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~ The ‘Justice of the Peace’ (JP) ~
 The 'Summons'


Dear friends - As surely as night follows day every ' sinner' that abuses any other in any way does pay. Take 'notice' that your 'time' has now come for being the 'instigative' force that brought many another 'sister or brother' undone as your 'pen' marked them as 'one' to be brought to 'account,' and within God's superior law your own spiritual suffering 'dues' did mount.
I send these few pages to you all as my 'courtesy' call, so that you have a little time in which to mentally prepare for the 'day' when in pure 'terror' it is you to 'share' the same tribulations that you did 'complicitly' impose upon many a 'person' as you openly defied the Command of your God to "Go your way in Peace."
Be advised, this 'notice' is not a threat, it is purely a statement of FACT backed by the might of God's Holy Word as HE inspires my pen, for when you for any reason 'disturb the peace' of others it is you that has defied God or, when you for any reason send forth some other to 'disturb the peace' of others it is you that has defied God.
The Summons is a 'document' that entitles and 'permits' its 'bearer' to be unfeeling and ruthless in carrying out their 'duty' to the book of RULES and, - - - its 'authority' is such that they are 'happy' to enforce the 'demand' of the Summons and any consequential outcome  'unquestionably,' as they go forth in defiance of God and HIS Command to "Love one another and go your way in peace as you extend compassion, mercy, and forgiveness unto all."


There is a ‘misnomer’ in the name (JP) ‘Justice of the Peace’ because it is they that give the ‘release’ authority of the ‘Summons’ docket that permits a policeman to stride forth with it placed in pocket with the intent of ‘disturbing the peace’ of another person.

 For it is not a ‘peace’ paper, it is his permission to ‘wage war’ openly upon the rich and poor, mother and father, and even his own sister or brother living next door.

 So what is the reality seen by me and my God who does all ‘activity’ over-see? The reality seen is that the ‘penned’ signature is but a ‘scrawl’ of anonymity by a person seeking to be ‘unknown’ as they authorise ‘someone’ to defy the command of God and, - - -

 The signature they ‘pen’ permits the policeman to do all the ‘bad’ things that by the ‘rules’ of their own ‘Institution’ are deemed as ‘criminal’ action and, what is unseen, unknown, and not understood by the ‘JP’ administrator nor the police and judiciary is, that the use of any of God’s dark force places all complicit into the DARK side of GOD’S LAW.

 This ‘notice’ is to advise all persons that lend their ‘pen’ to the Devil that they are His ‘men and women’ that HE does see as - - -

“Persons that have become persons liable to be prosecuted by HIM and punished by HIM at a later date because, - - -

 They sanctioned, sanctified, and ‘promoted’ the use of force that misled other ignorant people into the ‘punitive acts’ of ‘home invasion, abduction, detention, punishment, extortion, theft of goods, incarceration, and ‘hanging’ or killing and, - - -

 Within the supreme LAW of GOD they also accrue a ‘karmic’ DUE of suffering for all ‘lateral’ and co-lateral ‘injury’ and mental and emotional trauma that ‘ultimately’ was ‘suffered’ by their ‘victim’ the ‘supposed’ recalcitrant offender.”

 This notice is my ‘notice’ from your Creator to advise you all that any person that in any way has carried out any ‘activity’ that in God’s eyes was ‘contra’ to HIS command to: “GO your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving” - - - is a person deemed by God to be a person needing ‘correction’ of ideological belief and, - - -

 As you all are ‘such’ persons so ‘judged’ by the power of this pen then take notice because, - - - I can assure you that soon you all will be ‘confronted’ by your past and you will be ‘terrified’ because you will be confronted by those others seen only by me.

 They will be merciless, cruel, vindictive, violent, angry, incensed and totally insane because, they will all be possessed mentally by invisible demonic forces who ‘as you’ will issue them a ‘telepathic’ and thus mental permission to: “Go forth and settle every outstanding spiritual DUE.”

