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Welcome, this is Tim & Terry’s 'page' that is placed up to assist you in the event that you are interested in an alternative power source and do not know where to begin, and we simply seek to assist you in finding your way, be you a home owner needing a little self-sufficient power in these uncertain times, or a group of fishermen living in a coastal village who would like to invest in a community system so as to be able to freeze lobsters or fish fillets each day before sending them away to market, and also use the electricity to pump water from a well and have a light or two.

The main reason for this 'Paper' is to assist you into becoming 'personally informed' and able to decide what you need and to become more self-sufficient, because electricity supplies will become more unreliable in many places and you also may live in a place where there is none available.

In either event these pages will assist you in what you need to know, being the basics for an alternative power 'system' and the approximate costs involved.


1 - A 'system' can consist of as little as Aud$ 250, consisting of one truck battery and one small 20 watt solar panel, a regulator and a couple of wires connected to a single 25 watt light bulb. If the battery has a capacity of 90 amps = 60 usable* amps x 12v = 720 watts of energy = 720 divided by 25 (power consumption of 12v light bulb per hour) = 30 hours of light or, 7 hours of light using two 12v x 50 watt bulbs etc.

However, your consumption must not exceed the amount your solar panel is replacing each day, and if there is only 10 hours of sun x 20 watts = 200 watts input, a 25 watt bulb would replace the power stored in 8 hours of usage. You may of course use a larger watt solar panel, 60 or 100 watt capacity or multiples if you wish to.

Note: 60 usable* amps - if you used up all the 90 amps energy in the battery each day then you would destroy the battery within a month or so. It is best to always use less than its capacity. Example, a deep cycle battery is one with 900 lives so to speak, meaning that it can be 'drained' considerably each day and not suffer as much as a normal vehicle battery but, - - -

If you have a big battery storage capacity so that you never use more than 20% of its total energy stored each day, then a deep cycle battery may last you 20 + years. The same battery delivering up 80% of its capacity each day may only last you 4-6 years.

2 - A 'system' - If you wish to have a fridge, freezer, lights, washing machine, TV and computer facility or more, then a 'system' can consist of a 20 panel solar array giving 1,600 watts of energy per hour of sunlight, a 400 - 1000 watt wind turbine for the windy rainy days when there is no sun, and a 1000 amp hr x 24 v battery system having a 1,500 watt inverter to convert stored battery power into 240 v electricity. This with associated turbine tower, solar array supports etc., could cost Aud $ 25,000 or more. If you live by a stream you can use a stream micro hydro turbine to give you continuous energy.

So it is simply a matter for you to decide how much electricity you will need to consume per day and how much 'money' you wish to spend. To run a ‘full house’ as given below one would need an average daily input of electricity of approximately 500 watts per hour or 12,000 watts per day.

Fridge - freezer - washing machine - small microwave – computer – television - power tools - water pump - bread maker – lights, etc.

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Wind Turbines

This article is written in an attempt to aid the home user who seeks to become self sufficient in electric power, as well as having an 'alternate' water pumping facility, and to raise self-sufficiency 'alternative power' awareness.  

As all will soon see, the new way will be “Electricity” that will shunt aside all “fumes” that abide in this atmosphere as to God’s “clear way” all draw near. There are many of you who will ahead seek to be true, and as you land acquire you will elevate your way higher and build homes with “renewable energy” in your sight, and thus I this ”beginners” page do write. Clean & green & gold is the new way.

Wind turbines are a powerful and useful part of any major home power system. For when it is night time or if it rains for a day or a week then solar panels cease their production of electrical current, but at night or in the wind and rain the wind turbine excels and it can produce a large amount of electrical energy at a far less cost than solar power.

I limit my expression in this document to the smaller units for homes, farms and small communities. Remember, a 300 to 500 watt/hr capacity turbine will only deliver that power at 28 mph wind speed. In reality, with lower “average” daily winds it may only be “delivering” a fraction of its rated power. For if the daily average wind speed is only 12 mph, then it may only deliver 50 watts or less current per hour.

Generally speaking, for home or farm if one can afford it one would purchase a 1000 to 1500 watt per hour capacity wind turbine. This machine would produce that amount of energy at its optimum output that is attained at an approximate 28 mph wind speed.

If the wind speed average for the day was much lower at say 12 mph, then a turbine of this capacity could still deliver about 100 watts of current per hour to your battery bank. Wind turbines need at least 6 mph wind to begin their generating output.

With the above in mind, it is better to opt for the larger machine if possible. The other factor of great relevance that one needs to understand is that wind is like water, in that as it 'streams' along in the sky it can be subjected to interference from the 'ground' that will cause it to slow down or to 'tumble' like water passing over rapids.

This takes place in proximity to trees, homes, or other 'ground' obstructions, thus it is of importance to have your machine elevated as high as possible above the ground, for the higher you go the greater the speed of the wind, and the less the machine will be subjected to turbulence that not only slows it down, but also causes undue stress to its components. 25 metres is a good 'tower' height.

Calculate your daily power consumption needs against a turbine output operating at a 8metre/sec wind speed (18 mph) and you’ll be fairly “safe,” as you will have an 50% “spare” more current capacity capability to charge emptying batteries as the wind speed increases to the 10 - 14 m/s speeds, enabling the unit to give its full power output.

For not only does a wind turbine or solar array need to have the “inherent” capacity to supply the never ending daily output, but if this supply need is diminished due to lack of sun or wind then the power supply “mechanism” be it the turbine or solar modules need to have a charging capacity of at least twice the daily input requirement so as to be able to not only continue the daily supply needs, but to also “catch up” and fill up the battery bank ready for the “next” windless or sunless days.

There are many different types of wind turbines available to purchase, and some are better than others, and some are less inclined to need repair than others. The small to 'medium' range home power supply units vary in maximum output from 100 watts through to 1000 watts.

After much consideration of the available wind turbines available I recommend the proven 'Whisper' range of wind turbines. The most popular is the Whisper 200 which comes in a variety of voltages from 12v up to 240v, having its own regulator and can produce 1000 watts +. It has proven itself for many years as a rugged outback machine and my sister has been using a 'Whisper' for over 10 years in Tasmania. (Still running smoothly even in very high wind gusts)

It can provide enough power for lights, radio, television, fan, water pumps, kitchen appliances, microwave oven, washing machine, fridge, freezer, fax, computer, TV satellite dish, power tools etc., an ideal homestead unit when coupled to a solar array.

Coupled to a 12 or 24 or 48 v battery bank and using an inverter it can run all normal 240 v appliances. All components are made from the highest quality materials to withstand long term wear and fatigue.

The 'Whisper' is the best quality Wind Turbine for the farm & home

Available 400 watts to 4500 watts

The popular 'Whisper 200' is a 1000+ Watt unit from 12V to 240V
Weighs 30 kg only with a 9' diameter swing.

It gives 800 watts at 20 mph (9m/s sec) wind

For more details and my 'survivor strategy' pages using one of these turbines go HERE:

Note: As solar panels are limited to sunlight hours, it follows that wind turbines have more than twice the amount of time each day to be delivering electricity to your alternative power system. Not only this, but on those cloudy or rainy days when there is no sunlight, the wind is high and these turbines give much needed electric power.

The 'modern' wind generators are designed to be most energy productive at wind speeds in the 10 - 30 mph range. Below 10 mph they produce relatively little power. At wind speeds above 35 mph they 'furl' to avoid structural damage as well as to avoid over speeding and exceeding the generator capabilities. On furling "out of wind," they will lose some of their power output.

Note: Cable sizes from the wind turbine to the battery or controller must be of a 'certain' size because if they are to 'thin' there will be a huge loss of available current.

Copper Wire Resistance Table
Metric size (area per mm2) Resistance per 100metres for 2 wires (ohms)
1 4.2
2.5 1.5
4 0.92
6 0.62
10 0.37
16 0.23
25 0.135
35 0.105

Loss (watts)         =     amps2(squared) X Resistance (ohms)
w = I2  (current squared) X R (resistance in ohms)
Quoted allowable drop = no more than half an amp for a 12 volt system.

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Inverters - True 'sine ~~ wave'
converts 12v or 24v or 48v battery power into 240v ac

Inverters are appliances that “convert” DC electrical current stored in batteries as 12v or 24v or 48v DC current into 240v AC or 110v AC current for home appliances. The “form” of the electrical “wave” created in the output AC side varies with the different types of inverters manufactured. There are “square” wave and “Sine” wave inverters available.

Square & modified square wave units can be safely used in many electrical appliances, e.g.; workshop tools and equipment and Tv. But any inverter that is not a true “Sine” wave will damage some electrical “boards” and may “blow” fridge/freezer automatic switches over time.

For any given “output” capacity, the sine wave will give a far better performance. Square waves are “rough” and “jagged” and sine waves are “smooth.”

Square wave inverters cost half the price of a sine wave, and “semi” sine or “modified” square wave units about 75% of the sine wave unit. From my personal experience I can only “suggest” that you purchase a true sine wave inverter if you are going to “power” a computer, audio equipment, freezer etc without “worry.”

Some Inverters are designed to direct your power supply directly to the mains Grid, either from your 'stand alone' battery bank system, or directly from your solar panels or wind turbine or, it can be combined to do both.

Notes on Inverters

A 12v or 24v or 48v 2000 to 4000 watt continuous flow inverter will power all the needs of a home ( fridge, freezer, bread baker, Tv, washing machine, computer, fax, vacuum cleaner etc). It would also run a small workshop with drill, band saw, and other tools.

Remember, if your solar modules or wind turbine are “wired” 12v, then your inverter must also be a 12v one. If wired 24v, then the inverter must be a 24v unit. So when ordering the wind turbine or inverter you must specify as to whether the battery bank is to be 'wired' 12v or 24v etc.

