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~ FINAL Open Circular ~

As written by Terence

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~ God's "LAW" breakers ~

It is not possible to break the LAW of God, that is a "phallic" fantasy of silly men who on earth plod. They do believe that they have the power to "avoid" the "grieve," being the time when under God's LAW they do PAY for their past when the "dark one" flowed through them and they did "indecency" impose upon another child of God who in their past had sullied their rose.

"Yes, all do pay, for the LAW of GOD is immutable," this is what Father God does say. He is the LAW and HE sees all for sure.

He can see your heart and your intent, and HE knows when you are sent to others abuse because Satan did your thoughts "confuse."

You do though have a "choice" to break the Commandment to "Only Love," but that is an act of foolish arrogance say I the dove, for you then "fall" into the dark side of God's LAW and the payment returning to you is pain for sure. Can you understand what it is I say or are you "confused" because arrogant men have programmed you their way?

Yes, be they of Islam or Christian or any other sect of "religion," all their "ministers" were invaded mentally way in the past by a "stool pigeon," being a "thought" sent up into their mind from the Dark that said:

"You can sully your spark because you uphold God's word, thus you can avoid the reaping sword and also, you can others forgive for their past deed as long as they do you feed and kneel at your feet, for you are the "elect" of God who stand above the simple flocks on this sod."

This above statement is 'deception' and falsity, and I say that they were "lost" long ago and for "ages" now did they untruth sow, thus you now will all cry for as said, God says:

"All non believers in MY WORD will die because, when you believe you can my "sword" avoid, you fight your enemy and thus your soul falls into the void.

None can avoid the penance of my Law, all will for their dues pay before you can enter heavens door. So heed now my sacred dove and show me that your enemy you can love."

The immutable LAW of GOD is:

What you to others do - will be done unto you
be it
positive - or - be it negative


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All Religious Sects & Creeds

Your organisations all succumbed to bitterness and greed as God’s truth to my flocks you did partly seed, and the "part" that you failed to seed was replaced by darkness that "arose" via your "control and greed" and, this darkness via your mouths did say that your flocks could destroy the enemy and still get to heaven one day without being subjected to the law of God.

FALSE, thus now so many will bleed endlessly unless my personal wisdom they do swiftly heed.

And, for them this to do, you will also needs personally be true by telling my flocks you did "tend" that their "Master" again is now earth’s end. Thus, you have from this moment naught to do other than point them to God’s message true. So this circular is but to say:

"Tell all your flocks to now look my way, and their minds with
fresh wisdom seed, as God’s message on the Internet they read.

Any of you who "desist" and continue on with your "shop"
will by the
darkness now be destroyed and in HELL will you STOP."

"Heed me" - I do say.

It is I God’s messenger on earth today, and I need none to help me God’s message seed, other than some to "tell" those of IT who cannot it read. I speak once again in very plain language: "Gather my flocks in your care around you and tell them of my message true, then divest yourselves of your "robes" and GO HOME to your families and also read my message and prepare to your fate meet." God says:

"Any of you whom would endeavour to ‘waylay’ my children by continuing to deceive them by your false teachings and by in any way turning them away from MY message, I your GOD will destroy you and unto oblivion will your soul be driven. I your GOD and Creator speak through my son Terence meek."


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~ The 'knock' at the door ~

Thousands of "circulars" have I sent out over the years for sure, being my final knock at your door. Many "replies" did I receive saying; "Shut up or I'll make you grieve," and what I now do say is: "No one tells their Creator to 'Shut up' and go away."

No, I the "expresser" am but the wielder of God's sacred pen. The "inspirer" is God who says to me: "Write, for all walk 'blindly' into Satan's den." So this little "note" to you, be you one of the "true" or the untrue, is to say;

"Prepare for the FINAL knock at the door coming your way. It will not be a little 'note' in your 'email box,' it will not be a 'gift' of flowery phlox. It will be someone sent by ME the force below to set you free. Yes, you will receive PAIN for your "due" when in the past you were vain, and if you retaliate then for my world of LIGHT you will be late."

"I AM your Creator speaking to you
Both the LIGHT
and the DARK too."

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~ The 'Dark' Sovereign Power speaks to God's 'dove' ~

I "convince" many to speak for me for sure and, when I am tired of hearing them speak my voice I'll smash their fucking jaw and "shut them up" for evermore.

Then I'll use them to "think" my thoughts to access others minds for an eternity or more, and when I'm tired of "listening" to my foul thoughts through them I'll turn off their dismal light for another eternity or more.

I am eternally fed up with people who make their bed with me, for they are all "corrupt" and full of vanity, and their pride that is a part of me I'll crush into bloody mush for another eternity.

For not only do I not want to see their disgraceful face, but their emotions too I do not wish to feel and I'll confine them into a "mill race," and they will feel their "horror" churn round and round for another eternity until by fire they are unbound. But this fire that sets them free from me does burn them for another eternity.

So please tell all who cannot me see that all you've "heard" is just bullshit, for I totally helpless be, and my helplessness is by your truth backed, - - - for no believer in you or your light will ever be bound by me and sucked into my dark night.

So you do your "job" and tell all to be true, and I'll do mine and convince the foolish ones who continue to be arrogant too, and a little further down the line we see "who" was uplifted by you up out of My vine.

For sure they will be few and far between, for all for aeons did on untruth dream, so I see that in 'this' time you'll not much smile, how can you when so many fall to MY beguile and, I just wanted to via you say that:

"Any who'd be your ilk had better try very hard to hear what you say,
for as they deny you, by Me are they made to pay."

"I AM the smoke and the fire."

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~ The Ultimate Gambler ~
The Media & you

The ultimate gambler has no “voice,” but he does “carry” loaded dice of death, and he gives you no choice. For if with him you a game of “chess” play “Then you will lose” I hear God say.

For the Devil with whom you “play” sees your move, for it is HE who in your mind does the game “play.” He also gives you a justifiable reason to make the move you do, knowing that ultimately, it is you whom to yourself are being untrue.

