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~ The absolute TRUTH Gospel ~

Page 1 The Absolute TRUTH Gospel
Page 2 - The FALSE governance
Page 3 - God's LAW - the 'reaping' LAW
Page 7 - The 'fiery' Tribulation
Page 8 - Heaven on Earth - Freedom

 I the ‘Messiah’ the spirit of truth have returned ‘today’ to bring forth the ABSOLUTE truth from God who via me does now say:

“All the ‘war – starvation – destruction – desolation – suffering – abuse – deprivation – control – disturbance – invasion – enforcement – punishment – incarceration – destruction of life and property and invasion of privacy and exclusion from peace" is taking place because it is a ‘deserved’ sentence imposed upon you individually by ME the absolute authority.

 Every ‘painful’ or enslaving ‘happening’ imposed upon you or any by another is MY LAW in action against you for your past interaction in this life ‘time’ or a past time and, - - -

 All the ‘policing’ forces are MY ‘men’ that are ‘directed’ by MY ‘pen’ that is the Decrees of ‘Caesar’ (State Governments) that are invoked to CONTROL all of you - - -

 For it is ‘thus’ that I your God fulfill the DARK aspect of my “As you sow so shall ye reap” LAW that is MY Dark interaction invoked via the ‘sin’ within any that are ‘ignorant’ of MY LAW.

 For via their ‘vanity’ I can and do operate so as to bring ‘Justice’ upon your ‘plate’ and, what simple ‘sinners’ do not see is what is now revealed to thee via MY dove being, - - -

 That any of you who personally receive 'pay' and operate as an enforcer and thus do carry out the directives within the book of ‘RULE’ Statutes or, - - - any person that for ‘free’ does voluntarily use MY Dark energy to abuse any other punitively are, - - -

All by ME to be subjected to a similar RETURN ‘burn’ and suffering for being so ‘arrogant’ as to not only defy the Command of MY Light to ‘Go in peace,’ but for also taking on MY role of GOD your Lord as you ‘lorded’ over others.

 Only those of you that now conform to the wisdom of Terence the man given by MY Light will be set free after paying all dues to ME the Dark Sovereign Power.

Any of you that continue to be MY ‘retributive’ enforcement ‘arm’ shall so be forever, and yourselves will never be free of the fulfillment of MY LAW.”

 I Terence now add these few words that come to mind as I see so many gathered to sing hymns of praise to their ‘lord’ on high, and ‘sadly’ this is what I hear:

 “Your songs of praise are ‘unheard’ by ME for your ‘song’ is one of FALSITY, - - - for even as they in your ‘ears’ ring, - - - your ‘servants’ the warriors are busily speeding around like BEES and painfully MY children with fire-power they STING.

 Better to go your way in SILENCE and bravely pay no more ‘taxing’ dues to those that for ME do bring you to your knees. For only this way do you and them heed My TRUE say and, - - - you become free one day ahead when you believe ME."

Read the ‘Criminal Mastermind Paper’ - link at end of document.

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~ The FALSE governance ~

Mankind believes falsely that it needs to be ‘governed’ by a ‘ruling’ class, power, president, chief or king, and ‘some’ believe that they need to subject themselves to ‘Shariah Law’ or ‘other’ supposed divine law, for they believe that IT the ‘regulatory rules’ of ‘State or religion’ are the true governance by the God of LIGHT, - - - I say that:

 Whether you live in a ‘Kibbutz’ in Israel believing that it is a truly ‘Socialist’ way of life that is ‘good’ for the people or, - - -

 Whether you live in the USA believing that it is a truly ‘democratic’ Capitalist way of life that is ‘good’ for the people or, - - -

 Whether you live in Russia believing that it is a truly ‘Communist’ way of life that is ‘good’ for the people or, - - -

 Whether you live in Afghanistan believing that it is a truly ‘Sharia Law’ way of life that is ‘good’ for the people or, - - -

Whether you live in 'Monaco,' England or Jordan believing that being 'ruled' by 'blue blood' Monarchy is the way of life that is 'good' for the people or, whether you live in any ‘land’ on earth that has any form of ‘ancestral’ codes of conduct that force you into compliance through having punitive attachments to 'rules,' then you are ALL very wrong, for this ‘governance’ is not ‘the law’ and it is not for the ‘benefit’ of humanity.

