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~ The 'Legitimate Abuse' Paper ~


'The Appeal Judgement'


This 'paper' is the culmination of the understanding as to 'how & why' the punishment 'factor' as contained within the 'Acts' or RULES of man's books of rules is not only error in God's eyes, but it 'contains' great terror and suffering for earth's policing forces and judiciary.

For it is they that believe falsely that they have the divine right to 'legitimately' abuse any of God's children that do not 'toe the line,' in respect of legislated Decrees called the 'law of man' or the 'law of the land.'

None seeing, that only God is the Supreme Judge, and only God's Law is the 'Law of the land.' Not only this, but as the enforcers 'operate' as paid 'servants' of the people, the result of their aggressive and punitive 'acts' is also 'shared' amongst all persons funding or condoning or supporting them.

Thus I have been given a few more pages by our God to 'show' man their error, and all will now face 'terror' as it is their due for being to themselves and others and God untrue.

The following pages give my response to the punitive 'judgement' placed upon me by the Tasmanian Judiciary (Refer Item 4 'Supreme Court Appeal ) and, - - - I can but hope that as all men are aided by the Might of God's Word to finally see the error of their way, - - -

That they now make a personally informed decision to override their 'derision' of me, and my projection as being God's messenger, and quickly help me to humanely implement change to the positive.

For truly, the escalation of 'darkness' as the mind of man is 'invaded' telepathically by demonic forces will soon bring the planet to its knees, and all men will 'freeze' in fear. Let us together humanely educate offenders so that all benefit.

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~ Legitimate abuse ~

The RULES of man 'legitimise' abuse, and what man must try and see is that the abuse of another is NEVER legitimate in God's eyes and, - - - God's LAW is NEVER voided by any 'mandate' of 'legitimacy,' for God's LAW is 'THE LAW' and, - - - God's power is ALMIGHTY.

Thus the use of punitive abuse as 'decreed' by the Judiciary, as they unwisely and 'un-learnedly' bow to the 'dictates' of RULES is in God's eyes very 'offensive' and, - - - is 'subject' to God's 'eye for an eye' return due to be met at a time and in a place ordained by God the 'ultimate' JUDGE of man.

Thus it 'follows' that every RULE that empowers * policing forces to 'seize' goods, 'invade' premises, 'tap' phones, 'tax' people, 'control' people, 'arrest' people, 'detain' people, 'fine' people, 'incarcerate' people, 'abuse' people, 'kill' people, - - - is an invasion of another person's space and, - - -

This 'aggressive' abusive 'ACT' is punishable by God and, - - - the full 'power' of God's invisible 'Army' is now to be seen 'in action' on this 'earth' and in every Realm outside Heaven, being the only 'place & space' where 'darkness' does not exist.

Any 'person' that finds a reason or a RULE that in their 'mind' legitimises them to either verbally 'speak out' against another or, - - - any 'reason' or RULE that legitimises any person to abuse another as per the 'powers' * above given to man by mandate of man is, - - - in God's eyes and in the eyes of wise men an offensive 'offender' and, - - -

Thus a person having become a person needing to attend a 'Feeling Easier' Seminar, where they will LEARN of the existence of God's ONE SUPREME LAW and, - - - its punitive aspect is 'fulfilled' either on this 'shore' or in Hell's dark realms below.

Being a 'horrendous' place where all the 'unwise' do go for a time and a time to 'suffer' for all their past or ongoing offensive acts when they defied God and acted as 'legitimate' swine.

Note: empowers * - Gives the 'enforcer' a seemingly 'legitimate' and thus 'supreme' as God authority to abuse another and not be 'subject to' God's Law. This FALSE 'assumption' is the deceit of the Devil, and is the cause of all man's suffering as 'he' man defies the 'forgive' call of God and 'smashes' others seen as offensive.

Note: Legitimate - The supposed 'legitimate' Person to person abuse carried out by armed forces and the judiciary is not perceived by them as either abusive or offensive, they 'simply' perceive it as 'Justice' and, as its 'use' is 'backed' by legislation or, in the form of a 'written' permit or 'permission' from a 'superior' source, none even 'question' its dark use, nor whether they should question their own conscience before they defy God.

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~ The Appeal 'judgement' ~

Yes the 'judge' Evans dismissed my appeal to his 'conscience,' for he obviously believed the words of the lesser judge who had said that my writings were 'utter gibberish' and, - - -

Judge Evans called me a 'recalcitrant offender' who lacked remorse and that his 'agreed' conviction of me was the result of my having quote: "A deluded over-valuation of my own beliefs."

Judge Evans could only see that within his 'bible' of rules, that I 'owed' the 'Crown' or 'The people of the land' a 'certain' punitive due. He totally 'avoided' the principle issue as to: "Whether a man has a right to NOT pay the 'royalty' due that is extorted from you and you and you, as an annual demanded due."

Being a right 'written' within the text of the Constitution, and as a God given right and, - - - it is certain that judge Evans cannot see that 'religion' and 'ideology,' and 'belief' and daily deed do go 'hand in hand,' and that 'principle' and my 'judgement' is the 'basis' of this my response.

For 'both' judges refused to 'permit' me to speak and 'try' and pursue this ideological 'angle' in my efforts to be true to them, as my Light did its best verbally, as well as by what in my 'submission' had been written.

So the reason for this 'Judgement Paper' is to try and get any 'reader' to see something that is necessary for them to see, if they are to 'win' a Salvationary victory over the 'darkness' that daily 'inspans' all humanity through their 'ignorance & vanity.'

Judge Evans merely gave me a 'cursory' acknowledgement as he permitted me to speak words true and humble and meek, but all along he had already decided his 'path' and as I spoke, all he did was to write out his four pages 'judgement' that 'agreed' with the lesser judge.

Thus his 'complicity' to the ongoing religious persecution he did with his own pen sign before God and man. And God to him via my pen does now say:

"Son, you are an errant swine who shall not enter my Land Divine, and the reasons for this you will see when you stand in a greater court in front of ME. For it is the 'likes' of you that 'permit' skulduggery to be perpetuated by 'crown' forces untrue, as they and you 'hunt-down' MY children as you 'fill' your pockets with their 'gold.'

