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~The ‘surrogate’ God ~
Controller - regulator - enforcer - administrator of punishment

I question and dispute the validity of presumed ownership of any ‘Country’ or land or sea or island or flora, fauna, fish or all else by the ‘King’ * (see note at end) or any Institution of man that names itself ‘the legitimate government,’ and, - - -

 I also dispute the ‘supposed’ ownership of any person on any land mass by 'another' simply because they abide on the sea or land that some past ‘warrior’ overlord man claimed as his ‘property,’ through ‘annexation’ after seizing it and subjugating all thereon using force of arms and ‘text’ in latter day books of rule, that were preceded by a Proclamation to that effect through the 'invocation' of a document named 'The Constitution.'

 For by that ‘subjugation’ and control they hold hostage all persons within the ‘controlled’ borders and, - - - the ‘ruler’ via further decrees claims that all are ‘his’ subjects to be ‘fathered’ and guided by his decrees and taxed to his ‘whims’ and as his slaves to be regulated in every aspect of living and punishable for non-conformity to his worded or legislated dictates.

I wish to state that our God repudiates all ‘ownership’ and control over His children and all these ‘slave masters’ are to now be brought to account by their God as I now ‘annul’ every ‘Act’ and ‘Constitution’ of man by the power of this sacred pen as I ‘enlighten’ all humanity.

The  inhuman’ mind of vain and arrogant man ‘possessed’ by the dark thoughts of the Dark Sovereign Power has given absolute ownership of all mankind and everything of material value into the ‘hands’ of the unholy text contained within the books of RULES that man names ‘the law.’

Thus has man ‘bound over’ every person into the 'control' of these books as though IT is as God to be adored, and man can now do naught else but add to these texts when inspired to so do by the Dark Sovereign Power, and thus ‘torture’ himself and his children more.

For the ‘adverse’ nature of rules is to ‘tax’ man more, regulate him more, raise his cost of living more, deplete his savings more, punish him more, and cause him to suffer more, reduce his freedom of movement more, invade his privacy more.

The Rules have become the ‘decision maker’ and we are presumed by the ‘Acts’ of the Constitution to have placed ourselves within the jurisdiction of the Constitution and its rulings through our registering as a voter or, simply when the raising of the Constitution was Proclaimed by ‘someone.’

The Court of man is certainly the representative of the power and authority of the Court of God the Dark Sovereign Power, and foolish are those that assume this ‘mantle’ of absolute power and take a wage to be HIS ‘vengeance’ in action.

 Yes, every persecutor, prosecutor, judge, juror and jailer metes out punishment for God, and they will be ‘honorably’ judged by the ultimate Judge God the Dark Sovereign Power and HE will impose upon them every ‘speck’ of injury suffered by those they ‘condemned’ in their arrogance and ignorance of HIS ‘eye for an eye’ Law.

Why do the ‘police’ and others assume that you are within their jurisdiction? Because they have assumed that because their Institution appears to be ‘all powerful’ and is backed by a ‘Constitutional mandate,’ that they as employees have you in their ‘power’ and that you must obey them.

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Ask yourself (and them): "How and when did I ‘hand over’ my freedom, my freedom of belief, my choice of manner of living ‘standard’ to a man or an Institution"?

Ask yourself: "Did I ‘sign’ a ‘docket’ giving them or it ‘power of attorney’ to rule me, tax me, punish me, seize my goods, or to even kill me and, to demand a ‘licence fee’ levy from me prior to me being able to carry out any endeavour and, - - - to demand that I or my ‘sons’ go to war to defend them and their ‘kingdoms’ in defiance of my God’s Command"?

Ask yourself: "Did I agree that they owned every fish in the sea, every river and tree, and could thus tax me before I ate a fish or lit a fire with wood or 'claimed' a free God-given acre of land to live on? I say “NO I did not," thus I personally disown any such ‘plot’ to enslave me to their false ideological ways that destroy the souls of all that ‘enter in’ and support their ‘halls' of power"?

I reveal that the ‘surrogate’ God is the RULE by the Institution and Its false Constitution. It is false, because it places the original ‘arrogant’ warlord King and his ‘successors’ as the ‘heirs’ to the throne of God on earth as he the self-proclaimed King or Chief or Mandarin ‘enslaved’ all the people ‘in the name of God’ by  Proclamation of his ‘royal’ right to do so and, - - -

In these ‘latter days’ these same ‘personages’ handed over their ‘control’ to their ‘Lords’ and legislative administrators operating through Institutions. These institutions pay an annual ‘royalty fee’ into the coffers of the King or Queen or other ‘dictator’ so as to keep them as the symbolic ‘figurehead’ authority of the nation, to be ‘adored’ as one would adore a benign God.

