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~ The farmer 'gate tax' levy ~

Response to 'Angry farmers' by Corey Martin - July 15 2013 -
cc: Open Letter to Des Jennings, the Mayor and all councillors of the 'Break O'Day' Council.

~ The big picture ~

Dear all, this response is in respect of the 'extraordinary' Tax 'hike' Levy of up to 90% or close to that being imposed upon farmers in the North East sector of Tasmania. Where does the above leave the coffers of the BODC today? It leaves the coffers as empty as they were before their fresh demands were made. Demands were made for a number of reasons which caused the shortfall of available funds available to the BODC staff.

As a 'bystander' observing the fresh problems placed upon every farm 'gate' I simply give my considered opinion on the matter and trust that 'reason' prevails on both 'sides' and to assist everyone I state:

The farmer on the land is the backbone of every society on earth and is needed in order to feed every nation. It is imperative for every overlord issuing tax 'demands' to remain 'sane' and not 'vainly' simply dictate demands for more 'money honey' because, - - - the 'geese who lay the golden eggs' have to eat to survive as well as to produce said daily eggs.

Not only this but THE PEOPLE of the land also need to be able to afford said daily 'egg' or 'loaf of bread' or 'jug of milk' for if they cannot, then they also starve. So in FACT, a sane overlord would never tax any farmer, but regrettably, there is no sane overlord on any land today for all seek endless sums of money, seeing not the end result of their ever increasing dollar spending needs.

What has changed in the last thousand years? Nothing, for man still lives under a feudal system of government by a 'crown' overlord who imposes taxes backed by force of arms, (guns) and irrespective of words such as 'freedom or democracy' the reality is, we are all still ruled by a DICTATORSHIP.

How or why? The dictator who is cold, hard, callous and uncompromising is in FACT the legislated text books of rules, acts, decrees etc, which are upheld by armed men. (police) The rules have no conscience of their own, and once 'elevated,' they become very powerful indeed because as said, they rule with no conscience, and men are paid a 'mercenary' wage to uphold them and, if you do not comply you are punished or sold up, banished and you and your family 'cry.'

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 ~ The possibilities and the proclamation ~

The Proclamation of the overlord is: "I will look after you and your interests if you obey my every command and give me all I command and demand and, if you disobey this, I via my forces will punish you, impoverish you, evict and dispossess you and your family.

So where do we go today in a society trying to remain civil and moral and honest and caring of the needs of others as well as our own? Firstly, we have to re-program our minds so that we fully comprehend what has occurred and what will occur if we take matters into our own hands, which we are legally and legitimately entitled to do. Yes, we are entitled to do NAUGHT and to say: "No, that is not the way I wish to go."

As long as we obey the moral code of conduct of man and the Constitution and our God by never disturbing the peace of others and, - - - we pay for the provision of services we need to wish to and ask for, then we are entitled as free men to live according to our own belief, conscience and religious ideology and not pay any taxes to those making demands upon us, especially those who are of the 'contra' belief to ours being, that 'they' can 'interfere in our lives and disturb our peace' in contravention of the Sovereign Authority of their 'own' Constitution.

As said, it is our GOD given RIGHT to live peacefully by our OWN conscience and belief and it is the guaranteed Constitutional 'Freedom of Religion' RIGHT being THE LAW of the land.

However, we need to understand that 'system employees and enforcers' who use force of arms to uphold rules do not as yet understand that the invocation of taxing rules they impose may not be legitimate and may be unconstitutional. This is the dilemma each has to resolve, especially council staff who presently are unable to themselves NOT disturb the peace of others as they force their illegal demands or punishment upon farmers or others seen by them to be defaulters.

Presently every farmer has bowed to the taxing royalty rate imposed upon their family by a dictatorial 'overlord.' Be it the annually imposed taxes on income or the rated cents per dollar 'rates tax imposed' via a ruling with both backed by a punishment 'factor' for any non-conformity.

