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~ Duty and morality ~

 Duty is a word that has been used as a sword by mankind that was blind to the meaning of ‘morality.’ For the word ‘duty’ has been used synonymously with the now ‘customary’ words of Customs duty, Import and Export duty that is ‘excised’ from your purse forcefully by ‘rules’ imposed by ruling class kings, and chiefs of every island.

 Due to the above ‘factor’ mankind has become enslaved to the false belief that it is their ‘civil’ duty to pay ‘duty’ and other taxation ‘levies’ into the coffers of State Institutions or named Rulers.

 Be they kings or queens or mandarins or presidents or other dictators that use ‘systems’ of governing RULE to enforce these taxation and ‘permit’ levy ‘duties’ that they imposed as a ‘civil’ duty unto them, whereas they say that it is solely for the ‘benefit of the people.’

 That is false belief of those in ‘power,’ for any support of an anti-god ideological policy of regulation, punishment and war destroys your own soul and leads to eternal enslavement and suffering.

 For any seemingly ‘dutiful’ payment of funds to the ‘public revenue office’ of any institution that is known to have the contra punitive and warring ideological policy to the one of “Peace” as commanded by God means that you are funding and condoning ‘terrorist’ activities.

 For all ‘invasion’ and war and punishment is ‘terrorising’ others and it is darkness in action. It also means that you are complicit to the ‘taxing’ by ‘coercion’ and extortion of funds from the purses of others. Thus you are complicit to them being held in ‘slavery’ and bondage to the ‘king or chief’ etc., because you are also funding the ‘state’ enforcement department.

 It is not a ‘duty’ to society to pay the never-ending taxation demands imposed by anyone, be it any person or the legislated ‘rules’ that make their ‘text message’ demands via the mercenary ‘queen’s warriors’ that pose as authorized ‘agents’ of the text in books or of the ‘State.’

 The ‘moral’ of the story begins with your duty to be ‘dutiful’ to your God and your own soul and ‘wisen-up’ to this reality. For if you ‘dutifully’ pay up the seemingly ‘honest’ monetary demands of extortionists then you do them and yourself a spiritual and moral dis-service.

 You do have a primary ‘duty’ to God. This duty is to ensure that you remain a moral person, for only when you are a person of good behaviour in the eyes of God, and thus you do conform to the “Peaceful” code of conduct ‘standard’ as set by God, are you a dutiful and moral citizen of the land as you never interfere in the lives of others, neither do you disturb the peace of God’s Land.

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 Every ‘state’ or nation on earth is presently ‘governed’ or controlled by the use of the ‘gun’ or other forceful means. This because individuals over the ages believed that they had the divine right to rule others and to so do, they taxed their ‘slaves’ you and you so as to feed their enforcers and to keep themselves in ‘pocket’ money.

 All these ‘original’ sinners named themselves ‘Lord of the Manor, or Queen or King or Chief’ etc., and all believed that they were as ‘god’ and any that defied them would be put to the ‘sword’ or be cast out into barren lands having forfeited their belongings to the King or his ‘State’ coffers.

 None of these ‘infidels’ (non-believers in God) actually believed in God. They all said they did by ‘words,’ but by deed they defied God’s Holy Word of “Peace unto all, mercy, compassion, and forgiveness,” and with drawn sword they even today will ‘blood’ any that try to walk apart from their ‘power play’ that they ‘enshrine’ in their unholy ‘decrees’ books.

 Your sacrosanct moral duty is secondarily unto yourself. The duties of ‘care’ that you exercise daily to ensure that you never defy your God as you smile ‘beneficently’ upon all others you meet.

 You greet both the good and the bad with equal love in your heart. Any other that is ‘disagreeable’ or offensive or destructive is given your good counsel or they are left to God to deal with.

 You never raise your voice or hand or a sword to defend yourself against them or to fight or punish them. That is only God’s prerogative that is ‘elicited’ telepathically by the dark Sovereign Power through the mind and actions of infidels that know not God’s Command, nor are they aware of God’s Law.

 You undertake to support yourself and your ‘immediate’ family. You undertake to pay your way so to speak. You never make any ‘financial’ or other demands upon any other person. You may ask for assistance if you truly need it, but they do not have a ‘moral’ duty to help you if they do not wish to.

 Your ‘duty’ of the day is to carefully read all seeded by me and make amends, for eternity is not a million trillion years, it is that multiplied by itself forever.

 Your ‘duty’ of the day is to fortify your mind with God’s fresh wisdom via me, so that you can ‘gracefully’ save yourself from eternal suffering, by revoking any ‘wage’ that keeps you enslaved to enforcing taxation or enforcing punitive rules.

 Your ‘duty’ of care is to your family in that you protect their sanity by being kind and caring even if you are homeless and hungry because of what you have ‘stolen’ from others, as you ‘systematically’ forced their compliance to rules.

 Your ‘duty’ of care is to your children, you feed and clothe and house them and care for them lovingly, in the knowledge that their ‘flesh’ may be of your creation but their spirit soul is God’s, and thus they are God’s children left in your care.