Inverter power output capacity. You will see the words “continous & surge” e.g.; 2000W continuous, this means that the amount of power the inverter can supply flowing though it from appliances on a continuous basis is 2000 watts, but when electrical appliances are switched “on” there is a surge of current that may be 4 times greater for a split second than its “running” usage, thus an inverter can surge to a much higher 'wattage' output for a few minutes to accommodate this sudden temporary increase each time a freezer switches on, or you switch on the vacuum cleaner.

So a 1600W inverter may have a surge capacity of 5000 Watts for a few minutes. All manufacturers give “5 minute surge capacity” & “30 minute capacity” & “continuous capacity.”

A true ~ Sine Wave ~ output allows noise free operation of appliances and audio equipment.

I use and recommend the Latronics range of 'stand alone' inverters for battery conversion to 240v home power.

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~ MPPT - Maximum power point tracker regulator and controller ~

The maximum power point tracker regulator/controller  is an enhancement incorporated into charge controllers that isolates the charging equipment power output from the restrictive effects of the batteries so that the maximum power (watts) output of the charging equipment can be utilised, and this significantly increases the (watts) delivered to the battery storage unit.

The maximum power point tracker regulator/controller  is a unit that in fact 'boosts' the available solar panel (PV) watts to the battery and enables high voltages at 'source' to be changed to 12v, 24v, or 48v battery banks.

AMPS - are the electrical 'current' generated
VOLTS - are the electrical 'pressure' forcefully driving the current.
WATTS - are the electrical 'power' that being used by the equipment/lights etc.

Both Volts (pressure) and Amps (current) are necessary for Watts (power used)
5 Amps x 12v = 60 Watts or 5 Amps x 24v = 120 Watts

Solar modules force energy into a battery, and once the battery is full the electricity supply emanating from PV modules, water hydro turbine or wind turbine the electricity created needs to be halted so as to not overcharge the battery. This 'control' mechanism is called a "Regulator" and there are a variety of different types.

How Does a maximum power point tracker increase Charge Current? A photovoltaic (PV) array is a constant voltage device. Unlike a battery which is a constant current device.  As shown on a typical PV module voltage-current curve, voltage remains relatively constant over a wide range of current.

A typical 75 watt panel delivers 3.75amps @ 20volts. Traditional PV controllers connect the PV array directly to the battery when the battery is in a state of discharge.

When a  75 watt panel is connected directly to a battery charging at 12-14 volts, the PV panel won't provide its maximum power due to it being pulled down to the battery voltage.

Maximum power point tracker technology operates in a very different fashion. Under the above conditions it calculates the voltage at which the PV module delivers maximum power, in this case under 17v. It then converts the available power to charge the batteries (typically 12-14V) in a 12v system, while extracting the power from the panels at its maximum power point 14 -17V.

A maximum power point tracker continually recalculates the peak power voltage as operating conditions change.  PV output power, now 75 watts, feeds a high efficiency power converter which creates more current to be available to charge the batteries than the panels would produce connected directly and operating at 12 -14V.

The full 75 watts delivered at 17 volts would produce a current of roughly 4.5A. A charge current increase of 1.8 amps or 22 watts or 20% is achieved by converting the 22 watts that would have been wasted into useable charge current. This example assumes 100% efficiency to illustrate the principal of operation. Actual boost will be less as some power is lost in wiring, connections, fuses.

The actual charge current increase you will receive varies with PV temperature and battery voltage. Lower PV temperatures increases available power, while raising the MPPT voltage. However, the peak power is delivered during the hottest time of day, which is lowest MPPT level. In general the temperature may exceed 75degrees at which the MPPT is around 14V.

Under normal conditions in comfortable ambient temperatures, current increase typically ranges between 10 to 25%, using an MPPT controller, with 30% or more easily achieved with a discharged battery and cooler temperatures. 

What you can be sure of is that a maximum power point tracker will deliver the highest charge current possible for a given set of operating conditions. When conditions are such that the battery voltage and maximum power point are exactly the same, the tracker will pass the current through but will still have small losses. (between 5-10%) conditions.  

Some inverters have an inbuilt maximum power point tracker (MPPT) and are able to Grid feed from the solar modules or from battery supply. When set in Battery Mode, it will feed excess power into the grid when the batteries have fully charged at 54V (for 48V model or 108V for 96V model).

The PV Edge will continue to regulate the batteries at 54V by increasing the grid feed as solar power increases. Under 54V the inverter will not feed any power and will completely disconnect from the grid after 2min to ensure no power is used from the grid. It will reconnect when the battery voltage rises above 54V again.


Some Grid feed systems manufacturers have controllers that feed direct from a wind turbine into the Grid. For a 'Latronics' PVE1200 (1250 watt supply) you will need to use a 48V wind turbine. If you wish to Grid feed up to 2500 watts you will need aPVE2500 controller and the wind turbine will need to be a 96v unit. The controller has an electronic 'smart brake' which will protect the wind turbine from over spinning when connected direct to the Grid if the grid 'fails.' In the event that the turbine is connected primarily to batteries then it will have its own regulator/heat dump.

Solar panels (PV modules)

Solar modules create electricity and need light, preferably direct sunlight as they cannot operate properly if they become shaded by trees. On cloudy days they can still put out about 20% of their rated power output.

Solar modules are the best solution on small home blocks. A combination of solar & wind is good, for there are times when its windy with no sun and other times when its sunny with no wind. The most common 'sizes' of solar modules are 10 watts to 200 watts per hour output.

There are two 'basic' types of solar modules, the 'crystalline' silicon cells that are encapsulated behind glass, and the 'Amorphous' silicon that are 'layered' onto thin stainless steel sheets. Due to the inherent 'design' of crystalline modules, they are more subject to power loss from partial 'shading' than the amorphous ones.

If an 'area' of a crystalline solar module is 'shaded' by any object such as a 'tree' or 'bird dropping' or yacht mast it will 'shut down' part of its power output, thus one must ensure that its surface is clean at all times and not shaded.

The disadvantage of the 'Amorphous' silicon modules is that they are much larger in size than the  'crystalline' modules of the same wattage output. So if you wish to use a large solar 'array' then the crystalline modules are better having less 'windage,' and less likely for structural damage to, and cost of the solar tracking assembly.

If you are intending to place solar modules on your home roof, then if you live on or near to the equator, they needs be placed flattish facing North if you live South of the equator and facing South if you live North of the Equator. (about 5% incline to the Equator at Mombasa).

As you travel North or South of the equator the angle of the roof or module mounting will become greater, about 10║ slope for each 10║ latitude. So if you live 40║ South of the equator, then the angle of the roof or solar module support needs be at an angle of 40║ from horizontal which will give the best heat absorption in winter. (As in image above taken in Tasmania of a small manually operated solar tracking assembly, top panels are 'amorphous' and the lower one is silica)

If you only have a few modules then you can affix them with a movable support so that the module angle can be lessened in summer as the sun comes more overhead, and increase the angle as the sun moves lower in the sky in winter.

The use of a solar tracker such as the image above that can be moved by hand or by automated means will give you more daily power output. A tracking system attached to the 'array' is very useful if your home is shaded by trees and you cannot utilise the roof adequately, in this event the array can be placed 5 - 20 metres away in the sun, and the array can be placed high 'up' on a pole so as not to use up ground space.

It is best to use an electrically drive 'Linear actuator' that is actuated electronically by an optical light sensor that tracks the sun, and this can give you up to or more than 50% electricity increase per day into your battery bank.

This piece of equipment comes in different lengths from 12" to three feet or more, and it pivots the solar array and keeps the solar modules  'tracking' the sun, and this gives more electricity.

For optical Light sensor to activate the Linear actuator contact - - -

A 'module' may weigh about 5 kgs or more and put out 100 watts of power per hour. This means that it is placing 100 watts of energy into your battery to be stored for later use or present use. If you have 10 hours of sunlight @ 100 watts then one panel stores 1000 watts. This means that you could have 2 x 50 watt bulbs burning for 10 hours a day from one solar panel.

If your freezer uses 300 watts per hour when running and needs to operate for 6 hours a day, then your battery bank would need to be 'fed' 300 x 6 = 1800 watts of energy from wind or solar per day for that one item. So it is quite easy to calculate how much solar or wind energy you need per day to operate any given amount of items.

If you are intending to place solar modules on a new home roof, then design your home to have one side of the roof “face” towards the equator rather than East or West. This way, modules mounted directly onto the roof will always be facing the sun. If you live on or near to the equator, they needs be placed flattish.

Note: If I have used 100 amps out of my battery bank - - - then the battery bank needs (100 amps divided by .8 efficiency) = 125 amps to go back into it in order to bring back (or maintain) a full state of charge.  A general rule of thumb is 75% system efficiency, this allows for battery, wiring and inverter losses.  These are all BIG losses and must be accounted for if you want your system to operate adequately and to maintain a good service life.

Note: Do not forget that your battery is only 80% efficient at best and, the older they get this figure lowers and therefore losses increase.

Note: The available current from any solar module can be increased slightly when one uses a Maximiser or solar boost regulator as given on page 11.

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~ Deep ‘cycle’ Batteries ~

Batteries used in “remote” power systems are called “Deep cycle.” This means that they can be “cycled” deeply and not suffer damage in the same way a vehicle battery would. They differ from the usual vehicle batteries in that they can withstand being “cycled” from “full to low” hundreds of times more than a vehicle battery.

The older style batteries requiring to be filled regularly with distilled water are now being replaced with either GEL (no water) or valve regulated sealed batteries requiring no refilling.

Absolyte is one of the world's best-selling large valve-regulated, lead-acid (VRLA) battery brands. A stand-by power product - valve regulated, network power battery. Engineered, marketed and sold by Exide's GNB Industrial Power business, the Absolyte GP incorporates a technologically and environmentally advanced design that delivers a 20 year design life with enhanced cycling performance.

