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~ The 10 Commandments of Politicians ~

The Devil spoke into and through the mind of the 'politically' vain being those who did gain power over simple men and used them (The Politicians) as His Dark punitive and extortionist instruments as He 'invaded' their 'psyche,' and He laid down His 10 Commandments to them that they now 'follow' unto their own doom and yours if you their 'servants' * heed their voices 'hollow.'

Note:  'servants' * - (See 'note' at the end of page 24)

  • The Devil's commands stated:

  • 1 - Thou shalt - Enslave all God's children and Rule them with an iron fist using Rules as you deceive them and say to them "Our rules stand 'above' God's 'Law of the land' being the 'As you do is done unto you,' and it is our 'ruling' dictates that are now 'The Law of the land' to be obeyed by you."

    2 - Thou shalt - Tax them to the 'hilt' and force them to pay a taxing 'levy' on each and every 'activity' of the day.

    3 - Thou shalt - Force them to 'bow' to you and your 'Caesar' style governance of their affairs, as you force them to turn away from the True God. For you are to also force them to condone, fund, and support your punitive and merciless dark ideology which is true to ME the Dark One you cannot see nor envisage.

    4 - Thou shalt - Impose great suffering and travail and indignity upon them in every conceivable way as you also 'bow' to the dictates of MY rules that I will impose via your vain and unkind and unsound minds because it is you who are the unholy lost sheep who are so untrue to the Light.

    5 - Thou shalt - Rule them with callous words and resolute mouths that are unkind and unforgiving and merciless and cruel because you are MY 'dictators' and, you will be ME in your daily action and interaction with them, and you will feel 'justified' in your foul deeds that you will perceive as 'for their own good.'

    6 - Thou shalt - Steal and 'commandeer' the community Peace Corps (Police) that was raised up to serve the community and uphold the 'peace of the land' and, you will then use it as your own private army and for your own political 'agenda.' It will become your own Mafiosi style 'enforcement agency' to 'stand over' and extort money from the people. This you will do even though it is they who foolishly pay your wages.

    7 - Thou shalt - Distort the truth to the point whereby honest 'God fearing' people living peacefully as commanded by God will be 'treated' as criminals if they 'fail' to vote you into power or conform to your ideological dictates.

    8 - Thou shalt - Teach all that your 'rules' are the holy book (Law) to be 'adored' as if it were their God, and they will be taught to 'revere' it and you instead of worshipping the True God of Isaac and Abraham. You will also teach all that your 'mercenaries' and their ruling dictates are 'The Law' to be acknowledged, believed, and obeyed.

    9 - Thou shalt - Impoverish every household for and on behalf of ME the ultimate 'thief' and 'dictator' and DECEIVER of man, and you will 'lie' and tell your 'enforcers' that they have immunity from their God if they work for you and ME as they go forth daily to: 'Control, regulate, tax, intrude, seize goods, rob, rape, pillage, hold sanctions, invade, kidnap, hold hostages in jails, abuse, fine, and kill.'

    10 - Thou shalt - Bow to ME and have no other 'gods' than 'Power, Greed, Vindictiveness, Vanity, and Pride,' and the ambition to 'shine' like an unholy BLACK Star in the night.

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    The 11th Command of the Devil

    Unspoken to man but 'seen' by me the Spirit of Eternity.

    "In the 'last' days when all the simple 'flocks' of God can clearly see the iniquitous ways of the politicians and their armed 'lackeys,' who openly and 'brazenly' stride forth over every land invading the homes of the poor and stealing all their money, goods and chattels, and imprisoning any who have nothing to 'offer' then, - - -

    I the devilish deceiver will 'open' the minds of the poor who for so long and so 'willingly' paid up all taxes imposed upon them by you (politicians) and suffered all 'reprimands' imposed upon them by you and, - - -

    When all your iniquities are laid 'bare' before them, then the poor will suddenly realise that it is you the politicians and your armed force 'lackeys' who are the 'living' SWINE and, I will then use the 'poor' to "Rise up and do unto you what you unto them did do" for, - - -

    They will suddenly realise that they have been 'conned' and bullied by cowards carrying guns and they will erupt into a frenzied FURY due to becoming incensed at the continuing abuse of their families and, - - -

    I the devilish deceiver will gain access to the minds of these 'millions' of poor who have grown tired and weary and very, very ANGRY and, I will tell them to forcefully resist your 'robbing' and punitive advances and, - - -

    The power of MY 'possessive' thoughts will be seen by all as I incite them to KILL - KILL - KILL and, the cause of all this was brought on by political GREED and VANITY and the arrogance and vanity of those employed as 'officials' for the 'judicial enforcers' and, - - -

    Then the millions of 'simple' people will also defy the "Peace unto all" Command of their True God and they will rise up and shoot and kill every political 'slaver' and intruder who has so 'boldly' and arrogantly caused them and their families to suffer great travail, indignities, and impoverishment and, - - -

    In this way they will all have 'succumbed' to MY dark poisonous venom and all will have accrued great spiritual debts under the Just 'eye for an eye' Law of their 'own' God and, - - -

    It is I their merciless and vengeful 'demigod' who they did 'bow' to who will drag them and you below into the 'pits' of the Abyss to bestow great suffering upon ALL in perpetuity and for eternity.

    Yes, I the Dark One AM true to MY word that says: 'I destroy you and you and you for defying the Command of the Light to be 'Peaceful, merciful, compassionate, forgiving and loving. For those of you who cannot see the reason to 'loving and merciful' be are the real criminals who are worth NAUGHT and are despised by ME the Dark Sovereign Power."

    The 'single' Command of the Light states:

    "Seed your minds quickly with the sacred Truth from this MY pen and lay down your swords before the 'words' of the Dark one above do encompass you, for if you do not and have not changed your way, then you have chosen to deny yourself MY eternal 'loving' abode that exists and, - - - you by your own hand and deed have consigned your own soul into the hands of the Devil."


    Let me make it PERFECTLY CLEAR.

    Irrespective of any beliefs to the contrary, the Command of God is IMMUTABLE - It states:

    "I command YOU my children to Love one another and be compassionate, merciful, kind and respectful at all times and to be forgiving unto those who offend you."

    "All just forever express Love."

    There is no compromise to this Command.


    Irrespective of any beliefs to the contrary, the Law of God is IMMUTABLE - It states:

    "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction at the time and in the place so ordained by your God. This means that all 'reap what they sow,' be it benign activity or malignant activity.

    It is the 'karmic' law of equal return of God's spiritual energy.

    There is no compromise to this Command.

    It means that even if you believe in your right to interfere in the lives of others or to detain them under the auspices of 'duty of care' or any other, you are being DEFIANT of God's Command, and all the mental or emotional trauma suffered by others through your actions or restriction emplaced by your voluntary actions becomes your own UNAVOIDABLE due of suffering ahead.

    Ignorance of THE LAW is NO excuse

    No mandate of man, rule, law, badge of office 'voids, nullifies or avoids' God's LAW

    You have been ADVISED

    Note:  'servants' * - If you are a taxpayer or paying operating licence fees or adding sales tax to your produce or deducting taxes from your employees and thus funding the policing & other official departments and 'heeding' their commands, then you are:

    A - Their servants, and B -  You are complicit to their control over others in the community as well as complicit to the harm or destruction caused to other children of God by said State forces. ONLY SUPPORT AND FUND BENIGN COMMUNITY EFFORT.

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    Note: Any person who receives a wage to 'investigate' for the purpose of punishment or, who invades, persecutes, prosecutes, steals, controls, regulates, takes by force, enslaves, incarcerates, - - - any other child of God is, - - - a person who is a 'hireling' receiving a wage to 'fight' for an 'armed' force.

    They are a person who is 'hired' as a 'hired gun,' that for 'pieces of silver' are prepared to defy their God as they 'sell' their own soul to the Devil as they disturb the peace of the land and interfere in the affairs of others and become a 'slaver' and 'controller' and 'abuser' of others.