You have now been told your fate to be which is confinement in the Abyss, and this you will soon see and, - - - any other 'men' that continue to defy this pen will join you too for being swine untrue."

Both the 'higher' and 'lower' judges were unkind and merciless. For they were blind, and could only see their perception as to why I needed 'punishment.' Being that according to their rules, I had 'transgressed' the rules, namely that I had failed to comply with the demands of their rules.

Neither of the judges seeing that they were in fact punishing me solely due to my failure to pay the 'sums' of money demanded by their rules. For according to the rules, it is only when 'paid' and thus licensed, by having paid the 'tax' or permit 'levy,' or 'crown royalty,' was I compliant with these 'secondary' rules or 'edicts.'

Further, they saw not that my belief is such, that I cannot pay the 'dues' that their rules demand. For this demand with its punitive reprimand 'attachment' is what defies God's Command. For God clearly says:

"No person is punishable just because they refuse to pay the demands of any other person, even if the 'other' believes that the 'payment' of such is for their own good, and the 'good' of their wife and family."

Thus it is my civil and democratic and God-given right to not pay the fiscal demands imposed by 'legislators' and accompanied by the 'reprimands' of the police and judiciary.

It is they the enforcers who must try and see that it is my right to follow my belief, and not fund their ongoing extortion off the community and, - - - to not be complicit with their ongoing punitive 'war,' waged upon the community for any non-compliance to their 'decrees' imposed, or the demands of their unholy 'rulebook.'

page 4

Can you see the difference between - - - Being punished for principally refusing to fund a known dark anti-god system, by refusing to give them any 'licence fee' monies? Some of which you know will be used to fund their 'punitive' judiciary or, - - -

Being punished for secondarily 'travelling' without the 'permit.' For in having the permit, it says to them that you have funded their Institution. Meaning that you are a 'part' of it, and that you 'believe' in its ways? Are you able to see what I am saying?

You are only a 'good' and 'worthy' person in its eyes (the rulebook) if you have received a 'licence approval' according to its dictates. Failure to 'belong' to its dark ideology means that you are its sworn 'enemy,' and one deserving to have no 'peace' and to suffer or 'die.'

The Judge had two 'choices' reference GOD
The Judge had two 'choices' reference his Constitution and rules.

In respect of his rules, he could have 'noted' that within the primary Constitution Act he could have mercifully let me go, because within the 'Act' I was free to not fund any organisation that had a 'contra' ideology or belief to mine, - - -

But he chose the secondary and 'merciless' one, a 'later' and subsequent 'rule' that said: "Any found to have not paid a 'levy' as demanded by 'this' rule must be persecuted and punished by you and your State penitentiary officers." Also, - - - the Judge could have chosen to heed God who said:

"I command you all to be compassionate & forgiving & merciful, for any that are found to be 'lacking' will be enslaved by the Dark one, and dragged below for their defiance of ME, for none that defy ME deserve to live and, - - - any that make any of MY children suffer will be made to suffer by ME."

But he chose to defy God and heed men, being the dictates of 'legislators,' and this 'choice' was to his disadvantage. He also chose to 'defy' or ignore the 'words' written at the end of the front index page of my web site & CD submitted.

For both 'judges' were mercifully given the entire message from God by God's inspiration through my forgiving mind, but both 'chose' to either not open its front 'page' or if they so did, they chose to defy or 'laugh' at the words written thereon that say:

Let it here be known that any "person" who tries to "violate" my "person" or the content of this God's sacred web site by any "Act" of intrusion, or any person who "directs" any other to so do will by God be deemed an "offender" in God's eyes, and by their own deed as one to be eternally "despised" by the Source (God), and their eternal destiny decreed by God THE AUTHORITY shall be one of eternal misery in the Dark "Hell" land below. For this "note" as all else by me written has been done to set you free.

Peace and goodwill unto all mankind
The Devil will you bind

None stand 'above' God's One Law - "As you do will be done unto you."

The ‘pen of God’ states that the ‘dismissal’ of his appeal by Judge Evans was very unfortunate, for it gives a false signal to the Police. For it is in fact saying to them that the Tasmanian Judiciary will ‘back’ and support their religious persecution of community members, being any person having a different ‘ideology’ to that of the State Institution.

It was also ‘regrettable’ that the Judge was unable to see that the ‘applicant’ refuses to fund the State by ‘licence’ taxation due to God’s requirement that no person should condone, fund, or support any punitive system.

Terence states that he would certainly not be funding the wages of police or judiciary that are proven to be invasive, extortive, and punitive, as they follow their opposing ideology (religion). He also states that it is the police & judiciary that falsely believe that they are above God’s one immutable Law:

"As you do is done unto you."

page 5

~ The 'Fatherland' ~

The 'head' of every land on earth today says: "We the elected representatives respect you the people and we will ensure that your needs are met, etc."

What neither they the 'elect' nor the people see is, that this 'fatherhood' approach of the State employed 'workers of the day' is but a 'sham,' for in fact it is the RULES that Autocratically 'dictate' what is to be 'done' unto thee.

The RULES say that 'someone' must be elected to 'govern,' and the RULES also say that the people must be looked after by IT, the RULES and, - - - the RULES are what 'forbid' any 'contra' belief or ideology and, - - -

The 'Judiciary and Police can see no 'further' than the RULES, for the rules RULE their conduct in their 'relationship' with the community members and, - - - the RULES and their 'enforcers' are only 'happy' when you 'toe their line' and, - - -

Any person of any 'ideology' that does conform to the Public Order 'decrees' of the RULES and does not disturb the peace, is also seen by the RULES as an offender if they try and 'avoid' supporting the RULES.

For it is a 'fact' that all mankind and every 'facet' of society have become 'trapped' by these RULES to the point, where any person wishing to rely on GOD, and just go their way in peace, will be persecuted by the RULES and, - - -

This is done by 'simpletons' that have 'grown up' believing that the RULES are 'as' God, and to be 'trusted,' and that they have the divine right to enforce these RULES.