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 Apart from that happening soon to be as now exposed by me the ‘Plenipotentiary’ carrying God’s authority, - - - there is ‘something’ else that every (JP) needs to see.

You all live under the ‘delusion’ that your ‘mandate’ to operate is one of ‘legitimacy,’ and you place this ‘fact’ upon the ‘teachings’ within the encoded strictures of ‘acts’ or rules in a ‘book of text’ that existed prior to your birth and, - - -

 What you all ‘fail’ to do is to go back to the beginning of the text written in the Constitution of your ‘establishment’ (Institution – Organisation) for within it are ‘words’ written that forbid any subsequent ‘rules’ or rulings to ‘supersede’ them the ‘principle’ rock upon which your Institution is ‘founded’ and, - - -

 You see not the reason why God via the mind of man imposed these ‘strict’ guideline texts. For it was to ‘control’ the arrogant and vain that do ‘vindictively’ hold other ‘mortals’ in disdain, especially those that do abide in the Command of God that do thus conform to a different ideology to that of every ‘Justice of the peace.’ (JP)

 For every (JP) by their very ‘position’ hold God’s “Mercy and forgiveness” command in ‘derision’ as they personally ‘permit’ others and thus ‘entice’ these others to also defy God.

 Not only this, but what every government ‘person’ needs to see is that no Institution owns any ‘Nation’ and not only this, but what you the (JP) need to see is that if I ‘Terence’ the man is proven to have an ideology that is contra to the punitive ideology of your Institution then it follows that I Terence am a person that is referred to in the Constitution acts given below:

 Act (9th July 1900) section 116 that states;

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, -

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Thus my ‘appeal’ to you is that within your own State and Commonwealth Constitutions there is a provision that guarantees religious liberty and the free exercise of religion, and the freedom of conscience, and it also follows that I am NOT within your (JP) jurisdiction, and you should NEVER (treasonably) go against your own Constitution by ‘summonsing’ me to stand before your ‘persecuting’ judiciary and, - - -

 Not only this, but you should NEVER by your ‘pen’ set the ‘hounds’  upon me to drag me away from my family and, - - - irrespective of ANY ‘ruling’ of ANY Institution of man, you should ‘in the first instance’ ONLY conform to the Command of GOD and, - - -

 It is I now to ‘alert’ you all that you did all more than ‘flirt’ with the Devil. For you did Sow ‘suffering’ ways upon others and within the supreme, Just, and honourable Law of God it is you to now suffer the consequence.

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 The ‘other’ reason why I write this letter is to personally advise a Tasmanian (JP) ‘Colleen Kerrison’ who identifies herself as a number: 4348 that she has committed Treason against her own Institution by taking up ‘arms’ against me in signing a Summons number 39668/05 dated 28th day of September 2005 and, - - - this summons ‘marked’ with her ‘pen’ is proof of her ‘complicity’ in attacking God’s Plenipotentiary and, - - -

 I hereby advise her that she can today ‘cancel’ her ‘paper’ by writing a letter to the ‘constabulary’ and sending me a copy as she to ‘us’ states:

“I Colleen Kerrison do now see that Terence has the ‘Only Peace, mercy, compassion, and forgiveness’ ideology that is contra to ‘our’ State religion * that has the ideological ‘belief’ condoning ‘extortion, fine, persecution, punishment, jail, invasion, war and killing,’ and thus within the Constitution of ‘our’ Institution he is found to be a person that is not within our  'jurisdiction,’ for he is within the jurisdiction of the God of LOVE.”

Thus you set yourself free from eternal suffering and bondage in the ‘after-life’ because, - - - if you do not set yourself free by setting me free from fine and punishment then the following Decree by MY pen applies to thee personally through your 'complicity.'

 ~ Messiah Decree ~

Let it here be known that this final Decree by the Messiah is sown.

This Decree is the 'Judgement' of mankind by me as authorised by the God you cannot see and it says:

"From this day forth from East to North and South to West let all mankind be 'blest' with the truth that none from God stand 'aloof.' Thus all earn a return due and pay for their folly as our God did say and, - - -

From today the fourth of August TL 008 (AD 2004) it is 'penned' by my hand that any person that did not understand the Command of God and that 'thus' did and yet do defy their God will pay their FULL due.