The ‘Queen or King or President’ or village ‘Chief’ is the figurehead carved on the ‘bow’ of the black slave ship named ‘the government.’ For without this ‘empowered one,’ the slave ship has no slave ‘master’ at the helm to validate its direction and control over you.

As the controlled ‘states’ on earth gained wealth from their ‘slaves’ you and you and, as they ‘conscripted’ your children into their ‘armies’ they ran ‘amok’ here there and everywhere, and stole more lands in the name of God and King and country backed by men of ‘religion’ that were and yet are all the Devil’s ‘stool pigeons.’

Even today these ‘slavers’ use unholy books of ‘rules’ imposed as ‘democratic and constitutional law’ enforced by the gun and muscle of men, and it is I the ‘all-seeing’ to denounce all ‘kings’ and their ‘kingdoms’ and 'Constitutions' as FALSE and, - - -

Their ‘blood lines’ by me are exposed as ‘muddied water,’ and it is up to you to individually ‘sup’ on my wisdom and set yourselves free from EVERY tax, levy, licence fee, and other ‘customary’ duty or royalty tax, for only thus do you show God your allegiance to GOD as you stop funding extortion, punishment, war,  and its iniquity.

Only in non-payment of ‘taxes’ do you personally halt your support of the anti-god punitive and warring ideology that was ‘formed’ by vain and arrogant ‘warlords,’ who roamed the earth long before your birth, taking all by force of arms using the ‘muscles’ of the 'corrupted' ignorant who received a ‘mercenary’ wage of stolen ‘booty’ as their reward. This ‘way’ is still perpetrated today through ‘coercive’ and forced taxation and punishment using the community Peace Corps as their private ‘police force.’

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Note 1 - reference the Australian Constitution that enslaves so many. It is I to expose the reality of the dark 'sandy' base of the Institution that was built on savagery, war and killing and slavery. For the raising of the  Constitution' actually meant that:


In raising up this 'text' document named by the Queens councillors as 'The Constitution,' she has determined that she is God or 'as' God with the power and authority of God to enslave, bind, tax, regulate, punish, seize property, or kill any person living within the 'borders' of lands that she took by force of arms and murder and by the 'killing off' of any opposition.

Thus in the eyes of wise men and the true God she and her 'servants’ are seen as vain murdering thieves and murderers who speak of God but know no God and, they consign themselves into the Abyss for a time and more time to be dined upon by greater swine that live 'sinfully' as does she and 'hers.'

I Terence (and all good men) revoke any 'oath' of allegiance that may have been 'given' through my ignorance in my ‘youth’ as I simply go my way now with my God as my protector and benefactor, and thus I place my soul and person in His jurisdiction as I follow His code of conduct demand-command to "Go your way in peace."

I cannot 'confer' any power of 'attorney' or authority to any Institution of man to ‘rule’ me, for no man or Institution ‘replaces’ my God, and thus I seek no 'enslaving' or taxing regulator to harass my way of living, for no person owns my flesh nor my soul and any that so 'think' because they 'fellowship' with a known anti-God punitive and warring Institution are deluded and, if they impose their 'might' upon me then the Devil's face they will see as HE forces them to pay for their 'forceful' iniquity.

Note 2 – The words hereunder contained within the Australian Constitution document should show you that the intent of the wording contained therein is the ‘act’ of enslavement, as the words show that you will be BOUND by the RULES invoked by some ‘other’ people.

The Commonwealth shall be established, and the Constitution of the Commonwealth shall take effect, on and after the day so appointed. But the Parliaments of the several colonies may at any time after the passing of this Act make any such laws, to come into operation on the day so appointed, as they might have made if the Constitution had taken effect at the passing of this Act.

This Act, and all laws made by the Parliament of the Commonwealth under the Constitution, shall be binding on the courts, judges, and people of every State.

Note 3 – The words hereunder show that there is the ‘assumption’ by the ‘writer’ of the Constitution document that you are a ‘possession’ of the Queen, and thus her ‘subject’ to be subjugated to her ‘whims’ and, there is also the 'assumption' that you have personally agreed to become her ‘slave’ by the following words her ‘Lords’ wrote within the Constitution document:

WHEREAS the people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, and Tasmania, humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God, have agreed to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and under the Constitution hereby established: - - - And whereas it is expedient to provide for the admission into the Commonwealth of other Australasian Colonies and possessions of the Queen:

I Terence state that: If you are an employee of any ‘governing’ Institution that uses a ‘Constitution’ document giving you ‘powers’ to rule or tax or punish or imprison any person, then you are a Dark and foolish ‘operative’ of the Devil, and you are selling your soul for a ‘mercenary’ 30 pieces of silver and, you condemn your own soul to the Devil’s lair for a very long time as you have placed IT (your soul) within HIS jurisdiction through your own defiance of the "Only love" Command of the TRUE God and, - - -

If you are a person condoning and funding any such Institution in paying taxes or 'permit' levies, then you incur a return of all suffering imposed upon others by the State ‘officers’ in their duty because, they are working for you and in your name. Set yourself now free, whoever you be.