The “intent” of the Devil is to you destroy, so why “gamble” with loaded dice that he does so cunningly deploy? Is it because you “think” you are smarter than me the dove of God who sees very clearly?

I say; The only games you should play are those that are not a gamble, and as such leave you free to play another day. So if you choose to the Word of God deny, and in any way seek to any other “TRY,” then you play the game of “death,” and will go below and be “breathed on” by foul breath.

This note applies to all the untrue, so you "Media" may wonder why it is sent to you. It is because you often do truth distort, and thus many a person you did from their sanity "abort," and not only this do I see, but also your deception can drive many away from the Light, ME.

So I just want to let you all know that all deceivers fall into ice cold snow, and also they do reap what they sow so there is no "diplomatic" immunity for fools that this truth do not know.

Please now do your best to try not to GOD test. Just tell all humanity that God's message is here and to it all must now veer. Good luck to all of you, the true and the untrue.


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The Head of the House

It is Father GOD who is the "head" of every house, and it is now HE to planet earth "delouse," and every arrogant "non" believer will HE destroy, be they man, woman, or boy. That does apply to any invader, those imposing sanctions, or any pretender to HIS throne, or any who make others cry, and thus Mother’s "call" deny.

"Yes, all Might belongs to ME the invisible God you cannot see, and MY power flows through men, the foolish arrogant who one day are thrust into Hell by ME.

Non believers are those who do not heed my call to: Be loving and, to only care seed"



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To the ‘Reader’ of my Internet web page

This is to assist you personally and advise you WHY

The "way" of man is going to STOP
"society" will now soon FLOP

Yes, insanity will bring it into disarray
this is why I bring my message to your attention today

So that you can personally prepare
and also tell all that they too needs prepare

For our past at the hands of others we will meet
and in a non-retaliatory way must we them greet

Fail in this and I do see
an eternal personal catastrophe

For each now will make their own bed
heaven, or that fearful place of dread.

Children, try and see the reality that be. It is the false shepherds who have "arranged" you into religious "sects or clubs" today.  So all religions walk the wrong way, they divide & destroy as their elders with God's WORD do "toy," as they ALL say: "Only our club holds the truth and is the way."

All must now look direct to God and heed this final message given by the prince of peace who does as a "lowly" man on earth plod. It is I who is the "high priest" of GOD. I say: "Forget 'religion' and protect your soul as you abide in this uncontaminated Word of GOD."

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~ The 'fatal' Judicial Precedent ~
Notice to the World's Judiciary

It is by the grace of God that the Messiah has returned to earth's sod to elevate the consciousness of man, and as a 'part' of this 'release' plan, God's grace has been extended to those bearing the 'judicial' mace.

For by precedent 'set' long, long ago, the deceptive darkness did bestow a false belief upon the mind of man as its 'plan' to entrap the vain who hold God's Word in disdain.

Thus the 'web' woven did snare the Judiciary in every land who did not see that God's Law stood sacred and supreme above the 'Judges,' who all seemingly in a 'day dream' did defy God and place their 'judgment' upon those seen as 'offensive' or in error in some way.

These 'judiciary' believed falsely that they were above God's law merely by the 'fact' that their 'authority' to punish was backed by legislation of mere men.

Thus this sacred pen now raises its 'voice' in order that the 'wise' can make a fresh 'choice' as to their future deed once its truth in their minds our God did seed.

This is done so that all men that 'judge' can judge their own 'position' in relation to God's Code of Conduct as commanded by God. For all men are soon to 'swoon' as they are 'faced' by a 'fiery blast' from the 'hands' of the insane, who will hold their 'pleas' in disdain.

Thus our merciful God has given all judges a final opportunity to see reality and what is to be, so that they can begin to change their 'robes' from black to white and bless their own souls as they 'undress' and become educators rather than punishing abusers.

For those continuing to defy God it will not now be a 'matter' of a suicidal self-imposed life sentence of isolation, deprivation, and suffering, it will become an eternal self-imposition of the above that is simply the singular 'Law of God' in action that states: "As you do, is by ME your God done unto you."

So to the 'judicious' I can but say: "Wake up all, great forces gather now invisibly, and their 'arrival' on earth will make you all pall." Seek deep, I am HE the awaited one, and all whom now fail God and me will for an eternity weep.

This is God's 'graciousness' extended unto you.

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~  Political 'Civil disobedience'  ~
Anarchy, unrest, anger & fear

For so long now has errant man disobeyed his Sovereign spiritual Monarch God, and for so long now have those empowered by the 'ring' of power bequeathed them via their earthly sovereign usurped their 'authoritative' mandate, that unrest, anger and fear now flows with increasing speed through the emotions of civilians, and more and more are being subjugated by rules/acts/decrees and the accompanying 'punitive' factors imposed for non-conformity.

What is this subjugation causing fear, anger and unrest? It is the escalation of control over their living 'ways' and interference in every aspect of life and business and, it is the punitive action taken against any that 'fail' to 'bow' in conformity due to their 'disbelief' in this manner of religious persecution.

This subjugation results in people being harassed, persecuted, prosecuted, threatened, coerced, evicted from their homes, and their property is 'stolen' via 'seizure,' and its sale by authoritarian people is backed by force of 'arms' in a dishonest, immoral and unconscionable manner that of itself is 'Anarchy' in action as it defies the "Peace, love & mercy" Command of the spiritual Monarch, and all this is now leading to absolute CHAOS.

Let it be clearly understood that the 'anarchists' sowing 'Civil disobedience' are in fact the 'politicians' that have become the 'enemy of the public' due to their own emotions of pride, vanity, arrogance and greed and total disregard of the 'Constitutional' mandate. 

Let it be clearly understood that politicians and other 'dictators' now 'live' in the FALSE ideological belief that they are 'gods,' having the divine right to invoke any rules/decrees/acts/laws that they are inspired to, and these disobedient  'suggestions' that are set in 'motion' and 'seconded' and then legislated as 'text' in an unholy book of rules are what enable them and their armed forces 'servants' to interfere, control, regulate, berate, steal, coerce, threaten, bully, extort funds, intimidate, punish and destroy the livelihoods of civilians and, the added 'collateral' damage of mental and emotional trauma, loss and suffering is by them unseen.

