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~ The intent to commit a crime - Rape ~

The following 6 pages are the written submission of 'John' to the Court, and was in response to four charges laid against him by the public Prosecutor, one being an 'Intent to rape' indictment.

Following the submission are 'notes' that give not only God's judgment on the case but exposes the harsh karmic reality that takes place when any 'victim' undertakes to bring a perceived defaulter to justice, either by their own personal 'vendetta' or by calling upon the 'forces of man' to aid them.

This document was written by me (Terence) in order to aid the Court of man to see a different perspective, and to become aware that in their very act of 'Intent to prosecute or punish' that they too become subject to the One Law of God that is in operation 'invisibly' at all times and applies to all.

It also applies to systems men who may believe they are 'above' it (God's Law) due to their mandated by man position. They are not, and neither are the public who pay their wage as they demand that others put 'offenders' on the spot on their behalf. - - God says:

" As you do is done unto you - be it deeds true or untrue"


Statement by Submission

I John do state the following to the plaintiffs & "officers" of the Court:

I have known the male complainant 'M' for a very short time but have known the female complainant 'N' for some five months prior to the "happening" that took place at her home/flat in the early hours between 3 and 5 am. (Oct 3 2001).

Her flat was directly above mine and for about five months we had been amicable neighbours. About twice a month I shared time with her in her flat and we played musical instruments together and had deep discussions on a variety of subjects. I was also not aware that she had any partner, but I have seen 'M' call by a couple of times.

The evening prior to the happening I was present in her flat as was 'M,' and from about 10 p.m. we played the guitar and drank together. I left the two of them there about 1 am on the morning of 3.10.01 and returned to my flat and continued drinking until about 3 a.m.

During this time my mind started to follow a train of persistent thoughts that said: "I'll just go into her room and try to sleep with her." I eventually decided to return to her flat by climbing onto her balcony that was above mine. I climbed up and walked in through the open balcony door. I did not "force" entry.

The place was in darkness but I knew where the bedroom was and walked in. I do "admit" that the "intent" of the thoughts directing my mind was to have sexual intercourse with 'N' and as my emotions were strong I believe that I could have raped her if the opportunity arose for I did somehow know that the thoughts had an evil source but I could not override them.

Fortunately the opportunity to either embarrass or molest her was denied me and what then took place was "hidden" from her as all that took place was between myself and a man named 'M'. For 'M' had stayed overnight and was in the room with 'N' when I entered the room.

page 2 - submission by 'John'

On entering the room I could see enough to be aware that there was but a mattress on the floor and I reached down with my hands onto a person believing it was she. I kissed "the" face and at that moment was aware that it was a "stubble" cheek and also my hand on the chest made me aware it was not a female but a man, it was 'M' who awoke as I touched him.

'M' said: "Who is this."
I said: "This is John."

'M' said: "What are you doing here you are not welcome."
I said: " I know, I am sorry, I don’t know how or why I am here."

'M' said: "You had better leave."
I said: "I am leaving, please shut the door after me."

'M' walked with me to the front door and let me out as it was locked. At this moment I was feeling very embarrassed and guilty. I would add that in my opinion 'M' did not perceive me as a threat to himself or 'N'.

I arrived back in my flat very depressed at what I had done and continued drinking some more alcohol. My mind was very active and it kept me thinking that it would not be at rest until I went and awakened 'N' and apologised.

I can see that this was a very irrational train of thoughts but was unable to do anything else but to again climb onto her balcony and approach the bedroom, it was now about 5 am. 'M' was awake and saw me enter and he said: "You're back again mate, you should not be here."

I said: "I just came to apologise because I need to get rid of some evil thoughts and to do that I needed to apologise to 'N'.

'M' said: "Just leave and don't drink that much," and he again escorted me out. I saw 'N' the morning of the following day (4th Oct) outside on the street when I was cleaning out my car, as the car windscreen had been smashed by unknown persons in the night and faeces had been smeared over the seats.

