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~ Addendum to Corby Treatise ~
Some future correspondence to be added here


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~ Open letter to Hotman Paris Hutapea ~
dated 7 June

I greet you 'Hopp' - I am Terence the Imam Al-Mahdi from Tanzania East Africa, presently residing in Tasmania. I believe that you have offered your services to the Corby legal 'team,' and I ask whether you are a man true to Allah that can also become one of HIS earthly 'team' to enlighten the human race that I 'lead,' for mankind all presently live in a 'daydream' and are soon to be awoken from it with a painful scream.

Please read this letter to its end and then read the 23 page 'The Corby 'Case' Treatise' that upon the whole world I append

For if this you can do, then our God Allah will see that you are to HIM true. For HE has a 'giant' task to via 'us' elevate the consciousness of the entire planet before that LAST DAY as prophesied, and HE seeks to use the 'Might' of your mind and 'pen' also.

The 'release' of Schapelle Corby is to be a certainty, and a 'worthy' cause for you - but, - - - there is a bigger picture with much at stake for every Indonesian also.

For all on earth are 'bound' by Rules, and all governments stand on 'shaky' ground, and only a man true with a steady mind sound can help THE PEOPLE become free peacefully, and thus conform to the "Only love & be peaceful & compassionate & forgiving & respectful & merciful" Command of Allah.

Once you have read the Corby 'Treatise' at the above link, then you will begin to see the full 'error' and beastliness of man. You may then also wish to look a little at my personal web site content at : < http://www.dar-es-salaam.org > Then decide whether you do have the 'heart' of a LION that is TRUE to Allah with the courage to help me help all humanity. If this you seek to do, then write back to me saying:

"Yes Terence, I will do all asked by Allah who I see does inspire you"

For you 'Paris' do have the power to personally yourself set Schapelle free by educating the entire Indonesian community, who will themselves then seek to free her and in so doing, free themselves. For the 'battle' is not against any man, it is against the invisible dark energy that binds the mind and soul of man.

 For no 'change' will come via the 'Judiciary' until they see what I say using your * 'expertise' and material facility. 

I wish you well Paris (Hopp) and await a reply
In the Light of Truth - Inshallah
Terence - Imam Al- Mahdi

Note - using your * 'expertise' and material facility. - This may be the role of any person that decides to assist me to help Schapelle as well as educate the entire world community.

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~ Judge Sirait - the Holy Cow ~
Open letter dated 13 June

Dear Judge Sirait, the 'Holy Cow' is the 'object' that is raised up and 'elevated' into the status of god-ship, as IT is seen as the 'being' that personifies the 'All-powerful' and thus by FORCE, it upholds the RULES that control all and impose upon all the 'forceful, merciless, vindictive, and unforgiving punitive' ideology of the governing State System of men.

The Judge and the Institution that he upholds by force are 'one' and the same unholy 'Cow' and, the 'lackeys' that serve the 'taxing' and punitive arm of the controlling System are the 'fatted calves,' soon to be led to the 'slaughter' together with the 'Cow' by the very forces of darkness that inspire them to defy Allah.

For the 'Cow' and the 'hand' of those such as 'Judges' force other men to enforce the false ideological dictates of the System upon others, and this leads all 'complicit' into the 'maze' in the underworld where none can find their way out.

Judge, many a man you did 'condemn' as you made your declaration by pen. But what you did not see as you wrote was, that upon your own soul you it similarly besmote. For Allah said and again says today:

"As you judge so shall ye be judged by ME and, I do see that there is no 'mercy' in you and thus a 'merciless' judgement I place upon you, and that is 'Just' Justice within MY LAW as again is written by MY messenger true."

Judge, you are a man 'bound' by rules in a book 'bound' by antiquity, and by you 'found' to be of 'worth' and seemingly true. Where my 'brother' is the MERCY or Compassion therein?

Did not Allah say that all 'punishment' or suffering imposed is sin? Why did you forget Allah? Simply to earn a wage? Or was it that others would see you as a 'sacred cow' and also a wise sage?

Son the 'End Time' has begun, soon every 'sinner' is 'on the run' from hideous thoughts erupting inside their own minds due to their vanity and pride. You son are an 'errant' one and your own 'lonely' journey is soon begun. With no wife or child by your side, only Demons soon will stand alongside you.

