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~ The ‘justification’ to Fight ~

The justification to fight is the punitive  'effort’ of dark energy that is ‘set’ into motion through a circumstance deemed by it the energy as being necessary due to its perceived enemy needing punitive ‘correction’ in some way.

This energy is the dark essence of the Source God, that has been drawn into the spirit soul of man over time when man defied God and supped on the ‘fruit’ of evil being the dark and forceful energy, as he defied the Command to “Only be loving and go your way in peace.”

The energy of ‘destruction’ or violence is triggered emotionally within a person and, its ‘awakening’ is accompanied by thoughts erupting in the mind of the one ‘possessed’ by the rising emotions, and these ‘possessive’ thoughts direct the ‘punitive’ energy and action of ‘abuse’ or control of another.

The above justification needs no ‘mandate,’ as it simply takes place when the individual loses ‘control’ of their actions. The ‘dependant’ factor as to how ‘bad’ or violent their interaction becomes depends upon the power * of the ‘Genie’ within them that is aroused.

Note: the power * - The volume of (sin) negative energy within a person is dependant upon how much of it they have used in the past, (this life and eternal time in spirit) and its mass volume has no ‘bounds.’

Thus some people are absolutely evil and become ‘as’ the very Devil due to the huge mass of ‘sin’ energy within them. They become violent and ‘insane’ at the slightest provocation, and are always seeking a reason to fight.

 Conversely others with less sin energy within are able to refrain from negative interaction even under extreme provocation, and those as I with no dark energy within can never be aroused ‘darkly’ and are thus always peaceful.

 Other than the inner provocation that erupts due to being triggered by the actions of others around, there is the programmed mind that can ‘move’ a person to be defiant of God simply because they have been taught to so do when in certain situations.

 At this moment they may not feel emotionally aroused. Example: A policeman ‘kidnaps’ a person from their home and takes them to a place to be judged and incarcerated simply because they have been ‘ordered’ to so do through the issuing of an arrest warrant docket.

 The justification to fight by a ‘civilian’ person is seen by others as illegal. The justification to fight or control others as done by police or army personnel or other ‘licensed’ groups is seen as ‘legal’ simply because it has been authorised by someone in a supposedly ‘lawful’ position of authority. (The written authorisation, being the ‘text’ manifested by an individual who was either ordered to so do by ‘word’ of mouth, or who was directed to do it by the ‘text’ rulings in a book)

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 It must be ‘remembered’ that in the first instance, the rule or ruling contained in a book of statutes that validated the authorisation was itself ‘inspired’ through the mind of an individual - - - by the same Dark Sovereign Power force that incited or inspired the civilian.

 A group or person named by a ‘governing’ authority as being a ‘terrorist’ organisation is also simply ‘someone’ being incited and ‘justified’ in their dark interaction by the very same Dark Sovereign Power.

 The ‘policing’ forces state that the populace is operating illegally if they take up ‘arms’ in retributive vengeance personally. But the police see not that due to the fact that they (the police) are operating for and on behalf of the population, that all their own ‘interference, subjugation, control and punishment’ meted out is still being ‘done or perpetrated’ by the populace because the police personnel are their paid servants.

Kings, Chiefs, heads of State and all other 'controllers' have all made the same mistake, they all succumbed to their vanity and greed and the Serpent easily seduced them by placing thoughts in their minds that said: "As you are as powerful as God then simply enslave all those within your 'kingdoms' by written Proclamation to that effect and, as you thus legitimise your authority you also thus legitimise the use of punitive force." Arrogant man saw not that he was not 'as' God and most definitely not above the Law of God.

 All action, be it positive or negative, justified or not, authorised or not, is all the same in the eyes of God. It is the use of God's energy and those using the negative aspect and wearing different style clothing are simply ‘people’ that are defying their God and, as they use darkness (punitive force) they lose the ‘protection’ of the Light and place themselves within the punitive ‘eye for an eye’ jurisdiction of the Dark Sovereign Power, to themselves be ‘beaten’ into submission on a later date by a ‘greater’ power.