This is the criteria which affects each of us individually, so all I can do is to suggest something to each of you being the twin choices or options:

1 - The individual farmer maintains their position of 'slave citizen' bonded to the whims of an overlord and coughs up every penny demanded. - - - OR - - -

2 - Each individual farmer comes to the personally informed decision that they are free men holding freehold title to their lands and therefore are not beholden to the whims of any other person or institution and, they understand that within the constitutional authority of the 'system' they are entitled to live by their own conscience and ideological belief and they know that it is their God given right because, no person is born a slave to any other. Thus they 'decline' the 'extortionist advances' of others and support their community financially according to their own 'decisions.'

All that my pen can do for anyone is to expose a REALITY, and it then becomes the choice of each individual to either bow to the dictates of others or, to heed their own inner voice and conscience and to these, I can offer a 'defense paper submission,' if the 'overlord' seeks to deny the right of the individual to live according to their own beliefs, conscience and thus 'religious ideology.'

Note - 1 - Every person in a civil society, having moral standards always pays for the services rendered to them by others if said service is (a) asked for, and (b) is supplied.

Note -  2 - A moral person in a civil society never forces their 'service or provision of such' upon another.

Note - 3 - A moral person in a civil society contributes by donation to the welfare of others and to community effort and works which they do not need but which they are happy to donate funds to if they so choose.

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~ The 'provision of services' reality ~

This recent 'attempt' at obtaining 'lost' or 'shortfall' revenue by increasing the tax 'base' % 'levy' from farmers is in FACT an act of anarchy & treason by 'some' against man and THE AUTHORITY because, it is causing 'civil unrest' and thus disturbing the peace of the land which is also causing mental and emotional trauma to farmers and their families of which 'some' could ahead lose their home 'security,' and their families would also suffer the consequences.

When 'benign' service providers such as plumbers, builders and electricians run out of funds for any reason they simply go bankrupt and close down. They do NOT make any monetary demands against others nor do they use force of arms to impose such demands, and neither do they punish or evict others from their homes.

Why is it that people in our supposed 'civil' society which 'proclaims' freedom and democracy do not understand that it is very uncivil, undemocratic and a very 'malignant' and ungodly act to simply use text in a book as 'justification' backed by armed military style men to extort money year after year in order to subsidise their activities or to 'balance their books' when they exceed 'commonsense'?

It needs to be seen that; funding any form of 'taxing' institution which is headed by an overlord who is 'delusional' and used to implementing 'works' beyond the capacity of some of THE PEOPLE to fund, - - - that any restrictions, punishment, eviction etc., imposed upon the 'some of the people' by the others becomes a spiritual DUE to be met by the 'all' for their complicity to causing 'harm or loss' to another child of God.

No mandate, law or ruling of man, position of authority or 'badge of office' nullifies or abrogates the imposition of God's 'eye for an eye' Law which is absolutely Just, "As you or your servants do unto others will by others be done unto you in the time and place so ordained by God."

There is NO 'mercy' within THE LAW of God, it simply is WHAT IT IS:

Good for good ~ given by God
Loss for loss ~ imposed by God

Man needs to understand that this extortion attempt 'happening' began with an IDEA, being a THOUGHT entering the mind of 'someone' who then discussed IT with another and the decision was made 'public.'

Man needs to see that any such 'idea' is the 'temptation' of the Dark Sovereign Power (Devil) via an unprotected mind of a mortal man who was 'justified' into making a 'move' to extract revenue from others using the newly invoked farmers 'gate tax' levy.

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~ Spiritual enlightenment around the issue ~

There are many hungry wolves who roam this planet and they find many apparently 'legal' ways to take from others, not seeing that in so doing, it is their own backs they break within the immutable Law of God which few indeed 'believe in' nor fully 'understand.'

