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~ Roads tax extortion ~
Insurance ‘cover’ & punishment 'factor'

 The Institution that names itself ‘The government’ has not only ‘stolen’ the highways of the people in order to enable them to steal endless sums of money from road users, but they have also stolen a ‘section’ of the business of ‘Insurance’ from Insurance Companies to also enable them (State government) to steal excessive ‘premiums’ from road users. All this carried out with seeming impunity.

 It is my intent to show you ‘the people’ of every land that the ‘rules’ contained within the Institution that names itself ‘The government’ of every land have been designed to ‘hide’ the ‘volume’ they tax by their use of coercive ‘force’ to force road users into parting with multiple sums of money for the supposed ‘privilege’ of using their own roads that do not belong to any Institution of man.

 The ‘problems’ that arise through the present ‘management’ of highways by the ‘authority’ as it names itself is, that not only are road users paying more than a fair amount to keep roads maintained, but as a part of the ‘extorted’ funds are used in funding the controlling and punitive ‘arm’ of the enforcement agencies, * it follows that ; - - -

 All paying this ‘part’ are complicit to the ‘evil’ ways of their supposed ‘servants’ and they incur the Wrath of God and subject themselves to a return of suffering within God’s immutable “As you sow so shall ye reap” Law.

Note: enforcement agencies, * - Persons found 'transgressing' any 'ruling' of the governing Institution are fined and/or jailed, and this 'factor' causes them and their families to suffer mental and emotional trauma as well as loss of income and other. All this imposed 'trauma' comes back to 'haunt' the taxpayer due to their complicity through funding a dark 'way' of living. For God commands us to give good counsel, be forgiving, and to go our way in peace each day, thus you now see why I do not wish to transgress God's Command for HE most certainly will reprimand me within HIS Law.

My task is to expose the error of man's ways, and to show all concerned what they are expected to do by their Creator, which is to halt their complicity to being ‘darkness’ in action.

 I commence with the named ‘Driver’s Licence.’ My ‘permission’ to drive becomes valid in my own eyes and that of God on the day I have passed my driving test to my own satisfaction and the pass ‘approval’ becomes my personal certificate of competency.

 I do not have to have it ‘validated’ annually by any 'Institution' prior to it becoming a ‘valid’ driving Certificate. The word 'licence' needs to now be taken out of the 'equation.' Governing Institutions have by ‘decree’ stolen this certificate in stating by ‘rules’ of their institution that it is their 'certificate' and that it needs an annual ‘tax’ payment to become valid.

The same governing Institutions have also by ‘decree’ forced Insurers to ‘believe’ that they cannot and must not ‘consider’ the payment of any vehicle accident ‘claim’ if the driver’s certificate of competency has not been validated by their tax fee.

The same governing Institutions have also by ‘decree’ forced Insurers to relinquish some sector of their business ‘cover’ that they should offer direct to the public in respect of 'third party' injury claims arising from motor accidents. Thus they have forced the people to take out their indemnity with the government Institution insurance ‘business’ and, - - -

Prior to any person being able to receive such ‘cover’ from this ‘unholy’ Institution, they are again forced to pay up more taxes that are hidden in the disguise of ‘Registration fee’ and ‘Motor tax’ and, - - -

Not only this, but the very fuel needed to run the vehicle is used as another ‘extortion’ of funds commodity. Not only this, but the very ‘money commodity' used by people in 'exchange' has itself been taxed to the hilt prior to making any of the above ‘purchases.’

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 I say that “Yes, we do need to fund road maintenance, and we do need the ‘facility’ to take out an Insurance Policy if we so wish to.”  But we do not need to make any payments to any extortionists whatever their disguise.

I say that any Insurer that denies the issuing of a personal injury Policy through their own ‘fear’ of being ‘punished,’ or any Insurer that denies any ‘claim’ simply because the ‘heavies’ or ‘rules of conduct’ of some other Institution say that if a ‘driver’ has not had their driving competency certificate ‘validated’ by them then there must be no ‘payout,’ - - -  then the Insurance company need to amend their Policy of Insurance code of conduct or close down.

 Where does all this leave ‘us’ in relation to our conformity to the Command of God that stipulates: “Go your way in peace”?

 Every person ‘involved,’ be they the fuel supplier, the Insurer, the driver, or any other seeker of money through being a ‘controller – regulator’ and thus an ‘extortionist’ need to consider their own ‘sector’ and its ‘actions’ as perceived by God not 'Caesar. For ultimately each person is to be judged by God, and I do not have to 'bow' to 'Caesar' nor to his 'dictated' Policies, and I 'owe' him naught.