As she passed by I apologised to her for what I had done but she apparently was unforgiving as she said: "You are not going to get away with it."

page 3 - submission by 'John'

I do not know who trashed my car but I just want them to know that I do not need to know and I forgive them anyway and hold no grudge.

I wish to state to those prosecuting me that I have never "acted" in such an inappropriate or irrational manner before and I know that the drink permitted my mind to be manipulated by evil thoughts emanating from outside my consciousness.

I am a quiet and caring person and my work involves working with people with disabilities, and I have never taken advantage of others. I see that 'yes' on my police statement I said I intended to rape her but I also know that there is a big difference in an "intent" to do something and actually doing it.

Who knows, if 'M' had not been there I might have been welcomed in. I do know that I believed that she could have permitted me to have intercourse with her. I felt we were becoming good friends. I see this was presumptuous of me and error, for she has never suggested such contact with me, and there was none.

So my 'error' was the negative presumption that I had a 'right' to walk into an open rear door after she had locked her front door and gone to bed, this due to my drunken state. My only "default" and actual perpetrated "crime" as such was this uninvited entry into the dwelling of another, but I did not forcefully "break & enter" or force myself onto anyone.

No, I also did not "factually" attempt to rape anyone; for I did not use any force in my actions and did not even touch 'N' at any time. So as for the allegations against me there is nothing I can do about it and there is nothing further for me to say as I have tried to apologise to the complainants for my oafish "drunken" state.

I can see how my drinking led me into a "victim" situation in which I left myself open minded so that I could be the victim of demonic forces and used by them to satiate their needs or desires that compounded mine and yes would have caused me a very big problem had they succeeded.

Still, I am here today because others have decided to reject my apology and seek to have me punished due to their mental and emotional state that to them is 'justifiably' negative, but I do feel that they should be able to see that my actions though "indecent" were not of a vindictive or destructive nature.

page 4 - submission by 'John'

I see how easy it is to justify smashing a vehicle windscreen and trashing another's vehicle, and that was an act carried out by "another" person who did also fall victim to dark thoughts and I would hope that the Court does not go the same way.

I ask my "accusers" : Is it an indictable "offence" for a man or a woman to kiss a sleeping man or to touch him in a manner deemed inappropriate?

In the "clear light of day" I see that my actions were disrespectful, presumptuous and reprehensible, and had I been in my "right" frame of mind and not in a drunken state, it would not have happened.

I ask the learned Judge to consider these points for which I am indicted for by the Prosecution who are acting on the behalf of the complainants, being:

Trespassing - Burglary - Intent to commit a crime (rape) - Indecently & unlawfully assaulting a person by touching his body in various places.

Why have the police chosen to call my "re-entry" into my friend's apartment as Burglary, when my intent was not to "pillage" but was for sexual gratification?

As to the indictment against me for the "Intent to rape," I can but say that it is a sorry day when "someone" legislates "acts" that would condemn a man for but having thoughts in his mind.

For to have an intent to do something bad is no different than having an intent to do something good. Both "intents" are backed by thoughts and man is a 'being' who is constantly thinking something.

Is this Court aware as to how one can halt a "string" of thoughts that are negative? No, for unlike positive thoughts that are "unintrusive," negative thoughts are persuasive and persistent and as I now see can be difficult or impossible to halt.

But as said, the processes of thoughts must or should be backed by deed before one can be found in error, for to think is not error. I do not think that God would seek to punish me for "entertaining" any type of thoughts, and neither should this Court seek to use the word "intent" as is asked by the prosecutor to so do.

I did not even touch or awaken the lady but did show disrespect towards her for entering her room unasked, and I did touch a male inappropriately.

page 5 - submission by 'John'

As for my "intent" to commit a "crime," subsequently to my foolishness the complainants had not only the "intent" to rape me materially and emotionally, for if convicted I could lose my freedom and my job, but they turned that intent into deeded action by bringing me here today.

