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~ The 'legality' of Brutality ~
The Law of God

Lawlessness is not a word applicable to God, for none are 'above' God's Law. It is also 'permissible' by God to be or not to be a 'Brute,' for either way one is always 'subject to' God's Law - "As you do is done unto you."

Thus it follows that the meting out of punishment or 'brutality' is legal in God's eyes but, - - - be you 'mandated' to abuse others such as an 'enforcer' is or otherwise, it is an unwise 'act' to brutalise or punish because all suffering' imposed upon the other returns unto you.

Applying the 'rule of law' is really applying the 'decrees of men,' and this 'application' is subject to God's law, and every 'action of man' is taken into account by God.

State enforcers do not see 'punishment' as abuse, for they only see it as 'deserved' by the nonconformist that once found 'guilty,' has in their 'eyes' become an 'animal' deserving of brutish action, being an 'act' that is perceived as honourable rehabilitation treatment.

It follows that every 'abuser' does in fact subject themselves to self mutilation, for all the anguish and blooded flesh that is stripped off others during 'war' or 'punitive correction' and all suffering endured by prisoners returns to the Police and other armed forces and 'judiciary' being the ones that imposed it and enforced it.

Bridges can be built for two reasons, one being for the purpose of 'invasion' using dark energy, the other for assisting in the wellbeing of others using positive energy. You are daily building a 'bridge' to one of two destinations, one is a pleasurable one and the other is pure agony.

The greatest DECEPTION is the thought that enters a man's mind and 'justifies' the use of rules in order to control, or steal by taxation, and punish others for any 'default.' (This is 'modern' slavery in the guise of democracy) And as this you do, you place your own soul 'squarely' into the 'hands' and authority of the Devil, the Dark Sovereign Power.

The greatest DECEPTION is the thought that enters a man's mind and 'justifies' the denial or defiance of God's Command to "Walk in peace and love one another." For as this you do, you place your own soul 'squarely' into the 'hands' and authority of the Devil, the Dark Sovereign Power.

The greatest DECEPTION is the thought that enters a man's mind and 'justifies' the use of force to bring some other to 'account' for their perceived misdeeds and to punish them. For as this you do, you place your own soul 'squarely' into the 'hands' and authority of the Devil, the Dark Sovereign Power.

For as an 'enforcer' doing this perceived 'Just' act you are defiant of God's Command, and you place your own soul 'squarely' into the 'hands' and authority of the Devil, the Dark Sovereign Power.

For HE the Dark Sovereign Power is the one self-mandated to mete out the 'eye for an eye' return due unto you within the rule of HIS Law upon any that defy HIS "Only Love & peace" Command. No mere mortal has any immunity from God's: "You Reap what you Sow" Law.

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Points to ponder:

Every 'Statute or Rule' raised by man that has any 'punitive' attachment for non-compliance is a snare. It is a part of the spider's web woven by the Dark Sovereign Power to 'entrap' both the legislator and those subjecting themselves to the 'rule' by legislation and, - - -

It is also 'set' to entrap those foolish and vain and ignorant into upholding the rule using coercion and force to enforce the legislation. All 'participants' to Rule by Caesar are defiant of their Creator.

For God directs us to 'Advise and Educate,' not 'Control others and them berate.' Thus man needs only to raise up codes of conduct as educative guidelines. Any that do not conform and that do 'disturb the peace,' must be caught and counselled and set free.

Just because another person is deemed an 'offender' by you for not wearing an automobile seat belt or for literally abusing another, and thus 'punishable' and punished under the rules that you 'uphold,'  why should you not also become an 'offender' punishable under God's law if you impose restriction or suffering upon your 'victim' being them?

For every person being punished by prosecution or persecution is a 'victim' of another. Even if the 'another' is operating under the supposed 'umbrella of safety' of an organisation. As punishment is 'obligatory' under the Statutes, the 'suffering' imposed by the punishment is not perceived as abuse. It is the abuse of another and punishable by God.

God is not 'concerned' as to 'who or what' you 'think' you are, or what 'uniform' you wear, any regulating or abusive or 'convicting' act for the purpose of punishment is an act of abuse and aggression in God's eyes, and 'sufferable' by the enforcer that in God's eyes is a very ignorant and unwise BRUTE.

If you 'wish' to become free and able to go 'boating' wearing naught or but a simple 'bikini,' and without having to first be 'licensed' or without having to have radios, life jackets, rockets, or other 'regulatory' paraphernalia around your 'neck,' then stop being 'complicit' to the 'brutish' regulation of others through your funding of the 'controllers,' and God will set you free.

