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~ The 'crime' in 'underage sex' Paper~
Parental Care

This Paper is not a 'sex' education document, it is simply a basic 'primary' correction of the truth on earth reference 'child' sexuality. It is written in an attempt to assist the community with understanding, so as to be able to elevate themselves out of their present condition, wherein they are yet controlled by the imposition of State and Religion with false beliefs from the past.

Beliefs that affect the lives of their children and themselves. Beliefs that were imposed by men wearing the 'cloth' of religion. Men that thought that 'sex' was sinful and that for 'them,' abstention was the 'means' of attaining Salvation.

Not only this, but as men controlled women using Religion and Government 'controls,' it was also 'expected' that no woman was to be 'penetrated' by men until she was either a 'certain' age or, in some beliefs that she should remain a 'virgin' until the day of her marriage vows that are also the State & Religious controls. These 'strictures' did not apply to the men folk.

Thus today in many communities there has 'grown' a very negative 'culture' whereby if any person is below a 'certain' age, they are not supposed to feel 'sexual' urges, and neither are they 'permitted' by the State or religion to satiate their sexual desires. This has permitted the 'growth' of a very dark policy whereby men have been able to abuse, punish, or even kill women or 'girls' perceived by 'them' men, as impure, or 'adulteresses.'

Not only this, but as there has been an 'enforced' sexual participation separation of the 'sexes' pre-marriage, and in the 'youth,' it has led to another very dark policy whereby 'lads' have 'grown' into that bad 'habit' of sodomy, being anal sex with other males. This unnatural foul and 'bestial' act is also presently widely perceived as 'normal' in many communities.

This paper is mainly to cover the aspects of juvenile sex, but it also will speak a little on the perversity and immorality of adults that also have become 'distorted' in their sexual expression, wants, desires, and needs. It does not 'enter' into the realms of 'sex education.' Our God would have it that mankind elevates itself out of all unnatural practises, especially those whereby the natural 'urges' that do come 'naturally' are suppressed by ignorant adults that were deceived by their forebears. 

Due to the fact that there are over one million different tribes and beliefs around sex and sexual promiscuity, this paper is but an 'introduction' to assist all readers to see the difference between good counsel, and the Crime of  interference by State or Religion into the private affairs of families

This paper needs to be read in conjunction with pages from this 'Truth' document that speak on - 'age of consent - child adult consent - responsibility of men - responsibility of women - responsibility of parenthood - familial sexual attraction' etc., found at < spirit1.htm >

It is now the time for every community to try and see that the 'regulation' of sexual conduct by State Rule or 'rules' is error and wrong, and that every person is entitled to sing their own unregulated 'sex' or 'love' song. This Paper is about the God given 'permissibility' of sexual interaction at any age.

Let sanity prevail, and let 'each' family come to their own personally informed decision as to how they approach the sexual instruction and sexual conduct of their own children, without the forceful intervention by others with other ideologies. For that interference and control and breaking up of families is the 'immoral' Crime in sex.

Let it be here understood, that there is no such thing as 'underage sex.' For the sexual 'act' or any of the 'expressions' of people of any age have no 'age' limitation placed upon them by God. Children as all people want to love and be loved, and within that process there 'emerges' in its time frame, loving sexual feelings that are naturally aroused.

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What needs to be realised is, that the sexual 'urges' or the 'ideas' surrounding the reasons why children from any age begin to seek to 'explore' their own and others sexuality, are emanating from within the child. These 'urges' may be an intense emotional moment, that must not be suppressed negatively.

It is not an 'exposure' to an 'outside' influence such as drugs or alcohol that when 'imbibed' cause an 'addiction' to take place. The actual emotional feelings felt by the child, as well as their thoughts do guide them into touching themselves and others. For the 'caress' of the flesh is the 'closeness' and love flowing through.

Naturally, as the feelings are 'nice' they wish to continue on, and may well seek to 'engage' in 'playing' with other children in an attempt to 'enjoy' these feelings. This of course does happen to every 'child' at some stage of their development. 

Some may reach 'puberty' without feeling the inner need to explore. Others may start before they are four years old. Who are you or I to tell them that it is wrong to 'experience' feelings that are pleasurable? For it is not wrong. Children are individual people, they do not have to attain any set 'age' before becoming people. So when they do show signs of needing to learn about their sexuality, then unto them must you be true with your good counsel.

