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~ The 'Conspiracy' complaint ~

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~ Inspector F. Lieutier ~
Officer in Charge
St. Helens Police Station

Dear Inspector,

Ref: Criminal 'conspiracy' complaint

I wish to report a case of 'conspiracy' most foul that is the ongoing 'religious persecution' of an 'elder' living within the 'jurisdiction' of your Constabulary of St. Helens, namely myself, as State 'officers' attempt to 'breach' the rules of their own Institutional Constitution.

The conspiracy is a premeditated 'move' by two State officers, namely Sergeant Christopher Parr and, - - - Jason Taws and, - - - any other 'standing' in the Court in the future as 'the prosecutor of the day' from the Police Prosecutions branch of Launceston, who by coercive means are attempting to force me into changing my religious belief (ideology) to an 'opposing' one that is unconscionable to me.

This is being carried out by said officers in the full knowledge that their actions are seditious as they contravene the State rules as contained within the Constitution as well as in the eyes of their Creator and, - - - if they succeed in their Inquisition, they will have committed an act of Treason against the State government 'body' of Tasmania and against the State of Heaven.

They seek to use the 'force' of their 'official' Court to have me abused by punishment, and by this means force me to either 'conform' to their dictates and ideology or to suffer 'isolation' and deprivation of my liberty being my freedom to drive an automobile, as well as to be subjected to further ongoing harassment, loss and suffering.

If they are 'permitted' to continue on this 'path' unhindered, then they may accomplish the 'first' stage of their 'Inquisition' by using 'some' latter day law and have a 'judgement' of 'guilty' passed by a magistrate who would aid them in their quest and thus cause me harm.

That this may be 'greater' than a 'possibility' is a proven fact backed by a prior case well known to your office, wherein some other officers of the State did in fact commit an act of Treason against the State and God, and the magistrate at that time was the same as the 'present' judge, being magistrate Peter Wilson.

I seek to know if your department is honest in its 'Oath' to uphold the peace of the land and the 'law' of your organisation, and thus protect my rights under your Constitution.

If you are so inclined, then I suggest that you immediately make an 'arrest' of said officers, and most certainly before my next court appearance on 8 Aug. If this act you can do then you will be doing a duty true to God and your community.

page 2 ( conspiracy)

For it is not my intent to have 'said' officers arrested and 'bailed' for sedition or treason, but to merely have them halt their 'charge' against me, and also have them attend a 3 hour 'Feeling Easier Seminar'** held by me so that of their 'error' they are set free as is asked by God.

Not only will this 'arrest' of their proposed iniquity be to their 'favor,' but it will also stop the 'judge' Wilson from committing a second offence of Treason against his employer the State government body and, - - - it will also show God and man that you are not complicit yourselves to the ongoing persecution of a peaceful man.

I had prior to attending the initial Court written to Christopher Parr asking him to withdraw his false charges, and I had also written to the Prosecution branch. I have also phoned the Prosecutions asking to speak with their 'head' man 'Visser' but there is no response and I do 'fear' for their souls.

I reiterate that I am not submitting this 'report' with the intent of punitive measures being taken, but am asking your intervention as 'paid' community servers to assist in the rehabilitation of two men that are obviously mentally disturbed and living in a 'delusional' state to the point that they are not only unreasonable, but are defiant in their attitude to their employer, and thus a 'danger' unto the public and themselves.

Those that I accuse of being offensive and thus in need of counselling believe that due to 'some' rules in their 'bible,' that they can defy their God and defy the 'cornerstone' of the Constitution of their own organisation.

This cornerstone is the 'founding' rule given below that stands above any subsequent legislation, and no subsequent legislation can be 'raised' that could contest ITS 'authority' as it (the principle rule) speaks for God and every civil man with a conscience.

I trust that you now earn your 'wage' honestly so that all 'men' and God can see that you act civilly. I also at this moment ask you to confirm in writing that you have personally instructed your 'serving' officers as to the existence of the 'religious act' and that they too are to halt any future persecution of me as that 'road' will most definitely lead them into the Abyss.

