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~ The Potters rest ~
'God's Respite'

This 'epistle' is written to the 'Master' Potter Phillip McConnell who ventured into my 'door' with the words on his lips: "God sent me to your Tasmanian shore where I now abide and live with 'Barbs' my wife of 40 years, and we live very 'humbly' for sure for it was written that man would/could/should survive simply on food, water, shelter," and I simply add these words which I send to him 'openly' so that everyone can see what via me our God has to say.

It is our God who is the Master Potter who moulds the spirit soul of man and each of His/Her creation is unique in many a way, and all who now hear and heed my say need to remember this:

Any that God's 'pottery' injure or control or abuse or try to 'break' make a most abhorrent and ghastly mistake because, due to their ignorance and arrogance they cannot see the end result of their VANITY.

For God is God not 'they,' and as they pray or 'prey' upon the lives of others they see not the end result of their 'plot' to use or misuse and control and abuse God's moulded 'clay' as said - - - His - Her CREATION.

And what is the 'mould' of the pottery made by man of flesh? It is the inspiration flowing into their mind that does their 'hands' control and guide as around and around their 'clay' does stroll and, - - - equally their 'prize' becomes a unique 'pot of gold' to them. By God of this am I told - - - BUT - - - Let no earthly 'potter' or collector of antiques believe that all the treasures of earth are of more 'value' than even ONE child of God moulded by the 'Love' of Him/Her our Creator God for they are NOT.

It was 'foretold' that in the END days the Wrath of God would unfold and UTTER deception, evil and destruction would take place as everyone wielded a mace against others and, - - - it is I to simply state to every 'potter' or 'antiques' collector or dealer who is a believer in our Creator Divine and who has the ears to hear my voice:

"Sell every single ITEM of treasure or value you 'hold' and then convert your 'reward' into the means to assist your 'brethren' in the 'desperate' time now at hand to swiftly unfold in every land."

I can assure you that every 'treasure' will by God's destructive forces soon be found and 'smashed' into NOTHINGNESS because it is WORTHLESS compared to any ONE of His children and, - - - as this 'note' is penned to the earthly master potter 'Phillip' it means that HE must lead the way and tell ALL 'tall men' of my 'tale of the day' so that any who 'believe' can quickly SELL and convert their 'wealth' into "Food - shelter - water" and more so as to be able to give 'comfort and supply' to the needy of the WORLD who are already under great duress and, - - -

They can also use spare funds to help me to publish and advertise and disseminate 'text' books of God's FINAL message to humanity in the many languages before THE LAST DAY when "Armageddon of the MIND" does fully 'unwind' and everybody who failed to heed ME and MY message TODAY will become totally 'possessed' by the telepathically imposed thoughts of demonic forces - - - totally insane - - - totally destructive and totally VAIN and, - - -

The resultant destruction, desolation, deprivation, fear, suffering, anguish and eternal agony will BECOME their eternal damnation and destination in HELL brought on by their pride, vanity, greed and THE false belief that they are 'as' God. (Invincible and answerable to no one)

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The master potter 'Phillip' needs to now prepare his 'ground' as he emplaces the basics for those 'poor' or 'lonely' or frail or sick who need a space to rest and find succour and wise guidance as they prepare to meet their karmic 'fate' as dark forces gather at 'The Potters Rest' 'gate' and, - - - these ignorant ones will also need guidance and assistance and the opportunity to make change as they are enlightened by "Phillip" and his dear lady and others, - - -

As his 'space' is God given he must not ask any 'officials' for permission before doing anything as he simply gets on with his life with God as his 'wife,' and he needs simply trust me or God via his own mind to give him guidance along the way.

He will need a 'Potters shed' so his trade can be passed on to the youth before his spirit flies away. He will need a 'men's' shed so that anyone can use tools to erect shelter or repair the implements for the gardens or any other. He will need more than one tool or stores shed, a ford 'backhoe' and loader and more as he feels fit as funds become available, and he will install a wind/solar electricity supply to assist his 'project' in the 'dark' days ahead.

He will need a trailer 'boat' to keep away from the 'troubled' stormy shore to use to catch fish, and many articles are to be stored before there is literally NOTHING available to be bought. Self-sufficiency in every conceivable way is the 'order' of the day.

Phillip will need to 'improve' his humble home so that his wife can 'sit' in warmth and comfort as others call by each day to listen to what good counsel she will give each day, and as they both become 'old' they will be happy that this truth via me did unfold.  There will be no closed 'gate' on his land but simply the 'sign':

~ The Potters rest ~
'God's Respite'

And a little to one side a small sign stating: < Welcome, food, water, shelter > - Our God will decide 'who' He/She guides to the Potter's rest.

The ONLY 'treasures' left on earth will be the minds of mankind who will use God's pure inspiration flowing through their purified soul to uplift humanity in every aspect. The Wisdom of God the spiritual Master Potter are the inspirational thoughts that outpour from the Light into the mind of God's faithful children from His/Her Holy Grail cup.

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~ The Shepherd's Staff ~

"THE TRUTH" is the Crux of the Core, being the message of the cross for sure, in that on your day you must not retaliate in any way.

"THE LIGHT" is the Wisdom from afar, symbolised by Christ's Morning Star, visible in an earthly sense to any who would recompense.

"THE WAY" is God's Word of Peace not the sword, of Mercy and Compassion too, and ONLY let love through.