    All the 'above' things they so 'rudely' and callously do is solely due to their ignorance of God's single Law: "As you do is done unto you" and their ignorance of God's Command to "Go your way in peace and love one another."

    Politicians and their 'lackeys' have all forgone their 'sworn' allegiance to their duty to the community and, they have 'dutifully' become 'pawns' of the Devil as they now all 'act' as if it is they the 'god' and, they force all men to bow to the 'ungodly' regulating and punitive Dictates of the Devil.

    The politicians are in fact the 'head' of the armed force, but they are 'posing' as a community Carer, and once they or their 'armed' men leave the 'service' and receive no pay, they all lay down their 'rule making' pens or other weapons and are no longer an 'active' operative as such but, - - -

    They see not that their 'deeds' perpetrated whilst 'on duty' to the invisible Devil who for a 'time' owned their body, mind, and soul, are subject to God's Law and to be subjected to God's divine Justice, for no man (believer or otherwise) stands above or has any immunity from God's Law. For God's Law is THE LAW of this and every land.

    As there is no 'death' of the spirit soul when it departs from the biological flesh, it follows that God can 'reprimand' any person here or in the afterlife for defying His Command.

    To all the vain or ignorant I say: "Prepare to meet your fate, for to it you will be hard pressed to equate." For most 'enforcers' have had the 'opportunity' to cause great 'harm' to others over the years, and ALL suffering imposed by them "In the name of Justice" becomes their DUE.

    As you 'judged' so shall ye be judged by God

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    ~ Extortion by Mandate ~

    Dear "employees' of the 'Department of Justice & Industrial Relations' of Tasmania. I write this 'open' letter to you as I believe that unto your own souls you are untrue.

    For you send me a 'threatening' letter that has a 'coercive' intent. Being that you 'believe' that I 'owe' your 'department' something that you intend to 'extort' by force.

    Your letter is also 'backed' by the 'threat' of punishment if I do not 'pay up.' For it is well known that the 'Institution' for which you work is merciless, and any who do not comply with ITS extortionist demands are 'brutally' brought to 'account.'

    With reference your 'Account A175701' demands. As far as I am 'aware,' I neither have any 'account' with you nor have I ever 'borrowed' any funds from you. Thus I deem your demands as fraudulent and an 'attempt' of 'extortion' from me.

    As I see it, you 'fellowship' with an 'Institution' that has a contra 'Policy' to my personal belief. For the policy of the 'rules' that you work for and 'bow' to, are dark and imposing and punitive and, are in direct contravention of the 'ideology' of my belief, and the Command of my God to "Only love."

    For your 'information,' a public street is exactly that - - - Public. For your information, in my belief I do not have to comply with 'edicts' of others to pay them 'something' before my automobile is 'permitted' to travel on said PUBLIC roads.

    For your information I am a 'qualified' driver and have so been for some 50 years. If some 'mere' man posing as an 'authority' over me stipulates that he 'forbids' me access to said public roads due to my 'failing' to conform to the dictates of 'his' book of rules, then so be it, but who is 'he' to forbid me anything? Is he 'God'?

    There is an 'assumption' on your 'part' that as you receive a 'wage' from 'his' judicial 'arm,' that you 'somehow' become a 'validated' or mandated person who can personally defy 'our' God and make community members cry and, - - -

    You obviously 'believe' that due to your 'position,' that you are above the Law of God in the course of your punitive duty. "This 'son' is error" our God does say as for HIM my pen does sway.

    I further say that as I neither 'vote' for your Institution, nor do I 'condone' your punitive system, nor do I 'subscribe' to it, in my 'opinion' it follows that neither am I 'governed' by it. I simply walk 'apart' from it. But I do 'assist' its operatives with my truth and good counsel.

    If you 'personally' believe that because 'it' has a private 'army' of armed enforcers, - - - that it thus has the 'Just' power to mete out punishment. Then you are also saying that an armed 'robber' or 'murderer' also has the 'Just' authority to abuse others, merely because of their being armed and thus empowered. Wrong is wrong* in any guise.

    Note: wrong* - Being any 'act' contravening God's 'Only love' Command.

    You and 'many' believe that 'governing' Institutions are 'legal' and their iniquitous ways 'moral' and 'Just' simply because the rules that dictate their 'terms of engagement' with the public 'seem' valid and, - - - that their conformity to said rules gives them 'licence' to be 'bastards' and defy God.

    I believe that God's ONE immutable LAW stands 'above' the 'policies & dictates & rules' of mere men. I also believe that God has the 'power' to enforce HIS singular Law "As you do is done unto you."

    Thus if you 'steal' from me or punish me 'for and on behalf' of your 'office' or the book of RULES, then the 'same' will be done unto you by our God true. This you may believe or disbelieve, for that is your 'God-given' freedom of choice.

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    As I see it, the entire human race has been 'deceived' and enslaved by the invisible 'demonic' force, a force that has the 'sole' intent of the destruction of mankind. This it can only do if it 'forces' mankind to bow to 'its' dictates that are in direct contravention to the Command of the God of LIFE. (Light)

    It (The Devil) has now 'marked' every person on earth via the books of Rules that it has 'raised up' in every land via the 'hand' and mind of legislators. For all are now 'forced' by said rules to defy their God or 'cry.'

    For any civilians who 'vote in' political 'rulers' that 'legitimise' the anti-god rules, or any that enforce said rules, are all complicit to the ongoing defiance of the Creator.

    It has been my 'intent' for many a long year to 'expose' this dark 'impostor' and thus set man free from his iniquity, and thus enable man to also become spiritually free. This I yet do as my pen is daily guided by our God true.

    Be 'advised' that I now read you your 'rights' being: "You may 'withdraw' your punitive extortion 'try' by advising me such, and thus show God your 'new' way and thus be 'set free' to enter Heaven or, - - -

    You may 'pursue' your 'cause' and, in your defiance of God I can 'assure' you that your spirit will be 'confined' into the Abyss by its own 'deeded' wish."

    Be also 'advised' that if you do pursue your 'claim' from me, then all persons (police & judiciary) involved with my 'abduction' for incarceration, or theft of my property, shall become complicit to your personal 'skulduggery.'

    As it is my intent that Tasmania be the 'first' State on Earth to become 'enlightened' and make positive change. It would be 'nice' if you could also read the 'Offender' document on my web site, as this will bestow more 'refreshing' wisdom into your consciousness.

    I 'notice' that your notice to me is unsigned. Do you operate as a 'robot,' or is it simply that anonymity gives you the false impression that to our God your deed is invisible?

    I am a man of peace, I have not disturbed the peace. Neither have I 'injured' any other nor abused them. Why do you a 'stranger' take it upon yourself to burden yourself with a 'heavy' karmic load by seeking to destroy my life, and cause ongoing suffering to my wife, simply because others * are 'ruled' by rules?

    Note: others * - The 'original' arresting police and magistrate who followed the dictates of 'rules' and thus imposed their 'decree' to punish me. The 'rules' of your office are also leading you now astray, and for this folly you as all will pay.

    If I have a 'debt' to God, then so be it. Leave it to God to 'collect' it. For as you 'know,' any person who takes 'the law of God' into their own hands, will suffer the consequence of their 'defiance' of God's 'code of conduct' Command.

    The administration of any punitive 'Justice' or 'judicial' accountability is God's prerogative ONLY. The 'sins' of our forefathers is their false 'punitive' ideology imposed upon all. My sacred 'scripture' is the 'last call' to ALL.


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    ~ Armed daylight Robbery ~
    Open Letter to: Police Officers Harry Ebsworth & Nicholas East

    Dear Sirs,

    Robbery using 'force of arms' by community members who are posing as 'A legitimate body.'

    I write this letter following the 'attempted' robbery of goods from my home on 20th January by two police officers. Yes you are both 'guilty' in my eyes and God's of such, as you 'Harry' openly in 'broad' daylight entered the property of my 'abode' and brazenly stated that you had been sent to seize and thus 'rob' me of goods to the value of $ 2000 and, said that it was your intent to so do.

