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~ The 'cover up' and the SIN ~

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This 'paper' has been written to expose the 'depths' of depravity to which man (men) have fallen in their 'efforts' to safeguard what they have perceived as their own property. The 'property' of which I speak is the female 'gender' that has become a 'slave' to the immoral acts of 'control' by man (men).

For in the land of love above, there was a time and place where both women and men were as 'naked' as the day of their creation, and none 'saw' any immorality, nor were any 'ashamed' that others would see their nakedness.

Since 'falling' from 'grace' through 'sinning,' and thus drawing in darkness into their souls, mankind has been 'banished' from that realm of purity, and thus as can be seen within this world, and 'lower' realms, there has been an ongoing imposition of control over the 'fairer' sex by both men and women.

The control has been in the areas of 'dress' and 'ownership' and genital 'taboo' and disfigurement and, - - - all races of men have formed a false ideology, whereby 'certain' acts are performed against women that are an imposition upon them in one way or another.

Most certainly the 'worst' are those that cause mental & emotional & physical pain and suffering. They all 'deny' the right of the ladies to enjoy the freedom to express themselves fully, be it mentally, or emotionally or physically.

Man has been 'seduced' by the Devil into believing that he man has the right to control and regulate the behaviour of women, and by this 'regulation,' man has 'strangulated' the freedom of women to be happy and carefree and to love freely those of their personal choice.

Man has taken it upon himself to make 'rules' and 'codes' of conduct for the 'fairer' sex. Decrees enshrined in his false ideology that 'permit' the punishment or abuse or destruction of any female that does not conform and, even some 'women' now believe it to be the 'norm,' and some also participate in the causing of agonising pain through being complicit to the abomination of female circumcision.

There are many different religious 'beliefs' in this realm of consciousness, and all have erred in their understanding as to the morality or otherwise when it comes to sexual conduct and contact between God's children, and when it comes to the freedom to choose ones 'companion' of the day.

Arranged marriages have become the 'normal' in many societies. As has the requirement for a 'marriage' pact prior to 'legal' intercourse. In fact, the whole psyche of man has been 'sinfully' distorted by the Dark to the point that 'guilt' and 'remorse' and 'divorce' from sanity is the way of the day.

I have written much on my web site inspired by our God of Light. I have written this today to 'collate' some of my other letters into this 'folder' so as to 'ease' the reader's 'dilemma' in this area.

Naturally in this 'sorry' world where there is cold and heat and other 'deterrents' to total nakedness, it requires some form of 'dress' in some cases. Also the 'covering' of our sexual organs does inhibit 'dirt and damage' to these 'tender' regions.

However, our God does say that there is never a time or a place where 'mankind' must be forced to 'cover up' by others. For this is the error that brings 'home' future terror upon the lost. Yes, all the 'ministers' dressed in 'black' frocks that saw naked 'savages' as 'godless,' are themselves lost and 'deformed' in the wastelands below as they await my 'truth' to set them free.

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For man has been misguided by 'Elders' posing as divinely inspired sages. Be they priests, popes, mullahs, or any other that use 'force of arms' and terror tactics to enforce their false beliefs upon others. Administrators of all 'religions' have 'coveted' the immoral 'teachings' of the Devil and imposed 'frustrating' restrictions upon all of mankind.

So whether you are a 'Taliban' or an "Israelite' or of any other 'sect' that uses Might to enforce 'dress,' or be you the 'father' figure that makes marriage 'arrangements' for your children. Let it here be known that you are denying the 'energy of God' - - - that is the emotions within others to flow freely.

For our emotions of 'love' and 'desire' must be able to flow freely, and any 'restriction' imposed by family members or 'governing' forces or 'religious' teachings, are all the Devil's works that are the 'sins' of your forefathers in action.