 For in FACT you are all living under the governance and control of the DARK Sovereign Power of God, and HE is a merciless, cruel, autocratic Dictator that Rules you all with an ‘iron’ fist via the ‘Rule book’ of men that HE ‘polices’ using the ‘Rule book' of men and by using men in ‘uniform’ that force you all to conform to HIS Rules.

 In every ‘case’ or land it matters not what you by HIM have been led to believe. For within HIS Dark ‘weave’ there is NO truth, only ‘deception,’ and there is NO democracy or any ‘freedom’ in any ‘governance’ system of man today for you to simply go your way in PEACE without ‘greasing’ HIS ‘palm’ with money and, - - -

 Because you all ‘fellowship’ with HIS Dark ideology in supporting, condoning, and funding HIS dark punitive ‘works,’ you all deserve what you get:

More regulation - more taxation - more control – more expenses - more impoverishment – more intrusion into your affairs – more punishment and heavier penalties.

 Less freedom of speech - less freedom of choice - less freedom of movement - less freedom to simply live in PEACE as Commanded by the Light Sovereign Power – God.

 Every person on earth today conforms in one way or another to the punitive anti-God policy and thus they contravene the Command of their Creator the Light – Love.

 Every person believes that they are ‘on the road to heaven’ because they pay ‘taxes’ and also their daily ‘leaven’ to the ‘minister’ of one or another religion.

 Few other than me see the true REALITY being, that all are sliding backwards and downwards away from the Light of God, and daily their road becomes more ‘burdensome’ as they along their ‘one way’ track plod.

 I can ‘openly’ state that as soon as you pay money for your first ‘permit’ fee to anybody, - - - then you are their Slave and you are being ‘forced’ to conform to their ‘decrees.’

 These decrees – rules – statutes are NOT ‘the law’ of man. Neither are they "THE LAW” of God. They are ‘rules’ raised up by the Dark Sovereign Power via the minds of the vain and ignorant and arrogant ‘ruling’ classes as the means whereby God the Dark Sovereign Power can ‘avenge’ Himself and fulfill HIS punitive aspect of HIS divine Law and punish mankind for ‘bowing’ to the dictates of false ‘gods,’ - - -

 Being vain and arrogant men that all defy this God’s Holy pen as all sought protection against ‘suffering’ from others ‘warring’ ways rather than their God of Light.

 Via this ‘protective’ and punitive governance by ‘armed forces’ men they thus condoned the interference into the lives of others. They also condoned the ‘taxation’ of others, the control of others, the punishment of others, and the killing of others.

 All this iniquity condoned, promoted, and funded by them (the people) and they became ‘believing’ that it was the correct way to live. Thus they all placed themselves into the ‘hands’ of the CRUEL and merciless Dark Sovereign Power.

Note: - The Dark Sovereign Power via the mind of ‘Caesar’ (State governments) extorts funds mainly for the purpose for maintaining CONTROL over the population using FORCE. The ‘taxation’ extortion is used principally:

1 – To fund Caesar’s ‘Court,’ being his supposedly ‘wise’ Senators and himself.

2 – To fund his ‘Cohorts’ (armed forces) men so that they maintain his ‘taxation’ base and ‘contain’ any ‘revolt’ against his system of government and, - - - to control and protect his borders of the lands that he seized by force of arms, - - - and to fund the armaments section of his armed forces and policing and judiciary and jailers and to maintain this ‘equipment’ in pristine condition.

 3 – To fund his expansionist ‘dreams’ as well as the building of his ‘Empire’ to be a ‘showcase’ for others to admire.

 4 – Lastly to fund the community services needed by society and the ‘welfare’ payments for those in need of assistance.

 It is I to now set you free from 'slavery' if you believe me.