"As you sow so shall you reap on an equal and thus 'eye for an eye' basis"

The wolves which circle around the farmers land are many, and the farmer has to contend with the many 'ways' in which he loses a penny here or there as his grass is taken at night by kangaroos, and by day via 'taxes' of his lambs wool he is fleeced and his milk supply is drained and his wheat sheaves are cropped, as said, wolves find reason and justification to use text in books, backed by armed men and force of arms to EXTORT their levy in many a way.

It is simply the age old story of 'fiefdom' being replayed in a 'modern' day way as those 'in power' simply feed themselves and their 'pockets' for FREE from the 'labours' of EVERYBODY, and this 'way' of extortion impoverishes all society.

Why so? Because any 'tax or levy' FEE is an IMPOSITION by 'somebody' upon another. This 'overlord' states:

"For the privilege of being left in peace to carry out your business you must pay me (us) an annual FEE and 'we' (I) the invoker of this ruling decree invoke IT as a 'service fee' and, - - - my 'guarantee' is that my 'forces' will protect you and your family and your lands and leave you in peace as long as you OBEY me and PAY me said royalty.

If you are so 'foolish' as to disobey me then I will become your 'enemy' and using my 'mercenary forces' and force of arms I will evict you, seize your lands, dispossess you and harass and impoverish or banish you into the desert."

This ungodly way has been ingrained in the psyche of man for so long now that everyone assumes ITS legitimacy and assume that they are 'duty bound' to pay IT. (All and every added imposition placed upon their 'head or plate)

It is so ingrained that IF they 'fail' to pay or 'default' in any way they also assume that they are 'guilty' of a crime and hang their head in shame. This is pure ERROR for I and my 'pen' say:

"You are NOT guilty of any crime because irrespective of the belief of OTHERS or the TEXT rules they invoked by their 'pen,' you owe them NAUGHT."

It is my pen to 'bring in' the NEW WAY 'order of the day' as society crumbles due to their continued defiance of God THE CREATOR & DESTROYER.
God says:

"Ask and you will receive. If you forcefully TAKE it is 'proof' that My Dark energy did you DECEIVE due to your own VANITY and all 'takers' will now 'die in their sin."

Farmers of the land, businessmen and fishermen of the sea have all been 'eyed' by wolves who are the 'self elevated' Chiefs, Kings, Queens etc., who assume 'Royalty' status and using FORCE have seized control of every acre of land over the globe and they expect and demand an annual 'royalty' fee TAX.

As you pay this money to them, it funds their forces men who CONTROL and impoverish OTHERS in the community and you become complicit to their suffering and loss and you must and do suffer the spiritual consequence within God's Law.

"As your forces impoverish others you will also BE impoverished"

This downward spiral with ITS added interference and taxes goes on and on and ON in perpetuity until ALL 'systems' FAIL and all go 'hungry.'

It is the TIME to break the 'farm gate tax' rort but it can only be done by the 'brave of heart' INDIVIDUAL farmer as he or she trusts in God. The farmer needs to FIRST understand that in the first instance they owe nothing to anyone in a position of power. The only 'debt' they owe is to the one (bank) who loaned them the funds to purchase their property. Thus as 'free men' they are by God granted permission to 'farm' and feed God's children without being harassed or licensed or taxed IN ANY WAY.

It is the TIME for farmers to say "No" to any form of tax - rate - levy OR 'fine' and to simply get ON with their business of FARMING and, - - - once they have earned an income they then can give or donate some of IT to the needy in the community or support any 'asked for' community enterprises which they would like to contribute to. Naturally during the 'year' they must PAY for the provision of any services rendered unto them which they asked for.

In the new age to be the 'Council' will not be an 'external' authority imposing ITS rules. It will be a 'group' of local elders in each local community who 'meet' and 'suggest' how they can uplift their community and they will TAX no other, but will simply ASK for contributions to their community coffers as God so Commands. No more TAX demands.