Note: 'Feeling Easier Seminar'** - As contained within the 'Offender document.'

Sincerely - Terence

Note: I enclose 'ideological' difference & Constitutional Acts:

page 3 ( conspiracy)

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians.

Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act. Section 46(2) declares that no person is required to take any oath on religion or religious belief, and that no religious test is required for any public office.

Commonwealth not to legislate in respect of religion

The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - - .

Note: The difference between the ideology of the State government organisation and myself is clearly delineated in the 'Slave citizen' document. Wherein on page 5 of the 'Inquisition' document found at:

< slavery3.htm >

It states - quote: The 'books of rules' are the false demigod religion because it 'the religion' forces its 'high priests' and their acolytes to defy the one true God. For in their duty to their 'religion,' its rules demand of them to: 'seize goods and thus steal, to disturb the peace of the land, to kidnap people off the street, to cause untold suffering to families, and to imprison people in cells, and to at times kill.'

My ideology is that at all times I must heed the Command of my God to: "Walk in peace, never disturb the peace of others, to neither steal, control, abuse, punish, or destroy others or their property." Thus my 'religious observance' requires me to walk 'apart from' and thus 'outside' any Institution that itself holds a contra ideology.

I show my God and man that I do walk 'apart' by driving an 'unnumbered' by man automobile that holds no 'licence' from any Institution of man. I also 'refuse' any attempt to extort money from me by the offices of any 'contra' ideology Institution, for any 'such' payment would show God my condoning and support of an anti-Christian and ungodly Institution.

It is my God given right to walk alone with God and to support my fellow man in the community in any way I see fit, and it is also 'backed' by the civil 'act' within the Constitution organisation naming itself 'The State government.'

"With thanks to the merciful Light for guiding us all towards the path of true righteousness
and right action in the eyes of our Creator God."

page 4

~ Inspector Lieutier ~
St. Helens police station
Open personal letter - 2

Dear Fiona,

Just another note I send, for I am mankind's eternal friend, and I ask that you look very deeply at what I do say as for God my pen does sway. For 'men' for many a long time did entwine with darkness, and its 'arrogance' did blind them to the point that they now cannot see that there is a difference between 'nicety' and thievery.

White collar thieves have grown so 'brazen' that even they no longer see their 'extortion racket' for what it is, as they use the police to enforce their 'theft' off the tired and sleeping community.

Neither do they see their 'punitive' response to any non-compliance to taxation demands for what it is, pure 'bastardry' of their own souls. For to 'legitimise' punishment in order to legitimately enforce their extortion is pure buggery.

I seek to 'awaken' the sleeping Police, for they daily 'grease' their own souls with darkness as they 'uphold' the extortion by their actions. None of you seeing that the 'punishment factor' of the legislated RULE is burdening you with a negative 'payback' under God's ONE Law.

For no person is 'above' God's Law, thus every 'incarceration' or fine with its accompanying pain & suffering attached that is incurred by the prisoner or their family comes back to haunt YOU.

Non- compliance to a 'rule' of man is not an 'offence' in God's eyes, but abusing others and disturbing the peace of the land as you daily do IS an offence in God's eyes.

Thus all 'supporting' legislated iniquity are not sitting 'pretty,' they are accruing a very painful due to God, and God is a very powerful 'being' with very far seeing capabilities to bring defaulters to their knees.

It is the time for the Police 'Commanders' to see the difference between the 'good' and the 'bad,' and then ONLY arrest real offenders. What you cannot see is that 'these' are presently the likes of you as well as any other community member who abuses another for any reason.

Its time to stop punishing the 'innocent' simply because a 'rule' being some black 'text' in a book says that you have the mandate to so do. For this negative 'action' brings its own future dark interaction upon you and the 'judge' too.

I believe that you as a sincere 'woman' have the capacity to see the differences as given by me. I also believe that this is the reason why God has placed your 'old' soul to stand with me and face the darkness, as together we stand our ground.