    Yes you are both members of the local community posing as a 'legitimate' body as you came as 'armed men' to my home late in the evening without the courtesy of a phone call, showing your total lack of respect to an 'elder' and a 'brother' and, you also defied the Command of your Creator, God.

    You also state that you are not concerned for your self and not needing to hear of my 'counsel' as I tried to advise you of the error of your way. However, as I do wield God's sacred pen, it is our Creator who inspires this 'note' to you both. For it is a fact that you do receive a 'mercenary' wage to openly defy God and intrude with the intent of disturbing the peace of another. This is an 'offence' in the eyes of God and it is 'subject' to God's 'eye for an eye' Law. 

    For you did forgo your community peace keeping role for which you are paid by the community, and took it upon 'yourself' to be named 'Bailiff' and 'come' as an armed robber cloaked in the disguise of a 'mandated agent.' But you were 'unknowingly' operating for and on behalf of political 'racketeers' and, in my opinion and God's your 'invasion' of my privacy was purely an extortion attempt by an 'ignorant' person operating on the 'orders' of another.

    Further to this I did state to you that Frank Neasey had made a false claim against me, as he had already received a wage from the community 'purse' for his time at the 'bench,' and thus I did owe him naught.

    Thus if you were receiving a wage true to your peace keeping 'calling' you should in fact be arresting him with attempted 'fraud,' and bringing him and his 'peers' to account for 'white collar' criminal conduct, whereby the legislators have invoked many a 'bastard' rule that enable them to steal from the poor.

    I write this in an attempt to assist you and other policemen too, for you all are deluded and deceived into believing that if you are working for the 'force,' that you are above the LAW of the Land, being God's Law "What you do is done unto you."

    You have also over 'time' been 'conned' into believing that the 'decrees' or legislated rules of men are 'The law to be upheld by you." They are not, they are simply directives that force you to defy God as you then invade, steal, kidnap, punish, and disturb the peace of others etc., whereas in fact as a 'peace' officer employed by the public purse you should 'simply' be upholding the 'Peace' and calling in any person who is disturbing the peace of the land.

    The deeper tragedy of this is that your personal actions in upholding the punitive and extortionist demands of the Institution named "The State Government of Tasmania," have invoked the negative aspect of God's ONE Law, and ahead at God's discretion, an equitable and Just return of a negative karmic due whereby you both ahead will suffer similarly on an 'eye for an eye' basis, be it mental and emotional trauma etc., that you may have imposed upon me or my family members as the result of your actions.

    If you believe that 'orders' of the 'boss," or any 'rule' in a book of text can nullify or give any immunity from God and His Law, then you are ignorant. For in God's eyes He simply saw two of His children (you) openly defiant of Him and His Command: 'Go your way in peace and do not disturb the peace of MY land and be loving, merciful, compassionate, and forgiving to any who do disturb the peace." as you 'entered' and 'attempted' to rob another. (me)

    Further to this, what neither of you young men see, is that every person employed by your Institution were already paid a community funded wage to attend court on the day, and thus any further demand from me or any other for 'added' compensation' is also pure theft using force simply because the 'rules' have been so legislated by persons not fit to be employed as 'keepers' of any community affairs. For too long have you 'lads' been used as political 'pawns' to steal from the public.

    It's time for you all to awaken to your spiritual 'peril.' Further, both of you and the others within the State Government System are involved in the religious persecution of myself.

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    For it is my belief that as the 'doctrine' of your Institution is one of extortion, fine, and punishment, that its code of conduct contravenes God's command, and I choose to walk apart from it and follow my own doctrine (religious belief) of "Peace and merciful forgiveness" as is my God given 'right' and, it is also the right enshrined within the principle 'rules' of your own Institution. You are all defiant of your own Constitutional 'rules' as well as the Command of your Creator.

    What you young men need to see is, that by all means it is 'worthy' to work for the benefit of the community and arrest those 'as you' who are stealing and disturbing the peace, and have them counselled.

    But the moment you become a 'lackey' to extortionist rules raised up by politicians and you work for them as 'heavies' or political enforcers, and you openly abuse the members of the community, then you are in strife with God. It is time to be community peace workers rather than political 'pawns.'

    For only thus do you conform to God and walk within the 'positive' side of God's one Law, receiving a positive return for truly good deeds done. This, compared with residing in the cold and dark pits of Hell where all go who 'offend' God's ONE Command. For God did say that all 'thieves and murderers' would go that way.

    What would you say to me if I had gone 'armed' with another as 'back up' to your home and demanded goods or money simply because I had 'heard' that you owed it to another?

    Why did you 'side' with the other without even asking me the 'circumstance' surrounding the alleged debt? Do you really believe that you can wander around every day making other members of the community 'fret' and get away with it?

    'Son,' I am the ONE sent by our God to save you and all from a very dismal fate, to which you will be unable to 'equate' with until it is possibly too late. You do not see the 'sting' in the 'tail' of the high tension power line overhead, but do not let your 'mind and soul' be 'conned' into believing that it does not exist simply because it is invisible to your eyes.

    Believe you me, when you 'play' with fire or 'power' that affects God's precious children, then HE 'similarly' to the hidden 'spark' does set a 'pattern' in train that is irrevocable, immutable, and omnipotent and it for sure does one day 'burn' the ignorant, arrogant, or vain.

    I believe that it is now time for all police officer "enforcers" of man's rules to re-examine their roles, and refuse to become enforcers, extortionists and kidnappers and 'jailers' for the punitive unloving religion that is called The State Government Institution of Tasmania.

    I hold no 'grudge' against you, for I realise that you are ignorant of the truth and, as all men have been taught the wrong way by precedents set by your forebears. The difference between your 'belief' and mine is, that you are 'happy' to take a 'mercenary' wage * and defy God. (see note on next page)

    Whereas even for a 'sum' of a million dollars I would not have entered your premises and confronted you with the intent to rob you of some of your property, for I have 'read and seen' the reason for God's Command, and I do understand His 'Just' Law.

    You should put down your guns, handcuffs, capsicum sprays and other offensive "defensive" weapons, and follow God's Command and heed God's word that is now fully and freely available on earth through my pen at:

    For you are not 'legitimately' above the Law of God.

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    No man or mandate or earthly 'Authority' or Institution of man ever is above the Law of God, thus your 'actions' against me dealt a spiritual 'blow' against your own selves. Why don't you quickly make an informed decision as to your next move? Are you ahead contemplating my 'arrest' and detention? Please read the main page of my web site before you do, for I would not like to leave you in the dark, for at its end it clearly says:

    Let it here be known that any "person" who tries to "violate" my "person" or the content of this God's sacred web site by any "Act" of intrusion, or any person who "directs" any other to so do, will by God be deemed an "offender" in God's eyes and by their own deed as one to be eternally "despised" by the Source (God), and their eternal destiny decreed by God THE AUTHORITY shall be one of eternal misery in the Dark "Hell" land below, for this "note" as all else by me written, has been done to set you free.

    Peace and goodwill unto all mankind
    The Devil will you bind

    None stand 'above' God's One Law - "As you do will be done unto you."

    I would 'suggest,' that if any 'other' believes that I need any form of 'punishment,' then just tell them to do their own 'dirty' work themselves. For the 'Spirit of Truth' has enlightened you personally, and that you do now 'bow' to the Command of your Creator to: "Go your way in peace and never disturb the peace of others for any reason."

    It is now time to educate all real offenders, (Any person disturbing the peace and abusing others) including those within the policing forces. The rehabilitation and education of offenders is done by subjecting them to the "The Feeling Easier Seminar," the program for which may be found in "The Offender Document" on the above web page.

    I hope Tasmania leads the way to positive change and I also hope that you begin to see the 'gravity' of your own situation. Please read "The Spiritual consequences of 'Action' - Karma," to assist you in changing your personal way before the LAST DAY when God soon separates the 'evil from the good.'

    It explains the reality of the need to conform to God's 'Only be loving' Command and the implications of failing to so do. I also give the internet links to six documents.