Not only do these 'workers' in Governmental departments 'believe' the above, but they also believe that they, 'for and on behalf' of the RULES, have the divine right to look after you, and to 'solve' all your problems too and, - - -

Because of this belief, they demand that you comply with them and any RULES they 'inspire' by their legislator's pen. Even if 'said' RULES are nonsensical, extortionist, or punitive, or destructive to their soul and yours for, - - -

The feelings of POWER 'generated' within them as they self-righteously 'control' you and manipulate you, and direct you, and punish you etc, is very 'enticing,' and once they have been 'mandated' to dutifully 'serve' the RULES, then IT the 'rulebook' places ITS 'ring' on their finger, and they are by 'duty' and 'sworn' OATH bound unto the RULES.

To the 'extent' that they can defy their God, be disrespectful to their own family and yours, be unconscionable, be crass and very rude, and enjoy the 'privilege' of operating outside the RULES within the book of RULES they hold sacred, as they disturb the peace of the land, and invade, intrude, seize property, abuse, kidnap, hold hostage, etc.

I ask you ALL: "Are you the people, and you the 'worker' for the state penitentiary or policing forces & judiciary so 'blind' that you cannot see how easily the Devil has you ALL ensnared in ITS fatal web"?

For in 'FACT,' the Devil ensnared the Kings & Chiefs & Emperors first through their greed and vanity, and as they needed your 'arms' to protect their 'lands,' and your 'honey' to fund their 'armies,' the Devil easily 'invoked' RULES that factored-in the punitive aspect.

This was 'done' so that they AND the Devil could easily control you and you and you, through your FEAR of saying "No" and, - - - the 'threat' of being punished and 'branded' a criminal with no 'rights,' and the possible 'loss' of your home and other property, kept all 'in line' and 'coughing up' pennies into the 'Crown' coffers.

God did say that at 'THE END,' all for iniquity would PAY and, - - - the 'coming' very long and very bleak and cold winter of 'pain & turmoil & sorrow' will 'chill' all to the very marrow for many a long 'year' and, - - -

In the suffering at the 'hands' of the merciless, all will 'learn' to never again defy their God of LOVE. For it is I the 'dove' to expose the DARK as the 'avenger' that strikes down all that defy the Command of the Light to "Walk in peace and never abuse or fight."

Those that continue to fight & control & punish will fall to fight on in lands below, where their eternal suffering will GROW and, - - - those that continue to 'support' the 'fatherland' with ITS dark ideology will also fall. Those that heed me will set themselves free, to 'sup' on love in Heaven for eternity.

page 6

~ The 'end time' story ~

This page written by God's sage is to assist you in seeing that the destiny of your soul 'lies' within the palm of your own hands, as well as within the 'consciousness' of your own mind and, - - - if the Devil did already 'bind' you within a punitive 'employment' contract to be HIS retributioner, then you do have a 'great' decision to make.

You are the 'Judge' of your actions, and now have two 'choices' reference GOD.

You may choose to 'support' fine & punishment that is abuse and 'die' spiritually or, you may choose to follow me and set yourself spiritually free. Either way there will be much suffering in store for thee for, - - -

All have already burdened their own souls with 'pain' debts, due to supporting the 'manhunt,' and imposed suffering upon others via a very 'dark' and punitive ideological System of man. Truly, your 'end time story' is and will be the result of your or your 'servants' deeds each day.

So any of you 'prosecutors or police' who now 'think' that I am a man to be 'hunted down,' had 'better' look further and deeper than the 'judge.' For your now personal choice will definitely decide your spiritual destiny and destination.

I now read you your 'rights' as given by God via me, so that you may make a personally 'informed' decision as to your actions, 'prior' to making any 'arrest' of myself or any other peaceful person:

~ Your Rights ~

"You are free to 'turn around' and walk away and become free forever and a day or, you are free to defy ME your God as you intrude with the intent to persecute and punish, and you will be cast into the 'pit' of Hell and be confined forever and a day."

Because God is 'democratic,' - - - God not only 'permits' freedom of belief, but God also 'permits' choice of deed. Be it kind or unkind or, - - - merciful or merciless or, - - - loving or hateful or, - - - creative & uplifting or destructive & demeaning.

But what 'simple' man needs to see, is that God is the Crown and Authority and, - - - God has ONE immutable Law that 'swings' into operation as the 'result' of your deed and, - - -

No 'mandate' of man, or legislative 'authority' given, or dutiful 'mercenary' wage voids God's Law. Thus all on an 'eye for an eye' basis will now receive their due. Be it love, or abuse.

Those that rise 'up' receive love in perpetuity as their due,
and only
love through them will flow through.

Those that fall 'below' will receive abuse as their due,
and only
abuse through them will flow through.

page 7

~ The penalty factor ~

The 'judge' saw not that he is 'in fact' punishing me for refusing the 'advances' of his 'Crown' or his 'King' or his God, being the rules in his 'book of rules' that state: "No person is allowed to 'travel' on MY roads unless they have paid an annual 'royalty' sum of $ 10 that validates their driving Certificate of Competency."

The 'judge' was 'quick' to point out to me that driving without 'such' payment was an instant 'disqualify' to be 'accompanied by quote: "A fine not exceeding $4000 or, term of imprisonment not exceeding 6 months or both, and a further disqualification for a period not exceeding 3 years."

Is this 400 times multiplication 'punishment' factor of $ 4000 one 'befitting' the supposed 'crime' of refusing to pay an extortionist $ 10? - - - If so, then God will judge him accordingly but, - - - God will only apply God's equitable 'eye for an eye' and, - - - could that possibly also mean 400 times 'factor' imposed by God upon the 'six' months, - - - in a 'cell' below in the underworld?

Could it also mean that he by God would be 'forbidden' to have access to God's Heavenly 'freeway' for 3 years x 400 factor = 1200 years? Its time for all to see what they 'invoke' when they 'poke' a stick at another, seeing not the 'beam' in their own blind eye.

Does that 'return' due sound 'crazy'? - Maybe, but consider this from God's perspective, for we are all God's children and,. - - - if a member of the community 'kidnaps' another person and holds them 'hostage' or 'bound' for a day, what do other members of the community do as they seek to set matters 'right,' and they via a 'policing' force 'vengeance' wreak?