It is also the intent of the police and prosecution to use me as an 'example' and bring "heavy" punitive measures to bear, thus they now have an intent to punish, and if you as the "Judge" permit it, then their intent is turned into their deed that is also "reprehensible" in God's eyes, and also has a "punitive" repercussion under God's Law (As you do is done unto you).

I do believe now that I see clearer that it is the time to halt the retributive flow and be merciful and forgiving as God did "show" as the way to go.

I can but "hope" that as my "intent to rape" was thwarted by the intervention of a man, that the complainants further intended punitive deeds are also thwarted by the intervention of a wise judge, so that they do not ahead become liable in God's eyes for being unforgiving and a "party" to punitive measures.

I also regret that my actions have led my friends and others into becoming negative and retributionary and thus untrue to their own souls. Maybe they can yet forgive me for returning to 'the party' unasked and in such an inappropriate manner.

I shall await the judgement of God through this Court and can but hope that you as I do also believe in mercy & forgiveness towards those who we perceive as offensive, as God asks of us all.

For I do believe that it is error in God's eyes to take "God's Law" into ones own hands, be it as individuals or as the penal system of man in the "judging" of others for the purpose of punishment.

I also state that I hold nothing against either 'M' or 'N' and would welcome being friends with them again if they can ever give me the opportunity.

As said earlier, I am wiser for this happening and as I see how easily I was mentally misled due to being drunk, I shall never despise or criticise the ways of others but will be using my gained knowledge in helping others in the community to protect their minds so that they do not falter in any way and find themselves in unintended situations. I shall also endeavor to drink less.

page 6 - submission by 'John'

I am on the one hand very sorry that this "happening" took place, but on the other hand I am very happy that it did, for it has led me to a deep spiritual understanding of "how & why" my mind was accessed telepathically by demons who goaded me on and I have now learnt how to protect my mind from a similar occurrence.

I have in fact been given good counsel by a man called Terence from Pyengana who has a web site < > within which he teaches the reasons why man succumbs to devious thoughts, and he gives the means whereby we can become more respectful of others, and less 'open' to being misled "within."

He has raised up this statement on my behalf as my "Counsellor" as he believes that all "Offenders" need his "free to air" counselling so that they become educated by attending one of his 3 hour seminars, and then released as wiser individuals rather than being subjected to Man's punitive processes that keeps man in ignorance.

His Seminar details are under the "Offender document" on his web site given above. They are to aid those who offend God by being intrusive, offensive, disrespectful, punitive etc. To aid others he has also placed this submission document on his 'Offender document,' listed as Item 2 'Intent to rape.'

I would like all others to also have access to the information I now have to aid them ahead so that they can also understand mind processes that can lead any into the stupid or dangerous or unforgiving acts that plague society today.

For it "follows" from the above that any person who takes it upon themselves to bring offenders to account do themselves become offenders in God's eyes and then they too will find themselves ahead being judged by the unwise.

I am also now "aware" from Terence's Testimony that I will not get off "Scott-free" even if a wise Judge sets me free. For his Testimony does say that under God's Law all "defaulters" do pay, in that any mental or emotional suffering or physical damage or pain caused by my actions will return at a later date at the "hands" of another "ignorant" who has yet The Truth to learn. Being to not intrude or impose upon others.

I submit this statement to the Court as it is my wish to aid the Court in its findings and "Judgement" of me, and I have nothing further to say about the complaint laid at my feet or as to my conduct on a past day.

Signed - John S. : 9 Feb 2002

Blessed Light please set us all free, help us to maintain rational sanity.


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1 - Response from John on receiving this submission from me:

To: Terence
Sent: Sunday, February 10, 2002 3:18 PM
Subject: Re: John

Hello Terence, thanks for your input on my statement and there are no changes required.
>From here on I firmly say 'LET THERE BE LIGHT' and  I am a better human being.

My hearty thanks once again. JOHN.

page 8

~ God's Judgment ~

Much has been done and will be done by all persons involved in this case. Be they the plaintiffs or the defendant, or the attending police and public prosecutor and court adjudicating officials.