So the Staff of the shepherd is God's strength, that is revealed to you at great length,
and IF on the strength of God's Word you lean, then all inner darkness will God from you wean. 

Yes, all darkness will be drawn out and free of inner sin you will then in JOY shout,
and never again will you pain feel, for in heaven, but love does unreel. 

So heed the light and truth given you, for God's STAFF the Word, is so true,

So all God's wisdom with love I impress upon your mind and soul and thus you bless saying:

Sweet sister and brother so dear,
to my love please now draw near,
for truly, I reach out to you,
yes, even to those untrue,
And only I know what is at stake
as the darkness pulls in its GIANT RAKE

And if weeds around your ankles are bound, by the rake's prongs will you be found,
and these spikes will dig very deep and for an eternity any lost will weep. 

So God's message needs quickly be found so the mind stays fortified and sound,
and thus, God's wisdom and love flow through thee and forever in heaven you'll be free. 

Go your way now in peace and make peace with all men.

"Only those that 'walk' peacefully will by God be left in peace."

"Let no man deny or defy God’s call any day."

You are a tall man Phillip, but your soul and 'Barbs' are even 'taller' and full of Light - So say I ~ Terence

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Extract from page 22 of the Testament of Truth (Book 1 of 9)

Across the plains and out of the woods, debris will soon come floating through.  Debris of women, men, and children too, and for your band it’s work to do.  We’ll appear too little and few, but believe us when we say “never.”

The time will come when you shake your head, looking across the morning dew saying, my God can this be true.  Bodies piled up thick and thin, the mist rising up from their skin.  The daily prayers that they will say will herald the brand new waking day.  Your little band of mighty men will rise up fast and say again:

"Together lads we’ll go forth now into cities standing afar, we’ll drive down every street and corner and lean and look out of the window, we’ll search and search and search we will, finding all the broken-hearted and little children till, we’ll load them up onto the trucks and then wander on back down the road, follow the winding tracks we made until we find our sweet ever glade."

So stretch your minds and come along, there’s a lot to do a'fore we sing this song.  There’s mountains of work lying ahead and still you folks are lying in bed.  Verily, verily I say unto you, wake up and follow our Lord God true.

Her guidance and blessings She will send to you, will go on forever if only you are true.  So make your move fast for good days won’t last, and it’s harder and harder when we needs fill the larder. 

The angels above send their love and hope and pray and watch every hour, to look and see from you and me, which of us will go higher and higher.

Now’s the time to gather around, and listen to God’s triumphant blast sound.  Sounding out from the heavens above, outpouring Her mighty love.  Peace, Love and truth forevermore will She on mighty women and men outpour, daily, daily must they go their way, doing Her deeds every day.

Follow ME the cry calls out, or you’ll miss this triumphant shout.  Flowing from this mighty pen is the cry of a hundred million men.  Men who are angels now at last, from their strivings eons past, seeking to uplift you too, gathering you up in their arms.

"Forever, forever," is their cry I hear coming down out the sky.  "Never ever will you die, if you remember the truth and why?" Hundreds and thousands and millions, hundreds and thousands and millions, ever and ever, ever and ever, this is the cry forevermore that I hear them outpour.

Silently now they bow their heads, knowing the deadly dread ahead, for these men of the king they see, the deadliest of ever foes before, forever, forever, forever, forever, as the sound is fading away I hear some of them start to cry, the sound now is humming low, forever, forever, forever, forever, but gently now receding low.

From ten million billion mouths - I hear the pleas, hear the shouts:



Moving forwards and faster too, not e’en time to put on shoes, desperate our plea to you, much to be done as you know, hundreds of millions, hundreds of millions, hundreds of billions, hundreds of billions.

There’s nothing more for me to say, I’ve never known such an incredible day, to hear the sound of ten billion men flowing vibrant through my tiny pen, their cries and pleas I shall hear forevermore and never forsake a knock on the door.

Brethren mine, children so sweet, I reach out to the humble, caring and meek, from this very hour I implore, unlock your hearts and open the door. Open your arms forevermore, for God’s children the needy and the poor, for this too is the cry from up above, strumming vibrant on air from our turtle dove, forever, forever, forever forever, forever, forever, forever, forever.

For me the world will never be the same again, for I’m just a scribe with a tiny biro pen.  Can it be the truth that I’ve just heard, all those men singing out of love for our LORD, forever, forever, forever, forever, that rolling, calling, distant cry, will roll around my head until the day I die. 


And now I’m shivering and shaking with dread, my bones are trembling and I’m feeling the dead, the cry and thunderous roar they put out, has frozen my body from inside out.  Forever, forever, forever, forever, this too is their thunderous reply they are returning to those in the sky.  I see the power of the devil in their eyes, as they open up and emit their cries.

Truly, the sounds coming from these beasts, has frozen me through my electric sheets.  My skin’s quite hot to the touch but my bones and marrow can’t take much.  I see screaming horrible writhing hordes, all scrambling across boarding boards.

Like ships of old that came together, these dark creatures are reaching up to heaven, where angels wait with glistening swords* to do battle with invisible hordes. These angry violent arrogant men are lusting and vengeful for revenge.  "Forever, forever, forever, forever, forever" as well their satanic cry, but not as powerful as the call from the sky, - (Continues)

Note: - glistening swords* - Means: pure words of truth being God's wisdom.



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