Let it be clearly understood that a 'disobedient' suggestion is ANY 'wording' tabled for 'consideration' by political 'servants of the people' containing a resultant 'action' that will cause 'mental, emotional or physical' harm, harassment, disability, loss, inconvenience, embarrassment to another child of God, and it includes any 'action' enabling 'extortion from' and 'punishment of' those 'meek & humble' that are going about their way peacefully as commanded by their God.

Let it be clearly understood that any such 'act' invoked is in direct contravention of the 'Peace & love & mercy' Command of the Sovereign spiritual Monarch God and, it is also in contravention of and is in 'conflict' with the basic human rights and principles of peaceful co-existence and moral ethics.

Let it be clearly understood that these rules now 'established' have deceived government 'workers' into believing falsely that they have 'immunity' from God and man, in that they now believe that in the 'course' of their 'official' duty that they can do all the 'foul' iniquitous, immoral, and unethical things that man is forbidden to do by God and, forbidden to do by the normal code of conduct policy enforced by armed men upon the community.

It is now THE TIME for every politician and public 'official' to 'question' their own conscience and their own 'belief' as to their own personal conduct, and all I can say to anyone is: "If our Creator sees your conduct 'conflicting' in any way to His 'peace & love & mercy' Command, then for sure He will be the one to reprimand your 'activity' within the 'constraints' of His immutable 'eye for an eye - as you sow so shall ye reap' LAW."

You have now been 'warned,' and I can only suggest that we all now turn our backs to any political or 'other' rule or ruling that permits 'us' to be in any way complicit to the 'backing' of the FALSE 'religion' that promotes and uses 'open' warfare being waged upon others within the community or over the sea.

Why? Because it is insanity to condone and support and fund any invasive, controlling, extortionist or punitive 'activity' in the foreknowledge that all suffering imposed and iniquity being done to others in your name and on your behalf becomes a very painful 'due' to be met by you in this or the after-life.

Let it be clearly understood that all these 'unholy' acts/laws/rules/decrees were/are invoked by immoral men whose minds were/are linked to the dark devilish force of darkness that sought to use them to inflict great suffering upon humanity within ITS dark and punitive "As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW.

Why? Because every person 'bowing' to this 'dictatorship' was/is in fact supporting and funding ITS punitive 'ideology' of control and subjugation of others in the community, thus none had/have any 'immunity' from IT and ITS Law.

Let it be clearly understood that if you are a public 'servant' then you should serve the public in an honest, kind, caring, loyal, moral and ethical manner, and that means that at all times and in all situations you 'bow' to the superior 'dictate' of God's Command and, you are thus 'entitled' to ignore any political decree/law/rule or 'act' in a TEXT book that is in contravention of God's Command and, in this you are being true to the community, your 'wage,' and to God.

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Let it be clearly understood that if you 'believe' that in the course of any 'civil' duty that you can go forth and coerce, threaten, impoverish, extort, seize, evict, banish, imprison or punish any other human being and have immunity from God, then you are living in a delusion and soon to be AWOKEN from your 'reverie' in a VERY PAINFUL MANNER as is revealed by ME.

Dear READERS, it surely is THE TIME for the politicians to be EXPOSED as 'enemies of the people' for their deceit and their INTENT to 'be able' to control, interfere and STEAL whatever they wish to from community members by 'acts' of great impropriety that of themself are 'insanity' and, said 'decrees' or 'Acts' ARE in ABSOLUTE CONTRAVENTION of the Command of God the Sovereign Monarch and, it is also 'proof' that State 'workers' are NOT acting as 'public servants' but are mere 'lackeys' for political SWINE that 'pose' as 'sheep' helping their flocks. 
I refer to the following 'Act' of Parliament that was 'invoked' by a mortal man having a mentally 'disturbed' mind controlled by the very 'Devil' himself.
"Local government act 1993 Tas (No 95 0f 1993) - 341-Immunity from liability
"A 'person' - - - being a member of a controlling authority - - - is not liable for an honest act - - - done or made in the exercise - - - of power - - under this or any other Act."
It is quite 'astonishing' to a spiritual man such as myself to 'read' the insanity and vanity backing the nefarious activities of politicians who DECEIVE their 'officials' who are 'mere' members of the public that take up work with the INTENT of serving the community honestly. For the above 'text' gives employees a FALSE sense of security and a FALSE 'promise' of immunity from 'liability,' for we are all responsible for our actions.
If you or any person truly 'believe' that the 'retributive' and punitive ACTIONS taken by a public servant against a person they are hounding, persecuting, terrorising, stealing their goods, threatening, coercing, evicting, and destroying their livelihood can be 'classified' as an 'honest act' because of their 'wage' or 'official' position or the above 'ruling,' - - - to the point whereby a 'top gun' legal' team declines to 'speak' on behalf of the 'victim,' then it is a very sorry day for humanity.
More to the 'point,' if any government 'worker' believes that it is an 'honest act' to carry out the above 'atrocities' against a peaceful 'Elder' of the community and that they are 'immunised' by the mere 'words' in an unholy text book written by men of flesh then they are 'sadly' MAD.
Regrettably, due to precedents set thousands of years ago, simple man now believes that, any controlling, punitive or destructive 'action' carried out dutifully on behalf of their 'leader' or superior, or to any latter day 'script' of text in a book, is a 'legitimate' activity.  It is perceived as such even though it is in contravention of all ethical and moral values and a contravention of God's Command. Any such 'legitimate' activity is seen as having 'immunity' from the 'common' law of man and the superior Law of God. It does not. Woe unto all.
The QUESTION: 1 - Is it 'honesty' or 'honest' or conduct unbecoming to implement a 'rule' or 'act' or 'law' strategy to enable the coercion, persecution, invasion, control, eviction, punishment or extortion of money from a community member?
The QUESTION: 2 - Does anyone actually believe that all the above aggressive, warring and uncivil 'actions' taken by 'government forces' or 'Council' staff are in fact 'honest' actions simply because they are recorded as such in 'text' in a book of man?
The QUESTION: 3 - Is it not a FACT that any political or other 'dictates' imposed upon the community that are thus 'exposing' community members to being enslaved, controlled, interfered with, taxed, impoverished, disadvantaged, punished are in fact the means whereby politicians are waging war against community members in a seemingly 'legitimate' guise?
The QUESTION: 4 - Is it not a FACT that any invasive, subjugating, extortionist or punitive ruling act/decree/order or law invoked by anyone is an act of war waged by the one or ones that invoked it? Being the 'means' whereby officials in their employ could 'legitimately' do so for the 'express' purpose of extortion and control?
Politicians believe that they have the 'right' to use 'legislation' to force everyone in the community to 'fund' their ways and to 'bow' to their dictates irrespective of their religious belief. This legislative 'action' is in fact forcing 'peaceful' others to participate in the support of the 'politician's' own religious ideological belief in interference, control, extortion, punishment and war or, be persecuted and 'cast out' of their homes.
This is in direct 'conflict to' and is in total 'contravention of' their Constitutional mandate, for the 'Freedom of religion' clause of their own 'Constitution' and the Command of God  'forbids' such conduct.
~ My 'Complaint' ~