In large families where many children are growing up, there will be a 'natural' progression of a 'sexual' awakening in 'some' being passed on to others, as they are in close contact and will most likely be 'playfully' causing an 'arousal' of a sexual nature..

It is due to children often only 'fraternising' with the same sex friends, that it might lead the children into learning or 'leaning' towards other 'same sex' friends in their 'exploits.'

In view of all the above, it is important for adults to truthfully approach the essential teaching of children from a very young age, for even in single child families, the child may well have 'urges' and seek to 'experiment' with their friends next door. Children need their own 'space' and privacy as do you.

One thing is for sure, that it is very wrong for any person attaining puberty to still be ignorant in respect of their sexual urges, and as they will in all probability be seeking 'gratification' of these powerful feelings, that they are aware of their child bearing or child creating power, - - - as their individual responsibility.

They must also be made aware before that time that it is wrong for 'older' children to try and satiate their feelings with the younger ones. One thing is for sure, there must never be any 'conditioning' that sex or sexual feelings is wrong or forbidden.

It is most important to realise that the 'suppression' of another's positive creative urges is a 'crime' in the eyes of God. It is important to see that the 'suppression' of another's negative destructive urges is a 'crime' in God's eyes. Both 'cases' need education and good counsel only.

For many different reasons men have 'determined' the age at which sexual activities are 'legal' or unlawful in their eyes, and enshrined within their rule books as thus punishable.

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Thus any person 'under' that supposedly 'legal' age limit is not permitted to 'consent' to 'consensual' sex with any other of any age, and any sexual 'entwining' with an 'underage' person is seen as a crime in the eyes of man. There must be no child - adult sexual contact, this is not the 'primary' content of this paper, it is more in relation to the sexual desires in the 'child' and their rights to sexual 'participation' with other children.

The word 'underage' must now be deleted from the 'equation' of 'when' a person is old enough to engage in sexual participation. It is solely the individuals choice as they heed God's 'inner voice' and their own inner desires.

I now speak on the spiritual aspects of this matter, as our God would have all people move forwards into a better way than that of 'criminality.' For the 'crime' in underage sex is the forceful 'punitive' factor placed by 'outsiders' upon the children of others, as well as the punishment meted out to any 'adult' engaging in 'sex' with one 'marked' as an 'untouchable' underage.

I first speak on the intrusiveness and control extended by persons working in government departments. For these people are 'governed' by rules that force them to act in an often 'ungodly' and 'inhumane' way in many of the 'cases' placed before them.

None seeing that the actual well-fare of their 'victim' comes secondary to the fulfilment of their 'dutiful' role as protector of the rules. For it is the requirement of the rules that is exerted by departments over the community and, - - -

It follows that the State 'workers' believe that they the 'enforcer' of rules have the right to 'overrule' the wishes of family or friends of the family or the actual 'lovers,' be they of any age.

If religion and State government rules are leading their 'members' and the community they purport to serve, into intrusive and 'despoiling' acts that harm family relationships and that cause untold duress and stress upon children, then this must now be 'addressed' and amended by the whole community.

For it is apparent that those caring workers in these departments are now unable to use their own personal discretion, nor are they able to exercise their own 'conscience.' For the established rules are the 'dictator' that binds and controls all interaction.

It is now the time to look at the real reasons why 'children' below the supposedly 'legitimate' age do 'play' with each other. Even though many are same family sister or brother, it is the time for all 'others' to see that in God's eyes, the 'playfulness' of children is not a valid reason to give them or their parents or others any 'bother.'

Let us first try and realise that the feelings or 'sexual' emotions that do 'arise' within every 'spirit' are God given and, even though the 'biological' flesh is newly formed and perceived as a 'child,' there is a fully grown adult spirit within it and, - - -

Every child as it grows into 'biological' adulthood begins to be 'exposed' to its inner feelings at some 'stage' of its biological development due to many different factors. Some children may attain adulthood or 'middle age' without being 'driven' within to satiate sexual feelings.

Some children may begin to feel powerful 'urges' of a sexual nature at an extremely young age, and thus feel the need to 'explore' their own 'sexuality' and do try and 'satiate' the feelings.

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As all 'actions' are instigated by thoughts and feelings, it would be wrong to assume that these 'babes' are in any way 'criminals.' For the truth of the matter is that the desires within them are God given and none of your business.