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~ God’s LAW - The ‘Reaping’ LAW ~

 This page is written to give an insight into the power of God. It shows how God ‘inflicts’ his “As you sow so shall ye reap” – on an ‘eye for an eye’ Law. This Law is based on the absolutely just equal return (Karma) of good given for good deeds expressed and, an equal return of pain and suffering for having inflicted that upon some other.

 The first thing you need to understand is that God’s Law is eternal in its ongoing fulfillment and that it has two ‘opposite’ aspects.  These aspects are Positive and Negative and, - - - one cannot cancel out the penalty for a bad deed done by doing any good deeds.

 The ‘flow’ of God’s energy is absolutely ‘Just’ and it relates to the ‘impact’ that is expressed by an individual upon another, be it directly or indirectly.

 Example 1; your ‘servant’ is sent unto another to give them a loaf of bread because they are ‘starving’- - -

 This good deed will not necessarily be returned unto you by God through the receipt of a loaf of bread only. For what you did not know was that the recipient had been in a desperate mental and emotional state prior to the arrival of the gift, and the gift enabled the family to ‘live’ another day and to feel ‘filled’ and ‘warmer’ and happier.

Thus the unavoidable LAW of GOD return for your ‘loving way’ gift will be a positive ‘Karmic’ REAPING return unto you of happiness, upliftment, inner joy etc. This mental, emotional bountiful spiritual goodness may also be accompanied on another day by a ‘gift.’

 Example 2; your ‘servant’ is sent unto another to break their legs because they have not paid your ‘Mafiosi’ demand or, your policeman (servant) is sent to drag some other away to prison because they have not paid ‘Caesar’ (The State) his ‘Mafiosi’ tax demand, - - -

 This bad deed does not mean that you and your servant will only suffer broken legs, nor does it simply mean that you and your servants will only be imprisoned for the ‘equal’ time.

 The unavoidable LAW of GOD return for your ‘punitive way’ imposition will be a negative ‘Karmic’ REAPING return unto you of physical pain, mental and emotional trauma, loss of freedom through incarceration etc. All this mental, emotional, and merciless spiritual badness may also be accompanied on another day by you and your servants being physically ‘incapacitated’ in such a way that you all suffer the same ‘distress’ and, - - -

 To add to this ‘burden’ will be added all the ‘collateral’ damage that was caused unto the family of the other who may have lost their home, business or livelihood through your ‘kidnapping’ the person and halting their ‘income earning’ power.

 All ‘scream’ for JUSTICE, and that is what all get on an ‘eye for an eye’ meaning EQUAL basis as designated by God as GOD 'balances' HIS Scales of Justice.

 All that are ‘victimised’ are simply people that offended God on another long past day and, those that mete out the punishment are the ‘victims’ of the Dark Sovereign Power that used them to be ITS punitive ‘reaping’ force and, - - -

 They then ‘take on’ all the suffering dues that they accrued during their negative interaction. Try to now see the ‘reason’ to ONLY express goodness in conformity to God’s “Go your way in Peace” Command.

  Page 4

 It is important to understand that it is not necessarily the actual physical act but rather the mental and emotional trauma suffered by the one upon whom the act was imposed, that is what becomes the Karmic ‘eye for an eye’ return. 

 Example 3:  If a woman has been raped or female or male child has been sexually abused it does not mean that they are suffering a Karmic return within God’s Law for having performed that actual sexual act on someone else themselves. 

 What it does mean is that the emotional trauma, hurt, anguish, fear or anger they feel, are feelings they have imposed on someone else at some time during their negative interaction.  

 It is therefore the Feelings we have caused to flourish in another through our past negative action that will at some time, under God’s one Law - “As you sow so shall you reap,”- be felt by us. It is the time for all to 'rest assured' that not one 'hair' on their head will be 'touched' in a  negative way unless they have deserved it and, - - -

Equally, if they have deserved it, then no army or fortification of man will halt the 'forwards march' of the fulfillment of God's Law. How many times does GOD have to 'warn' you of the 'Just and equitable and honourable' consequence of you failing to heed HIS "Go your way in peace" Command?