They go on a manhunt with the intent to intervene and 'rescue' and, - - - if the offender 'resists,' he may be shot and killed and, - - - if they do 'die' and the hostage gains their freedom, what did the hostage suffer? - - - mentally and emotionally for sure, and maybe they went cold and hungry too but, - - -

If the offender is caught, then other members of the community who are also God's children become 'bound' by their 'biblical' book of RULES that say: "This one must be taught a lesson that he will remember forever and a day and, - - - this lesson will also be an 'example' to others, so they will think 'twice' before offending in 'such' a manner" and, - - -

The offender is punished by having to serve a 6 year jail sentence, that in fact in Gods eyes is a 'similar' offence against HIS children because, - - - in order to punish, the policing forces also 'hunt' their victim, and they kidnap him off the street, and hold him 'hostage' in a cell for 2,190 days in the 'guise' of 'correction,' or 'rehabilitation' and, - - -

This 'nature' of 'horror' story is perpetrated for and on behalf of the 'greater' community every day in every land! In which the 'penalty' for any 'uncivil' act is multiplied by a very 'great' factor that far exceeds God's 'an eye for an eye.'*

Even if God 'is' merciful, * and thus does not penalise your 'filthy' deeds by a factor of 2190, that would become 2190 x 2190 = 4,796,100 days in jail below, there is still a minimum 2190 days incarceration 'debt' accrued, and that is a 'due' to be met by 'someone.'

The above 'case' is taken from the 'Matt Page' saga, and he is still held in the Alice Springs 'Correctional Centre' - - - When in fact he was 'mentally disturbed' & thus 'distressed' at the time, and should have received counselling from ME and then been set free.

Just because your 'forefathers' were ignorant, fearful, vain, and vindictive, believing not in God's Word, why must you be the same? - - - And why do you 'join' their 'game' by adding to the punishment factor more and more?

For if the present 'suffering' imposed upon prisoners is not enough to 'halt' crime, then surely you needs look for a better merciful and God 'compliant' educative solution?

It is only 'I' who has no 'blind' eye, for it is GOD that writes these 'lines' to you hoping that you see God's Justice and, - - - hoping that you believe that your God is invincible and, - - - that HIS Law is immutable and, - - - that you realise that no man is 'above' God's Law.

It is also the 'time' for the 'people' of the land that fund and support the judiciary to see what they 'invoke' as on their behalf, the police and judiciary 'poke' out the eyes of their sisters and brothers and fathers and mothers.

Note: 'an eye for an eye' *- God's prerogative only.
Man must not seek
retribution, and must only educate.

Note: merciful* - The Dark Sovereign Power that is the Sovereign Power in Hell, is the 'adjuster' for any 'dark' interaction between God's children, and IT is totally merciless and does not 'give' an 'inch,' as HIS law is immutable and 'constant' and absolutely Just & Equitable on an 'eye for an eye' basis.

Note: merciful* - The Light of God that is the Sovereign Power in Heaven is merciful, in that IT always forgives and 'accepts' you home once you have paid your dues to the Dark, it does also give a positive return to your 'positive' interactions, and HER Law is immutable and 'constant' and absolutely Just & Equitable on an 'eye for an eye' basis.

page 8

~ Delusional fantasy ~

Judges and magistrates live in a delusional fantasy for they see their 'position' as 'apart from' the State body and 'apart from' the common citizen and, - - - they perceive themselves as 'Just & righteous' and 'playing' an honorable role for society. None of them see their error nor their role of impropriety.

They 'verbally' say that they do not 'represent' the State Government. - False.
They 'verbally' say that they are not 'officers' of the State Government. - False.
They 'verbally' say that they are not 'servants' of the State Government. - False.
They 'verbally' say that they are 'independent' of the State Government. - False.

For it is the State Government that 'simply' pays their wage for them to:
Uphold the
punitive rules raised up by the State legislators.

Thus they are proven to be 'giant' Clowns that daily 'jump' up and down on their 'giant' Pogo-stick, as they 'formerly' rubber stamp the words 'Guilty - Guilty - Guilty' upon any 'papers' placed before them by the prosecuting persecutors.

This is all done 'legally' for and on behalf of the 'rogue' legislators who make their 'taxing' demands upon the public via 'edicts' or 'enacted' decrees and, - - -

All the 'vultures'* have to do is to make the 'huge' decision as to which punitive 'rule' they will apply to their verdict. Knowing full well that their 'victim' is to be 'bound over' by 'RULE enforcers' that also receive a 'mercenary' wage to defy God, their own conscience, and humanity.

For none of these 'bullies' can see that it is the application of the punishment 'factor' that coerces the public into paying up the never-ending 'fees' demanded and, - - - neither do they see that their sorry 'state' is a false dark ideology that is a 'religion' (belief of living way) and, - - - that all whom 'partake' of the 'giving' to it or the 'enforcement' of punishment for it are defying their God of love.

It is time for all of society to see that 'LAW enforcement' and 'RULE enforcement' are two different things and, - - - it is now our GOD to enforce HIS absolutely JUST 'eye for an eye' LAW that is also an immutable RULE.

All 'judges' and 'enforcers' will now feel a great 'misgiving' as they find out that God's Scales of Justice that are applicable unto all men will now be 'applied' to 'judges' as well as all men. All will now receive an EQUAL measure of pain for pain given, or pleasure for pleasure given.

Society, by 'fearfully' funding the dark punitive ideology of all National & State & Local Governments, have given magistrates and judges the power to abuse all, using 'rules' backed by these judges and magistrates who are naught but simple 'fools' clothed as upright citizens.

These 'stooges' are 'backed' by armed 'gunmen' posing as 'honourable' policers, but who in fact are merely State 'taxation' enforcers who also are dishonorable to themselves and the public they are 'said' to serve, for all swerve away from God's true path, as they abuse others for their pay.

As man begins to see that all are 'subject to God's Law, "As you do is done unto you," then all will 'wish' to halt the punishment of others, as they learn to become kind and merciful and 'correct' their own behavior with God's wisdom as their Saviour.

Note: 'vultures'*- Eaters of flesh, men that 'pluck' money from the 'purses' of children of God and 'eat' of their very souls, for their impositions cause great suffering to God's Creation. - Woe unto all that defy their God.

page 9

~ Appeal Case Notes ~

Note: The 'judge' saw not that he is 'in fact' punishing me for refusing to pay the 'establishment' fee required by his 'organisation' to remain free from persecution. The 'establishment' fee is in fact the 'permission to be on the road' fee demanded by his Institution that believes that it owns the public highway.