Try and remember that God said:

"Go your way in peace and never disturb the peace of the land by your own hand or through the hands of your servants and - - - always be kind and be loving and be merciful and be compassionate and - - -

Be forgiving of those 'offensive' ones that have not heard or understood this word for - - - if they abuse you then to be true to ME the God you cannot see and 'turn' the other cheek and remain meek because - - - - any of you that retaliate with a foul word or a sword will be destroyed by ME your God for defying MY command."

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God only 'purges' the souls of sinners when they DO heed the message brought to earth BY the man Jesus. For what none realise, is that as a person defies God and expresses negative energy by any negative ACTION, one is drawing in this 'mist of death' ENERGY that contaminates their soul and grows as a 'cancer' within and they become more 'sin full' - FULL of SIN.

Soon our God is to 'destroy' every named religion and ONLY the TRUE WORD will remain - - - WHY - - - because they are religions by name only. The indisputable FACT of the matter is that the 'flocks' of people that make up every religion on earth ALL mock their God, for all in fact are merciless, unforgiving, demanding, retributive, punitive, and all 'bow' to the dark demigod Satan with HIS destructive contra love ideology.

How do I know this? Because I AM HE the returned Messiah, and within my mortal 'flesh' walks the same invincible 'spirit of truth' that walked in the mortal flesh of the man named Jesus 2000 years ago and, - - -

It is due to my clear vision that I do see that all men are yet enslaved to darkness through supporting and condoning and funding the governing systems of man. (Caesar)

For all are 'warring' as their 'Lords' RULE by the sword and the gun and the strength of their 'arm,' and they tax, invade, intrude, control, regulate, fine and punish and destroy any that do not 'bow' down to their UNGODLY dictates.

So men of 'religion' can all gather together and clap their 'hands' in expectation - but I can assure you that the 'accrued' due of SUFFERING now to explode everywhere is their 'comeback' to now BE, and unless they individually now heed God's FINAL message through me they will 'damn' their own soul eternally.

For what none see, is that the moment you 'vote' in a 'president' into a position of 'power' - - you are in fact 'elevating' the cruel and merciless and unconscionable Autocratic Dictator being the 'script' texts within 'Books of Rules' that are the enforcer and - - -

You then are complicit to all the suffering imposed upon the local community by magistrates, as well as the destruction carried out overseas in your name and on your behalf by your paid servants the armed forces.

All will now see the HARSH reality of what takes place when you turn your back on GOD and rely on men to lead and protect you. All 'Presidents' are WOLVES in sheep's clothing. * Their anti-God "cry" of: 'Kill or maim' - does now its 'volume & power gain as man does man KILL, and every 'fighter' FALLS to die spiritually on Satan's HILL.

Only the FEW that do God's "Only love & forgive" call heed as they show God their 'forgiveness' towards the others' terrorist' breed will spiritually survive, and dance in Heaven ALIVE.

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Religion taught falsity when its men said that God was the one to forgive man, and this 'falsity' does every religion now span, and only I can see that God's ONE Law of 'An eye for an eye' * as one 'Reaps what one sows' is the pure and JUST reality of God for sure.

Note: God's ONE Law of 'An eye for an eye' * - means an equal return unto you for any positivity given or suffering imposed by you.

For what 'man' does not see is that the ONE Law of God "As you do is done unto you" cannot be 'voided' - - neither is there any 'immunity' against it simply because the imposition of retribution or meting out of punishment is being carried out by 'legal' or 'mandated' officials, for NO person is EVER 'above' the Law of God, so as these 'state' officers operate on your behalf, you and all daily accrue a similar return due of suffering or loss etc.

Visit my web site and tell all that any person truly seeking Salvation had better now spread the TRUE word of God by 'pointing' all to MY web sites, for all 'ministers' of religion of every religion are in ERROR and all are soon to BE filled with TERROR for 'coming' in MY name and deceiving multitudes of GOD'S precious flocks as they said - -

"In the name of Jesus we 'do this and that'- -
"In the name of Christ we 'promise this or that' - - -
"In the name of God we 'bless you and you' - -

For I sent NONE of them and neither did I tell ANY to praise MY 'last life' name. The last 'battle' is one within the mind of sinful man, and, this battle is where the thoughts of demons 'enter' as they incite and 'invite' you to let them 'possess' you so that they can do what they wish to, using your 'arms' and their vengeful voice by your mouth is spoken, and this they can and will do VIA the dark 'sin' emotions within you.

