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~ Non-Conformity ~

 Way in the past a vain and proud ‘sinful’ person was inspired by the Dark Sovereign power to forcefully seize control of ‘a’ land using force of arms so that they could enslave the people for the purpose of invading others lands and for their own protection and, to gain personal wealth using the ‘manpower’ of their serfs.

 Once this was done and the people were subjugated, they were forced to give up a ‘share’ of their annual produce in order to feed the ‘kingdom’ or chief and to maintain his ‘armed’ forces.

 As  time passed and man became more ‘literate’ it became necessary to amend that nature of control over the people and the Lord of the land and his unwise men came to the foolish decision to ‘legitimately’ empower themselves using an ‘unholy cow’ book of rules as their back up, to deceive the simpletons of the land.

 The vanity and pride of ‘some’ is so great that they not only assume ownership of every aspect of life and living and flora and fauna and fish in the sea and the very land you stand on, but they also have assumed that they own your flesh and soul.

 To validate this ‘claim’ of god-ship over you they invoked a ‘governing’ Institution to rule all inhabitants. Thus all ‘rules’ are made by ‘someone,’ be it the Chief or King or his less than ‘merry men’ so that any person paid a wage to uphold the rules can use the rules to control, extort funds, wage war, interfere, and punish others.

 What these ‘Lords’ were too arrogant to see was, that nearly every ‘decree’ or ‘rule’ that their ‘legislators’ would raise up over the years would be their ‘justification’ to contravene the Commanded Code of Conduct of the Creator and, - - -

 Not only this, but these same ‘rulings’ that they named ‘the law of the land’ would in fact force other men to also defy their Creator during the course of their duties to the rules, and thus upholding the ‘rulings’ of the rules cause the actual downfall of man.

For the ‘other’ men of whom I speak are those as you and you, that were born years after the ‘original’ plan of the vain one. Thus you have all been programmed to believe this contra ‘regulatory and warlike’ ideology.

This contra ideology permits men to become cruel and merciless beasts as they for and on behalf of rules go forth and: Invade, seize, steal, kidnap, tax, enslave, regulate, punish, destroy property, and kill. All these ‘acts’ carried out ‘justifiably’ in the name of the RULES are leading all into non-conformity to the Command of God.

Man sees not that the legislated rules have become the absolute Dictator that is cruel, unthinking, unconscionable, merciless, unforgiving, and hard as nails and, all that use these rules are also able to ‘revel’ in their own dark vengeful feelings, - - -

For the power bequeathed unto them by the rules enables them to also assume the ‘god-ship’ role of absolute Dictator, for any that ‘defy’ their orders are perceived as criminals to be punished or banished and 'cast out' of society or destroyed.

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Deceived man always feels justified in using the contra ideology of regulation, force, control, punishment and war because, within his soul there is a ‘quantity’ of God’s Dark energy and IT is empowered to be a retributive force in action against any that have used it (God’s Dark energy) in their past interaction.

God’s energy is ‘accountable’ to no person, for it is God’s energy. But any person that uses it is accountable unto IT. For the energy expressed is a ‘law’ unto itself.

This means that if you see ‘somebody’ stealing or killing, they by this negative interaction are ‘simply’ using dark energy. This action of theirs will ‘arouse’ no merciless punitive mental or emotional reaction within me for I am pure and free of dark ‘sin’ energy.

Thus I am able to live in accordance with God’s command and forgive and, I will only seek to give them my good counsel and educate them. You however have a ‘problem’ because of the unforgiving ‘nature’ of the ‘sin’ energy with you that becomes ‘incensed’ when it sees or ‘hears’ of another using some of IT.

Thus all mankind is now ‘bound’ and living the contra policy or ideology of the Dark, as all demand ‘recompense, justice, and accountability.’ Woe and more woe.

Police have been 'able' to restrain the flesh of man, but not the thoughts and emotions of others nor themselves. Police and 'unruly' civilians are all in the same 'boat,' for as police step forward to control a 'riot,' they unleash their own dark energy as their baton strikes down upon the head of the other, and in God's eyes all are unwise and uncivil and very offensive 'warriors' that are in non-conformity to His Command and they are disturbing the peace of His land.

If your deed of the day is seen by GOD as non-conformity to HIS 'dictate' then you are soon to be greatly troubled as is revealed by my pen. For all spirit beings are "God's men." Yes, those of the Light do go forth daily inspired to do good as am I as I greet you with a smile and educate you, so that you can climb up over the high 'stile' and, I receive a return of love and light that makes my spirit soul more 'bright' and a 'delight' for God to behold when I return into His sight above.

Those full of 'dark' energy are also "God's men," and they go forth daily in defiance of this sacred pen as they mete out divine 'Justice,' but their 'mouths' are resolute in their salute to the Statutes that enable Him via them to punish those that defied HIS "Only love and do not disturb the peace of the land" Command and, - - -

All these dutiful 'mercenaries' receive a return of pain and dark energy that does enter their soul and leave its stain that 'darkens' their soul that is one day thrust down out of His sight for a time and a time and possibly an eternal time, for it becomes cold and heavy and UGLY and distorted by HIS dark energy that He does not ever wish to see in His sight, as it is a 'blot' that would spoil the purity of His 'painted' canvas of Creation above, being the eternal Light of heaven that stands in His sight.

I as the TRUE messenger of God state: "I do see the face of God and I am the ONE sent by HIM-HER to set you free. Please amend your ways to those of 'Conformity' because, if you fail then truly the forces of darkness that God 'sets' upon your trail will find you, bind you, and torture you in the darkness below, and liquid terror you will most certainly have bestowed upon your own soul."

I am here today to show all how they can assist themselves to become free of the dark 'sinful' energy within their spirit soul. There is only a very short 'frame' of time to do it before it becomes too late. For the 'gate' that has opened with a 'flood' of invisible cleansing Light energy with the capacity to purge the darkness out of your soul cannot set you free if you continue to draw in more darkness daily. "Comprende"!


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