions are to fall as ordained by God, for all were "raised" by the satanic 'voice' that entered the mind of man as it placed in its "spoke" via man's vanity and pride, who on heeding it then thought that "force of arms" was stronger than God's Word of "Peace."

Every "soldier" is of "a" religion, and every "minister" in a silly "frock" blessing them as they go to war is a "stool pigeon" for Satan. Yes, all mock the very God they "profess" to fellowship with as IT the Devil justifies attack or self defence that is contrary to the Holy Word of the eternal Light, that says:

"Love thine enemy, turn the other cheek, non-retaliation, go as a lamb to the slaughter to become my heavenly son or daughter."

Soon every spirit "soul" outside heaven will be confronted by "others" who are incited by and justified by the Devil to "attack" and give out flack. If your mind is not fortified with my reality and light then you will forgo your God and in retaliation you will also be inspired by the Devil to kill, and you will for an eternity pall as you fall into the depths below where all get to know the reality of the truth I sow.

Please, please read the uncontaminated truth I seed.

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~ Pope John Paul ~

I write now to Pope John Paul, for now do I MY banner unfurl to show the world that I am true to every soul, yes even you, being one used as a tool by the dark one, the princely fool, leading men on into deeper bind, for their blindness is so unkind.

So now I do begin to set all straight about sin for but TRUTH flows through me for verily, I AM HE, The awaited one, the proof, to again speak God's truth of Peace and forgiveness to all, for now does begin the final FALL.

The separation, wheat from chaff, and at me shall many AGAIN LAUGH for each time that I return it is to HELP mankind to learn, and they only need learn what they cannot see, and as yet, none can see me, for all but all are full of sin.

So I return to help BELIEVERS to WIN. Win their final freedom from the earthly race where for so long does mankind wield a mace, and the reasons of how, why and when, have I released via the power of my pen.

For it is God's pen that I wield as also it is my shield, for golden arrows from it flow, and new truth and light in every heart sow. So now, why I write to thee is to ask "Please set self free, free from bondage and your ALOOF from God's WORD for 'tis I the proof."

For you are bound by forces unkind who control you reading this, and thoughts unwind, for you are a tool of RITUAL for sure, that forbears enacted to steal from the poor. Please now FEED all the hungry and poor and HOUSE all God's children that come to the door.

There is not much more I can say other than, to our Father for your soul do I now pray, for you are a shepherd with a large flock and blindly do they follow and kneel at your frock.

And I ask: "Will you to them please speak and TELL THEM that my prophecy is TRUTH for the meek, so that they will look to my star as I hope you do too, and feel its power from afar, cleansing the mind of dark thoughts within so that each of your flock has a chance to win."

For, through you will they quicker heed me and thus quicker freed be, freed from the pain of their rising sin so that God's light can quicker spin in.

In God's name

page 22

~ Pope John Paul ~

As the elected representative of God's children, it is GOD who now speaks through this pen saying:

"Son my truth you did breach and now I must you teach, but first you must know which way you are to go, and what I do ask is first a small task.

Your authority of the flesh I now do enmesh with the man Terence the Christ, who I have sent to you as my messenger, to reveal how demonic forces will all steal, those who do not believe My message via Terence's weave, and thus I do say.

I demand that today you relinquish your authority, one of impropriety, and advise all your flock that you now do defrock, for the Prince of Peace has come, and he now IS the earthly one to guide all MY children via MY voice through his pen, and My message in their ears must ring so that in heaven they will sing.

This now I say to you and My love flows through,
hoping that you hear and thus, then I'll call you near.”

So John, I now say to you, "Did you HEAR our God true," for if you did, come quickly to me for your face I'd touch and see, and son, there is much to do so that to God and my flock you are true. Blessings from me do flow so that my love you feel and know.


All but all are yet "unkind" when at times dark thoughts do them bind, so I ask: "Please now be TRUE, for God's messenger stands before you," and this messenger is the African Star, that brings God's Wisdom from afar, the wisdom of the Morning Star it be, the STAR to set all believers free.


HEED the message from afar,
The Star prayer in the book, the bright and rising Star.
The Testament of Truth

page 23

~ Pope John Paul ~

John Paul, it is again time to write to thee and ask: Do YOU want to become free and roam the heavens above, and abide near the Father in endless love. For if you DO, then heed this my say, and to this end, I will now pray. Twice I have written and now the last time. Heed my vision, 'tis love divine.

I speak of torture, I speak of pain. I speak of greed and hatred and those yet vain. I speak of men such as you. I speak of men as yet untrue to God's wisdom and vision too, who as yet heed not the WORD TRUE.

Your flock you guide is very large, drifting on the ocean like a lost barge. No rudder or engine to show the way, pushed by waves until the last day, to be suddenly awoken with a mighty spill, as with a heave they topple over the last hill. The water is cold and very deep and so many son will for sure weep.

Tell them, TELL THEM to lay down their arms and heed my words of peace to find God's charms. Every soldier is of some religion for sure, so I write to you and others of what's in store for you and them if you do not heed, for as self appointed leaders you too are known by deed.

Do you solicit with your men, do you write as I with a pen? Do you agree that they be used as tools and destroyers that BE the Devil's forces here in the flesh, letting devilish thoughts with theirs enmesh? Thoughts of vengeance and blood lust too. "Do YOU approve"? I ask of you.