You may 'today' feel happy because you did your duty to the book of rules that you believe is the law of the land upon which you stand. I say that you and all 'judges' err, for the real 'Sir' to whom we mortals must stand and 'bow' to is Allah, not any man such as you or the unholy books revered by you.

For Allah's song is the one soon heard, being HIS 'Sword' wielded against all as you that heard not that it is a 'sin' to plot against any of HIS children using 'rules in a book' to justify your actions and thus permit you to them 'Swat.'

Man seeks a 'legal' way to tax, punish, incarcerate, or kill, and Allah sees that they all did their 'bellies' fill with the 'blood' of their victims. Allah now must your body 'bleed' and cut so that every drop of pain or sorrow imposed by you upon others comes from your soul out.

Yes it will be traumatic for a very long time. Yes you truly have convicted yourself as being a 'bloody swine' and yes you deserve all the suffering to be forcefully imposed upon you in this or the next land where Demons live and do upon the vain and arrogant DINE.

Before you there go, please come and see me so that I can openly hold discourse with thee. For only if you understand what by me is said, will your soul be able to be set free far ahead and exit HELL'S bed.

Soon son you will be dragged away from your family too as to Schapelle you did do, and only then as you suffer will you begin to realise what unto others you did do and, as your 'flesh' is by others 'shredded' you will understand the fate that is deserved by all that with SATAN 'bedded.'

I am doing my best to let all see that the real enemy of mankind is the dark force that shines through every governing system of man, and as it is a punitive, extortionist, and warring ideology, it keeps all bound in slavery unto IT - the System, as IT is the 'Holy Cow' and its workers the 'fatted calves' keep all others impoverished and in suffering and, - - -

IT via rules and via ITS political heads told everyone that it the system would look after everyone if they 'voted' IT into power as their 'head of house' so that IT could 'rape' their purses in every way and, - - -

All now demand more from IT now on every shore, and all have become dependant upon 'handouts' from IT and being protected by IT and, - - - all seem to have forgotten that Allah gave us hands to use to support ourselves and then give a little away and, - - -

Allah also said "Look to ME as your head of house for you cannot have two 'masters' and if you defy MY ideology of Peace & love & mercy & forgiveness then you will suffer on and on and your spiritual journey will never be won." You might ask "WHY - - - and how can that so be"? - - -

BECAUSE - none see that the immutable 'eye for an eye' Law of Allah stands above the 'silly' rules of men that man named 'The law of the land,' and as you fund, condone, and support the taxing of others via a punitive and coercive 'armed force' through fear of reprisal and, - - -

As the people fund, condone, and support the punitive measures taken against others and, as the people fund, condone, and support the armed forces that travel far away and engage in a killing spree, the people forget that the "As you sow so shall ye reap" - eye for an eye Law of Allah is still in 'vogue' even though the future repercussions are unseen by the people and you.

And worse yet is that not only is all suffering that was imposed upon others via ones 'servants' become the painful 'due' spread upon every taxpayer, but whenever the people are faced by a difficult situation, the people are programmed to 'defensively' attack or use the Court of man (Caesar) to fight for compensation on their behalf and, - - -

The people not only accrue a further spiritual due, but as you the people 'fight,' you draw into your souls that very dark energy (mist of death) that grows like an unseen cancer within, and its weight (the sin) is what drags you into the underworld.

Yes I do have the 'secret' of how one can win and become eternally free, unfortunately you are all fearful and bound by the coercive dictates of rules that are upheld by merciless men that work for the 'establishment' as they place the State above Allah.

And who will 'sign' the release for Corby so as to be seen as TRUE in the eyes of Allah?

Imam Al-Mahdi

Note - The worst criminals in the eyes of Allah are those 'fools' that mistreat HIS daughters and, these are the ones that Allah sees will be punished most severely by HIM in the after life. If you would not like another man to kidnap, hold hostage, and incarcerate your daughter, sister, mother, or wife, and give them 'strife,' then consider your options remaining in this life if you have the capacity to reason.

Then consider the fact that no rule book TEXT can protect you from Allah, nor from the retributive thoughts soon to be seen operating OPENLY in this and every land via the minds of the mentally disturbed who will be true to HIM as they abuse the abuser.

In the name of the State or Liberty, men fight and kill and abuse others punitively, and die spiritually.

