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~ The absolute Authority ~
 ‘The divine authority of God’

 The absolute Authority is the one wherein one is God and is thus able to do both good and evil and be ‘above’ the Law of any other and, the only absolute Authority that exists is that of God the Almighty.

 Man of ‘today’ and yesterday speaks of God, but in fact sees no God and believes not in God or God’s Holy Word of “Go your way in peace and love one another,” and thus man cedes unto himself the Authority of God to do both good and evil deeds but, - - - foolish man sees not that he is not above the "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of Almighty God.

 Vain and arrogant and greedy man does this in the assumption that his self- empowerment is ‘valid’ and, - - - he sees it as validated simply because he can and does use force of arms to enforce his authority to ‘invade, enslave, tax, rule, punish, and destroy’ others.

 The original ‘empowerment’ is simply that of the ‘crushing’ force used by ‘non-believers’ (infidels) that roamed the lands of earth as they stole cattle, women, lands, and laid waste to any opposition.

 Once man ‘settled,’ he by ‘Proclamation’ and ‘statutes’ in books bequeathed unto himself the status of ‘ruler,’ and to his ‘taxation and policing forces’ he gave special powers that authorised them to go forth and maintain ‘orderliness’ using force, and to use punitive coercion to steal by 'taxation,' and to also use force to ‘coerce’ the people into conformity to any ‘ruling’ of the day.

 The Light inspiring me now ‘breaks’ this false ideological belief that ‘rules’ or ‘a’ man can be the absolute authority and not suffer the consequence within God's Law. It is also imperative that the police, army, air force, and judiciary personnel, and the public clearly understand the meaning of ‘Absolute Authority’ or ‘Divine authority of God.’

 Because the mere ‘invocation’ by proclamation that a ‘body’ of people have raised up an all-powerful, controlling, regulating, and governing Institution or Corporation, it does not give the ‘organisation’ or its legislators or its enforcers the authority to defy the Command of their Creator and  - - - “get away with it * unscathed.”

 Note: with it * - ‘It’ being the use of punitive force that is the dark energy that emanates from the ‘forbidden’ tree of evil.

 Neither does the ‘proclamation’ or ‘invocation’ nullify or ‘void’ the absolutely ‘Just’ Law of God that stipulates: “As you sow so shall ye reap on an equal ‘eye for an eye’ basis.”

All the ‘people’ of earth of every ‘status’ need to see firstly that they are all God’s children. They need to also see that no ‘establishment’ of man has any ‘authority’ to invoke the use of ‘invasive, controlling, taxing, punitive, or warring’ dark energy, for that prerogative is ONLY God’s because, - - -

Only God is above the ‘consequence’ of the ONE ‘eye for an eye’ LAW

 The ‘cunning’ and deceptive Serpent gave vain powerful men the ‘thought’ that because they were physically ‘all-powerful,’ that they were ‘gods’ and thus ‘as’ invincible as God. Thus they raised-up ‘decrees’ that they stated were ‘the law of the land’ to be adhered to by the simple people of the land that they enslaved and controlled by the use of FORCE.

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Every ‘enforcer’ that takes a wage to uphold the ‘ruling’ decrees of the day now believes in the apparent ‘righteous authority’ of the State Institution to be their ‘god,’ an 'authority' that they serve unswervingly unto ‘death’ as they march in unison carrying its ‘flag’ high.

 Because all have been ‘programmed’ to believe in the apparent absolute authority of the ‘system’ to give them protection and ‘immunity,’ they do not even consider the existence of the ‘Law of God,’ or the ‘possibility’ that it can be ‘invoked’ against them by God, as they are ‘dutiful’ to the ‘office’ of the State.

 All enforcers must try and see this falsity because there is NO authority that has the ‘authority’ to nullify or ‘void’ the Law of God the Almighty and, - - -

 It follows that every policeman is in ‘deadly’ physical and spiritual danger because, every day they knowingly or unknowingly or ‘inadvertently’ abuse both friend and neighbour as they ‘justifiably’ persecute them, and they thus place themselves into the ‘hands’ of the ultimate prosecutor and Judge that has the absolute authority and power - - - their GOD.

 As God is absolutely ‘Just’ He is ‘bound’ to honour His own ‘eye for an eye’ Law and, He simply metes out His ‘Justice’ as honest man would also have it be, on an ‘equitable’ eye for an eye basis. If you steal an egg, you have an egg taken from you. That is absolute Justice. God says:

“If you have an egg stolen from you then that was your ‘past’ spiritual due enacted by ME via an ‘infidel’ that was inspired by ME. You must forgive him to satisfy ME. If you would be ‘as’ ME and punish him then you again become MY enemy to be again punished by ME.”