The following is general information:

If a vehicle battery was “discharged” often its life would be very short. Equally, a deep cycle battery has a “shortened” life if it is left in a “flat or low” state. Flat batteries become “scaly” on the plates due to “sulphation” which over time inhibits their capacity to receive a charge. Thus if you would get a full 20 year life out of your deep cycle batteries then never leave them in a low or discharged state.

Stationary deep cycle 'water filled' batteries (non gel) may give a “false” too low reading if they are not “bubbled” regularly as the acid settles downwards and the top where you test from will be a little “weaker.” The “bubbling” that occurs also “equalises the voltage in each cell” and enables the battery to receive a full charge.

To “bubble” a battery it must be full and then “boosted” up from its operational 12.7 - 14v volts to 15v or more if it is a 12v system. This is done automatically today by solar module regulators as well as by the wind turbine regulators that cut off the power supply once batteries are full to avoid battery damage.

You need to have a specific gravity tester that is available from any “auto” store. It will give you a good idea as to the “state” of the available current stored in your batteries.

If your charging system is too small a supply for your daily “usage,” then your batteries will never “reach” their full “state” and will suffer sulphation damage over time as they “hover” in the SG 1180 down to zero charge state. The readings are as follows:

Approximate only guide to battery 'charge' state.

Volts % full SG
12.7 100 1.26
12.6 90 1.25
12.5 80 1.23
12.4 70 1.22
12.3 60 1.20
12.2 50 1.19
12.0 25 1.16
11.9 zero 1.13

If you have enough batteries, i.e.: a fairly large capacity bank of 2200 Amp hours storage or more, then you may find that they operate in the “full down to 80% full” each day. This will give you full 12 + years life on the batteries. If you operate them in the full down to 50% full” range daily, then their life may only be 6 years. If you cycle them down to below their 50% capacity daily then their life may only be less.

(Note: as my batteries are constantly full due to having a water turbine charging 24/7, they have lasted 21 years and only recently been replaced.)

You may only need a small bank of 350 Amp hours capacity depending on your daily needs. Ensure that you calculate these needs and then multiply this by 6 days usage and you will have the right battery size needed for optimum life. Batteries can be “placed” in 12v “parallel” or in “series” to give you 24v or 48v systems.

Remember, that you should not charge any battery bank with more than 10% of its total capacity. Thus a 500 Amp/hour bank should not be charged at more than 50 Amps/hr. So you need to select solar/wind units that do not charge faster than that amount or you will overheat the batteries and cause damage. Ensure the water level is at least 1 cm above the battery plates.

Batteries must not be filled with “distilled” water, only use “de-mineralised” water for long life operations. If you cannot obtain any due to your “situation” or “circumstance” then collect rain water direct from the sky in a clean plastic container.

Deep cycle batteries will need topping up of their 'water' annually or more often in hot conditions, and also need to be kept 'on charge' if not in use for any reason, as all batteries lose a small amount of their stored energy each day.

If you have a water turbine that is charging 24 hours a day then your battery bank can be much smaller. The cost of batteries is high, so just try and not “skimp” on the battery volume you buy as it is your “storage” back up.

You will need a small room 3 x 2 metres or so to house your system. Batteries must be kept in a room and shaded so that it remains cool. For if it gets hot then the battery water will evaporate more quickly. This only applies to lead acid water filled batteries that are unsealed.

The negative side of your battery bank needs to be earthed to the ground. Either drive a 5’ long by half inch copper rod into the ground and connect a 20 mm cable to it or, if the ground is rocky then dig a shallow trench 6” deep by 6 foot long and lay an unsheathed 16 or 20 mm copper wire in it and cover it with soil and wet it for good conductivity. The section going into your battery storage room that is above ground needs to have its plastic cover on so that it does not short other wires.

For the best quality long life battery for the farm & home

The Nickel Iron Battery

They have the longest life of any rechargeable battery made today. (Over 30 years)
Environmentally friendly green technology battery  - no lead, mercury, cadmium or other toxic heavy metals


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~ Towers for wind turbines ~

Towers that support the wind turbines need be 'sited' well if you have a large property. Seek high ground and try and find a spot away from high trees. In any event, the top of the tower should be 10 metres above any tree top within 200 metres radius or more if possible. No tower should be of a height less than 3 x lengths of 20’ galvanised pipe = 60 feet. Towers of 80’ are probably the most common, and 100’ or more are also used.

The higher you go the less 'turbulence' there is and the smoother the unit will operate and the higher the wind speed will be, and the greater will be its daily current output in watts. It does not matter where you are; the 'steady' wind speed increases considerably the higher above ground you go.

Wind gusts due to turbulence resulting from 'swirling' air masses cause great 'side' stresses and undue wear on the machine as well as lowering its charging rate. Distance from the battery compartment is an issue in the 12v systems, too thin a 'cable' wire loses current on the way.

If your unit is more than 30 metres from the house then a 24v system is best as the wire needed is much thinner and thus cheaper. If the turbine is going to be 70 - 300 metres away then a 110v unit is needed with a transformer fitted to reduce the voltage to the 24 v or 48 v battery voltage used. 

Towers are usually built in 6.5metre galvanised pipe sections.*  The under 10kg weight turbines can be placed on 2” galvanised pipe up to 20 metres, and 2.5” galvanised pipe for 26 metre towers. The 25 - 70kg turbines need a 3” galvanised pipe if only 20 metres and 4” if higher, and any larger 100-200kg units need a 5” galvanised pipe. Four sections  of 6.5 metre lengths give you 26 metres. (80’)

Note: galvanised pipe sections.* - 'Pipe' measurement is an internal diameter, whereas 'tube' is an external one. Tube walls are thinner than pipe. If a pipe measurement is given as 3" then its actual external diameter would be close to 3.5 inches.

You also need 'joiners' at which lugs are fitted for the stay wires. On the 2” & 3” & 4” tube there are stay wire 'connectors' at the top of each pipe, i.e. 4 sets of four stays for a 4 length tower. The joiner can be a flange threaded on the pipe end and welded or simply welded on. The ends are then bolted together. It may also be a 'slip in' pipe fitting 600 mm long or other on the thinner sizes.

At the base of the tower is a base plate having a pivot facility to permit the tower to fold/swivel down, and also an attachment point for the gin-pole. A gin pole is a 2.5 to 4" steel 'post' lying at right angles to the tower, it is in fact a swivel level pole that enables the tower to be 'levered' upwards or lowered down easily.

The gin-pole extends out from the base plate attachment to the one stay wire attachment point (C) on image page 9 below that is chosen as the best anchor point to winch it from when elevating. It is used to act as a lever when raising or lowering the tower.

It is most important to remember that the end of the Gin pole at the anchor point (C) end is attached from this end to both the anchor point B & B using a strong stay wire. As the Gin pole elevates into the sky it is these two wires that keep it from falling sideways. The 'top' of this end is connected to the tower sections.

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Ground works suitable for under 10 kg weight turbines

The 2” galvanised pipe x 60' tower 12" x 3" x 10 mm base & swivel plate is grouted into a concrete plinth of 2' sq x 2' deep.
The support wires are grouted into concrete anchors of 12" diameter x 5' deep, and the four stay wires have a shackle bar grouted into these four points placed about 8 metres away from the tower base.

Note: If this unit is to be raised up to 80' or more then the lowest 2 pipe sections must be 2.5" inner diameter for added strength, or the lower 2" one may 'buckle' with over tightening of wire cable lines.

Ground works suitable for under 30 kg weight turbines

The 2.5” galvanised pipe x 80' tower 12" x 3" x 10 mm base & swivel plate is grouted into a concrete plinth of 2' sq x 2' 6" deep.
The support wires are grouted into concrete anchors of 14" diameter x 6' deep, and the four stay wires have a shackle bar grouted into these four points placed about 12 metres away from the tower base.

Ground works suitable for under 70 kg weight turbines

The 3” galvanised pipe x 80’ tower 12" x 6" x 15 mm base and swivel plate is grouted into a concrete plinth of 2' 6" sq x 2' 6"deep.
The support wires are grouted into concrete anchors  of 24" diameter x 5' deep, and the four stay wires have a shackle bar grouted into these four points placed about 14 metres away from the tower base.  

Ground works suitable for under 150 kg weight turbines

The 5” galvanised pipe x 80’ tower 14"x 7" x 15 mm base & swivel plate is grouted into a concrete plinth of 3' sq x 3' deep.
The support wires are grouted into concrete anchors of 30" diameter x 6' deep, and the four stay wires have a shackle bar grouted into these four points placed about 18 metres away from the tower base.  

Each stay wire anchor connector is a 3" x 5/8" x 6' length of steel grouted into concrete, having a 4" diameter closed and welded 'eye' swivel situated just above the concrete, this is to be placed in line with the tower.

Note: - In each of the above cases, the concrete anchor point for the wires that coincides with the end of the gin-pole needs to be 20% more in size or volume than given, this is because it has great stress imposed upon it when elevating or lowering the tower.

The tower has a 'gin' pole arrangement that enables it to swivel and to be erected section by section by two persons using a 4wd vehicle or 'turfor' winch of 3 tons or more pull or tractor or other mechanical winch with worm gear.

The stay wire needs be of 4, 6 or 8 mm diameter or more, depending on which unit you have and how high the tower you use. The turn buckles used to tighten these cables need to be the double closed eye ones that are much stronger than the open hook ended ones. Minimum size is 12 mm with larger 15 mm or more for the bigger units. A tower may cost the equivalent of 100% of the turbine cost or more. If you make it yourself it will cost much less.

