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~The Mercy of God ~
Wisdom – truth – relationships

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The mercy of God comes in many a way, and at this ‘end’ time its ‘bounty’ is the Wisdom sent your way as for God my pen does sway.

The most difficult interaction in respect of the positive or negative energy used in our ' expression' is that which takes place between individuals, and that is equally important whether the individuals are ‘lovers, friends, strangers, neighbours’ or, simply members of an Institution such as ‘the government institution’ that are also personally interacting with others through its ‘decrees’ that are controlling and forceful and punitive, and thus the inspiration of the Dark negative energy.

The mercy of God is what God gives, and in a ‘relationship’ interaction ones ‘actions’ need to be seen for what they factually are, for if they are not understood, then one is living in a painful and spiritually dangerous daydream.

If a person cannot be ‘thankful’ for what by God is given to them reference the ‘kindness’ expressed by us to them a ‘friend’ in life, or be it lover, husband or wife or other, and they are then ‘inclined’ to castigate, recriminate, berate, deceive or criticise  us and be 'energetically' negative in their expression to us, being the one that is ‘God given’ to them in the relationship, this dark 'action' on their part is seen as 'criminal' in the eyes of God.

What I am saying is that if you are expressing kindness and care and you are loving towards a person whenever you are together, but for some reason they see your 'beneficent' time given to them as not 'enough' and, - - - they believe that you should be spending more time with them than in the company of others and, - - - they thus put 'pressure' on you to 'perform' more to their requirements as they  begin to ‘succumb’ to dark feelings of frustration, anger, or criticism of your ‘ways,’ then that one is in fact saying to God:

“My friend, lover, wife or husband is a ‘hindrance’ in my life because they do not ‘satisfy’ my needs, wants, or desires, and thus I am ‘justified’ in verbally or physically abusing them and ‘withdrawing’ my friendship, my ‘touch’ or closeness from them.”

The reason ‘behind’ this dark expression is the subtle ‘control’ command by them that you change your way and conform to their expectations or demands. If they are unable to control their dark 'controlling' emotions that are causing them to 'sin' in the eyes of God and they are unable to reflect on their actions and live in the present circumstance without continuing to criticise you, it would be ‘better’ for you to remain kind and calm exuding ones ‘charm’ and say:

 “I regret that I cannot live in our ‘present’ circumstance, and I thus give you ‘notice’ of my intent to go away or seek another friend or ‘lover,’ but I will remain a true friend and always greet you with respect as I protect my soul and extend peace unto you.”

For when you are strong enough to speak your truth quietly and calmly or, if you 'withdraw' from them you are in fact helping them to discontinue their expression of darkness that is adding to their spiritual debts. For all said by people be good or bad returns, and not 'if' but 'when' they are criticised ahead by others this may make them feel dread. If you do wish to remain in a relationship where you are being criticised then you should say to the critical one:

 “I regret that I cannot live in our ‘present’ circumstance, and I thus give you ‘notice’ of my intent to remain a true friend, but protect my soul I must continue living my life as I presently do and, - - - if I do not see you as often as we both would like or, - - - if my 'manner' or ways differ from yours, then I ask that you just accept that fact and stay true to our God and extend peace unto me and never criticise me.”

What you all need to realise is that if you are not ‘satisfied’ with the love given by God via ‘someone’ unto you, then it is ‘folly’ to step into the dark outside God’s protective ‘peace’ shelter, for in your criticism of them you are saying to God:

 “This one is not good enough for me, and 'you' God need to see that I desire and demand better.”

You truly need to see that God knows what is best and needed by you at every ‘stage’ of your eternal life and, - - - if you feel that you need a ‘better’ man or wife than what was by God given, then you are setting yourself up for ‘strife’ through your criticism of their ways. (Their action or their non action)

For by your negative interaction you will either ‘chase’ the other away, or the dark side of God within you will draw you away from the Light given to you by the Light of God and, there is no doubt that you will suffer in some way. For you cannot find another with ‘better’ or ‘kinder’ love Light than what God sent your way.

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Certainly if one is in a controlling or an ‘abusive’ relationship one is entitled to walk away, but until one by God is deemed to have suffered enough at the hands of an ‘abuser,’ one will again become the ‘prey’ of a wolf.