From now on ‘fund’ community ‘efforts’ such as schools, hospitals, welfare groups, true community peace corps workers and other directly, for any ‘monies’ going into the ‘State’ coffers does pay the wages of 'enforcers' who interfere, dictate, invade, punish, wage war and carry out other seen and unseen controlling and punitive acts, and all that 'action' results in you suffering ahead and in your spiritual  ‘death.’

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It is the time to see that every 'Chief' even one in 'Fiji' or any island is a 'surrogate God' having the expectancy that they are 'superior' and, - - - requiring to be 'adored and fed' at your ongoing expense, as they wine and dine in their 'palaces' and rise up 'late' from their bed as you rise early so as to slave and labour to meet their 'taxing' demands so as to avoid their punishing reprimands.

As it is my God given right to conform to God's Command to go my way in peace, and to thus never fund or assist or employ 'mercenaries' to 'tax' or punish or wage war upon others, then that is my democratic freedom of belief and conscience to not support any Institution of man that has a contrary 'warlike' ideology.

As this 'right' is also 'enshrined' within the Principle 'Acts' of the Constitution of the 'governing institution' of this land (Australia) where I presently abide, it follows that no 'enforcer' operating on behalf of said Institution has any authority to bring me to 'account' for any non-payment of taxes that are used to 'fill' the coffers of said Institution because, by the very fact that they are 'enforcers' shows their contra to my "Peace & love & mercy & forgiveness" ideological policy and,  - - -

Any such enforcer or 'judiciary' official that defies their own Constitution is guilty of Treason in ITS eyes and, - - - every enforcer that is engaged in punishment is already guilty in the eyes of their Creator for defiance of HIS "Go in peace and love one another" Command.

It is also true that I am entitled to fund any 'sector' of any community endeavour as I see fit and not as others command. For if any person is forced to fund any 'operation' or industry or group, then it is proven that the land is ruled by a dictator who does 'run' a 'police state,' and that is not a democracy.

The surrogate God is not 'benign.' HE is the 'false' God of WAR that has you all kneeling and 'grovelling' at HIS feet through your ignorance and fear of persecution. There is no end to your suffering if you continue to 'fund' and condone HIS punitive warring iniquity for as you so do, you accrue a painful "As you or your servants do punitively sow, so shall ye reap" DUE to HIM and, HE is 'Justly' cruel and merciless in HIS 'Payback' attack that is now to escalate in every household on earth and under the earth.

Enforcers, be they the violent husband, the known terrorist, or the policeman are all the same. They are persons that are prepared to 'have their way' using force. The at times absolute brutality they perpetrate is simply the dark energy flowing through them as it attempts to crush the other into submission. As man finds a 'reason' or justification to 'attack,' his dark emotions are aroused and the invisible but 'all powerful' Genie emerges to help him accomplish his desires.

Man was deceived into using darkness in his interaction (force & punishment & war) by the Serpent (the Dark energy of God that does exist as does the Light energy of God) and, what the 'gun-toting' policeman needs to try and see is, that the fact that he is openly carrying a weapon in public means that:

Firstly his intent is to use it to kill or maim another person and, - - - that his intent is to enforce the dictates of someone else and, - - - that his display of arrogance is totally 'offensive' to the peaceful people that walk the same street as well as to his Creator and, - - - that he is a person that takes a 'mercenary' wage to defy his God for that wage, as he 'engages' others in a conduct unbecoming that contravenes the conduct command of God and, - - -

He is a person that is a non-believer in the Holy Word of God and, - - - he is a person that is 'devoid' of compassion due to his mandate by man and, - - - that he is ignorant of the superior Law of God and, - - - he is a person that has been deceived by the false ideological teachings of his forefathers and, - - - he is a person that is walking the wide road to Hell and, - - -

He is a person needing my good counsel so that he can become humane and kinder unto himself and, - - - he needs to now understand that for his folly he will by God be forced to suffer the consequence of his interaction with others, as well as any 'collateral' suffering endured by the families of others affected by his daily actions.

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Controller - regulator - enforcer - administrator of punishment

Every 'legislator' enforcer and judge or jailer is operating outside the mandate of God their Creator, and thus they have no 'legal' jurisdiction to interfere in the lives of any person nor to abuse any person and, all the 'punishment' and suffering endured by their 'victims' will now by God the Dark Sovereign Power be imposed upon them in this or the after-life.

