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~ The 'Constitutional' Treatise ~
'Criminal or Legal sodomy of the soul'

It is expedient and incumbent upon me to write this final 'expose' of the 'criminality' of the Constitution document that has not only kept man 'spell-bound' and 'legally' warring, invading, taxing, forcing, controlling, abusing and punishing others within the 'sorrowful' side of God's 'eye for an eye' Law of 'As you do is done unto you' but, - - -

It has also enslaved millions of 'innocents' into believing that the performance of their 'duty,' in upholding rules and regulations 'raised up' as a consequence of said Constitution, was honourable, just, and right. How false an assumption, that has lead all into ongoing misery, as it resulted in man 'sodomising' his own soul as he 'bowed' to the ways of the Devil.

The Constitution of every 'national' governing body is the document that 'permits' vain and errant man to defy his Sovereign God of Light and contravene the ideological Code of Conduct as Commanded by God, being that of Peace, Mercy, Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and the freedom to follow ones own beliefs without 'let or hindrance.'

It is also the document that has enslaved millions upon millions of 'innocents' into believing falsely that their 'duty,' - - - in supporting or upholding' the 'Tenets and rules and regulations' that were 'invoked' or 'raised' as a consequence of this Constitution, - - - was honourable, just, right, and as their Creator God would have them do.

This was a gross error of 'judgement' that has 'led' all into deeper bondage and greater suffering, and never-ending increases of taxation extortion, workload, fines, punishment and material and spiritual impoverishment.

Every Constitution of man has been forced upon the populace by the 'ruling' Lord or King or Mandarin or Chief, and imposed in such a manner as to 'appear' 'democratic' and thus beneficent.

However its 'content' contains the unholy 'scripted' texts wherein lie the 'means' whereby 'slavery' is imposed, and 'white collar' criminal activities are 'legalised' and perpetrated and perpetuated by the 'all' * upon the all. For there is no 'leniency' within the texts. For it is the text 'scriptures' that rule with an 'Autocratic iron fist.'

Note: all * - As the greater community support and condone the 'acts' and punitive requirements of the 'rules,' all become 'offenders' in God's eyes for non compliance to HIS ideological demand of 'Peace unto all' and, the 'all' then become liable to 'suffer' the consequence under God's one law on an 'eye for an eye' basis.

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Much has been written by me to 'show' you all how the 'mandate to abuse' has been given to man of sin by the invisible and 'deceptive' Dark Sovereign Power that is the real 'Criminal Mastermind' behind the scenes. There is a link to the 'Criminal Mastermind' document at the end of this Treatise.

I simply now make a few more 'statements' to aid you to more quickly come to the understanding that your personal spiritual demise is assured if, - - -  you as an individual continue to 'uphold' the Constitution and subsequent Statutes in its present punitive 'configuration' by Vote, and fund its System and 'practice' of dark ideology.

For by either or both of these 'Acts' you show God that you are complicit to the criminal and offensive activities carried out by those enforcers upholding the rules that 'govern' the daily conduct imposed and demanded by the rules.

For the rules not only 'enable' man to 'act' in a negative manner, but they also 'command' man and force him to 'disturb the peace of others, to seize goods, impose sanctions, tax, intrude, regulate all trade, kidnap, transport, enslave, abuse, punish, and wage war and kill,' - - -

All legislated 'Acts' are seen today as 'customary' and for the 'good' of all in the community, but all are contra the Code of Conduct Commanded by our God of Love and Light, being the God of freedom and eternal life.

In fact, all supporters of the Constitution are 'bound over' to the Dark Sovereign Power being the God of death upon whom it is 'incumbent' to mete out HIS 'Justice' with a cruel and 'foul' breath, as HE wields HIS sword in this and the 'underworld' in the afterlife against all that used legal and 'Constitutional' means to steal or punish or abuse others.

In order to assist you in coming to a personally informed decision as to whether you should continue upholding the code of conduct as commanded by any 'governing' Constitution or, whether you should walk alone as me with God by your side as your protector and guide, I have written a little more for you to read:

The authority to raise up 'Statutes' using legislation in the first instance is given by the authority of the 'text' wording within any organisational Constitution.

The authority to use legislation to bring defaulters (ref legislation) to account, stems from the 'mandate' given within the Constitution to those people that are 'members' of said organisation or CLUB. Being those and only those that by their own free choice and volition vote for it, condone it, fund it, become a 'Party member' to it.