    ~ The spiritual consequence of 'Action' - (Karma) ~
    The 'activator' and the 'recipient.'
    The above found at: <

    ~ The 'hand' & 'Act of God' ~
    The above found at: < hand.htm >

    ~ The Law of God' ~
    The above found at: < thelaw1.htm >

    ~ Mandates & Justification ~
    The above found at: < mandates.htm >

    ~ Executive Summary ~
    of God's Law in man's Court
    The above found at: <
    godslaw5.htm >

    Note: a 'mercenary' wage * Extract from 'The Mercenary' found on page 24 at: < blood02.htm >

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    The difference between an 'honest' wage and a 'mercenary' one is, - - - one is receiving an honest wage when ones 'duties' are such that God sees ones 'actions' as being in conformance to His commanded "Peace unto all" Code of Conduct. For it follows that the 'worker' receives a beneficent return for his labours (within God's Law) as well as receiving a monetary reward.

    Whereas a mercenary is a 'hired soldier,' being a person who for a 'wage' is prepared to defy his Creator and bear 'arms' against another. Thus all 'enforcers' are unknowingly a 'mercenary' person by virtue of the fact that, in the course of their duty to the 'rule book' of man, they are prepared to walk outside the Command of God and they do 'intrude, invade and steal,' and not only this, but if ordered by to so do by the 'rules' that guide their conduct, or by 'orders' of other men they would also kill a person.

    All soldiers and other 'civilians' employed as enforcers do their own souls a grave injustice, for they place it within the punitive and negative side of God's "As you Sow so shall ye Reap - eye for an eye" Law, and when others 'ignorantly' invade their land or place there is every likelihood that they will retaliate with force and thus divorce their souls even further away from the Light.

    You and others might 'believe' that you are not a 'mercenary' but, any person who bears 'arms' against any other and 'controls, intrudes, invades, robs, rapes, pillages, steals, abuses, kidnaps, fines, punishes, incarcerates, or kills' is a 'bad' offensive person in God's eyes, and one to be severely dealt with by God either 'here' or in the 'afterlife.'

    No 'uniform' or mandate of authority given by any Institution of man gives any person any immunity from God's Law that is 'Absolute Justice.' - - - Harry and Nicholas, why not be the ones to help me lift people up, why are you engaged in pulling people down when within the JUST Law of God you do the same unto yourself?

    Harry, when you look into the 'mirror' at home or in your automobile each day I ask you to remember me and ask of yourself:

    "If I am a man true then why do I join those who plot and plan to bring others down, - - - for if I am a real man then my 'personal' plan should be as Terence, and it should be one where I help to lift my sisters and brother UP, so that in Heaven we can laugh and all drink from love's cup."

    Ultimately, you need to decide if 'God' really exists. For if it is "Yes," then you are already in big 'trouble' for taking a silver 'rouble' as payment to defy God and, - - - to then enter onto the premises of another with a 'gun' on your hip with the intent to rob them of their property and, - - - having in fact caused 'concern' amongst their family members who were present and yet still are concerned as to your next move.

    For armed 'gunmen' who act as 'robots' when taking a mercenary wage are extremely dangerous to the community, for they stride around with 'seeming' impunity and are prepared to unconscionably do whatever they are ordered to so do. You presently 'act' as and in fact are a 'marauder' who 'thinks' that his 'target' is to be 'freely' abused because they by the 'ruling' of another or another's Rules are in default.

    Son, God says: 

    "IF another is in default then you must forgive them. You must also give them good counsel as Terence does to you, so that they can be 'reprieved' from their ignorance and thus given a 'second' chance to 'enter' MY Promised Land that is the 'gift' I bequeath unto any person who heeds me. 

    For I can only set them free from the Dark One when they stop being it in their interaction with others and, - - - those who continue to use its 'force' do divorce their own souls from MY Light and, they do fall below to fight on in perpetuity in very dismal realms below in the Dark."

    Fortunately Harry, neither you nor Nicholas stole anything from me, for if you had then it would have become another 'debt' placed upon your own 'shoulders,' that would come back to haunt you and your family in this life or another at which time you would be the ones to 'fret' when marauders entered your 'gate.'

    Please do not ever again even 'consider' being a 'debt' collector for any other, especially not on my 'account.' For I would not like to be the 'cause' of your spiritual demise. You might feel 'strong,' and you might 'think' you are not in need of my counsel, but I can assure you that our Creator who guides this pen sees a lot clearer than you do. I wish you both well. Please do 'better' and try and stay out of HELL, for there is no mercy or compassion or hope in that land.

    Listen to me Harry and Nicholas, you just need to 'uphold' the peace of the land. This you do by bringing the 'offenders' to me to be counselled in one of my 'Feeling easier Seminars.' Thus you remain within the Light and right side of God's ONE LAW.

     Leave it to God to uphold the punitive side of HIS Law. For if you do it 'for' him and you go forth to 'steal, abuse, invade, detain, instil fear, punish, wage war, incarcerate, or kill,' then under HIS ONE LAW it is HE to ahead do the same unto you.

    Terence - The Messiah

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    ~ Someone else's Orders ~

    On someone else's Orders Police and other people in 'governing' departments believe that they have a divine right to:

    Use rules with 'punitive attachments' to force compliance to dictates using force of arms

    and 'somehow' have an immunity 'token' giving them 'protection' from God's Divine immutable Law "As you do is done unto you" - - - due to their 'mandate' or 'rule' or 'writ' or verbal 'word' given by another's mouth. This is a FALSE assumption.

    On someone else's Orders Police and other people in 'governing' departments believe that they have a divine right to:

    Regulate the lives of others using force of arms

    and 'somehow' have an immunity 'token' giving them 'protection' from God's Divine immutable Law "As you do is done unto you" - - - due to their 'mandate' or 'rule' or 'writ' or verbal 'word' given by another's mouth. This is a FALSE assumption.

    On someone else's Orders Police and other people in 'governing' departments believe that they have a divine right to:

    Control the free movement of others using force of arms

    and 'somehow' have an immunity 'token' giving them 'protection' from God's Divine immutable Law "As you do is done unto you" - - - due to their 'mandate' or 'rule' or 'writ' or verbal 'word' given by another's mouth. This is a FALSE assumption.

    On someone else's Orders Police and other people in 'governing' departments believe that they have a divine right to:

    Seize a land mass and claim ownership of it and its inhabitants using force of arms

    and 'somehow' have an immunity 'token' giving them 'protection' from God's Divine immutable Law "As you do is done unto you" - - - due to their 'mandate' or 'rule' or 'writ' or verbal 'word' given by another's mouth. This is a FALSE assumption.

    On someone else's Orders Police and other people in 'governing' departments believe that they have a divine right to:

    To 'steal' funds by taxing every endeavor of the community using force of arms

    and 'somehow' have an immunity 'token' giving them 'protection' from God's Divine immutable Law "As you do is done unto you" - - - due to their 'mandate' or 'rule' or 'writ' or verbal 'word' given by another's mouth. This is a FALSE assumption.

    On someone else's Orders Police and other people in 'governing' departments believe that they have a divine right to:

    Invade the lands of others over the sea and impose their 'ruling' control using force of arms

    and 'somehow' have an immunity 'token' giving them 'protection' from God's Divine immutable Law "As you do is done unto you" - - - due to their 'mandate' or 'rule' or 'writ' or verbal 'word' given by another's mouth. This is a FALSE assumption.

    On someone else's Orders Police and other people in 'governing' departments believe that they have a divine right to:

    Seize control of the roads, seas, airspace, ports, and airports and tax users using force of arms

    and 'somehow' have an immunity 'token' giving them 'protection' from God's Divine immutable Law "As you do is done unto you" - - - due to their 'mandate' or 'rule' or 'writ' or verbal 'word' given by another's mouth. This is a FALSE assumption.