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~ Where to for 'us' from here on? ~

I am not a 'landowner' nor a 'ratepayer' in Australia, but to assist you I state: "What would I do if I was a farmer or even if I felt that my 'rates' were excessive for the services given"? I would 'examine' the 'Rates notice' and then write back to those who sent it to me stating 'something' like:

1 - I note from the BODC web site that if I or others in the community cannot meet your tax demands then their property is to be sold by 'auction' and, - - - as I am a man of 'peace' and a 'believer' in God and His Command, I cannot 'vote for' nor support nor fund the 'taxing' demands of any person or institution which causes others harm or punishment because, - - -

I would then be 'complicit' to said activities, and 'guilty' in God's eyes for funding the wages of people (My servants) who punish or evict and dispossess and impoverish others in the community from their lands and, - - - I would also be partly complicit to and responsible for their ongoing mental or emotional suffering etc.

As I do receive some benign 'benefits' of services provision from your 'office' I am happy to contribute to that aspect of benign supply and I 'tender' the amount of $ xyz as my contribution towards that service provision only.

I state that I do not 'agree' to any of my funds donated being used by your 'officers' to persecute, prosecute or punish any other community member for any reason. If you so do, then that is between you and our God who sees my 'intent' to only do good unto others.

2 - There are some services which you are providing to the 'greater' community which do not apply to me due to my farm 'situation' and thus there is no need for me to contribute to said services. However, as my situation is what it is and as I will have some spare funds available later in the year, I am happy to contribute to the funding of the greater community needs and you can EXPECT to receive a 'bonus' gratis cheque from me of $ xyz in the coming year.

I trust that this will assist you in your forward planning and other commitments.

I add: From TODAY, let no man or institution 'director' make any demands backed by threat or coercion and punishment upon any other for IF they so choose to DO, then their 'fate' is an abysmal one being their 'choice' to heed the Devil's VOICE as they DENY and DEFY the Command of God:


We need to all now understand that the 'world' is changing very quickly and there will soon be multitudes of poor and homeless everywhere and many will ONLY require the supply from 'council' of water or waste removal. Every 'council' body will need to 'cut the cloth to suit the coat' and begin to themselves become a 'civil' body rather than an overpowering 'ruling' body imposing demands and strictures.

The next question you might ask of me is: "IF I am guaranteed the 'protection' of the Constitutional Authority and immunity from persecution in living my 'belief' and, - - - as I am a peaceful person why then does God also allow me to be persecuted, fined, punished or evicted"?

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As I am the 'Spirit of Truth' hidden within the flesh of mortal man I can and do simply give you all THE TRUTH so that 'each' can come to a personally informed decision as to your next move. Be you the 'farmer' or the tax official or the enforcer. I state:

"Every mortal on earth has lost their immunity from suffering loss and the 'protection' granted by God as well as within the Constitutional 'Freedom of Religion' act FOR the REASON now revealed by me. This 'reason' can ONLY be 'rectified' by YOU the individual if YOU make 'amends' to our God."

I can but impress upon you the reader that to get 'rid' of the dark overlord who enslaves you all is, - - - for you to stop funding His 'Sword.' *

Note: 'Sword.' *  - The 'sword' is the retributive arm of God the Source wielded against humanity by earthly 'overlords' * who are administrators of punishment inflicted upon mortal man as: 'interference, subjugation, extortion, fine, punishment, injury, eviction, banishment, killing' etc.

Note: 'overlords' * - These are extremely vain people who believe falsely that they are 'as' God and thus 'above' the Law of God and, they believe falsely that they are mandated by God to defy His Command and thus they openly reprimand others, invade others privacy, impose their 'will' upon others, dictate the terms which others must 'bow' to and they go forth stealing, injuring, punishing and killing using other deluded souls as their minions.

Sisters and brothers, I can ONLY you WARN that IF you fund iniquity or IF you are 'iniquity in action' then you will eternally MOURN.

At present everyone has and 'holds' the false belief that they must contribute to the interfering, taxing, punitive, controlling, enslaving and destructive aspect of 'powerbrokers' but, - - - all see NOT that in do doing, they become complicit to all done in their name and on their behalf to OTHER MEMBERS OF THIS OR OVERSEAS communities, all being children of God.

