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The extortionist Military Junta of God on earth

The 'Military' JUNTA of 'Caesar' (God's earthly authority) in every land outside Heaven 'dress' as 'lambs,' but their fiscal demands are backed by an 'iron' and uncompromising Will and force of arms, and IT RULES 'sinners' with a stern, merciless, uncompromising, dictatorial, punitive, forceful and destructive manner, and states to all 'businessmen':

"You will elevate the price of the 'goods & services' you 'sell or supply' to other children of God. This you must do so as to be 'able' to meet your obligations to us, being the demands Caesar (God) places upon your 'plate,' and, - - - IF you FAIL to said monetary demands and obligations meet, then for sure the Wrath of Caesar (God) you will 'greet.' (See 'Wrath of God' note at end)

The 'day' businessmen became 'extortionist' TAX collectors for Caesar, (State) they did 'cheat' every client by this 'overcharge,' and they impoverished people and they 'lowered' the value of currency as its 'buying power' dropped, and they placed their own souls in jeopardy as they defied the Command of God to "Love one another" and funded an extortionist regime * due to FEAR of persecution.

Note: extortionist regime * - Controlling, invasive, demanding, subjugating, punitive, coercive, injurious and destructive.

Regrettably, the DARK force is invisible to man and IT operates according to ITS OWN RULES, and NO person can AVOID the implementation of ITS 'return' Law.

Businessmen see NOT that all done on their behalf and in their name by 'Caesar's' forces which cause harm, injury, loss or 'death' mounts daily, and 'ahead,' they must feel Satan's 'breath' as IT and ITS 'forces' gather at their door to 'collect their spiritual dues.'

I know I 'look' weak and old and I am 'poor' financially, but within my flesh stands the mightiest SPIRIT to ever walk earth's shore, and I am here for YOU - be it 'Caesar's' stupid, blind, arrogant forces OR, - - - you the businessman.

Why? Because soon, our God is to SHUT THE GATE to ANY found by HIM or ME to BE defiant of HE, and these 'poorly' non-believing 'infidels' will surely NEVER 'die,' but they will eternally FRET, CRY & FRY unless they follow ME and MY Testament of TRUTH LITERALLY.

I suggest that you each now write a note to Caesar's TAX agency stating:

"Dear sisters & brothers, we have all been 'duped' or 'conned' by error of belief as we all walk the wrong way today as we are all complicit to causing loss, suffering or injury to others here and o'er the sea. It is thus we all defy our God and, - - -

I now personally BELIEVE that for ME the only way forward is to OBEY my God and my conscience, and I hope you 'tax' folk also so do, however, - - -

This 'note' is to advise YOU of MY change of ideology TO that of ABSOLUTE PACIFISM and, I NO longer work for you as 'tax collector' and neither can I fund your CONTRA controlling and punitive organisation.

I no longer vote for IT or ITS 'leader' and I go my 'way' in PEACE as Commanded by our God and 'hear' His greater Command to:

 'Love one another.'

From this moment forth I can ONLY condone, support and fund BENIGN COMMUNITY EFFORT.

From this moment forth I will 'suffer' any impositions calmly, in the foreknowledge that as I so do, I am paying my outstanding spiritual dues of suffering, - - - being my 'debt to Caesar' for all the suffering he imposed upon others on my behalf as my 'servant,' and I will strengthen my mind so that I never retaliate in the face of adversity as I 'turn the other cheek' when dark forces 'insult or injure' me in the foreknowledge, that as they so do, they are setting me FREE spiritually.

I no longer require Caesar's policing forces to protect or defend me against any perceived enemy, for I will now rely solely on my God, our God, to 'balance' His 'scales of justice' and then set me FREE once I have obeyed His 'peace & love & mercy & compassion' Command.

Further to the above as I no longer 'tax' others on your behalf I will be able to sell my products at a greatly reduced price and thus I will be 'honest' and caring towards others and I will also be elevating the buying power of money as my goods become cheaper and the funds of the community will go further."

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Note - 1 : 'Wrath of God' - Let it be clearly now understood that our God is the Sovereign Ruler who was/is described quite clearly in the Old Testament as a God of terror, wrath, hatred, anger, jealousy and MORE, and it is my pen to now reveal the deeper implications and TRUTH around the 'godhead' so that any of you so foolish or misled to believe that HE forgives 'evil ways' can become enlightened and amend their ways before they find themselves screaming in agony in the eternal FIRE.

Note - 2 : 'Wrath of God' - God is absolutely merciless, cruel and unkind to those who defy Him and use His 'forbidden to use' DARK, forceful, controlling, punitive and destructive ENERGY in their interaction with others either personally OR via 'servants.'

God empowers the VAIN & prideful and arrogant on earth to BE His earthly 'authority' for the SOLE purpose of keeping them and their 'followers' YOU using His DARK energy so that He can destroy your 'faithless' SOUL 'legitimately' within the ONE Law of His ENERGY.

"As you do is done unto you"

Note - 3 : 'God' - God is HE the destructive, merciless energy essence and God is SHE the creative, benign Light energy essence which streams forth from His eternal FIRE.

As or IF you OBEY His Command and ONLY use His LIGHT energy of love and share and care, forgiving, peaceful, merciful & compassionate, then you are living within ITS ONE Law aspect and, - - -

"As you do is done unto you"

Mother God 'She,' has sent me to earth to 'alert' you all and to give you all ONE last opportunity to free yourself from HIS 'clutches' and to so do, you MUST stop supporting His 'way' and 'team' of thieves, liars, interferers and murderers and become as 'lambs' and PAY your outstanding dues to Him and His forces. Then and ONLY then will you become FREE of further suffering and free within of Sin.

The 'Sin' within you is the DARK energy of His which you draw IN each time you retaliate in the face of adversity. Which you do as you attempt to settle the 'score' and BE 'Justice in action.'

READ my texts and set yourself free as you become true believers in She and Me as you turn the other cheek when confronted, and Mother's outpouring Light will purge your soul of His (Father's) Dark energy so that you can RETURN to the Light and BE a 'pleasure' in His sight rather than an iniquitous 'blight' living in suffering 'way out' of His sight.

There is NO 'Jesus coming in the clouds' to elevate you for you are all SINNERS, there is only I the Spirit of Truth (God's proof) to pass on to you Mother's FINAL message so that you HAVE the opportunity to save YOURSELF from a soon coming fate worse than any 'death.'

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