Note: - The above information is supplied as a guide and from my past experience. Some wind turbine manufacturers supply their own 'standards' guide and may also supply 'kits' to assist you.

page 9

In the sketch below, point C is the point where the 'gin' raising and lowering pole is fixed, and point A is the 'rear' stay point where the tower 'falls' over when it is lowered. Both points B-B are the side stay points. Prior to raising or lowering the tower, the stay wires going to the sides B - B are slackened slightly by unwinding the turnbuckles enough to slacken the wires. Only the stay wires attached to the gin pole remain under load during raising and lowering.

Below the image it is stated that the 'eye' to which the guy wires are connected using a shackle at points B-B must be level horizontally. For if the tower swivel pin is 1" or more higher that B-B eye point, then when lowering the tower the side stays would become tight, and could cause a dangerous situation. If the tower swivel pin is 1" or more below the level of the eye bolt holes of B-B upon which the guy wire attachment swivels, then on lowering the tower the side stays will become looser. This is better than becoming tighter as long as it is not too much.

Also, the same thing occurs if the line of B-B is 'ahead' of tower base centerline and thus situated one or two inches towards 'C,' on lowering the tower the guy wires would be under more tension and the tower would not 'fall,' so it is best to have B-B either directly in line with tower base swivel pin or, 1" to the rear of B-B centerline towards 'A' for then as the tower is lowered the side guy wires become 'slack' a little.

Note: - Try and get guy in ground 'eye' attachments of B & B level horizontally and in line with tower base swivel pin or 1" towards A.

Point A must be on the high side of a slope and C on the low side. B & B level horizontally.
When the tower is lowered the gin-pole fixed to C rises and permits the tower to fall over point A.

High tensile tower retaining swivel bolt is situated about 6" above cement base.

Note: It is not shown in the above sketch, but a 1" diameter tube is inserted just below the bolt and exits out of the side of the hole about 1' below ground level prior to pouring the concrete - this enables the electric cable to exit the tower and come out of the side of the concrete below ground level.

The concrete tower base is fairly wide due to side loading when raising the tower, and also if the soil becomes very wet or soft a narrow base would be pushed downwards due to tensioning loads of wires and tower weight, this in time would cause loss of  tension in the wire cables. High winds also increase pressure on the tower base.

The A and B and B anchor points are all the same.

The gin-pole anchor concrete base below is approx 20% larger as it must take all stresses imposed when the tower is raised, for as the tower is raised or lowered it seeks to lift this point out of the ground.

As soon as the gin pole comes into contact with the stop plate the safety pin bolt is inserted. The turnbuckle is then attached and tightened, and stay wires are adjusted.

Before attempting to lower the tower the safety bolt is removed and the turnbuckle slackened off enough to enable the shackle holding it to the gin-pole to be released, but this is done in conjunction with the attachment of the pulleys and winch attachment. Once these are ready and slack taken up then the safety wire and rope attached on the opposite 'down' side can be placed under tension to pull the tower over as the winch is released slowly.

As the tower rises or falls the trailing wires are slack, hence the need to keep a trailing tension rope tight when elevating tower. For once the tower is nearly vertical, the weight of the gin-pole exerts a sudden pull downwards and could swing the tower over too fast causing it to jerk and then buckle and collapse.

Note: The end of the gin-pole has to be 'stayed' with wire ropes that go to each of the side tower anchor points B - B. It is best to have these permanently fixed before erecting the second pipe, because if you forget to put them in place when dropping the tower the gin-pole will fall to one side and the tower will collapse.

Note: The safest way to construct a tower is to raise up one section of pipe at a time. This enable each section to be elevated and have its wire stays adjusted and tensioned exactly as they will be when the final elevating is done, section by section - raised up - tensioned - then lowered, and the next section added. Only this way is it safe. Once all sections are completed then the tower is lowered and the wind turbine affixed and safely raised and ready to 'spin.'

Note: If the gin pole is in 2 sections, then commence the operation with only one section lying on the ground towards 'C' and connected to its high tensile tower base bolt. From its end furthest away from the tower are attached two stay wires that go out to points B - B.

Note:  To commence tower installation. Attach 4 tower cables to the top connector points of the first pipe to be raised after having bolted it to the tower base and pull the entire electrical cable through it - make sure that 3 of the the stay wires are connected first to the anchor points A and B - B with enough 'slack' to permit the pipe to become vertical. The other wire will be attached to the gin pole once the first pipe is elevated.

Elevate it by hand slowly if it is 3" diameter or less and by crane or 'excavator' if too heavy. Once it is 'up' then attach one stay wire to the end of the first section of the gin pole - adjust all the stay wires using a spirit level to ensure that the pipe is vertical. The lowest tower stay wire on the gin pole side is connected to the end of the first gin pole section.

Once the first tower pipe is fully adjusted then the remainder of the gin pole must be affixed and, - - - to its 'top' end must be attached the stay wire that will be attached to the end of the second pipe later when it is added and, to the sides of the added gin pole section end are attached two more side stay wires that go either side to B - B. (slightly slack) 

At the end of the gin pole you must now attach the 'tow' or winch cable that is fed out slowly as the tower pipe section (1) is pulled over down to the ground ready for fitting pipe (2).

The tower is pulled over towards A and as it swivels downwards the gin pole elevates and will stand 'erect' ready to be used as a lever and to elevate the tower once the second pole has been attached in the same way - once the full gin pole has been elevated, it must be adjusted to stand vertically on the B - B axis using the spirit level - its side wires must not be too tight, a little slack is best. On lowering or elevating more sections you will see that it seeks to 'fall' to one side or the other, and this means that one side wire will always be under great tension and the other will be slightly slack.

Now the tower is lowered and the first pipe is back on the ground, then feed the entire length of electrical cable through pipe 2 and attach it to pipe one - then find the end of the stay wire that was attached to the end of the gin pole and affix IT to the top of pipe 2. For this will take the load as you elevate pipe 2.

Then attach the other 3 stay wires to A and B - B - elevate the tower and adjust the top stay wires as you look upwards standing on the base to ensure that pipe 2 is vertical in line with pipe 1.

Now remember to again attach another stay wire to the end of the gin pole that will be fixed to the top of pipe 3 - do this before you again lower the tower to affix pipe 3 to pipe 2. If you forget to do this you will not be able to lift the tower as the gin pole will not be connected to the end of the newly added pipe. This sequence is continued 'up and down' until the entire tower has been correctly adjusted and is ready to be lowered to receive the wind turbine.

Note : do not forget that as the tower rises or falls the trailing wires are slack, hence the need to keep a trailing tension rope tight when elevating the tower. For once the tower is nearly vertical, the weight of the gin-pole exerts a sudden pull downwards and could swing the tower over too fast causing it to jerk and then buckle and collapse. I usually have a rope around the 'bumper' of a 4WD that is let out slowly, and once the gin pole begins to exert a downwards pull greater than the turbine end of the tower, then the winching can be halted and the tension rope let out slowly until the gin pole has found the ground. This way there is no dangerous jerking of the tower.

This 'rope' may simply be a spare thin cable hanging down from the top of pipe 2 to which you add a section of rope, and it is also used to pull the tower over when lowering it, for the weight of the gin pole needs to be overcome before the tower begins to 'fall' backwards under its own weight.

All stay wire ends on the ground end must have large turnbuckles attached so that final tensioning is easily accomplished. Also, if the tower is ever to be lowered then these can be slackened easily prior to lowering the tower. Also, if the stay wires become 'slack' at any time they can easily be tightened.

Note: As there will be 4 or 5 turnbuckles at each anchor point, once they are correctly tensioned there must be a  'fence' or 'tie' wire slipped through them all and tied off so that these turnbuckles do not 'unwind' themselves and separate.

 page 10

Note: Turbine towers situated within 5 km of the ocean need to use stainless steel wire cable or galvanized wire, for if you use standard steel wire rope it will rust very quickly and become dangerous.

Note: The pivot pin securing the tower to the base is fixed and needs to be 'set' in concrete before the two sets of stay wire anchoring points sited either side are poured, for the attaching 'eye' in these two opposite sides of the tower that will tilt backwards when the tower is lowered or raised must have their eye centre at the same height of the swivel pin and, must also be at the same horizontal level and on a straight line through the pin hole.

This is because if they were not at the same height and not in a straight line, then when trying to drop the tower the wires could become slack or worse, they would become too taught and you would have a problem. Also, if they are not in line with the tower swivel pin but are situated a few inches back towards the gin-pole anchor point, then the wire cables would also tighten when you tried to drop the tower.

The gin-pole stay wire anchor point and the other opposite it may be higher or lower than the two side ones as it makes no difference to the raising or lowering of the tower. When erecting a tower on a slope, then have the gin-pole facing downhill so that the tower is lowered uphill, and the two side wire supports are on a level on either side.

Note: Erecting towers must be carried out only by someone who is conversant with the process, as it is extremely dangerous if attempted without knowing the reasons 'why' it is dangerous. One reason being that as it is being elevated, the trailing set of wires are hanging loose, and as the gin-pole nears the ground, its weight may suddenly 'fall' as its 'side' effort ‘gravity’ pull weight exceeds the gravity pull of the nearly vertical tower, and if it is allowed to 'drop' this can cause the tower to jerk and buckle and fall.

The last 6' or so gap between the gin-pole and the ground must be a controlled lowering as gravity takes over from the winch and it is lowered very gently to the ground. This can be done by hand with small towers and small turbines, but a 4mm safety wire rope attached to the trailing side of the tower top can be used to counteract the ‘falling’ motion of the gin-pole. The trailing wire length needs to be equivalent to the tower height less one length, and is attached to the 'second from top' wire connector. When elevated, the safety wire can be shackled to the side of the tower and tightened with a small turnbuckle.