Only when you have paid your spiritual ‘dues’ to God will you find the peace and love and respect that all crave. God says: “Until that day I expect, I demand, and I command that you conform to My dictate and go your way in peace.”

The ‘moral’ of this story is, that if a person with whom you do have a close relationship is extending positive kindness your way, then you are foolish to criticise them for not being able to give you more love or light or companionship and, do not try and force them to change their ways to suit your expectations, needs, or desires.

As said, it is better to be thankful to God for all the ‘time’ you had to jointly be kind and loving, and to be in a position to receive what they did give so that you could happier live.

“Oh merciful God I thank you for every ‘beam’ of light you did ‘shine’ upon me via others that were true.”

Try not to let your ‘dark’ frustrations impact upon those around you. Try and see that if you are the ‘administrator’ that is imposing the ‘command’ demand, then you are in fact saying to the other:

“Only if you conform to my ‘directives’ will I be ‘happy’ with you and then I will give you ‘peace of mind’ and love and care to you. But if you do not conform to my expectations then I will ‘reprimand’ you and punish you in some way, and I will withdraw my ‘love and light’ protection and you will suffer the consequence.”

So as you now see, any imposition of ‘forceful’ control or regulation or ‘dictate’ or ruling imposed by one or another in a personal relationship, be it by an individual or an ‘Institution,’ it is exactly the same arrogant ‘dark energy’ in action that is attempting to control and regulate. (Enslavement by control) This is the same ‘forceful power’ of the Dark Sovereign Power (God) operating through the mind of ‘individual’ man and Institutions of men.

Every ‘government’ body of men that uphold the ‘rule book’ decrees (dictates) are simply the ‘aggrieved’ party in the relationship between you and their ‘rules’ that they uphold for the Dark Sovereign Power.

They also disturb your peace in their ‘expectations’ that you must conform to their ideology in order for them to be happy. None seem to see that the more one ‘conforms’ to dark dictates and the more one ‘supports or upholds’ it, the more control and punishment it dictates in fulfilling its own Law.

Thus as said, be you an individual in a personal relationship or be you an individual ‘enforcing’ dictates of an institution, you must stop being the dark energy in your personal interaction in the knowledge that if you ‘vote’ in,’ fund, condone, or support or uphold any ‘critical or punitive’ action that controls others then, - - -

You are also personally responsible in God’s eyes for any ‘injury, trauma, punishment or control’ caused unto others by your ‘vexatious’ and merciless and unforgiving actions.

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Make sure that your daily ‘contribution’ of energy that flows through you or your ‘servants’ is ONLY positive, benign, kind, merciful, compassionate, loving, forgiving and peaceful, for you will then receive a ‘similar’ return unto you of that same ‘love’ energy from God via others.

But if you are ignorant or so arrogant as to believe that you can force others to conform to your ‘needs – wishes – desires – expectations’ etc., and you use force by word or deed then you are placing yourself (soul) into the Devil’s fold.  Darkness gives the ‘ignorant’ the:

Justification to argue  - justification to criticise - justification to condemn - justification to control - justification to regulate - justification to demand - justification to reprimand - justification to ‘order’ - justification to dictate - justification to persecute - justification to prosecute - justification to punish - justification to invade - justification to kidnap - justification to hold hostage - justification to terrorise - justification to tax - justification to seize - justification to torture - justification to wage war - justification to kill.

In the ‘eyes’ of the Dark Sovereign Power (God) the ‘justification’ to ‘subject’ you to any of the above is perceived as being for your own good as it is the Dark Sovereign Power (God) fulfilling Its “As you did sow so shall ye reap” Law and ‘Just’ correction of your error. For either in this or a ‘past’ time or lifetime you became deserving of Its control and punishment.

In the ‘eyes’ of those persons using this dark forbidden energy in their interaction with you, the ‘justification’ to ‘subject’ you to any of the above is perceived by them as being for their ‘benefit,’ for your own good, and the ‘Just’ correction of your error.

It is forbidden by God for any person to use HIS forceful dark energy for any purpose. If you do wish to help others to see ‘differently’ or to be ‘nicer’ people then by all means educate them and raise up ‘codes of conduct’ guidelines to assist the ignorant.

