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~ Letter to Peter McMaster ~
The man who’s MIND 'contests' these Gospels

Peter, the 'shedding' of blood by Jesus was to show man that if they have 'sinned' and abused another or shed the blood of another, then they only attain 'remission' of sin within the 'eye for an eye' LAW of God by the shedding of their OWN blood as they suffer or are 'crucified' as Jesus was. (Not necessarily a 'literal' crucifixion, but in suffering all the mental, emotional and physical trauma that their 'victims' suffered at their hands)

The Tribulation is where God's Wrath unfolds as now revealed by me, and every 'offender' past or present is forced to endure the 'reaping' of what they 'sowed' in their past, as God's Law is fulfilled through the hands of the 'demonic' insane operating through the psyche of man that they will 'possess' telepathically from a far distant 'land' in the Abyss.

Any person that 'sheds' the blood of another perceived 'evil-doer' for God, nation, man, or themselves, is an ignorant 'infidel' (non-believer) that has been deceived by men of religion or, by elders in their community, and/or is a person incited by demons that give them a 'justifiable' reason to defy God and 'vengefully' bring the other to 'account.'

Any person that 'thinks' that the suffering of 'Jesus' and the 'praising' of his mortal name will void their 'fate' within God's Law due to having been 'forgiven' by Jesus, are those that have been deceived by men of religion or, by elders in their community.

Jesus was 'baptised' in a water ritual because prior to his birth it was an already established ritual of a 'church' of the day and, it was only later that he saw the 'unreality' of a material water 'immersion' baptism 'rite' as having any spiritual 'consequence' and, he realised that no 'ritual' of man could purge the 'sinful' dark energy from the soul and, he also saw the control exercised over 'simple' men by vain men using rituals.

The True 'baptism' is the spiritual one where your mind receives the pure truth as given by Jesus 'then' and now me, as I personally pass on God's Holy Word to set you free from the controls of men, religion and the Dark Sovereign Power that operates through all 'systems' presently seen as 'the norm.'

If you use 'text' in any 'bible' to try and 'discredit' me or my truth then you already are deceived. For though there is much wisdom contained in the 'old' bibles, they were all written by the 'hand' of sinful men and, - - -

Only my The Testament of Truth is written personally by the pure 'Spirit of Truth' so as to assist you and all to step over the 'dark' hurdle of ignorance and, there is a 'line' of pure truth in the scriptures you 'adore' that says:

"Man will wrest the scriptures unto his own destruction" and, I say that the 'sacred texts' bastion of the Church of every religion have become contaminated through the 'sinful' vanity, pride and greed of men and, - - -

Any of you that believe that you are already 'safe and saved' and filled with the Holy Spirit and thus also believe that you do not need my fresh wisdom are in danger, for you will be used 'cunningly' by the Dark Sovereign Power to deceive others, and to make others grieve because, - - -

Via your inner 'sin' (negative emotions) He can still keep you 'blind' and unkind when you face danger at the hands of an invading stranger, due to the 'power' of your 'fearful or angry' emotions and due to your ingrained false programming.

I will not fail you 'Peter,' but if you now deny me then you will fail yourself. For you and many do have a Mission for God, but when your spirit soul 'exits' the Light of heaven on a 'tour of duty' on 'earth' for God, and you then take on the 'sin' of this world (negative emotions,) you place yourself in 'grave' danger for the 'sake' of others as did Christ and, - - -

If you choose to then deny the Light of God me, you will see the power of the Dark sin within thee as time passes, and the 'power' that can yet be exerted over your mind by the Serpent via that sin and via false programmed belief.

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I am here today to simply set the 'record' straight for all mankind with a deeper understanding of 'God - Spirit - Sin' and to 'release' fresh uncontaminated Wisdom so that you and you and you can help others and yourselves, and thus fulfill your own 'mission' or quest for God.

For in raising up my Testament into the 'heavens' of earth for all to see, I have completed my personal duty to God and humanity. I do not expect you or any to 'bow' before me, I only advise you and all of God's fresh message so that you can perform your duty to God satisfactorily, and take multitudes of 'lost' souls home with your own effort, to the light.

