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~ The ‘Juror’ and the Jury ~

 God did say that those that ‘Judge’ shall so judged be. This means that as you unto others do, shall by God be done unto you. Why therefore do people defy their God deliberately and thus condemn themselves?

 Do none see that the Light of God that loves and gives freely is happy that you ‘judge’ those that do ‘disturb the peace’ and thus ‘offend’ as persons needing wisdom, education, and care, for thus you are ‘correcting’ their inner ‘turmoil’ and adversity.

 Do none see that when you step ‘aboard’ the ‘warlike’ Jury ‘tablet’ and judge a person ‘guilty’ of a criminal offence and, thus one to be sent to a ‘correctional’ facility for the purpose of punishment that you are the ‘guilty’ one in the eyes of God?

 For you are not only guilty of your defiance of the ‘Mercy, compassion and forgiveness’ Command of God, but that within the Law of God you place yourself within the ‘bounds’ of the Dark of God and, you will receive an equal return of all the ongoing pain and suffering that is experienced by the ‘prisoner’ and their family during their ‘penalty’ time and, any ongoing ‘collateral’ suffering. That is the ‘Just’ law of God in action.

 The Light of God cannot and thus does not punish, it only shines forth its love and wisdom via me, and any that can this not see are truly blinded by their pride and vanity.

 The retributive ‘arm’ of God that punitively destroys the vain and the prideful is more ‘cunning’ than you can see, for it uses everybody in its negative interaction that is foolish enough to be ‘conned’ into believing that they are ‘worldly’ and ‘morally’ good and doing good in bringing others to ‘account.’

 Every ‘juror’ of the day that has condemned anyone as “Guilty” and thus needing the ‘magisterial’ judgement of punishment, are persons that are guilty of placing someone into the hands of the Devil to be supped on by evil.

 Most certainly they may it deserve, but why did the juror ‘swerve’ away from the command of the light and place themselves in an ‘equally’ deserving of evil punishment plight? It is simply through their ignorance of the truth of God.

 Public prosecutors, magistrates, police and other enforcers all believe that they ‘reign supreme,’ and are thus ‘all powerful’ in having ‘the power,’ and they most certainly do ‘carry’ a dark ‘force’ that kills themselves spiritually as they use IT in their interaction with others.

 None of these persons are ‘powerful,’ for they do not have the power to even exercise their own conscience nor to obey their creator, for they are all ‘bound’ under servitude to RULES that force them to be slaves to said rules and to thus destroy their own souls, - - - and thus they are the ‘weakest’ form of life.

 They also ‘assume’ that as their role is mandated by ‘the people’ and the State that they are invincible and above the Law of God their Creator. Foolish and arrogant is any person that assumes such ‘god-ship.’

 People such as prosecutors may ‘bear’ the supposed elevated status of ‘QC’ after their name. Denoting that they give the Queens good counsel. Well if ‘Queeny’ is the one that ‘sets’ the taxation and fines and punishment rules ‘trap’ in defiance of her Creator because of her vanity, then foolish is any person brazenly stating to all and God of their ‘support’ of ‘her’ taxation and punitive sport.

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 I am the most powerful ‘instrument’ here or there or anywhere, for the power of my Light is ‘enough’ to all darkness see, and thus I am able to set even the prosecutor free spiritually.

 If you as an ‘adult’ wish to be on any ‘Jury’ sitting, then I can only suggest that you do so wisely. Being that you only perform such a duty of your own free volition and, only for the purpose of coming to an informed decision as to whether your ‘target’ needs the good counsel of their Creator.

 For if you continue to attend a ‘judgement’ style court attendance for and on behalf of a punitive institution, that can only itself be ‘guided’ in its ‘response’ by the punitive attachments of State ‘decrees’ or rules, then you place your own soul in ‘grave’ danger and into much ongoing suffering.

 Try and see that all are continually ‘bombarded’ by words that have had their meaning altered to the point that you are now programmed to believe that black is white.

 Words such as: ‘It is the law of the land.’ No decree or ‘rule’ of legislated text in any ‘book’ is ‘the law,’ it is simply a written statement by an ‘overbearing’ person backed by force of arms.

 Try and see that there is a “The LAW of the Land.” This Law is absolutely JUST. It is absolutely immutable in its ‘distribution’ of Justice. It is the LAW of GOD. It is in ‘operation’ through the eternal ‘passage’ of time, and metes out its own ‘love and joy’ or ‘pain and suffering’ at the time and place that IT so decides.

“As you do is done unto you – you reap what you sow”

All the above, be it good or evil returns on an ‘eye for an eye’ EQUAL basis.

 Not only this, but as your personal interaction ‘spreads’ positive or negative emotional energy upon others, due to the above ‘Law’ if you cause pain and suffering through your interaction, then that dark energy returns to you invisibly like a ‘cancerous’ mist and it contaminates your spirit soul.

 This dark contamination of your soul blinds you more. It also makes you feel more invincible, more powerful, more arrogant, more vindictive, vainer, and more prideful.

 Terrible is the ‘fate’ in store for you when God ‘spills’ you off your ‘high’ horse to grovel in the blood and mud beneath HIS feet in the underworld. No you will not even be able to ‘bleat’ as you are trodden upon by others darker and more demonic than you.

 Yes within the ONE Law of God all must suffer as they PAY every painful DUE imposed. Yes within the ONE Law of God all receive much goodness for every kindness expressed.

 Every person such as a ‘juror’ that receives ‘some’ or no pay for their services or, - - - every ‘enforcer’ receiving a wage from a person to force compliance to ‘tax’ demands or, - - - every ‘enforcer’ receiving a wage to ‘coerce’ people into conformity to ‘rules’ or, - - - any person receiving a wage to hold others in custody or to seize their goods or property in lieu of fines or that extracts fines, - - - is a person that is a mercenary operating for the Dark Sovereign Power and is thus a ‘criminal’ in the eyes of the Dark Sovereign Power, and is a person that has become a person ‘marked’ by HIS demonic forces as ‘one’ to be punished in the future.

 Any person that defies the “Go your way in peace and love one another” Command of God is a person deemed by the Dark Sovereign Power as needing punitive correction by HIM and, if they refuse to change their way then IT, HE will destroy their soul.

 Foolish is any ‘man’ that seeks to mete out any punitive ‘correction’ for HIM, for they are not HIM, only HE is God. Any action on your part that is not in conformity to the “Peace” Command, places you directly within HIS ‘punitive and painful’ jurisdiction.


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