So as insanity does now 'arise' and even Heaven 'hears' man's cries, as fear and anger does 'surge' within man of sin, - - - then you will see the TRUTH emanating from me as you become 'possessed' mentally by a very Dark, cruel, and merciless Alien race of demonic spirit men living FAR below, - - - and you will lose your spiritual name and 'place' in the book of life for failing to TRULY play God's loving game.

If you wish to BE 'saved' then it is the time to fortify your mind in the manner given by ME today as FOR God my pen does sway. For it is only the 'blind' that are unkind to those of other races or 'creeds,' and none see the depth of iniquity in their own deeds, - -

And none realise that as every person of every 'colour' is a child of GOD being their REAL spiritual sister or brother and, - - - that it is pure insanity and pure vanity to 'dispose' of them with rocket & gun and to then NOT expect that GOD will set your own 'arses' aflame, and also make you 'homeless' and 'on the run' with no 'telly TV' and NO food in your belly.

If you wish to maintain 'Peace and orderliness' then lay down your weapons and become a counsellor Peacekeeper. For only when extending true goodwill unto others will God leave you in peace.

There is soon to be a 'shocking' awakening for all enforcers. For all enforces will become 'the enforced' as very dark and powerful forces bring them to a halt, and drop them to their knees as they (The Alien force) heed their own decrees given unto them telepathically from HELL, in the manner revealed by me in the 'sorry' tale of coming woe I foretell.

We do not need any political 'Police force' that daily abuses others and thus themselves. We only need a true community 'Peace Corps' that assists in the rehabilitation of offenders and thus they assist the community and themselves. Refer to the 'Feeling Easier Seminar' on the Offender document on this web site. For only this way are our 'Peace Corps' personnel safe and secure and demure.

Note: WOLVES in sheep's clothing. * - Every person that uses 'decrees' or rules of man that lead others into using force of arms to regulate, control, extort, seize, or punish or destroy are the 'damned' that lead others to Hell. They 'yes' are loved and do love as you do, but through their ignorance of God and God's truth they defy God, and through their 'mandate' they cause excruciating suffering and loss to others and, it is but the fulfilment of God's Law that for a time and a time they will fall below and themselves be forced to endure the same suffering and loss their 'forces' imposed upon the 'good or bad or beautiful or ugly.'

This God imposed 'eternity' of interminable suffering is the 'due' accrued by any person that 'plays' at being God the Dark Sovereign Power. For as long as there are 'Kings' or Presidents, or Mandarins, or Chiefs, or other Dictators imposing their decrees, their 'flocks' are unable to heed their TRUE loving God and fulfil HIS command to BE merciful and compassionate and forgiving.

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~ Police 'hostile' action report ~

I refer to the police 'quotas' recently released to the Tasmania public, wherein every 'officer' is required to 'perform' a certain 'amount' of hostile action each year that has in fact a 'minimum' of 1,081 'interventions' each.

I call it 'hostile,' because the 'System' of Rules that 'rule' require the policemen to actively 'engage' in deliberate acts that, if carried out by members of the public upon other members of the public, would be 'classified' as "Disturbing the peace of others."

For the very fact that a person brings another to a 'halt' for any reason, and demands 'something' for any reason is error in the eyes of God, and brings a return 'due' upon the interferer that intruded into the affairs of another.

I am not 'forgetful' of the now established 'belief' that an 'enforcer' receiving a 'silver penny' to perform a duty perceived as 'honourable,' is a person that is entitled to so do. (Interfere in the lives of others believed to be at 'fault' in the eyes of RULES or Decrees of the overlord.)

What my intent is in writing this 'note' is to bring certain factual truths to the awareness of the public as well as those 'indentured' into false beliefs. For it is only ignorance that has lead so many youths* into becoming taught wrong 'ideals' due to the 'sinful' nature of their forefathers and elders.

Note: youths*- young men or women that enter into the 'forces' services with good intent.

My concern is for the serving police and other enforcers. For they believe that in the course of their 'duty,' that they can 'interfere, control, demand, regulate, arrest, detain, invade, seize, steal, abuse, kidnap, fine, punish, incarcerate, and even kill,' and not be 'subjected' to the same 'rules' that they are enforcing.

They also believe that as it is a performed 'duty' to others, that they personally have 'indemnity' from prosecution and immunity from said 'Rules' that some believe are 'The law of the land.'