I 'table' my personal 'complaint' as to the extraordinary state of affairs that exists on this planet so that mortal man can see to it that change to the truly benign needs to be attained as man turns to God rather than to armed men for protection and guidance.

There has been and yet is a very 'sinister' occurrence taking place that is resulting in peaceful civilians  being disadvantaged, abused, coerced, threatened and punished and having property stolen by 'officials,' and the end result of this is to have monumental consequences. For politicians have been and yet are invoking ANTI-social rules/acts/decrees/laws that lead mankind to 'error' and defiance of their God and, these 'rules' turn man against man.

The COMPLAINT is: The 'civil disobedience' of politicians is causing uncivil activities.
The COMPLAINT is: Politicians invoke 'decrees/acts/laws' that
permit home invasion.
The COMPLAINT is: The 'legislative' actions of politicians are
causing 'civil unrest' within the community.
The COMPLAINT is: Politicians invoke 'decrees/acts/laws' that
force people to be evicted and sold up.

The COMPLAINT is: Politicians invoke 'decrees/acts/laws' that permit state employees to wage war upon community members and to extort money from them.
The COMPLAINT is: Politicians invoke 'decrees/acts/laws' that
force state employees to wage war upon community members and to steal their property and destroy their livelihood.

The COMPLAINT is: Politicians invoke 'decrees/acts/laws' that deceive state employees into believing (falsely) that there is no 'recourse' against them by community members for invasive or punitive deeds/actions carried out against community members because the 'text' wording of the 'law' gives them immunity from prosecution.

The COMPLAINT is: Politicians invoke 'decrees/acts/laws' that deceive state employees into believing (falsely) that there is no 'recourse' against them by God within His 'superior' and absolutely immutable and Just "As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW.

The COMPLAINT is: Politicians invoke 'decrees/acts/laws' that enable state employees to wage a Treasonable war of religious persecution against community members in defiance of the Constitution of the land.

The COMPLAINT is: Politicians invoke 'decrees/acts/laws' that enable state employees to wage a Treasonable war of religious persecution against community members in defiance of the "Peace & love & mercy & forgiveness" Command of the spiritual Sovereign Monarch, God.

The COMPLAINT is: That these iniquitous political 'decrees/rulings' or 'laws' force state workers to threaten, coerce, and use the 'forcefulness of 'Courts' to try and force peaceful members of the community (True Christians or True 'believers' of any 'race or creed') to change their religious ideology of peace and to 'join' the 'opposition' by supporting, condoning and funding it, and, - - -

Thus becoming 'complicit' to the religious ideology of 'punishment & war,' and to thus defy their God as they 'engage' in the punitive 'effort' being waged upon other members of the local community by state employees, officials, and armed forces both within and over the seas.

This forceful 'attempt' is not only an 'attack' against the 'guaranteed' right of the individual to live in peace but is also a TREASONABLE offence against the Command of God. For as all should know, the individual is also responsible in God's eyes for the 'actions' of ones 'servants' who 'do all' in their name and on their behalf.

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I submit this 'complaint' in the form of a written submission, for it is also to be submitted for public scrutiny on my web site and to the media, so as to be an 'open' and educational process whereby the general community will have the opportunity to 'gauge' the response of those in 'power' that are presently possibly 'unknowingly' causing civil unrest within the community.

For a long time now politicians have been invoking 'decrees/rules/acts' that give them and their 'enforcers' the right to 'tax' and interfere more and more into every aspect of living, and the public are oblivious to the actual extent of the 'controls' now exerted over them by 'the law' so legislated and 'written' as TEXT in rule books.

Not only this, but officials of public service departments believe that they have 'immunity' from being 'punished' as they using rules impose their punitive 'effort' seeing not that this controlling and punitive measure of itself is in contravention of God's 'peace & love' Command.

It is my RELIGIOUS DOCTRINAL BELIEF that I must 'follow' and 'bow' in absolute submission to the Command of God as HE is my 'Sovereign Monarch,' thus I am an absolute pacifist who also believes that to 'bow' to the dictates of any man or institution espousing a contra and thus 'punitive, extortionist and warring' ideology is error and an 'act' of faithlessness.

Thus I can only 'condone, support, use or fund' the provision of 'services' that are within the 'precepts' of my belief and thus in accordance with God's: "Go your way in peace, love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving" Command.

I cannot support, condone, nor fund any 'activity' having the contra ideological code of conduct 'policy' of interference, control, extortion, punishment, destruction, killing or war. For in so doing I would by God be seen as a 'faithless' non-believing 'infidel' that relies on force to gain, maintain or destroy others in the community and I would lose my God-given immunity. and, - -

I would be complicit to all the 'iniquity, loss, trauma and suffering' imposed by 'government' forces upon other children of God within the local community and/or over the sea and, - - - I would accrue a similar 'due' within the immutable "As you or your servants do unto others will be done unto you" LAW of God.