I believe that your 'actions' from this moment on have the power to save the souls of millions of police officers. For if you give your 'acknowledgement' of my findings and 'push' for change, then it will assist the implementation of change to the positive.

For the quicker the police 'lads' stop being bad and become true community workers aiding in the rehabilitation of real offenders, rather than the incarceration of all and 'sundry,' the quicker they will reach the Light of Heaven, and the 'less' will be their burden ahead as every 'soul' becomes filled with dread.

Yes time is now very short, as the 'cataclysmic' happening is imminent, and all those who saw me as 'sport' will 'squeal,' as others filled with insanity leave more than a 'weal' across their arrogant backs.

I have placed this 'open' letter on line.

Sincerely - Terence

page 5

~ Treasonable Conspiracy ~

Any 'judge' that punishes any peaceful person by using an 'act' that has as its substantiation the words 'public order,' is a person who has become a person who is 'complicit' to an attempt of extortion.

Their 'complicity' is due to their 'siding' with the attack by officers of the State who are attempting to coerce others into conforming to their religious belief by conforming to the 'rules' of their organisation.

A person who is 'orderly' in public cannot be a person who has become 'liable' to be 'charged' under any 'public order' act. Thus any 'judge' imposing for example a fine of $ 1000 is deemed by God and I and any other 'of conscience' to be nothing more than a coercive punishment.

The punishment itself is an attempt to force a person to 'join' the other 'punitive' System and by paying any fine, would in fact show God that they have 'changed sides' and become a 'part of' said punitive system through fear of further reprisal.

If the 'officers' of any Institution punish a peaceful man who was not disturbing the peace, then it is they who become 'subject' to being 'charged' under their own rules for factually disturbing the peace of God's Land.

There is nothing 'disorderly' taking place when a person does not conform to the 'taxing' demands of other people who have a different belief, and that 'fellowship' with a different organisation.

If one is orderly in ones conduct one is showing God and all that they are abiding in the 'belief' of their religion. Being the religion of Peace & Mercy & Forgiveness.

The only 'disorder' is where police prosecutors using their 'bible' try to, or do enforce extortion, seeing not that their own actions are not only disturbing the peace of the land, but are also seditious and an act of Treason against their own State Authority and the State of Heaven.

page 6

~ The Judge ~

A man named by man as a 'magistrate' or a 'judge' is not a judge, he is but a man 'posing' as a judge, simply a man seeking to punish those brought before him using whatever means at his 'disposal' via an unholy 'bible,' being his 'Company' regulations as his 'guide.'

Any 'judge' or simple man in the street who seeks a 'means' whereby he can 'legitimately' punish another is a fool, and over his 'soul' the Devil will drool.

A 'judge' who uses falsity as his 'judgement' basis is wrong in law and in fact. A 'judge' who wields a 'punitive' mace to uphold the 'dark ways' of his employer and thus 'terrorise' the public is a disgrace and a terrorist.

A 'judge' that 'sides' with extortionists and punishes a peaceful man is a deceiver that is misguiding his fellow man, by deceiving them into believing that their foul ways are 'permissible, they are not.

All 'attackers' and those 'condoning' such are complicit to Treason, and they show their defiance of God as they persecute a man of peace who is faithful to God.

Any man that 'judges' another for the purpose of validating and issuing a punitive sentence is a non-believer. They are working for the Devil the Dark Sovereign Power, and are thus a 'slave' to darkness and in great spiritual danger as they abuse a 'stranger.'

Not only are rules making citizens into 'punishable' criminals in the eyes of 'judges' through simple' non-conformity, but the 'law' aspect attached to the rule is forcing the magistrate to 'judge' another and become a real criminal offender in God's eyes due to them 'in law' and in fact punishing them.

For punishment is actual abuse of another, due to it factually causing them mental & emotional & at times physical harm, and harm to their families and lives and businesses as a consequence.

As ones 'deeds' attract a similar return 'due' under God's Law, why would a supposedly 'wise' judge defy their God and attack and abuse a person they neither know nor have seen before, merely to 'satisfy' a rule in a book?