Note: The 'I forbid you to be on the road' by an ignorant man posing as a 'judge' as he defies God, and by his 'written' note that says: "This man is disqualified from driving," has very deep implications for himself and the State policing forces for, - - - his 'penned' mark is in fact a "Wanted" notice placed upon the 'walls' of police stations, and within their 'computers' or 'books.' His 'mark' also states:

"If you see this man Terence driving an automobile on 'our' roads then you must 'hunt' him down 'dead or alive,' for he must not 'get away' and, - - -

You are 'permitted' by me the 'judge' to defy your God and arrest him, detain him, kidnap him, shoot him if he 'runs or fights,' and take him to 'cells' to be again 'judged' by me, so that I can 'spitefully' accommodate all possible 'iniquity' as contained within our rule book, and punish him as much as permissible and, - - -

Neither you the police nor the 'ignorant' judge either see nor 'conceive' that we 'jointly' will by God be made to 'suffer' the same for, - - - we see not that our God has a 'mouth' resolute against any 'fool' that gives another the 'boot' and, - - -

Neither do we see that our God will impose HIS 'equal' sentence upon us, and that we the 'lost' will be made to suffer in the 'underworld,' or possibly even 'here' when our 'space' is invaded, and our 'privacy' and lives violated by others with mouths resolute, who will 'evict' us from our homes and give us the boot."

And neither the 'judge' nor the police see that whenever they 'forcefully' arrest, detain, or punish, or gain anything from another, that invisible 'dark' energy enters their soul and, - - - it is this energy that does forcefully and 'weightily' drag their 'souls' away from the Light, and places it within the darkness below into the 'sight' of the 'Evil one' who says to them:

"By your own deeds you brought yourselves undone, and MY 'devilish' forces will now 'sup' on your carcasses and, - - - the more you fight 'them' for ME, the more I instill within you MY dark energy and, - - - the heavier with it you get, the more you will fret on and on as you suffer in perpetuity."

Note: By the 'mark' of his pen, the judge is also making a 'statement' to the prosecutions branch and the police that in fact says: "I am authorising you to defy your God and become complicit to my devilry, as you on my behalf can now disturb the peace of the land and invade Terence's space."

Neither the 'prosecutions' department, nor the police seeing their own 'subsequent' defiance of God's Command, or their own disgrace, as against 'another' they for a 'wage' wield a punitive mace.

The judge has a very clear and concise mind, but blind. Thus he is untrue to himself and other 'State' officers due to his false belief. Being that his punitive 'ideology' can be self-asserted through him by the use of 'force of arms' to override the contra belief of a loving, forgiving, merciful and peaceful ideology.

page 10

Note: The whole punitive process has got nothing to do with 'compliance' to the 'Code' as 'raised up' by the Vote of the majority. It is based solely on the demands of the 'legislative' minority.

Being those that have taken over the 'role' of the 'old' Crown, using 'force of arms' and deceit to 'con' the public, and to 'painfully' force them into submission.

It is your choice to now heed the Light that speaks ITS voice via my pen or, - - - to 'follow' the Devil that speaks ITS voice through the 'rules' IT raised up via the minds of arrogant men.

Note: On the one 'side' is the Legislative Assembly & Police & Judiciary, and on the 'other' is the people of the community. One side is 'extorting' taxes and waging war upon the other but, - - - neither must be seen as 'The Enemy.'

For it is the 'time' for both 'parties' to see that they ALL are being used with IMPUNITY by the Devil, as IT invisibly enforces ITS 'decrees' that ensure that ALL defy the LIGHT of God, and thus 'fall' into ITS domain and suffer as they are exposed to ITS 'clutches.'

Your choice and your deed
will show God your 'seed.'

Note: The REAL 'offenders' that disturb the peace of the land are the legislators, their policing forces, and their judiciary, and all are so used to the 'ease' of monetary 'extortion' from the community carried out with impunity, that they see not their error, nor their coming terror.

For they truly are of no 'conscience,' no God, and no 'morals' as, - - - for and on behalf of the 'rotten' rules and their 'wages,' they mercilessly and 'joyously' persecute God's treasured children.

Legislators are people who believe that they have a Divine Right to 'rule' your life. Police and Judiciary are people who believe that they have a Divine Right to abuse you and, - - - to interfere in your life too and, - - - neither of the 'above' see that they are abusers and, - - - neither do they see that GOD will 'righteously' impose upon them HIS Wrath.

None of Tasmania's 'forces' men have any idea of the coming 'invasion' of this and every land by forces 'powerful' and incoherent and very underhand and, - - -

When they 'see' what is done unto them by 'crazed men,' they may begin to understand the invisible power of the Dark Sovereign Power that operates telepathically from HIS 'lower land' as HE brings all 'offenders' to account. Being any that used HIS dark intrusive power before.

page 11

Note: The 'authorisation' of punishment is the authorisation for a 'man-hunt,' and all forms of punishment are 'person to person' abuse. Now you see why I refuse to pay any 'taxing' royalty levy, for by that payment, I am a 'party' to the abuse of God's children and, - - -

By this deed I would deny myself 'entry' into Heaven, and my spiritual 'pain' debts would invisibly mount and, - - - I would also suffer more and more in a 'hellish' far distant shore and, - - -

Why would I a sane man pay someone else a wage to abuse me, hunt me down, and jail me? And why would a 'true' servant 'bite' the hand of the 'Master' that feeds him?

Try and see that the Police & Judiciary are 'only' complying with 'rules' that 'originated' either from a 'legislators' choice or in these days, quite 'often' as the result of your 'raised' voice.

Note: For those that can understand. - - - The 'higher' Judge was not 'interested' in 'hearing' my 'Appeal' to his conscience. He was only interested in telling me my 'error' and, - - - all this I knew would so be because he is the Devil's 'advocate' and, - - - who in their 'sane' mind would 'appeal' to the Devil for 'merciful leniency'?

