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~ Letter to Police officer Constable Dale Cook ~

Police officer Cook whose ACTIONS 'oppose' these Gospels

Constable Cook, you came to my home at your own volition. This you did ‘justify’ because of your mandated position. Being solely an ‘amount’ you receive as a wage to be an ‘enforcer’ for a ‘rule’ or a man ‘hiding’ behind the ‘cloth’ of an Institution. Being the “one’’ that ordered you to come to me and upon me make a demand.

The demand also had an ‘implied’ threat said or unsaid. For if I refuse the demand by your ‘notice’ issued by ‘someone’ who seeks to me reprimand, then because you take a ‘mercenary’ wage it is you then required to ‘kidnap’ God’s ‘sage’ and take him/me from his abode to a ‘place’ where another man will him judge.

Mr. Cook, you ‘sir’ are only too ‘happy’ to throw at me your ‘book’ if need be to find a ‘reason’ to do what you are paid 30 pieces of silver to so do. This you do even though I am ‘innocent’ of any wrongdoing before God, for I do conform to God’s Command to: “Go your way in peace and do not disturb the peace of the land.”

However, for a $ or two you are quite happy to disturb my peace, - - - all this because you have been ‘led’ to believe by ‘precedent’ that my peaceful acts contained ‘error’ and, - - - because you have also been ‘led’ to believe by ‘precedent’ that all the people of the land must obey the decrees of ‘some’ men.

I son within the Constitution of the land say that I do not have to conform to the ‘policy’ of your Institution because, - - - it has the contra ideology of control, extortion, punishment, kidnap, incarceration and killing and, - - -

That Mr. Cook is an absolutely contra ideology to mine being PEACE, and I must conform to my God’s Command because my conscience so dictates and, I prefer to so do as is my democratic right and, - - -

I do not fund any institution such as yours that does expect you and force you to disturb the peace in the course of your ‘duty’ to IT because, - - - if I so did, them I would incur the Wrath of God.

You ‘son’ believe in JUSTICE and so do I but, - - - I believe that God’s LAW reigns supreme and IT stipulates that: “As you sow so shall ye reap.” Thus I cannot and will not pay ‘fees’ to your Institution and furthermore, - - -

According to the Constitution of your Institution that gives you your ‘authority’ to act, I am entitled to live according to my own belief and religious ideology.

Thus my ‘appeal’ to you the man and man's Court is to show man that within their own Commonwealth Constitution there is a provision that forbids the 'raising' of any 'act' or 'rules' or 'law' that either: imposes any religious observance, or prohibits the free exercise of any religion, or establishes any religion.

Act (9th July 1900) section 116 that states;

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion,

Thus my ‘appeal’ to you the man and man's Court is to show man that within their own State Constitution there is a provision that guarantees religious liberty and the free exercise of religion, and the freedom of conscience, - - -

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

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I also state that it is my God given and democratic freedom of choice to live in accordance to the Command of my God and my conscience. Thus I do not ‘vote for,’ fund or condone the actions of any Institution whose ‘operatives’ do wage war upon others for any reason.

Thus I say to you Mr. Cook that if you do kidnap me a person that has clearly stated my case to you, - - - then you ‘Sir’ commit Treason against God and your own Constitution and you will at some stage ahead by ‘someone’ be judged accordingly and punished ‘similarly’ as you do punish others, be it in this world or the next.

For even though you are but a ‘simple’ pawn within the ‘cog’ of the process, it is you that is the one that is untrue, for it is your engagement of ‘power play’ with the people that instigates the whole process of condemnation, judgement, punishment, and incarceration OR killing of another human being.

You ‘strangely’ seemed ‘angry and upset’ that I give you ‘counsel’ of words advising you to never shoot anyone. How do you ‘think’ I should feel when you by ACTION factually come and kidnap me forcefully from my home?

Can you Mr. Cook not see this error? – No, because ‘mercenaries’ see naught, they only follow orders, and will do anything that they are ordered to so do by men or ‘rules’ in a book. That is a sad and sorry FACT; they are not permitted to follow either their own conscience nor the command of their God of Light.

You believe that your ‘mandate and uniform’ are your protection. Protection from what?  - - - prosecution by your own institution for performing ‘actions’ that if carried out by the public would be criminal?

No person has an ‘immunity’ or protection from the Law of God that is a law unto itself. God’s LAW sees no uniform or mandate; it simply returns unto you what you put out – interference for interference - Good for good - Pain for pain etc., on an equal ‘eye for an eye’ basis.