If ‘unpleasant’ people ‘persevere’ in being recalcitrant then first have them 'caught' by the Peace Corps and have them 'counselled' in a three hour 'Feeling Easier Seminar' so that they have the opportunity to see their error and learn to assist themselves. If they still 'desist,' then leave them to God. Freedom of choice is what life is about.

If you ‘enslave’ others or force others to ‘bow’ to your ‘dictates’ or the dictates of others and their 'rules,' then you are a ‘slaver,’ and it is you to be enslaved and placed into the dark ‘underground’ dungeon in the afterlife.

You must not use forceful means to change a personal relationship. You must not use force to change a governing Institution. You simply withdraw from it and keep your peace, respect, compassion and, your mental, emotional, and physical freedom INTACT.

Every negative relationship between persons is on a one to one basis. Whether it is the literal personal interaction or ‘control’ of the ways of the other or, whether it is the control of others using servants or rules of Institutions, it is all the same use of DARK forceful energy and the use of this is forbidden by God, and it brings about a ‘return’ of control and punishment upon those using it.

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In respect of Institutions that ‘govern’ and tax and control and punish you, I ask: “Why vote in a ‘leader’ to ‘head’ and validate an Institution whose rules have the intent of being your ‘master’ and enslaving you, stealing endless sums of money from you”?

For the leader and his men will also force you to submit to his ‘terms of living’ ways, being ways that also force you to defy God in your support of his control over others. For as you ‘dance’ to his ‘tune’ you are living in ‘accordance’ to the way of the Dark. (Control, extortion, punishment, war)

"Why become a slave out of personal choice"?

The systematic and ongoing monetary extortion by ‘taxation’ and control and punishment by man operating through ‘governing’ Institutions is the personal abuse by ‘State’ employees of their ‘neighbours’ you and you and you, and is seen as such by God.

"Why become a slave out of personal choice"?

I ask this of those operating as legislators, police, and other judicial enforcement agencies, for each individual is by the ‘Rules’ expected to defy their God and abuse ‘someone.’ Through their abuse of other persons they become a slave to the Devil and place themselves within His ‘dungeons’ of suffering for a time and a time.

People working with or for any Corporation, Religion, or Institution of 'government' that use the 'backing' of force of arms to enforce compliance to its 'directives' and commanded 'ways' that others are expected to conform to, are persons that by their deed are factually saying to the REAL God:

"Due to the fact that we the workers for the 'Institution' have taken it upon ourselves to be the 'guide and protector' of your children, we are entitled to control them, regulate them, punish them, and force them to conform to our political ideology and, - - - 

as we are their 'welfare service provider' we are entitled to steal by taxation as much money from their 'purses' as we see fit in order to accomplish our aims and, - - -

even if people are conforming to your 'Peace' Command Oh God and going about their daily business peacefully, if they do not also conform to our policies and taxes and rulings we will perceive them as 'offensive' and a danger to us and, - - - 

we will persecute, prosecute, and punish them for we will see their 'way' as criminal and, - - - we 'act' as though we are God because your face and 'power' is unseen by us and we believe that all people need a 'head man' to help them."

It is thus that mankind becomes more 'sadistic' and blind and unkind to others and 'himself' and, - - - as he assumes the role of 'Father God' he places himself within the negative, controlling, and punitive jurisdiction of Father God's 'eye for an eye' Law.

Truly foolish are 'heads of state.'
Truly foolish are politicians.
Truly foolish are policing forces.
Truly foolish are the judiciary.
Truly foolish are the jailers.
Truly foolish are those that offend God.
Truly foolish are 'companions' that try and regulate the other.

All subject themselves to the same terror and loss and deprivation that they imposed in their 'self-righteous' justification. Try and see that any organisation, religion, or other institution that uses force of arms (military might) are Militants that are defiant of their Creator.

 Every 'nation' operates on the false premise that it is entitled to use 'force of arms' (muscles and weaponry) to control its borders and to control the people within its borders and, - - - its administrators also believe that they have the 'right' to go beyond their borders and wage war upon others and, - - -

These same administrators and the public also believe that it is 'right' in the eyes of their God, and that they 'somehow' are in conformity to God's Command or that God will forgive their 'criminal' behaviour, so that they will 'void' or avoid God's Law. This is error and false teaching of religions and other elders, and this falsity is now mercifully exposed by God via my pen to give all a last chance to amend their ways and thus go their way in peace, as they also extend mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.

