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~ The 'old' and present day 'Land Law' riddle ~

The only reason why there appears to now be a 'land law' riddle is because a very long time ago there were very arrogant men that held God, God's Law and their fellow man in 'ridicule' and contempt. These 'feudal' barons, lords, chiefs, kings and their 'soldier men' defied God's sacred pen and they went forth over Earth's 'place' and seized every 'space' using 'force of arms' and then to the populace said:

"We are the ones holding the 'lucky charms' and we now hold all the land as far as we can see within the 'boundary' that we control using our armed men that do IT patrol and, - - -

Any of you others are out of 'luck' because, if any of you 'fuck'* with our control then we will 'herd' you and your family into the desert as we 'dispossess' you and, - - -

If any of you from today wish to remain on our place then you will have to 'bow' to our flag and punitive 'ideology' and 'grace' our 'plate' with a 'feoff' (fee) annually, for we are your 'feudal lord' and we demand all the 'cream' off the top of your crop."

Note: 'fuck'* - This 'expletive' is used here in the context of:

"It is deemed to be any person that attempts to 'enter in' to any 'process' with our organisation that is 'intimate' in that it intrudes or interferes or threatens the daily running of our institution in any way that may have an 'affect' that we its officers deem as 'inappropriate' conduct, - - - due to it being or becoming a 'threat' to the 'purity' of our extortionist & punitive & warlike control over said person or others enslaved by our institution and, - - -

The word 'process' that appears above also means that; - - - 'whatever' obvious or bizarre or downright stupid accusation we deem 'fit' to direct at you due to our 'fear' of being 'slighted' or, having our authority 'weakened' or,  our existence becoming 'threatened' in any way, - - - will be backed by the full punitive force of the Dark 'powers' available to us within our 'text' books and, - - - we may even go further than that and take personal 'advantage' by sending forth 'mercenaries' to deal with you in any 'underhand' manner we feel is appropriate."

These 'strong men' of the past are still 'present' on the land today, for once they 'learned' to read and write they cunningly transferred their strong 'sword' arm into a book of 'text' that they named 'the law of the land' and, - - -

All the people of every land on earth are still controlled by this deceptive 'precedent' and are still annually taxed by a feudal overlord who still employs armed men who now carry guns rather than swords.

And "Yes," the 'workers' of the Federal and State governments of every place on earth are but 'serfs' to the TEXTS that were and yet are raised up by ignorant fools seeking a 'free ride' and, - - - the people continue to be told what they can or cannot do or, what they must do on the property (land) they believe is their own or, default is punished by fine, imprisonment, or eviction.

What can I say to the 'bombastic bastards' being those that believe that TEXT in a 'rules or edicts' book are more sacred than 'humanity,' respect, sanity and the REALITY? The reality being that it is vanity and disrespectful insanity to interfere in the lives of people and to  tax' them an annual fee for every and any activity.

When will THE PEOPLE of the land understand that they do not 'have to' bow down to 'text rules.' For to any 'interferer' that comes to their door to 'tax' them or to forbid them to sell some acres or that forbids them to build etc., they can simply say:

"I do not know who you are. I do not know who you think you are but, - - - for sure you are not my 'king' nor my 'God' nor my 'master' and,  - - - I am not your slave so, - - -

Please enter and have a cup of tea, but do not insult me nor my God you cannot see by trying to 'coerce' me into bowing to any of your 'decrees' or demands, for I do not need you to 'run' my life nor to protect me, and neither do I pay you to be a 'pretend' wife needing my funds to provision your plate.

Please go your way in peace as commanded by our Creator, but if you are every 'hungry' or homeless then come to me, and I will offer you 'shelter' and a cup of tea and the Wisdom received by me from on high."

There is a very easy way to assist farmers from going bankrupt, and to also ease the difficulties for community members to obtain some land upon which to survive or thrive, and it will also 'free up' and halt the exorbitant price of 'home' land that is impoverishing every community.

It is time for farmers to simply go about their own business and to mark off either 1 or 2 or 5 acre sections of ground and to offer them for sale at whatever price they individually wish to. This way they will have the funds to remain where they are and they will also be helping the 'youth' to relocate outside cities.

There is no need to 'refer' to ANY 'Council' of elders for all are mentally 'bent' today as arrogance and vanity and 'control' holds sway. Nor is there any need to 'register' any such transaction with any 'department.'

