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~ Letter to Charlie Mikaleffe ~
Commander of Tasmania prison system

 Dear Charlie, I find that my mind often ‘lingers’ on you and your ‘presence’ appears before me spiritually. My mind also remembers the ‘Russel Crowe’ movie “Master and Commander” of the well armed Barque that was sent forth to ‘plunder, destroy, seize, or kill,’ all in the name of ‘Rules, Royalty, or England.’

 I ‘commend’ Russel for his outstanding performance, as do I commend those that ‘wrote’ the lines he and others spoke, for within them was a very simple truth or two that do reveal ‘something.’

 Being that nothing has changed since those days, and the ‘rulers’ being vain men still invoke their ‘decrees’ that ‘permit’ their officers to go forth and plunder at will as long as they fill the ‘till’ or the ‘coffers’ of the king or kingdom with ‘coin’ or goods of value.

 And the same ‘officers’ are also ‘permitted’ by State decree to force all others to ‘bend’ their knee to the ‘words’ of each and every decree upon pain of death or banishment or other punishment for any non-conformity.

 These same ‘persons’ that ‘guide’ the destiny of the ‘commoner’ still believe that the ‘commoner’ must be ‘punished’ because they need ‘correction’ and a ‘stern’ fist to keep them ‘orderly’ and ‘happy.’ It so ‘happens’ over time that every ‘commoner’ becomes instilled with the false ideological belief that merciless un-forgiveness and vengeful punishment is the ‘right’ way.

 As God and I and the ‘conscience’ of the ‘awakened’ can see, it is these ‘rulers’ of impropriety that are leading all mankind deeper into the Abyss, and into greater bondage to the Devil for their condoning and funding of the perpetual iniquity of their ‘Masters.’

 Man ‘prays’ words as he ‘confirms’ with his voice the words of God: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” and man ‘stutters’ out more words without giving their meaning any due consideration - - - “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us.”

 For no man of the ‘line’ on any ‘ruling’ ship forgives any other person for their trespasses, nor do the ‘simpletons,’ so why should God? God states quite clearly that: “All reap what they sow.”

 It will surely come to pass that the Command of God to “Go you way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving” will be the ‘way’ on earth once God has swept away those that continue to be ‘in sin’ living, being every person that ‘locks’ others away for the purpose of punishment, and for the purpose of coercing them into taxing ‘servitude’ to the State ‘coffers.’

You Charlie are also the commander of a very large ‘Barque.’ But yours is black, and it flies the Devil’s flag denoting ‘slavery’ and pain and suffering to all whom enter upon its decks, or are ‘forced’ below decks to suffer mental and emotional torment in isolation. But you see it not.

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All that you do see is that every ‘prisoner’ being transported away from their family - - - is a person that has become a person that was ‘ruled’ as a person to be ‘banished’ from society - - - and thus ‘excommunicated’ from their family and, they by your ‘hand’ are ‘impressed’ into a ‘fearful’ and inhumane livelihood.

Your ‘midshipmen’ and other officers have no ‘doubt’ in their minds that these persons are persons that are ‘deemed’ to be inhuman for their non-conformity to RULES and thus deserving of their fate and, - - -

If any person ‘on board’ your ship for the time of the ‘journey’ does in any way fail to ‘salute’ the flag or ‘orders’ given, they are punished more or ‘put away’ for a further ‘time’ of stay.

Charlie, some two years ago when I stood as a ‘condemned’ man before you and your 'committee' awaiting to be ‘sent down’ to the dungeons, you asked me if I believed that my ‘sentence’ was a ‘Just’ one.

What I wish to say today is, that for all ‘offenders’ in the eyes of God there does come the time when they are sent ‘down’ as such to ‘suffer’ whatever ‘pain’ or indisposition that they imposed upon others on a long past day.

In your ‘case’ there will be no ‘Comptroller’ at the gate to the dungeon prior to your being thrust therein for a time and a time. So it is at this moment of time that I ask you to try and see that when you do ‘find’ yourself in grave and difficult circumstances that you remember me.

For I did ‘recommend’ that all conform to God’s Command and not take a wage to be a ‘mercenary’ for the King or his ‘rules,’ that are simply his means of monetary extortion from the simple people.

You also need to remember me because I did give you the ‘key’ to release yourself from Hell below. The key being the wisdom of my holy word that says:

“To find release from bondage you must not be strong physically and thus fight to escape, you must be strong mentally so that dark thoughts of retribution do not your mind rape. “

 Every ‘enforcer’ in the flesh is presently free to come and go and their ‘ways’ for the ‘King or Queen’ or the ‘Rule book’ daily sow. Soon each and every one of them will be ‘imposed upon’ by others inspired mentally by the invisible Dark Sovereign Power.

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 At that moment of time they begin to entwine with the ‘Justice of God’ as they begin to suffer the ‘consequence’ of having caused others to suffer. From this moment of time their FINAL ‘destiny’ is begun.

 For if they deny me and raise-up sword or gun to ‘justly’ fight their oppressors, then they again defy the ‘forgive’ Command of their God and greater becomes their ‘pain’ dues to be met.

 I believe that you are a real man with ‘original’ integrity, and ‘enough’ of a conscience to see what I expose to thee. Thus I believe that prior to your exiting the flesh to ‘pay’ to God all dues accrued, that you will amend your ways and become a true ‘Christian Knight’ of white and help me bring Tasmania into the Light.

 Please assist in the amelioration and ‘refreshing’ of your divine consciousness by reading the entire content of the section of my web site named:

~ The TRUE Salvation gospels of 'Jesus & Terence' ~

I believe that you are a man of God. I believe that you as all men were deceived by the erroneous teachings of our forebears that prior to our birth on earth did plod.

I believe that you will see the Light of our God shining in me. I believe that you will help me to ‘amend’ the ‘convict’ status of Tasmania into the first ‘Land of the Free.’

Note: Corrective punishment – disobedience – conformity. There is no such thing as ‘Corrective punishment.’ For ‘correction’ of those that do disturb the peace of the land need education, so that they can learn to ‘correct’ their thinking processes as they learn to understand the power of their negative emotions and how thoughts enter in and subjugate them.

Punishment, be it by ‘fine’ or ‘jail’ or transportation and ‘slave labour’ are simply forceful coercive tactics used by slave ‘Masters’ who come in many a guise, be it of a wise man or a chief or president or king that by ‘decree’ has ‘ruled’ that everybody has to conform to his dictates or the ‘orders’ of his ‘clergy’ of politicians or his ‘rule books’ or his ‘enforcement’ agencies or be forced to ‘suffer’ the consequence, being that they are 'punitively' forced back into ‘line.’

Any non-conformity is seen as ‘anarchy’ or ‘rebellion’ or ‘treason’ and punishable by death or other. None of these ‘warmongers’ seeing that they do have a ‘superior,’ being their Creator who has HIS ‘own’ agenda as is now ‘reinstated’ on earth by me.

Most people seek to be ‘known’ as ‘somebody’ by their peers or their superiors. (Recognition by man) Hence the ‘ease’ by which enforcers do their ‘duty’ to others seen as their ‘superior,’ be it a person or a book of rules, for in accomplishing their paid duty they are seen as ‘good’ and honourable. The road to ‘glory’ for man or system or nation leads to a ‘gory’ misery of eternal suffering, because there truly is ‘A’ God that has the capacity to enforce His Decree that to IT every ‘knee’ must bend being: “Go your way in peace or I your God am your eternal ENEMY.” 

Sincerely – Terence


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