Try and see that my LIGHT, being the pure Light of God was the telepathic inspiration that invoked all scripture and all 'sacred' texts of every 'race' or subsequent 'religion' of man over time and more time. But over time man of 'sin' amended, updated, translated and changed much to the texts due to his arrogance and, - - -

Further to this, as man of 'sin' receives 'divine' inspiration from the Light, - - - at the same moment from the Dark side via his negative emotions can and do arise 'other' thoughts that do interpolate with the truth flowing through and thus, - - -

It was necessary for my pure sin free soul to return now to personally 'finish' the revelation truth and set the 'record' straight as God inspires my mind, so that all mankind has ONE Truth and ONE God upon which to rely.

Every person that has a life-changing mental or emotional 'release' and thus feels 'better' and clearer and happier is feeling this 'upliftment' because the positive energy of God the 'essence' of the Holy Spirit 'fills' them with its Light. But what you need to understand is, that until their 'last' remaining negative emotion has been cleansed from their soul they are neither saved nor safe because, - - -

Not only can they be again 'used' by the dark through this dark emotion and thus draw more dark energy into their soul, but they can also accrue another karmic debt to God. So unless and until the person is 'enlightened' to the FACT that none can avoid the 'penalty' of suffering within God's "As you did sow pain - so shall ye reap pain" Law of the Dark aspect of the Law, they will not make the 'greater' effort to maintain a 'peaceful' stance and expression when danger threatens them.

All are 'happy' to receive the positive return 'Tribute' of love received for love given within God's "As you did sow love - so shall ye reap love" Law of the Light aspect of the Law, but 'regrettably' it will take a lot of 'effort' to reprogram the mind to the FACT that Jesus did not and cannot save them by 'voiding' the Law of God, for Jesus is NOT God and, - - -

Neither can God change His Law because the 'flow' of God's energy is a Law unto itself. Hence its 'capacity' to be eternally JUST and absolutely 'equal' in its operation. Immutable, inviolate and sacred.

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I Terence have been shown the need to 'clarify' the TRUTH on Salvation for a certain 'sect' of Christianity that are as yet deluded in their belief ref. the 'finalisation' & 'confirmation' of the Salvation ACT and - - - it is through your responses to my letters to you Peter that I am able to see more 'clearly' as to what I need to 'clarify' so as to assist you and those 'as' you that are as yet deluded in 'something' that I teach that is ABSOLUTELY relevant for their Salvation.

I write and confirm the TRUE testimony of Jesus - not the one 'written by men of religion that say "Praise Jesus as lord" - I say "Praise GOD as Lord and conform to HIS Command that HE sent to earth VIA Jesus."

Peter - you may have found the name 'Jesus' and brought that into your life, but you now need to understand fully the 'Word of God' as brought to earth by me in order to find the TRUE words of Jesus that HE brought to earth from GOD, so that 'jointly' we can expose the TRUTH reference FACTUAL SALVATION, and THUS elevate the consciousness of Tasmania and, - - -

Lead the 'revival' of the world using UNCONTAMINATED texts and without 'RITUALS' of man nor 'religion' that separates man from man, race from race, creed from creed, colour from colour.

Factual Salvation is not 'accomplished' through any 'one' emotional release experience nor by any 'ritual' wherein one makes any statement concerning ones new found allegiance to any 'religion' nor to the name 'Jesus' in acceptance of him as your saviour. It is GOD that saves, - - - Jesus brought a message from God that I now 'clarify' to show all their error and their coming terror.

Peter - if your are truly saved and 'purified' of sin, then nothing I say could make you 'hate' me - - - nor could my 'exposure of truth' for your benefit in any way make you feel 'less' content than you do. I hope you understand this statement, for in 'my book,' - - - nothing that anyone says or does 'disturbs' my PURE 'sin free' soul.