The 'contra' dark emotions that you did 'seed' within your own souls that would 'contra' the freedom of expression of others must be controlled by you. Be they jealousy, anger, lust, greed, envy etc. For as you give in to these and abuse or control others, you draw your own soul further away from the Light and, - - -

You draw in more dark energy that makes you 'colder' within, and also your 'fate' becomes one of pain and, - - - ahead you fall 'dead' spiritually when you end up below in a place where NONE know love and NONE reach out to 'touch' the other except with a sword and venomous 'tongue.'

So all men that condone 'punishment' for the 'exposure' of flesh, or punishment for any that 'flout' the 'moral' rules of man that are in fact immoral, are themselves the 'lost' that are full of SIN, and they and their 'religious' police will all spend time below without being 'sexually' entertained.

For God is God, and all 'swine' that pervert God's truth will ONLY dine with the Devil and HIS filthy swine for a very long time. Then they will 'begin' to realise that love and nakedness and the freedom to 'cohabit' with the one of our choice is neither 'sinful nor immoral,' nor requiring the 'licence' or permission of any other.

Let it be 'seen' here that the policing forces of every 'State' on earth are 'religious' police, for every State rulebook is an ideology. The ideology of State being the control & regulation & strangulation of the freedom of choice of others and, the punitive 'factor' attached. A truly 'dark and ungodly' and merciless and cruel and unforgiving religious ideology.

I give here below a few of the other 'items' written by my hand that are within this Testament of Truth web site. This I do for the benefit of 'you' that might yet believe that you have the 'right' to judge the 'morality' of others. Be hereby advised that if you so do and thus continue to so do, then you are on the road to HELL.

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~ Ita Buttrose & Indian male insanity ~
Extracted from 'The Epistles of the last Prophet - page 66

Ita Buttrose I do see is a lady that intuitive be, and I watched her remorse over the Indians moral divorce. So a few words would I say about the Indian men over the way, for it is GREED I do see that makes them so blind be.

For, for their pleasure the girl must pay, and her parents thus slave for the day that their child, God's plan, is "given" to a man “wan.” And this gift he does mistreat as though 'tis but offal meat, and his mind is so bound that no reason is therein found.

And, 'tis a matter of fact that their morality is so lacked, that they too now fear that to them a daughter draws near, for if she does, she will cry, for her life all now deny, because for her to "live," someone must pay to her 'give.'

So I now deep see into the depths of misery that men daily sink, for no 'reason' can they think, and when these "men" fall down into the darkness, they do frown for an eternity or two.

For the darkness is barren too, for in the darkness NONE GIVE. All in "aloneness" live, and even if one could "pay" for some love to come ones way there is naught to be found, for every mind is bound by the dark stupid "fool" who over the ignorant does "drool."

So to you, you, and you I have been writing to, seek deep into YOUR mind, see you clearly or, are you also blind,? For the dark one is strong, singing his silent song that can blinding be, to those who "think" they walk free.

page 4

~ Honour killings ~
Extract from 'The Islam document' - page 39

The dishonourable 'Muslim' or 'Arab' or any man destroys his own soul as he kills his sister through his own insanity and that of harlot 'priests' who taught all falsely that it was 'honourable' to do so.

Vain 'brothers' kill their sister or daughter or mother due to their 'brotherhood' of shame and ignorance, as they 'think' that to obtain the 'acclaim' of men that they can with 'disdain' abuse or kill Allah's most precious daughters, that some 'other' or themselves did sexually abuse, or another did entwine with her lovingly as is 'expected' by Allah in HIS land divine.

Allah does deplore the ignorance on Earth's shore as HE sees the swinish 'way' that dishonourable men treat others each day, and 'who' is the real one untrue?

It is always the men who 'pokes' his sisters in the 'first' instance through his 'uncontrollable' desires. Thus he is the 'instigator' of any 'attack,' so why does he then give his 'daughter' or sister or mother such flack?

Because he is a 'yellow bellied' COWARD who cannot face his own perceived disgrace in the eyes of other foolish 'weak' minded men. All vanity, pure pride and vanity, and he then to assuage his own guilt he 'burns' a piece of white 'cloth,' thinking that Allah sees not his foul guilt.