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~ Alexander Downer ~
Foreign policy
Dated 16 June

Where I ask is the 'diplomacy' today - it seems that force of arms has become 'the new way' as well as being the order of the day. Wherein 'special' forces that are naught else than killers of men, are 'ordered' to go forth to invade another's 'den' to attain the 'return' of a person that was 'taken' similarly by force of arms.

Did the 'Australian' authority feel 'safe' in their intrusion of Iraq? Probably 'yes' because they had the 'backing' of the Bush administration. I believe that such 'policy' is most definitely 'foreign' to the policy code of conduct commanded by the Creator. Be HE named God or Allah or any other depending on your language spoken.

Does anyone 'wonder' what the Iraq community feel or think about this invasion? No, because they are not seen as people by the invaders. Did Downer send in the troops to 'free' a single man to gain popularity with the Australian people? Probably, and will he even consider doing the same in Indonesia, Bali? No.

Even though Schapelle was also kidnapped by 'force of arms' and is held detained in perpetuity for much longer than the 'other' was, there would certainly be a lot of return 'flack' for any such invasive attack on such a close neighbour.

Anyhow, what you the people of any land need to see is, that all 'killing' or 'collateral' damaged caused by your servants the politicians and their private forces (armed men) is seen by Allah/God and is all subject to HIS superior and immutable and 'Just & Equitable' eye for an eye Law that is THE LAW OF THE LAND IN EVERY LAND.

"As you or your servants 'Sow' so shall ye REAP"

So as you see, even as you sleep at night your servants funded by your taxes and condoned by you are running 'free' over the land in defiance of the "Peace" Code of Conduct of Allah/God and are abusing as they invade, steal, intrude, kidnap, incarcerate, abuse, punish, and kill, and all this is 'said' to be done on your behalf and in your name!

All have a 'vast' suffering DUE already accrued for employing others to be so rude and disrespectful to other human beings. The 'forceful' way has become normal. It is the wide road to HELL. Believe you me, for I am the 'all-seeing' eye of Allah/God and your 'destiny' is also seen by me.

If you 'wish' to become free then listen now to me, - - - "STOP funding INIQUITY."

Peace & mercy & compassion & forgiveness is the way.

Allah/God is in 'control' of all interaction. The positive GOOD, and the negative BAD.

If HE sends out an arrogant non-believer to use force of arms against another, then the 'sufferer' is simply receiving an 'eye for an eye' return due within the singular Law of GOD - - - resulting from a long past time * when they had 'sowed' mental, emotional, or physical trauma or loss upon others or another.

Note long past time * - many people are subjected to suffering in such a way that it appears to be uncalled for or unjust, and they are perceived as 'innocent' victims. For if one had 'punched' someone and received a punch in return, then it be seen as instant justice.

So when I refer to a 'long past time,' it means that the punitive 'arm' of the Source often operatives in a delayed manner. This means that when someone is 'bashed' or suffers at the hands of someone today, that they could in fact be receiving a past 'due' that they accrued 20 years before, or even in a 'time' frame prior to incarnating in the flesh of this world.

All punishment or control or abuse inflicted by someone upon another is the 'deceptive' DARK side of the Source in action in ITS interaction telepathically through ITS dark forces on earth. (Sinners) They are the ignorant that see not that at that very moment * accrue a similar return due. To be suffered by them at another time and place. Yes, all complicit to the 'offensive' are offenders in the eyes of Allah/God for their defiance of HIS Command to "Only Love."

Note: that very moment * - all pain and suffering imposed upon others by any person, be they mandated to punish or not will be 'similarly' imposed upon them by the Source operating through other 'sinners' in the time frame and place so ordained by the Source-God. Let it here be understood, if you abuse others for any reason or reduce their homes to 'rubble,' then you have paved your own future when your home will be destroyed and your own life will become travail.

The DARK side of the Source is in 'opposition' to the LIGHT side. The Dark is 'cruel, merciless, punitive, invasive, controlling, unforgiving, and destructive.' It fulfils the 'punitive' side of Allah's single Law through any 'fool' stupid enough to 'listen' to IT.

The LIGHT sends out unarmed peace workers to give 'good, kind, merciful, compassionate, forgiving diplomatic counsel' to erring offensive people. These 'helpers' are also inspired to do good and offer education and assistance for the purpose of rehabilitation.