As a 'parent' or 'older' child you can try and give them positive good counsel and good direction to help them understand what they are feeling and doing and, that they do need to learn the difference between 'public display' versus privacy. Being the respect for the ways or beliefs of others.

It is also not 'wrong' for children to find themselves 'exploring' the different 'facets' of the biological body of opposite sex children, and in the case of larger families that 'shared' bath tub or the shared 'bed' will certainly educate children quickly and harmlessly if there is good counsel and openness of discussion.

The 'normalcy' of differences must be discussed, as well as the normalcy of the different needs, wants, desires, thoughts, and emotions of the individual. The most important 'issue' to be discussed and taught is probably the one around the difference between 'willing' participation versus imposed participation in any 'joint' activity.

The use of any 'force,' or deception or entrapment into situations whereby one is then able to impose upon the other must be taught as having extremely 'dire' karmic consequences and, that 'nature' of action if not 'attended to' leads to future problems.

The 'fraternising' of approximate 'same age' friends in growing children may assist in reducing power games, but that does not mean that good and loving relationships between children of different ages are in any way 'compromised.' For many a child leans heavily upon their older sister or brother as they give each other loving support that can endure a lifetime or more.

The 'greatest' problem of the day is that all 'parents' have already been 'ingrained' with the false and often wrong 'ideals' or beliefs of their elders, or State, or religion. Thus they 'thrust' their own 'denials' upon their children causing guilt, frustration and despair and 'abandonment' to occur.

It is of 'prime' importance for parents to expect that children will touch or 'play' with each others 'sex organs' for a number of reasons. Being the mental or emotional stimulation within their own minds or the minds of others.

One cannot 'stem' thoughts or emotions from being 'active.' They are an 'interactive' part of our spiritual 'design' make up. Both manifesting invisibly, uniquely, individually, uncompromisingly, and impacting upon the visible material body.

It is the 'nature' of how their 'impact' is received by the 'other' that results in the well-being and happiness of both, and if the nice 'togetherness' is perceived by 'parents' or outsiders as being bad, then that is the problem of the day. For children of any 'age' are permitted by God to engage in 'nice' play, even if it is of a sexually oriented nature.

Parents and other 'adults' must try and realise that from birth, their children do have the full 'range' of emotions coursing through them as they will have as adults. It is a surety that 'some,' will be 'triggered' before others. Better to teach the 'youth' to control their anger and jealousy, rather than their 'loving' activities.

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Certainly there needs to be an educated conscience 'control' in the sexual activity between children of different ages. So that 'teens' do not interact sexually with below teens, and adults do not interact with teenagers or less. That is discussed in the other documents referred to in page one.

Many of the problems of the 'day' are caused by the telepathic interference in the minds of 'mortals' by spirit beings. It is they that cause many to engage in unnatural sexual practices. They also instigate negative thoughts in the minds of children and adults that lead to 'distress' situations.

As responsible parents we must try and understand the power behind thoughts and emotions that can 'drive' or 'direct' 'babes' or older into 'trying' to do something of a sexual nature that is seen as immoral or distasteful.

Many an invisible spirit is 'dark' and lustful, and can powerfully 'seduce' the mind of any 'open' minded person. This is a person with an 'unprotected' mind that is telepathically intruded upon, be they of any age. It is thus the nature of the invisible 'beast' that is seen in operation through the mind and actions of 'earthlings of any age.

This reality may presently be beyond your capacity to understand. Hence the need for you all to seed your minds with my wisdom. For the most important 'aspect' in the life of growing children is, that their perceived' shortfalls are dealt with compassionately, lovingly, forgivingly, and with good counsel. Not 'violence, condemnation, recrimination, or displacement' by interfering outsiders, etc.

If you 'abrogate' your personal life and responsibility into the 'care' of any government that rules per rules, then you are stupid. For all rules are 'unconscionable, and no 'rule' has any 'capacity' to differentiate between the multiple possibilities in any situation.

God entrusts His-Her children to the 'care' or 'otherwise' of certain parents. If they wish to seek assistance in the care of their children then that must be their choice, and they should only seek the counsel of non-punitive counsellors.

If any parents are seen or 'heard' to be abusing their 'trust,' then they may be 'caught' and counselled and then set free. Any person that 'steals' their children away for any reason will by God be brought to 'account.'

The principal reason for this 'note' paper is educative, but it is also to alert you to your 'folly' or spiritual 'danger' if you as a 'stranger' to any family do, as an 'interfering' neighbour or as a 'mandated' authority, take it upon yourself to try and regulate the behaviour of others.