Just take 'God' as your 'wife' and get ON with your LIFE.

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~ The Rural Ransom ~

The farmer is the 'backbone' of every land, for without food to eat people will starve and unhappiness does abound. Why then do politicians hold the 'golden goose' farmer to Ransom?

Why do politicians demand a golden egg each day and force the farmer to beg for help in every way? And why does the farming community not 'awaken' and see the increasing 'frivolity' and insanity and impropriety of the political 'gunmen' that force them to pay taxes in every way?

The day must soon come when every person in the community falls 'undone.' For if every farmer is forced to become Bankrupt by politically corrupt men 'posing' as 'elderly' gentlemen, then there will be no food base and then the hungry will rampage around taking back by force every 'stitch' of clothing from politicians, who will be left bare 'arsed' so all can see their disgrace.

It is time for all politicians to see the time of day and, - - - politicians must place an immediate and perpetual 'moratorium' on every tax that is 'applied' to the farmer. No land tax, no 'fee' or taxes on any water, fuel, vehicle, implements etc., and no interference at all, as the farmer is left to their own 'devices' to plant and grow and harvest and market their produce cheaply, and still some profit show.

Through regulation, control, and taxation the politician is stealing the 'bread' out of the mouths of the very people that pay their wages. None of the politicians are sages. All have become 'blatant' thieves who are so 'blind' that they can no longer see their own iniquity and, - - -

Neither do they see that the 'staff of life' being the daily farm produce is soon to become a thing of the past, due to every farmer going 'broke' and as said, then every person including every politician will have to plant their own 'spuds and beans.'

It is the time for all farmers to see the time of day and, - - - the farmer must see that they must be the first in the country to stop paying any 'gst' or any other 'levy,' or any 'income tax.' For only thus can people 'afford' to buy the produce and thus a little relax.

Those in business demanding the addition of 'gst' to their sales must stop demanding it, for they are presently operating as 'extortionists' for and on behalf of the enforcement 'arm' of the taxation department.

Are they paid a wage to so be and so do? Or do they simply 'fear' that they will be punished if they simply sell their goods at the correct 'weight and price'? The 'coercive' tactics of legislators has turned every business person into a thief.  Let the farmer now tell their 'tax' accountant that they are 'sacked' and free to go on a permanent holiday. For as said, no more taxes will any farmer pay.

Instead, once they have saved their daily bread they then can 'fund' and support others in some way as they see fit. Not having to be told or forced to do anything 'this or that' way by others that are not farmers.

So as you see, it is time now for all farmers to now 'grow up' and become 'men' that do not 'pay up' any Ransom note disguised as 'legitimate taxation.' * Let every farmer and farm hand now lead the Nation into Freedom.

Note: 'legitimate taxation.' * - There is no such thing as legitimate taxation.  All taxation is an imposition upon God's children by arrogant men using force of arms to maintain their position of control and power and, - - - God says that people are only 'expected' by Him to give some funds away to assist the community once they have been earned.

It is the non-taxed farmer that can then save and put funds away to help themselves through 'droughts' as they await the 'rainy day.' It is the time for farmers and everyone to see that 'the gov' are not 'reliable' for they cannot feed the Nation every day and, it is time now for self-sufficiency to begin before greed and 'abomination' has its day.

It is a waste of time, money, and effort to raise up petitions or having 'demonstrations,' etc., for ones 'overlord' servants are themselves bound by rules that they raised up as 'decrees' on a long past day.

Soon every Nation will 'stumble' and bellies will grumble, and minds will become insane through hunger and emotional 'pain.'  So please let the sane, be they farmer or the politically vain now change their demands of the other.

It is the time for all 'freehold' Title to become exactly that, - - - land that is not 'subject to' the regulation or control of any local 'Council' or State 'department' or 'Chief' or any other person.  Thus it is land that is solely under the 'jurisdiction' of its owner/s.  Thus they are 'entitled'*  to and able to sell off 'portions' of any size or 'acreage' to other people without the 'consent' of any other 'regulator.'

Note: 'entitled' * - Land owners are already so entitled by God, it is simply that they 'fear' contravening the 'decrees' of the 'ruling' classes who falsely believe that the 'State' owns all within the borders that its forces men control. Be it land, flora, fauna, rivers or sea or fish in the sea.