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For all 'control, regulation, or punitive and destructive' behaviour is negative ACTION that contravenes God's commanded Code of Conduct and is not acceptable by the Creator. It also 'falls' into the negative aspect of God's supreme Law, and the escalating confrontation and suffering is the fulfillment of that Law by the Dark Sovereign Power operating through the minds of 'non- believers' in PEACE by persons of every race.

As every 'nation' and its inhabitants are controlled by rules that force them to uphold these punitive rules, it can now be seen that every person is living a contra peace ideology. It is up to each individual to step 'out' of the protection offered to them by the governing Institution and to halt their support of it and its punitive ways.

When you 'uphold' the Institution named 'The government,' you are upholding the forced taxing of members of the community and the warring and merciless punitive retribution that is a 'part' of the daily 'government' System and, - - - when you use the 'Court' of any 'Institution' to assist you in attaining an 'award' through the 'just accountability' they impose upon some other person for having 'offended' you or caused you 'harm,' then you are also defiant of God and you are 'transgressing' the Command to "Go in peace and love one another and be forgiving," and you are walking the wide road to Hell.

If you seek Salvation, and wish to enter heaven that paradise of love and beauty and eternal peace, then you must not condone, fund, or support the use of force to control by legislation. You must not condone, fund, or support the use of force to raise funds by taxation, for this implies that it is extortion.

You must not condone, fund, or support the use of force for the purpose of punishment, sanction, war, or for imposing peace. You must not ‘elect’ any person to ‘head’ any Institution or ‘group’ that uses force of arms in its interaction with others.

You must not condone, fund, or support or vote in a politician for all legislate Decrees or ‘dictates ’or ‘rules’ that are enforced using the forbidden dark FORCE. The use of force is forbidden by God because it is ‘slavery.’

As an individual you must not use any of the ‘attributes’ of the dark energy in your interaction with others. For the consequence of this becomes a ‘sequence’ of events that return to you, and you will ‘suffer’ the same for in your past being to God and others and yourself untrue.

You are only ‘suffering’ in this or other realms outside heaven because you ‘fell’ off the ‘top’ of God’s mountain when you in your past ‘supped’ of the dark ‘fountain’ of negative energy, and thus ‘vainly’  caused some other to suffer.

You are only climbing back up God’s ‘hill’ when you are suffering the fulfillment of God’s Law. For when you did ‘sin’ and another abuse, you fell down and the protection of the ‘light and love and peace’ you did lose.

So God mercifully and mercilessly imposes suffering upon you so as to enable you to fulfill His Law and again become free. But foolish for sure are those that impose it the ‘Just’ suffering dues upon others for Him.

For these ‘individuals’ become trapped by accountability ‘precedents’ into suffering eternally through their own  ongoing ‘revenge’ actions or ‘control’ and punishment interactions, being ‘actions’ that fill their souls with dark energy that drags them down and down for an eternity, until in ‘blood and mud’ they literally freeze and drown.

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~ Commitment in relationships ~
Be it personal, business, or national

Make the personal commitment to state your needs to the other being, that the other make no demands upon you. Your second commitment is to God and yourself and them, being that you will never impose any demands upon them in the foreknowledge that any demand is a 'coercive' command backed by force and reprimand and is an action defiant of God's Command to simply "Love one another, be kind, caring, respectful, and considerate."

There are many commitments made by mankind, I give a few here;

Commitment to love
Commitment to truth
Commitment to honesty
Commitment to children

Commitment to the elderly
Commitment to togetherness
Commitment to morality
Commitment to stability

Commitment to care
Commitment to honour
Commitment to work
Commitment to duty

Commitment to deception
Commitment to persecution
Commitment to destruction
Commitment to regulations - control - slavery

Do not make any verbal or written commitment that you cannot keep.
Do not make any verbal or written commitment that places you under stress.
Do not make any verbal or written commitment that places the other in control of you.
Do not make any verbal or written commitment that forces you to defy God's Command.

A 'commitment' to the 'dark' means lack of freedom.
A true 'love' commitment means no forceful demands by anyone.
A commitment to yourself that you will conform to the Command of God guarantees your spiritual freedom.