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Especially when your 'behaviour' is one where you 'interfere' and kidnap a child and take it to a 'placement' away from its God given parents. For your 'intent' may be good or bad, but for sure in God's eyes you are a 'swine' and a 'criminal' who has offended God.

By all 'means' you may give an 'expert' counsel if asked for by the parent. But any form of control or punishment is 'misspent' energy as you will see, when within God's 'eye for an eye' Law you receive an 'equal' return of misery.

It is obvious that we must protect our children from the 'advances' of 'perverts' or other adults, that are mentally 'disturbed' if they seek to 'lustfully' engage in 'sex' with any person of 'teenage' or less.

This is done by ensuring that you at all times know of the 'whereabouts' of your children, and that they are educated about the emotional 'illnesses' in some older people.

Children must not be taught to 'fear' strangers, they must be taught that it is unwise to become 'separated' from family and friends due to the fact that in this day and 'age,' that some people are 'unhappy' and thus could become unkind to the child if alone with them.

Adults must begin to learn that the 'old' ways of female circumcision is abhorrent in God's eyes, and was 'instilled' in the mind of men by the darkness as a means whereby men could control their women, and whereby women could obtain no pleasure from the sexual union.

Man has been and yet is the 'beast' in action, and I need to impress on the 'fathers' that in most families of today they do invade and intrude upon their 'child' daughters in an 'immoral' way and, that God sees their 'untrustworthy' and decadent ways and, they need to know that they will pay 'painfully' for their forays.

That 'subject' and the subject of 'age' of consent is dealt with in another document on this web site. The main 'thrust' of this paper is the 'child - child' sex conduct and contact within 'a' family or 'across' families.

The 'child - child' sexual 'activity may be the 'forceful' imposition of a 'brother' upon a sister or, it may equally be an 'open' invitation of a sister to her brother. They may be of similar or different ages.

It may also be a 'joint' consensual activity that may be simply 'based' on 'exploration' of the other, or it may be 'driven' by need, lust, love, desire, or purely a 'fun' activity.

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If the children see the interaction as 'fun' then neither of them see any 'error,' and it is only positive input from parents that gives them guidance. It must be 'stressed,' that if the children persist in their 'self' gratification or 'joint' participation, then that too is their God given freedom of choice, and there must be no expression from others of 'distaste' or threats of punishment.

Once a child has either experienced any form of sexual 'contact' or been taught about its 'reality,' then it would be difficult to try and 'inhibit' sexual interaction between children if they perceive it as 'in order,' but you do not. Try and realise that children are people, with their own divine right to 'express' their thoughts and emotions.

Thus the parent needs to be open and discuss the reasons why 'sisters & brothers' should not engage in sexual 'penetration,' or even its 'foreplay,' and that it is best to 'experiment' with children from over the road.

This paper is written as an 'open' letter to all humanity, and it is pure vanity on your part if you 'think' or 'believe' that the ways or ideological 'stance' on the sexual nature or 'way' of others must be brought into 'conformity' with yours.

It is also pure 'arrogance' for men or women in any 'society' to force any other society members into conformity to their demands. Government 'rules' are but Decrees raised up using force of arms that demand compliance.

This is 'terrible' error, and it is not 'the law' of the Land. God's 'As you sow so shall ye reap' is THE LAW of this and every Land. It is time for all to understand the 'complexity' of this Law and the 'Decree' of God that all extend peace and goodwill unto all, even unto their children.

Pain or pleasure? The 'sexual' transition from child play to adult play needs to be one that is 'gentle' and easy and pleasurable. It cannot be said to be 'legal' at a particular age. God advises that children may 'begin' to experience and participate in the 'pleasures' of touch at any age that they are 'comfortable' with.

Any person that 'forbids' children to become sexually 'active' are of the 'lost' race and if they wish to wield a 'control' mace then their disgrace will be 'attenuated' to by God.

Remember, whatever 'acts' you are engaged in has an impact upon the other, and if the other being a 'child' or older sees you as 'intimidating, unpleasant, intrusive, forceful, rude' etc., it is an 'ugly' imposition, and quite 'probable' that God also sees your 'actions' as such, and that probably will result in 'pain' ahead for you.