Tell every one they WILL lose their soul
Tell them Hell IS a vast, endless dust bowl.
Tell them the nights there ARE ICY COLD
Tell them son they'll needs be bold

IF they do not heed you
IF to God they would be untrue.
IF themselves they deceived be
then for SURE they'll never become free.

Tell them they walk the wrong way, tell them God and I now have a say. Tell them of God's love divine, tell them to follow NOT SWINE, being their leaders on earth, being the powerful and greedy of no mirth, being any in power who say "Go and kill."

Being YOU, IF you also follow pig swill by denying GOD IN SILENCE I see, by allowing the INNOCENT to die freely,* by forgoing your DUTY to God above by FAILING to RESPOND to this call of LOVE.

die freely* - To fall from grace due to believing it is OK to sin, due to being taught falsity.

page 24

Archbishop Franco Brambilla

My brother Franco, again I write to you for the dark tide rises ever swifter. Franco, within my mind too, as I awoke, was the visible Might of the Catholic See with all the earthly wealth and power within its walls, and, within the minds of its thousands of men an enormous wealth of wisdom, many poised to DO the will of God at this end time, and I thought:

"Of all these, who will see the truth within me,
who will have the courage to stand with me,
who will look up to God the essence of all, saying:

"Father, truly, the deeds of man have caused the erring of ways within our very establishment. Father, help us to now use our combined excellence to swiftly make amends by spreading your new doctrine to every corner of this earth, in every language. Father, guide me personally into the true light of your ways."

My friend, I hope that you and "yours" can see the truth emanating out of my pen. Remember, there are now to be those for me and those against me.

I would tell all that the power of God, being the light and the dark, walks with me, and it is now my will, God's will, that will be done on earth. Thus, all or any who deny me, deny not only the light but also the dark, for it IS the dark that says:

I DEMAND that you heed the call to Love that IS the COMMAND.

page 25

~ Errant earthly ministers ~
Letter to Neville Overton

Dear Neville, Yes I did presume that you are a "good" man, and I believe a part of God's great 'end plan.' But I do also see that "as yet" you are bound by rituals that you cannot see.

Ministers do control people, because people are taught that life's journey on earth is fraught with danger unless they "belong" to a 'particular' religion. They are also 'taught' that by 'belonging' they can continue on in a negative way and 'somehow' be safe on the very last day by being 'saved' somehow because for 'advice' and counsel they did pay.

You also "ritualise" your very existence by relying on saying to the people: "Look at me, I am a minister of religion thus I am empowered and available to aid thee." Why can you and every "other" this not see? We can all "minister to" and aid any in "our" particular way without "being a minister" of "a" particular church and using it to support our way.

As I see it any "member" of any community who aids/counsels/helps others is "administering & ministering" to their needs. Be it mental or emotional or spiritual or material. There is naught wrong in having a bank account or earning more than a "pittance," but what is wrong is that "one" teaches doctrine that has been falsified.

God via my pen gives "fresh food" to all, but those who are prideful or "falsely" taught or fearful will deny it/defy it and when they are personally "faced" with danger they will "repel" the invading stranger forcefully and thus this "test time" they will fail and they in Hell will quail.

If you "advertise" yourself as a "minister of the Lord" but know not the true meaning of the why of/for God's reaping sword then you are in God's eyes less than wise.

I do believe that you have a "place" awaiting you at my "table of grace" but you will needs become more 'strong' with my insight into the "rights & wrongs" of the way of man.

Once this you do see then you can guide others to me and God's message they will see. If you can "begin" to ask yourself "Why do so many suffer & cry in this realm," then you are "on the road to find out."

I wish you all well and "hope' my 'pen' can your "complacency spell" break. Soon there will be a giant "mass" as darkness spans the mind of man and the "following" ritual will be one of retribution & destruction.

All will fight for "righteousness" seeing not that they are "led" by the Devil. For all acts of retribution are antichrist.

Ask your "flock" if they would an "offender" sock and see "how" they will "go" on a soon coming day. There are few to heed the call of the Light and prepare their minds and emotions so that they are not incited to fight by thoughts from the enemy within.

If "the true Salvation way" was still "intact" on this realm then there would be NO reason for the Spirit of Truth to return here to see who had "earned" their spiritual release. Rather he would have just "waited" at heavens gate to say "Good day, nice to see you found your way."

Truly mankind has been so 'deceived' and is so lost that he not only expects but also demands that God "somehow" frees them. None seeing that "in fact" none deserve to win for all yet defy God (many unknowingly) and daily sin. (Causing pain to others in some way, or taking what is not theirs to take, or deceiving others in some way.)

It is God via my pen to mercifully extend a helping hand to not only this realm but via my mind to every level of consciousness outside heaven, (of which there are thousands).

The 'helping hand' of which I speak is the fresh platter of food that has the capacity to "amend" and thus reprogram and elevate the consciousness of mankind. If they are not too bound or proud to read it.

page 26

It is also regrettable that so many will be eternally bound below in freezing wastelands where pain does daily sow and flow due to 'so few' having the courage to aid me in my 'outreach' because the 'colour' and power of my spirit soul they cannot see.