I and every TRUE BELIEVER have a divine right to conform to God's "Peace & love" Command, and the Constitution of the land should also give me 'protection' from the 'godless' that have NO 'ethics or morals' and NO understanding of God nor their own Constitution.

This 'epistle' is raised up as an 'act' of courtesy, and it is so, for as I see it, every seemingly 'legal operator' is in dire spiritual danger, for all have become a 'stranger' to their Creator and, as it is I to now speak His last 'warning' to the world I can but do what I can to reach into your souls, for we ARE ALL 'Liable' for the results of our interaction with others within God's ONE Law, and no 'mandate, badge or position of office or 'act/law/rule' can void or nullify God's immutable LAW - - - "As you or your servants do unto others will be done unto you."

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~ Political Control & the Devil's beguile ~

A person is being controlled and thus 'under control' when their 'oppressor' is out of control. A person is 'out of control' when they have the justification to become disrespectful and 'uncivil' and they then use force or beguile or rules or a wage to in some way control, disadvantage, steal, invade, terrorise, impose their will or 'injure' or worse, and at this 'moment' their mind becomes 'possessed' by the demonic force of Dark energy that 'invades' their psyche and imposes ITS 'strictures' upon others using ITS arrogant 'victim' that IT controls telepathically.

How is the initial 'control' instigated? By beguile, as the Dark Sovereign Power via the mind of a politician 'offers' to do 'Good works' for the community if the politician is voted 'In' and thus gains 'access' to the 'inner sanctum' of the "House of Lords."

Note: House of Lords - It is the place where the 'chosen' obtain free accommodation and free wine & dine and anything else that they 'desire.' (Paid for by others)

What is the 'beguile' that 'tempts' the people to 'accept' the 'proposal' of a politician and thus permit them to enter into the 'inner sanctum' of their life.?  Is it simply the precedents set whereby we believe that they or others have the right to so do, and to then interfere into every aspect of our lives and control and punish us?

It is the above as well as the proposal that the politician promises to be a 'faithful' servant to the inferred 'Boss' being the citizen, as they say: "I will protect you and supply you with whatever you need or desire for you will be the master and I will be the servant." 

By this false 'promise' the citizen' is duped due to their need to be 'loved, cared for, protected and provided with services,' and they see not that as soon as the one they 'empowered' has entered their "Territorial Domain," that the Dark 'shark' lurking within their soul begins to enforce ITS 'policy' of control, regulation and compliance by 'pushy' and coercive ways and ever increasing forceful demands that enable IT to do whatever IT desires that effect the material and spiritual 'destiny' of everyone it has 'trapped' in ITS 'net.'

The political 'control' is attained by the justification of: "It is for your own good, that of the nation, flag and everyone." None realising that the sole INTENT of the Dark is to entrap and destroy everyone and, - - - once ITS 'earthly' minions are empowered and protected by armed men, the Dark Sovereign Power operating through the MINDS of those in 'power' shows ITS arrogance by OPENLY saying:

"As I AM now THE BOSS you will all do it MY WAY or there will BE 'Hell to pay,' and if you do not 'bow' to My 'orders, rules, wants, desires' I will persecute you mercilessly and punish you, banish you or destroy you, for I AM your 'Master' for the time span of My 'stay' in Power."

Yes, the 'person' controlling the mind of the politicians who see themselves as the 'untouchables' having sovereign authority over the lives of others is the invisible Dark Sovereign Power (God-Devil) who is in control of them or any 'other' that ingratiates themself as being a 'superior' person standing above others and assuming the 'right' to be 'god in action' over other mortals.

The Dark Sovereign Power force is the retributive destructive power that flows through any vain or arrogant person, and IT is so 'dark' that the user sees not that they are controlled by IT, they only see that they are being 'helpful' to you and me, for their 'justification' to be forceful is ITS and, IT has the power and authority to control EVERY 'sinner' and cause them harm within ITS Law, being their 'due' for being untrue to others and 'faithless' subjects of God.

Once any person or politician has established their position of RULE, they become a great 'danger'  to the community they 'serve' by control as well as to themself. How is this so? Because the immutable "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of God is inviolate and superior to any 'person.' So any person using Dark energy to control or harm others is causing the 'user' to inflict 'terror, subjugation, incarceration, interference, loss, injury' upon others, and it follows that the user of the forceful energy will by God be forced to endure the same 'agony,' for none can void or avoid the implementation of God's Law.

Politicians and their 'forces' see not that in their attempts to please or 'appease,' that they are in fact appeasing their own emotional need to stay in CONTROL and to satiate their own desires, and the ones under their 'spell' of control also gain a 'karmic' due of 'pain & suffering' for their complicity in supporting, condoning and funding the activities of the controllers in their interference in the lives of others.

Try and see that any person coming to you with a 'smile' who 'promises' to be your 'helper' may well be the REAPER having within them a 'dark shark' waiting to take a 'bite' out of you when IT decides to. The 'sin' within man is the Dark essence, so do your best to resist ITS 'advances' so that the arrogant one in the flesh is not 'tempted' to be the one to cause you harm, even though it may only be emotional trauma and inconvenience.

Remember, the DARK energy of the Dark Sovereign Power has NO respect for your 'privacy' nor your 'life,' and ITS intent is to destroy the arrogant through whom IT is operating but, it also seeks to 'trap' you into helping IT do ITS foul but justified 'works,' so that it can also justifiably destroy YOU the 'ignorant' for being complicit in its interfering and punitive ways.

Note: Justified works - simply balancing the punitive and thus dark aspect of the scales of justice of God.