Yes, even as a 'Pyengana' farmer 'sleeps' he accrues a painful spiritual due to be 'met' later and he will more than 'fret.' The 'sudden' imposition of additional 'taxing' dues was no 'miss' take, for the IDEA came into the mind of an 'earthling' from the Dark punitive aspect of the Source as IT seeks to 'balance it books' on the negative side. If you fund 'takers' then more will BE taken from YOU.

To become 'clean & clear' in God's eyes, we individually must from now ON only fund benign community effort. This way we remain 'free' from being complicit to the enslavement of others and the controls, demands, punishment, banishment, eviction etc., imposed upon OTHERS.

Yes, we must pay for the provision of services we need, wish for, and USE but, - - - IF 'some' of us are 'mentally disturbed' and unreasonable or poor or in ill health or old and incapable of paying their way, we must NOT be a 'party to' the lynch MOB who use RULES to justify their actions.

To receive immunity from ONGOING persecution and prosecution from enforcers in power who ARE the 'dark overlord' in action, and to receive protection from the Constitutional 'guarantee' and God and be left in peace, one has to ignore the annual 'tax' returns form by writing initially to the ATO stipulating:

"From today I have changed my ideological belief (religion) and I have become an absolute pacifist as required within the Command of God the Sovereign Lord and thus I can no longer 'vote' nor condone nor support nor fund your CONTRA ideological belief in your right to dictate, interfere, control, punish, kill, warring system."

Once you have so written and publicly stated, then our God sees your INTENT, and after He has 'settled' the score and you have paid UP all outstanding dues to Him it is HE to then set you free, as from now on you ONLY fund benign community effort directly. (This factor is revealed in great depth on my main Testament web site)

Until you HALT your support of the governing system of 'Caesar' you cannot claim to be of a 'different' religious ideology or belief to that espoused by WARMONGERS. Only when you prove to God of your 'change of heart and conscience' can you then begin to receive immunity using the Constitutional 'Freedom of religion' clause given below. Only when you have paid all 'dues' to God will HE stop persecuting YOU using His dark punitive forces. (Caesar's)

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~ Council Staff ~

How can I 'advise' those in 'official' positions who are empowered by legislation and themselves ruled by legislation? For even their positions and entitlements are ruled by legislation, and never before has their 'position' been so 'threatened.'

I see 'grave' difficulties for everyone because the community also relies heavily on all 'given' to them by Council 'effort,' and the community expectation will now exceed the capacity of 'Councils' to 'supply' for more than one reason.

I do not need to go into that aspect here, but simply state to every 'reader' that uncertain times are now 'at hand' in every land. Great 'shortfalls' of funding will take place and 'woe' indeed is to be the 'fate' I see for ANY who from now ON steals even one 'penny' justifiably or otherwise from the purse of another.

Those who impose 'restriction' upon a farmer's 'gate' by taxation deserve not and will not 'find' a heavenly destination. All now must their 'conscience' search and decide whether to now 'abide' within the precepts of God's Command or to defy IT and continue to deny IT as they 'tax' farmers so as to feed themselves.

Let us all now 'tighten' our belts and limit our expectations of others and be thankful for what we receive, and NEVER 'consider' making others grieve using the 'rules' or 'orders' of other men. 

We are all at the 'Mercy of God,' and I can assure you that our God is merciful unto the merciful but is merciless unto the merciless.

The 'claws of the Lion 'dig' very deep
and soon liquid sorrow will make mankind weep
for man despises his God for sure
for God said "love one another" but man does this ignore

So man must now the 'blood price' pay
for funding and supporting iniquity in every way
and only the 'brave' will our God 'save'
for only they will halt their support of the dark 'knave'

Being the ONE who keeps the 'bad' strong
and it is I to 'teach' the 'right from wrong'
so please now - 'follow me'
and only condone, support and fund 'love,' not 'iniquity.'

