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~ The 'farm gate' narration ~

An educative 'story' stretching from Tanzania to Tasmania

Why are farmers known as 'the backbone of the nation'? Simply because without the food and associated produce they supply for ones 'daily bread,' the world would come to a HALT.

The object of this outreach is to reach out to all 'providers' on the land so that they may prepare themselves for the 'times a 'coming.' Put simply the reality is that few are aware or understand that the times ahead are times during which total chaos, deprivation, homelessness and insanity will 'Reign.' For a  time society will see greedy and desperate despots do their 'best' to cling onto 'power' in order to maintain their control over others.

I am a 77 year old Tanzanian by birth now living in Tasmania which has become my 'base' for the last 24 years. I have experienced many 'jobs' during my life but a large part of it was that of commercial fisherman supplying food (prawns) for many years to tourist hotels stretching from Kiwayu Island near the Somalia border in the North down to Mombasa and further in the South.

Much of my 80% 'by catch' of small fish was freely given to villagers living along the coast by my 'African' Muslim crew who were all cheerful helpful lads. At that time we lived simply and knew nothing of things named 'fishing permits' because to us it was simply our 'space' where we were free to simply roam, 'live' and be. (God's country)

Other than that, I have always been a 'spirit medium' with a very deep insight into the worlds or other realms which are 'invisible' to most other mortals. At this time I also worked in the 'area' of what is termed sorcery, witchcraft and demonic forces. (Spirit possession)

This was in fact the area wherein mental health or the lack thereof enabled dark invisible forces in lower realms to telepathically intrude into the psyche of man in order to seize control over their minds causing suicide or aggressive and destructive behaviour. This mental attack in the mind of man is now clearly intensifying globally hence the rising insanity, confrontation and the causing of harm to 'self' or others, a reality experienced by many of us particularly when crops fail and the future seems 'impossible.'

My ability to communicate telepathically with said invisible forces (negative persons living in lower realms) together with my counselling to those in the flesh of this world enable people to maintain their sanity and mental stability by learning to control their THOUGHTS.

My own personal 'problems' arose in 1979 when armed black men approached my fishing vessel which was moored at 'Kiwayu.' These officials had been sent from Nairobi a town far away by an African politician demanding that a part of my 'catch' was to be given into to his 'coffers.' The threat and coercion to force me to participate in this demand was that said 'officials' would seize not only my boat but also my aeroplane which I used to transport my prawns.

This to me was a 'rude' awakening indeed but more particularly so because I was already giving away much of my produce freely to the local villagers along the coast. I did not accept that I must feed the fat 'pot bellied stove' (politician) with more 'fuel,' especially one being so arrogant as to make forceful demands from me using his own 'set of rules.'

At that time I was a 'simpleton' knowing zilch about the way the 'wheels of the world' work but I soon found out that there was a place where 'some' anointed officials backed by guns enslaved everyone else.

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I emigrated to Australia only to find that the 'big' boys were in this country too but this 'lot' turned out to be even more 'savage' with their needs, wants and desires to maintain their own positions of control and power at every turn of the proverbial 'screw.' In their minds their monetary requirements are 'justly' imposed but demanded and increased endlessly to support their needs. This I now see they will do even if it means the demise of everyone until all become homeless.

I took a 'stand' many years ago in which I decided to 'Go for God and God alone' and no longer 'vote' for any 'man' to rule me, and to no longer fund any taxes or 'fees' that could be used to control others or to cause harm to others here or over the seas. I also decided to show God by my personal daily deeds (activity) that to HIS Command of peace and love and non-retaliation I had given my unconditional allegiance and that from now on I would only fund benign community effort which means I deal with the world by living as my own mind dictates.

I have been  assisting a 'lass' Clemencia Barnes of Evandale who is now aged 70 years. For many of her working years she was a rural financial counsellor in the north of Tasmania, and after she had read the first of my now 9 books in 1996: 'The Testament of Truth,' she also decided to 'Go for God' and no longer fund iniquity.

