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~ The Military Junta ~
The material manifestation of the ‘unholy cow’

The ‘literal’ sacred ‘unholy cow’ is the ‘quaint’ but insane ‘Salvation’ beliefs ‘held’ by every ‘religion’ of man as exposed within these sacred texts.

The ‘literal’ sacred ‘unholy cow’ is the ‘quaint’ but insane ‘Indian’ belief that ‘cows’ are sacred beasts. For their men of ‘religion’ have taught them so, and now all ‘followers’ starve and the cattle ‘fatter’ in number grow.

The ‘literal’ sacred ‘unholy cow’ is the ‘precedent’ but false belief held by people in every ‘Nation’ and member of every ‘Institution of man’ that ‘Rule’ by legislation through Military Dictatorship is the right, normal, and democratic way.

 No, there is no ‘democracy’ in any land, for every land is RULED by ‘controlled’ space protected by military men, and every ‘town’ or land or sea or air space is ‘patrolled’ and controlled by armed enforcers. Every town in the land is controlled by an 'occupying' force that is an imposition upon it by a man or men from another place. These men control every aspect of your living 'ways' using the 'police force' as their own private army.

 Thus every land on earth today is a ‘Police State,’ for you cannot leave the ‘controlled’ zone and travel elsewhere without ‘permission’ from some ‘other’ and a travel passport ‘paper’ indicating that they ‘own’ you as their slave. These supposedly 'civilian' police see themselves as a part of the local community and do not realise the 'power of force' exuded by their dark 'ruling' authority.

 In order to enable the enforcers to maintain their control over you and you the 'military' legislators made use of the words 'true' in the principle ‘clauses’ of their 'proclaimed' Constitution. For these words made you feel ‘safe’ in your ‘dependency’ on the Might of military men who promised ‘freedom’ of worship and living. (Example the 'Westminster' style Australian Constitution)

 Australia Act (9th July 1900) section 116 that states;

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, -

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

 This clearly shows that no person, - - - within the Institution that raised up this Constitution as their base upon which the whole ‘authority’ of the Institution stands, - - - has the legitimate authority to have any control over or jurisdiction over any person that belongs to any Institution that has a contra ideology or ideological belief to the one ‘idolised’ by the very rules of this Institution and, - - -

It also needs to be seen and understood CLEARLY that, - - - no person within the Institution that raised up this Constitution as their base upon which the whole ‘authority’ of the Institution stands, - - - has the legitimate authority or control over or jurisdiction over any person of the land that has not ‘read’ and understood the whole ‘Constitution’ as well as the ENTIRE context of every regulation contained within EVERY ‘rule’ or ruling and, - - - has per their pen ‘signature’ acknowledged its content and accepted its ‘ownership’ and control of or 'over' their life and, - - - by their ‘penned’ signature they thus ‘abrogate’ their ‘fate’ into the ‘hands’ of the rules book and its ‘enforcers’ that are simply arrogant ‘priests’ of no moral standing in God’s eyes because, - - -

 Not only do they insert words into these unholy texts that pass the personal ‘choices’ of living of all persons born or living on the land into their own ‘hands’ and text rulings, but they do so forcibly and in defiance of God their Creator.

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 Any person enforcing any ‘rules,’ that they assume are the ‘law of the land’ upon any person that as said above has not ‘signed’ their life and soul unto the Institution, are persons that are flagrant ‘bastards’ to be cast into the pit for a time and a time for ‘intimidating’ the children of their Creator due to their greed, vanity, pride, arrogance, and vengeful ‘bullying’ tendencies.

 Any person enforcing any ‘rules,’ that they assume are the ‘law of the land’ upon any person need to see that they are in contravention of God’s “Go in peace and love one another” command and they are persons that are flagrant ‘bastards’ to be cast into the pit for a time and a time for ‘intimidating’ the children of their Creator due to their greed, vanity, pride, arrogance, and vengeful ‘bullying’ tendencies.

 Let it here be said that you are entitled to ‘join’ any organisation or institution be it good or evil but, - - - it is a ‘contractual’ obligation of the ‘scribes’ of the Institution to place all the ‘texts’ before you to be read prior to assuming that they have you within their ‘grip’ to strip you of your wealth and smash you and your family into the ground for any non-conformity to their ‘rulings.’