If there is to be a "Godly" revival in Tasmania (or anywhere) it is not the one 'seen' by you but it is the one 'led' by me - - - in which people have to stop 'funding & condoning' anti-god iniquity (invasion of privacy - control - regulation - extortion - punishment - abuse - incarceration etc) being carried out in their name and on their behalf as they TRULY begin to be 'Christ like' and CONFORM to God's Command to "Go in peace and love one another and BE merciful, compassionate and forgiving to those as yet sinfully living," and - - -

This is only accomplished as each individual takes PERSONAL responsibility for their actions and, - - they only fund 'welfare' and positive community 'efforts' and NOT the 'wages of sin' and, they then look to the rehabilitation of offenders rather than their punishment. This is done as per MY 'Feeling Easier Seminars,' - - for only with forgiveness and education do we conform to God's Supreme command and THUS set oneself free spiritually.

Peter, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah as the Bible has spoken it, but I also know that my/his 'spirit' has again returned in the flesh of the man named Terence, so as to fulfill my mission for God and errant man who are all as 'lost' as they were 2000 years ago for a multiplicity of reasons as yet unseen by them.

Peter, you have had an 'emotional' release and a change in your ways that occurs in every race of people in many different situations, but you 'chose' to believe that it could ONLY have happened through the (religious) direct intervention of a 'spirit' that was named Jesus 2000 years ago, you as yet cannot 'concede' that your 'coming out' of your past ways could have resulted from any other intervention of God's direct 'energy' or other 'earthly' instigation.

Do you 'think' that ONLY believers in Jesus have emotional releases and are 'filled' with God's love (holy spirit energy)? - I know that those of every race and colour and 'ideology' have such elevating and life-changing experiences. The experience helps to bring them to Godliness (forget the named religion)

Peter, every spirit 'person' has the energy of the Creator within it, Jesus was not raised up by any 'spirit' being - the HOLY spirit of which you speak is the Christian terminology to describe God the Mother, and the in-pouring of energy into you is but Her eternal 'outpouring' upon ALL mankind - even though they the Christians do not understand this.

For 'priests' and their scribes in the religion of Christianity state that God is 'three' being father, son, and holy spirit (All MALE) hence the 'celibacy' of priesthood. Ignorant man knows not nor sees that God is 'Father & Mother' (male & female energy) and the 'son' spoken of is their children, both male and female of which there are an uncountable number and, there are 'millions' of Christed souls 'as Jesus' already having lived in heaven for an eternity. Jesus was not 'the only' son of God, you also so are, as is your wife Carolanne a daughter of God, and so are all 'children' of every race known and unknown.

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Peter, my 'Testament' is but an 'expose' of Truth using words, because so much has been 'altered' in scriptural texts that I needed to 'correct' and 'update' before man to their 'karma' do FULLY in 'Tribulations' relate.

I now refer to the words often quoted by simple men to me and now by you from corrupted teachings: "Mat 16:18 And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."  My reply to you and all is:

Peter, GOD does not build HIS 'church' having as its 'rock' foundation any mortal or immortal man -
The foundation of God's church is built upon the authority of God's Holy WORD, being THE WORDS - - -

"Go your way in PEACE and you will be saved by ME your GOD you cannot see."

And, only those that can and so do when their personal 'hour' of Tribulation begins (payment of karmic dues) will show GOD (not Peter the man) that they ARE of HIS 'Church' and thus they are saved and permitted to enter heaven because - - -

Not only have they shown GOD (not Peter the man) that they HAVE heeded GOD'S command, (not Peter the man) and did continue to 'conform' even when under 'stress & duress' as they "Went as a lamb to the slaughter in NON-retaliation" and thus fulfilled God's "As you did sow so did ye reap" Law and - - -

In so doing they did not accrue any further 'debt of suffering' to GOD (not to Peter the man) - - that they would have if they had retaliated and caused any pain to their ignorant 'non-believer' oppressor and, - - -

Neither did they draw in any more dark 'sin' energy into their soul - - - that they would have if they had retaliated and caused any pain to their ignorant 'infidel' oppressor.

So Peter, the 'gates of hell' will never and did NOT prevail against God's Holy Words of "Salvation through your expression of Peace unto all" that stand immoveable as BEING the ONLY way to redemption. But the 'gates of Hell' thoughts of Satan DID 'prevail' against the 'texts' of man's teachings as the 'Serpent' gave arrogant man a 'reason' to change them to give them their own 'greedy, monetary, manipulative, deceptive, controlling and enslaving' advantage over God's children.