If any of you can see the REALITY, then you can see that men of all races and 'creeds' are all sliding backwards into the Abyss as well as accruing very sorrowful dues and their 'fate' is eternal damnation.

Change your way TODAY

Soon as you will all see, there is to be an upsurge of insanity, and multitudes of youths in every town in every land will go on the RAMPAGE, for their minds have been taught falsely and they have all become 'trapped' by the invisible telepathic power of the Dark Sovereign Power.

HE the invisible Deceiver will use their youthful energy and their dark emotions of frustration, anger, and vindictiveness as HIS 'army' that will invade every 'home' and business and mete out retribution for HIM. Soon you will see the result of all being so unwise. For the 'end' result of this escalation of 'mob rule' will be that everyone reaches for their gun, because their minds will also be accessed by the Dark Sovereign Power telepathically through their fear and anger.

Maybe you should all now quickly consider your ONE and ONLY option. That is to haul-in those that disturb the peace and have them attend a friendly 3 hour 'Feeling Easier Seminar' as given by me and then set free. For only thus will they learn how to fortify their minds against deceptive thoughts and BE TOLD that all they do is subject to the Law of Allah.

If you wish to help 'Corby' and all humanity, then help me help the 'enforcers' and the greater community to see that regulation and punishment is the wrong way. Neither do you 'fight' for freedom using force of arms. You fight using TRUTH as you educate the others into learning 'why' they needs be kind unto others and thus unto their own soul.

It is the time for all humanity to see that 'The Government' in every land is not the State workers or political men or their enforcers, it is simply the text in the books of rules that are the Autocratic governing Dictator that force all those that uphold such 'Decrees' into defying their God and 'abominably' carrying out ITS extortionist and punitive and warlike ideology.

No person in any land today uses their conscience as their guide, all are fearful and their ideological code of conduct is dictated to them by silent Orders that flow forth from the TEXT of legislated rules. All now 'adore' and uphold these rules that have replaced their God, and this dark black belief is a religion, and all are now 'bound' by this State religion that is the religion of the BEAST.

Allah says:

"When you see others err you can either:
Love them and with good counsel help to uplift them - or
Criticise them and and punitively put them down.

Woe unto all that choose the latter."

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~ The 'godless' one ~
'Chris Ellison'
Dated 28 November 2006

The Australian 'justice minister'  Chris Ellison is 'the one' who has chosen to defame his own name in the eyes of his Creator Allah and become a 'godless' one of no name.

For his intent is to by deed 'shame' his ancestral name and his own soul as he 'appoints' others to 'look into' Rules and find a 'judicial' way to steal by force all or 'any' monies earned by Schapelle Corby that arise from the sales of her recently published book titled "My story."

The 'lamentable' excuse he gives for this 'treasonable' course of action is that she is a 'convicted' criminal and of 'no name' and worth less than he, and thus he and his 'persecutors' are by him seen as having the divine right under the 'rules' of his institution to seize all profits.

Why does vindictive man jump onto the train to HELL? Is it because he believes the false 'story' that someone wrote being his own 'book of hell' books of rules. (Legislation)? Can educated man be so 'unwise' as to despise others who have in fact caused no 'pain or loss or suffering' to him or others? - - - "Yes" - - - Why? - - - Because their own vanity excels and knows no 'bounds' and it (the vanity) places them into the same elevated position (status) as Allah.

Does it so do in reality? - - - "Yes and No." For in reality men such as 'Ellison' who are backed by force of arms can use force to 'crush' and abuse others and to thus be 'tin pot gods,' but none of them are able to see that Allah sees their puny excuses to defy His call to "Go your way in Peace and be merciful and forgiving" and, - - -

These mere 'infidels' are so ignorant of the singular and immutable "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of Allah, that they see not their own coming demise when the Might of Allah sends their miserable souls into the Abyss to be dined on by 'jackals' and hyenas.

Chris Ellison the 'godless one' is intent upon committing a Treasonable deed because he is employed to protect the 'interests' of other members of the Australian community, and his intended actions are an attack upon a 'damsel' a daughter of Allah, carried out solely for financial gain, and to elevate his own 'personage,' - - - the 'fool,' - - - Satan awaits, and Satan's 'lips' drool.