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 You teach them the basics of living and self-sufficiency so that once they stand on their feet they begin to assist in the daily house routines. This way they can more easily fend for themselves. You ensure that they learn the three ‘R’s of reading, writing, and arithmetic and, - - -

 The ‘primary’ lessen that you teach them from a tender age is to be kind unto all and for them to understand why others or themselves ‘fall’ into despair or aggressive ways and, - - -

 You teach them to conform to God’s command and to never steal, cheat, deceive, and to never fight. They must learn to not defend themselves using force of arms but to remain ‘meek’ and polite, with mercy, compassion, and forgiveness extended to others less wise and, - - -

 You extend your ‘aid’ unto all healthy children until the end of their ‘teen’ years, after which they must be ‘able’ to grow their own food and feed and shelter themselves. Any ‘debilitated’ through illness or other need your extended care for as long as you are able to.

 Your ‘duty’ of care is to the children and family of all others, and you always offer them good counsel and extend your friendship and helpfulness whenever needed in any way you are able to.

 Once you have earned some income you are expected by God to do what you can to help the less fortunate within your society or others in far away places. You can do this personally or otherwise.

 You also need to assist in the general ‘upkeep’ of the local community supply of services and welfare. This must not be a ‘forced’ commitment; it must be a solely free ‘giving’ process that is not ‘tied’ to land values or other.

 It is a personal choice happening where morally ‘upright’ persons see the ‘value’ added to society by their own labours and free giving. You do not ‘give-in’ to the coercive tactics of ‘power-play’ that tries to seduce you to give up your money or goods to others in ‘strong’ positions.

 Never seek any employment with any other person or institution that for a wage forces you to ‘dutifully’ support their activities that ‘conflict’ with the Command of God. That is ‘spiritual’ suicide and great suffering ahead.

 Let it here be plainly said, that any person that continues to pay * any ‘fines, taxation levies, stamp duties,’ or any other ‘royalty’ or excise duty or licence ‘fee’ or, any person seeking to force others to pay these ‘taxes’ or, any person legislating ‘edicts’ or rules that ‘inform’ others that they must pay said taxes, - - - is a person deemed by God to be ANTI the Command of God, and they will be severely dealt with by GOD.

Note: pay * - Do not pay money that funds the ongoing punitive forces. Suffer the alternative if it is 'Jail.' If told to do community 'service' this you will refuse. For no  service' to others must be a forced compliance process. It is simply a free-giving process.

 You have the duty to contribute to the upkeep of all or any of the community or private ‘facilities’ that you use in your daily activities. The example being the local ‘Council’ works of water and sewerage and waste removal, the upkeep of roads and electricity supply and usage.

 Naturally you will be expected to pay for any other services provided that you use. You may also contribute to other industries or works of your own choosing.

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 You have the personal duty to ensure that you understand the deep moral of my ‘story,’ for when you do you will fortify your mind, so that when you ‘hear’ any ‘call to arms’ for king or country or, when others call by and demand that you join them in bringing a murderer or cattle thief to account for their misdeeds you will say:

“No, that is the wrong way to go, for I wage war upon no other, for we are all sister and brother whatever our colour, race, creed or belief. Thus I can bring no other to ‘grief’ for in so doing, I would make our Creator my enemy and HE will then destroy me for I am no ‘match’ against my God and - - -

Neither would I entertain any such immoral behaviour however, I am happy to peacefully haul in any that do ‘disturb the peace of the land,’ for the sole purpose of them attending a three hour educative Feeling Easier Seminar to assist in their rehabilitation.”

 The forceful ‘demand and reprimand’ ways of old are soon to be abolished by God via me, and any person seeking to continue on their ‘punishment by decree’ rules will be ’free’ to so do as they are forcefully thrust into the Abyss and enslaved eternally.

It has been my moral ‘duty’ to God and man to use my God-given Light to expose the harsh naked truth, that every land on earth is a ‘giant’ slave camp controlled by the Dark Sovereign Power operating through ‘powers thought to be normal,’ being the vain and proud, arrogant and insane ‘Lords of the manor.’

These thieving ‘men’ are now so ‘cunning’ in their extortion of monies off their ‘citizen’ slaves that they can now simply use ‘text’ in their ‘unholy book’ of decrees to waylay you the populace at every ‘junction’ of the road you walk as they brazenly extract a ‘tax’ upon tax upon every activity of the day.

So normal has this ‘bad practice’ by precedent ‘set’ become, that their own children and yours now believe that if you do not ‘honour’ these extortion demands and forfeit your money, that you are the criminal and, as they work for the ‘system’ they are happy to have you punished in many a way.

If you are not ‘dutiful’ in caring for the well-being of your own soul, then that is your ‘democratic’ freedom of choice and you will hear the ‘voice’ of DEATH when its foul and fiery ‘breath’ is pointed at you by the eternal ‘Judge’ who is true, and HE will do what HE wishes to.

If you think that ‘enslavement, taxation, fine, punishment, destruction and war’ is good, then you are doomed to die. I suggest that you give it one more ‘try’ and look at yourself in the ‘mirror’ each day as you say:

“Am I truly conforming to God’s: ‘Go in peace and extend good-will unto all mankind’ command or, am I a fool kneeling before Satan’s footstool as I cause others to ‘justifiably’ suffer”?

If you continue to preach or ‘teach’ others that they must fight to defend themselves or, that they must fight and kill the ‘enemy,’ then you are a deceiver and you are doomed to die spiritually.

It is my duty to awaken all ‘government’ legislators and police enforcers and the judiciary to the fact that they are not working for and on behalf of the people, nor the ‘system’ of man; they are all ‘operatives’ of the Dark Sovereign Power being used as ITS punitive ‘army’ force and, - - - they thus place their own ‘fate’ into HIS cruel ‘hands’ due to their own defiance of their Creator.

It truly is the time of your FINAL individual ‘destiny’ choice.



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