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~ Civilisation ~

 Civil action is positive interaction. What the ‘court’ of man names ‘civil action’ within any ‘prosecution’ or demand of one by another is not ‘civil,’ it is persecution. There is as yet no ‘civilisation’ today that is truly civil and democratic. Members of society all ‘lean’ on enforcers to bring ‘uncivil’ action against other people via ‘unholy’ text book ‘rulings’ raised up by very ignorant people.

Most certainly any ‘disturbance of the peace’ is a contravention of God’s “Go your way in peace” Command and any found ‘guilty’ must be caught and counselled and helped into mental stability.

However ‘simple’ non-conformity to a ‘ruling’ clause that has been legislated by ‘some’ in the community cannot be construed as applicable to others and, it must be seen that it is these ‘clauses’ or rulings enshrined in ‘books’ that force ‘enforcers’ to themselves interfere negatively (punishment) in the lives of others and thus ‘disturb the peace’ and raise God’s ‘ire.’

Neither the enforcers nor the judges or prison officials see their ‘investigations’ or punishment as being contra God’s command, because they feel justified in bringing ‘some’ to account for their perceived misdeeds.

If you wish to be seen by God as a ‘civil’ person then you must at all times and in all circumstances maintain a positive, kind, loving, compassionate, and merciful disposition towards others, especially those that have offended God through their ‘disobedience’ to God’s Command. 

The Dark Sovereign Power is the one to mete out punishment, for only HE is above HIS own ‘The Law of God.’ He can so do without you or you using a ‘mandated’ position to be HIM in action.

For that is the error of the ‘day’ and you will feel ‘terror’ at a later date for your uncivil interaction with HIS children and, you by HIM will be punished similarly within HIS superior Law.

People may only be ‘constrained’ by you or you within the ‘bounds’ of the Decree of God as contained within the ‘Feeling Easier Seminar’ on my web site that is given per my pen by our God true.

The mere fact that there is mass communication or a massive increase in manufacture or development in the last 200 years does not signify that society has become more ‘civilised.’

For civilised people can be absolutely ‘poor’ and living in the desert or forest with no ‘skills’ or material wealth and by God be seen as civilised, because they treat each other and any ‘visitors’ with respect and humility and, in conformity to God’s Command to “Be peaceful and loving unto all.” Ask yourself:

“How does God perceive my daily actions and interaction with others”?

Man will not become civilised until the end time Tribulation is over, and every incarnate spirit remaining on earth has been 'purged' of their inner negative emotions (sin energy) and thus able to at all times be 'godly' and respectful of all and at 'peace' within and without as is God's plan for this realm of consciousness.



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