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~ The 'taxman' and Timothy ~

Timothy, there are many reasons why people try and avoid paying tax, maybe it is due to taxes and levies and fines and 'customs duty' and stamp duty and sales tax being 'raised' as often as people press the button on their fax.

Maybe people just cannot keep up with the demand that is issued with a stern demand and reprimand for con-conformity. Maybe people are simply 'cheats' that try and 'hide' their income earned and 'fiddle' their books, not seeing that in the first instance it is only extortionists who within them seek to look.

Yes the 'systematic' theft of money from the community by 'force of arms' is the 'works' of the Devil disguised as a 'democratic' and 'charitable' welfare organisation. The reality being that there is nothing democratic about the rulers nor their 'armed' forces that dictatorially seize your property for any non-compliance to their demands.

Neither do you personally 'fare' well if you vote the 'party' in to 'power' or fund its 'criminal' activities against humanity or condone its 'punitive' effort to protect you. For if you are 'complicit' to any of its extortionist, punitive and warring ways, then as it 'operates' in your name and on your behalf you 'ahead' will not laugh.

There is more than one very good reason to NEVER pay any income tax, fine, or other 'taxing' levy.* (see note at end of document) For if you 'freely' do, it shows God, man, and yourself that you are 'living' and 'fellowshipping' with the contra ideology to the one of "Go your way in peace" as Commanded by your Creator and, - - -

If you do 'fund or condone' the anti-God punitive and warring ways of any Institution of man, then you daily accrue a very painful spiritual due within the superior 'eye for an eye' LAW of GOD that clearly stipulates: "As you sow or your servants sow on your behalf will be done unto you."

Thus you must not pay any such taxes that will be used to fund the 'armed forces,' the punitive prosecuting forces, the judiciary, the police and jailers that hold men in bondage. This Institution is of the dark and punitive ideological belief (religion) of WAR not Peace.

Try and see that if you are accruing a 'painful' and insufferable debt to God for the 'warring or invasive' actions of others (or your own) then, when that 'due' presents itself at your door in the 'apparition' of a terrorist or other, - - - you will be 'incited' by your own thoughts to fight back and attack the aggressor and, - - - in this act you 'fail' in God's eyes and as you fight, you draw in dark (sin) energy into your soul that 'later' carries you down into the Abyss.

If you are 'sinful' having much darkness within (aggressive negative emotions) then you may well wish to be a 'warrior' and condone and fund warfare. Thus it is your personal choice to fund the State 'armies' that go forth and disturb the peace of this and other lands.

If you do wish to live in peace then you do not have to fund 'warmongers' simply because they say that you must or 'die,' for that is the false belief that has become in 'vogue' due to precedents set before you were born.

Being where some men thought that they were 'royal blood' and you were one to be annually 'shorn' of your coat, - - - to be 'worn' by them to keep them fed and warm as you stayed poor and left out in the cold.

I write this 'paper' to awaken those of the 'Peaceful' ideological belief that they do not have to fund the State coffers and become complicit to the 'terrorist' activities carried out by 'governing' Institution enforcers.

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Firstly they do not have to because their Creator forbids such activity. Secondly they do not have to because the Constitution of every 'governing' Institution (organisation or 'Club') of the land (Australia) itself has a PRIMARY clause that clearly stipulates that every person has the freedom to follow their own ideological belief (religion).

 Act (9th July 1900) section 116 that states;

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, -

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

This clause inspired by the Light of God in the mind of 'sinful' man was to ensure the 'freedom' of the individual who may not wish to be a 'party member' of the punitive warlike State Institution (Club - religion) and, thus such a peaceful individual is not a 'subject' of the Institution, nor are they within the jurisdiction of ANY of the 'rules, regulations, decrees,' of said Institution because as said, - - -

They 'fellowship with' and belong to another 'Club' (Institution, religion) that is the "God of LOVE and PEACE and MERCY and COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS Club" that has 'members' who do not defy their God and who do conform to God's Command to go their way in peace and not disturb the peace of others for any reason and, - - - they cannot fund such an 'opposing' ideology and, - - -

Because these 'souls' are inspired to do good works, they do support the community effort in every way they can, as they also give money and time to aid the less fortunate, and they are happy to contribute to all PEACEFUL community effort be it the funding of hospitals, schools, roads, welfare for the poor etc., either directly or indirectly as is their personal democratic choice. 

They are also happy to pay the wages of true 'Peace Corps' workers that haul in those found disturbing the peace of the land. But not for punitive measure, only for their education and rehabilitation as given by me through the 3 hour Feeling easier Seminar.