The 'texts' of scripture have been 'changed' by 'vain' man so that 'men' could use the Holy Word of GOD (not Peter the man) to their own 'advantage' through 'Institutionalising' IT, God's holy word (not Peter the man) and, - - - from then on all mankind looked to men of religion rather than simply "Going their way in PEACE" as commanded by their GOD. (not Peter the man)

Any spiritual 'revival' that promotes the 'rituals' of religions and the 'joining' of religions is not a TRUE 'Christian' revival - it is a revival of erroneous teachings that deceive and mislead people into believing they are saved when they are NOT. Salvation is NOT attained through the 'rituals' of man.

The TRUE Christian revival is the one wherein the TRUE word of God via Jesus is the 'leader' - - - in that the holy and sacred words "Go your way in peace" are what lead men on their individual road to Salvation through their individual conformity to the Word of GOD.

I can assure you Pete that any person that goes forth from this day forth in any 'guise' be it as an evangelist, individual, prophet, or minister of any organised religion that continues to 'promote' any of the falsity that is contained within 'books' named by 'some' as 'biblical' THE TRUTH are misinformed people and, as they keep others misinformed they both end up in the ABYSS.

Only I can 'recognise' and separate 'truth from untruth' in every supposedly 'religious' writing, and it is thus that I am again sent to earth by GOD to 'free' humankind from their bondage to deception.

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My task, your task, every 'believer' in God has the same task. Being to read and tell all about the 'correction of the truth' as revealed by GOD through MY pen. For it is the 'ray of hope' that is kindly, compassionately, and mercifully extended to man by God as a 'last' opportunity for them to change their 'individual' ways before the full 'Wrath of God' descends upon all and any that defied or yet will defy the Command of GOD to "Go your way in peace."

My 'ask' of you as a 'leader' of many to be is, - - - that you ENSURE that you ONLY promote THE TRUTH as given by God via ME. For if you keep 'quoting' texts from past 'biblical' books at people then you and they both DIE spiritually.

Christianity * (The attainment of inner spiritual peace is by the external expression of 'Peace unto all.' This is only attained in 'bowing' to God in submission to HIS Command:

'Walk in peace and love one another and, - - - extend mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.'

Islam * (The attainment of inner spiritual peace is by the external expression of 'Peace unto all.' This is only attained in 'bowing' to Allah in submission to HIS Command:

'Walk in peace and love one another and, - - - extend mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.'

Buddhism * (The attainment of inner spiritual peace is by the external expression of 'Peace unto all.' This is only attained in 'bowing' to God in submission to HIS Command:

'Walk in peace and love one another and, - - - extend mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.'

As you can see, in each of the above 'case' the individual does not need to 'fellowship' with any 'named religion,' they simply need to "Go their daily way" conforming to God's Command to:  "Go your way in peace." - "Go your way in peace." - "Go your way in peace."

The false teachings of the 'church' of man contravene and 'ignore' the reality of God's immutable divine Law. For within IT (God's LAW) there is no 'forgiveness' for 'sinning' whereas, - - -

Men of 'religion' teach that one can 'avoid' or 'void' the Law of God through rituals or 'proclamations' of allegiance. (False promises given by both the 'teacher' and their 'pupil,' as all will continue to 'sin' when faced with danger because of other false teaching and thus false programming of their mind.)

Men of 'State' believe that one can 'avoid' or 'void' the Law of God through rituals or 'proclamations' of allegiance to the State and, by its 'supposed' mandate of authority. (False belief of men aided by men of religion that do walk 'hand in hand' with State warriors and State 'enforcers' into their 'joint' hellish fate.)

All pay their 'dues' to God as a prerequisite to God granting them HIS forgiveness for being such a 'swine.'

That 'son' is the truth of God via me.

Peter - no 'man' can win any 'battle of words' with me because mine are inspired by the Creator and, eternal 'sorrow' awaits ANY that see not this reality. Read my 'The institutionalisation of God's Word' (Link 8) at end of doc.

I wish you well Peter - go your way in Peace (Inshallah - the 'Will' of God that you so 'go')

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