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    On someone else's Orders Police and other people in 'governing' departments believe that they have a divine right to:

    Impose restrictive building or other codes upon people using force of arms

    and 'somehow' have an immunity 'token' giving them 'protection' from God's Divine immutable Law "As you do is done unto you" - - - due to their 'mandate' or 'rule' or 'writ' or verbal 'word' given by another's mouth. This is a FALSE assumption.

    On someone else's Orders Police and other people in 'governing' departments believe that they have a divine right to:

    Imprison 'visitors' to their 'claimed' land who entered without a 'permit' using force of arms

    and 'somehow' have an immunity 'token' giving them 'protection' from God's Divine immutable Law "As you do is done unto you" - - - due to their 'mandate' or 'writ' or verbal 'word' given by another's mouth. This is a FALSE assumption.

    On someone else's Orders Police and other people in 'governing' departments believe that they have a divine right to:

    Halt others trading if they are not 'permitted' by them using force of arms

    and 'somehow' have an immunity 'token' giving them 'protection' from God's Divine immutable Law "As you do is done unto you" - - - due to their 'mandate' or 'writ' or verbal 'word' given by another's mouth. This is a FALSE assumption.

    On someone else's Orders Police and other people in 'governing' departments believe that they have a divine right to:

    Tax, levy, restrict, or embargo imports or exports using force of arms

    and 'somehow' have an immunity 'token' giving them 'protection' from God's Divine immutable Law "As you do is done unto you" - - - due to their 'mandate' or 'writ' or verbal 'word' given by another's mouth. This is a FALSE assumption.

    On someone else's Orders Police and other people in 'governing' departments believe that they have a divine right to:

    Invade anothers 'abode' forcefully and damage property and
    cause great havoc and emotional anguish to the occupants using force of arms

    and 'somehow' have an immunity 'token' giving them 'protection' from God's Divine immutable Law "As you do is done unto you" - - - due to their 'mandate' or 'writ' or verbal 'word' given by another's mouth. This is a FALSE assumption.

    On someone else's Orders Police and other people in 'governing' departments believe that they have a divine right to:

    Arrest and kidnap a person and hold them hostage by 'trial' and jail using force of arms

    and 'somehow' have an immunity 'token' giving them 'protection' from God's Divine immutable Law "As you do is done unto you" - - - due to their 'mandate' or 'writ' or verbal 'word' given by another's mouth. This is a FALSE assumption.

    On someone else's Orders Police and other people in 'governing' departments believe that they have a divine right to:

    Judge the actions of the other as 'offensive' for the purpose of punishment using force of arms

    and 'somehow' have an immunity 'token' giving them 'protection' from God's Divine immutable Law "As you do is done unto you" - - - due to their 'mandate' or 'writ' or verbal 'word' given by another's mouth. This is a FALSE assumption.

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    On someone else's Orders Police and other people in 'governing' departments believe that they have a divine right to:

    Force people to pay their 'debts' by coercion or theft of their money using force of arms

    and 'somehow' have an immunity 'token' giving them 'protection' from God's Divine immutable Law "As you do is done unto you" - - - due to their 'mandate' or 'writ' or verbal 'word' given by another's mouth. This is a FALSE assumption.

    On someone else's Orders Police and other people in 'governing' departments believe that they have a divine right to:

    Cause bodily harm to another or even kill them using force of arms

    and 'somehow' have an immunity 'token' giving them 'protection' from God's Divine immutable Law "As you do is done unto you" - - - due to their 'mandate' or 'writ' or verbal 'word' given by another's mouth. This is a FALSE assumption.

    No 'rule' or Emperor or King or Mandate 'overrules' or gives any person any immunity from God's Supreme 'eye for an eye' law. Let it here be again stated:

    God's law is JUST, it is HONOURABLE, it is EQUITABLE, and immutable:

    "What you do is done unto you on an 'eye for an eye' basis"

    Good for good - abuse for abuse - kindness for kindness - pain for pain etc.

    It is the Dark Sovereign Power who 'invokes' the punitive aspect or 'negative' offensive aspect of your behaviour. Thus if you foolishly think that when you imprison a person for three months for driving whilst 'disqualified' by a man (magistrate) that you are upholding the 'rules' in a book, you are in error.

    You are in fact upholding the TRUE 'Law of the Land,' as you are being used by the 'underhand' of God to mete out punishment to a person who possibly way back in their past * did imprison others for that time factor.

    So they receive their Just 'due' for that past * offence. The 'jail' sentence is not for the 'ruling' present offence of non conformity to a decree of a magistrate.

    So those who defy God's "Peace unto all and mercy and forgiveness" Command are used by the Dark Sovereign Power to mete out ITS Justice and Judgement of the day.

    None seeing that they the 'enforcer' are ITS 'victim' and they will thus 'pay' the FULL 'blood' price of their 'offensive behaviour' on a later day. Every 'abuser' is ITS victim, even the 'wife' basher or 'child' school bully. All are being mentally 'possessed' by ITS thoughts and used to mete out ITS 'Justice.' - - - All being abused for any reason are receiving their Just past dues. 

    Note: back in their past * - this life or another prior to this incarnation time.

    Try and see that it is the Dark Sovereign Power who imposes greater and greater 'control, restriction, impoverishment, abuse, destruction' and other frustrations upon the whole of mankind VIA the satanic book of Rules, - - - being Rules that IT invokes through the minds of the 'ruling' classes because, - - -

    It is mankind's DUE for all being complicit to 'fellowshipping' with and funding and condoning the 'anti-god' merciless punitive ideology and, they are all thus untrue to each other, themselves, and their God of Light and freedom.

    Thus within the Law of God all suffer a return dismal 'fate.'

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    ~ Inspector John Arnold ~
    Officer in Charge St. Helens Police station

    Dear John, this letter is to introduce myself to you, for no doubt we will meet in the future and it is my intent to be frank and honest in my approach to you for a number of reasons.

    Principally because there is much at stake in these 'end' times when so many break the Command of God as they intrude, rob, rape, pillage, and abuse and kill others and, - - - the worst 'repeat' offenders being those who daily such do, are those who have actually been 'entrusted' with the welfare of the community.

    Yes, these people are the 'enforcers' of the punitive aspect of Rules that rule the lives of so many, and it is these rules that  in fact force the community workers such as you to themselves 'break' the Command of God the Creator, and thus unknowingly place their own souls in great jeopardy.

    Secondly, I wish to advise you that I am the 'awaited' Messiah of whom it was long past prophesied would return 'as a thief in the night' * to bring forth the fresh uncontaminated wisdom for the Salvation of errant man.

    Note: 'as a thief in the night' * - Being a person who enters unseen. Meaning that my spirit soul is invisible to man and thus my SPIRIT soul entered this biological realm of consciousness unseen.

    I am not here to 'prove' anything nor to perform any 'miracles.' I come as God's Plenipotentiary and as a simple man who has but one task, and who is to 'elevate' the fresh wisdom of God to free all mankind.

    For all are yet 'bonded' and unknowingly enslaved by the Dark Force as all 'bow' or 'kneel' to the same Dark Doctrine of the Devil that is revealed in my 'The Slave citizen' document.

    Thirdly, I wish to ask you to please tell all your 'under' officers to stop their religious persecution of me and to thus discontinue 'unwelcome' visits to my place of abode. I do not wish to be 'arrested' or interfered with.

    You may not be aware of it, but your 'mandate' to interfere in the lives of others should be 'confined' to those who 'belong to' or 'fellowship with' your Institution. For even though you have been 'led' to believe that all mortals on this land are within your jurisdiction, that 'belief' is error that is born out by your own Constitutional 'act' that quite clearly states that those of a different 'belief' or ideology are free to follow their own 'star,' being their own religious doctrine and, - - -

    It also states that NO subsequent 'rule' can be 'made' that will overthrow this basic RULE. Thus your 'merry men' need to come to 'grips' with this, for they not only treat me with disdain and 'merriment,' which is their prerogative, but their arrogance and defiance of their own 'mandate' and the Command of their own God leads them deeper into coming despair and pain.

    I wish to also send you a copy of the 'memo' sent today to both the officers who came my way last week. I also wish to give you my web site content CD to peruse if you so choose to.