The police do take ‘the law of God’ into their own hands as they persecute.
The public do take ‘the law of God’ into their own hands as they fund the police.

Both 'parties' operating as 'instruments' of God the Dark Sovereign power. The creative 'aspect' of God is God the Light Sovereign Power that gives out its positive Tribute unto you as you use its 'positive' kind and benign energy.

The police believe they are ‘safe’ in their punitive duty because they believe that their mandated ‘special powers’ are authorised by an authority that is itself ‘valid’ and thus operating within the 'constraints' of God's 'Code of Conduct' command.

 The use of any energy, be it positive or negative is ‘valid’ but, the use of the negative is ‘prohibited’ and forbidden by God because God knows the consequence. Being that those that use it the punitive dark will ‘suffer’ its return to them within God’s law and, - - -

 God simply wants His children to BE happy, as they receive a joyful and loving return within His law of ‘positive received for positive expressed.’ I state that no mere ‘text’ in any book has any ‘validity’ to overrule or nullify or ‘void’ the absolute authority of God.

 The greed and arrogance and vanity and insanity of ‘rulers’ and their ‘legislators’ has been ‘in vogue’ for so long, that people now ‘accept’ this rogue ‘element’ as normal.

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 I ‘fear’ for the spiritual destiny of policemen and other ‘servicemen’ being the sons and daughters of my fellow man, for they are ‘enlisted’ as licensed killers, abusers, extortionists, and jailers because they have been deceived.

 They daily go about their ‘honourable’ duty seeing not that they serve the Dark Sovereign Power and, - - - I earnestly ‘labour’ day and night to break the Spell over their minds as I try and set them free from eternal misery.

 The ‘self-elevated’ State Institution states via its own ‘written word’ that: “With the blessing of Almighty God we go forth and do whatever we want to and, - - - as we are now ‘the authority’ (with the blessing of almighty God) all others must ‘bow’ to us and obey our ‘rules’ because we (the rules) are the law.”

 The inhabitants of ‘earth’ are a little like gold fish swimming in a glass bowl. They see not outside its ‘confines’ and thus they feel safe and they see no God. Soon they will see the ‘anguish of eternity’ when God ‘drops’ the bowl and shatters the illusion of peace and tranquility of those yet ‘powerful’ and in control that are ‘posing’ as God’s with the authority to defy the REAL God.

 These people are all ‘overwhelmed’ by the volume of dark energy within them (the sin) - - - emotional feelings.

Peace, order, and the state of divine harmony are only attained by peaceful means as commanded by God. Educate the ‘irrational and disrespectful.’ Only operate within the ‘constraint’ of the positive aspect of God’s energy. (love) - - - Those that operate using the negative energy, (vengeful, punitive, and destructive) all suffer the ongoing painful consequence.

 I am ‘debating’ my ‘case’ intellectually with the MIND, - - - go to the base line of emotions of:

 Joy & happiness - - - v/s - - - fear & vindictiveness.

We must only express the positive
We must NOT express the negative

 All are ‘self-authorised’ by the thoughts of the Serpent to defy God and use punitive forceful energy. This is done daily within the minds of both ‘civilians’ and ‘mandated’ officers and legislators.

 Force begets greater force, and ends up in everything and everyone smashed into oblivion. There is NO ‘end’ to the dark forceful energy of God that exists invisibly and that can be ‘drawn on’ by ignorant people.

If the words: "In God we trust" are believed by you, then it is up to you to do so, and trust in the Command of God and go your way in "Peace." For if you 'trust' any person or 'system' to protect you using punitive forceful energy, then you have placed your trust on warring 'warriors' rather than the 'Might' of God's Holy Word of "Peace, not the sword."

For in using force or 'warriors' to protect you * from any 'suffering' due that you did in the past accrue, all that you in fact are doing in fighting off a 'possible' abuser is, - - - that you will cause them 'hurt and harm' and that negative interaction simply ADDS to your own suffering "dues" that you will be forced to suffer on a later date. It is now the time for:

No more voting
No more electing leaders
No more governments

Abolish all rules
Abolish all taxation
Abolish all punishment

All now must turn and face the Light of God in the knowledge that God's Command reigns supreme, and God grants 'freedom of the road' to all that make no 'financial' or other demands of others, and God will punish all that disturb the peace of others.

If the words of Jesus: "Whoever lives and believes in me shall never die" are believed by you, you need to understand what it means, being that if you do believe in the "Peace - love - mercy - compassion - forgive" ideology commanded by God that was 'preached' by Jesus and, - - - you thus conform to IT, - - - then your soul will live in the Light of Heaven.