Example, before elevating the turbine a vehicle would be parked 10 metres away from the turbine and the trailing wire would have another 150’ of 10mm nylon rope attached as it would need to be long enough to ensure that the persons keeping pressure on it were standing outside the line of ‘fall’ of the turbine. It would be fed around the bumper of the vehicle, and once the turbine is nearing vertical and the end of the gin-pole is 15’ above ground, the slack is taken up so that there is some tension on the trailing side of the tower, and as the gin-pole is winched down, the safety rope is fed out but kept under pressure so that when the time comes that gravity takes effect on the gin-pole and it tries to fall down, the winch movement is halted and the safety rope is fed out slowly so that the gin-pole does not drop down suddenly and cause a catastrophe.

This trailing wire rope can be left in place and used to pull the tower over backwards when next needing to lower it for any maintenance work.

The tower is erected section by section, and as each is added, the wires are adjusted and it is then lowered for the next section to be added. Only when all sections have been elevated and adjusted is it lowered and the actual turbine placed on it for its final elevation. The electrical wires are fed through each section as it is added, and exit at the top, 1 foot below the turbine. If the tower is too high for the size of pipe diameter, then when tightening the stay wires the loading on the lower pipe could cause it to buckle and collapse.

page 11

Note: The one set of tower support wires are fixed directly to the end of the gin-pole, and the gin-pole is attached to the ground anchor point with a shackle and safety bolt. This means that these wires are always fixed to the gin-pole even when raising or lowering the tower.

Note: The base of the lowest pipe needs to be drilled so that an earth wire can be attached and buried in the ground, as it operates as a lightening conductor. An earth wire is also clamped to each wire stay a couple of feet above the turnbuckles and also grounded.

Note: The higher the tower the better off you will be, for if it is too low then even a large turbine is ineffective. If funds are the issue, then get a smaller unit onto a higher tower. Light units only need thin pipe and are thus cheaper to elevate higher.

Note: When elevating each pipe section during the erection stages, the full length electric cables needed for height of tower are fed through from the bottom and clamped at the top of each section.

Note: Stay wires must not be over tensioned, and if tensioned correctly at about 25kg load the longer 'upper' ones will be seen to have a slight 'droop.' Over tensioning 12 or 16 wire cables to 50 kg load would impose an added 600 to 800 kg loading upon the lower tower section and the base 'plate' assembly over and above the actual weight of the steel tower, turbine, and wires. This added weight becomes more when the wind speed increases and imposes a side force to the turbine.

Note: Using tower pipe that is too thin for the loads imposed causes the lower section to 'buckle' under load and the tower falls with disastrous results.

We use fixed gin poles that have swivel pins and bolted connections so that there is no possibility of failure.

11 metre gin-pole and 'Dawn' winch

page 12

The following are general information letters written by me that will also assist all.

~ Environment & Industry ~

All industries affect the environment in many ways. The endeavors of man are to create “things” or “happenings” to which all can and do relate to by need. In the present time this “issue” forth from mans expression has been controlled by “inner” emotions of greed and indeed all such “Industry” has been abused from external influences such as regulatory control, manipulation and monetary extortion.

All this has had a denigratory effect on the manufacturing costs and subsequent marketing value and has resulted in “workers” in many countries being exploited and used as “slaves.”

The “added” annual wage rises and production costs due to materials and “fees” and “Union” demands etc, has also contributed to diminishing profit margins that have caused a lack of funds that affect the “maintenance” of good practice and conditions and has also led to multitudes of “closures” planetarily.

Prior to this “time,” all governments gained control planetarily of supposedly non profit community State enterprises and “converted” them into profit making businesses which were used to “fund” other endeavours by borrowing against the assets of these public businesses.

These community businesses were and are then sold “over the back farm fence” to private enterprise with the vast proceeds then absorbed by the “System” instead of being returned in $ cash to its rightful owners the public who funded, built, and supported the public “utility.”

This fraud has resulted in public “Trust” enterprises being stolen off the “whole” and sold to the “few” who then expect a “fat” return on their investments. Thus “raising” annually the ongoing cost to the consumer, i.e.; Postal, banking, railways, telephone, electricity, water, airports, bus services etc. All public “Industrial Trusts” should be “run” on a cost only basis for the betterment of the whole community.

We the community as a whole are not interested in business results (i.e. profit) for our community “works,” for by this very “profitable” nature the profits are then taxed, as well as “some” in the community making a profit out of others. This is bad policy in a community effort. We the community require that all public business stolen through “theft by servant” be returned to “us” at no cost and then run on a “cost only” non profit basis on a truly “near free” public utility.

By all means it can be “run” by a private sector company on a non profit basis if our “elected” department becomes bankrupt through mismanagement. Investors who were “gullible” enough to buy back what they already owned will lose their “greedily” attained shares accrued through buying stolen property.

page 13

Further to this the “octopus” has crept into many other private enterprises under the guise of “guidance.” This added burden has also impoverished “the people” further via the need by the system to “systematically” raise taxes to “accommodate” their increasing staff wage payments as well as more funding for offices etc.

All profits accruing from these “incursions” into the private sector are used to fill the coffers of the state and are “recycled” into seeking new ventures to seize and control by manipulation and regulation.

The “bulk” of the workers in these governmental departments are genuine caring folk who are “just doing their job,” and see not the “hidden agenda” of the invisible force using the “System” to gain control of the people and to “strangle” all endeavors.

This invisible force is so powerful that it justifies all its actions, and as it is invisible, none but I am aware of its power and intent. Due to its capacity to weave a web that keeps all “spell bound,” it is not possible for the human race to halt the process that is speeding along a “vanishing point” track.

The “train” will self destruct as it reaches the end of the road, and any who cannot get “off” it before that time will suddenly find themselves flung off and “jerked” painfully into a “poverty” reality. This “collapse” of all industry and finance will bring the whole planet to its knees and in fear will all “partakers” freeze.

Only at this moment in time will all the regulations and “acts” & “controllers” be swept away in a tide of blood and mud. All too, at this time, will see the reality as given by me. Being that God is real, as is the devil who by force will many souls steal.

After the time of insanity has run and peace on earth has fully come, there will be an “explosion” of industry and all endeavors to clean up the planet will be positively expanded. There will be no regulations controlling any industry. All will flourish as there will be a demand in every quarter to replenish all destroyed during the time of planetary “slaughter.”

Education will be to the fore and none will deny any need from any other. Thus we will share all technology for all is given by God freely. All will do what they are positively inspired to. No greed will there be, so all endeavour will be a “delight” and not slavery.

We shall work for “enjoyment” and get “fair” pay. There will be much free time to play. There will be no controls between countries. No one seeking to know “why or what” any other does do. All will mind their own business and thus be true.

Soon the collapse and the “relapse,” then you can turn around to me and my light of truth hopefully see. For only those who can give will in heaven live. All who did find “justification” to take our God will now break. If any of you who are a “part” of the “extortion” by virtue of your “position,” then set yourselves quickly free or the Light of heaven you will never see.

This “page” is but to alert you to what is soon to be. Try hard now to reality see and prepare your mind so in the difficult times at hand you can try and remain sane and kind.

page 14

~ The Industrial ‘Adventure’ ~

The industrial adventurer is one who enters an industry with hope, certainty and inspiration. They needs be someone who is well ‘educated’ in that they have surveyed all available technology in that area. Any industry needs freedom of “choice” and “movement” if it is to remain competitive in the international market place.

Thus all “systems” needs deregulate and remove all “controls” through tariffs, duties, embargoes and subsidies. Only this way is there ‘fair’ trading and equal opportunity. It is the “regulatory control, manipulation, extortion & protectionism” that has led to the increase of wages and cost to the consumer.

A competitive advantage is a “position” which commands the attention of the consumer (customers) who are “offered” and receive a quality product that is “delivered” on time, and is accompanied by “honesty & integrity” and thus there is no “competition,” for the customer once “found” is permanently satisfied.

Fear of “loss” will be a thing of the past that is no longer an issue that inhibits the “flow on” of God given ideas. In the “New Age” all “innovations” in any industry will be freely made available on the Internet and thus any of our “country cousins” can quickly uplift their own standards and quality of life.

Once the planetary “change” and no minds derange, there will be less ‘drive’ to work for needed pay and no greed to its demands seed. The value of money will be more and we’ll all have more free time to play.

We’ll have more time to “create” and things away give rather than have to slave because we need extra funds to live. The more “technology” given by others for free, the more we’ll find out and this will assist our creativity. There will be a planetary expansion of industry. Freedom of trade, freedom to anything make, and the removal of the controller’s brake. This is the way ahead from today.

Soon all “busybodies” who find a “reason” to halt the freedom of movement of others will be swept away. I pray that each of you will endeavour to just get on with your chosen business venture and not “venture” into trying to regulate others for any reason.

All monies “accrued” from the sale of “community funded” endeavors must be given back to the people in the form of CASH deposited equally amongst the community members. If those "elected” by the community to run the affairs of State cannot do so profitably and economically, then they must “bankrupt” be and this SEE.

In the new “age” there will be no regulators controlling your “way” or your “wage.” There will be no tax take and no “brake” so all will be free to “run” and get on with what needs be done to elevate all humanity. This will be accomplished with direction from souls wise who will freely give their expertise in every avenue for their hearts are true.

Thus all will quickly “gain” their independence and their “name” as all see how “honesty” does us release from the past when so many only sought to their “palms” grease by “dipping” into the giant “tax” honey pot that enslaved so many against whom “Systems” did “plot” as they devised new ways to steal as they the “cards” did deal.

So “whoever” you be, of the past way set yourself free by heeding the wisdom I give thee, and our God above will see the expression of “Her” love via you and “She” will inspire you true and happier will you be in all you do. Do not “despise” any around who are as yet “blind” and unwise.

Just show them by your deed that you are not bound by greed and as God does their soul “cleanse,” they too will rise up and become a soul true.