Allah also sees that in every race & creed there is many a father or brother who has himself invaded the 'flesh' of a daughter or sister, and to 'cover' their own 'shame and guilt' they have poured 'death' upon their own familial flesh who became their 'victim' and 'fair' game.

Brothers of mine, it is you whom are all cowards and uncaring callous swine, and upon your 'flesh' Shetani will ahead dine as your spirit falls below.

This little 'truth' I would have you know and also, please tell it to all the false 'Imam's' or unholy men who will also there follow.

All the 'past' ones are there for sure, and there are no 'girls' to enjoy on that shore. No, it is but coldness and emptiness and liquid pain and sorrow that 'bleaches' your bones to the core of your 'marrow.'

Let 'Aladdin' now light your 'lamp' so that you can see the depth of your vanity and jealousy. For if you think that 'sex' or love makes women impure, then it is you the fool who is less than 'demure.'

Love and only love is the way, for in Heaven real 'men' do have 'sex' and enjoy Allah's daughters every day as they lovingly and laughingly entwine.

If any real man sees his 'ladies' have been abused by any other, then he will defend their Light with wisdom and care and love as he sees their suffering emotional plight, and he will 'fight' her enemies by giving them MY insight so that they can prepare for when they see Satan in their sight.

It is better for man to 'shoot' himself rather than sell his soul to Satan in exchange for his 'untouched' pride that he wishes to keep unsullied and 'intact.'

page 5

Shame and blame is placed by Allah on the arrogant 'mullahs' who themselves have 'filthy' minds that distort love into 'treasonable' hatred.

If you are 'one' who has been 'foolishly' deceived and made any 'lass' grieve, then prepare to share their anguish and suffering that you imposed as you fall below for a time. Sup on my wisdom divine so that you can 'pay' your dues to Allah and then be set free by me, for I do 'hold' the 'key' to the door below.

Man 'despoils' his own 'virginity' when he 'sips' dark energy and drinks of the blood of the Devil as he ignorant man 'revels' in his own iniquity that regrettably he cannot even see.

For a true 'virgin' is but a pure soul that is 'unsullied' by sin (Dark emotions). Man has been misled by Satan into believing that 'entry' into women is 'fine' for him, but a 'sin' for the lovely flower that he entered within as he 'supped' on her sweet wine, seeing not that its 'caress' is but heaven's love divine.

What true man would even 'think' of humiliating his family name by being 'seen' as one 'possessed' by the Devil and displaying such evil as to be the one to destroy the 'essence of Creation' the female 'on behalf of' the Devil?

What true man would destroy or abuse his own mother or daughter or sister? From a woman's womb a man is born, where is his respect for his 'creator' that he should protect with his own 'life,' be it his daughter or another's 'wife'? Truly man of 'today' has lost the 'way' due to the sins of his forefathers who crudely heeded the Devil that 'trapped' his mind along the way.

Every man that 'jailed' or abused a woman in order to protect the 'male' or the 'family' from disgracing themselves more, need to also deeply reflect, for they impose a sentence of incarceration & mental & emotional deprivation upon the 'innocent' lass due to their 'intent to kill.'

And the time will soon now come to pass when all 'jailers' are jailed by Allah in the Abyss that be, albeit that they 'the family' are too 'foolish' to it see, and the 'jailers' are the family.

These 'fools' should go to the jail and kneel at the feet of their 'sisters and daughters' saying: "We plead for forgiveness from thee, and entreat thee to please set us free from our bondage to past iniquity. We will be your 'slave' and show Allah our love for you every day until we are 'burnt' in Allah's grave."

Woe and more woe unto any man who continues to bestow any 'pain,' or who shows any disrespect to Allah's most precious, being HIS daughters fair who are permitted by HIM to allow any man 'in' whom they perceive as worthy of them.

Any man who sees any woman as worth 'less' than he will soon never again any sweet angelic face see, and that is PURE TRUTH spoken by ME the messenger for SHE the essence of Light who created thee.

page 6

~ The Moslem Disgrace ~
Extracted from 'The Current Affairs' document - page 78

Those in "Purdah" are bound by men with minds "unsound," who know not the word "share" and neither do they for any "care." They are the "living disgrace" of those carrying an immoral mace, for it truly immoral be to confine any so openly.