Clemencia has been persecuted by ATO officials for 18 years and for that time I have been her spiritual advisor and legal 'counsel' in respect of her rights as a human being as well as her having the right to be free as stated within the Freedom of Religion Acts of the Constitution.

The final judgement of her case is to be 'handed down' by magistrate Marron at Launceston on 9th February 2016. During the past eighteen years I have  written 50 + letters of defence support for her. All are on line at:


You may wish to read the recent letter (51) which I wrote to the Examiner newspaper court reporter Caroline Tang after her last court attendance on 8th Dec 2015. It is enlightening to the reader. It is found at:


Clemencia also assists persons who are engaged in family violence or needing help with their aggression because she is in fact a family therapist having a deep knowledge of the real causes of mental disturbance in the mind of man. For bookings with Clemencia for family or other group sessions contact Charles Wudy her manager/coordinator on 03-63919162 or 0429151190. Clemencia has also written her own 'Mental Health Treatise of Truth' that is very educative and  illuminating. Clemencia's Treatise is at:


The primary purpose of this letter is to reach out to every 'farm gate' in an ADVISORY capacity thereby giving all farmers the opportunity of coming to a personally informed decision as to whether or NOT to continue paying taxes, and I also give the reasons for the need to NOT pay taxes to a punitive warring system but only to benign community services.

If you do pay taxes you become complicit to all the harm done unto other children of God by your 'servants,' and you place yourself within the punitive aspect of God's immutable 'eye for an eye' or 'as you sow so shall ye reap' LAW. This means that somewhere ahead others will cause you harm as God's dark destructive energy used balances ITS 'Scales of absolute Justice.'

The other purpose of this outreach is to prepare the reader so that they can obey their God as they share their hearts and love and 'space' with the multitudes of others soon to be seen roaming homeless, here, there and everywhere due to escalating INSANITY.

The insanity is caused by the telepathic subjugation of the mind of man by dark spirit forces and is the result of one 'listening' to their controlling thoughts resulting in family violence, suicide, confrontation and aggression globally. ref: The National Security document:


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If you feel depressed and have suicidal thoughts just read my suicide document or attend a seminar with others at Clemencia's place at Evandale or visit me since I do have the insight to the telepathic mental control from spirit realms. Go to:


Of greatest importance for the men is that you do your best to stay sane by never entertaining the 'notion'  that your wife or family would be better off if you killed yourself.  This would be the greatest error of judgment any man could make because your family will be bereft at the thought that you believed that such an 'insane idea' would be acceptable to you and them. It is the deception of the dark energy essence seeking to destroy you and harm your loved ones via your actions.

These 'thoughts' must be stopped the moment you think of them because all you will be doing is leaving your loved family members to survive without you. Soon enough the whole globe will BE in the same 'boat,' a boat of absolute impoverishment, you must just be the 'stalwart one,' the one to give comfort, re-assurance and hope to others.

It is certainly a time for a REALITY check as weather systems in many parts of the land will now soon result in failed crops and NO income. It is the time for survival both physically (material) and spiritually,* and many will suffer considerably as society collapses. Banks will also shut down and everyone is left stranded with what they have while farms become unsalable because there will be no purchasers.

Note: spiritually,* - The eternal separation of souls has begun, and anyone continuing to defy God and fund or support warmongers or the causing of harm to other children of God are to be banished to the underworld to fight on forever and they will eventually enter the eternal fire at the base of the dark energy essence of THE SOURCE.

I suggest that if you have no funds, owe a lot of money and are unable to sell, then you either:

1 - Stay where you are as a funded 'caretaker' for the bank and eke out a living as a small 'hobby' farmer growing enough to feed the family and share a little with your hungry neighbours or:

2 - Walk away and ask some other more fortunate farmer if they can allot you a couple of acres to emplace your family on and you then 'share farm' or assist the other as 'brothers in arms' through the crisis coming. Do your best to stay sane and thus not 'suicide' and leave others family members to survive without you. Soon the whole globe will BE in the same 'boat' of absolute impoverishment.