What mankind needs to now see is that everybody, - - - other than the few ‘as me’ that came down from heaven to help humanity, - - - are offensive ‘sinners’ in the eyes of their Creator and all are ‘complicit’ to the ongoing terrorist atrocities.

 For an eternity in the realms of ‘spirit’ that exist outside heaven ‘man’ has been waging war upon his perceived enemy, for he saw not that the real enemy was the dark energy essence * of the Source shining through the ‘sin’ within the other and himself.

 Note: dark energy essence * - the indestructible essence of God.

 Thus all ‘acts’ of ‘barbarism’ or terrorism or act of terrorist activity from ‘bank robbery’ to family violence or kidnap or punishment are all the same, - - - being dark punitive interaction between ‘members’ of the LOST race that forever have wielded a mace against the other for the Dark Sovereign Power.

 You might ‘wonder’ why God permits babies and young children to suffer deprivation, starvation, and disease in ‘wastelands’ where it does not rain and food is ‘scarce’ and, others are abused and killed or cut in two during battles or as ‘collateral’ damage are blown apart or suffer ‘burns’ from ‘flack’ or incendiary bomb attack.

 What you now need to understand is, - - - that all are ‘simply’ reaping what they sowed in their past ‘life’ time in realms of spirit and, - - - that within their ‘baby’ flesh is a fully grown spirit soul that has incarnated from another realm.

 A realm where it also spent time and more time roaming over hills and dales stealing, invading, punishing others and destroying because, - - - that is the inherent nature of sinners, being people with negative emotions within (Sin) due to their having ‘supped’ on the ‘tree with the fruit of evil’ (dark energy of God.)

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 It was written a long time ago that the terrible day of ‘Tribulation’ would arise and I am the one to reveal what and how and when it will so be. Being the ‘moment’ when the whole world will erupt in a frenzy of retribution, being attack and counter-attack and man’s ‘cries’ will encompass the skies.

 It is the result of man’s personal complicity to acts of revenge, being actions that are in contravention of God’s Command to: “Go your way in peace.”

 To understand why you are to be or are being ‘persecuted,’ you need to see your own personal complicity revenge, accountability, and the bringing to ‘Justice’ others either personally through your own dark emotions of ‘anger, jealousy, hatred, fear,’ etc., or through your support of the ‘Justice’ system of ‘Caesar.’ (State governments)

Everyone will begin to realise their complicity as they ‘hear’ of or read these ‘Gospels of Terence’ that enlighten them and awaken them from their ‘blind’ sleep walk of ignorance, and then their FEAR will begin and, - - -

At the same time their other ‘sin’ being their dark emotions of anger, hatred, pride, vanity and vengeance will also be ‘activated’ by the ‘attracting’ spirit forces linking-in from the DARK underworld as they emotionally link-in and, - - -

By this ‘connection’ they energise the emotions of sin in man, and this ‘permits’ their ‘possessive’ thought control to ‘kick-in’ and there will be more and more confrontation with the accompanying ‘justification’ to fight back through pre-emptive counter-attack taking place, as fearful and angry man reaches for his sword, axe, gun or mace and, - - -

There will then be a moment in time when God the Dark Sovereign Power, - - - who controls the ‘orders’ given out by the dark side telepathically via His ‘Alien race’ of demons, (dark lost souls) - - - will Himself give the FINAL ORDER to:

“Go forth and kill and destroy all that have MY dark mark upon their ‘forehead,’ (spiritual body) and do unto them all that is MY directive that will control your minds.”

These ‘satanic’ but ‘Just’ orders that will use demons (operating through the psyche of man) to mete out Divine retribution to set you free from your past iniquitous actions in order to fulfill God’s superior Divine “As you sow so shall ye reap” LAW and, - - -

 These demonic forces of GOD will access the mind of any of you that defy ME the Plenipotentiary of God and, through your ‘rebuttal’ of me you will not have ‘heard’ how to fortify your mind against their telepathic invasion and, - - -

 Thus you will do whatever they incite you to do and, - - - as you wield the sword, axe, gun, or mace in defiance of the “Go in peace” command of the Light of God you then accrue another similar ‘fate’ due of pain and suffering and, - - -

 As said, you prepare your spiritual ‘bed’ with the demons below where forever you will fight on and suffer the same painful return flack for THAT is the LAW of GOD in action.