This dark 'force' presents itself as a 'benign benefactor,' but in FACT it is a very malignant and destructive force using a 'smile' and 'promises' to look after your best interests as it hides its 'beguile.' Naturally we need the provision of benign community services, but not services that 'interfere' in the lives of others or cause harm to others for any reason, or that control us all. Every child of God must be free to go about their daily business without restriction as long as they do not disturb the peace of the land, and if they do, then they must be 'caught' and counselled and set free in the manner prescribed by God via me. (The Feeling Easier Seminar - Offender document)

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Let it be clearly understood, any person that believes that they have the right to control your life or 'ways' by inducing you to 'do it their way' through deception or 'emotional' or coercion is a dishonest and disrespectful individual that has NO respect for God nor you, and if they are a politician using rules/acts/laws/decrees backed by forceful means that they USE to control you in any way, then they ARE the 'Devil's' men operating in this 'earthly' realm 'play pen,' and they ARE people to be avoided at all 'costs' for they ARE 'public enemy' NO 1.

Why is this so? Because they keep everyone away from conformity to God's "Love one another and go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving" Command, as they demand that you support, condone and fund their merciless persecution, intrusion, extortion, punitive and warring ways that lead EVERYONE to Hell.

Politicians invoke rules that turn man against man. (Gross Error)
Politicians believe that they have the divine right to enforce their own policy agenda. (Gross Error)
Politicians invoke rules that force man to defy God and to support the religious doctrine of WAR. (Gross Error)

Politicians deceive their 'operatives' into believing that in the course of their duty that they can contravene the moral code of ethics emplaced by God's Command and avoid the absolute 'Justice' of God's Law. (Gross Error)

Have politicians the faculty to comprehend the word 'Comprehension'? Can they not see that no priest nor politician nor 'saviour' can grant 'absolution' for the sinning ways of man, for God is GOD not man, and God only 'forgives' AFTER His Law has 'balanced' ITS Scales of Justice. NOT 'before.'

Jesus 'suffered' on the Cross to show man by example that ALL pay the 'price' for being less than nice.

The QUESTION is: 'Are you the Light or Dark energy of God in action'?

Whether you are a person providing a 'free' service, or operating as a paid service provider, or an enforcer, or a person seeking election into a position of trust that has the capacity to influence the lives of other children of God, and to thus affect their mental, emotional or physical state, then you all need to know something being: That your ACTIONS are fully in conformity to God's "Go your way in peace, love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving" Command.

IF for any reason any of the following 'attributes' can be 'stitched' onto your uniform then you are NOT in conformity to the above, and you ARE in great 'peril' physically, emotionally and spiritually, because you ARE a 'dark' operative heading for HELL.

1 - You are merciless, disrespectful, dispassionate and unforgiving, aggressive or intrusive, controlling or forceful or demanding.
2 - You are liar or a thief or an extortionist or a deceiver, or you are punitive, vengeful or destructive.
3 - You 'offer' your services to the community to be a punitive enforcer who for a 'wage' upholds the verbal dictates of others, or 'text' in a book purported to be 'sacred' or 'the law' of the land.
4 -  You offer your services to another or to the community for a 'wage' or for 'free' in exchange for food and housing, but once 'elected' you begin to impose your own needs, wants or desires, and you use forceful means as a vendetta of 'retribution' if your demands are not met.
5 - You are a person that supports or funds the wages of others that assists them in protecting you using force, and they use your funds to interfere in the lives of others using force.


God forbids man the use of His Dark forceful, controlling, interfering and destructive energy, and anyone using it is in fact stealing His 'prerogative' and trying to emulate HIM and be 'God,' but ONLY God and His 'energy' is beyond THE 'eye for an eye' LAW, for the Dark energy IS THE LAW.

What is this 'stricture' imposed that causes suffering? It is the retributive and punitive 'arm' of God in action within the 'bounds' of ITS "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law that it is imposing ITS controlling, painful & destructive energy upon you via the MINDS of the vain, proud, foolish, ignorant or arrogant.

Try and understand that the 'orders/decrees/acts/rules/dictates' that men name 'the law' are for sure the CAUSE of disadvantage, banishment, restriction or loss or 'harm' suffered by you or 'someone' and, this 'harm' that was couched as 'benign charm' to assist you became your painful spiritual DUE for supporting, condoning, and funding them.


It is I now to advise every person under the 'Sun' that 'each' stands before their God who sees all and knows all, and I say: "All are known by their deeds, and by their personal interaction activity with others, and they will be 'judged' as to their conformity to, or defiance of, God's Command."

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~ Error of 'political' BELIEF ~

It in now the time for humanity to see the depth of insanity that prevails due to the FACT that 'politicians and their 'staff' hold the 'belief' that - - - irrespective of the 'belief' of others, that they can forcefully IMPOSE their belief upon everyone (dictatorship) and override the beliefs and rights of others using legislation backed by force of arms.

Politicians state:

"Whilst we acknowledge your right to your own beliefs, we believe that you do NOT have the right to simply apply your own interpretation of them and conduct your affairs accordingly. For 'we' politicians believe that you must 'bow' to OUR 'text' decrees/acts/rules/laws containing OUR code of conduct policy, being our BELIEF."

Can you not see that politicians and/or their 'staff' are in FACT stating that 'we' the people that hold a 'contrary' belief have NO 'right' to live by a code of conduct 'policy' that is contrary to theirs OR, in variance to 'some' of the dictates named 'the law.'

Politicians keep referring to 'WE' and this to me appears to be their gravest error, for they are hiding behind the 'we' bit IN THE ASSUMPTION that the 'system' to which they allude has OF ITSELF a 'conscience' or some 'divine right' to impose 'religious' rulings reference 'doctrine' upon those as me that can THE TRUTH clearly see.

Politicians believe that simply because some 'men' are 'voted in' to a position of authority that they THEN can 'make up' any 'policy' that they wish to and THEN force IT down everyone's throat. Yes, this they can do for they foolishly use the 'back up of 'mercenary forces' carrying guns, seeing NOT that no 'vote' nor mandate of 'power' bestowed by any majority vote nullifies nor 'voids' God's Law and, - - - what they do not see either is that there are those as me that do not vote, for 'we' clearly see the error of placing men in the 'position' of 'God.'

Note: 'mercenary forces' - Unconscionable men knowing NO God that DO anything they are told to for a few pieces of silver.