    I also raise this note onto my web site, for it is to aid other 'enforcers' to come to a personally informed decision as to their own 'fate.' For you all take an 'Oath' of allegiance to 'someone' do you not? I assume that the Oath is one wherein people 'swear' to not only protect the people, but to never 'break' the rules (law) as you call it by any wrongful or illegal act.

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    Why then I ask are the police being used to extort money, seize goods, intrude rudely, detain, kidnap, abuse or even kill the people they are supposed to protect? It appears that they are 'permitted' to so do by the very rules that say that others cannot, and they even 'think' they have some sort of immunity.

    I do believe that every serving officer needs to now reassess their 'terms of engagement' or service 'contract.' For in my 'opinion,' the only safe one is where they only assist the community by upholding the PEACE of the land as they also so do by not disturbing the peace.

    For as they 'uphold' the enforcement of the punitive 'attachments' to the Rules that have been put into place by legislators, they the enforcer are then in defiance of their God and subject themselves to the punitive aspect of God's divine law that is THE LAW of the land. (As are the legislators and the community who fund or support their doctrine defiant of God)

    If your contract says: "Uphold Law and order," then it needs to be seen by you what the word 'The Law' actually means and is. For the 'rules' are not the law, they are simply the dictates of men.

    Neither are the punitive 'attachments' the law, they are also simply the 'threat' that coerces people into conforming to the dictate. So if you are simply being used by politicians to 'arrest and detain' people so that they can be 'dealt with' according to the dictates of the rules, then as said, you are subjecting yourselves to the Law of God and placing yourselves 'squarely' within ITS 'punitive' and 'eye for an eye' painful return.

    For as the police do 'Sow' disorder and in the course of their duty to RULES they also 'commit' all the 'crimes' listed within the 'criminal code' as criminal conduct, then there is something wrong with the Rules and the minds of the men who legislated them.

    It is now the time for all policing personnel to become informed. For to simply 'swear' a 'sacred' Oath to other men and then openly defy the code of conduct set out for humanity by men and God and, - - - to openly defy their God, then they also need to become aware of their own 'danger' that they daily unknowingly compound.

    It is no good going forth having 'strapped on a gun' without knowing the complexity of the spiritual aspect of one's actions. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Any person should know that.

    All men must now learn the word 'RESPECT,' and hear God's Command of PEACE UNTO ALL because, - - - God the FATHER does wield a very, very BIG 'stick' against any 'fool' who thinks he can impose and abuse another's inner Light 'rose' created by God.

    Political Legislators have used rules to enslave and tax, and they have used 'enforcers' of rules to punish, control, coerce, and thus force compliance to political Dictators, and you the 'actual' enforcers and the judiciary are their 'lackeys' who daily do their 'dirty' work for them, and 'unwittingly' place your own 'beings' or souls  into the 'hands' of the Dark Sovereign Power that will deal with you all on an 'eye for an eye' return

    So much trauma is already in store for humanity which is already escalating unto TOTAL CHAOS as was prophesied by me many many years ago.

    John, we are here on earth to set people FREE from using Darkness and thus being BOUND by Darkness. We are not here to PUNISH for and on behalf of the Darkness. For in so doing, we become BOUND more by the Darkness.

    Education is the way.

    Note: - The fact of the matter is that there are many good men and women within the political, judicial, and enforcement 'ranks' that do 'intend' to serve the community. However, they have all been FALSELY INDOCTRINATED through the false teachings of their ancestors and, - - -

    All have made it their business to either be the legislators of 'controlling' rules, or to be the inquisitors or enforcers of punitive administration, and that is the 'forbidden fruit' upon which they daily 'sup' as they contravene the Command of God that was and is: 

    "Go your way in peace and do not disturb the peace of the land and, be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving and, do not enslave, tax, steal, deceive, invade, abuse, punish, wage war, or kill.

    For it is these 'factors' that place you within MY punitive LAW as I fulfil MY equitable 'eye for an eye' Justice and, what you do is done unto you and, what you do not see as you defy ME is, that as you 'sup' on MY Dark energy it fills your soul and, its 'weight' is what drags you down to the underworld for it is 'The Sin' that you draw in."

    I Terence say to the Father: "I forgive those who confront and abuse me. For I know that they are the 'deaf' who hear not your words, and they are the 'blind' who cannot clearly see, and they are the 'lame' who walk the wrong way and, - - - I forgive them as I hold no malice and, it is also the 'way' commanded by you father.

    But I do also know that contrary to 'common' belief, that you forgive naught until your immutable 'eye for an eye' Law has been fulfilled by you and the 'dogs of war' have received their 'Just & Equitable' due, for that is Justice and it is the same 'accountability'  Justice that they in their ignorance impose upon others for you."

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    ~ The 'fall' of man ~

    This Paper shows how man defied God's "Walk in peace and love one another and be forgiving" Command, and 'legalised' the use of Darkness in his interaction with others, by upholding God's retributive punitive 'eye for an eye' Law.

    Having 'legalised' the use of force, man then felt justified in being the 'instrument' of the Dark Sovereign Power in the 'assumption' that they were as God, and thus above God's Law. This is a false assumption.

    For none could see that by this 'act' they placed themselves within the Dark aspect of God's 'eye for an eye' Law, that applies to all who use dark energetic force to wage war, impose taxes, abuse others, invade, or interfere or kill etc. God says:

    The Decree

    "I command you to only be my 'instruments' of Light, thus you only 'fulfil' the positive 'aspect' of my 'As you do is done unto you' Law. You are forbidden to be my 'instruments' of darkness, thus you must not fulfil the negative 'aspect of my 'As you sow so shall ye reap' Law.

    For only I your God have the Right to punish or abuse or destroy my 'Creation' you. Any of you who play 'god' and abuse any, will most certainly be 'hearing' from ME."

    The 'temptation' placed before man by the Devil was, - - - that man could use force of arms and 'usurp' God's command and not suffer any reprimand and, - - - the instigating 'forces' were the sinful emotions within man of greed, vanity, and pride.

    It was through the 'vibrational' energy of these emotions that the mind of man was 'opened' by the Dark, and its thoughts entered the mind of man saying: "Use my forceful power that I bequeath unto you and go forth over the land taking all by force of arms, thus you will become powerful and rich and you will leave all your enemies dead in the ditch."

    Arrogant man forgot his God and became so brazen that by today none can even see the 'way,' for all perceive the use of forceful regulation and punishment as normal. It is also seen as 'normal' that no society on earth today can 'operate' without a person as 'head of house.'

    The spiritual 'governance' of God being the good counsel of God to "ONLY walk in peace and never disturb the peace of others" has been replaced by the governance of satanic 'books of rules' raised up by vain men in every land, who control and regulate every aspect of man's life.

    These rules 'permit' those who 'bear it up' forcefully to forcefully enforce its 'dictates' and, as these dictates permit monetary extortion by tax and fine and many a 'levy,' it follows that every man has become a 'thief' due to his 'bowing' to the dictates of these books.

    These books of 'rules' also permit man to wage war, invade, control borders, seas, seize control of fish and fauna etc., and the rules force men to kidnap, hold hostage in jails, and even to kill. None seeing their 'perversity' couched in words like "It is in the community and national interest."

    Man now 'bows' to Satan via these rules, and these rules by their very existence ensure that none can 'fellowship' with their true God of Love, forgiveness, and mercy. For any non-conformity to the dictates of rules is met with the 'whip' wielded as fine or incarceration.

    The 'electoral' premise is such that there is the assumption that all men need to be governed by 'someone' else other than their own conscience or God. This vain insanity was imposed upon man by other men in the past using force of arms to gain total control and enslave all within their 'border' patrol.

    So today, whether you vote or not, or whether you seek to be governed by another or not, you are still forced by other men to comply with the dictates of the 'rules' within their 'System' of dark and punitive ideology.

    The use of force brings great suffering upon multitudes, and this suffering returns upon all those 'complicit' to its imposition. Man is bound unto bondage and perpetual suffering until 'each' does individually stop funding their 'man' governing Institutions.