Terence - Imam Al-Mahdi

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Original Message -----
From: Terence
To: humas-ui@ui.ac.id
Cc: presiden@ri.go.id ; indonesia2@un.int ; ecu@un.org
Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2012 5:32 PM
Subject: Corby - ALLAH v/s the State of Indonesia - Open letter to all


Dear Mr. Hikmahanto Juwana and all, I refer to the words found on line purported to have been spoken by you: 

An international law expert at the prestigious University of Indonesia, Hikmahanto Juwana, said the original 20-year sentence had been consistent with Indonesians' strong views on smuggling, and should stand.

You also go on to also speak about 'Legal Jurisdiction v/s political,' and I wish to clarify certain facts in this modern but 'evil' day as so many twist and distort the TRUTH and, if YOU speak about The Law needing to be implemented or adhered to, - - - then I ask in all sincerity that you read this epistle for a VERY GRAVE injustice has been done, as 'customs' and other 'officials' laid FALSE charges against a daughter of ALLAH due to their own ignorance of The International Law of Indonesia's International airports and 'forgetting' the immutable LAW of ALLAH.

I refer to the words you give above < Indonesians' strong views on smuggling, > Smuggling is the illegal activity of taking prohibited goods into a country where it is prohibited to so do.

It seems that everyone today fails to see that LEGALLY, no person has 'smuggled' anything when they are still within the precincts of an International Airport 'entry,' for one has in 'Legal' FACT not entered into the 'Land' until they have passed through the jurisdiction of both the Customs and the immigration and have been 'cleared' for entry to the land. They then exit the airport and then enter into the country, in this case 'Indonesia.'

It follows 'legally' that IF they have managed to avoid 'detection' and have exited the precincts of the International 'boundary,' then and ONLY then can they be 'legally' construed to have 'illegally smuggled and imported' a prohibited item.

The LEGAL FACTS of the matter are this:

1 - In FACT the customs officials themselves took the 'illegal to import substance' INTO Indonesia for the sole purpose of needing to so do so as to be able to use said substance as 'evidence' in a court. It follows that said 'officials' themselves are guilty of 'importation of prohibited goods.'

2 - The same 'officials' kidnapped Schapelle Corby from the 'protected' area of an International 'space' and illegally took her onto Indonesian soil and charged her with 'importing' when in fact she had not 'yet' so done and, - - - it follows that said 'officials' themselves are guilty of 'kidnapping' an INNOCENT person for the sole purpose of causing her mental and emotional trauma and bodily 'harm' and, - - - her knowledge or otherwise of said product being in her 'boogie board' is ABSOLUTELY IRRELEVANT as she had not 'yet' exited the International 'protocol' boundaries of the airport nor had she 'entered' Indonesia soil with said 'prohibited produce' in her possession.

3 - It is apparent today that everyone is using the 'International airport' facility to punish people or to steal money by 'fines' when in fact, 'Legally,' if anything is found being carried by a person prior to their being 'cleared' through customs, they should be 'warned' that as it is a prohibited substance that they will be sent 'home' unless they place it in the rubbish bin provided as is done in Tasmania where it is illegal to carry in fruit from the mainland.

It is solely the 'vindictive' nature of man of today that has enabled FALSE 'rules' of engagement to become 'normal'* (see note) and the accompanying illegality of persecution and prosecution is overlooked as everyone sees IT now as 'normal' when it is not - - - AND - - - what arrogant man fails to see IS the 'Allah factor' - - - in that Allah is REAL and the true 'follower' or 'believer' knows that Allah's LAW stipulates:

"As you or your servants do unto others will be done to you by others on an 'equal' and thus 'eye for an eye' basis, be it benign or malignant."

Note: become 'normal'* - This 'activity' first took place in Queensland, Australia in the 1980's when the use of the words 'Intent to smuggle' were invoked by vindictive and callous customs officials and backed illegally by immoral and ignorant magistrates.

Dear Mr. Hikmahanto Juwana - Our Creator Allah has ONE Command to mankind - being HIS children of all races and, - - - : 

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of Allah stipulates:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

So as you can now begin to see, as you believe that Schapelle a daughter of ALLAH should be kept in 'bondage' ILLEGALLY it is you showing Allah that YOU are merciless and uncompassionate and unforgiving and, you are an unworthy INFIDEL and, as President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono grants 'Clemency' it shows Allah that he has a 'bit' of Compassion in his heart even though he should have been 'wiser' and done IT immediately.