 There are many reasons why men fight, and why they regulate and punish, and why they go to WAR. It matters not the ‘reason,’ every one of them is justified to fight for varying reasons, and every justification is simply the 'wiles of the Serpent' blinding them so that they see not 'what' they do that to themselves is untrue as they deny their God. All they can see is that their imposition is JUSTIFIED.

 None seeing that their interaction is imposing great pain and suffering upon another and, it is destroying the life and family and livelihood of another and, thus within the absolutely ‘Just’ Law of God they are binding themselves into suffering the very same trauma on another day or life in eternal time, on this or another realm of consciousness.

 The ‘basic’ justification to send men out to fight is where a person in ‘power’ decides * to invade the ‘lands’ of others in order to have access to material riches, be it mineral or food etc., as well as then being in control of the populace who become ‘his’ slaves to fund his coffers.

Note: person in ‘power’ decides * - An ‘evil’ vain and arrogant person comes to that ‘decision’ because their mind becomes ‘possessed’ by thoughts emanating from the Dark Sovereign Power justifying this action that in their mind is in their best interest. Not seeing that the invisible but almighty DSP has decided that the ‘other’ nation needs to be brought to account and enslaved due to their own past dark interaction.

 Another ‘basic’ justification to send men out to fight is the supposedly ‘civil’ one wherein the ‘king’ or president uses rules to steal money from the populace through the imposition of taxes that are hidden in many a ‘licence’ fee disguise.

 Any person seeking to avoid such an imposition is perceived as a criminal and a threat to the security of the nation because; if they are allowed to ‘get away’ then others may follow them to freedom. Thus the ‘Institutional rules’ justify the punitive interaction, and any person paid a wage to uphold the book of rules is themselves ‘justified’ to defy God and ‘go to war’ against the recalcitrant.

 Legislation justifies the use of forbidden force and also justifies War. Man ‘forgot’ that he would be safe from invasion and physical suffering if he heeded the command of God to “Go your way in peace.”

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 Another ‘basic’ justification to fight is the ‘common’ family or ‘domestic’ violence wherein one is ‘irritated’ by the other, to the point where the mind of one or both become ‘possessed’ by dark thoughts due to their ‘sin’ or dark emotions becoming aroused and conflict rages.

The ‘worst’ justification to fight that has the greatest return of suffering upon mankind is the ‘call to arms’ for War. For this ‘call’ is very powerful and it is 99.9 % irresistible for many reasons.

 The name of God is used in vain as leaders say: We beseech the blessing of Almighty God” and, these armies are condoned by men of ‘religion’ that walk hand in hand with them, so that the simple ‘cannon fodder’ soldiers believe that what they do is sanctioned by their Creator. It is not.

 Justification to control, punish, or fight comes in the form of: Fear – cowardice – greed – pride – vanity – jealousy -  aggression – vengeance – false ideological belief – religion – honour and glory - or as a ‘duty’ and thus receiving a ‘mercenary’ wage and, - - -

 To prove ones ‘manhood’ - the brotherhood of all for one and one for all – the order to ‘kill or be killed – follow my leader unto death – it has to be done by someone – we were attacked first and are simply defending ourselves.

WAR = brutality, cruelty, murder, rape, pillage, destruction, torture, bondage, untold pain and suffering and ongoing misery, great horror and turmoil. There is NO peace for the wicked. All ‘warriors’ end up for a time and a time in the Abyss and, you cannot even begin to ‘imagine’ the untold millions down there that I see, all in intense suffering and misery.

 God gave man a mind to think and hands to CREATE. If any of you ‘think’ that you are more powerful than God then think again, for GOD is now to use HIS ‘hands’ to destroy every ‘seed’ that HE created that continues to use its ‘hands’ to evil deploy or to destroy HIS Creation.

 The intent precedes the deed. If your intent is to do good ‘works,' then the Light of God will inspire your creativity. If your intent is to rob a bank or, to seize control of others ‘Lands’ or to wage war upon others then, - - -

 The ‘mind’ of the Dark Sovereign Power will ‘possessively’ take control of your mind through your inner ‘sin’ and, - - - He will invite you – incite you – seduce you telepathically to accomplish your ‘dreams’ and, these incoming thoughts have no end or bounds as they stream into your ‘probing’ mind and, you will find every ‘justification’ to help you to accomplish the destruction of your own soul.