That is the way that God would have it be, for the "test" is not "me," but who can God's true word see. All on this realm and others below "fell" from grace an eternity ago, due to their own decisions and free will.

The "miracle" of the day is that I came back this way and was "able" to see through the 'dark's' power play and write day and night for our God of Light.

Neville, Only God son is omniscient. The "Messiah" is but a "boy" compared to our Creator, and this boy is but the messenger. You "toy" with words "thinking" that I see "less" than thee.

Friend, I as you am but a "simple" man of the flesh upon whose mind our Creator does impress HIS/HER wisdom to aid both thee and me as well as humanity. I am not "concerned" with those "learned" words of the past for I did say that God is to "fire up" a fiery blast to burn all written before for all was contaminated and has misled many and they all now stand a "second" away from Hell's door.

If any man or woman heeds not the fresh wisdom from my sacred pen that is guided by God the Light then they will fall into the depths below. This sad/sorry fact I do know.

My "earthly" vision may as yours be very "limited" but for sure I did "read" and re-seed my earthly consciousness with all God has given "us" via my pen and thus I do know the dark power of Satan's den and "how" it broaches/seduces the mind of man.

As for "ministering" to others needs one can minister in many ways. Be it a "guide" to ships lost at sea or as the Salvationary lighthouse that I truly be.

"Priests" or "others" who claim the name of "God's Pastor" to minister to the spiritual needs of others see not that as far "as" the salvation of souls is concerned, it is the WORD OF GOD that is the Shepherd, and the "Staff" upon which we "lean" is the power of that word.

Thus I return now to say that God will now put all "priests" to the sword and burn every "building of man" for all "erred" ref God's great Salvation plan. Due to not only the "sins" of their forefathers through which Satan "cunningly" interwove truth with untruth, but due also to the vanity and pride within all today.

I say that it matters not "who" or "what" any be, they only become free when they heed God's fresh "plate of food" via me. Thus I am "as one" with God for there is no other on this sod who can say, "follow me," for the Truth I BE.

Let us see the truth of God's word and change our ways as is demanded by our Lord God for HE is merciless in the fulfillment of His one Law that is to now be fulfilled and those who continue on in "error" will not be "pardoned" and will be consigned to the Lions pit below to be mauled in perpetuity."

May God grant you the wisdom to see a "little" of that sent by me to thee for God relies "heavily" on those "as" you to be an "aid" to the lost too once you can see that it is God writing via me to thee.

God is both Light and Dark. The dark side demands that 'we' are only loving in our expression. This implies that IT the Dark demands that "we" also are loving towards IT. Thus any who are less than respectful and kind and merciful and forgiving to others who have "darkness" within are in default and the dark ONE will retaliate in an attempt to destroy any "defaulter" who confronts IT.

page 27

In my fresh Testament of Truth I did say that all "past" written had in "some" way been distorted to a/the point when man now believes he can "permissibly by God" put others 'noses out of joint' and still in heaven plod. This is ERROR.

In my fresh Testament of Truth I do say that none know the "truth" of sin and 'how' into their souls it enters in. I do also say that your "belief" about Jesus is untrue as his blood was not 'shed' to elevate any of the untrue but to "show the way" they including you must "go" on a soon coming day to pay for past sinning ways.

Everyone who believes God's message via my pen today will yes be enlightened by ITS say and be able to understand the "Dark hand of God" and thus not retaliate and thus as they heed GOD will be cleansed within of their inner sin.

I did "yes" write a personal note to you and also enclosed the full message that via my pure* soul came through, and thus I "ask" for our Mother of love that you read IT and let me God's dove have a "little" rest for I have already "blest" you personally by "placing" your 'name' up high on my web site at the end of the 'Vatican City document' with some of the past lines written to you that may aid others "as you" to become now true by telling all that God's fresh message of hope is now standing in the 'sky.'

The Light of God is a respecter of all - The Dark of God "holds" all false in contempt and all will now see the 'folly' of others and themselves for "as" people suffer & fall let all men know that "they" did it to others before on a past day or even when "in spirit" before their soul came this way.

God "the reaper" is infinitely just and 'we' only suffer what we did before, and this includes what our "forces men" do as they travel to a distant shore if we pay their wages.

You keep "grabbing" the old bible for 'quotes' to me. I say that it is now obsolete and its time to re-seed your consciousness with THE pure truth of the day. I did not say that "all" in the old bible is incorrect, but if you dine on a "platter" of food and even one "oyster" is bad you will die as will all who now 'justify' taking an eye for an eye.

This Neville is the "last" note to you but "when" you have fully read the CD content sent you and then if you wish to come and me 'greet' then this you may do.

*( pure - no negative emotions within - sin free).

Sincerely - Terence
The risen Messiah

page 28


The Hirelings* are those saying "We are the church," but 'tis they who their souls besmirch. THE CHURCH is not buildings or ministerial men, 'tis GOD'S children heeding the message from this pen. ABIDING by the WORD, those that it heard.

So the FLOCK be those of GENTLE NATURE who spiritually stand tall of stature. Going forth day by day, FREELY helping their brothers day by day, by showing compassion and forgiveness too, and not allowing any inner negativity to show through.