Those that continue on from this moment to deceive, tax, seize, steal, demand, coerce, fine, punish, abuse, or kill will most certainly FALL into the Abyss for a time and a time so that the Darkness can have its 'fill' as IT metes out divine retribution and, - - -

I state quite categorically that any person that enters that 'gate' that does not have the wisdom of my sacred word will themselves eternally wield a sword against others and thus, moment by moment accrue another painful due and, - - -

I state quite categorically that any person that arrests me for the purpose of detention or punishment from this day forth by their own deed will NEVER find their way out of the PIT and, - - - not only will they for an eternity bleed, but they will then FALL deeper into the eternal FIRE."


 Note: State religion * - see reference at document end.

I advise every person wielding the ‘pen’ for Satan to now release themselves from eternal damnation by becoming a “Peaceful person” rather than calling themselves ‘Justice of the peace’ but by factual ACTION living the contra ideology of WAR.

 If you or any other wish to serve humanity honorably and remain in conformity to God’s “Love & Peace” Command and thus receive a positive and beneficent return, then you will need to read my ‘Testament’ and my ‘Offender document’ so that if a person is deemed by you to be a person that has been reported to you as factually having ‘disturbed the peace’ of God’s land, then you can direct them to a place where they will receive rehabilitative education rather than punishment. This is done when they attend a 3 hour ‘Feeling Easier Seminar’ and then set free.

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 I can state quite categorically that, - - - as long as any ‘person’ in any ‘field’ of operation is by action contravening God’s Command then they are ensuring that there is NO ‘release’ date or ‘sunset’ clause in their personal coming time of Tribulation. Tribulation can go on for an eternity in a very ‘hellish’ and agonising place below.

Take notice – God is the administrator of Justice, and HE upholds the Peace. He ‘permits’ the unwary and the unwise to use his ‘force’ and authority for the ‘simple’ reason that He cannot ‘abide’ any vanity that thinks that it is as powerful as He is and, - - -

All that ‘fall’ into His ‘trap’ of temptation are seen by Him as ‘foul’ and bad seed requiring His personal attention, detention, and correction and, - - - if they then do not change their way then HE will destroy them in the manner given by ME His Plenipotentiary. My message unto you all is God’s FINAL ‘call’ to give you all a very last chance to turn over a new leaf and be saved.

I reiterate, every 'Justice of the Peace' needs to look past their 'vanity' and become self-informed as to the PRINCIPLE clause in the 'acts' of the Constitution of their organisation reference their 'legitimacy' and jurisdiction over those that have any 'other' ideological belief and, - - -

More to the point they need to see if their 'works' are in conformity to the Command of their Creator. Being the Command that stipulates quite categorically that all must "Go their way in peace" and, that all are 'subjects' of God and subject to God's 'eye for an eye - as you sow so shall ye reap' LAW and, - - -

Also what you and all 'persons' need to try and see is that similarly as the 'police' say to the public: "Do not take 'the law' into your own hands for that is a  criminal offence," you the punitive 'arm' of the Institution you serve are not above THE LAW of God simply because you have been told that you are because: -

You have either a 'peoples' mandate due to a 'majority' vote or, you have been told that you have immunity from being prosecuted by your own Institution or God due to your working within the 'umbrella' of a System that 'officiates' your position through TEXT in a book of 'Constitution' acts and I say:

"No majority vote, no text in any book, and no 'voiced' or 'penned' authorisation by any person can give any person any immunity from the fulfillment of GOD'S divine Law. For God's Law stands supreme above the 'lands' upon which ignorant man strides living in a delusional daydream. It is I to now 'shatter' that illusion that has held you all in bondage, in the 'hope' that some of you take hold of my 'salvation' rope before your coming Tribulation turns into an eternally ongoing 'day by day' crucifixion."

