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~ The 'Common land' Legacy ~
A 'Role' model for community food production.

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Page 1

~ Introduction ~

This "paper" is given to you as a "Role" guide for your village in implementing a "common ground" Strategy whereby any villager can avail themselves of a free "space" of shared ground upon which they can plant and grow vegetables to sustain their families in the time of need, now.

For too long now have multitudes been born within the confines of concrete jungles and have relied on their food source to be grown by others, and they have also relied upon monetary assistance to enable them to purchase this food grown by others.

For so long now has this 'practice' continued that the youth of the day as well as many parents have lost the ability to 'till' their own ground and many also live in situations where there is little or no ground available to them.

For too long Councils and Governments or village 'Chiefs' assumed 'ownership' of all lands that now must revert back to God and the people so that free use of it can be made.

Local village elders need to now set aside other 'common grounds' in each suburb or village to be made available as free community vegetable growing areas to assist those who have no "common ground" available.

This paper was inspired through the "goodwill" actions of a man who spent "years" reclaiming a 100 acre section of flood plains by building a 3 kilometre x 2 metre high wall between it and the river. His "intent" is to make a portion of this land available to the 'youth' of Launceston, a town in Tasmania.

The content of this paper resulted from his 'ask' of me to let him know of any "suggestions" I might have to aid him, so that he could begin to assist the less fortunate youth whom he felt were disadvantaged due to possibly no fault of their own. The response from my 'pen' is as follows:

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~ The 'Joe' Pentridge Legacy ~
The 'Glebe Farm' Project

There are ten thousand voices of women and men from out of the "past" who speak in unison with the voice guiding this pen. They "ask" that Glebe Farm be the Legacy left by "Joe" to the future and present Launceston community.

Being a Legacy of goodwill that from the heart of a "good" man did "overspill" as he walked his earthly road carrying his unseen load of work and travail that did only itself reveal as yard by yard his "boundaries" he did "rampantly" seal.

This legacy comprises of a certain area of land that on three sides is "spanned" by a river and is itself a 'low land' that has been flood prone before but now is well protected and is a future food "store."

This legacy is a place where many can "toil" and the earth "till" so that they and the less fortunate can their mouths feed and their bellies fill. They can also learn to support their families that soon will all be on their knees through misfortune.

This land too is a place of grace where many will learn 'how' to make use of God's fertile land that as said is "spanned" by water fresh and clear.

This place needs be protected against the incursions of others of less grace whom would 'eat-up' its fine soil with buildings and this would "spoil" the space allotted for tilling and planting.

So this man "Joe" needs ensure that his family "Trust" is well prepared so that the land is "spared" and kept "inviolate" against wrong usage, and no "controllers or regulators" are to be permitted through its front gate.

This 'land' must remain free to be what it be, for the production of food, and this "way" will only be sustained if 'Joe' sets-up the "Trusty" Legacy that fully delineates what will be and 'how' others can "enter" and use the "facility."

The "facility" as said is a 'land' owned by God and the Pentridge family, and for the "free" use of the Launceston community. The word "free" implies that they the people can freely stride on any "section" set-aside for their use by the "Trustee."

For the remainder of the "Joe" lifetime a certain "portion" of all produce grown by any member of the community will be "given" to Joe to be used as he sees fit. Be it given away to others for free or sold to maintain the costs of his equipment and machinery.

I believe that 1/3 (one third) of the marketable produce grown given to Joe as his "heritage" fair and equitable be. Thus there is no "prior" to market cost to the one "visiting" the place and sowing their seeds of "grace." They will only needs give 'Joe' his portion as they leave his gate.

Once 'Joe' has passed away then the 1/3 portion will reduce to 1/10 (one tenth) only and this will be enough to help the 'Trustees' on their way each year or day.

As for this Legacy that pertains to a certain piece of land it will be "incorporated" with a "note" that does say: "As this allotted space is my legacy to God's children you and you, it shall from this day forth be free from any encumbrance from other men, be it Council 'Rate' or Government 'Levy.'

It as said is bequeathed by God via a man and thus it is God's plan that it be free. Let no man from this day make any 'attempt' to 'overthrow' this decree even though the fullness of its reality they cannot see. For every 'department' of the day is soon to be 'one' raised-up to aid the community, not one that imposes any demands 'pecuniary."

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~ Terms of usage ~

The 'Terms of usage' statement will be placed on a 'notice board' at the Glebe Farm entry gate and may also be published by the local gazette from time to time.

The 'Terms of usage' of the "common" ground made available to the Launceston community youth and others using the allotted ground at Glebe Farm shall be a 'Statement of fact' issued by the Glebe Farm Trustee.

This statement is simply that, and is not an "agreement" between parties. It is a statement that is 'binding" in that it is a "mere" statement issued by the Glebe Farm Trustee and "changeable" by the Trustee at any time as the "Program" unfolds and develops.