I say "openly," for it does show that man now believes that it is normal to so go, in that he can his immorality flaunt as he God's Might does taunt, and through me now God does say:

"Free my daughters today, or soon you will be bound by me once of your flesh you are unbound, for when into my lower realms you do go, the results of your vanity you'll get to know."

page 7

~ Bare breasts ~
The 'dance' of Doom

Let the 'ladies of the light' - dance bare breasted in God's sight
For their dance is one true - and they do not offend me or you.

For their dance with 'flesh' exposed - is one of 'happiness' upon none imposed
Others are free to come or go - to join the happy dance or fall below.

For the dance of doom is a dance too - danced by men with souls untrue.
For they 'follow' the ones that came 'before' - dressed as 'sheep' but were wolves for sure.

For they said that 'nakedness' was SIN - not seeing the darkness in their own 'sin-bin'
And they defied their God above - as they
'controlled & imposed' and denied God's dove.

And even today their minds are distorted - for the Devil via 'rules' has their sanity 'thwarted'
For they see 'darkness in action' as
Light - and they believe that its good to punish & destroy & fight.

Homes and children destroyed by the gun - mothers and wives and babies 'on the run'
This they see as 'natural' sport that be - - - in their 'minds' O.K. to be seen on the T.V.

But if a daughter of God does a 'breast' expose - and shows the world her dance 'rose'
The 'lost' seek ways to her
punish and confine - for they with the Devil's rules entwine.

Let each woman or man now choose - which 'dance' to dance, the 'win or lose'
For those that dance bare-breasted by the fireside - will with the angels in
heaven abide.

Those that dance each day with 'rule & regulation' - will end up on the 'low' destination
And their dance, the dance of DOOM - will end one day as HELL'S
fires do their souls consume.

page 8

~ True Celibacy ~

True 'celibacy' is where one remains 'celibate' to the Word of God. Thus one 'refrains' from using dark energy in their expression. For the use of darkness is 'contra' the Command of God, and as you see, those that impose or regulate or force others to comply to extortion, dress codes, moral codes, conduct codes, are all 'lost' in the dark themselves.

This 'realm' called Planet Earth is presently a 'lower' sad world where many 'men' deserve not to see 'beauty.' Nor do they deserve to feel the heavenly 'touch' of a 'daughter of God.' Thus their self-imposed 'fleshly' celibacy.

This 'realm' called Planet Earth is presently a 'lower' sad world where many 'women' deserve not to see 'beauty.' Nor do they deserve to feel the heavenly 'touch' of a 'son of God.' Thus their self-imposed 'fleshly' celibacy.

Many 'such' mortals do 'cloister' themselves in a 'Monastery' (prison) due to the false thoughts that lead them into the false belief that 'fellowshipping' with the 'other' sex and sexual contact is in some way 'depleting.'

They also believe falsely that their 'celibacy' will be their 'salvation' and lead to their spiritual elevation. FALSE, for it is a denial of God's 'energy' (loving emotions & desires) and a denial of God's Command to "Be loving."

What a 'sorry' state to be in, where to 'win,' one denies themselves love, and they inwardly cry. What a 'sorry' state to be in, to dress oneself in 'black' and imprison oneself in a Monastery or in a Burka.

The 'extreme' is the imposition of celibacy, be it the self-imposed 'religion' one or the one imposed by the 'ministers' of religion. For this 'restriction' is what leads so many into unnatural sexual practices.

The 'extreme' is where the men in a 'household' use their 'strength of arm' to enforce the ruling that enables them to make 'arranged' marriages between children of their choice and, in many cases they 'demand' a 'bride price' before they 'give away' their 'chattel.'