The authority enabling you to defy God and use the Constitution and subsequent legislation to control, regulate, tax, fine, and punish, is the 'later' legislation that arose because 'some' persons used the 'right' given unto them by the Constitution to 'dream up' more 'taxing' and punitive rules.

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The reason why the 'majority' of men needed a Constitution in the first instance was because in their minds they needed to legalise the use of force to control others and to 'tax' others.

Many a 'State' Constitution does have a clause wherein a person should not be 'subjected' or coerced into funding what they believe is a contra ideology. Regrettably enforcement 'agents' do not abide by their own 'rules' and totally ignore them, as per those applicable to me as I live in Tasmania. Enforcers 'invoke' their own beliefs and use force as they ignore their own Constitution wording. E.g.,

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians.
Every citizen is
guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion
under Section 46(1) of this Act.

The reason why I 'exercise' my divine right to not pay what I perceive as a demand from an extortionist rule is because it would be 'unconscionable' for me to so do and, - - -

For your information, I have already been inconvenienced and 'treasonably' abused by others that are very arrogant and ignorant that are employed by the Tasmania 'State' enforcement agency and, - - -

These men and women have sealed their own fate in the Abyss for a very long time and, even though they do not necessarily believe this to be so, they will 'ponder' upon it as 'older' they grow and, - - -

The spiritual reality that is imposed by God upon all defiant 'spirits' is seen and understood at the moment they leave their biological body. For God is The Authority that stands above ALL men and ALL legislation and, - - -

This God 'power' commands all to be 'Peaceful, loving, kind, merciful, compassionate, and forgiving' and, - - - if any person thinks that 'mandated' persecution gives them 'immunity' from God for defiance of God, then you have failed your 'survivor' test and you 'damn' your own soul - - - all for a false 'penny.'

"In God we trust" - is many a persons slogan, but the reality is that man relies on legislation and the gun. It is my belief that I must heed God and only 'fund' good deeds and be a peaceful man that is merciful and forgiving.

Thus it is against and contra my religious ideology to financially support a 'Council' monetarily with the foreknowledge that 'some' of these monies will be used to punish and thus abuse my spiritual sisters and brothers you and you and, - -

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It is against and contra my religious ideology to financially support any 'Government' organisation monetarily with the foreknowledge that 'some' of these monies will be used to wage war upon others and cause great suffering upon my spiritual sisters and brothers of other races and creeds.

As the inhabitants of this 'Australian' land mass are a 'part' of the 'Coalition of the willing' forces, then every taxpayer is funding the death and destruction and impoverishment of many mothers and brothers and wives and sisters and children of God's most precious creation.

There is NO 'bullet' or bomb or rocket being used with my name on it, - - - is yours? You are spiritually responsible for the deeds of your servants. As I do not fund or support any government I have NO 'servants' killing or maiming or incarcerating others 'for and on behalf of me,' - - - do you?

Only as the inhabitants of this place are exposed to a similar 'explosive' return that IS 'Just' Justice will they begin to understand why God said: "Rely only on my 'bread' being the wisdom of peace, for every warmonger soon becomes DEAD as their soul falls below and joins the BAD seed. By your deed I know you."

Prosecution & persecution is waging war and sets you against God
none can win against God. Wake up!

Considerations; In the 'olden' days, warring 'Chiefs' invaded the lands of others in order to enslave and then 'tax' the populace in order to gain more 'wealth & power,' and to be able to 'command' larger armies to protect them and their 'kingdoms.'

They gave themselves the 'Titles' of 'Emperor or King or Queen' and assumed a 'divine' blood line of 'blue-blooded' Royalty that elevated their 'minds' above 'common man' and equal to God, with the power to 'give or take' life. (Foolish vain mortals filled with greed and pride).

As the years passed and 'earth' entered the age of 'literacy & communication,' the descendants of these warlords decided to hide their criminal activities behind a 'cloak' of legitimacy, and to do this they invoked the Constitution.

This 'enactment' paper 'stole' your rights as an individual and permitted them to continue to RULE and enslave and wage war and tax whilst 'appearing' to be benign and democratic.

Nothing was further from the truth. For even though the 'principle' Acts of the Constitution were 'supposed' to guarantee freedom to 'live' by a peaceful ideological belief and follow ones own 'dreams,' all men were forced to fund the system of war.