The 'Terms of usage' are that you as an individual may use a "portion" of the allotment with the others in your group as your "own" space for the "time" you are within the Glebe Farm boundaries.

The farm gate will be open at 8 am and closed at 4 pm daily. During this time you are free to go about your business of farming the land. Be it planting, weeding, or watering, or harvesting the produce.

The land is solely to be planted with vegetable crops, and no trees or shrubs are 'permitted' to be sown by the public unless agreed to by the Trustee.

There are no "contracts" between 'individuals or groups' and the Glebe Farm Trustee. There is but this "statement of fact" that gives the Trustee sole "agency" to either "give" or "withdraw" the allotment to the public at the discretion of the Trustee.

The allotments shall vary from size to size and be "tenable" annually only. Once the "annual" tenancy expiry date is reached, then the "tenancy" for that "group" is deemed null & void and a "fresh" application needs be made to the Trustee by that group unless otherwise agreed. The Trustee may wish to "rest" the ground and or permit others to make use of it.

It is not the "intent" of the Trustee to "evict" anyone, especially not the community "labourer," but in the event that any "group" leadership "authority" is operating in a manner deemed to be one of "impropriety," then the Trustee needs to maintain an independence of decision for the land "allotment" usage, as its "tenure" is not a "permanent" one.

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The allotted "group" is expected to be one in which its "organisers" encourage the youth of the day to become conversant with the preparation of the ground, growing of seedlings, planting and maintaining and harvesting of their primary food source as well as maintaining the ground for others to follow.

The "allotments" may not be used to erect buildings on. All tools and equipment will be stored at the "gate" facility. Any donated "sheds" erected by any group will be deemed as a contribution to the "overall" farm project and erected in a space reserved at the gate.

Water management of irrigation will be either mechanical or physical or gravity depending on the "factors" of the day. The provision for this lies with the 'user' who will be assisted by the Glebe Farm administrators wherever possible.

It is a 'Terms of usage' requirement that 1/3rd (one third) of all produce farmed is "left" at the Farm gate as a "gift" for the farm owner as his share, and all other food produced by the community youth is to be given to their families and friends, with any 'balance' donated to the public welfare system to aid others. This "facility" is not to be used by the public as a commercial venture.

It will however be the prerogative of the Glebe Farm to "farm" the balance of its land commercially in any way it sees fit. Either by employing others to so do it on a "share" farm basis or by "personal" farming.

It is a 'Terms of usage' Insurance requirement that users are to "once only" sign the "guest" registry book kept at the Farm gate on their first entry to the Glebe Farm.

This acknowledges that they concede to the fact that they are walking on "common ground" being "as" their own home ground and as such they take personal responsibility for any accident or injury they might experience whilst on the Glebe Farm, and thus by this signature agree to enter into no litigation against, and make no claims for any reason, against Glebe Farm, its Trustees, other employees or any other community member.

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Be advised The Glebe Farm Project is primarily a "directional & educative" project to aid the community youth by giving them an opportunity to learn to become self-sufficient and to be able to feed their friends and families, thus there is no commercial farming permitted.

Be advised The Glebe Farm Project is also primarily a source of vegetable food that will be grown by other "elders" in the community in order to sustain life in the traumatic times coming when many are homeless, hungry and in need of assistance.

Be advised that once an "allotment" space has been 'spoken for' either by a 'school' or other "group," then that group is required to maintain the crops and land to the satisfaction of the Trustee.

Be advised that no vehicles are permitted onto the farm grounds and bicycling is the preferred mode of transport thereon other than walking. Group organisers may use light trucks to facilitate transporting of tools, produce, etc.

Be advised that no "personal" tools or equipment are permitted to leave the Farm gate. So do not bring any. All necessary equipment is available at the farm. If however you have any "spare" shovel or wheel-barrow or other equipment that you wish to donate to aid others then bring them with you.

Be advised that Glebe farm is a place for youth 'education & instruction & rehabilitation' as well as a 'primary' vegetable growing 'store' for the welfare of the Launceston community in times of need.

Local village elders need to now set aside other 'common grounds' in each suburb to be available as free community vegetable growing areas to assist those who have no "common ground" available. This "ground" will also then be available for the "youth" once they have been trained at Glebe Farm.

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~ The Strategy ~

This Glebe farm project "effort" is a community based project that will only become fully "fledged" once the planet "reels" in uncertainty and confrontation. However it is important to commence its operations from the start on a non-salary basis for participants. Be they the 'worker' or their 'advisors.'

It is suggested that the public be advised of the intent of the Trustees to release sections of land for use for the "common" good of all, and at that time 'tenders' are called, asking for retired pensioners to come forwards and offer their services for free on a "one day a week" basis, or more if they wish.

There will be two separate groups, one working 'on behalf of' the Glebe Farm Trustees as "stewards" who will rotate daily and "man" the various workshops or "sheds."