This not only enables the farmer to gain a few 'funds,' but it also enables 'homeowners' to purchase some land at a very 'cheap' cost that is determined between themselves and the seller with no 'requirement' of any 'approval' of any 'Third Party.'

This 'sale' is simply a private business transaction carried out by the farmer demarcating the boundary and 'jointly' having it marked on paper or surveyed with a copy of the 'plan' held or 'lodged' with the local community office or another as decided by the purchaser.  Freehold 'owners' of land are not 'tenants' needing to pay 'rental' to others each year.

Farmers may also wish to give away some land for free to the many homeless soon to be seen roaming everywhere.  It is time for the 'God-fearing' farmer to STOP fearing politicians that have used rules to enslave them for generations, and thus 'throw off' the greedy men that 'straddle' them like a 'monkey' on their back.  For only true men like the 'biblical' man named 'Lot' will be spared by God in these end times.

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~ Today's farmer problems ~

There are many problems facing farmers today, being: Weather forces - Market forces - Labour forces - Monetary forces - Emotional stress forces and, the greatest being the Taxation forces.  Not only this, but the negative emotions of greed has led many farmers into oversize, overstock, over equipped, etc., and with the added stress factors of frustration, anxiety and non-capacity to meet ones financial commitments there is 'disaster' in the air.

All farmers are presently 'held to Ransom' by RULES that are 'wielded' against them by the vain, ignorant, and greedy, who have themselves been bound by false precedents, and the false ideological beliefs of their forebears who assumed the right to use farmers as their slaves as they sat astride this green 'donkey' and had a free feed ride.

It is a CRIME to legislate rules that enable theft of FOOD.  For albeit the theft is a 'fiscal' one, in reality the farmer has to grow 80% more to cover the 'sad' years and the visible and invisible levies and taxes stolen that not only force him out of business, but also elevate the cost of living to the consumer.

It is the time for politicians to now bend their own 'backs' and dig their own 'spud' patch, for the 'gravy' train has run out for 'fuel.'  Just remember, you cannot easily change programmed minds, for all believe 'religiously' that politicians are divinely justified to rule man using force of arms as their 'back-up.'  This delusion is soon to be broken by God's pen.

You simply go your way in PEACE without 'greasing' the palms of extortionists. This you do by the silent 'dismissal' of every controlling – regulating - taxing – 'body' (person or corporation) through the individual (personal) free and democratic choice to so do, as you simply carry out your own business without paying any 'fees' or 'levies' or taxes to anyone.  Fund the community as much as you are able to once you do have some spare funds to so do.

The very System raised up to be a Service provider and to serve the community has become a very destructive, power hungry, and controlling Institution that now 'governs' its slaves with an autocratic iron fist.  It also uses every means available to it through supposed 'legal' legislation to steal endless sums of money from the community and, - - - 

This it accomplishes using words such as 'licence fee - permit - registration - levy - toll - tariff  - excise - stamp duty - royalty - duty - tax etc.,' and in fact it is all extortion enabled by community fear and backed by coercion and force of arms, being the 'power' to punish and destroy the lives of any that do not conform to the never-ending dictates imposed under the guise of 'beneficent' mandated legitimacy.

In reality the government officials have no concern for the population, because they can only see that the rules in their rule books have given them 'licence' to take more and more and they are only able to 'bow' to its dictates and not to their own conscience.  The politicians have become blinded to their own feelings of power and greed and thus find new ways to 'justifiably' fill their own 'coffers' more and more.

Farmers are going broke and this impacts upon everybody, for we all rely on food to survive as it is the basic 'commodity' needed.  The farmer and community food plight could be instantly rectified by not only removing fuel and diesel tax for farmers, but also every tax imposed upon the items they use to get their crop to the point of sale.  Farmers could then better compete on the world market, and the entire community would breathe a sigh of relief as their weekly shopping trolley of food costs less than one third of what it did before.

Any sane government 'officer' would let the farmer harvest his crop and sell it before putting demands on them for this or that contribution for the good of others. Regrettably our servants have become our masters and have rorted the system so that they can extract every possible 'tax' penny before the crop has even been harvested.