The "deeds" of each have a 'result' that will be given here by me fully once the case is finalised. Prior to that date I begin to comment on already deeded acts by the various participants in the 'pantomime.'

Let it here be known that the 'Light' side of the Source that is pure love does not 'sit' in judgment of anyone as it is but the Essence of Creation that streams forth its light energy upon all.

Let it here be known that the 'Dark' side of the Source that is pure hatred does 'sit' in judgment of all those who in ignorance defy the Commandment to "Only love and be forgiving and merciful" from the Light above, as it is the Essence of Destruction that streams forth its dark energy upon all who seek to be its avenging arm.

Let it here be known that prior to and from the initial moment in time when the primary participants did 'entwine' mentally & emotionally & physically that they and the others to become participants had all in their past "sown" darkness to a greater or lesser degree, as they had all at some 'stage' been less than kind and loving and forgiving and had themselves either controlled or intruded upon or abused others to varying degrees.

All this "negative" action was dark interaction. For all acts of callous or uncaring or disrespectful "offensiveness" are the dark in action through the mind or hand of an arrogant ignorant and are retributive acts against a prior offender in the eyes of GOD.

The Dark self-justified and self-authorised hand of God works through the minds of any "with sin," be they the simpleton who finds himself being it in action through ignorance, or the arrogant who defy the Commandment and take it upon themselves to sit in judgement of others for God or man.

It is only those 'with sin' being the negative emotions within who can be 'accessed' telepathically by the dark force below and its "angels of destruction" being demons who fell into that land of sorrow due to their unforgiving ways.

Any man or woman who becomes 'open minded' to that dark side is instantly 'seduced' by its thought processes and as it takes control of their mind they feel strong enough to the other 'over roll' in some way. Be it by stealing their pay or punishing them in some way. All the 'works' of the Devil.

When will humanity see that the "dark side" of the Source has existed for eternity and never sleeps and can all see?

page 9

As 'M' & 'N' slept they were unaware that they were to be intruded upon by another ignorant one 'John.' This intrusion was a past spiritual "due" that was to be "repaid" by the dark through John, who in his arrogance and "lust" and open-mindedness was seduced into being an intruder rude. He was the "victim of the dark" that swims tirelessly like a great white shark.

John then took upon his own shoulders a "part" of the "burden" of spiritual debt that was previously "carried" by 'M & N' as he made them "fret" and ahead will be made to "fret" in the same "intruded upon" way.

'M & N' foolishly decided to "heed" retributive thoughts that incited them to make John pay for his folly, and thus instead of becoming "fully" free of their past "indebted" way by being forgiving, they accrued a further debt in the eyes of the Source as they retaliated and "committed" further dark (contra the light) acts.

It remains to be seen just how "much" debt they "accrue" before the case is complete. For already 'someone' did smash a vehicle windscreen and smear faeces over John's car seat. So this "one" will ahead the same or similar fate meet when the "devil" incites another ignorant one to justifiably them "beat."

John "received" his payback for "trashing" another's property in his past, be it this lifetime or another, and due to his spiritual enlightenment and decision to "forgive his enemy" and take no retributionary stance he accrues no more bad/dark karma (negative spiritual debt).

'M & N' have decided to pursue their perceived "justifiable" retributive stance by calling in their "knights in armour" to fight for them. Being solicitors and police and the strong "arm" of man's law.

Not seeing that this intent is but the seductive whisperings of the dark that seeks to entrap them into more darkness (dark actions) and first gives them a 'reason' to defy the Light and fight, and for that act they will themselves have to pay on a later day. I hope they visit me one day and 'lower' their lance and withdraw their 'charge' before the last Court day.

The dark force is also "already" whispering in the minds of the "authorised" accusers as it incites them to "use" every possible "act" as a means to punish John not for his present "deeds" but for any other past dark spiritual forays unknown by man of today.