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 If you cannot put down your gun today and begin to heed me then sorrowfully I say: “Soon begins your eternal ‘bleed’ for showing God the ‘dark’ colour of your ‘seed’ and your ‘worthlessness’ to HIM.”

 All are ‘sinners’ in the eye of God and all ‘deservedly’ will now PAY their DUES to HIM and, HE is the one to ‘Judge’ each individually for HIS Scales of justice are absolutely JUST as HE ‘extends’ an equal ‘eye for an eye’ of all pain and suffering imposed by the vain upon the other.

Try and see that God’s ‘eye for an eye’ Law operates similarly to a ‘double-edged’ sword and as the ‘golden’ egg laid by a goose.

When you walk in the Light side of the Law of God you are merciful and beneficent in your interaction with others and you are giving an ‘egg’ of gold and in return, God gives you a golden egg.

When you walk in the Dark side of the Law of God you are merciless and unkind in your interaction with others and you are ‘cutting’ them with your ‘sword’ and in return, God wields HIS sword against you.

When you 'break the law' of man, it means that you are punishable for non-conformity to the Rules of men.

What you must try and see is that non-conformity to the "Go in peace" Command of God means that you have subjected yourself to the punitive aspect of the LAW of GOD. This means that you will "Reap what you sowed" at the time and place so ordained by God and, - - -

You will then be forced to 'suffer' the consequence of your actions on an equal or 'eye for an eye' basis, being, - - - all the mental or emotional anguish imposed through your complicity to punitive interaction upon others, - - - as well as all physical suffering or discomfort they endured, - - - as well as all material loss they suffered, - - - as well as all 'collateral' suffering endured by their 'loved ones.'

No mere 'mortal' or spirit being can 'break' the Law of God, for it is the 'WORD' of God that is 'unbreakable' and it is also 'factual' that it is 'simply' the 'spiritual' interactive Law of energy in motion - - - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Read "The pendulum of God" Link at document end.

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~ The ‘fiery’ Tribulation ~

 The ‘hidden’ energy of the “Tree of Evil” described as the “forbidden fruit” is more fiery and destructive than any ‘atomic’ chain reaction, and its energy released is ‘multiple’ in that it is not only forceful in its movement, (action) but it also has another ‘inherent’ destructive nature that also encompasses all known and unknown dark emotional feelings.

 These feelings are the ‘SIN’ emotions that exist in those that lost their way on an eternally long past day and for whom I now again ‘tread’ this earth. These emotions that you assume are ‘normal’ or ‘natural’ are not. They only exist within you because you defied God and ‘drank’ of the fruit of evil on a long past day.

 These emotions are dark being a part of the DARK negative aspect of the Source and cause you to be: ‘vindictive, deceptive, merciless, cruel, brutal, hateful, angry, jealous, fearful, critical, cunning, callous, cold, hard, punitive, invasive, warring, destructive’ etc., in your interaction with others and self (suicide).

 Any person that uses any of this energy plays with the ‘tortuous’ fire that similarly to the ‘grass fire’ or the ‘bush fire’ surrounds you when least expected and leaves a powerful and painful ‘burn’ with many other consequences.

 It is thus that your present spiritual destiny is BLEAK, for in ignorance you ‘permit’ your mind and emotions and ‘work’ to drive you ‘unthinkingly’ into daily acts of defiance to God’s Command in your interaction with HIS other children.

 So to now ‘earn’ your future freedom from ITS unavoidable coming burn for your presently accrued ‘debt’ to IT, then you will need to conform to my message from the source of ITS energy. If you fail then for eternity will you continue to defy God and for eternity IT will ‘hunt’ you down and burn you on and on.

 I am only here today to help you to set yourself free from your daily deeds of iniquity so that you can become free. Foolish are those involved in ‘domestic’ violence for they see not their own bleak destiny.