Example: Fuel – it leaves the refinery and within that cost to the petrol 'station' owner is enough for the refinery to make a profit and pay a tax. Legislation then puts hand out its 'hand' for excise duty of 40 cents or so a liter, and then has the gall to add another sales tax on top of that. Why are Indonesians paying 43 cents a litre when we in Australia are paying $1.40?

When buying  an LPG cylinder containing 45 Kg of gas it costs Tasmanians above $90, which equals over $2.00 per litre, why so much?  The natural gas mined on North West Shelf is sold to China for 5 cents per litre, yet the local 'bowser' price here is ten times more.  Clearly this indicates not only the extent to which our 'community' gas is taxed, but that the political 'forces' that control Australia have no concern for the people that voted them in to 'office' to run the 'farm.'

Certainly we must all contribute to community services that we need, and we must try and see that these are in fact not provided for by others such as governing Institutions, they are provided by the 'energy' of the community that was used to convert 'effort x time' into the end product named money.

It appears that those to whom we so feely have given our 'profit' for the benefit of all, have now via legislation enabled themselves to become 'white collar' criminals and steal more that we are able to give, and it is now up to honest community members to not 'fear' the demands of their new 'overlords' and to say: 

"No more will you steal from me for I now see it and your insanity.  Neither will those of us 'selling' fuel or other 'commodities' do any tax collection on your behalf.  From now on we the people will pay you whatever funds we wish to and are able to.  You then will cut our 'cloth' given to suit the size of your 'coat,' and thus spend our funds given in a proper manner to supply the services asked for by us.  If this you are unable to do willingly then you will by us be sacked from office."

There now is tax imposed upon tax imposed upon tax, and all are enslaved and impoverished, and none can relax as all begin to starve and become homeless.  If the 'licence' to steal from the community is simply 'words' contained as text in a book raised up by ignorant and arrogant politicians, then those that raised up such an unholy document need to see that they consigned their own souls into the fire in the afterlife and, - - - to 'save' their own souls they need to now consign their unholy books of rules into the fireplace of their own homes.

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~ Ethics ~

Is it ethical to take ‘advantage’ over another’s disadvantage? No. So why within the ‘ethics’ of “It’s purely business” does man enhance his own pocket’s profit margin when his neighbour is on the verge of sinking due to either adverse weather conditions or other problems that affect his financial affairs?

This is because man sees not that ‘ethical’ is not only a spiritually based value, but a value needing to be a part of his daily ‘material’ living affairs.

There are no real men today who uphold ‘ethics’ because they are spiritually blind and, because ‘Business is business’ they say and they so believe because, until one has personally ‘lost all’ and experienced the emotional ‘grief’ and fall into inner turmoil, one sees not what the words ‘inconsiderate, uncaring, dispassionate’ etc., actually mean.

If your neighbour’s crop has failed and they make an ‘offer’ to purchase a part of yours so that they can ‘on sell’ and thus survive the ‘drought’ as they are then able to earn a meagre living, - - - then an ‘ethical’ man of the Light would say:

“Fred, I acknowledge your offer to pay me $300 per ton for my crop of the day when it is harvested and, - - - even though I am ‘led’ to believe that on that day it may be worth $500 or more, - - - what I would like to do for you is to let you have it on that day for 20% less than your offer of today and, - - - I hope this will assist you and your family on that day and, - - - on this day I trust that your mind will now rest ‘easy’ and be at peace.”

Now ‘what’ is the wisdom of this ethical stance that at ‘first’ glance appears ludicrous? The wisdom is that one is conforming to God’s “Give with love” Command, and in so doing one is helping to elevate ones needy ‘brother’ in their times of duress and one is conforming to God’s “Do unto others what you would have others do unto you” and, - - -

On another day when your crops fail and you quail within, then he or another would be the ‘strong and ethical’ one to come to your aid as his heart and soul and mind is directed by the Light of God to stand by you.

Regrettably in times of poverty or need, most men give in to Dark emotions of greed.

Are you one of them or are you a ‘follower’ of God’s sacred pen?

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~ Poppy seed bio-diesel tax request  ~
Macquarie Oil Co

What a good idea, to start a 'fresh' new industry producing 3 million liters of bio-diesel from poppy seeds that will assist farmers to keep 'planting' using their own home grown produce, as well as helping Tasmanians to become more self-sufficient in fuel.  Not only this, but the far higher than diesel lubricating properties of bio-diesel will keep their fuel injecting equipment from wear, even if they mix as little a 5% bio-diesel into normal diesel it will 'double' the lubricating qualities.