 It is also the ‘sign’ of insanity where any King or ‘Chief’ enable ‘text’ rules to themselves assume ‘ownership’ and control over every new ‘born’ on any land who was to be born in a ‘later’ time and, - - -

 Thus if the child had been ‘informed’ by wise parents they would most definitely not ‘sell’ their soul to slavery and ‘bondage’ to any arrogant swine of a man or bound ‘book,’ being the base ‘foundation’ block of every State government institutional ideology that defies ‘belief’ and defies God.

 No person in these ‘State’ style Institutions can legitimately raise up any legislation that can lawfully name others as being Seditious because of their difference of belief.

 Be it that they are good or bad, happy or sad or, of this ‘belief or that belief, because, - - - by the very wording of the above primary Constitutional ruling every person is lawfully entitled to follow their OWN ideological belief. This also is the ‘will’ of God.

 However these ‘liars’ that raised up the ‘institution’ they named ‘The government’ did raise up many another 'decree’ or rules and quietly ‘forgot’ their principle ‘freedom of belief’ statement, and they daily ‘thrash’ all persons into submission and ‘coerce’ them into conformity of all their dictatorial rules.

 It follows that if any person or ‘group’ of people employed within the Institutional organization, - - - that names itself the Government of Australia, or any other country having a similar wording within their Institution Constitution that, - - -

 Invokes any SEDITION legislation for the purpose of punishment or waging war upon the other is a person that themselves are ’seditious’ as they see themselves as ‘above’ and of more importance than the Constitution they ‘oathed’ to uphold and, - - -

By their actions they commit TREASON as well as SEDITION against the very Institution so named as the ‘Government of Australia,’ and they should be ‘struck’ off the paymasters ‘lists’ and dealt with as God sees fit and, - - - they commit TREASON as well as SEDITION against the Holy Command of God and HIS 'State' of Heaven. 

It follows that any person employed by the Institution that forces others into persecution or punishment for failing to conform to any ‘rules’ that were raised up subsequent to the above primary acts is a person that also commits TREASON against the Institution they are paid to serve.

 However, as all now see the ‘rulers’ usurped their own ‘authority’ and did raise up a ‘religion’ being the punitive ideology that defies God, and they also ‘lied’ as they set aside the above ‘rulings’ of freedom and raised up statutes to enslave you as you slept soundly.

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 My task is to awaken all mankind, especially those employed by the Institution to enforce rulings that themselves contravene the principle ‘acts’ guaranteeing freedom given above within the Constitution.

 These ‘personnel’ need to now set themselves free before the LAST day seen by me. For if they do not, then truly ‘heavy’ will become the loaded ‘cannon’ with which their God will them ‘swat.’

 I reiterate those that ‘administer’ God’s retributive justice place themselves in the same punitive position within the Law of God and, they become a person that has become a person deemed by God to be ‘dealt with’ later for their arrogance and complicity to the use of forbidden force.

 The Dark Sovereign Power has seduced vain man (deceived them) into the use of HIS (God’s) forceful punitive energy as HE ‘tempted’ them mentally into the ‘belief’ (religion or ideology) that the use of forceful, invasive, controlling, destructive energy was ‘Right action’ or interaction.

 This is the FALSITY that has led mankind into ongoing suffering as well as to the destruction of their SOUL that is drawn away from the Light by the cold, dark, ‘evil’ energy that they draw in through its use.

 The military dictatorship has become a ‘management’ authority that uses the taxpayers funds to pay its way as it interferes in and regulates every industry and endeavor of man so that it can maximize its ‘tax’ base income forcefully, and any person seeking a way out of this ‘control’ is punished severely and put out of business.

 The military dictatorship organisation ‘employees’ are all ‘enforcers’ that perceive their ‘duty to regulations’ as good and justifiable, * and their control over the activities of others as for the good of the community. All believe that they are ‘as’ God and thus above the Law of God.

Note: and justifiable, * - They see not that they are interfering with the lives of others as well as ‘disturbing the peace’ of others in their defiance of God.