 Foolish are those that fight ‘judiciously’ for a mercenary wage and ‘systematically’ go forth each day as punitive ‘operatives’ for institutions of man for they see not their own destiny, they only see the 'beam' in the eye of the other. Better to walk away from the ‘pay’ and become free or, change your 'modus operandi' as given by me and give true assistance to those perceived as defaulters.

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~ Heaven on earth - freedom ~

 Freedom is not being ‘governed’ by man or God. Freedom is being inspired by the Light of God as you in PEACE go your way as you finally understand what your Creator did say and, you thus never control any other for any reason, nor do you make any demand or issue any reprimand.

 First you have to believe that God is GOD and, - - - God is the ALL and, - - - God’s energy is positive and negative. E.g. LIGHT & DARK and, - - - that both ‘sides’ have ONE Law and, - - - that both sides give out an equal measure of pain or pleasure “As you do is done unto you.”

 And that ‘statement’ of FACT is God’s SINGLE Law that is backed by the Might of God, - - - not men. Once you do understand this then you can begin to set yourself free personally as you heed God’s ‘release’ information via me.

 First, - - - you go your way each day peacefully and never disturb the peace of others in any way.

 Secondly, - - - you never rely on the strength of the ‘arm’ or ‘arms’ of others to protect you, - - - this means that you never ‘call-in’ the police or other enforcers to ‘arrest’ an offender for the purpose of their punishment as you conform to God’s “forgive” and you thus never seek accountability or revenge.

 You are ‘permitted’ by God to call in the “Peace Corps” to arrest offenders that disturb the peace for their education as they attend a three hour ‘Feeling Easier Seminar.’ - See Link at end of document.

 You immediately HALT any ‘taxation’ payments. You immediately HALT any ‘licence fee’ payments so that you no longer ‘fund’ enforcement or punishment or invasion or war.

 For ONLY this way do you become free from complicity to extortion, invasion, coercion, or deception and the killing of God’s children through your support of punitive armed forces.

 You continue to directly fund the ‘Welfare’ sectors of the local community as you contribute whatever you wish to from your earned income to schools, hospitals, community town projects, roads, power, water, garbage removal etc.

 You must never use the ‘Court’ of man to attain anything for you as this supposed ‘Justice’ uses dark punitive force.

 You ‘accept’ whatever impositions are placed upon you by others in non-retaliation and you ‘suffer’ the consequence of ONLY funding what you wish to fund. This does not mean you have to conform to any ‘further’ demands, but any response to non-conformity must be ‘met’ calmly and peacefully. 

 The Dark Sovereign Power is now to bring the planet's population to its ‘knees’ and thus there will be a big ‘freeze’ as all become terrified by what they see as revealed by me and, - - -

 Because the Dark Sovereign Power via the minds of His dark earthly forces (Being any mentally disturbed member of the community) as well as His ‘enforcers’ will punish all deservedly for being so ‘arrogant’ as to be HIM in their negative interaction.

 HE will punish any or all for eternity that FAIL to set themselves free from supporting His ‘iniquity,’ so I can only say: “Suffer your crucifixion, for ONLY thus will you set yourself free to ‘Rise up’ with ME.”

 I now ‘Claim’ this Earth land as MINE to be ‘cared for’ by the LIGHT of God rather than swine, and once God’s wisdom and love has set you free there will be TRUE Peace in the land, as all are free to ‘bow’ to the ‘smiling’ God of love and pay no ‘licence fee’ to anybody.

 I remind you that HE the ‘Almighty’ dark power must not be criticised or despised, for any person under HIS ‘influence’ is deserving as such, and HE is ‘simply’ absolutely ‘Just’ in HIS persecution and control over you, for you are ‘simply’ receiving the ‘Justice’ that you all did demand as you did punish and reprimand others.

 Use ‘education’ to counter ‘disorderliness,’ in the KNOWLEDGE that God’s LAW is in operation at all times.

Terence – the Spirit of truth

 Link - Feeling Easier Seminar.

Read the ‘Criminal Mastermind Paper’ - being page 2 of that document.

Read "The pendulum of God"


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