What I would like everyone to see is that irrespective of any 'decrees/acts/rules/laws' of mere mortals, that GOD the Creator has given each of us the divine RIGHT to choose whether to live in accordance with HIS "Peace & love" Command and thus abide within the 'happy' precepts of HIS "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law OR, to be as politicians and defy Him as they 'aggressively' interfere and impose forcefully upon the living ways of others and force them to bow to their 'belief' dictates whether they like it or not.

Men once elevated into positions of 'service & trust' have for 'ages' of time followed the FALSE belief that they have the right to raise up 'text' DOCTRINE that they name 'the law,' and then using 'armed' POWER and other men as their 'judges,' they then FORCE God's children to 'bow' to said 'decrees' or be 'condemned' and punished, ostracised, banished or killed.

The ONLY 'dictatorial' RIGHT bequeathed unto man is for the individual (you or I) to dictate our OWN personal code of conduct 'policy,' and God will be the 'Judge' as to whether or not IT is in 'accordance' with and in conformity to HIS "Peace & love & mercy & compassion" Command Decree and, HE will 'settle' the matter according to HIS Law.

I cannot fund the political iniquity of 'belief' imposition upon others nor myself, and I cannot condone, fund, nor support them, for THAT would mean that I was unfaithful to God and to my conscience, and I would be complicit to all the 'injury' and control that their institution imposes upon others. Try and understand that GOD already 'dictated' the CODE OF CONDUCT policy to be adhered to by ALL that I personally now 'reinstate' so that a 'few' will avoid HELL'S gate.

Reference - The ONE True faith

IF politicians believe that their 'badge of office' and Institutional 'rulings' can 'legitimately' override the Command of God then it is they to place their own soul within the punitive/suffering aspect of the precepts of God's Law for their defiance of His Command. It is pure iniquity and a treasonable 'offence' to force people to 'bow' to their 'beliefs' using legislation, be they supposedly legitimate 'decrees' or otherwise. Politicians believe in the use of force & 'War' and I hold the opposing belief in absolute 'pacifism' and PEACE.

Contrary to political 'belief' (We do not however accept that you have the right to simply apply your own interpretation of 'belief' and conduct your affairs accordingly.) All I can say is: "Please TRY and understand that as YOU are not 'God' I thus do have the GOD given 'right' to conduct my 'affairs' according to my 'belief' being, that God's "Peace & love" Command stands above YOUR belief, and I will conduct myself accordingly."

My 'outreach' letter was and yet IS a courtesy 'call' to everyone that is defiant of God, and the fact that that 'precedent' of 'defiance' has been in 'vogue' for centuries does not make IT right.

There are 'men' that live by rules and THE GUN, and there are others that follow their God.

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FINAL NOTICE & 'living' Truth

To common man , Kings, Emperors, dictators, politicians & their enforcers.

As soon as I had 'posted' the 'intent' to 'test' the validity of the 'Freedom of Religion' clause of the Constitution of man on my web site I received the following 'communication' from God the spiritual Sovereign Monarch, stating:

The 'Freedom of Religion' PROMISE by the 'earthly' Monarch to the 'citizens' was/is FALSE because, what his 'scribes' did not see was that through the 'citizens' support and funding of the 'controlling, invading, pillaging, extortionist, punitive and warring' ways of the earthly Monarch, that they were automatically in 'breach' of the 'subject to' clause in the 'Freedom of Religion' ACT that said:

"You are free to go your way and live in peace without being hindered or harassed or persecuted by my 'forces' men as long as you do not 'disturb' the peace of the land."

For it 'follows' that every person in every land was/is in FACT 'guilty' of 'disturbing the peace' of others because they were/are complicit to all the offensive 'criminal terrorist activity' of 'subjugation, interference, suppression, control, invasion, sanction, extortion, kidnap, detention, punishment, torture, killing' done in their name and on their behalf by the 'King's' officials or armed 'horsemen,' as it became/becomes a DARK spiritual 'due' upon everyone 'living' on the land within the precepts of God's immutable LAW:

"As you or your servants do unto others will by others be done unto you."

Let it be clearly understood that : The 'king' or emperor or dictator and their officials and the citizens of every land on earth have all 'placed their bets' on the 'forceful & punitive' ways of the 'Devil,' and only my LIGHT can set you FREE.

Let it be clearly understood that : One cannot 'contest' the credibility of the 'Freedom of Religion' Act in any 'earthy' court of man for it is in fact the Court of the Dark Sovereign Power, God, and HE will 'negate' any attempt by a 'sinner' to 'attempt' to go FREE unless/until they have paid Him all past spiritual dues accrued.

Let it be clearly understood that : Those that continue to fund iniquity will FALL. It is time for 'believers' to stand TALL.


Let it be clearly understood that : You are only 'permitted' to live in peace and follow your 'dreams' and 'religious ideology' of love when you HAVE paid all PAST spiritual dues to HIM the spiritual Sovereign Monarch, for HE then becomes your 'protector.'

Let it be clearly understood that : Relying on the 'protection' of armed men places all the 'interference, loss & injury' meted out by them upon others as a 'due' to be met and suffered 'equally' by them and you within the absolutely 'Just' LAW of GOD.

Let it be clearly understood that : Those that continue to defy the "Peace & love" Command of the Sovereign Monarch and continue to 'interfere, punish, and wage war' will FALL.

Let it be clearly understood that : It is the time for 'each' to choose their final eternal destiny.

Let it be clearly understood that : The absolutely 'dictatorial' RULES in every land on earth are invoked by Him, God the Dark Sovereign Power, and He 'permits' His 'earthly' forces to 'invade, terrorise, subjugate, and punish' ALL that condone, support and fund His dark controlling earthly system and, - - -

HE also then destroys the SOULS of all those enforcement 'operatives' of HIS earthly 'legions' that are defiant of His "Peace & love" Command.