The military dictatorship has invoked a ‘licensing’ authority whereby the people are led to believe by the ‘Junta’ that such ‘levies’ and licenses are ‘legal’ and normal. They are not, for they contravene the principle clause of the Constitution guaranteeing the freedom of the individual.

 No person today sees that the licence ‘permit’ is what passes the ‘ownership’ of every facet of movement, enterprise, business, money transaction, taking of fish or other etc., into the ‘hands’ of the Junta.

 For without a ‘permit’ to operate, no income can be derived, and every ‘movement’ to operate without ‘permission’ is seen by the Military ‘enforcers’ as an illegal operation and punishable.

 Not only has the Junta ‘ruled’ that it and only it can ‘authorise’ any business operation, but it also has invoked new ‘strategies’ such as ‘impact’ studies and other to ensure that it can tax the individual even before they apply for an ‘operation’ permit.

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 It is now the time for every individual, be they the enslaved public or the ‘enforcer’ enslaved by the rules, that they are all ‘bowing’ to the ‘unholy cow’ black and evil ideology that ensures that all that ‘follow’ it and its ways are persons that by their own ‘hand’ have placed themselves within the jurisdiction of the DSP, (Dark Sovereign Power, God) to be destroyed by it for aiding ITS enslaving and punitive and destructive ways.

 As the Military Might of ‘Caesar’ style armies pulverize the inhabitants of other lands and their homes and livelihoods, you sleep ‘unconcerned’ at the ‘complicit’ and painful karmic debts accrued by you as these ‘services’ men operate in your name and on your behalf. 

 As the Military Might of ‘Caesar’ style ‘Police forces men’ abduct, fine and incarcerate the inhabitants of your own land and affect the lives and livelihoods of your own citizens, you sleep ‘unconcerned’ at the ‘complicit’ and painful karmic debts accrued by you as these ‘services’ men operated in your name and on your behalf. 

 Whenever you contact ‘Crime stoppers’ for the purpose of ensuring that ‘someone’ will be ‘subjected to’ the punitive attachments to any decree, you are the ‘carrier’ of the sword or gun as you become complicit to the actions of your ‘enforcers’ and to the ‘suffering’ imposed by them upon someone, as they operate in your name and thus you defy God’s “Go in peace and be merciful and forgiving.”

 As things stand today, all mankind is presently ‘condemned’ by God to suffer ongoing pain, loss, deprivation, homelessness, and mental and emotional trauma for their past and present personal negative deeds, and for their complicity to the past and present dark deeds of the Military ‘Junta’ forces and the regulating and police forces.

 Set yourself free from accruing more ‘condemnation’ by God the ultimate Judge, by halting all financial or other support of the ‘forces of Caesar’ or even your local ‘council’ body if they using rules are aggravating or punishing or controlling anybody, and begin to be kind and loving and merciful.

 Prepare now for the ‘time’ you are to spend in suffering as God fulfills HIS Just ‘eye for an eye’ Law and punishes you for your ‘guilty’ crime that was seen by God and every ‘swine’ of a demon who will mentally incite others to upon your flesh and soul painfully dine.

 I hereby reiterate that it is up to you and your conscience to try and set yourself free from Institutionalised insanity. For it is arrogance and vanity to defy your Creator, and as I now have helped you to see more clearly, you need to amend your ways TODAY, for every day you do not is more ‘suffering’ coming your way.

 Believe you me, all that ‘fellowship’ with and continue to follow the ‘bleak’ ideology of the State ‘rule book’ religion will learn that it is an ‘unholy’ cow that leads them the wrong way and forces them into the Abyss and eternal suffering.

 The ‘governance’ by the God of Love is where each person is free to go about their way peacefully without any person making any demand of them. As all are ‘governed’ by their ‘Light’ consciousness they all give freely to the benefit of the community.

 The free giving is of their known choice and manner. Be it as a ‘busker’ whose voice helps others along the road, or be it funds or other to ease the community load.

 The free giving is the sharing of technology and advice so that every person has access to information and to the correct ‘code of conduct’ when driving on a road or in the design of a building ‘load.’ The holy and thus sacred ‘cow’ is the Wisdom of God that is brought to you now.

Terence – The spirit of truth


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