These "stewards" will be from various backgrounds, welders, machinists, wood workers, store men etc, who can take care of the tools and equipment and also "train" youths as to their use. These stewards of either "sex" will be guided by the Trustees.

The other group of retirees will also give of their time but will be "assigned" to the allotment "directors" and will possibly be retired farmers, irrigators etc and "packers" who will handle the day to day instruction of youths in the actual farming practices of the day. Be it in the seed shed or in the field.

All giving of their free time to the community and receiving no "pay" for their offered day, but they will be able to "partake" of the produce so as to aid their home food supplies.

Once there are two "working" groups of Stewards available then a meeting is called for between them and the trustees to implement the "manning" of the site in preparation for land allotment users to commence their operations.

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~ Community newspaper ~
Sample 'allotment' release advertisement.

Also to be placed on notice board at farm gate

Let it here be known that as from today - - - (the 1st) that the Trustee of Glebe Farm has "released" eight x two-acre blocks as "common ground" for use by the 'youth' of Launceston and their advisors.

This "allotment" is solely for the planting of vegetable crops and is available for use by a '100 man/woman' groups for either manual or mechanical tillage.

If your organisation wishes to participate then please contact the Glebe Farm Trustee.

For those of the community 'youth' who wish to participate as individuals apart from any organisation you may join a "private" team. If you wish to be 'one' of this team then advise the "group" leader (x) who is contactable by phone (63-) or on site, and acquaint yourself with the 'Terms of usage.'

Be advised that Glebe Farm is now a place for youth 'education & instruction & rehabilitation' as well as a 'primary' vegetable growing 'store' for the welfare of the Launceston community in times of need.

Glebe Farm Trustees are calling for equipment donations from farmers or businesses to aid in the project. We will be pleased to receive any equipment, new or second hand, be it from shovels to irrigation piping to old pumps or ploughs or small tractors or timber for building frames etc. Please deliver to the main gate.

Signed, Glebe Farm Trustee -


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The front gate "guest book" will be placed under a "sign" that says:

~ Insurance ~

"Please sign the guest book once you have read this sign. By signing this register you agree that you understand that by entering upon Glebe Farm that it is the "same" as entering the front gate of your own home or any other place space and thus you agree that you are "self-insured" so to speak, and thus if you suffer any injury of any nature whilst on this "your" common ground, that you will make no claims against either the Glebe Farm, its Trustees, other workers or members of the public.

You would not "sue" your sister, brother, mother or father if you "tripped" over the dustbin at home, so do not "attempt" to sue any other for any "reason" on any day.

As said, the 'Terms of usage' and Farm "entry" are that you did agree to either take out your own "Personal accident liability" policy or, by fact of "entry" onto Glebe Farm you agree that neither you nor your "family" or other dependants will make any claim upon Glebe Farm, its Trustees, or others thereon in the case of injury or death.

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~ Buildings ~

It is anticipated that there will needs be provision for latrines, shower and eating facilities at the gate, as well as more buildings to house a variety of items from tools and equipment, to seedling nurseries, packing shed etc.

It is expected that donations to assist in this will come from the public once the project begins to unfold, and retirees will freely aid in its "manning" to assist the general public in their 'hour of need.'

As there is a possibility of flood "one day" it is suggested that another perimeter "bund" wall be built between the crop field and the sheds/office/main gate, this will "save" a lot of work and worry later.

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~ Added Note ~

This document is advisory only, and what is needed in every village and town in every place on earth is an allotted FREE community 'space' which can be used for people to plant, grow, and harvest necessary crops and keep chickens that will feed them as well others in the community.  Soon all 'funds' run down and everyone will frown, so lets quickly implement a Strategy whereby the energetic 'youth' no longer sit around 'retired' and wasting away but make use of their energy and time.

This way public funds donated towards the less fortunate can be used to pay a 'minimum' wage * to EVERYONE or anyone working in this new 'food' industry.  Too many people have become 'beggars' that sit around and wait for food or fund donations from others, and they now will starve unless they work for their 'pay.' 

Everyone will thus become self-employed as such, and they can work as many days per week as they wish to, but on their off days they will receive no pay.  There are many in the community that can donate implements and other materials to put up sheds, latrines and other needed items.

Note: 'minimum' wage * - Whilst there are still public funds available in the social security system then these funds can be used to pay a minimum wage to the unemployed in return for 6 to 8 hours a day labour.  There is no point in giving community welfare payments persons under 45 years of age for no 'return.'  Let the youth earn their 'benefits' as they LEARN that food does not grow in shops.

Once the financial crisis deepens and there are NO funds available to use for buying, selling, or earning, then at least there will still be SOME food available, and whilst there is still a little time every community needs to ensure that there are plenty of implements such as hoes, shovels, hand tools and buckets etc., in the store room before the funds dry up.

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