Surely one can see the insanity and error of a rule 'raised' that said: "All going to 'church' on Sunday must show their allegiance to our 'State' by wearing a green 'tie' and, - - - any that resist and do not comply will be fined $1000 or jailed for a month and, - - - for any 'repeat' offence they will be again be 'spanked' on a knee by an added doubled sentence"?

For it is how 'mankind' is controlled by the decrees of other men, as judges enforce the 'penalty' clause with a 'stroke' of their pen. Seeing not the 'ace' in the plot where the 'arm' of God must under ITS one Law swat them similarly.

For it is ITS prerogative and their 'Just' due for being untrue to their own soul and God and their sisters and brothers that so wearily plod and, - - - as you the community fund and condone the 'judge,' you are all complicit. Am I explicit enough? Or is truth and reality too tough?

The use of legislated 'laws' being the punitive factor that coerces people into complying with rules, shows God and I that the 'officers' of State Institutions are using 'terror tactics' to force the population into 'following' their dark ways, and the 'sleeping' populace now believe they should 'pay' the demands of the 'systematic' extortionist taxes. Seeing not that it is 'theft by stealth' of their hard earned pay.

The 'supposed' Laws of the land as quoted by man and magistrate, are but the ground rules of the 'political boys club' that are changeable, and they are 'simply' enacted to extort funds, and control and punish you and you and you.

The REAL and invisible Law of the Land is God's singular and unchangeable supreme Law: "As you do is done unto you." All men are subjects of God and subjected to this law that is 'Just & equitable' and divine for sure.

You may or may not have heard that God said: "In the end days, all that judge others will die by the sword for their defiance of MY Holy Word."

There is only one true God and one true Judge being our God. All others are but 'pretenders' to God's throne, and for God I judge them all as being men that have placed themselves in the position whereby their 'pen' writes their own judgement as is reiterated by me:

"As you wrote shall be written against thee."

Any person that judges another will by God be 'similarly' judged on the JUST 'basis' of an 'eye for an eye.' Yea verily every 'judge' is soon to cry as 'he' is judged by me the Most High.

For all men that seek to 'control' others that in God's Universe stroll are the vain with minds out of control, and they needs 'bow' to me and conform to my truth before they are 'released' one day from God's 'infirmary.'

Any man that 'judges' another as being an offender needing educative rehabilitation, and thus sends them to be counselled as per the 'Feeling Easier Seminar' and then released, is a true 'godly' Carer assisting God's errant children.

page 7

~ The Satanic Trap ~

God told all to "Only be loving & kind & merciful & compassionate," and to also be forgiving to those others yet in darkness living. There was a reason for this Command, for any person heeding the 'demand' from the Serpent to seek out and punish or destroy, would suffer as the result of the 'dark energy' they needed to deploy in their punitive role.

Any person that defies their God for any reason is a person who 'becomes a person' needing 'correction,' and this correction under the 'eye for an eye' justice of God is meted out by GOD in God's chosen season.

Not only this, but the Serpent that is the 'retributive' arm of the Source God, sets the 'trap' whereby IT can 'rap' the knuckles of the vain who held God's Command in disdain.

Any and every 'person' that abuses another is a 'judge' at the moment they use darkness and control or abuse or punish another, or even threaten to so do, and as this they do, they see not that the 'arm' of God's singular Law has swung into action against them.

Yes, the 'predator' of the soul of man pre-dates and 'sets' HIS 'snare' when any man decides to display his 'punitive' ware. Thus when a 'judge' issues a conviction that stipulates a fine, he sees not that he has defied the 'forgive' call from the land divine, and the Serpent gives a 'hiss' and acknowledges this.

What the judge does also not see, is that as his 'command' is backed by the 'gun' carried by his other servants, that he is being forceful in his actions, for if the fine is not paid then the 'convict' is also one day 'forced' to pay up in another way.