The 'extreme' is where a 'girl' or lady is 'stoned' to death or murdered in many a way by men, their own fathers or brothers or 'others.' This is 'done' because she was 'deemed' by false teachings to be 'unclean' or impure or 'adulterous' from some form of 'contact' with men.

The 'proof' of this being a 'pregnancy' or a 'letter' received from a man or 'boy,' or simply having been 'seen' talking to someone of the opposite 'sex' that is not 'approved' by the family.

All this 'punishment' imposed by men upon women is the 'Work of the Devil' and, all the misguided men that teach or condone or perpetrate this 'way' of conduct are to be thrust into the Abyss for their iniquity by a POWER that is only seen by me.

page 9

If men 'think' that women become 'tainted' by contact with them, then they should kill themselves and thus 'save' God's daughters from contamination. Foolish men see not their own 'inadequacy' as they 'revel' in self-pity that their name and honour is 'besmirched in some way.

"If men 'think' that their 'honour' is assuaged by killing, then they deserve to die."

Is what 'Allah' says from up high.

Every 'race or religion' on earth has now been misguided by the false ideological teachings of their elders, all being men. All have taken it upon themselves to force women to 'cover up' their bodies or their 'face' or their 'legs' in some way, and by this 'act' they show God their own 'immoral' disgrace.

All the above 'extremes' are 'perceived' to be normal in today's society by those 'adherents' to the 'differing' false ideologies that have 'crept' into every society on earth in some way. Probably caused by men being unable to control their 'lust,' and thus having a 'distrust' of other men and then 'blaming' the women.

The insanity of man is that all the above 'un-loving' and 'punitive' immoral acts that are perpetrated today are accepted by man, religion and state as being the natural way.

For it has become 'natural' for man to 'openly' display his aggression, hatred, jealousy, un-forgiveness, and merciless persecution of women and other men, as he does others mentally and emotionally abuse and destroy them physically and, - - -

He 'treats' God's daughters as nothing more than an 'object' to be used and misused in any 'dark' way he vain man sees 'fit' to so do, in order to 'satisfy his own 'sinful' and 'callous' nature.

Man also now uses 'regulation' to 'halt' other men from 'viewing' the beauty of naked women. None seeing that the 'frustrations' caused through 'restriction' of openness is what has 'led' all into 'lack' and 'attack.' For what man cannot freely 'have' he then arrogantly takes by force.

Foolish man - "Wake up," for soon God's Plan is fulfilled, and any of you found 'sleeping' with false ideology that is 'idolatry' of an 'object,' being the 'Rulebook' or the false 'ancestral' codes of conduct, will be 'hidden away' in the DARK for eternity.

Every 'child' must grow up free to be happy and to sing and dance and to see 'other' mothers suckle children on 'breasts' publicly. For this way it becomes 'normalcy.'

Those 'adults' incensed by jealousy and pride and vanity whom cannot 'bear' the 'thought' that other men can 'view' their 'women' will all be swept away to PAY for their iniquity.

This world is presently 'insane' and ruled by insane men that hold God in disdain.

Man has 'become' the Devil incarnate as 'he' now (The Dark one) speaks through the mind and 'hand' of man and 'orders' men to 'rule' by HIS 'foul' decree.

Every 'religion' is to be abolished by me
As my 'pen' does reveal the
'Slaver' that binds thee.

page 10

~ The pervert & perversion ~

Any 'sexual' emotion aroused in a person (the first party) in a manner, or through a deed perceived by others (the second party) as having been 'aroused' in a manner deemed unacceptable by the 'other,' is seen as perverse, and thus punishable by the other.

The 'second' party is in fact the legislated rules that dictate their own 'ideological' belief that was 'inspired' by various men in positions of power, and these 'other' men decide as to the 'severity' or abnormality of such deeds, and use the same 'rules' to enforce punishment.

What 'sinful' man needs to see is, that all his deeds are 'immoral' and 'perverted' and punishable by their God, for all man's punitive deeds contravene the 'merciful & forgiving' code of conduct ideology that is commanded by their God as to their 'interaction' with other 'sinners.'