Take ‘notice’ that I do not intend to answer your ‘call’ to present myself at any ‘Court house.’ If you intend to ‘force’ me to so do then please come and collect me at 9am on the 16th December 05 at which time I shall speak these words to you that are written here below:

~ Messiah Decree ~

Let it here be known that this final Decree by the Messiah is sown.

This Decree is the 'Judgement' of man by me as authorised by the God you cannot see and it says:

"From this day forth from East to North and South to West let all mankind be 'blest' with the truth that none from God stand 'aloof.' Thus all earn a return due and pay for their folly as our God did say and, - - -

From today the fourth of August TL 008 (AD 2004) it is 'penned' by my hand that any person that did not understand the Command of God and that 'thus' did and yet do defy their God will pay their FULL due.

Those that continue on from this moment to deceive, tax, seize, steal, demand, coerce, fine, punish, abuse, or kill will most certainly FALL into the Abyss for a time and a time so that the Darkness can have its 'fill' as IT metes out divine retribution and, - - -

I state quite categorically that any person that enters that 'gate' that does not have the wisdom of my sacred word will themselves eternally wield a sword against others and thus, moment by moment accrue another painful due and, - - -

I state quite categorically that any person that arrests me for the purpose of detention or punishment from this day forth by their own deed will NEVER find their way out of the PIT and, - - - not only will they for an eternity bleed, but they will then FALL deeper into the eternal FIRE."


It is also on my web site here: State of Heaven Decrees.

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Constable Cook, it is your life and your personal choice – that is the freedom of democracy is it not. You are always welcome to visit me as an ‘unarmed’ and civil person and have a cup of tea. The ‘problem’ for those as you that take a wage to enforce the punitive ‘attachments’ to rules is, that they have been ‘led’ to believe that when upholding rules, - - -

That any mental or emotional or physical ‘pain’ caused to or suffering endured by the other is justified and, - - - the imposition of such ‘trauma’ is therefore not seen by the enforcer as an imposition contradicting the Word of God that says; “Love one another and do not disturb the peace of the land,” - - - nor is it perceived as a ‘disturbing of the peace’ when you so do unto others within the course of a ‘duty’ to the state rules.

Both the above beliefs of yours are FALSE. For no ‘ruling’ of man or legislation stands above the LAW of GOD.

I comment now reference my ‘belief’ surrounding my ‘legitimacy’ to drive on a public road without having to pay an annual ‘sum’ of money to your Institution in order for ‘it’ to validate my personal Certificate of driving Competency.

For I have proven to God, man, and myself that I am qualified by having attended a driving school instructional facility nearly 50 years ago and passed their ‘Test’ to their and my satisfaction.

Thus I do not have to ‘validate’ my own certificate of competency. Furthermore if I was to pay such a ‘levy’ to ‘Caesar’ the State institution then as it is proven to be a punitive and contra ideology to mine then, - - -

In the eyes of God I would be ‘foolish’ and complicit to all your punitive acts against other members of the community, and thus I would accrue an equal debt of ‘sorrow and suffering’ within the LAW of GOD and, - - -

 If you punish me for not ‘paying-up’ a certain amount of money demanded of me from your institution, then in my eyes and in the eyes of God, that punishment ‘factor’ is seen as an attempt, - - - by you personally and other ‘officers’ complicit, - - - to force me to change my ideological belief (religious belief) from one of PEACE to one of extortion, war & punishment.

 That ‘Dale’ is a treasonable offence within your own Constitution and in fact is the Devil’s ‘works’ in action as HE ‘cunningly’ uses your ‘forcefulness’ to tempt me via ‘coercion’ to fund your ‘law enforcers’ and thus be untrue to my conscience, my belief, my God and you, - - -

 For if I through ‘fear’ simply ‘paid up’ the extortion attempt * rather than doing what I do to enlighten you and all, then I would be failing in my personal duty to God and humanity.

 Note: extortion attempt * - You see the named ‘licence fee’ payment demand simply as a natural state of affairs. I do not, for I do ‘separate’ the ‘duties’ performed by every Institution.