 All the ‘damage’ and loss and suffering imposed by your interaction upon others is their deserved fate and, you and your ‘men’ accrue a similar ‘fate’ due to be met on a dark street at a later date or, you will be ‘bombed’ or ‘burnt’ by a flame thrower on another day that is wielded by a person similarly ‘possessed’ as were you.

NONE avoid the Law of God.

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~ The basic question ~

If another man ‘commits’ murder, who am I to interfere?
What is he to me and what am I to him?
Where does our Creator enter in to the interaction?

Yes I saw him ‘sin’ but what am I to do?
Am I to kill him for the Dark Sovereign Power? – NO
Am I to forgive him as commanded by God and go my way in Peace? – YES

 This is the basic ‘principle’ that has eluded man of ‘sin’ because the dark energy within him demands that he take the ‘step’ into the Dark and find a ‘justification’ to be IT the ‘avenger’ and bring the other to account. (Justifiably)

 Whereas the Light of God via me does say: “Help the other to find their way using mercy, compassion, love, and forgiveness because, - - - only thus do both of you find peace and happiness ahead.”

 Those that work knowingly or unknowingly for the DSP find desolation, despair, terror, pain and dread somewhere on their eternal road ahead. The rules give man ‘permission’ to interfere punitively and defy God.

 The ‘Court of man’ interrogation is a Pagan ‘religious’ RITUAL, invoked by (sinful) priestly and ‘holier than thou’ vain and ignorant men that all defy their God, and all FALL to Satan’s den for a very long time to be dined upon by other swine who also justify their wicked punitive ways.

 This is because their minds are bound telepathically by the DSP through their ‘theft’ of HIS energy they drew in, as they arrogantly used IT in their interaction with others. Only the power of my ‘wise’ counsel can set their ‘release’ date ahead IF they heed me.

 It was the Serpent that ‘originally’ gave man the ‘idea’ to bring others to account for their misdeeds, rather than to forgive them and educate them. Punitive court ‘action’ is savagery perpetrated by the ignorant.

 Punishment in itself is an ‘appeasement’ and ritual ‘cleansing’ or ‘purging’ seen by the ignorant as ‘correction.’ It is not, because all complicit become ‘accessories’ to the principle offence, and become the ‘secondary’ but again principle offender in the eyes of God.

 Punishment is pure vengeance, and “Vengeance is mine” says our Creator. “Those of you that 'avenge' offend ME, and all ‘offenders’ are brought to account by ME directly in the afterlife or indirectly via others as ignorant as thee.”

All retribution is darkness in action.

Heathens place the false and erroneous practices and beliefs of their fathers and forefathers ‘ahead’ of the Command of the one true God - - - “PEACE unto all.”

 Heathens never find peace, for there is never any ‘surcease’ from pain and suffering for those that follow falsity, - - - being the promotion of ‘correction’ using invasion of others privacy and disturbing their peace for the purpose of retributive justice.  For that is the ‘false’ way of the Dark Sovereign Power who is the eternal ‘rectifier’ and absolute authority. It is true for Him to do but error for you.

 Any person or ‘nation’ that protects itself using force of ‘arms’ or weapons are ‘persons’ in contravention of God’s command. True believers rely on the strength of God’s “Go in peace” Word.

 Enforcers use God’s dark force to ‘protect the people,’ and they all suffer more ‘indignity’ and ongoing trauma. God protects you when you conform to HIM and HIS command. If you do not disturb the peace of others, then God the ‘avenging’ Dark Sovereign Power will not disturb you via the mind of others.

 All that ‘take up arms’ or pay ‘enforcers’ as they cry out for “Justice” surely get it in a very painful way on a later day, for ‘revenge’ is the false motivator. Peace is only attained through NON-aggressive interaction and, by you ‘suffering’ any past due without retaliating. (Self-crucifixion)

 Wake up please, or forever you will be on your knees in the icy depths below, shrieking for mercy and surcease from agony that will never come. This is ‘The  last call.’

Terence – the spirit of truth


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