As I am a ‘clear’ minded fellow, I can but give you my own personal ‘reflections’ and leave it up to you to ‘stay’ as is or change your own direction. I believe that in the first instance, I cannot pay anyone any ‘fee’ to keep my own certificate of competency valid, nor any 'fee' prior to going about my daily business.

 Neither do I see the ‘sanity’ in any annual payment of any other fee be it in the guise of ‘Registration or Motor tax,’ for I see that as purely extortion that is funding the coffers of Warlords and paying the wages of their ‘armies’ that go forth and kidnap, seize goods, abuse, destroy and kill.

 It is my God given prerogative therefore to simply travel on the roads with neither number plate nor ‘rego’ permit displayed and without any ‘Policy’ of Insurance.

 For it would not be ‘possible’ today for any Insurer to give me one and/or if they did, they could refuse to meet their commitment if I made a claim and their ‘policy’ codes repudiated me through not having an ‘Institutionalised’ driving permit.

 A steady mind is my Insurance Policy today. I know that if I was the cause of an accident that God would make me ‘suffer’ all the suffering or loss that I did unto the other, thus I am careful and, - - -

 If some other ‘strikes’ me through their carelessness then I will make no claim for I am not vain and I would forgive them but, - - - if they tried to lay ‘blame’ at my feet for not being a person ‘validated’ to be on the road, then their God would extract every ‘penny’ from them that they may have taken by force from me using the punitive ‘arm’ of some institution.

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 I cannot pay any extortionist money, and most certainly do not fund any punitive or warring armed force. If the fuel suppliers had any ‘sense’ then they would cease paying ‘levies’ to the Institutions, and they would cease working for the tax department and openly stealing from the people purchasing fuel and, - - -

 Using commonsense it would be easy to make a calculation as to how much ‘profit’ they needed to make so that a part of this profit could be a free giving contribution to the roads department in every ‘State’ or town.

 Users of roads that ahead are using ‘fuel’ free vehicles such as ‘electric’ or other would realise that they also need to make contributions as no ‘services’ are for free. Fortunately once ‘man’ becomes free of sin as revealed by me there will never again be any ‘taxing’ problems on earth for gone will be all the vanity and insanity.

 It is wrong for the ‘prerequisite’ to an Insurer making a claim payout to you being the ‘issue’ of a ‘levy’ tax docket by some other Institution having been ‘sighted’ as being paid. Surely the fact that a ‘premium’ payment has been paid is the ‘validation’ required?

 It is wrong for any Institution to force another to deny a ‘sector’ of their business. The ‘government’ Institution of Tasmania has so done as it now ‘controls’ the business ‘practice’ of Insurance Companies.

I say that it is wrong for you to fund any Institution that uses any 'part' of those monies for the purpose of punishing, regulating, taxing, controlling, or killing any other person. For they are all your own spiritual sisters and brothers and all are God's children. What do you  'feel' like doing to persons that abuse your children? Be 'advised' that the power of God's emotions are stronger than yours and HE most certainly is 'offended' when any person abuses any of HIS creation.

Soon there is to be a huge 'downturn' in the Insurance revenue because of the 'attaching' tax extortion racket that extends further into stamp and other 'duty' and, - - - the reason being that those that truly do believe in God and God's "Only love" Command will follow my 'way.' 

Insurers need to see that it is incumbent upon them to issue 'motor cover' to anybody that has 'passed' a driving TEST and, - - - it is incumbent upon them to pay 'out' claims without themselves demanding that a driver has paid a 'levy' to some other Institution reference a validation of their personal certificate of competency.

Enlightened drivers soon realise that a 'Pass' confirmation after a driving test means that in the eyes of GOD that they are competent enough to go forth on the road and this FACT should satisfy Insurers.

Let enlightened Insurers now 'defy' the decrees of 'Caesar' and get on with their daily business and issue whatever 'policy' cover is asked of them. If some other 'persons' or 'rogues' operating as an 'Institution of war and control' attempts to halt their business then they needs be ignored. It must be seen clearly that the 'decrees' raised up by Institutions are not 'the law,' they are simply the beliefs of those that raised them up. God's "As you sow so shall ye reap" statement is the 'revelation' of THE LAW of this and every land.

Seekers of Salvation will now wish to halt their support of the punitive 'arm' of the occupying force that is now exposed as operating though every aspect of life on earth. Every provider of a community service needs to be able to carry on its daily business without the 'constraints' of any 'ruling' from anyone. Codes of good business practice "Yes." Punitive measures and control, "NO."