THE HIRELINGS have had their say. The hirelings have had their day, for as funds begin to slow, their true nature they will show, for the TITHES did they misuse, and in land and buildings did they lose* the GIFTS of the worldly poor, given to God to help the needy for sure.

And God's children STILL quietly weep, for they are HUNGRY and have nowhere to sleep, and the huge mansions and monasteries too, should have been used for God's love to flow through, THROUGH FROM HEAVEN to THE NEEDY, NOT to fill the coffers of the greedy.

So by RITUAL have all been deceived, as dark thoughts their spells quietly weaved. So all God's TRUE ministerial men who see the LIGHT flowing from this pen.

"RELEASE yourselves from bondage" I say, "Turn the past tithes into food and help, my way, which IS, feed the poor and bless them too, allow TRUE compassion to flow through. SELL ALL your worldly goods NOW."

TRY and believe my truth somehow, for all but ALL will everyone now lose as mankind becomes more evil and abused, so prepare for this time and join ME in heaven with God's love divine.

Every earthly religious minister is also of my flock, so I say now, please "unfrock" and join the rest of the fold, see the truth and be BOLD for by your DRESS you tried to show that God's blessing did more on you grow, and : "You ARE THE LOWEST" I hear from above, "That is if you heed not the cry of the dove."

Some of you are true but I call out to all of you, become SIMPLE, become free, own but a mattress and follow ME. If you must gather to have a say* then even under the stars will God be your way.

USE the buildings for what they were meant, to house the needy that are daily sent, sent away to walk the cold dark street whilst "God's children" sleep under blanket and sheet.

"Why,"? I ask is mankind so blind. Why not TRY to become more kind. "Oh children please, please try." IS the message now sent from up high. I bless you. I am HERE to say again, DRAW THE NEEDY NEAR.

page 29

EVERY earthly "Church" organization is a living lie that heeds not this message from the MOST HIGH, so to the FLOCK do I now speak, verily the TRUE SHEPHERD, to all his sheep.

The Christian "Clergy" preaches/teaches that man cannot save himself, that man can only be saved by Jesus another man. This is already a negative demeaning statement of untruth for it implies that God created some "lesser than" others.

I say that I "as" the saviour did not and cannot "do it for you." I state that as God's messenger I bring from God the means whereby you can do it for yourself. The "means" being the true Word that says: "If you walk in peace and abuse no other and you are merciful and forgiving and you "turn the other cheek" in the face of adversity then I will cleanse the sin from your soul and uplift it into My Kingdom of love above."

So if you or any "preacher" teaches that Jesus will or has already saved you through his "act" of crucifixion you are wrong. His crucifixion "act" was a demonstration to show any seeker of salvation how they would have to suffer before being set free. By laying down their "arms" and permitting themselves to be crucified if needs be as "payment/atonement" for their past evil ways.

Why I ask would God send Jesus to save "some" evil ones and not other evil ones, for all act evilly do they not? Why are some to be saved and others not? because those who heed ME and lay down their arms and walk peacefully will be "resurrected" into the Light.

Those who continue to fight in defiance of the Holy Word I bring will destroy themselves and fall into Hell together with those "elders" of religion who deceived them. All who "enter" into a "pact" with evil by justifying retribution in the name of "justice" will suffer eternal damnation.

HEARKEN to what I say to you,
HEARKEN for my truth is true.
HEARKEN to the wisdom flowing from this pen,
HEARKEN for 'tis guided by God's highest men,

Angels of light, compassionate and true,
Angels of light who reach out to you.
Angels of light who I hear cry.
Angels of light saying please, please try.

Now the Last Dance does begin, minds will whirl and minds will spin. Cunning and deviousness will unwind and many a soul will be unkind. Now is the time to say goodbye, for friends will part as they do die.

Some will FALL and some will FLY, that is why, that is why.

So now, what do we do for eternity ? Will we say goodbye to many as we and they depart ? So heed God's call and have a fresh start, for it IS too late as you do FALL, dragged down feeling terror by forces "tall."

If only you KNEW and reality could SEE, then for sure you would heed me and CONTAIN the feelings rising within, not allow your mouth or mind to sin. You must try and heed the word of God as blind you do on this level plod.

BEING merciful and compassionate every day, BEING forgiving as you walk your way, for only this way do I see will you join heavenly friends forever FREE.

hirelings* - ministers of religion.
lose* - wasteful unnecessary expenditure.
- talk of God’s Word.

page 30

~ The 'lie' and the lion ~
Caesar & the high priest

There is or may be an "assumption" by some men that all written in the named "Bible" is all sacred, and I am "told" by God that a "lot" of it is inspired direct from Satan's den by vain men who "altered" directives from the past given.

If you or any "assume" that the words therein "Render unto Caesar" implies "Give to the system of man" then that is your belief. I believe that any "demand" issued with a reprimand is not "of" the God of Light and thus I do not "follow" that demand.

I do not "owe" anyone merely because they say I so do. I only owe anyone when I have taken or stolen or purchased anything from them or promised them that I would "something" give.

I am further advised by our God of Abraham that in "those" olden days the fearful priesthood were themselves under threat from the "political" system of Caesar and were told that "unless" they falsified their scriptures with this unholy lie ("Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's" ) that they would be fed to the Lions on "a" later day. As these priests were of "no" true faith they complied and as now today you see, they "stride forth" hand in hand with soldiers of this and every land.