For the 'offspring' of the 'Chiefs' and the greater community all grew up with this 'sin of their forefathers,' and none saw the 'wrong' action nor the 'invisible' black cloak around their 'heads' that was leading them all the wrong way into the ABYSS.

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Thus my 'pen' weaves' its way over my 'pad' today in an 'attempt' to break the spell binding you and you and you, the true and the untrue. For you 'know not what you do.'

For if you support darkness or wield the punitive sword to uphold the 'text' of words in any Constitution of man, - - - then you are defiant of your God and dismal is your destiny for 'rejecting' Him and His 'Love & peace' plan.

When you 'vote' for someone to 'lead,' you are in fact not voting for that 'fleshly' person. You are 'resurrecting' the Constitution by voting IT in, as well as all the statutes & rules & regulations that stand written therein that enslave you and force you into committing offensive 'criminal activities' in God's eyes.

For 'as' your 'servants' convict and punish, they dirty your hands for you. Seeing not that their 'licence to kill' as given by the authority of the Constitution is not valid in God's eyes. There is no 'immunity' for 'offensive' behaviour under God's Law, and no punishment meted out under 'cover' of 'Statutes' voids God's one law.

There is a 'saying' amongst the 'lost race' of enforcers being: "Do the crime - - - do the time" - - - meaning, that if you fail to conform to an 'edict' of man (Caesar) then you are 'justly' forced to suffer the 'time' you will spend as an 'outcast' from society as you are 'held' hostage in a jail or detention centre.

The enlightened such as I know, that every 'enforcer' meting out punishment does in fact place a 'similar' "Do the time" adjunct sentence upon their own soul under the one Law of God, - - - "As you do is done unto you."

Ask yourself : "Who has the power and authority to seize your goods, abduct you from your home, hold you hostage and ask for a ransom 'fine,' destroy your livelihood or home, interfere in your daily business, and kill you or your family?

The answer: Unconscionable Terrorists.

This should show you that community Police and 'army' enforcers 'mandated' by the Constitution are terrorists, and 'forced' by legislation to so be in the course of their duty to the Constitution and its Statutes.

The 'Mandate' to be a 'terrorist' as given by the Constitution manifests the Rule of EVIL in the daily lives of all mankind. The 'rule' by Statutes that have 'punitive' attachments means that, - - - by the fact of their enforcement, - - - that there is in fact Martial law in action and no 'civility.' (Rule by the gun)

And once a 'head' of State is elected, they believe that 'as God,' that they have the right to 'invoke decrees that bring all to their knees', and oppress and suppress,' and, - - - they believe that their 'invocations' are 'honourable' in their abuse of their own friends and family and others that might wish to live in an 'alternative' style.

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Not only does the Constitution give 'rulers' the power to play at being 'God,' but it gives the same 'dark' power to any of those employed in any 'Ministry' or governing department. All can 'vent' their merciless and vengeful 'righteousness.'

What is 'democracy' if one is compelled by one or a 'majority' to live by another's decrees and ideological beliefs? Is a rebel a 'Patriot' or is a 'Patriot' a rebel? For only a true 'Patriot' to God can defy an unholy book of 'scriptures' that is upheld by religious fanatics posing as a Secular 'System' of government.

Do you 'choose' to 'owe' allegiance to the Constitution or allegiance to your Creator? What is the Constitution? It is either a 'robot' that gains momentum and power and authority from its own texts that have no 'morals, conscience, or mind of its own' other than the 'words' enshrined within it that enslave, tax, control, punish, and bind man to an anti-god religious ideology.* - - - Or - - -

Is it (The Constitution) in fact the inspiration from the mind of God the Dark Sovereign Power that uses its 'content' to invoke retribution upon errant, disobedient, and sinful man? And, - - -

As man 'bows' to its (His) destructive, cruel, and merciless dictates, they all 'accrue' a deeper and more sorrowful spiritual due and become enslaved more for sure until they 'enter' Hell's door. The unconstitutional 'rule' by Rules is the Autocratic Dictator that destroys humanity.

Note: religious ideology.* - see link at Treatise end to document 'proof of religion' and 'The crucifixion of religion.'

Every governing 'Westminster' System of man has an 'ideology' or belief, - - - thus it is a religion raised up falsely and criminally defiant of its own basic establishment 'Rule' that in 'Australia' categorically states that it will not impose any 'religion or 'religious' observance.:

Commonwealth not to legislate in respect of religion

The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or
for imposing any religious observance, or
for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion,

Thus once you can see that you are being 'controlled' by religious 'zealots' that have run 'riot' with their 'rules' and that have and yet do Treasonably defy their own Constitutional 'mandate.' You will have a lot to think about. I use the 'Australian' Constitution as this is where I presently live. I also in another document use the Kenya Constitution for that is where I also in the past lived for a time.