There are some mothers that believe that it is good to 'massage' and 'stroke' their babies from an early age. There are some fathers who show their 'love' for their children by holding them and also caressing them. All this is in order and it is also in order for the child to be told to do the same to their sisters, brothers, and others that they love.

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It is but for parents to 'desist' from making any sexual 'advances' to their offspring, especially the fathers. For it is only the 'man' that is capable of forceful intrusion if his mind is living in a 'fanciful' delusion.

Any such 'conduct' is immoral and wrong, for it leads to dependency, confusion, and guilt in both parties as time passes, and for children to be happy and carefree they need to be able to trust their parents, and to feel safe in their arms.

Due to the already established 'customs' in the many different lands on earth, and to the multiplicity of beliefs and ingrained 'intrusion' into the psyche of man from spirit realms, it will be a long time before there is adequate 'protection' of children by parents.

There will also be a long time before 'outsiders' stop interfering in the lives of other's children. I can only try and give you a little 'reasoning' why any 'errors' on the part of others needs to be 'treated' with sympathy, courtesy, and respect for their 'shortcomings,' rather than invasive punishment.

Many a child that had sexual 'contact' with elders did not actually 'suffer' from it. Many may have accepted it as normal and enjoyed it. It is only that 'rules' and the 'greed' for money or retribution that has 'led' so many to 'tell' their supposedly 'sad' tale that causes so much trauma for others.

It is the time for education now. Let us all do our best to try and treat our children with the love and care and respect that God would have us do. If others are 'mistreating' children, then they also must be treated with respect and given good counsel.

I cannot 'stress' the importance for you to understand that whatever takes place between others is none of your business in God's eyes. If you try and force compliance to your 'beliefs' then you are in error. You are only by God 'permitted' to give good counsel that the 'others' may or may not accept.

It is only the 'unwise' and arrogant that 'perniciously' take it upon themselves to invoke codes of conduct that they forcefully thrust upon others. Let them now try and see that the 'moment' you decide to force others to comply and be punished for their 'difference,' then you invoke an equal 'reprimand' and punishment upon yourself from God.

The 'voice' behind my pen gives the following 'advice' reference the delineation between sexual contact conduct between age groups:

"Seek not any less than half your age, for the consequences would fill more than a page. If you are older than "teen age" you’ll needs me heed. ‘Play’ with any "teen age" or less and you will bleed. Leave the young ones to "play" in their own happy sweet way."

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Thus if you are a 'teen age' lover and one day one becomes older than teen age, then and only then in my 'mind' would it be in order for you both to continue with your 'loving' affair. If you are a teenager, then it is also important for you to 'resist' from any sexual participation with children that are not yet of that similar 'teens' age that you have attained.

I would remind parents that many children below and at 'early' teen age may begin to 'display' sexually precocious attitudes. Some may have hormones in ‘full flight,’ and are determined to experiment with their 'budding' sexuality.

Thus the 'age' of consent 'factors' imposed by rules are inappropriate and in fact harmful. We should rather be educating them with understanding and insight, as we 'accept' and condone their 'joining' with others of a similar age.

Some children are known to have an obsessive sexual compulsion, surely that needs to be considered not as a punishable 'sin,' but as a factual reality that is in fact their 'divine right,' and if we can assist them in any way then that is the 'correct' way.

Adults must not 'rule' them using punitive rules of vain men that have been 'penned' as 'The Law,' that cause great family turmoil and grief. Neither must we 'pass' their care into the hands of others that may well be less understanding.

It is better that the parent retain the freedom to 'choose' a loving counsellor to whom they can entrust their child's 'further' sex education, if they feel unable to do it themselves.

It may also be noted that in the eyes of God, that it is the prerogative of the 'parents' as to what needs to be done to God's children 'given' unto them to bring up and teach morals and all else. All interference that causes emotional trauma is error and wrong.

For too long have 'priests' controlled the sexual behaviour of all with their distorted views and their 'disfavour' at all sexual contact taking place 'outside' their imposed jurisdiction.

For too long have 'departments' controlled the sexual behaviour of all with their distorted views and their 'disfavour' at all sexual contact taking place 'outside' their imposed jurisdiction.

The 'morality' of sexual conduct is that 'dictated' by the conscience of the individual that has become enlightened by God's wisdom. That conduct will differ greatly from person to person depending upon the state of their ignorance, upbringing, beliefs, and mental emotional state, at any given point in time.