As all can now see this "lie" has been the "base" justification for continued theft off God's children, and for "some" reason the political men of the present day as well as their "enforcers" seek the "lie" rather than the Commandment from the Most High to "BE loving and merciful and forgiving" to those they perceive as "errants."

Maybe soon you will see why & how so many will cry for all did the "old book" believe, none seeing that Satan via it did man deceive. For God said "Freely give," not "Take and kill and a bloody mess make."  

So the difficulty of the day is that Satan 'telepathically" keeps man locked into the "lost way" as they vain man pridefully show their disdain to the TRUE Word and thus for sure they soon will suffer pain.  

For sure we must render unto God what is God's, but what is God's? Does any other than me know? NO - For what is God's is the fulfilment of GOD'S Law, not man's. Thus the fulfilment of God's ONE law is but that we "Justly" receive our recompense for deeds done. Joy for joy & sorrow for sorrow meted out. ("As we sow, so do we reap.")

page 31

It seems that NO man actually "hears" the content of God's one law as he man steals via taxes off his neighbour next door. As for the "Render unto Caesar " bit, well that is covered in this document and the truth of MY story I do know.

For it was not God's plan that "Caesar" or any other man could make up any 'laws' they wished to and then by force of arms enforce them. That is man's way AND the devil's way. But not the way of the light.

Once man has been empowered by a letter of "Marque" he feels justified in becoming a cruising shark as he says: "I am by God and man mandated to do whatever I wish to and thus I am also empowered to punish you if you comply not to my "acts" be they true or untrue and, as I am also blessed by my "religion" I am "excused/exempted" and will not be "bound" under God's law and thus will suffer not on this or any other shore."  

Man's "System's" believe that they are authorised to control and punish you because you voted them into "power." Religions believe that they are "authorised by God," and thus their "holy books" content must be "followed and adhered to" by any whom in heaven would plod.

Neither religions nor the system's "men" seeing that their "elevation" was inspired from Satan's den. Yes, all books or "acts" of man were written by man whose mind the Source did "span."  

But they also saw not that through their inner "sinful blot" that it was the dark side of the Source that did interpolate His thoughts within the love & forgiveness bit and thus did them all "inspan," and thus now all will needs make a fresh plan and turn to me for only I can the "way out of the maze" see.  

Man believes that the content of the "bible" is the literal truth and cannot conceive that it may contain falsity. This he believes because "Ministers told him so," even though within it there is a line of truth that says: "Man will wrest the scriptures unto his own destruction." This applies to the supposed holy books of every creed on earth.  

History proves that all men speak with "forked tongues" as all belong to 'a' religious order but for century after century have savagely sown disorder as they plundered and took by force of arms as they said they "believed" in a holy book.  

page 32

Under the Law of God everyone "used" by the deceiver to deceive God's children must themselves be deceived must they not? This puts every minister of religion since AD 1 on the "spot," for all did Caesar "condone" as none said to "their" flocks: You owe Caesar naught, not even a bone. 

What is only seen by God and me is that every "minister" of every religion and every minister of every "State" who has "passed over" into spirit realms sits below and does groan with the burden that God does upon them impose for deceiving His children who do also sit below and groan with their karmic load that they incurred on their road.  

These ministers and others can only be released when my truth they do see, and again I ask of thee: What is more worthy for a "knight" of God's realm to do aught other than "awaken" all earthly sleeping "beauties"? For truly, it is through their mind as they this THE truth read that those connected to them in spirit will God seed with the fresh uncontaminated wisdom I bring, and only as they IT see will they be able to change direction and become free.  

I wonder if this 'reality' you can understand, for this realm was "raised up" by God so that spirits from every level of consciousness could plod in the flesh and thus the truth and light from heaven would enmesh through them to the "lost" realms below. This I know, this I know.  

When this reality you begin to see then you will 'drop all' and help God and me to "awaken" the sleeping beauties before they are crushed into submission by dark forces for their iniquity.  

I hope this 'expose' aids you to see how lost man really be as he "blindly" hangs onto the "distorted" parts of the supposed holy books. For it was "man" who also therein wrote that God would not "permit" any alteration to the scriptures, and surely all can see that the scriptures are now held together by rotten "sutures" as every "sect" has rewritten them to suit their "own" belief that for sure will bring all to grief.

All I can "add" today as for our God my pen does sway is that "There is no 'man' or woman in the flesh or in any realm of consciousness outside of heaven who will not fall into the abyss unless they now heed me the "risen in the flesh" spirit from eternity.

You may wish to twist and weave or say 'I do you not believe,' but I do know that "my way" is the only way if to heaven you would go. So turn away now from religion and heed our Creator's fresh uncontaminated leaven from my sacred pen."

That is my say

Terence - the spirit of truth
From the office of the Messiah - Pyengana

page 33

Clemencia's "offering"

This "one" who released herself from the "folly" of the priestly "nunnery" did openly join me to aid humanity. Let many "other" nuns now set themselves free as their love and care they share with those "lost," be they the deceived or the deceivers "thee," for none of them are "married to God" or me. Of their "intent" at betrothal I now set them free.

This is the "offering" of Clemencia a former "Nun"
Whom God set free from "man" as
her soul God "won."