For irrespective of any mandate of man, there is still your Creator and His 'mandate' and singular Law and Command to contend with. For sure HE will now be 'monitoring' your every 'thought and movement for HE is the one to Judge your FINAL destiny.

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For sure man needs to 'fund' welfare, roads, schools, hospitals, and other positive and creative community endeavours, but we need no more 'waste' and destruction that places a 'Sword of Damocles' above ones head.

Following the 'Constitution of man' (Caesar) places one within the dark side of God's Law, as man's 'doctrine' of control & punishment is a flawed and false doctrine.

Good men have been falsely led to believe that the 'enslavement' of others through their majority 'vote' is neither 'undemocratic' nor slavery. Good men saw not that in order for the Constitution to RULE, that IT needed the 'force of arms' of living men to uphold its rules.

For the Constitution to become 'active' in its 'enslavement' policies, IT needs a 'physical' head of house President. For by their appointment IT becomes valid and legitimate and destructively potent.

It also then takes the 'place' of God in the lives of mortals, for they look to the 'rules' for protection. Seeing not the 'hidden' plot of the Serpent that forces man to live contra to the peaceful ideology Commanded by their true God.

Ignorant man so 'easily' seduced by the Serpent and 'mesmerised' by ITS 'ring of power' emotional feelings that are vindictive, imposing, demanding, forceful, and uncompromisingly unforgiving. Woe unto all.

What is the purpose of this Treatise? It is to show the 'King' and his 'Council' of their error and own personal coming terror, so that they can have the opportunity to change their 'way' and, - - - it is to show the 'greater' community their 'error' and complicity to iniquity. So that they too can become 'free men.'

It is God's opinion and mine that 'free men' being those that conform to God's Command to walk in peace may walk their road 'apart' from and 'beyond' the 'clutches' of any regulating religion or State 'body.'

This may be seen by 'some' as Treason against the Constitution or the government, but forcing others to comply to any Constitution or statutory dictates is itself a Treasonable 'act' against God and His State of Heaven.

The 'Criminal Mastermind' that inspired and thus 'invoked' the Constitutional 'text' via the mind of vain sinful man was the Dark Sovereign Power of God, being the 'deceiver' that gave arrogant man the mandate to control, rule, punish, and destroy.

This 'conspiracy' of the 'Devil' that enabled HIM to destroy man was 'accomplished' by using man's dark emotions as the 'justification' to defy the Light and to become the manipulator, the invader, the controller, the extortionist, the abuser, the avenger, and the destroyer for and on behalf of the Dark Sovereign Power.

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It is your individual choice now as to whether you wish to set yourself free, or to be enslaved and bound for an eternity by the Dark Sovereign Power, being your 'punishment' for being IT in action, as IT metes out ITS 'eye for an eye' due upon you for being untrue.

I say a few words now on 'Law & Order' for man uses these two 'words' jointly. Seeing not that 'orderliness' implies peacefulness, whereas the Law of God applies equally to disorderly and PEACEFUL expression.

For the fulfilment of God's one Law is simply an 'eye for an eye' or equal and 'Just' return of energy for energy expressed, be it good and positive or bad and negative energy expressed. (See link to 'Spiritual suicide interaction' at Treatise end).

Whereas the fulfilment of man's 'Law & Order' implies that a person is only 'lawful & orderly' when they comply with any rule or edict of other men of 'State.' (Caesar)

Seeing not, that in complying to some rules of man results in a person being disorderly in God's eyes, and thus incurring a 'painful & suffering' return due within God's immutable 'eye for an eye' Law (As you did do is done unto you).

Primary example being, all the Police and Judicial and enforcement agencies daily commit crimes against humanity, as they for and on behalf of rules do daily engage the public in a negative and intrusive and 'disturbing' way, as they disturb the peace of the land in order to 'satisfy' the rules that enforce their own code of conduct in the performance of their Duty to the rules.

Enforcers believe that their 'performance' of duty is an honourable service to the community. It is and it is not, depending upon the circumstance. But 90% of the time it is not, and it places the enforcer within the punitive aspect of God's Law.

