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~ The Holy Cow of God ~
The Military Junta

The holy ‘Cow of God’ and thus truly sacred ‘cow’ is the Wisdom of God that is brought to you now. Being the ‘milk’ upon which you must sup if you would eternally in happiness live, and to accomplish the ‘drinking’ of God’s living water you will need to learn to only freely give.

 Those that use ‘rules’ and ‘force of arms’ to take or to ‘punish’ are in fact ‘partaking’ the ‘poison’ from the ‘teat’ of the unholy cow, being the ‘seat’ of evil energy from the forbidden tree as exposed now by me.

 The dark forceful energy that flows forth from that ‘cow’ tree is evil and deceptive and destructive, and all that partake of it are doomed to suffer and cry and to ultimately spiritually die.

 Irrespective of who you ‘think’ you are or in whatever walk of life you are, there is something that every individual needs to see. Being that wherever you are and whatever you think and whatever you intend and whatever you do is OPEN for every ‘invisible’ spirit person AND God to see.

 It is only on this level that man ‘assumes’ that he is ‘invisible’ when out of ‘sight’ of the eyes of others. Thus his interaction is less that a ‘fraction’ of what is required by his Creator reference the Commanded “Peace and love and mercy and compassion and forgiveness” Code of Conduct.

One needs to try and understand the absolute power that exists in the dark ‘lower land,’ for that energy is the absolute opposite to that of the Light of God for it is in fact the energy of the Dark of God. Yes God the Source of all is ALL, both creative and destructive energy.

So the resultant ‘factor’ that has arisen over time and time as foolish and vain man ‘supped’ from the forbidden tree is, that his mind became ‘as it’ in its ‘foreboding,’ cruel, forceful, invasive, punitive, extortionist, punitive, warring unholy ways in his own forays seeking glory and power over other men.

The other ‘factor’ that took place as man showed God his disgrace was, that ‘as’ man supped of the fruit of the forbidden tree was that it fed his soul with ‘poisonous’ dark and evil energy.

This ‘Sin’ as it is named by me is the energy that encompasses all the known and unknown negative emotions that ‘drive’ you constantly to be as IT the dark BE. For the negative emotions ‘stolen’ from the forbidden tree are the emotions of the Dark Sovereign Power God, and HE cannot ‘stand’ any person thieving HIS energy that by HIM was forbidden.

Because HE knew that anybody that became ‘as’ HE with HIS vain and proud and jealous and cruel and merciless unforgiving nature would then assume that they were HE with the ‘right’ to govern others and enslave them and abuse them and take from them and wage war upon them and kill them.

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HE created you and me to ONLY live in accordance with the request to “Love one another” of HIS lovely ‘wife’ the pure and lovely Light and to thus live in HER presence dancing and loving in HIS eternal sight, with joy in their hearts and NO dark ‘blot’ to spoil HIS picture ‘painted’ by HIS creation.

 What none of you ‘errant’ souls did see was the end result of your insanity. For you all now believe the great ‘deceive’ that has existed for so long that none of you today know the difference between right or wrong.

You only know what you have been taught by ‘precedent,’ being that the ‘System’ or Institutions of man are physically strong and, that you by regulation and enforcement are ‘supposed’ to conform to decrees of other men soon by God to be brought to their knees.

Let it here be known that, way in the past ‘a’ man took up ‘arms’ against another using the forceful energy of the forbidden tree. Thus he became a ‘sinner’ and his spiritual energy became contaminated with ‘sin.’

He also accrued a spiritual “As you did sow so shall ye reap” due that was later ‘met’ when another person equally defiant of their God was incited by the Dark Sovereign Power to retaliate and something ‘dark’ unto the other did do.

Over time and time trillions of spirit souls became lost in a maze of falsity due to their souls becoming contaminated by the ‘deceptive’ nature of the Dark. Thus they journeyed further away from the ‘Holy Cow’ mark established at their spiritual birth.

The ‘fresh’ mark now emblazoned on their spirit soul is a black five pointed star signifying that they are one to be ‘attacked’ by anybody who is mentally disturbed and thus mentally open to demonic forces that around us all do daily ‘whizz’ in one ‘space’ or another.

They are ‘as’ you are, persons full of dark vengeful energy, thus they cannot forgive you for the deeds that they did see you do. For they are ‘mostly’ further from the Light as their souls are darker than the darkest night and thus their minds are totally controlled by HIM the Dark Sovereign Power who can never ‘give in’ to any that attempt to fight HIM.

Any that have or do or will defy HIS “Go in peace” command are persons seen by Him and HIS demonic forces as a person that is in need of ‘punishment’ on an ‘eye for an eye’ basis for every drop of blood they spilt and every mental or emotional ‘suffering’ they imposed knowingly or unknowingly upon any of HIS other children.

How have you erred personally? Through any individual non-conformity to the;
“Go your way in Peace and extend love and mercy and compassion and forgiveness” Code of Conduct Command of God.



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