The Catholic See - As now I see

"Mother Church" we called her, remember you and I
sweet mother church would guide us - to heavens beautiful sky.

For by God's feet would we sit - if of sins we had been freed
Those were the days we knew not that "indulgences" were but greed.

The greed of a ruling class of men who first determined sin
and then through paid confession ushered forgiveness in.

And many a tortured hour we spent over sins we should confess
eating meat on Friday or sharing a sweet caress?

Thoughts of intimacy labelled as the devil's strongest tool
we answered probing questions - did they over our innocence drool?

As I turn to the God of my childhood on roads where I was led
a sorrow lingers quietly on the beliefs that I was fed.

I knew that God was ever real, of God I had no doubt
but the churches' heavy hands were the ones that did me clout.

How could men so blessed by a God they said did them ordain
hold half of God's beautiful children in such utter disdain?

For I am born a woman and from many pulpits heard tell
this made me lesser in God's eyes for my kind wove an evil spell.

"Seductive harlots" they labelled us leading to sin the men
and many gentle women I've known felt crushed by the pulpits pen.

Yet though my mind was twisted as you stripped my self-worth low
still my search for God went on for God must surely know.

That the word these men did utter - the Word they said was true
was riddled with the stain of lies and God would know this too.

And God is Truth sweet brothers, so God did hear my cry
"Forgiveness is the answer" is Truth revealed from the sky.

With compassion and with mercy, with love that flows for you
I write this message for you, knowing love can all things do.

So read this message on "the air," with humility know your deceit
God is All, the Light and Dark, but which side will you greet?

For greet our God is what we'll do when we finally leave the flesh
yet no doctrine, church or "position" will determine where we mesh.

If dark by you is seeded when others by you are brought low
know that Darkness is your master and to IT your energy flow.

No confession or ritual forgiveness, no belief or even prayer
will alter once deed is seeded - In what you do now have a care.

For as you seed each action with the Darkness or the Light
you decide "which" eternity will forever be in your sight.

So brothers, priest or bishop, this woman calls out to you all
"Your time is passed - Truth is here - God gives the final call."


page 34


~ Open Letter to Pope Francis ~
John McCarthy QC – Ambassador to The Holy See

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 349
00186 Rome - Italy

Dear Ambassador McCarthy,

Reference:  The last Pope & the risen Messiah

Be advised that the Spirit of Truth who is the messenger of the Most High, our God, now walks this earth in the 'disguise' of a very simple mortal man from Tanzania who now resides in Tasmania, and is the wielder of this God's sacred pen. I now state:

"Please deliver this 'epistle' to Jorge Bergoglio the new Catholic Pontiff, Pope Francis."

Dear 'brother' George, I do believe that you are a sincere man of God seeking to promote 'goodness' and to assist humanity in your role as Christ's 'Vicar' on earth.

I simply ask you to read my message to humanity from the Source God the Mother - the LIGHT. For only in so doing will you 'believe' who I AM and then know that God's 'Truth' via my pen ~ God's, is sent to uplift 'believers' and NOT them deceive.

I have returned 'as a thief in the night' in that my 'Invincible' spirit soul is hidden in the flesh of a 'simple' man from Tanzania, East Africa. I have now lived in Tasmania, Australia 'cloistered' in the 'forests' of the land away from the 'madding' crowd for 20 years. During this time I have daily sat, both day and night, writing God's FINAL message to humanity to prepare ALL for the coming upliftment - - - OR - - - the FALL.

Within my The Testament of Truth there are many revelations which are not taught by any 'religions' of the day. This also applies to the 'Catholic' church, and ONLY those who now obtain the CLEAR comprehension of what is revealed will be ABLE to save THEMSELVES.

I ADD: ONLY our God is to be ADORED. At present - - - men of man's churches all 'adore' and praise and elevate into 'godship' the Pope - bishops - priests - clerics, and other 'holy men,' all FORGETTING to SIMPLY:

"Go their way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and to forgive their perceived enemy" as COMMANDED by THE FATHER.

Seekers of Salvation must OBEY the 'WILL' of GOD or DIE & FRY.

I ADD: All, and this includes yourself, now as elected Pontiff, together with all other church elders of any 'creed' or system of belief, MUST now 'defrock' from their 'Regal regalia' and become CIVIL civilians and OBEY the a - b -c - d Commands given herein as well as within the 'Wielstra.pdf' found on line at the given link below.

Being the infallible WORDS of God which were recorded correctly in mans' Holy scriptural texts over the ages.

(a) Go your way in peace and love one another and BE merciful and compassionate and always FORGIVE your enemies.

(b) Turn the other cheek when faced with adversity and do NOT retaliate or you will be late for Heavens Gate.

(c) Go as "a Lamb to the slaughter" even when your enemies wish to destroy you.

(d) The words purported to have been spoken by Jesus and recorded here by my hand are also the infallible Word of God.

"The greatest of all the commands given by the Father is that we are to LOVE one another and to forgive others even unto 70 x 7,
and I add, more than 70 x seven."