For enforcement agencies are required by man's (Law = rules of man) to extort funds, seize goods, intrude, control, impose restriction, regulate, kidnap, hold hostage in prisons, sell their property, destroy lives and livelihoods, and kill any they feel they 'need' to etc. Seeing not that, - - -

All these dark actions have a dark return 'due' to be imposed by God at a later date when least expected, on an 'eye for an eye' Just & Equitable basis.

A person is only 'lawful' in man's eyes when conforming to rules. A person is always 'lawful' in God's eyes whatever they do. For they have the freedom of choice to be 'good or bad' but, at all times the singular Law of God applies:

"Good for good given - pain and suffering given for suffering imposed."

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All 'mandates' or 'acts' of mere political men or the 'decrees' of Dictators, that 'legitimise' taxation, custom duty & royalties etc., and punishment or threat thereof as 'coercion' or the means of controlling any default, do not give any person immunity from God or God's Law.

It 'follows' that, - - - at some 'stage' every 'enforcer' will 'recoup' their 'sorry' due, and this is to take place now as given by my sacred pen. read all about it in my 'The Testament of Truth' book.

Society in general believes that it is necessary to adhere to RULES to be orderly and civil, it is not. It is only necessary to conform with the Command of God and be a peaceful, kind, merciful, respectful and beneficent person. For only in this 'way' is true inner and external peace found.

Go your way in peace from today, and only educate the offensive ones, so that you continue to be living within the 'positive' side of God's one Law, and thus you will receive a positive return within the Holy Law. You will however still be 'forced' to endure and suffer any bad spiritual dues accrued yourself or by your servants in the past.

Man needs to be taught of the unavoidable spiritual REALITY that God can and does impose a return positive or negative return for every 'nature' of 'act' of man. This is done in or at the time or place that 'fits' God's Plan for each that loves as Commanded or does 'breach' His Code of 'ethics.'

True believers in God do not need the 'protection' of, or 'regulations' of man using force of arms as weapons of destruction.

True believers in God simply walk their way in peace trusting that God will be their benefactor and protector.

True believers know that God does not protect those that defy Him and His 'creed' of Peace & Love. For they understand that God permits 'infidels' being those that defy Him to 'suffer' at the hands of other non-believers. (infidels - oppressors)

As we now 'enter' the END time of intolerance - accountability - and vengeful retribution, each needs to understand that all are 'sinners' as all have 'sinned' against their God and themselves.

Thus all have become 'accountable' and punishable by God and, it is the 'inciting' thoughts of the Dark Sovereign Power, operating through ITS dark negative emotional energy that man drew into their soul as they used it, that will turn man against man 'mercilessly & unforgivingly.'

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The 'text' within all 'governing' Constitutions contains criminal intent, and forces its 'dependants' into many a criminal deed.

Every governing Constitution of man or State that contains text 'permitting' man to 'invade, tax, seize, kidnap, regulate others, wage war, fine or punish or kill' is a criminal and illegal document in the eyes of the Creative God of Light and Love as it 'defies' the Command to "Only love."

The Constitution is 'criminal' because it 'turns' man into unconscionable beasts. Not only those that fund it or fellowship with its dark ideology, but those in other lands that are imposed upon are 'seduced' into retaliating against it. All 'complicit' are forced by it into anti-God ways.

The Constitution is 'illegal' for its content and code of conduct policy contains an ideology that is contra that Commanded by THE Authority,' being your Creator and God of Love.

The Constitution is 'as' God for it cannot be 'touched' by God's Law, thus as God it is 'untouchable' and itself not 'punishable,' for it is merely 'text' written and 'bound' within the pages of a book. (As it is but 'text' it has no feelings and thus cannot suffer)

The Constitution is clearly shown to be a black and cruel monster that has the intent to enslave and destroy all that use it and 'bow' to it. It 'follows' that it was inspired by the satanic 'voice' that entered the mind of man via their 'greedy' and vain' sinful emotions.

It is now the time when God will inspire man to set themselves free. Not by destroying other men that enslave them, but by 'burning' every 'book' of rules or Constitutional 'decrees' as well as any other 'religious' material that contains 'rules of engagement' that are controlling.

Then man will be as God would them see, standing free of 'encumbrance' in the green hills as the birds and the animals and the bees, without the need to be 'carrying' any 'black' book in one hand and any 'sword' in the other. Truly simply loving and caring and respecting every other.