So why did I 'appeal'? - - - So as to try and show the Judge how he did 'smudge' his own soul and, - - - thus 'save' other 'judges' or 'people' seeking to serve the Devil. Be they you or the policing forces who daily do the Devil's work.

Raise up Codes of Conduct - YES.
Raise up
rules for punishment - NO.

Do I seek to 'avoid' funding the roads or any other 'well-fare' community organisation? NO. I merely try and show you all the error of the present 'way' that man goes. For no person must be 'forced' to suffer punishment due to others 'beliefs.'

If some believe that a 'compulsory' Insurance 'Scheme' is good, then they have also God's Word misunderstood, and they needs read my letters contained with the 'Insurance Policy' document.

Note: The ultimate TRUTH being, - - - Any person that leaves their home and goes to 'visit' another person with the intent of being 'negative or punitive' is being 'inspired' by their God and sent by their 'God' the Dark Sovereign Power and, - - -

Any person that continues 'on' serving their 'dark' God will at some stage 'face' an avaricious 'avenger' and be 'smashed' by a 'hammer,' wielded by their God the Dark Sovereign Power. (The Devil)

All men must now try and see that God is a 'dual' energy, and every 'punitive' errand is incited or 'inspired' by the negative 'aspect' of the Source God via the mind of a 'non-believer' and, - - -

IT the Source God has only ONE Law, being that IT returns unto you a similar 'due' that is 'accumulated' or accumulative until your 'chosen' aspect of God gives it 'Justly' unto you.

page 12

It is thus the 'last' chance for all men 'using' darkness in their interaction with others, to now 'turn' and 'face' the Light of God the Light Sovereign Power, and begin to SERVE this 'aspect' of the Source God by being loving, kind, merciful & forgiving.

The 'Might' of the Devil is its thoughts that 'incite' or inspire man's mind when man seeks to use force. Thus the 'causal' factor for ongoing suffering is the mind of the legislator who is seeking a solution, - - - for the legislator is seeking to resolve the 'problem' of non-conformity to 'rules' by using thoughts that enter 'his' mind from the land of darkness and, - - -

Any 'event' or non-event can be seen by the RULES as a 'punishable' offence, even though this 'non-conformity' to 'rules' has not involved any 'person to person' abuse and, - - - the 'enforcers' need to see that as they 'uphold' the rules, they are forced by the RULES to be abusive and, - - -

By their 'person to person' abuse of God's children, they offend and become people who have become 'liable' to be punished by the Dark Sovereign Power.

Warning: Unreasoning insanity needs no 'justification' or payback 'accountability' mandate of man. When more and more 'uncivil' civilians start 'rampaging' and burning and killing with no 'rules' to inspire them, then you will believe the truth of this pen.

These 'out of control' and determined 'criminals' are mentally 'possessed' by the 'devil' at the moment of their 'war' against humanity, and they have no 'fear' of the authority of the police or judiciary, for they are 'backed' by the total authority of the Dark Sovereign Power that 'glowers' through their eyes as IT imposes ITS retribution against the 'past' unwise.

As all will see, this dark imposing force will take over the punitive role of the known 'armed forces' enforcers, as IT escalates ITS war against the 'infidels,' being all those that believe not in God's Word of 'Peace unto all,' and truly the world will pall.

I have now said enough on this matter, and I have written enough on this matter to show all men how they sully their own 'rose' and, - - - how God will dispose of them soon and, - - - they will eternally 'swoon' unless they quickly heed me, and set themselves free from their iniquity.

Terence - the 'pen' of Allah/God

Post Script, after my 'case' I turned to the State prosecutor with a smile and forgiveness in my heart for his 'attack' upon me saying: "I wish you well on your road, and ask that you look deeply at my message." I 'wonder' if he later realised the 'incongruity' of his reply that was:

"Every person is entitled to his belief, because this country is a democracy"!

For by his 'persecution' of me he had by DEED proven the falsity of his statement. For his 'system' had 'Autocratically' denied my belief, and had 'Autocratically' imposed a punitive sentence that, - - - it via its 'armed forces' intends to either 'collect' or incarcerate in default.

Proving my 'point' that its 'ideology' is one of arrogance, vanity, greed, and insanity, and thus 'contra' mine, and that it is 'one' that I cannot 'freely' condone, fund, or support. I can only give spiritual guidance and 'aid' to those 'officers' and the general public caught up in its 'rort.'

And regrettably, and 'unfortunately,' all those 'caught-up' by insanity* see not their way, nor the soon coming day when they all 'front-up' to their Creator and by a far 'greater' force are made to suffer & PAY.

Note: insanity* - 'Gibberish & idiocy,' no 'comprehension' of facts or reality. If the 'judge' says I speak quote: "Utter gibberish," you should be able to see the very 'difficult' position 'we' are all in.

Woe and more woe

page 13

Open Letter to the Governor of Tasmania.
Mr. Richard Butler.

Dear Richard,

~ The 'confession' & State Treason ~

There comes a time in every life when every man takes God for his 'wife' meaning, that life's journey passes by and each does 'die' the fleshly death, as his spiritual 'energy' passes to the other side as he breathes his last breath.

Can man truly 'confess' to himself before he takes that final 'plunge' into the unknown, or does he but hurry along singing his 'manly' song. For many men today see only their 'image' that is projected to other men each day and, - - -

This daily 'event' can be time 'misspent' if one is living in a delusion, trapped in the illusion of 'greatness' as they 'stroll' within the apparent 'upper' echelons of POWER and, - - -

I the 'all-seeing' eye do espy that soon, all men do cry. Thus this note to you 'Sir,' for in God's eyes, all 'powerbrokers' are but small 'fry' and, - - - I wish to invoke a 'cellular' response from the core of your soul, for it is you that into my 'space' do now stroll as you take up the 'cudgel' for the Queen of that far distant land and, - - -

As I it read, your 'prime' deed is quote: "In essence, the Governor's function is to protect the Constitution," - - - so I do my 'duty,' not to the 'Constitution' of this land, but to the people that are being 'treated' like 'offal' and, - -

They are being downtrodden by seditious and treasonable police and judiciary, who are 'jointly' carrying out the religious persecution of myself and others on behalf of 'greedy' legislators via 'rules' and, - - -

It is for and on behalf of these 'others' that my pen does speak and, - - it does also seek to know of your personal 'bent' and your personal intent. For before God it now asks: "Are you true to your 'wage,' or true to your Constitution, or true to your soul, or true to your God"?