    We need no kings, presidents, or other dictators. For all they do is to raise up Autocratic rules that Rule with an iron fist. We must 'sack' every government and destroy every rule book. Only thus can we sanely heed our God and go our way peacefully without let or hindrance from others.

    The more you personally 'persecute' or 'prosecute' and bring others to 'account,' the more your own spiritual debts do mount. If you cause any other person or their family members to suffer or cry, then you deserve a similar fate I espy. For God says: 

    "You must forgive, if you in Heaven would live, for any who MY Command deny do fall below and CRY." 

    No more rules, all are subjects of God and subject to God's divine Law. Let us now only fund and support the truly welfare sections of our communities, and never again invoke the dark 'spell' of punishment that leads all into Hell

    Educate and give guidance only, as you give freely to assist others and community projects.

    Those who seek the governance and protection of 'Systems' or men are those who have turned their backs to God. 

    God says:

    "You need no rules or rulers, simply go your way in Peace as commanded by Me, 
    and never seek to control or regulate or berate any sister or brother."

    The Spirit of Truth

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    ~ God's - 'THE LAW' ~
    v/s 'Rules' named by Man as 'the law'
    & 'Common Law

    Let it here be 'noted' that there has over time been a deception imposed upon man by the Devil who did entwine with the mind of the vain and arrogant. It the dark force did 'move' to misplace the absolute Law of God the Creator into 'second' place (in man's mind) and thus empower man to do 'its' dark bidding and control, enslave, and entrap all mankind.

    The 'deception' was that 'some' men would be given the power and authority to 'rule' other men and, to be able to defy their Creator and use force to coerce and force others into compliance with 'their' ways and beliefs.

    Thus the Dark Doctrine of imposition became the way as man through precedents 'set' by his ancestors and ongoing community 'elders' forgot the living Word of God that said and is again said via me:

    "I AM the ONE to be heeded, and it is I to Rule MY children, not you. It is I who is THE LAW and the only ONE authorised to mete out any punishment to those who defy MY 'Walk in peace and only love one another' Command.

    It is I the only ONE who is Just and Honourable and able to mete out MY 'eye for an eye 'Tribute' for kind deeds or 'Revenge' for abuse and, My singular LAW is that each for 'better or worse' does 'Reap what they Sow' in an equal exacting amount.

    There is no 'leniency' within MY Law and it is eternally immutable, and for every action of mankind there is an equal and opposite reaction that is given or imposed by ME the ONE who only the true can see.

    Yes each of you MY children are free to just be or do whatever you are inspired to but remember, every moment by moment action of yours is seen by ME, and 'equitably' do I 'end' every story of man be they true and just, or untrue and thus thrust into the Abyss by ME."

    Mankind forgot that he had 'spoiled' his inner Rose and thus contaminated it with 'Sin,' being the negative energy of the Dark that could thus control him and use him to 'forgo' the Light and use it the Devil's Might.

    Ancient man did have a 'conscience' that was able to see a little more clearly than the greedy men of the day, thus they were able to raise up what they named 'Common Law' that was 'partly' conscionable in that it stated that no person was to be punished unless they had actually 'harmed' another. However, it is not man's prerogative to punish anyone.

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    They forgot of course that in the 'course' of their own 'warring' ways, that they at many a time did also cause harm as they tried to 'rid' their lands of other invaders.

    In later years those who gained 'power' over men through force of arms then named themselves as 'Chief or King or Emperor,' and, they did also assume 'god-ship' and gave themselves the name of 'Sacred protector backed by God,' but none saw that they were the deluded and the untrue for enslaving all of you.

    As time passed and man tried to become 'civil' there were codes of conduct taught, but these then became 'entwined' with what is today named 'The Law' but in fact simply are the Decrees drawn up by Legislators and backed by force of arms.

    Not only this, but the community Peace Corps that was 'originally' inspired to maintain 'orderliness' was itself 'abducted' and 'conscripted' into the political 'policing' establishment, due to the politicians seeking a 'means' whereby they using force, could extort endless sums of money from the community.

    Thus we are now in the unfortunate position whereby all are being forced to comply with Decrees that are but the ideological imposition of 'some' over others as they defy God.

    It does not 'matter' in God's eyes whether the 'Decrees' are good or bad leading to the community being happy or sad. What does matter in reference to HIS LAW is that any imposition or control is contra HIS Command, and HE will most certainly 'reprimand' every slaver and enforcer of dictates and subject them to HIS LAW.

    What man could not see is that the Devil's intent was to use man to abuse others, so that they the vain and ignorant placed themselves within the Dark punitive side of God's Law, and thus HE the Dark was then empowered to mete out HIS revenge and abuse and destroy.

    The 'Law of God' is simple, Just and Equitable, being an equal return unto all. Be it mental or emotional or physical 'happiness' given through one's actions or mental or emotional or physical 'trauma' given through one's actions.

    It is 'abhorrent' to our Creator that 'some' believe that they have a 'divine right' to impose their dictates or decrees named RULES upon others. If any of 'you' would now be true to yourself and God, then stop being an abuser.

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    An abuser is any person who disturbs the peace of the land.
    abuser is any person who taxes others for any reason.
    abuser is any person who robs, rapes, or kills others.
    abuser is any person who causes another bodily harm.
    abuser is any person who forces others to comply with their ideology.
    abuser is any person who kidnaps a person and holds them hostage.
    abuser is any person who persecutes or prosecutes another for any reason.
    abuser is any person who is merciless, cruel, unkind, or unforgiving.
    abuser is any person who controls the free movement of others, be it nationally or internationally.
    abuser is any person who uses punishment as a 'coercive' means to force compliance to their dictates.
    abuser is any person who arrests or detains others for the purpose of punishment.
    abuser is any person who defies the 'Peaceful' Code of Conduct as stipulated by God, 
    for they end up being an abuser and being abused in perpetuity in the Abyss in the afterlife.

    Speak no evil and do no evil, for when you plot or scheme to bring another down, it is the 'thoughts' of the Devil seeking to pull you down. For what HE through you does do, will by HIM through others be done unto you.

    Both 'aspects' of the Source be it positive or negative have the capacity to flow through any person at any time depending upon whether they are 'lovers' of others or simply ignorant swine.

    If mankind wishes to educate others and have a peaceful life then by all means raise up civil Codes of Conduct that educate people. Example:

    It is best to drive on a particular side of the road so as to be safe. It is best to drive at 30 mph or less in built up areas so as to be safe. For if you cause 'bodily' harm to another through recklessness, then God's immutable Law will ensure that you ahead will suffer equally for every drop of blood spilt or emotional trauma endured by the other. You cannot 'insure' yourself against the 'fulfilment' of the Law of God.

    Codes of Conduct are strictly guidelines to assist the community. There are to be no punitive 'attachments,' because every child of God has been given the choice to 'live or die' by God, not you.

    Those who believe that 'order' is only maintained through rules are themselves sowing disorder in their enforcement of rules. There will only be orderliness after the coming chaos, because mankind will have become enlightened by God through this pen with the knowledge that God is THE LAW, not man.

    Every 'enforcer' needs to now 'change' and become an educator.

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    ~ RULE of man by GOD -
    The God of Light and Love

    Mankind for long centuries past and even today is Ruled by 'force of arms' that upholds the Rules or 'edicts'  imposed upon 'the people' by the Dark Sovereign Power through the mind of Dictators, Emperors, the 'Crown' or the 'Presidents men' etc.

    The Dark Sovereign Power cunningly hides its 'slaver & extortionist & punitive' role in the guise of: "It's for the people 'we' work, and it's on behalf of the people 'we' work, and it's for the benefit of the people 'we' work, and its for nationhood and national security 'we' work" - - - as it in fact enslaves all unto its Dark ideological ways.

    For the people have no 'say' at all in the impositions placed upon them and, - - - It is now the time for all serving 'State' Police officers to see that their position in each town or City is an outside force 'positioned' to uphold the Rules of The Dark Sovereign Power, rather than true 'protection of the people.'