“Blessed are those who see the way it IS to now be.”

page 15

~ Community Welfare ~

To: Rod Smith. General Manager, Business Tasmania.
Reference your Industry Audit.

For a truthful Audit I give my plaudit, but I wonder if any will “see” the raw base reality of what it is I say reference “What is soon coming our way.” All Systems shut down, and every “home” falls down, and around and around will all go and higher and higher will the insanity flow.

It’s truly the time to take stock of the reasons for the fast emptying “Chrissy sock” that has been plundered for so long that neither the plunderer nor the plundered can see that it is wrong to upturn people and their pockets via taxes shake.

So my recommendation is for all Systems “men” to put on the brake ref their needs. The “outgoings” could “fill” an ocean and make a hill. Any “Director of operations” today must take a huge drop in pay. Let all public servants now work from their heart, for soon their “pockets” will be torn apart.

“Where” do the billions go that into Tasmania flow ? Is it to pay the wages of “supposed” sages ? Or are we just over supplied by “helpers” who say the public need them as a “spiritual guide”? Or are the community “members” yet babes in the wood who “think” they must be looked after from the cradle to the grave and expect you to them save ?

I believe that each community needs call for diplomatic immunity and thus no more taxes pay. Only give 10 % of their profits to an elected group who will allocate them “away.” Let each community pay for its own hospital or shop. Its own school and teachers or we’ll all just flop. Scrap the “Unions of disunion.”

Let none now off any demand, for that is a negative reprimand. Let all now seek God’s Wisdom from above ref the spiritual cleansing and rising insanity and the reason for the need to ONLY LOVE.

If you look into the facts, you will see that in every way governments have intruded into the private sector by justifying the “opening” of businesses. Meaning, that in almost every arena, be it from publishing to translating services to management strategies etc, the “State” employees are paid wages by the public and then the public are charged a “fee + profit” for the service provided. This is over and above the “usual” licensing costs that should cover wages.

So you see, this is thievery. I wonder if it is “visible” to your eyes or whether it has gone on for so long that it has become a normal practice. ie: Your State budget “book” is printed by a “department” whose wages are paid for by the community. The book should thus be made available at its cost of $ 5, not $ 50.

 page 16

~ State Industries ~
& Industry Audits

I write to the “fellows” of the Tasmanian industry “Audit.” Your brochure states: “The government believes that Tasmania will not progress until government, business, unions and the broader community are all united under a detailed economic strategy, developed and owned by all Tasmanians” - - -“ Objectives are to diversify Tasmania’s economy, create more jobs; and increase the value of each job.”

The brochure “shows” me that “it” the 'System' believes that Tasmania cannot progress unless the System is in “control” and directing all operations. This is the “hidden” agenda that I see.

For already the System in the guise of “It’s for your own good” are starving the people of food through an added tax take that is needed to fund the very “New” Audits department in “question.”

Did the community ask for this Audit ? No.
Can you now see a little of how the costs to the community “invisibly” grow ?

I wonder what you “did” before ? Was your “face” from the public “hid” in another role, or did you stroll around paid by the public purse until this “opening” you found ?

What I am trying to get all to see is that the public is continually being used to fund “this or that” and you the “System” justify the wage take as you say “It is for your own good, and we ‘carry your bat.”

I do believe that “whoever” it was who “thought” of doing an audit was either already in a “viable” government employ or they were not, and needed to themselves employ for they had nothing to do.

If industry or any “other” section of the community needs “upliftment,” then by all means it can be “suggested” that they employ the direct services of someone such as “myself” who can clearly “reflect” on their “condition,” and then render my considered opinion. Rather than first being taxed “X” tra by the System that then seeks to enhance its taxation base by adding to its controlling “mace.”

Soon every industry will be so controlled by the System that there will be naught for the controllers to do other than to “Police” their policies untrue.

If Tasmania would move forwards then the government needs to disband and this will lower the taxation demand off the public purse. For it is not only the wages that are a “disgrace,” but also the “rorts” being “free” vehicles and other “perks” used whilst the “controllers” around the countryside race.

The only “government” that needs be is the one as given by me, being a “Community Welfare Department” that distributes the disbursement of donations from the community chest that were donated freely.

All other “operations” shall cease, for the public sector needs be set free from the “controllers” who see not how they stain their own souls with grease as they enter the work place “foray” and at the same time enjoy “free pay” at the community expense. Do you “hear & see” what I say ?

All “enterprise” must now revert back to private community endeavors. This way any “entrepreneur” can fund themselves, as well as being able to approach a manufacturer as you now do, and any “seeking to be aided” such as me, can fund the cost of “their” time personally.

I hope “some” see what I say for every planetary community is sliding backwards “financially” each day as they are made to others wages pay. Being the ones who say “We do what we do to your interests protect.” Whose interest ? I ask. On this reflect.

page 17

The government is seeking to justify their consultancy fee being the “wages & expenses” cost of the “Audits.” I ask: “Is the Audit being ‘sought’ by an ‘honest’ System, i.e. to aid the community, or, is it being promoted to ‘raise’ the taxation base through increased industrial output” ?

Any “Audit” is an intrusive “official” examination and verification of accounts and records. The only “true” way of aiding the community endeavors is to have a private “Business endeavors surveyor” who can be “called in” by any businesses who seek “outside” counsel to promote their interests. Either this, or they could personally employ a business consultant to work directly within their industry.

This absolves the community from “having to” pay wages & expenses to any “body” whom they may not need or wish to employ. Most government services have become expansionist business enterprises.

Not only must the community fund their “Wages, traveling expenses, vehicles, education & offices & admin costs etc,” ad infinitum, but the community is then also expected to pay extra by way of “fees, licence etc” as well as added “charges” to use the “business,” and is further penalised by fine for any non conformity to its policies.

The “larger” the tax base becomes, the more spare cash is “found” in the “kitty” and this is never returned to the people as “surplus credit,” it is used to expand the system’s business enterprises that again then call for more taxes and the community is further burdened.

The “end” of this road is where the “System” owns and runs all business ventures, and their wages & expenses are paid for by their employees taxes, with all profits going to the coffers of the State to be used by the power hungry wolves in sheep's clothing who see not the darkness of the road they walk, neither do they see the “dark one” who via their greed does them stalk.

The Tasmanian “System” has taken on the marketing “ploy” of offering their services to the public sector in the “Arena” of “Workshop Facilitators and Industry Consultants.“ This industrial “endeavour” is in direct competition with private sector firms.

If this “Audit” and subsequent “Survey” with ongoing “Workshops” is permitted to continue, IT will need to expand ITS business, being ITS staff & office & expenses and thus IT will need greater funding off the community by further taxation extortion as it becomes a “giant” corporation in its own right, and its policy makers and earnest workers see not their spiritual plight.

It is the time to planetarily shut down all “State” enterprises and be wise and let all “State” workers enter the private sector workplace and thus show God their inner grace. People like “Rod Smith” of Tasmanian Audits and his “crew” should approach the private sector as “Private Consultants” earning a wage as others needs do.

There are too many “controllers” justifying their added taxation burdens that they impose on the populace by “regulation” once they have convinced themselves that they are needed by the community for the good of the community.

There are so many private sector business that now rely on “business” offered by “Tender” from the System’s bottomless coffers that it is also in their interest to maintain these very “unjust” systems.

page 18

~ Pollution ~
Land - Air - Sea

Pollution is the by-product of ignorance and greed and is the result of “waste” matter that man does “seed” into his environment that “contaminates” the air he does breathe and thus his children do grieve.

It contaminates the land he does “fill” with noxious waste that alters the “taste” of his food and the “spill” into the rivers and oceans does also become a “bitter” pill as it destroys the oceanic food resource.

Man has “built” his own “garbage” pit in his own backyard which is the planet upon which God did him “sit” for a time as his soul he “spoiled” with grime as he “ate” the rotten fruit of negativity and could not see the “by” product of his lack of respect for nature nor of “others” who lived over the sea.

Soon the “bubble & boil” and anguish caused by this “false” toil when all through greed took and of their sanity were forsook. Yes, all shall “starve” and each other “carve up” with cold steel as the “Reaper” does his breath unreel on this planetary place of disgrace.

After this “Purging” is done and all “left” standing have their spiritual freedom won then truly will we “expansionism” see for all will be inspired by light & love from the realms above, and quickly will we “move” with positive intent to replenish the oceans and lands with wisdom from heaven sent.

No more shall we the “air” pollute for all greedy men with “mouths” resolute will have been swept away and “emissions” will be reduced as men with “other” sunny ideas will produce new ways of powering vehicles of the land, air and sea.

Let there from now on be no “outfall” from sewers into the sea, and no “dark” emissions into the atmosphere to damage us biologically. Let there new ways be “found” to put our “waste” and excrement into the ground personally and not expect any “system” to control what should be our own personal responsibility.

Remember, what is done by you returns to you in every area. Soon your chance to walk tall or to fall. So observe your societal “demands & reprimands” and try and more give so others easier live, rather than more take so you more make.

Try and set the planet free of contamination through your hand
and you one day will live on a lovely land.

page 19

~ Bad practice & Good practice ~

Bad practice is where the “State government’s” mandate exceeds its Welfare distribution “state” and intrudes via legislation into the industrial arena and exerts control through protectionism and the free movement of ideas and production methods etc. It is also a negative practice for the “State” to be “able” to legislate “itself” into the role of "Advisory or Consultancy” for industry.

Any form of regulatory “demands” halts free trade and industry expansion due to “some” seeking to know “who & why & what & how” industry is “working” and they then seek to “exploit” via legislated control in the guise of caring administrators promoting research and development as they legislate their position into being.

Good practice is where GOD is the industry inspiration and all seek to please their customers or distant relation. No one by “formality” bound and freedom of expression is found. Good practice is when every “aspect” of industry is freely available on the world wide “net” and thus any “opportunist” does not in ignorance “fret,” for any educative information is freely available.