God now reiterates: "MY ONE LAW is immutable and INFALLIBLE." That LAW is:

"As you Sow so shall you Reap"

 "What you or your servants do unto others will be done to you by others on an EQUAL and therefore 'eye for an eye' basis" - - - being God's:


I ADD: Due to the many 'factors' given within my The Testament of Truth it is revealed that presently, every person living in any Realm outside of the pure Light of Heaven, (of which there are 'countless realms,' including planet earth) are in FACT sliding down and backwards towards the 'PIT' and eternal hellfire. If it was not 'so' then there would have been NO need for God to send me here again. I can but state:

OBEY God and spiritually LIVE ~ DEFY God and spiritually DIE

I ADD: One cannot serve two 'masters.' If one is condoning, funding and supporting the 'works' of Caesar, (State) then one is MOST DEFINITELY in contravention of God's Command as delineated in a - b - c - d above because, adherents to the ideological religious 'philosophy' of 'Caesar,' being: "WAR, domination, subjugation, interference, control, punishment, taxation extortion and killing" are in ABSOLUTE opposition to the ideological religious 'philosophy' of: "PEACE & love & mercy & compassion & forgiveness" Commanded by GOD.

I ADD: The 'Catholic' flocks and the 'flocks' of EVERY other religion have been ONLY 'permitted' to exist undisturbed if they 'bowed' to the dictates of men such as 'Caesar,' being mortals backed by weapons who state: "Pay us a daily tax due or we will punish, evict, dispossess, excommunicate or destroy you." None seeing that in paying this 'annual' Ransom, they become complicit to all 'control and injury' imposed upon others in the community by State forces.

ONLY those who NOW obey their God will be set free AFTER paying all outstanding spiritual dues to HIM for their 'complicity.'

I ADD: I THE Messiah only DELIVERS the MESSAGE from God to mankind. YOU the individual of any 'station' in life are the ONE to comprehend IT - comply with IT and, as you so DO, and LIVE it, you show your God of your intent and DEED and thus the 'value' of your SEED, be IT:


Every individual person (child of God) of any race or creed can become a 'carer' of God's children and can assist others to a comprehension of the content of The Testament of Truth message, for only by understanding what is written and illuminating one's mind can one benefit.

It is NOT for any 'Pope' to try and 'correct' the woes within the 'Church of Rome' nor the woes of 'the world.' It is the content of the message from God the LIGHT to so do, - - - not me, nor you.

I ADD: Dear 'brother' George, I do believe that it was God who 'advised' your predecessor to resign. I do believe that it was God's 'Will' that you have been elected this week, and why you? Because maybe just maybe you were the only 'one' of the Papal 'nominees' who is humble enough, courageous enough, and wise enough to READ God's final message via me and then decide to NOT continue on being a 'pretender' to God's throne on earth. God's Holy Word RULES, not the rites and rituals or beliefs of mortal man.

Dear 'brother' George, please now advise all 'Catholics' worldwide to look direct to GOD as their 'head of house,' and to read Her ~ His final message to humanity at:

Our God requires you to now 'resign' as Christ's Vicar and to tell all Catholic bishops, priests and others to 'disband' and go home and prepare for what is now to BE - The final separation of souls for ETERNITY.

I enclose my link to the 'Wielstra.pdf' and the 'One True Faith'

It is imperative that everyone understands that if they do not fortify their minds against intrusive deceptive THOUGHTS presently invading the psyche of all mankind, in the manner given by ME, that they will BE used by the DARK demonic forces to impose great suffering upon others and the spiritual consequence of that will BE infinitely more than terrifying.

PLEASE, irrespective of 'who' you are - what you have done - what you are doing :
Turn to GOD, be respectful unto all, and BOW to
God's Holy Command.

READ all about IT

I wish you well - Terence


God's Judge Terence de Malaherre
Centre of Enlightenment


The antichrist is NOT any particular named person but in FACT is the destructive DARK energy of the Source - God which will emerge through the MIND of simple man being uncontrollable thoughts which will JUSTIFY a REASON in these 'open' minds to go forth and subjugate, control, injure, maim and kill etc.
Yes, global insanity will 'reign' for a time as THE DARK  metes out divine retribution against ALL who defied God's 'Go your way in peace and love one another' command as they dominated, subjugated, interfered, judged, punished, controlled, injured, extorted funds, damaged, dispossessed and killed etc.. (God's DARK energy 'balancing' ITS 'Scales of Justice.')
All 'followers' of 'Caesar's' warring doctrine are serving the FALSE God of destruction. (State)
Irrespective of your 'stated' religious 'order,' if you fund the State coffers you are ITS 'follower' and supporter.
Irrespective of 'anything' anyone ELSE says, I THE MESSIAH state:
"All followers of the God of destruction are ON the wide road to Hell"

page 35

Subsequent received correspondence

----- Original Message -----

To: Terence
Sent: Friday, March 15, 2013 7:31 PM
Subject: The last Pope & the risen Messiah
Jesus replied: "Watch out that you are not deceived.
For many will come in my name, claiming, 'I am he,' and, 'The time is near.' Do not follow them.
(Luke 21:8)
From: Terence
Date: 15.3.2013 10:35:38
Subject: The last Pope & the risen Messiah

Dear friend 'fool that thou art' - please AWAKEN - it is EVERY PRIEST who comes 'IN THE NAME OF JESUS' - I come in THE NAME OF TERENCE, stating that I AM the Christ - IF you are so 'arrogant, shallow and BLIND' that you cannot even READ what is written in my texts BEFORE denying me - - - then FOR SURE you will BURN in eternal hellfire BEING YOUR CHOICE.