    Further to this, would the 'local' people really have employed people as a 'Peace Corps' who 'stood over' them as 'heavies,' and extorted money and abused them and punished them? NO. Now you can see why you the 'enforcers' are not employed by any community, and that you are an imposition paid a wage by others who steal money from the community.

    It is because the Police work for the The Dark Sovereign Power via the politicians, that there is a great 'difficulty' for them now. For if they wish to make a positive change wherein they only uphold the Peace and truly work for the community, then they will need to be paid direct, and be employed direct by the local community where they live and work.

    The 'moment' any Police 'Chief' or his officers decide to now conform to the Command of the God of Light, rather than continuing to follow the Decrees of the 'God' of Dark, the The Dark Sovereign Power. Then it the The Dark Sovereign Power will see their 'defection' from its 'ranks' as 'Treasonable' and an 'act' against IT, and it will either 'sack' them or attack them using a 'superior' armed force, hence the dilemma now facing all seeking the freedom to walk tall and honestly and lovingly in God's eyes.

    The police 'force' and every other 'force' will now disband, because as Systems fail there will be no more funds available to pay them from the 'King's' coffers, and the 'political' way of the 'day' will become a 'nightmare' of the past. The people will truly reclaim the land they rightfully own, and the freedom to follow their own God.

    Some of those who presently work for the Police force who are honestly seeking to serve God and the people must quickly seed themselves with my wisdom, and come to a personally informed decision as to their next move. It is the time for their new role of true upholders of the peace to begin as they hand in their 'gun' and badge and approach their local community.

    They will approach their community elders, telling them that they are seeking to be employed as Peace workers who will 'cruise' the streets day and night (as usual) but they will only apprehend persons who are disturbing the peace of the land and, - - -

    Those persons will be 'happy' to be 'arrested,' for they will know that they are not in any danger from the peace workers, for they will 'simply' detain them long enough for them to attend a 3 hour 'Feeling Easier Seminar' and be set free unless they have killed. (Refer Decrees)

    Only this way are the peace workers SAFE in God's eyes, as they are truly working for God and the benefit of the whole community, as they do assist in the rehabilitation and education of those who have become mentally disturbed for one or another reason.

    It is now the time for each person to make a choice as to whether they continue to be a swine working for the 'swinish' Dark Sovereign Power or, whether they will earn a true wage and work kindly for God and the people who do pay their wage.

    Each must now choose their way, for the Light of God is to now 'claim' this realm as one of love and peace, and any who continue to 'grease' their hands and souls with the 'controllers' grime will send their own souls into the Abyss for a very long time. Peace unto all or you FALL.

    The RULE by God is the one whereby all mankind lives in accordance with the 'Peaceful & Merciful & Compassionate & Forgiving' CODE of CONDUCT as Commanded by GOD.

    God's pen has spoken

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    ~ Is it Democracy ~

    The Institution that names itself 'The government' has seized control of every facet of man's living in every land on earth, and its workers justify that by saying: "Only we can maintain Law and Order on your behalf using the RULE by Law."

    That is false, for the institutional 'System' of man Rules with a GUN saying: "We decree the Rules that you must OBEY and, - - - we name the rules 'The Law' and, - - - if you do not comply with them then we will use the gun (force of arms) to punish you and to coerce you into compliance with our belief - our dictates - our dark extortionist & punitive IDEOLOGY."

    What 'they' or 'its workers' need to see, is that the rules that they name 'The Law' are not the law of the land. They are simply dictates imposed upon 'us' their slaves as a means whereby they can dictate their extortionist and punitive ideology, and also punish those who do not conform to their demands.

    I am here today to help them and you to see that God's singular Law is the law of this and every Land. "As you do is done unto you." Thus it follows that every enforcer of punitive rules will by God be punished, being their due.

    Terrorists only 'know' the 'Law of the gun,' and it follows that every 'governing' Institution on earth using force is thus a 'terrorist' organisation that is 'attempting' to either change the ways of others, or trying to halt others imposing their ideological dictates upon them.

    The mere fact that the Institution of any land naming itself as 'The government' forces you to pay a road license 'toll' or be punished if found 'unlicensed' on the roads, shows their total ignorance to the fact that they 'it' the Institution does not own the road, that is in fact owned equally by every child of God living upon that land.

    Thus no person is 'obliged' to pay any other any 'tax' prior to usage. Not only that, but 'order' is only maintained when all people learn how to keep their thoughts in order, and in any 'situation' be it orderly or otherwise, God's Law is in action during every interaction of man.

    Where is the Democracy when - every person 'standing' to be elected is a non-believer who has not heard God's 'Peace & mercy & forgiveness unto all' Command?

    Where is the Democracy when - every person elected forces you into compliance to their dictates and their ideology?

    Where is the Democracy when - every politician or leader has been deceived by the beliefs of their elders and past teachings and thus they believe in taxing you and controlling and punishing you?

    Where is the Democracy when - a believer in God is forced to comply with the rules of men who have a contra punitive ideology to that of 'Peace' as commanded by God?

    Where is the Democracy when - the only thing that leaders do is to add to the burdens and miseries placed upon the people through more regulation and control and punishment?

    Where is the Democracy when - every new leader elected promises more and more and thus needs to steal more and more by taxing more in order to satisfy his 'constituents'?

    Where is the Democracy when - it is a punishable offence to fail to vote as is the case in Australia a 'supposed' democratic nation?

    Where is the Democracy when - the lesser % of the voters are forced at 'gunpoint' to live by the 'dictatorial' rules raised up by the majority?

    Not only this, but there is NO democracy in any nation on earth. For the fact of the matter is, that every 'government' is in fact a religion that imposes ITS Dark doctrine upon the people that IT 'holds' as slaves within THE borders that IT 'patrols' using the 'gun,' (force of arms.)

    There is only democratic freedom when there are no 'borders' and no 'restrictions' imposed by any one upon any other, and where believers in God are free to go about their daily business without any 'distant' leader or his 'forces' harassing you by imposing decrees named 'rules' in an attempt to force 'obeyance' to his rules.

    No man or 'rule' or Institutional 'system' has the right to impose its doctrine upon others. True believers have God as leader, and thus all true 'believers' go about their daily business peacefully, and they do not interfere into the affairs of others. Now is the time when in each 'city,' people who are kind and respectful and 'godly' need to be appointed into their local 'civil' service as providers of welfare, or other necessary services to the benefit of the community.

    Forced taxation and forced punishment leads all into the Abyss. Education and free giving is to be the 'order' of the day and yes, people will be happy to contribute for the services provided. God says:

    "None are permitted by ME to live in any peace or democracy until they listen to ME and have ME as their head of house. For all men of today 'standing' to be 'elected' are thieves and murderers and liars and all of them by ME will be consigned into the fire.

    Do not waste time or money voting for anyone. Simply get on with your life with ME your God as sacred to you as your wife, and if you feel the need to be 'led' by man like a 'bull' with a 'ring' in its nose then tell ME your God and I will dispose of you for being to ME untrue."

    Am I the Messiah only here today to 'uplift' the meek and humble and 'oppressed' and take them home to Paradise? - NO. I am here to also 'enlighten' the lost 'wolves' such as invaders, oppressors, regulators, controllers, abusers, and those persecuting, taxing, punishing, and killing. So that they also become meek, humble, respectful, kind, and forgiving so that we all can move up to the Light where 'Good cheer' is an eternal delight.

    I am not a 'party member' to any Institution on earth that names itself 'The government of the land,' for I am 'governed' by God and God's "Peace & mercy & compassion & forgiveness" Code of Conduct. Thus I cannot 'be' supportive of or condoning or funding any 'contra' and punitive Institution, nor do I wish to be one of its 'subjects.' It is my God given right to walk apart from such a 'killing' machine.

    'Note': ~ The 'Proof of religion' Paper ~
    "The fundamentalist State Religion "

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    God's pen has spoken

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