For the judge is also now 'bound' by his position of office to enforce the payment if the 'offender' desists, and thus another day his 'pen' does sway as it writes: "As this man did not pay he will be incarcerated for many a day," and thus he the judge sets his own fate in the dungeons below, this I do know.

The judge is the 'ultimate' spirit medium for the Dark Sovereign Power, channelling thoughts from and for the Dark retributioner, and as the 'judge' deliberates, his mind is open to the 'unkind merciless one' that dictates HIS sentence decree.

If perchance an 'offender' is set free, then the 'no cause' dismissal is due to the fact that the Dark Sovereign Power sees no 'error' to be rectified at that particular moment.

It is HE the ultimate punisher to dictate HIS sentence for real transgressions in HIS own time and place 'space,' be it on this realm or in the hereafter, and these transgressions are ONLY for the defiance of the "Walk in peace and ONLY be loving & merciful & forgiving" Command.

The 'punishment' range in man's unholy books are what gives the Dark Sovereign Power HIS 'options' that by man are seen to be 'equitable,' even though this 'span' of possibilities is greater than the 'eye for an eye.'

The supposed 'benign' magistrate or judge is the 'invisible' purveyor of 'death,' but his abusive, and at times destructive actions are seen as 'just' justice. The open and violent destructive actions of a mentally disturbed person are the 'visible' result of a mind also controlled by the same Dark Source.

In both cases, at the 'moment' of 'execution' of their judgement, the judge and the insane are 'possessed' by demonic forces and the Dark Sovereign Power, as they the 'invisible' ones 'shower' their revenge upon a person for misdeeds that go way 'back' in time, and for sure are not due to failing to breathe in a breathalyser, or failing to wear a seatbelt, or failing to insure and register an automobile etc. These are mere dictates of men who defy God's sacred pen.

Foolish man, seeing not that the 'trap' set by the Devil includes all that are a part of the punitive 'party plan,' for as the sentence is 'passed' and the 'wounded' one is led away, all complicit have accrued a similar debt to be 'suffered' by them on another day. Being God's JUST "An eye for an eye."

The Law of the land is God's Law, not man's 'punitive' demands issued as reprimands. Men can conform to the dictates of other men or they can refuse to 'perform.'

But let it be told ONCE again, every man at every moment of time is subject to the Law of the land being GOD'S Law, thus any punishment attracts a similar return due upon the judge and his 'supporters' in society, presently seen and known by GOD as you and you and you.

The 'fine' is also the temptation to heed the call from the Dark, for in paying any fine, the transgressor is also 'sucked in' to the process of having supported the Dark one, and thus incurs a further penalty another day.

The ultimate conspiracy is that of the invisible Dark Sovereign Power. For HE has the intent and the capacity to destroy the soul of any person that defies the Command of HIS Light.

So any that fail to "Only Love" are being silently ensnared. Be not 'fooled' that because you are 'presently' free to roam and abuse, that your destiny will continue on in that 'in control' way. For you all will be 'confined' for a time, and in that place you will need a mind as strong as mine, or you will fall deeper and die spiritually.

You will all continue to be taxed and punished and regulated and controlled and suffer deprivation and made homeless until you permit forgiveness to flow through.

So if you continue to defy my Light and punish & extort & control & fight, then for sure you are 'spell-bound' by HIS arrogant power, and HE will show you HIS power and capacity when HIS dark face confronts thee.

page 8

~ Inspector Lieutier ~
St. Helens police station
Open personal letter - 3

Dear Fiona, People are only punished and 'put away' because you the 'police' send them to the 'Court' and, - - - it is also thus that the 'judge' and you accrue a 'debt' to God within the 'negative' aspect of God's one law.

By now you should be able to see that by placing the 'summons' folder before the magistrate as the 'incident' report, that he is forced to mete out 'suffering' as per the 'rule,' as his 'biblical' retort.

For the 'creed' of his office 'religion' is "Mercilessly and unforgivingly mete out pain and suffering unto all that have offended the ideology of our System, being our Code of Conduct demand and, - - - make sure this reprimand 'teaches' the criminal to comply."