For if you are so Richard, then your coming 'struggle' will be a much harder one than the Iraq fracas when you sought to 'find' materiality. For in this land of 'green,' you will find that many a man does silently 'scream' at the daily injustices being perpetrated and perpetuated by as said, - -

Men of sedition that do daily commit TREASON against their State, and their Constitution they 'serve,' and thus they take a false wage and, - - they also commit Treason against their God and the State of Heaven and, - -

Not only this, but they believe that they are above the laws of the land, and above the ONE immutable law of God 'As you do is done unto you,' and they also believe that the Laws of this State are above the basic Constitutional 'Acts' that say:

Commonwealth Act (9th July 1900) section 116 that states;

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - - - "

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

And, there are those as myself that are men of peace and goodwill that do not disturb the peace of the land, but whom are being 'seized' off the street, and taken to 'cells' and held hostage by State 'operatives,' and held for a time and a time by 'force of arms,' and this iniquity is openly 'backed' by the local judiciary.

page 14

So on behalf of our God of love, I enclose for you a CD that is the 'fresh' message sent to earth by God to assist humanity, and it is 'open' on line at the web site below. I ask that you read fully the second item on the Index :

Item 2 - The SLAVE citizen document - - and you will see what be and, - - you will see who I be and, - - you will needs decide whether to come and visit me personally in the N. E. of Tasmania, so as to be able to come to an enlightened decision as to your 'next' move.

Be it to prepare a 'case' against the 'mockery' of God and the Constitution, or be it to prepare for the sadness and savagery all humanity is to now share for, - -

Man has erred and crossed the 'spiritual' river and entered the dark land to such an extent, that he sees not his way nor his intent. Truly, every man on earth now 'wears' a 'stained' butcher's smock, and sees not that its bloody stain does his Creator mock.

For even you 'strode' into a 'foreign' land on behalf of the United Nations, and 'justifiably' worked to destroy weapons that Iraq sought to deploy, - - seeing not that the very 'Nations' that sent you were equally 'bent,' and, - - - that you too in Iraq were an imposing and forceful 'intruder.'

Even today they the UN members do not 'relent' at their own dark stockpiles of iniquity soon to be 'deployed' mercilessly upon all and sundry and, - - - upon God's precious children.

So many 'wail' at the suffering they are exposed to, but how many 'remember' the ongoing suffering imposed by the 'Enola Gay' that 'crucified' so many by fire on an 'atomic' funeral pyre?

So Richard, I see a man 'kind' but yet blind, and what you need to now try and see is that soon, very soon, all men 'front up' to their God. I 'wonder' if you will be able to see the way of man in Tasmania today?

For the very 'System' that pays you a wage does itself perpetrate 'skulduggery' as its 'men' have grown bold in their extortionist ways, to the point where now, the 'words' and 'authority' in the Constitution of the land is 'mocked,' and the very 'force' raised up by society to maintain the peace of the land, has been 'taken over' by means very underhand and, - - -

None can it see but me. For 'our' Peace Corps has become a political extortionist policing force that is used to wage war via legislation upon God's sacred Creation.

So your 'dilemma' is whether you as I will walk 'alone' with God, and try and show the error of the day to every 'thieving' sod that vainly plods in Tasmania suffering an insane 'vanity' mania, as they walk 'powerfully' along their road each day, seeing NOT that soon our God will make every 'offensive' offender for their folly PAY.

I hope that you do not 'mock' me as do so many, for I AM HE the returned Messiah, and my task is to elevate the souls of all 'miscreants' higher. Please read my CD content and then visit me before even Tasmania is overcome by insanity.

page 15

I also 'wonder' at the 'capacity' of the English 'Queen's' forces to re-establish the 'rule' of God as given by God, and as contained within the principle 'Acts' of the Constitution of sane men?

For this 'dismal' land has become a veritable den of thieves cloaked in a 'foresters' garb of 'green & clean' and others in 'cloaks' of 'blue & true.'

The 'matter' at hand is: "Whether a man of peace is allowed to live his religion, (belief & ideology) and to follow his conscience as he peacefully goes about his daily God given business without being 'accosted' by extortionists."

As said by God he is - - -
As said within the Constitution of the State he is.

I have written a 'prior' letter to the governor-general of the mainland, but he or his secretary is 'weak' and powerless, and serves his 'Queen' falsely, and cannot respond to my waving palm frond. Thus the world awaits to see if your 'core' is of sterner stuff.


'Chief of Staff'
The Heavenly Sea

Note: It is the time for all those true to God to now serve their heavenly Queen, the LIGHT of God by educating the lost, and elevating their consciousness. Those that continue to 'punish' and abuse others 'dirty' their own soul, and fall through their vanity and ignorance.

Note: Peace is only 'established' when peaceful men can go about their daily business without being accosted and coerced by extortionists, and taxed or punished for non-compliance.

Once these men true have earned their monthly income, then they will freely give a percentage of it towards the welfare of others and their community and, - - - it is only thus that God is 'satisfied,' as all abide in God's "Give with love and walk in peace" Command.

Note: Code of Conduct 'Constitutions' as all else on this planet have been inspired by both positive and negative thoughts, some good via the mind of sane men, and others bad via the minds of the greedy and vain.

Thus all 'Constitutions' of the day are false, as all contain 'edicts' that were raised up after the primary 'freedom of ideology' clause inspired by God the Light and, - - - all 'later' Acts or Rules do themselves contravene the 'Religion' clause, as these 'latter day' rules are all raised up so that politicians can 'enable' extortion 'legitimately' from God's children and punish them for any non-compliance.

All 'such' legislation was inspired by the Devil via the 'insane' vain men who hold God, the Constitution, and God's children in disdain. If man cannot 'himself' make change to positive sanity, then God will 'dispose' of 'them' as given within this Testament of Truth.