The 'reason' for this letter is due to the words of Rob Henry quote: "A lot will depend on what the federal government wants to do with renewable fuels and how much excise we have to add on."  It seems 'sad' to me that our mentality is so programmed today, that none are able to commence any business operation and sell their product without first asking their 'slave driver' overlord how much of an extortion % levy he requires before issuing any 'permit.'

Do none of you realise that the systems 'workers' are your servants?  From what 'principle' did they come up with the idea that they could control every aspect of human endeavor and impose their own 'decrees' prior to commencing any business operation?  Surely any 'wise' person could see that any farmer being the 'end' user of the fuel needs to contribute something to society, but to 'levy' a tax prior to the sale of the crop is utter madness.  Regrettably we have all grown up in a mad world and thus are blinded to its iniquity.

Taxes, royalties, duty, excise, levy, are in fact all words used to cover up the reality, being that it is all extortion backed by forceful coercion.  Taxes do naught for the 'economy,' they only impoverish the whole nation and also feed the coffers of people that are unfit to 'serve,' let alone fit to rule with an iron fist.

Why do businessmen seek to 'ask' plunderers how much they need prior to issuing a 'permit' to operate?  Why do 'oil' companies and others all work for these plunderers and openly extort this 'fee' on their behalf prior to its delivery to the public?  Are they paid a wage to so do, or are they all afraid?  Why not deliver it honestly at their nett. retail price to the community, and let the extortionist deal with each member of the community directly, for this way those as me that are not weak minded will tell the extortionist to 'get lost.'

It is the time to see that every 'nation' on earth is ruled by dictatorial lunatics with their minds out of control.  Certainly we need to fund community 'works' and this needs to be done in a 'godly' way as each pays 'something' from their PROFIT.  Funding the community workers and other related 'works' by legislation, mandate, and extortion is contra the command of the Creator and as all can see, it leads us all into a 'self- destruct' state of misery as all systems shut down and all become hungry and homeless and frown.

It is the time to abolish all 'white collar' slavery.  For if you cannot simply awaken with a good idea and get on with it to the betterment of the community, then you are a slave needing the 'go ahead' from their master.  Abolish slavery now by 'sacking' every heavy handed, stick wielding overlord, and burning * HIS unholy books of rules and begin again as sane men that only 'fear' their God, not man.

It is the time to see that all politicians are 'warlords' having no 'conscience,' and knowing no God, but all believing that they are 'as' God, with the 'power' to invade, interfere, control, regulate, impoverish, fine, tax, and kill all opposition.  These men are totally dictatorial and 'intolerant' towards any person that does not conform to their 'rule' by decree that they name 'the law.' 

It is not, for God's "As you do is done unto you" is THE LAW and, as an 'individual' we all must all try and see that democracy there is not if you force me to pay you a fuel 'levy' or gst simply because you are afraid to not collect it on behalf of another man posing as 'the righteous government.'  If you 'steal' money on behalf of another then you will be 'stolen from.'  If your monetary theft from me forces me out of business and causes my family to suffer, then you bring that 'fate' upon your own household. For that is THE LAW of God in action.

Note: burning *- The literal burning needs not be carried out by you.  But you need to personally simply get on with your life treating God's WORD of "Peace unto all" as your 'wife,' and thus you do not 'tax' others.  You carry out your business openly and honestly and 'suffer' your fate at the hands of the extortionists as you place your 'life' in God's hands. 

Tell the extortionists to awaken to their own karmic fate, for they are the lost sheep soon to eternally weep if they do not awaken from their own abysmal daydream, and 'amending' their own ways by themselves burning the unholy text books and turning over a new leaf.  For presently they all operate as Mugabe or 'Pinochet,' for nothing is done by any official 'person' through their own conscience, for their code of conduct actions are all dictated to them via the text of the rule book.  Thus they too are slaves unto its dictates.

Fuel oil/gas is the 'backbone' of every endeavour today, for it warms homes, cooks food, drives vehicles and does much more.  Therefore it as all other community 'necessities' must remain as a non-taxable commodity that reaches every user at its basic cost plus a little profit price.  Soon all 'weevils' found infesting community endeavours will by their God be cast into the 'pit' for being so greedy and power 'hungry.'

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