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What is 'immoral' or 'criminal' activity between male-female sexual contact in any age? It is any conduct perceived by God as being 'conduct unbecoming.' A 'sexual' offender in God's eyes is a person that is mentally and emotionally disturbed to the point where they are disrespectful, intrusive, abusive, deviant, or violent and in need of assistance.

Thus one needs to first understand that God expects all conduct between 'persons' of any age to remain within the "Extend peace and goodwill unto all, and be compassionate, peaceful, merciful, loving, respectful and forgiving."

Thus any imposition or force or monetary 'coercion' used between persons, be they the 'participants' or the 'inquisitors' is 'criminal' conduct in God's eyes as it defies the Command.

In God's eyes the 'parents' have the role of duty of care for God's children placed in their care. This also means that they are responsible for the education of these children to the best that they have to offer. Not what 'others' say they must so do.

The parents must ensure that they 'prepare' their children to be able to enjoy a 'joyous' and loving relationship with other's children. Thus the parents must in no way become involved sexually with their 'care, ' or with the children of others.

As the parents are chosen by God, it is not for any 'outsider' to 'invade' premises for any reason with the intent of 'stealing away' other's children for any reason. If children are being abused whilst in the care of their parents or others, then the 'abuser' must be caught and counselled as per the 'Feeling Easier Seminar' and set free.

Any person that believes that a 'mandate' to interfere and impose directives absolves them from their spiritual karmic fate are deluded. Any forceful intrusion into the affairs of any others is an invasion of privacy and contra God's command.

Remember, no one other than God can ever know the reason or reasoning behind another's 'advances.' Sexual or otherwise. Be they child or adult. All God expects of you is to 'treat' all situations calmly, respectfully and, in the foreknowledge that you do not know of the inner energy emotional state of others, nor of their mind 'set.'

Thus you must always consider God in your 'participation' equation, and set aside your own 'programming' as you endeavour to assist the others as best you can. For by so doing, you will develop a lifelong trust with the needy. For those not needing your good counsel you will not meet.

Ultimately every 'child' attains adulthood, and if you have been sensibly kind and understanding rather than punitively cruel through ignorance, then your child will have a far better 'balanced' mentality and perspective of their life. Each grows up to be 'husband or wife' as friends and lovers. Please give them the freedom to feel and enjoy each other, as you teach them about everything that could lead them into sadness or 'bother.'

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It is entirely up to the 'enlightened' parents to decide as to what 'nature' of, and 'when' sex education begins in their home. Not any 'State' government imposition, nor 'ruling' of any 'clergyman' that believes falsely that they are God's inspiration. For they are not any 'better' than you.

Do not try and suppress your child's emotions, seed you mind with my wisdom on the < suicide > document. For the whole 'psyche' of man revolves around thoughts and emotions, and these are as yet heavily impacted upon by invisible spirit beings that do intrude rudely into your minds and the minds of your 'babies' with their false beliefs and needs and desires. For only in understanding this, will you be able to give good counsel to your 'offspring.'

It must be seen and realised, that sexual activity becomes an active reality at puberty, and that it is between the early 'teens' and mid 'twenties,' that the biological flesh is at its 'height' of available energy and most able and needing sexual fulfilment. The 'way' of today whereby the 'procreation' of children has been set 'aside' as a 'low' priority due to the need for income earning capacity that has also had a negative impact on family life.

As the world now changes and becomes dark and foreboding, it is the time for reflection and a change of direction. For it will become a happier place one day, and it is at that time that my pen's truth will become the 'vogue' of the day. I can but trust that you will all be more free from the past controls, invasive insanity, and false beliefs, and then be happy with a happy family at a younger age so that as you grow old you are not a lonely 'sage.'

Every person is entitled to be a 'counsellor,' and give their own guidelines to others but, - - - 

Try and remember this:

God is real. God sees all 'intent' and every deed.

Try and remember this:

Remain within the 'bounds' of God's Command to:
"Love one another, never abuse another."

Try and remember this:

All babies or children are biologically 'little' people.

Try and remember this:

Purity and faithfulness has naught to do with 'sex.'

Try and remember this:

Purity is purely the use of positive (love energy)

Try and remember this:

Faithfulness is to the Command 'Love one another.'

Try and remember this:

No negative controlling or punitive interference in the affairs of others.

Do not 'regulate,' only Educate.

This 'Paper' is my 'counsel.' Take it or leave it, but remember that the 'freedom of choice' lies within the 'conscience' of each parent and family.



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