What? I ask do you see as error in my teachings?
You do not even have the respect as to state - 'Dear Terence' NOR to even give or sign your name -
Do you believe that OUR GOD sees YOU as respectful, kind, loving, merciful? NO brother, you are NONE of these.
I have spent 25 years of my life writing God's message for YOU personally for FREE
Only swine see NOT the Pearls of wisdom placed in front of them
---- Original Message -----
To: Terence
Sent: Friday, March 15, 2013 11:09 PM
Subject:  The last Pope & the risen Messiah
OH, you come in the name of Terence, stating that you are the Christ?
Oh, I'm so sorry... that changes everything!
Now I do believe everything you say... (pardon me laughing aloud...) 
"Dear friend" I hope that you will discover God's real love in your life,
but for that you have to open your heart, and deny Satan.
I may be a swine, but you surely DO NOT have pearls.
Your language betrays you.
----- Original Message -----
From: Terence
Sent: Saturday, March 16, 2013 6:16 AM
Subject: The last Pope & the risen Messiah - 2

Dear 'brother' - The 'passage of time' tells ALL brother - the ENDING we all do see INDIVIDUALLY - I can but remind you that it is priests who 'cross' their heart with their hand as a 'ritual' SYMBOLISING that they ONLY speak TRUTH and they then state:

"In the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit" - Is this not THE TRUTH ?
Is it not the priests who 'come' in the name of the son (Jesus) the Christ?
I do not 'come in the name of 'he' for I say I AM THE CHRIST spirit embodied in the biological flesh of the mortal man Terence

I also state that at THIS point in time our God's LAW will BE imposed upon all by HE (God) - it follows that if you have been deceiving God's children through preaching from contaminated teachings, that within said Law of God it is you now to be deceived so as to keep YOU in 'error.'

But what YOU do not see is that it is not I to deceive you, but the deceiver operating from the DARK from where HE controls your OWN mind telepathically from WITHIN you. So YOU need to assist yourself as you ask yourself -

"From whence come the thoughts into my mind which tell me that Terence is a false prophet so it is of no 'use' to me to seed my mind with his truth."

At the end of my epistle to Pope Francis I stated:

The antichrist is NOT any particular named person but in FACT is the destructive DARK energy of the Source - God which will emerge through the MIND of simple man being uncontrollable thoughts which will JUSTIFY a REASON in these 'open' minds to go forth and subjugate, control, injure, maim and kill etc.

So as you now SEE the 'problem' for thee, ask YOURSELF - "Is the antichrist FORCE able to control my thinking so 'quickly' that I am UNABLE to read any of the 250 documents on Terence's web site IN CASE IT DECEIVES ME"?

So now you SEE the GRAVE difficulty, for very FEW priests indeed will be safe or saved because the POWER of our God is INFINITE - all I can 'suggest' to you and EVERY 'preacher' is, that they do what I am told by GOD to tell EVERYONE being:

Do the STAR 'prayer' DAILY and fortify your minds against the 'advances of the devil' (God's demonic reaping forces) or you WILL ALL DIE IN YOUR SIN.

 So - for your benefit I attach the STAR prayer document as well as the 'Wielstra.pdf' for IF you have the 'courage' to read both then there IS a slight chance for YOU to advance in your personal SALVATION.

Please pass this to others - Terence


Do you the 'reader' have ANY idea how SAD the END of this 'story' is going to BE?



It has an ending where not 'ONE' but UNCOUNTABLE souls are LOST forever in the most horrible circumstance beyond imagination.

A destination so 'foul & beastly and agonising,' and WHY?

Because they failed to SEE REALITY or, - - - they failed to be REACHED by YOU or ME.

It is THE TIME to take the 'process' VERY SERIOUSLY

Do NOT 'look at me' for ANY reason - I AM solely God's MESSENGER

Read THE message from GOD and THEN decide if for YOU - IT is a message TRUE.

If for you IT is NOT, then simply "Go your way in PEACE"


If YOU 'advise' even ONE other that IT is 'error and unworthy to be read' then - -  -


SAY I your God who 'backs' this PEN. 

I Terence ADD: Who are the 'swine' in the context of this page? They are those living 'happily' in a delusional state of both ignorance and arrogance. How so? They believe falsely that THEY are 'safe & saved' as they 'grovel' at the feet of earthly government officials, and they preach to God's flocks that they must also 'bow' to the taxing dictates of world leaders and fund and condone and support their ongoing domination, subjugation, interference, control, punitive and destructive WAR effort - - - rather than bowing to THE Command of GOD.

I state quite categorically that ALL 'ministers' of ALL earthly religions 'grovel' at the feet of SATAN through their FEAR of suffering the threats imposed upon all for failure to so DO and, they ALL preach a mixture of truth AND falsity.

I state quite categorically that ALL 'ministers' of religion are complicit to the 'deceit' of the DARK Sovereign Power and ANY 'such' person who continues to preach ANYTHING which is in 'conflict' with the contents of this GOD'S "The Testament of Truth" will surely die in their SIN.

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