Those 'officials' that name themselves 'law makers' are deluded souls that via 'text' in their rule books they state:

"Live by our demand and our command for we are your God and leader and, - - - only we know what is best for you and, - - -  this is what we do as we daily 'reform' our ideas so that we can 'safely' reform the way of life that we 'give' unto you as only we know what is best for you and, - - -

As we are a 'service provider' we are entitled to tax you more and more as we see fit and, - - - even if you cannot afford our services anymore then we will come and seize your goods and sell your home because after all, - - - we are more important than you as we are 'as' God and, - - -

It is 'the law' and we using our 'enforcers' will punish you for any non-conformity because it is for your own benefit, our benefit, and the benefit of all."

Every department of 'government' has become a 'mini-god' Dictator that is providing a regulating, enforcing, and punitive 'service' unto themselves. All this is carried in your name and on your behalf, and funded by your monetary contributions.

It appears that one cannot come to a personal decision to do anything today without asking 'permission' from one of the many departments and, - - - neither can you even do it once you have permission unless you first pay a 'levy' fee. This is  insanity and control exerted forcefully by others that uphold 'rules' that give them 'licence' to abuse your freedom of choice.

Can you not see that you are being 'coerced' and forced to live according to the 'directives' of others, being their 'decrees' that they submit you to? I say that:

If you cannot go to sea without conformity to their 'safety' or other regulations or, - - -
If you cannot go to the forest and cut wood without conformity to their 'safety' or other regulations or, - - -
If you cannot fly in a plane without conformity to their 'safety' or other regulations or, - - -
If you cannot travel in a motor vehicle without conformity to their 'safety' or other regulations or, - - -
If you cannot build a home without conformity to their 'safety' or other regulations or - - -
If you cannot do anything without conformity to their 'safety' or other regulations because - - -

They will persecute you, prosecute you, will punish you, and possibly destroy your livelihood, then this is 'proof of insanity.' By all means we can 'fund' community 'sectors' that raise up 'codes' of safe practice to guide you when you seek advice, but any forced conformity or punishment is error.

They are not our 'masters' and we are not their slaves and, - - - we have the choice to live or die to our own 'choice of standard' as we remember that it is our God to whom we owe our allegiance and, it is our God to punish us if we abuse others or show them disrespect. You must see that through your funding of 'controlling' departments that you are in fact responsible for the control, regulation, and punishment of others.

There are multitudes of well-meaning people working as 'regulators' whose sincere desire is to make a better world for all but, by precedent they have been MISLED into believing that FORCE & CONTROL is the only way to achieve this end. Only now has the TRUE WAY been revealed and, as to why man chooses to use:

Force over Education
Punishment over Forgiveness
Control over Freedom

The reasons for this are revealed now in its fullness in God's Plan for the 'restitution' of sinful man. Try and see that TRUE spiritual 'revival' is only attained through PEACE. We must remember that God's energy that flows through us has a 'consequential' re-action to our own actions in our interaction with others and, - - - that this energy flow is a 'Law' unto itself and, how you put it to 'use,' be it lovingly or un-lovingly, it will return the same unto you via others.

Set yourself free by not 'presenting' yourself at 'Court' when summonsed, and by not paying fines when so 'commanded' to, - - - Why ? - - - because in both 'cases' if you do 'pay or visit' you are aiding the persecutors to destroy their own souls. Better for you to run away than pay. It gives them more 'chance' also to re-consider their own 'foolish' way. Better for you to go to jail than pay a fine, - - - Why? - - - because if you pay a fine you are funding their iniquity and thus complicit to it.

Set yourself free spiritually by now 'bowing' in submission to the TRUE God of Love and Light as you "Go in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving" as commanded by HER - HIM your Creator.

Terence - the 'pen' of God-Allah

Note: ‘King’ * - Any King of 'olden day' is seen by God and I to be a totally insane and deluded ' warrior' that was so arrogant and egotistical that they were of the ' assumption' that they were God, and of the assumption  that the ' commoner' of lesser than their supposed 'blue blood' was a 'lower' mortal to be enslaved and taxed solely for the coffers of their 'war' effort and their bellies and other 'instruments' of pleasure.

Every 'person' today that has the same authority 'mandated' for them to have any 'decree' status or punitive authority over any other is similarly a 'mini-god,' - - - being a 'pretender' to the throne of the REAL God, and soon to be 'shorn' of their 'skin' and down trod into the mud as their less than 'crimson' blood is spilt by God operating via the minds of others equally vain, arrogant, angry, and insane.

The 'rotten' biological flesh of kings of old may well 'lie' in coffins of 'state' within the halls of power of other ignorant men of 'politic' or false religion but, - - - none see the reality being that their spirit soul has been transported below, and is being 'lashed' mercilessly for their arrogant ways of iniquity by other more powerful forces that God's 'eye for an eye' punishment for all time bestow upon the vain and arrogant and merciless.


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