Note: It is the democratic right of every person to 'simply' follow their God, and walk in peace as so commanded, rather than be 'punished' for defying the 'decrees' of insane vain men who 'laud' their own foul deeds as they blindly walk into Satan's den.

page 16

Open Letter (2) to the Governor of Tasmania.
Mr. Richard Butler.

Dear Richard,

~ The 'ruling' & 'governing' RULES ~

The 'governor' is supposed to govern and give 'direction' to society, and thus they are a 'ruler,' being a 'sovereign' authority that is 'vested' with the 'force of arms' power of 'life or death' over others.

"Who RULES the 'course' of man"? is the question. For you already 'question' and 'voice' your disapproval of the treatment of those held 'hostage' by the Australian 'State' authority, - - - as you voice the 'thoughts' of many a 'decent' man or woman.

Why do people 'say' that it is a matter of 'politics' and thus 'outside' the jurisdiction of the 'people' and you as Governor?

I can see a 'harsh' reality, being that this inhumane treatment of God's children is also beyond the 'control' or 'governance' of the politicians. For the raising up of 'extortionist' rules is an 'action' or 'way' of behaviour that is imposed by an autocratic dictator.

Yes the punishment and aggressive 'torture' by confinement or 'theft' of money or goods through home invasion is in fact imposed by the 'ultimate' RULER. This 'ruler' that defies all 'logic' is in fact the 'rules' as contained within the 'books' of rules/acts/statutes. For, - - -

It matters not 'who' you are.
It matters not 'who' politicians are.
It matters not 'who' the king or queen are.

All that 'matters' is that 'someone' has been empowered to administer the 'punishment factor' attached to every RULE, and this 'factor' is also the 'wording' of a RULE.

Thus the whole of 'our' society is governed not by any 'earthly' King or Queen or 'State' body, or you as 'Governor,' it is governed and ruled by the satanic RULES.

The rules force men to be killers.
The rules force men to be thieves.
The rules force men to be intruders.
The rules force men to be inhumane.
The rules force men to become offenders.
The rules force men to become anti-Christ.

Who is 'strong enough' to 'overthrow' this 'scriptural' dictator? For the dictator governing us all is but 'script' or 'text' in an unholy book of statutes that was and yet is inspired by the Dark invisible overlord, (El Diablo).

Yes, this unholy book forces our youths into defying God the Sovereign power and denying God's Command to "Walk in peace and be merciful" etc., and it forces the Police & State workers to be nasty swine as they 'uphold' the rules raised up telepathically from the land below, HELL and, all that support this book become 'swine.'

There is no 'one' able to overthrow this 'callous' exterminator but, - - - once the 'whole' community sees what it is, and how it affects their personal spiritual destiny, then 'each' can decide to 'collectively' vote it out of existence. To be replaced by an honourable set of Conduct Codes to guide humanity.

So the 'quicker' man reads my message from their Creator GOD, the sooner man's 'consciousness' is raised and their souls are SAVED. For at present all mankind, similarly 'as' are their 'heads of state,' be they politicians, kings, emperors etc are all 'lackeys' to demonic RULES.

page 17

Do you know why the rules have a 'ruling' that there must be a human 'ruler' or 'head' of State in every land? It is because without an 'establishment' on earth that enforces the rules, the rules themselves become NULL & VOID and, - - -

Man then becomes FREE from slavery and bondage to the 'invisible' autocratic Dictator that inspires the ever-increasing rule & punishment because - - - that is our spiritual DUE for being to the Light of God untrue.

Let us all now 'vote' to walk apart from RULES and just BE 'Godly' and kind and merciful and forgiving, and help the 'lost' abusers to find their way in the manner given by the Light of God by me today.

I reiterate, man sees not that in this 'modern' day of supposed enlightenment and 'democracy,' that he is in fact bound by false beliefs that keep his mind 'fixed' and fixated in the ANTI-GOD rule book ideology.

The 'tyrannical' Dictator is the "Rules," for they have NO 'morals or conscience,' and their 'voice' is spoken for them by the 'force of arms' they ordain, - - - being any 'fool' that for a 'mercenary' wage holds God's Word in disdain being, - - -

Those that enjoy the 'chase.'
Those that enjoy wielding a 'mace.'
Those that are yet full of 'sin.'
Those that cannot yet 'begin' to see the reason "why" God said:

"Do not persecute others and 'try' them -
Or your own soul in un-forgiveness will DIE."

Are you yet aware that the 'statutes' of man are such, that 'enforcers' are in fact empowered by RULES to defy God and to be 'devilish' and cruel and merciless and to steal off others.

All this done in the name of 'justice' and, - - - the theft of money in the guise of 'fines' owed to the State is the 'open' abomination of the day and as all now see, due to the 'extraordinary' rise in fines imposed, the State 'officers' are being mandated to 'enter' homes and steal goods in lieu of money.

Where 'son' do we go from here? That is the question that I answer today. "We become insane" and, - - - as the 'uniformed' thieves become more 'brazen' with their 'power' and authority, the 'unhappy' losers that are already 'broken' by a society of impropriety suddenly are 'inspired' by dark thoughts within that say: "Kill - KILL - KILL the swine as they come over the hill."

I say that all are blind to societies callous acts unkind, and my 'appeal' to you a man with a soul true is to assist me to QUICKLY implement the 'offender' Seminars, so that we can HALT the 'home invasion' mandated and authorised by RULES.

None but 'I' can see the 'hidden' agenda of the RULES being, - - - to turn man against man and thus destroy them ALL and, - - - to also 'inspan' their SOULS so that HE the Devilish 'inspirer' of the rules can 'toy' with them in HELL below and eternal suffering upon ALL bestow.

Note: If there is a 'line' of text in a statute 'book' that 'intimates' that it can give you 'immunity' from God's Law and you believe it, foolish you be. For those that take up the 'cudgel' for that 'text' are truly ignorant, for they see not that all the 'suffering' imposed, and all 'fines' extorted from others for and on behalf of said rules is by God imposed upon them later.

For no man has immunity from God simply because text or 'script' in a book of rules was mandated or authorised by a 'body' of men that thought that they were doing the right thing for the community. Let the 'wise' put down the 'text' book of rules that control others and go their way in PEACE as Commanded by the living God.


'Chief of Staff'
The Heavenly Sea

16 Feb 2004 ( 008 TL)