 Any enforcement agency is operating ‘out of bounds’ in my ‘book,’ as well as outside the ‘bounds’ of God’s “Go in peace” command.  Thus I cannot freely fund any ‘tax’ levy or ‘fine’ levy for that is used to pay your ‘wages of sin.’ *

 Note: ‘wages of sin.’ * - All monies paid towards the use of ‘mercenaries’ that defy God and use force of ‘arms’ to ‘invade, seize, control, enslave, kidnap, hold hostage in jails, torture, punish or kill’ is money paid into the coffers of a terrorist organisation even if that organisation cannot see that fact due to their ‘mandate’ to so operate and, - - -

 This money is thus the ‘wages of sin,’ and all that fund, condone, or operate punitively for the DARK place themselves within the jurisdiction of the Dark Sovereign Power – Devil and pay the full ‘blood’ and suffering price for their defiance of their Creator.

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I perceive any attempt at ‘fine’ or jail punishment as an attempt at ‘coercing’ me to ‘change sides’ and to forgo my ‘peaceful’ belief into one of ‘subversiveness’ and control of others.

 You presently see not that your daily ‘works’ are based on the ideological belief of ‘State control’ and the use of force to force others into conformance with your belief that all must conform with the ‘extortion’ demands or be punished. That is not my belief.

 As our ‘ideological belief’ differs, it is quite clear to me that within your ‘Constitutional mandate’ you do not have any legal ‘authority’ over me because I am not a ‘Party member’ to your institution and neither am I of the ‘same’ ideology. Therefore in my eyes and that of your own rule book’ you are operating as a ‘terrorist’ that is invading my ‘space.’

 Man sees not the ‘power’ of the Devil to ‘cloud’ the issues at stake so as to keep man bound unto servitude to HIM and HIS ‘warring’ ways so that HE can ‘justifiably’ cause them eternal torment.

 All ‘enforcement’ agencies perceive their ‘operations’ as ‘honourable’ but they see not that they are operating within the DARK side of God’s LAW and thus by GOD will themselves be forced to suffer an equal penalty for all the pain and suffering that they imposed so ‘dutifully’ but unknowingly for the DEVIL.

 If you cannot see that not everybody is a ‘serf’ to the control of your Institution then so be it but, - - - as I do see ‘IT’ clearly I can only do my best to help you and all to see it because, I do know the power of the Dark Sovereign Power to enforce HIS side of the “As you sow so shall ye reap” LAW and HE is very CRUEL, merciless, and uncompromising for sure.

 Fortunately for those as you He is absolutely ‘Just’ and does not ‘extract’ hundreds of dollars if you did only owe ‘Him’ $ 10, for He would simply require that $10 amount and be ‘satisfied’ that His Law ‘Scales’ balanced but, - - -

As you now do need to see is, that in order to ‘balance’ His Scales of Justice He will need to extract the ‘thousands’ of $$ taken in fines as well as ‘years’ taken from the lives of others that you imprisoned, for even though that ‘judgement’ was imposed by the magistrate, you and all ‘complicit’ are equally at fault and, you also will also ‘suffer’ all mental and emotional anguish that your ‘penalty’ imposed upon your VICTIMS.

 Constable 'Cook,' you may well be polite, but what is polite and respectful about Kidnap? Nothing, for it is a crime within the eyes of man and God. Would I a man of God fund a 'kidnapper' and, - - -

Thus become a 'complicit' accomplice to their criminal 'works' and, - - - thus become complicit to a 'terrorist' activity in the eyes of man and God and, - - - thus place myself within the 'out of bounds' according to God's "Go in peace" command and, - - - thus place myself within the punitive 'side' of God's "As you did sow so shall ye reap" LAW?

No 'Sir' I would not fund the 'punitive' judicial part of your institution as its 'forceful' and invasive and punitive ideology is contra to mine and, - - - within the eyes of God and your own Constitution it is error for you to punish me in an 'attempt' to coerce me to begin funding it.

I have already told magistrate 'Wilson' two years ago that he is the biggest 'scoundrel' that I have ever met, and he 'laughs' at me and his own Constitution as he treasonably casts aside my past 'submission' to the Court.

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So now, are you and others going to again place me before him and 'tempt' him to again be so foolish? For if you do, then you also become complicit to his punitive 'effort' and you and constable 'Ritchie' and others in the system will suffer similarly and more.

Tasmania Police need to become the Tasmania Peace Corps that become educators rather than punishing their own souls. All I do is for the benefit of you and you. You are presently 'blind' and unkind as you go forth of your own volition to literally 'disturb the peace' of others both day and night.

You might well 'scoff' at my projection of being the Messiah, and of my 'expose' of your error and coming terror due to their truly being a God above that is superior to us all as is HIS law. That is your 'democratic' freedom of choice. My democratic freedom of choice is to not fund your iniquitous ways.