Good practice is where there are no trade barriers and the planetary market is governed solely by consumer demands and thus the customer is free to choose or your custom “lose” if they find a better solution.

It is the God of Light to soon hold sway in the mind & heart of humanity as all make a fresh start after the “spiritual cleansing” is done and each soul has its “race” lost or won. Thus the good non regulatory way will seem strange when we don’t need to pay for any licences before we go our way.

“Ask and you will receive” is truth and I hope you it believe for it will be the new way when all will help each other each day. No “permission" needed, for THE TRUTH will in each heart have been seeded.

In the “past” man “the way” misunderstood.
Let your way from here on be only GOOD.

The “key” to doing good business will be but a “positive” personality. Each soul will have been set “free” of negativity, and thus all shall positive be. Thus all humanity will be uplifted and “happy days” there will from then on be.

“Good Luck”

page 20

~ Nuclear waste disposal ~

There is a “company” named “Pangea” who have come up with an excellent idea, one to humanity “conserve,” being the ones whom “away” from reason did swerve. Yes, many a “bomb” did they make and much uranium out of the “outback” did they take, all in the name of “advancement” I see, but alas, the true reality being that any “mess” we make, we have to clean up with a “rake.”

We are now at the “End” time where all soil their hands and souls with grime as they say; “We want no waste deposited our way.” Yet it is these “same” people who did politicians employ to make the weapons of destruction to others destroy.

I am the only one who can clearly see, and I say now what is to be done after God’s reaping cleansing is done. Let the “Pangea” idea be put to “test,” let Australians be the ones blest who will the “trash” receive that made so many grieve.

Let it all be put under the ground in an “allotted” West Australian “space” until a way is found to it in another way “destroy” if God does bless others with the intelligence to this means deploy. And I say to “Pangea” today; “Just begin to pave the way and gather all the information and collate it so that later you can the “default” find and see to its disposal “this” way.”

For I live in Australia today and I am sure that “later,” none will deny what I say. So just prepare your “ground” as asked above and tell all “governments” what you have “heard” via God’s dove.

It is not a matter of having to anyone “pay,” it is just a matter of getting ready for the day that humanity is no longer blind and can see the need to bury the “dead” or face another cataclysmic calamity. Let the “NU” way be the water and wind and the sun, no more “power play” from the invisible “dark” one.

page 21

~ Sustainable Energy Industry ~

No "Authority" of the day is sustainable, for all are an economic drain on the community they are purported to serve. Every government on the planet has "swerved" away from its primary role of Welfare Service to one of intrusion, regulation, and pecuniary extortion on a "grand" scale.

Every government of the day has become a giant "Industrial corporation," and unfortunately the multitudes of "workers" now employed in the multiplicity of government departments are to be "caught" in the coming financial crisis, as will any "business" venture relying on government subsidy. For soon the community will "revolt" against the never-ending taxation increases demanded off them.

No longer are our "public servants" servants, they are controllers and manipulators of people and industry and nations and finances. All is soon to collapse as God brings every "society of impropriety" to a HALT.

Government in the guise of "Carer's" have invaded every "bastion" of private industry in order to broaden their taxable base through control of industry and private business that is hidden in the disguise of "Government encouraging further industry growth - government giving grants - government subsidising - government participation needed for protectionism via legislation for effective promotion of industry," etc.

Politicians see not that every grant and every department "raised" and every office needed and every "survey" called for, is an added drain off the taxpayer who has no "say" as to whether they need the named "Authority," be it Fisheries, Seda, or any other. All are imposed upon God's children with a heavy hand.

Every government has been selling off the national community "assets" left in their care as their out-goings exceed their income due to mismanagement and greed, and once this final "theft by servant" is completed then for sure the "birth" pains of poverty will begin.

As the economic "downturn" will be "swift" and devastating when it comes, I can only "suggest" that if you are a "worker" in any government department that relies on taxpayer "handouts" for your wage, that you begin to make some provision for the coming time when the collapse occurs.

For as said, all will feel dread when they see that the "all-powerful" System they work for is not sustainable even by forceful means.

This "provision" also needs be made by the general community too, for none have "immunity" when Systems fail, and every "dog" will be chasing their tail seeking someone to blame, and that is a never-ending retributionary game that ends with eternal shame and pain.

page 22

~ The Trade Practices Act ~

There is a "regulatory" force that tries to protect us with its 'Act' that it has imposed upon every Industry or endeavor of man. This 'Act' appears to be benign because its "design" as said is one to give all an "equal" opportunity as it "rejects" defaulters to its legislation with impunity.

But there is a deeper reality that none do see. The one where God says: "All are to be free to do whatever they wish to, and it is I with MY Law to them 'oversee,' not thee."

For in truth if I am "cheated" by a businessman who does "trade" too high, then that was my karmic due I espy. Being the "return" to me for when in my past, or in the past of my "servants," (politicians) I or they did another's pockets "burn."

No person will take any "unfair" advantage of you unless you were in your past untrue, AND due to them being used by the "Retributive" arm of God too, that none of you are yet aware of.

So any "regulator" of the day who has been legislated by man to control you or your business too is a "body" untrue. For who are they to control anyone who does "out of bounds" stroll? And who are they to punish you too?

This they do for you the simple "flock" who all do God mock. For God said that HE would "sock" any that were untrue. So why do you support the legislators untrue?

Do you not see that 'per' your Vote you support their dis-grace? Do you not see that 'per' your Vote that you condone their punitive control?

Why defy God in the sky and support a controlling and punitive body in the knowledge that as their 'Act' is a negative one that has a "comeback" to you under God's one law? - As you do is done unto you -

God says: "Let the wise 'trade' in whatever honest way they can without any restrictions imposed by others. If the others seek to regulate or berate then let them so do, but do not let their 'folly' affect you. If the unwise wish to trade 'falsely' then they are free to so do and I ahead will 'deal' with them harshly to."

Leave the Traders free to honest or dishonest be. Not regulated by you or me or any. Protectionism stifles business, and traders who by the public are seen to be untrue can by the public be shunned for what they do.

If you rely on any Trade 'Acts' imposed, then under God's law it is you who sullies your own spiritual rose for being a "party" to forcing change and punishing others in society whose ways are seen by "some" as strange.

Educate them not Regulate.

Can none of you see the "sickness" that pervades the minds of our governing Regulators? All are hell-bent due to their extortionist, controlling, and punitive ways, as are you for funding them and supporting them. Rely on God, not man.

page 23

~ 'RED' Alert ~
Industry Audit

Oh what a "sorry" state the world is in today wherein in every country there are "some" who believe that they have the right to control others whom their wage pay.

Yes, it is so "cunningly" concealed that the justification to so do has "congealed" and none see the hypocrisy and they "permit" the others to them control via legislated rules that punish and berate them for any non-compliance.

I say that all "our" servants are "Hell-bent" as are we for supporting their interfering and thieving ways. For God did say that all "extortionists" and controllers of His children would go that way.

Can none of you see the "intent" behind the fašade of "We are here to help you." That is but a design to "broaden" the tax-take base and to implement greater regulation & control over every industry so that none can ever again "freely" go their way doing their personal business without "someone" peeking into their office to see if "we" are compliant to their "edicts"?

"Woe" and more woe is coming believe you me, because "our" servants carry "guns" and believe you me they are not ready to "concede" that they do not have the "right" to control us and our produce and to our "pockets" more bleed for money to fund their need.

So the "National" Industry Audits commenced four years ago as an "idea" in someone's eyes to "ask" if the public sector approved of the need for government "control" over a civilian body of representatives in industry "Councils" has now completed its 'study' of preliminary findings, that are again placed before industry and the "free" man as me for a hidden "agenda" that was and yet is an "attempt" to form an Industry Plan totally controlled by the punitive extortionist System.

The "front" of the feedback form simply "asks" if you would fill out the enclosed form and reply to 20 "innocuous" questions.

If your response is in the "affirmative," then it will be assumed by the "officer" of the "body" raised-up in the State system that you agree to Vote-IN the need to have them in charge of the "Affairs of Industry."

Once this you do, then they feel that by your vote that they then have the right to Legislative control over the workings of all industries too.

Thus this "Red Alert," for the entire planetary population did already sign away its "Passport to heaven" by voting for and supporting dark punitive governments who all say: "We are democratic," or "We are elected by you therefore we can justifiably and honorably do what we do." Which is to legislate rules with punitive "maintenance" imposed upon any that comply not with their demands off you that are untrue.

You have all been "conned" for so long by this now "time-set" precedent that you see not the "Second-coming" of the darkness that seeks to "inspan" you further by more control & regulation & pecuniary extortion via the minds of the ignorant and vain.

The 'benefits' given on page 16 of the submission are all 'attainable and sustainable' without any governmental controls or legislation or intervention into public affairs.

page 24

There is one 'benefit' given that is false as well as being the "bait" to attract you the "fish," quote: - - - quality of life that contributes to a happier society - - For the added taxation burdens already cause impoverishment and unhappiness, but the "administrators" and their minions see this not, and any more "control" over business will merely add to this burden and hasten the demise of society.

The "Executive summary" in the Industry Plan proposal does state the "sad" fact that to implement this "Strategy" there needs be quote: - "Smart regulation with effective enforcement" -

As for "competitive commercial advantage," I see no "advantage" in employing any outside "body" to run my business for me, especially one that states that "it" will control & regulate my 'performance' and will penalise me for any non-compliance to IT, all this "for" my benefit?

The quoted two simple premises that form the base of the Industry Plan are also false. For it states that it needs to change the clean green image into a 'clean green reality,' that it states can only be done quote: "In partnership with government - - recognised by industry and community as unequivocal Government policy."