You must try and see that every JP is an 'operative' working for the Dark Sovereign Power (Devil) due to the fact that you are upholding the DARK punitive aspect of God's 'eye for an eye' Law. Thus you are 'playing God' and place yourself within HIS punitive 'book.' 

You 'forgot' that in the very first instance HE told all HIS children to NEVER sup on the 'fruit' of the 'absolutely forbidden to touch tree of death' that 'supplies' its forceful energy to any 'supplicant' seeking to be IT - HE - God the retributive force in action and, - - - 

All that so did, or yet do place themselves into the jurisdiction of HIS side of HIS punitive ' eye for an eye' Law, and thus 'execute' themselves by having to suffer an exact 'measure' for every 'drop' of mental, emotional, and physical pain or discomfort that their actions forced others to endure. That is God's justice as HE balances HIS 'scales.'

It is the 'last chance' time for a 'reality check,' - - - no 'statute' gives any person the 'power' to defy God and survive. So if you are presently a person seen by God as 'defiant' of HIS "Go in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving," then I 'recommend' that you prepare for the fate that you did already 'accrue' as a spiritual DUE within HIS Law, so that you can 'suffer it' without retaliating. Fail my 'plan' to 'save' you then HE will destroy your 'bad' seed.

Note : When you 'break the law' of man, it means that you are punishable for non-conformity to the Rules of men. What you must try and see is that non-conformity to the "Go in peace" Command of God means that you have subjected yourself to the punitive aspect of the LAW of GOD. This means that you will "Reap what you sowed" at the time and place so ordained by God and, - - -

You will then be forced to 'suffer' the consequence of your actions on an equal or 'eye for an eye' basis and, - - - all the mental or emotional anguish imposed through your complicity to punitive interaction upon others, - - - as well as all physical suffering or discomfort they endured, - - - as well as all material loss they suffered, - - - as well as all 'collateral' suffering endured by their 'loved ones.'

No mere 'mortal' or spirit being can 'break' the Law of God, for it is the 'WORD' of God that is 'unbreakable' and it is also 'factual' that it is 'simply' the 'spiritual' interactive Law of energy in motion - - - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Note : Those as 'JP' or magistrate or armed forces officer that by voice 'order' or by 'pen' instruct others to either transport people from one place to another for the purpose of torture, incarceration or to be abused or killed, are persons deemed by God to be "Persons in need of correction" and to be subjected to the Dark punitive aspect of God's LAW. For by their 'voice' or 'penned' deed they instigated a disturbance of the peace of God's land as they invoked the 'suffering' of another person. Thus they and all 'complicit' suffer an equal return 'burn' of suffering.

Note : If I am not 'allowed' by 'officers' of your Institution to live democratically within my own ideological belief and precepts of Peace without being 'harassed' by your 'religious police,' then it is proof unto all that Tasmania is a police state ruled by an 'anti-God' dictatorship.

Note : Soon mankind will begin to see the insanity that is reflected within legislation that presently 'governs' the inhuman race on earth. For no truly 'decent' or respectful person would legislate any 'rule or ruling' that would not only defy the Command of their Creator, but that would 'invoke' the power of the Devil to 'authorise' people to authorise other people into what by God and the wise is seen as 'crazed' and depraved acts of 'smash - grab - invade - kidnap - terrorise -  incarcerate - shoot - kill - destroy' etc. All being carried out in the name of the 'land, nation, king, the people, or the book of rules.'

For those as me that are wise enough to see this 'terrorist' activity, I would like to point out to its 'perpetrators' that they are factually either demonic souls that have incarnated into the flesh of this world to gain some wisdom or, they are 'better' than that but they are deceived persons and, - - -  thus are operating 'as' demons as they openly defy God and, - - - for a 'wage' they are prepared to send their own souls into the 'demonic' lands below and become one of that breed.

 Terence - the Spirit of Truth

Note: State religion * - Every JP and other 'enforcer' needs to read;
The 'Proof of State Religion' Paper - 20 pages and:
 - The 'False Religion' Police - 20 pages

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