In July 1996 I wrote a Council "Blueprint" document as the result of a submission called for by the Break O'Day Council of St. Helens to the local community. The Council submission was in the form of a new proposed strategic plan that had been called for by the Tasmanian Government.

I simply suggest that those interested read my 1996 submission to Council and other pages at:

For too long have 'some' assumed 'royalty' status and thus the RIGHT to 'feudal' ownership of all lands controlled and patrolled by their 'armed forces' as well as the RIGHT to impose taxes' upon any living on said lands and, - - - the RIGHT to interfere in and control the use of said lands and, - - - the RIGHT to 'dispossess' any failing to abide with (conform to) their dictates in respect of of said lands.

Man needs to now SEE that all have the 'Constitutional' RIGHT to live peacefully and in 'peace' by their own desired 'ways' and NOT be forced to 'bow down' to the dictates of ANY other. Any person finding any 'reason or justification' to IMPOSE their own 'strictures, needs, wants, desires' upon another is an 'infidel' (non-believer) transgressing the Command of God and ON the 'wide road to hell.'


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Constitution : Freedom of religion Act:

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, -

Constitution Act 1934 (Tas)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

 Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

The question is 'What is the meaning of the word 'Religion'?

The right of and importance of Religious freedom for the citizens of Australia has been clearly affirmed by the rulings by the High Court of Australia where:

Justice Mason and Brennan affirmed that "Freedom of religion, is the paradigm freedom of conscience - BELIEF - "

Justices Mason and Brennan, in a joint judgment, stressed the importance of the case in determining fundamental questions of religious freedom in Australia and the extent to which an individual is free to believe and act without legal restraint.

 Justices Mason and Brennan said, "Freedom of religion, the paradigm freedom of conscience, is of the essence of a free society. The chief function in the law of a definition of religion is to mark out an area within which a person subject to the law is free to believe and act in accordance with his belief without legal restraint."

 The definition affected the operation of the religious-freedom guarantee under the Constitution and many other laws granting religions special benefits.  The question of religion had received little judicial attention in Australia; it was time to grapple with it.


I refer to the following 'Act' of Parliament that was 'invoked' by a mortal man having a mentally 'disturbed' mind controlled by the very 'Devil' himself.
"Local government act 1993 Tasmania (No 95 0f 1993) - 341-Immunity from liability
"A 'person' - - - being a member of a controlling authority - - - is not liable for an honest act - - - done or made in the exercise - - - of power - - under this or any other Act."
It is quite 'astonishing' to a spiritual man such as myself to 'read' the insanity and vanity backing the nefarious activities of politicians who DECEIVE their 'officials' who are 'mere' members of the public that take up work with the INTENT of serving the community honestly. For the above 'text' gives employees a FALSE sense of security and a FALSE 'promise' of immunity from 'liability,' for we are all responsible for our actions.

Let it be clearly understood that if you 'believe' that in the course of any 'civil' duty that you can go forth and coerce, threaten, impoverish, extort, seize, evict, banish, imprison or punish any other human being and have immunity from God, then you are living in a delusion and soon to be AWOKEN from your 'reverie' in a VERY PAINFUL MANNER as is revealed by ME.

Dear READERS, it surely is THE TIME for the politicians to be EXPOSED as 'enemies of the people' for their deceit and their INTENT to 'be able' to control, interfere and STEAL whatever they wish to from community members by 'acts' of great impropriety that of themselves are 'insanity' and, said 'decrees' or 'Acts' ARE in ABSOLUTE CONTRAVENTION of the Command of God the Sovereign Monarch and, it is also 'proof' that State 'workers' are NOT acting as 'public servants' but are mere 'lackeys' for political SWINE that 'pose' as 'sheep' helping their flocks. 

God's LAW is immutable - we all 'reap what we sow.'

1 -

National security ALERT
The report of the ultimate Conspiracy against the human race.

2 - The LAW of God -