Make the personal commitment to yourself and sanity by not allowing yourself to be controlled by any person to the point whereby you are forced to 'do' what you do not wish to and thus become depressed and unhappy and, - - - do not permit your thoughts to control your actions to the point where you place yourself in the position of becoming depressed and unhappy.

You do not have to make any 'personal relationship' commitment to anyone, for the pure 'love' bond is the unspoken and unwritten commitment between two people in the eyes of their God. Any written commitment or 'Treaty' between persons or nations can be broken.

The full commitment BOND to ONE can only be made when it is backed by pure love when you can say and do mean "I am in love with you," rather than the "I love you" that does not necessarily mean that you are 'in love' with the other. 

Thus the person to whom the full commitment is made is the ONE whom you truly adore and whom you need to behold in your sight both day and night and, - - - when away from them your thoughts are with them even whilst with others you talk or play.

So until 'the day' God has opened your inner 'love flower' and showered it with a magic sparkling 'dust,' your commitment to any other that you 'love or like or care for' may simply be one of need or a sense of duty or a convenience, and in either case the 'parties' need to be 'free' enough to separate if they so choose without losing their 'love' bond or friendship, for if either 'fall in love' with another person then they should be able to say to the one they presently live with: "I do care and respect and love you but I am now 'in love' with another and need to go away to them."

In a loving relationship or 'friendship' the 'open door' for dissent is when one makes any demands upon the other and the demand cannot be met or is met, but in so doing places one under mental or emotional pressure. Negative control is being exerted by the one saying: "Prove your love to me by conforming to this 'ask' of mine."

When you are in a 'part time' relationship with another and you are 'awake' enough to know that the other person is going to have 'greater' expectations of you, and at some stage make demands that you will find difficult to meet and thus you will be unable to 'commit' fully enough to satisfy the other, then one needs to be able to say to them:

"I can see your needs and expectations of me, and I can see that my availability to 'commit' or fulfill all your requirements cannot be met by me, so all I can say today is that when I do come your way for a day or a week at a time, I will hang my 'hat' at your door rather than that of any other and, - - - 

if this commitment of mine does not satisfy your needs or expectations then please tell me so, for I do not wish to place any demands upon you."

Mutual love and respect is needed in every relationship for that is the commitment to God as one goes ones way in peace. If we permit any other person to 'dictate' the terms and conditions of their relationship with us, then we have lost our freedom to simply conform to our God of love, and we will feel 'depressed' when the pressure to 'conform' to the demands of the other cannot be 'happily' met.

This personal relationship with another also extends to our relationship with the local 'Council' as well as any governing Institution, for if they are imposing any demands upon us, be it taxing or regulating then their 'side' of the relationship is exuding control over us, and this is to now be seen as great error, and we must all now 'divorce' ourselves from any such imposition of 'enslavement' and terror by simply walking away peacefully, and no longer funding, condoning, or supporting any such dark Establishment.

When any other person or Institution 'ruling' expects or pressures you into making a 'commitment' to them, they are in fact saying to you: "On that day or 'this' day I expect you to 'dance' to my tune, and if you do not then I will be unhappy with your conduct and in some way I will let you know of my dissatisfaction."

So it is a fact that as all 'Councils' and government policies are an imposition having punitive attachments for non-conformity to their dictates, it can be said and 'read' that their policymakers, prosecutors, and enforcers are simply family members that are 'bullying' others as they 'cruelly' perpetrate their iniquities.

All 'act' as an overgrown spoilt 'lad' that would do this to his little defenceless mother who is forced into giving him all her savings each week, and being 'punched' and 'hurt' if she does not give in to every 'wish and whim' that comes into his arrogant and ignorant mind..

Foolish is any person that uses verbal or physical criticism or punishment as the means whereby they 'coerce' or force others into conformity to their wants, needs, desires, or dictates. Every person must try and see that 'forced' conformity is the dark energy in action, and it operates insidiously through personal or Institutional systems of control, and its primary purpose is enslavement and spiritual destruction.

Commit yourself to conformance to God's Command.
Go your way in Peace and stay free from forced conformity.

The ‘mercy’ of God is the fresh Wisdom I bring. 

Terence - the spirit of truth



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