This is false because no government can do anything without first needing the public to monetarily fund its "works," thus too for the "State" to maintain a clean green state it needs the public to be educated as to these 'ways' and that is done in school. We need no 'regulators' to force their requirements upon us.

Surely in this "modern" day each Industry "boss" seeking to become more competitive and striving to attain any higher standard of excellence can do so without a "higher" punitive authority as their "partner-director," and surely it is the freedom of choice of others to be less competitive and less "clean" is it not? Apparently not today, and that is why "catastrophe" is on its way.

The newly 'invoked' Industries Council hides its 'deadly' intent behind the beneficent fašade word of "Environmental," it also says: "To move the industry forwards." This shows me that the instigator of the whole process is an extremely cunning force that uses "words" that will lull your senses and lure you into its trap. Once "committed" and you place your "foot" therein you will never get free, believe you me.

I ask you a "simple" question, "Did 'we' the people of Tasmania way back in 1998 ask our public 'servants' to 'raise-up' a new department 'Environmental Industries Council' to look into public affairs on behalf of 'The Tasmanian Development Board' on behalf of the State Government"? No.

In every land today our servants have taken it upon themselves to "be" our father as they say: "It is for the good of the Fatherland, and thus it is good for you for you need 'us' to regulate you and control & regulate your affairs even if we need to by 'theft by servant' steal a larger 'proportion' of your manufactured wares to pay for it all."

I "suggest" that you do not have anything more to do with the current consultation process. This you do by non-action, this is by not filling out any forms that are but their "ammunition."

Simply withdraw from any 'Councils of discussion,' for by "mere" representation on these "boards" of theirs, you are in fact stating that you need them to control and govern your business "as" directors with all their power deeded by your "foolish" pen.

Please now visit my "Industry" document that is one of 40 documents on my 1800 page web site, and read the first two items thereon to give you a look at my response to their "Industry Audit" undertaken in 1998/9, at which time I was invited to attend.

page 25

This letter may be perceived by the "Systems" workers as an "attack" upon them or their credibility. It is not, it is a statement of FACT issued without prejudice to all concerned, for our 'servants' see not their false "way," and neither do they see the "time of day," being the END time prophesied where all thieves will by God be brought to account for their way.

I am here to set all "thieves" and others free, and I shall so do if they have the capacity to see the error of their way.

I also say that "due" to the present extortionist way of the controllers there will soon be an "instant" financial crisis and every planetary government department will then be "shut down," and every worker employed will more than frown when the coffers are empty. Please make some mental and material provision for that time.

For what the "workers" for State departments do not see as they so dutifully and earnestly do their "job" and earn their "bob," is that they too are bound to do what they do by an "idea" that came into the mind of 'someone' who is the instigator of this "next" intended crime against humanity.

This "paper" is added to my 'Industry' document as the last item thereon. My "Vision" for the future is one where there are NO controllers, and NO Legislators and ALL just get on with life peacefully, and do NOT intrude into the affairs of others, for All become "God's wife," and this means that NONE mete out strife for any reason.

But to attain this happy STATE the present systems of control will needs be abolished and this I see will only be done when GOD consigns all controllers into the "sea" below, where there they can "unhappily" comply to their own decrees as the satanic force drops them to their knees for having been so foolish as to "raise-up" an unholy book of legislated "Acts" that forced compliance upon God's "other" children.

I am trying to tell you the "regulators" the unseen error of your ways that are instigated by darkness, and I am trying to tell you the industry sector that any "joint" venture with a "body" that not only uses the public "peace" force as its "police force" to enforce its decrees, that any such venture is a "mean" debenture.

It is the time for "us" to shut down all control & regulation of businesses so that we the people can trade freely and openly here, there, or anywhere, without any regulation strangulation imposed by others. Systems have already taken control of the land, the sea, the flora & fauna & fish & water supplies. All that remains is some industry.

For others as the "fisheries" have already lost their freedom "innocence" and are enslaved to the extent that "our" community 'Peace Corps' raised to uphold the peace in the land are used to "examine" the fishing catch so as to ensure that their political "masters" lose none of their "legislated" pecuniary take. As said, the Peace Corps is now "owned" by the legislators as their police force.

"Capitalist" Democracy has become "Socialist" Autocracy with no "freedom" permitted other than through some "other" person's legislation. This is the FINAL "abysmal" destiny for all "idiots" who continue to support the "need" of others to control them, being you.

The 'RED' Communistic "state" has again taken control of the planet, and this "time" to stay free of ITS "grip" you'll needs equip yourselves of my wisdom, and you will needs "fear" and shed a tear or two as the untrue try to retain control over your body, mind and soul too.

Let it here be known that any "person" who tries to "violate" my "person" or the content of God's sacred web site by any "Act" of intrusion, or any person who "directs" any other to so do, will by God be deemed an "offender" in God's eyes, and by their own deed as one to be eternally "despised" by the Source (God), and their eternal destiny decreed by God THE AUTHORITY shall be one of eternal misery in the Dark "Hell" land below, for this "note" as all else by me written has been done to set you free.

Good luck in your "choice," I hope some "hear" my voice.


page 26

~ Sample Warranty notice ~

Warranty assurance of our quality products

Let it be hereby known that we do "admit" that there may be a time when a "worker" may "slip" and a "fault" may be found on a "stainless" product after it has left our "vault."

It may be also "found" that others seek to us blame when in fact it was they who played an incorrect "game" with the product warranted by us to be satisfactory.

Let it thus be known that we disown any claim for "crack" or "defect" that may arise from "fitment" or "usage" unwise.

Let it be known that any product sent by us "away" that has not been "built" satisfactorily against the plans of the day must be returned intact by the recipient prior to being installed and within 1 month of delivery.

We cannot enter into any litigation arising from others "false" interpretation as to the strength or durability of our products. If a product does "break down" and the "user" does "frown" then they needs speak to the designer or ask "me" to amend future design "faults."

We have a "standard" of impeccability and thus warrant that all goods delivered are at that moment free of "fault." Remember, the strength of any "welded" component is only "stain-less" and durable if the component is fitted correctly and subjected only to its design limitations.

Let it here be known that we "warrant" that our goods are "clean and perfect" and that we protect our good name by this "notice" that follows and is appended in plain open display on our premises and is given to any "purchaser" of our quality products under the following terms of sale.

We do trust that you as our customer will endeavor to maintain a 'correct' compliance "mode" to our "Warranty of fabrication excellence," and we give below our Terms of sale.

page 27

~ Terms of sale ~

The "Company" known as " - - - " hereby warrants that our products are available for purchase under the following conditions:

1 - The purchaser by "fact" of placing an order with the manufacturer to buy, or by paying for goods, acknowledges that this notice has been read.

2 - The purchaser agrees that goods are purchased on an "as is" and "where is" basis and confirms that prior to taking delivery of goods that they have examined the product and/or design and find it to their satisfaction.

3 - The purchaser agrees that they will not "pursue" any claim by litigation or otherwise against the manufacturer or their agents.

4 - The purchaser agrees that they may advise the manufacturer if they are dissatisfied with the "product" as is their right if it is found "lacking" in any way in their "mind," but also agree that it is solely the decision of the manufacturer or their supplier as to any form of repair or recompense.

5 - The purchaser agrees that the above "Warranty" terms and conditions are agreed to by them.

6 - The manufacturer "Warrants" that they will continue to supply quality products at all times.


page 28

~ Home corn/wheat Mills ~

I am seeking to “awaken” the planetary community to the need to become self sufficient, and thus the need for small corn/wheat Mills for the home. Many of us will soon have hungry folks knocking at the door for food. I do believe that there will be a total breakdown of society and “power” will go off in many countries. If you can avail yourself of a small heavy duty hand driven unit it will enable you to grind corn or wheat.

page 29

~ Home fire water heater flue ~

The 'fire-flue'

The Axeman 'Fire - Flue' is stainless steel hot water heater having a water jacket fitted to a heavy duty central tube that fits between the top of the firebox and the chimney flue for maximum heat absorption from the fire and energy saving.  This means that much of the heat exiting the fire box is in contact with the central tube, and the heat is transferred into the water contained within the water jacket. 

If the top of your hot water storage tank is mounted higher than the hot water exit of the Fire Flue the water will flow to it unaided by a pump due to convection causing hot water to rise, for as the water inside the jacket heats up the hot water rising upwards starts to flow and move towards the top of your existing hot water tank, and the colder water at the base of the main tank moves towards the lower intake of the water jacket.

The unit can simply be inserted directly into the outlet of the firebox by elevating the chimney flue upwards and then dropping the Fire Flue into the top of the stove outlet, the chimney flue drops into the top as in above image.  The Fire Flue has  standard 6" diameter flue.

Whether you have an inner coil heat transfer system or an high pressure electric one, if you fit a 'Fire - Flue' then you will be happily surprised to find that you will have a greater amount of 'free' hot water, in that the heat presently rising up into the sky from your fire will be used to heat your water rather than being wasted.  The product will help people to increase their hot water storage and lower their electricity bills.
If you are using electric heating you will be able to switch it OFF whenever the fire is being used, for the  'Fire - Flue' system will keep your water cylinder very hot.
The basic unit as in image 2 above is plain standard finish.  The image at top was a special order having a 'polish' finish, and if you wish to have such then it will cost a little more.
It is easy to install, simply insert the Axeman 'Fire - Flue' heater between the chimney flue and the fire stove by elevating the chimney upwards, and connect it into the existing cold & hot lines.  Due to the very large heat contact area the fire flue has a huge advantage over a conventional firebox heating coil and this leads to more hot water being produced in any given time frame.
This unit is a high pressure one 150 psi+ and can be used to fit to both low & high pressure systems. 
This unit comes in various lengths to suit all 'heating' requirements.

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