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~ God’s supreme LAW & the Rules of man ~

 The ‘legislated’ Rules contained within man’s ‘books’ of law or ‘statutes’ of man are not “The law of the land.”

 The ‘legislated’ Rules contained within man’s ‘books’ of law or ‘statutes’ of man are the ‘instrument’ invoked by the ‘Avenger God’ * the Dark Sovereign Power that enables HIM the Father via his ‘demonic’ and ‘non-believer in Love’ forces to fulfill the Dark punitive aspect of God’s “As you sow so shall ye reap” LAW.

Note: ‘Avenger God’ * - Within God’s “As you sow so shall ye reap” Law are two ‘opposite’ aspects, Creation and Destruction, Positive and negative, Good and Evil.

The ‘Beneficent God’ fulfills the ‘loving’ creative aspect of the Law giving kindness for kindness given, compassions for compassion shown, and love for love given. There is only ONE God, but within God’s ‘frame’ exist all known and unknown.

The punitive ‘attachment’ attached to every ‘decree or ruling’ within said ‘texts’ enable God the Dark Sovereign Power to punish man for past or ‘present’ non-conformity to HIS “Go your way in peace and love one another” Command, and may have nothing to do with any contravention of, or ‘lapse of conformity to’ a regulation stipulation in a ’text’ book of man.

Let me reiterate. The ‘rules’ of the institutions of man are not ‘the law’ of the Land. God’s statement and ruling of “As you sow so shall ye reap” is the Law of every land. No Institution of man owns any person nor does it own any nation or land but, - - -

Within the raised up legislation are words to the effect that, any person being paid a wage to uphold the rules is a person that has become a person mandated to believe the wording of the rules and, they are mandated to enforce the wording of the rules upon pain of ‘death’ as they are ‘oathed’ to their position of ‘office.’ 

Thus any person either working directly for the ‘rule book’ that hides itself behind the ‘fašade’ of ‘State or Federal government’ is a person that is ‘bound’ by Satan (Dark Sovereign Power) and forced by HIM via said ‘rules’ to defy their Creator and be a ‘punitive’ operative for the DSP and, - - -

 Every ‘day’ they accrue a painful ‘due’ within the very same “eye for an eye – as you sow so shall ye reap” Law of God that is applicable for the use of the Light or the Dark energy.

The mind of every ‘punitive’ enforcer is controlled by the DSP (Dark Sovereign Power) that justifies their negative interaction by making them feel ‘good’ because they are ‘simply’ conforming to HIS dictates that are the ‘punitive attachment’ rulings they uphold and, their negative interaction is perceived by them as positive interaction and correction.

How or why does God ‘permit’ man to ‘extract’ a 1000 fold punishment when God’s Law stipulates that HE balances His ‘scales’ on an equal ‘eye for an eye – as you did sow so shall ye reap’ Law?

Steal an egg, pay back an egg. Kill a man and yourself be killed. Kidnap a man from his home and keep him in prison for a year and yourself be incarcerated for an equal length of time. That is God’s Justice.

Whereas the ‘punitive attachment’ to mans ‘rules’ permit a person to lose a hand for theft, or to be transported to the other side of the world as a life sentence of ‘banishment’ from the society they know.

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Rules ‘permit’ me to be ‘forbidden to drive’ and incarcerated for two months for failing to pay a $10 demand for an annual driving licence tax. Van Nguyen was murdered in ‘cold blood’ through ‘hanging’ for simply being in possession of ‘something’ that had not caused any other any harm. Is that Justice, and why does God ‘permit’ it?

Simple, the arrogance of Autocratic ‘Military’ man was and yet is so great that he saw not the error of his punitive ‘enforcement’ rulings, that in his mind ensured that he could maintain control over others and coercively force them into conformity to his ‘taxes’ and other demands.

Simple vain man saw not how ‘easily’ the mind of the Dark Sovereign Power (God) invoked the rules ‘telepathically’ so that HE could do two things. Use these rules to bring past defaulters to account and, - - - to ensure that the ‘debts’ to HIM of these vain men * and their ‘supporters would mount.

Note: these vain men * - Any person that forms any Institution that contains any ‘rules’ or decrees that ‘permit’ themselves and their ‘officers’ and the ‘Club’ supporters to live in a contra ‘punitive & warring’ ideology to that of “Peace and Love” as commanded by HIM.

For the Might of God the Dark is unimaginable, and HE as said ‘sets out’ to literally destroy every ‘bad seed’ that defies HIM and HE is the deceiver that sets the ‘snare’ that to your eyes was invisible. It is I to reveal it to those that can it now see.

So when I was ‘trapped’ by enforcers and subjugated by them in a prison, it was not for a fee ‘simple’ of a few dollars, being money that I did not even owe to anyone. The ‘ruling’ of the Magistrate was simply the ‘eye for an eye’ fulfillment of God’s Law when in my ‘youthful’ past I was a police enforcer in Africa and I subjected other men to confinement also operating ‘justifiably’ for and on behalf of RULES.

As for young ‘Van Nguyen,’ he was ‘set up’ through his own arrogance and placed his own foot in the snare in a place where GOD could take his life, in ‘payment’ for when in a prior life time of spiritual existence and place he took the life of another man that was ‘consorting’ with his ‘then’ wife.

So yes, the arrogant ‘hangman’ is correct in his statement that the soul within the flesh was released to go to a better place, having paid some spiritual dues to God. But what he does not see is that it has nothing to do with the rules nor the carrying of any ‘dope.’

Nor does any ‘hangman’ see that he personally takes on the ‘karmic’ load for being such a dope as to defy the Creator and, he on another level in the ‘hereafter’ will also ‘hang’ and ‘choke’ for an eternity or two on a stainless steel wire rope forged by God that NO man can cut down and, - - -

What no ‘Singaporean’ taxpayer sees nor realizes is that they are all ‘complicit’ to the ‘hanging’ and the years of suffering endured by the family of the condemned man prior to the ‘deed,’ and, - - -

Neither do they realize that all ongoing mental and emotional trauma endured by family and friends as ‘collateral’ damage will also be placed upon their ‘plate’ for their funding and thus condoning such ‘animosity’ to God’s creation in their support of the governing ‘body.’

Thus some of you might see the terrible ‘end’ result of believing in the anti-God ideology of punishment, war, and enslavement. Heavy is the ‘price’ and the due to be met by all in this end time that is to be very fearful and not nice.


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