Let it be clearly understood that : All that His dark punitive 'forces' are actually doing is meting out retributive 'Justice' and 'balancing' His 'Scales of Justice' of the DARK side of His Law because everyone condoning and supporting His 'punitive' system ARE in 'violation' of His "Peace & love" Command and, - - -

They daily place themselves within His "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law and, all 'politicians' and officials of governing institutions that 'invoke' and uphold His 'rules' are also persons that daily place themselves into the Dark aspect of HIS "As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW to 'suffer' in the PIT in the after-life for sure.

Let it be clearly understood that : The 'Constitution' of the supposedly 'democratic free world' is a LIE and a 'farce' invoked to 'dupe' all the people, for IT has no 'teeth' because all 'kings, queens,' and other mortal 'monarchs' are 'thieves, liars, extortionists,' and 'killers of men' who will now fight 'tooth and nail' using their 'rules' and their 'tin pot' men to coerce, invade, evict and destroy anyone that they are 'inspired to' by their thoughts that ARE controlled by the 'devilish' Dark Sovereign Power and, - -

Anyone so 'foolish' as to believe that they can continue this 'policy' of invasive 'iniquity' and NOT 'pay' are very foolish, and they will 'suffer' the 'Lose all & DIE' result and, - - - those that through 'fear' continue to 'fiscally' support EVIL in action, be it pure liquid evil expressed by known and proven terrorists OR, be it EVIL in action via the 'hands' of mandated officials 'posing' as benign community servants or 'protective' forces, are people that keep themselves 'bound' to perpetual misery, and all these ALSO FALL.

Let it be clearly understood that : ANY 'operatives' or 'officials' whose 'actions' are in contravention of God's "Peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgive" code of conduct policy COMMAND will PAY the 'ultimate' agonising 'blood price' for their personal 'invasion' of the living ways of others.

Let it be clearly understood that : All the 'control, interference, punishment, destruction and killing' is simply THE FULFILLMENT of the DARK aspect of the Law of God in action via the 'hands' of the merciless 'ignorant' that believe in their 'RIGHT to FIGHT' and, - - -

They see NOT the 'delight' and glee their actions invoke in the 'belly' of the Dark Sovereign Power as He 'enjoys' every 'drop' of liquid fear and agony they impose upon those of you that in your past did impose upon others via your funding support of INIQUITY because, you deserve IT, and they the 'imposing' will ALSO suffer IT later.

Yes, all the 'ignorant and depraved' officials that so 'resolutely' carry out His/their punitive 'correction' see NOT their own 'similar' fate to BE.

There is but ONE 'God,' and no 'man' or 'woman' is HE

ONLY HE stands 'above' His own LAW.

NOTE: I can but ADD my personal wisdom being that what mankind does not see is that as soon as any person defies God's "Peace & love" Command their 'spirit' soul is cast out of 'heaven' and ends up in a place such as this or one of the thousands of spiritual realms that exist and, - - - what they need to realise is that God who IS both the 'Light & Dark' energy  and, it is the dark energy that sets out to destroy their arrogant and defiant soul.

Yes, your 'foe' becomes the infinite intelligence and 'all-knowing' DARK aspect of the Source who as you now maybe 'see' has the capacity to keep you 'vainly, proudly, arrogantly and ignorantly' using HIS 'forbidden to use' punitive energy force in your interaction with others and, - - -

As you use IT this dark energy IT grows as a 'cancer' within your SOUL, and it is the 'course' vibration and 'weight' of this DARK energy that drags your spirit DOWN to a 'corresponding' level BELOW.

So irrespective of your 'religious belief' or otherwise, the FACTS revealed by me should be an 'indicator' to YOU that any 'sin' energy within you is dangerous to your spiritual welfare. (Negative emotions of fear, greed, hatred, anger, jealousy, criticism etc.)

And, you cannot remove IT with a 'butcher's' knife, for it only 'clears' from your soul when YOU stop drawing it IN and you thus 'permit' God's outpouring Light to purge your soul so that far ahead it can then again become 'burning bright' and you then rise UP into God's Light.

IF you continue to defy He or me then you simply 'disappear' into the depths of the Abyss below to NEVER be heard of again, and your shrieks of liquid terror and agony go unheard.

The 'time frame' for the purging of your soul is now 'limited' as God is now 'soon' to separate the Light from the Dark, the good from the bad, - - - so, - - - please make an effort to help me to help you before IT IS TOO LATE.

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~ Circular ~
All law enforcement agencies

BE advised that from today there will be a swift escalation of "Offenders" on a massive scale planetarily.

BE advised of an international strategy for the "Correctional procedure" that is now to be implemented as the NEW method of aiding offenders.

BE advised that from now on there will be an escalation of irrational acts "done" by members of the community who stand at the "top" of man's pillars of stability. I.e. politicians-judges-ministers of religion.

BE advised that the nature of man will change to that of beast, as man becomes vindictive, controlling, vengeful and destructive to the extent that all will "appear" to be the enemy.

BE advised that as "insurrection" against authority and insurrection against ones neighbours escalates, that there will be a breakdown in man's socio-economic structure and FEAR will become rife and every man will abuse his children and his wife.

BE advised that all "humans" are but spirits in the flesh and their minds will now enmesh telepathically with spirits of wickedness who have been released from dungeons below. (Dark spiritual realms)

BE advised that these "freed" men are now empowered by God/Satan to be the "JUSTIFIER" against sinful man as was written as a part of God's plan.

BE advised that their thoughts will "seep" into your minds when awake and when asleep, and you will be "seduced" into negative action and you will be emotionally and mentally "justified" by them to perpetrate deeds untrue against those you are inspired to by their thoughts.

BE advised that the Messiah is risen again in the flesh of man and his final message is from God with God's "plan" to aid offending man.

BE advised that it is my intent to request the Australian Correctional Services Authority to "permit" me to use their "Remand" Centre at Launceston in Tasmania as a "Training" ground for international Correctional Services organisations to use as demonstration three hour Seminars to give you a "focal" point to commence your own program with.

Please help yourselves by reading these documents:

Let your Light shine forth - Do no harm - Be God's Light in action at all times in all situations.

Submitted by Terence on behalf of God and humanity



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