None of 'you' seeing that as he 'pens' his 'sentence' that is enforced by armed men, that all complicit have at that very moment defied God's Code of Conduct Command, being 'Peace & love & mercy & forgive.' - - -

And as God's Law stands supreme, the 'pendulum' of God's enforcement 'arm' swings into action and 'sets' God's 'date' for God's 'Just' return interaction with you for being untrue, and the 'eye for an eye' justice of God becomes your ahead due.

Why not consider 'cautioning' an offender, and also then sending them to be counselled by me as per the 'Feeling Easier' Seminar you can see on my web site?

This way you will see the 'lessening' in re-offending, as my 'pupils' are taught that disrespect of others is with great danger fraught. This way you are working as a community peace worker.

As you do this community service true, you will also not be 'complicit' to any punishment meted out by a 'judge' that comes back to 'haunt' you. Only the 'ignorant' believe that a 'uniform' and a mandate from man to abuse, gives them immunity from God's Law.

For 'centuries' man has been 'trapped' by darkness, for IT seeks to use man to abuse, and you all 'speak' for IT, thus your daily 'language' is not meek. Only the meek will inherit the earth and find their way to Heaven the land of mirth. Please now begin to be merciful to those 'as you' that sin.

I have worked day and night to help you see your 'inner' plight,
please now heed the
"Only love" song of our God of Light.

Sincerely - Terence

Notes: The 'rules' of man are the Code of Conduct imposed by legislators. The law of man is the punishment factor attached to the rule for any non-compliance to the demanded conduct.

It is the imposition and demand to conformity that is the error of Creed of the 'State Institution' religion. Follow it (the creed) or support it (the creed) and you die spiritually, for all 'imposition' is the control of man by the Devil.

page 9

~ Commissioner McCreadie ~
Commissioner of Police - Hobart

Dear Commissioner,

Re: - The 'police' Appeal

This is my final 'open' appeal to the Tasmanian Police force
To the people of Tasmania.

As you can now see, there is an 'upsurge' of terrorism that is in 'opposition' to the command of our God of Light. As you can now see, every 'man' in every 'nation' prepares to fight, and I say that as they so do, they also consign their own 'soul' to Hell too.

What none of you can see, is that for hundreds of years all mankind has been programmed falsely by their forefathers, and those 'elders' that appeared to be wise.

In reality, they did despise their 'sisters and brothers' and fathers and mothers, as they 'connived' and strived to enslave others, so that their 'greed' they could 'feed' using me and you via 'regulations' untrue.

So all humanity now stands at the END time, and soon 'many' men and women will seek to destroy the very system that used them as ITS 'toy.'

I am the Messiah sent by God to assist you. Yet you still 'desist' and keep my 'head' locked under your 'strong arm,' and my 'arm' you yet 'twist' behind my 'back' as you still give me 'flack.'

I soon stand again in a Tasmanian 'Court,' but all will see now that the whole planetary judicial system is a 'rort.' For its past condemnation of many a 'poor' soul was based on falsity, and it is I the 'spirit of truth' to now reveal how into Satan's den so many men 'stroll' blindly.

I would ask you all to first read my 'Supreme Court Appeal.'
On line at < slavery8.htm >

Then read my 'Proof of Religion' document that shows that the State Institution is in fact a dark fundamentalist religion that controls every person even you.

On line at < slavery3.htm >

It now really comes back to 'each' of you, for if you do either believe in a God of Light & Love or, if you believe that there is a Devil that can make you 'grieve' then, - - -

You will by reading my 'papers' true - - - suddenly realise what is coming to each of you and, - - - you may wish to change the 'way' of this Tasmanian land as God has given by my hand & pen.

Please quickly seed your minds with my wisdom spoken, and then come to me, for it is time for us to set each other free from the present iniquity. What I did 'prophesy' will now come to pass, and any that defy my wisdom will surely spend eternity 'playing' with fire painfully in Satan's den.

Dated 25 Aug 007 True Light (AD 2003)

Item ends