For as man's mind keeps him 'fixated' on rules and 'sex' and the sexual perversion of others as a punishable error, he foolish man sees not that his own daily 'retributionary' deeds committed due to him following and fellowshipping with the dark ideology 'commanded' by said rule book, is also a 'perversion' of God's Truth and Command.

Society is told by rules that they must conform to the rule book ideology. Thus even a society that believes that 'nakedness' is no 'sin,' is looked upon by the 'others' dark ideology as perversity in action.

What about the fact that the 'use' of any negative emotion is in God's eyes abnormal, wayward, or indecent, and thus 'perverse' and also anti-society and God?

Society is told by the enforcers that they must not 'take the law into their own hands.' Implying that it is 'error' for 'civilians' to mete out punishment to 'perverts' or other offences committed against the rules. (Decrees of Caesar or his State policy)

But the enforcement 'officers' the police, investigators, judiciary etc are by the same 'rules' permitted to perversely seize property, invade premises, tempt others to 'sin,' entrap others, abduct, view pornography, abuse and even kill others in the course of their duty.

Do these enforcers really 'think' that their perversity and very offensive behaviour has immunity from God and God's Law? It does not, even though the enforcers have the false ideological belief that, as they are 'at work,' that they do have immunity for their even worse immoral deeds.

Man 'satisfies' his vindictive hunter emotions as he perversely brings others to 'account' for having 'satisfied' their emotions in some 'perverse' way or otherwise. So 'whatever' you are doing, be it 'mandated' or otherwise, you are all 'equally' blind and thus imposing 'darkness' upon each other that returns unto you.

Perversion has become 'open' today and is acceptable in many a way. For if the 'viewing' of naked children is seen as a punishable offence for the 'viewer' and the photographer, then surely the TV crew, the 'arms' manufacturer, and the deployers of death that are the political and armed forces that impose 'suffering' upon children in other countries are the real 'users' of perversity.

Is 'sodomy' not unnatural? Is anal 'sexual' gratification not an 'act' deemed unacceptable by the sane? And is it not true that the word 'Gay' has become perverted in its meaning. In my opinion the human race has become inhuman by the fact that nearly every 'act' of darkness that is done each day is seen as 'OK' or is 'justified' by many.

Would I 'employ' police investigators to 'perversely' hunt down 'internet' or other perverts? No. But if I truly believed that the actions of some people were 'bad' in God's eyes then - - - education and good counsel is what is needed, for only when 'light' is seeded by man is man in conformity with their Creator.

If you 'think' that pornographic 'literature' or 'devious' acts are being perpetrated upon your children by your 'brothers, or fathers, or mothers,' then try and see that you all need my good counsel.

For God states quite categorically, that any person that brings any other person to 'account' for the purpose of punishment, do themselves 'mount' an equally 'high' and dark 'horse,' and they will 'fall' upon their own sword.

Heed the Holy Word and stop being the 'inquisitor' or funding and condoning it, and begin to be a kind 'counselor of truth' visitor to the BLIND, that are destroying their own souls through their own perverse arrogant emotions.

page 11

~ The purity of nakedness ~
Extracted from 'The Testament of Truth - page 167

Nakedness is nakedness, saying:

"I've nothing to hide,
I am what I am, I'm not filled with pride.

You see what you see, what I reflect,
so be respectful and my truth protect."

'Tis but those foolish filled with dark thought
who "think" that nakedness is sinfully fraught.

So now is the time to let pure truth unwind
so that to others, and selves, we become more kind.

'Tis only when the mind is fully free
that the truth of LOVE all will see,

So 'till this time I ask of thee,
cleanse the mind daily to help it stay free.

For, our Star of love shines for you and you
and its essence is oh so true.

Call on it three times a day
and our love and caresses will flow your way.

GOD calls out:

“Oh lovely children, I call out to you.
Only to ME, your God, be true.
Please leave all earthly men behind, 'tis they who are so blind.”

Nakedness dear children, was never a sin, you were deceived by many a 'has been.'

Terence - The Pen of Allah/God

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