Conversely if you do not live by that 'standard' and you control, regulate, punish, or destroy others personally or via 'systems' of man, then your soul will 'die' in the Dark, far away from the Light. Lay down your ‘rules’ and your weapons and begin to educate those that disturb the peace, and all will then find release and begin to respect others and together we will sing joyously in freedom.

Note: protect you * - You will never be harmed by an 'axe' wielding 'mad man' unless God 'permits' it to take place because you do need to suffer it (crucifixion) due to 'earning' that spiritual due from past negative  interaction in this life or other time and place.

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The 'error' of the doctrinal belief and WAY being 'walked & talked' by certain members of the world community is due to their 'programmed' mind having been taught falsity through error contained in texts written by men a very long time ago, as scriptural texts were amended by some seeking to impose their own assumptions upon others AS THEY YET DO TODAY. (Man WRESTS the scriptures unto his own destruction)

The error of teaching has led many into believing that the man 'Jesus' and the elevation of the name 'Jesus' and the promotion of him 'Jesus' as being 'The Truth - Light - Way' to Salvation. This doctrinal belief is error & falsity and is what has and yet does turn man against man and 'religion' against religion.

As I AM the returned 'Spirit of Truth' I can state quite categorically that neither Jesus nor I are anything 'more' than God's messengers.

OBEDIENCE TO THE MESSAGE FROM GOD is what 'saves' and elevates the spirit soul.  

It is my pen to 'clarify' the FACT that the man Jesus was simply a very old soul sent by God as a messenger from THE LIGHT Source to endow earthlings with a message from God and, - - - it FOLLOWS that the 'message' Words from GOD are the Salvation requirement and thus are the TRUTH - LIGHT - WAY.

God is the Shepherd and God's Holy Words 'spoken' by Jesus and now reiterated by THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH (myself) ARE the 'Staff' of God, the 'Shepherd's Staff.'  Absolutely nothing to do with the man named Terence (myself) nor the man named Jesus.

It 'follows' that any person of any 'race' or colour or present CREED who 'bows' in subservience to the Holy Words below (The Shepherds Staff) are in fact the ones to BE saved once they have 'permitted' the punitive aspect of God's LAW to fulfill itself without retaliating.

All those of ANY present 'creed' or belief who 'walk' outside the Command of God or ITS 'precepts' will by their own 'choice' be going to HELL in the manner revealed by my pen even if they 'believe' that they are already 'safe & saved' in praising the NAME 'Jesus' and/or in professing to be Christians.

~ The Shepherd's Staff ~

Extract from page 77;

"THE TRUTH" is the Crux of the Core, being the message of the cross for sure, in that on your day* you must not retaliate in any way.

The Message (Turn the other cheek if persecuted & go as a lamb to the slaughter if to be put to death)

"THE LIGHT" is the Wisdom from afar, symbolised by Christ's Morning Star, visible in an earthly sense to any who would recompense.*

The Wisdom (God's Command, love one another, go your way in peace, be merciful, compassionate & forgive ones enemy)
(God's Law: As you or your servants do unto others will by others be done unto you)

"THE WAY" is God's Word of Peace not the Sword, of Mercy and Compassion too, and ONLY let love flow through.

So the Staff of the Shepherd is God's strength, that is revealed to you at great length, and IF on the strength of God's Word you lean, then all inner darkness will God from you wean. 

Neither I nor Jesus nor any other 'being' is The Shepherd, it is God and His/Her Word which gives the directive direction.

I note from the 'Doctrinal statement of belief' on many internet web sites are what I call 'parroted common belief' and are FULL of doctrinal error which is not only misleading 'many thousands' but it is also deceiving them and they and those 'promoting' this deception are in grave spiritual DANGER and I state: 

Every individual or group religious sect having a web site is now teaching, preaching and expressing their own 'beliefs' and interpretation of scriptural texts and other, and all are thus 'professing' to be 'professors' knowing or having the Truth, but as I see IT all are in ERROR, and thus deception is flourishing, and what every web site owner needs to now KNOW is:


If YOU are a person owning a web site having any doctrine which 'conflicts' with the fresh teachings of God via my hand then you need to QUICKLY remove ALL doctrine you are promoting, for our God does SEE ALL and HE now is to exert a VERY HEAVY HAND indeed against all deceivers and, if you are preaching from 'existing' scripture then I can assure you that as all scripture has been contaminated, a part of what you teach is also  error in conflict with MY TRUTH and your present destiny is as above.

The ONLY true path to Salvation is as contained within my The Testament of Truth.

Terence - the spirit of truth


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