I write this note to 'Timothy' my son who bears 'witness' to these gospels by not freely funding the 'taxman' as he wishes to conform to the Command of his God of Love, and I write this to support him and others that hear the 'taxing' hounds baying at the door saying:

"We are poor and we thus demand that you give us your honey, for we have much to do in protecting you and our land against the untrue, and if you do not show us 'cause' why you will not contribute to our 'fighting' fund then we will come with our army, and we will take everything that you own and we will also 'consider' confining you behind a locked door."

Son, it is the time now where everyone has to stand tall as everyone stands on a 'mat' with the spotlight of God upon their 'head,' as they are tested to see 'who' is true and 'who' is untrue.

Each having 'heard' my 'clarifying' voice will thus have an 'easier' choice. For they will now know the right from wrong, and thus I ask that you stand strong in the Light of our Lord God and you never 'fund' the coffers of the Dark Knight even if he would 'thrust' you with HIS sword for defiance of HIS abominable word.

HE 'hides' hidden behind the 'cloak' of an earthly institution and HIS 'operatives' in the flesh are only now being blessed with my light so that they can see for 'whom' they actually fight.

Be 'aware' that if you do 'owe' HIM anything as a spiritual due, then HE will ensure that HIS 'operatives' remain untrue even unto their own 'Institution' and, they will go forth and for HIM they will drag you into HIS 'black' Court to be 'judged' by HIM from HIS unseen world, as HE operates telepathically through the mind of mere mortals that are HIS 'portals' into this and every realm of Dark.

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My letter is to not only prepare you for that 'certain' coming time for everyone, but to also expose the truth to those presently working as HIS 'operatives' so that they can make an effort to set themselves free from HIS 'service' and CERTAIN death in the afterlife if they fail.

Be aware that HE now via the mind of simpleton 'fearful' and 'arrogant' mortals raises up 'fresh' decrees that stating that it is 'Sedition' for any to defy His command and 'governing' rules. I need to state unto you and all that any mere 'mortal' that raises up any 'decree' that invites or 'incites' the use of punitive  force is an act of SEDITION against the 'governance' of God and HIS Command of "Peace unto all."  

I need to add that such treasonable action is punishable by spiritual death in eternal damnation and banishment to the Abyss, so fear not the 'physical' death threat that is the 'coercion' to join the Satanic band. Son, you will be helped by God's words from my pen as will everyone. So please read all seeded by me in the papers attached that are on line on my main Index as item :

6 - The TRUTH of Salvation 45 p. The clarification of the gospels of Jesus

Within this document items 3 & 4 as well as this letter you will find the wherewithal to prepare your mental understanding of the process. Being the 'reasoning' needed by you to 'show' to the persecutors their own error as they defy their own institution Constitution in their persecution of you if they so proceed.

As you are a 'certified' man of peace that can bring 100 'witnesses' to court to say such, then I too am 'able' to stand by your side there as your 'counsel' and speak the truth of God if you so need.

Other than that you may simply stand 'alone with God' and submit your written 'testimony' being your 'Statement by submission' to the Court that is your 'defence' against any 'false' claim being made upon your good name.

I shall prepare that statement on your behalf and place it as an 'addendum' to these pages that will all become a 'sample' of truth for others to read and follow.

Note: 'taxing' levy.* - As there is an 'added' tax placed upon almost everything through the 'Sales Tax' levy, it needs be said that the 'onus' of such tax payment becomes the spiritual 'due' of the seller of the goods that has raised the cost of his/her goods pre sale.

You as the purchaser are 'simply' being asked by the seller to pay a 'certain' price for goods in the foreknowledge that they are 'higher' than they should be, due to many 'taxing' processes in the 'chain' that was made on the way through the production line.

As the 'purchaser' of said goods, you must simply state to the 'seller' that you 'for his sake' would prefer him/her to sell the goods at the 'correct weight' without GST. If the seller refuses, then it is they that accrue the 'painful' spiritual due for it is they that send the 'levy' through to the 'Kings' coffers to fund the 'punitive' and war effort.

It 'follows' that if you are a manufacturer or seller of goods and you make any 'tax' payment to ANY organisation that becomes monies used to pay the 'wages of sin,' be it wages for the armed 'fighters' that are nothing less than 'licensed' executioners or, for armaments, or for maintaining the 'fine and punishment' or other criminal judicial processes. For in funding such you are defiant of God and in BIG TROUBLE ahead.

Mankind has for so long 'agreed' to the false ideological way of taxing enslavement, fine and punishment and war and killing, that they forgot that all these 'depraved' acts contravened the command of God and had a 'consequence,' that is now to be imposed in its fullness by DEMONS operating via the minds of the vain and insane in any 'walk' of life.

All mankind has been deceived through time and every man, woman, and 'child' of every 'station' in life has a final choice to make once they have refreshed their consciousness with my wisdom, for only thus can they make a personally informed decision as to their final destiny.

Your Father


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