It the dark says telepathically: "This man John must be made an example of, and as the "abuse" of the creation of the light is the most heinous crime known to me, I will ensure that the rule "book" is used to its fullness to bring him to account."

So the systems "boys" are primed and justified in their minds to "bind" John with every possible "dark vine" in their unholy book of acts. None seeing that any punitive abuse of John is an "equally" abhorrent deed in the eyes of the dark shark and all "done" unto John will later return to burn the perpetrators. Even though they "felt" justified in their actions.

Poor "man," none seeing how "easily" the darkness does drag them down into deepening night as they "think" they are doing right for the Light.

Every "day" that "someone" holds the 'axe' over John's head and controls his way as he is made to come and go and stand in Court for many a day is also "accountable for" and to be "paid up" at a later date when the dark force decides to pre-date and have its predatory meeting with these "ignorants."

( More will be added here as the "Court" story unfolds)

page 10

~ God our 'enemy' ~

As I transpose light from my rose onto the subject matter a karmic reality is exposed and new wisdom is given so that all do see that whenever man 'errs' they make God their adversary.

It is the Dark side of the Source that not only makes one pay for any spiritual folly of a past day but it also seeks to destroy the "fool" who "toyed' with its dark energy as it "hates" with a vengeance all that seek to emulate IT - for IT is GOD.

And they for their folly are then "seduced" and "enticed" telepathically to use more of this dark energy by their "acts" of punitive retribution, and as this they do they walk further away from the Light of God, and they also suffer more for the dark one is again justified to "swat" them for their further defiance of the "Only love & be forgiving" Commandment.

Man sees not that the "beam" in his own eye is the Devil's Dark and thus man sees not his own iniquity. He only sees the iniquity of others as they use darkness as they walk their way, and man feels "justified" in his mind to mete out "payback" for his "eye" sees only the other as needing punishment before being set free.

So now my Light does shine so that any whom with IT entwine will be set free from their present 'course' and they then can change direction and seek God's "protection." For we can only "avoid" the reaper's sword when we are forgiving of others who wield the retributioners sword.

John will now become free of his past karmic dues for he now knows that he pays for what he "ignorantly" sows, and thus he will continue to be forgiving to those in ignorance living. What about you and you and you?

God is "immaculate" and sees all and knows all and HE the Father is the power and authority who "directs" His avenging forces below to "inflict" punishment upon all who have yet to learn to "Only mercy" show.

If you would "learn" how He does this do then read my full Testament true for any that now continue to earn a "false" penny by indicting or judging or punishing will all be sent below.

Remember, as you "sow" Light for it the Light, it loves you back via others and you are free to do and be. As you "sow" Dark for it the Dark, it stews and brews and "awaits" its opportunity to control and punish you via others, and you become unto its forces bound.

Remember, the Dark of God cannot forgive, for its "energy" is total vengeance. It is thus that those of you "with sin" having in your past drawn dark energy within, also find it "hard" to forgive.

But to elevate your souls you must reduce the dark within you, and to this do, you first needs 'permit' errants to go their way without first for their folly having to pay. If you make them "pay" then you have become an offensive errant to be punished another day in a similar way, and you have stained your soul with more dark energy.

"Tit for Tat" retribution will now increase planetarily as the dark reaping force accelerates its punishment of all whom their "hands" with its "energy" grease.

Man needs to try and see that there is a realm of darkness below where every "moment of time" is used by the Dark overlord to inflict pain onto those whom my truth did not follow.

Soon we see on earth a "little" of that Hellish place, but even when it is at its "worst" here it is still "less" in "effects" than below. For down below you cannot "die" and thus your suffering does but grow and grow as you in perpetuity also do pain upon others bestow. For under God's ONE Law; As you pain inflict - you pain suffer.

It is now the time for all who "judge" others as defaulters in God's eyes to be wise and "haul" them to one of my "Offender Seminars" to be educated and then released again as "enlightened" souls rather than remaining ignorant and vain.

Forgiveness of others is the key.
Read all now seeded by me.