So until that day, you will need to 'somehow' decide how to 'fund and support' the positive aspects of the community needs and the welfare of others, without funding the 'pockets' of enforcers, their weapons, or their antisocial ways.

This Treatise of Truth is inspired by the 'voice' of our God of Love flowing into the mind of God's dove the Imam Al-Mahdi (Spirit of Truth) to set you free. Please do your best to try and see through your programmed memory into a purer reality.

If you wish to become a True believer then you must fortify your mind so that unkind thoughts do not 'overpower' you for any reason. For if they do, then you will defy God and you will kill or abuse any person perceived as offensive, and you will die in your sin.

Note - 1: Every governing Constitution of man or State that contains text 'permitting' man to 'invade, tax, seize, kidnap, regulate others, wage war, fine or punish or kill' is neither a criminal nor illegal document in the eyes of the Destructive Dark Sovereign Power of God because HE demands and authorises the punitive 'response' and call to DESTROY and punish all who 'defy' the Command to "Only love" and, - - - 

HE is able to 'legitimately' make use of the 'ungodly' Statutes in order to control and regulate and berate and impoverish ignorant man through these 'rules' and, - - -

HE is also entitled to and does keep all 'enforcers' or abusers spell-bound so that they see not their own ongoing iniquity, nor does He let them see that they are subjecting themselves to HIS painful 'eye for an eye' Law to be fulfilled on earth or when HE drags them 'contemptuously' below for arrogantly abusing their own 'wives' that share their 'pillow' as well as others in the near or far community.

Each will now choose to set themselves free from accruing more and ongoing misery and pain or, to continue to 'side' with the 'armed' forces of man that defy God and ahead 'face' the Dark Sovereign Power whose 'energy' does Hell 'span.'

Note - 2: The Constitution is an 'article' inspired by God THE FATHER as one of the means whereby He (The Dark Sovereign Power) exerts dominance, dictatorship and absolute control over errant sinners who continue to defy His 'Love and peace' Command.

He is the absolute ruler in every realm outside of the pure Light and via the vain and arrogant his 'consciousness' inspires never-ending rules to subjugate, tax, impoverish and punish everyone who continues to support or fund His earthly instruments.

Why? Because everyone 'bows' to said officials and relies on their 'force of arms' for protection, and as these 'warriors' are causing harm and impoverishment on behalf of voters and taxpayers, everyone keeps accruing more 'karmic' dues of suffering and are by God thus kept ON the wide road to HELL.

God grants a single 'escape' clause named the 'Freedom of religion' ACT of the Constitution. This clause is for those 'absolute pacifists' who consciously object to having to join the warriors tribes in their vengeful ways and they prefer to NEVER DISTURB THE PEACE OF OTHERS.

The peaceful who do not support, condone or fund the coffers of the warrior overlords are already living as God Commands and they are entitled to live by their rituals or dress codes or other as long as they do not disturb the peace.

Naturally if society requires everyone to 'drive' their vehicle on a particular side of the road, then this ruling must be an advisory one only having NO punitive attachment for any infringement. Any person using said public road who is irrational and causes harm to others actually will ultimately cause harm to themselves as God's Law of Return swings into action on a later date. The idiots who 'trespass' into the Dark and cause harm must only be assisted and be EDUCATED.

Any person using text rules in books as their justification to disturb the peace of the peaceful are 'infidel' non-believers in God's Command and by God are to be 'consumed' by the application of God's Law of Return when HE so decides.

Try and comprehend the utter and COMPLETENESS of liquid darkness that has within ITSELF no Light, no love, no mercy, no compassion and NO forgiveness. It is simply an infinitely intelligent destructive emotional energetic FORCE that exists and it IS a LAW UNTO ITSELF.

It is 'untouched' by your thoughts or deeds as IT simply IS WHAT IT IS and when you use any of ITS energy then IT can never ever forgive YOU and, - - - IT will not only persecute you mercilessly FOREVER until IT has caused you to suffer all you imposed upon others, but FOREVER, IT will do ITS utmost to keep YOU using ITS destructive energy for the sole purpose of destroying your BAD seed.

IT the Dark (God the Father) ONLY 'lets up' and leaves YOU in peace when (a) you have suffered your dues to IT and (b) through your obedience to ITS 'Love' Command you have enabled the outpouring Light of God (She the Mother) to extract the dark emotional energy (Sin) out of your soul.

IF you 'wish' to become spiritually FREE then you had 'better' now listen to ME.

Imam Al-Mahdi - Terence

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