If you 'choose' to use your 'gun' power to override my chosen path of peace, then son as given by me to you personally, you will face the harsh reality of your own choice on a later day as given by God via my sacred pen.

I reiterate, if I pay any 'licence fee' tax, then I become your 'Master' and you my 'servant' and, - - - in the eyes of God I am funding a 'terrorist' organisation that terrorises and punishes others. Why would a man of God fund you to terrorise others as well as to 'terrorise' myself? That is insanity.

I am certainly 'happy' to fund the 'arrest' of those that do disturb the peace but ONLY for the purpose of their rehabilitation through their education in attending one of MY 'Feeling Easier Seminars' after which they are set free.

The 'rule book ' that you 'acknowledge' as being your 'god' forces you to take 'the law' into your own hands as you by its 'ruling' are forced to invade, terrorise, abduct, seize goods, punish and kill if needed. All actions that your own 'book' defines as CRIMINAL acts, as do other men, yourself and your Creator.

What you need to understand from me is, that your actions lead to you losing your "Right to Salvation." Please therefore read all written by me on my web site so that you can come to a personally informed decision as to whether you will continue to look at me with derision or, - - -

You will begin to turn over a new leaf and thus save your own soul from eternal grief. For by your present actions you 'excommunicate' yourself from the Light of God and you 'willingly' place your own soul into the 'hands' of the Devil.

For the difference between the ‘criminal’ actions taken by those you persecute and yourself is, - - - that in the course of your ‘duty to man’ you are forced to be a ‘repeat’ offender in the eyes of God nearly every day you ‘don’ a uniform.

You ‘constable’ need to also understand that your Institution does not own the roads. The land and its roads are owned by God and are for the use of every person on the land.

It is simply that by ‘precedent’ some persons in ‘power’ seized control of the roads long before you were born as a means whereby a ‘permit to travel’ tax levy could be imposed upon all users using force of arms.

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I am not ‘unhappy’ to fund road maintenance. I am unhappy in being coerced into funding extortion. Thus I continue to drive on God’s road as by HIM I am seen as competent and, - - - I do so without paying any person or Institution a 'royalty' tax to in their eyes 'validate' my own personal driving Certificate of Competency, even though it is but a few dollars.

As I am not a ‘party member’ of your Institution you have no ‘legal’ jurisdiction over me. Thus any ‘action’ you take against me is ‘waging war’ and it is illegal in the eyes of the God of light and love and outside the mandate of your own Institution.

It is simply your total lack of understanding that gives you and others the arrogance to do what you do because, - - - you absolutely BELIEVE that you are justified to so do through your employment 'contract' with its 'ruling' of rules, that were raised up by certain persons that you absolutely BELIEVE had a 'divine right' to so do and, - - -

It is this belief of yours backed by a 'forceful' mandate that enables you to 'unthinkingly' defy your own God and, if need be you would 'lock up' your own mother or sister or daughter for the 'sake' of a silver dollar and 'someone's' rules and, - - - your gun ensures that I cannot 'live' in peace following my own contra ideology without being harassed by your contra belief.

I do not see you as an  'enemy,' simply as one of multitudes of deluded persons that have become trapped by the 'sins' of their forefathers who all found an 'easy' way to extort more and more money from the simple people, using their own cunningly worded 'unholy books' that gave them a 'licence' to attract enforcers like you to do their 'dirty works' that are seen by their Creator.

I am here on earth to 'free' those as you that cannot see the reality of what they do unto others and its implications for them. For God is real and I can assure you that your personal daily actions are what 'seal' your fate on a later date.

All I can now say is please seed your mind with MY wisdom so that when you are 'visited' late one evening and standing 'unarmed' in your 'pyjamas' confronted by 'someone' prepared to do whatever their mind tells them to, that you as I simply keep steady and calm and mentally linked to God's Holy Word of "Go in peace and never wield a sword."

If you come to 'arrest' me or detain me for the purpose of my being 'judged' or punished by man, - - - or do any of the above to ANY person - - - then you show your utter disgrace to your God and, - - - you show your disbelief in HIM, His love, His grace, His Plenipotentiary, His LAW and, - - - the result of this error on your part will be 'revealed' to you by God during the eternal 'passage of time.'

Dale, when you have read this entire document you may wish to read the following section of the ‘Judgement’ papers that are very important for all ‘enforcement’ agency personnel, for they are in ‘imminent’ danger of failing to make the ‘grade’ when finally ‘tested’ by their Creator and they are forced to "Reap what they did Sow." Go to:

Section - 3 - (28 p.)
God's law in man's Court

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