Schapelle was/is indeed 'chosen' by Allah to be His 'servant' and to 'suffer' at the hands of the merciless so as to help them and the world-wide 'ignorant' earthly 'race' to see 'something' and, - - - IF they now heed me and gain a little understanding and compassion and amend their ways QUICKLY they may save their miserable souls from being cast INTO the PIT of eternal suffering.

It is now the time for all mankind to realise that the present 'way' of man is in ABSOLUTE contravention of Allah's Command and all I can say is:

"Each and every ONE of your daily 'actions' are observed by Him and as HE is the absolute Authority I can only 'suggest' that every 'reader' of this email make an effort to 'correct' their daily activity. Please try and understand that NO 'badge of office' nor mandate of man nor position of authority abrogates nor nullifies the implementation of Allah's IMMUTABLE Law.

HE Allah the Almighty 'brooks' NO contravention of His Command, - - - All pay the 'blood' price for being disrespectful, callous, cruel, merciless and less than 'loving' unto others.

He Allah via my 'pen' now demands and Commands that Schapelle Corby be released immediately and 'delivered' into my 'custody' at my 'office' so that by ME she can be thanked personally 'for' Allah for completing her 'Quest' to suffer for and on behalf of mankind so as to assist in the enlightenment of the 'worldly' Judiciary and all humanity."

Please read my on line 'Corby Treatise' written many years ago.

I AM the awaited Imam Al-Mahdi the messenger of Allah and reiterate: Allah states: "Release My daughter immediately."


Addendum to the above: - 'Clarification'

Foreign visitors to Indonesia and to Australian & British and other International Airports are in FACT being punished ILLEGALLY pre-entry to the 'soil' of the land they intend to enter. Why this is so is clarified below:

The ENTRY 'side' of any International airport is the same 'hallowed' ground as an 'Embassy' and the arriving visitor remains within the jurisdiction of their 'homeland' UNTIL they have been processed and 'cleared' to enter.

If prior to this 'time' the 'incoming' visitor is 'seen' by the 'local' inspectors of custom or immigration as UNDESIRABLES and in some way NOT in conformity to their ideological beliefs or rules etc., they should send the visitor home on the next flight.

It is NOT for the 'locals' to 'criminalise' the visitor nor to IMPOSE their beliefs upon those who have NOT 'as yet' legally entered into their territory.

Local officials have NO 'right' to seize prohibited goods. They should say: "These goods you INTEND to import are prohibited and you can either take them home or have them destroyed here prior to your entry."

That is the absolute FACT of the matter, and all 'customs' officers of any 'land' who seize property, and drag visitors over the 'border' are themselves very arrogant and ignorant CRIMINALS whose actions are backed by equally vain and insane and ignorant politicians and magistrates, and NONE of these mortals are even aware of their contravention of International protocol nor of their own coming 'terror' within the LAW of God for their iniquity, suffering and injury imposed upon others.

Greed has become the 'prime mover' and this coupled with the arrogance, vanity and pride within man has led to everyone becoming complicit to liquid EVIL that is now exposed by me. I can but say: "Please amend your personal way for via my 'pen' our Allah is 'calling' out to each of you. Be you the politician, the magistrate, the prison guard or other, for not ONE of you will find Heavens Gate UNLESS you NOW personally turn over a new leaf and STOP bringing others to GRIEF."

Ask yourself: "Would I the father of a 'lass' a friendly 'face' mistreat her and throw her to the 'wolves' for years on end to be abused mentally, emotionally and physically to the point of rendering her insane?" I ask this simply because I do know that every 'father' who is lucky enough to be 'endowed' with a female child is in fact 'chosen' by God to take responsibility for HIS daughter whose spirit soul HE created and sent to earth for a time and a time.

I do KNOW what He 'thinks' of those arrogant swine who mistreat HIS children. I do know that HE has the POWER to impose HIS absolute 'Justice' upon ALL who defy HIM, and I can assure you and everyone that any person who mistreats ANY of His daughters will regret that for an eternally long time.

Do you 'think' that you are as Mighty as HE? - Please 'AWAKEN' quickly

Terence - the Spirit of Truth


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