My task is to try and show all officers and members of the public that rules are rules are rules, they are not 'The law,' they are simply the decrees of legislators, 'invoked' and enforced by the 'coercion' of the promise of fine or incarceration for any default.

The REAL 'Law of the land' that is not understood by any is the single law of God that states: "As you do is done unto you on an 'eye for an eye' basis."

Thus I am concerned with what is to soon 'happen' to police enforcers. For what they do not see is that their 'acts' each day do have a 'spiritual' consequence as all are 'subject' to God's one RULE of LAW.

So any policeman that in any way has by rules been forced to: 'interfere, control, demand, regulate, arrest, detain, invade, seize, steal, abuse, kidnap, fine, punish, incarcerate, and even kill,' will find 'shock horror' that they now will become the 'victim' of a different 'nature' of enforcer.

This 'type' of enforcer is quite simply a mentally 'disturbed' and thus insane person that has 'lost' their 'reason' for reasons known by me, and they will be 'validated' and 'justified' and mentally forced to; 'interfere, control, demand, regulate, arrest, detain, invade, seize, steal, abuse, kidnap, fine, punish, incarcerate, and even kill' policemen, and other 'armed forces' men because their 'minds' or thoughts force them to.

And 'after all,' is it not 'Justice' that all 'reap what they sow'? Is that not the 'result' sought by all merciless & unforgiving mankind?

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Where does the 'mandate' come from, or 'authority' to defy ones conscience and ones God and abuse ones own family and friends and neighbours simply because of rules? - Is it in fact the Constitution?

Most serving police officers and other 'forces' personnel either take 'orders' from superiors, or they 'open up' their Holy Bible being the 'book' of 'Statutes' or rules to which they owe their allegiance.

Yes, even though the community 'taxes' pay their wage, they 'bow' to the Autocratic dictates of the decrees 'scripted' as text in these books of 'death.'

For any book that condones 'warfare' or hostile acts against others is 'deadly,' for it places the 'user' within the dark side of God's Law, and they see not that every drop of blood spilt or suffering imposed 'for and on behalf of' rules, comes back upon their own being on a later day.

Suffering endured by 'prisoners' resulting from the enforcement on behalf of rules is not perceived by serving policemen as hostile, they only see it as 'Just' justice, and neither do any of them actually realise that the very Constitution that gives them a mandate of authority to 'enslave' or regulate is a false document, and it has lead all into wrong action in God's eyes.

As the community are fearful of 'reprisal,' * they meekly conform and pay all 'taxes' and fines imposed, and quietly go their way each day as 'dogs' with their tails between their legs.

As said, Police 'personnel' are forced into being 'hostile' interferers and into disturbing the peace themselves by the very rules that prohibit such action.

Thus it follows that the moment they bring another to a 'halt' demanding 'proof' of innocence etc, they are already an offender in God's eyes and 'worthy' of a similar 'punishment' under God's one law.

We do not need any political 'Police force' that daily abuses others and thus themselves. We only need a true community 'Peace Corps' that assists in the rehabilitation of offenders and thus they assist the community and themselves.

It is the time for quick change before the entire planet does derange, and you cannot 'lock up' the world each day and, - - - it appears to me that everyone is a 'sinner' soon to be 'tried' by God via the minds of the insane that are filled with pride and vanity.

To assist you in becoming true to the community and your God and yourself, I can but await your knock on my door so that positive change can be implemented before all end up at HELL'S door.

Note: fearful of 'reprisal,' * - very soon, there will be an 'upsurge' of discontent amongst the general public that will be compounded by 'possessive' and intrusive thoughts that will acerbate emotions of fear, anger, hatred etc, and the result of this will cause an escalation of confrontation and destruction as never seen before or envisaged, and the 'prime' target will be any that have 'abused' others, be it 'legitimately' or otherwise and, - - 

This 'coming' force is superior, unstoppable, and will be far more aggressive than any other yet seen on earth and, - - - its 'operatives' are telepathically directed by the Dark Sovereign Power, being the 'retributive' arm of God.

Note: The Law of God is eminently JUST, it follows that if you 'justify' the use of the Sword to punish or destroy others, then under the singular Law of God it is 'Justice' that God gives you an equal 'eye for an eye' return of suffering, as HE imposes the Sword upon you. If you live by the sword then you have not heard God's Holy Word.

Note: The use of force by rule or decree or legislation is the 'wielding of the sword' against others. Please now just educate, no more 'rules' that berate.




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