Note: The 'allotment' granting you and others 'space' on some other farmer's land does not require the 'approval' of any other. (E.g Council) It is between the parties concerned and their God. All the interfering and controlling 'ways' and monetary extortion enabled by Council 'edicts' will soon be washed away in a tide of blood and mud.

If you are fortunate enough to presently be earning an income you need to 'forget' paying taxes and simply use spare funds to purchase dozens of hoes, shovels, buckets, chain saws, other implements and fuel. Commence to 'provision up' in the foreknowledge that desperate city dwellers will soon be coming your way whether armed or unarmed.

Tasmania is soon to be flooded by persons from overseas and the northern hemisphere because it is known as a 'safe' haven. Nothing will halt this influx of humanity. Survival is soon to become the 'order of the day' with a bowl of rice, some 'vegetables' and maybe meat on the menu.

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All that is required of you is that you be able and willing to help those who come to your door with 'space and knowledge' to plant their own cabbages and corn and any other food stuff. Any person who tries to send others 'packing' will probably themselves be evicted forcefully or killed, so I can but advise you all to 'walk tall' because anyone coming to your door for any reason IS GOD SENT to either mete out retribution upon your head or for you to assist.

It is the time for all mankind to now realise that emperors, kings or politicians are merciless, cruel, punitive and unconscionable people who know NO 'God' and they are also thieves, liars and murderers who will do anything to attain or maintain control of all their 'subjects' (you) as well as their 'kingdoms' stolen from others by force of arms.

Some people believe that they can do anything simply because they have a 'majority vote' or they direct a dictatorship. There is in fact NO democracy because once in 'power,' these infidels raise up decrees, rules and laws which in fact force you to defy God by supporting their warring ways. Few individuals seem to realise that  when we choose to continue supporting warlords we become complicit to all the harm and suffering they impose upon others.

I am here to speak FOR our God whose face I clearly see and He is now to destroy all who continue to be 'swine' in defiance of His: "Love one another and be always forgiving" Command. Since it is 'God's Wrath' to now explode globally, it is the time to comprehend that God is ALL. God is the creative Light and the destructive Dark energy essence. Both have the same Law. (As you do is done unto you be IT kind or cruel - energy in motion)

You the individual must now cease funding warmongers or you will join them below in the Abyss. All must now only fund the benign aspects of your local community directly. If excess funds are at hand then pass them on to the Salvation Army or other benign organisation. You must now halt all form of punishment and only EDUCATE those who disturb the peace as you assist in their enlightenment.

It is my 'task' to enlighten man to the reality that when they defy God's command as they interfere, control, subjugate, intimidate, steal, tax, punish or kill, they are using God's dark destructive energy that flows through their soul but, - - - in passing through, some of it 'remains' and grows within their soul (The Sin within) also known as negative emotions and, - - - it is the course vibration of this energy essence that pulls their soul down and away from the Light and into hellish realms.

Due to my personal 'medium-ship' capabilities I have spent the last 20 years at Pyengana in the NE of Tasmania writing a 'message to humanity' from the Source of Light, and it is comprised of 9 books recently completed and on line at:


You may download a copy of its over 200 documents and 14 audio tracks for free or, if you would like to purchase a hard copy DVD then send me a $12 postal order and your return address.

Listen to my 40 minutes 'Drummers of Africa' audio narration being ITEM 3 @:

There are other audio tracks to assist you on the above link also.

Food and medical list given to me by my friend Ken Atherton who passed away a few years ago:

Plans for a small chicken incubator for the children to build:

You are also advised to become a little self-sufficient with battery power from a small 1000 watt x 24v wind turbine and solar power so that you are not left 'in the dark' when crazed minds destroy everything. Read my 'Wind & Solar' article: http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/solar.htm

This outreach is on line as: Item - 5 - The 'farm gate' narration
At: http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/land1.htm

I wish you well - Terence

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From: Terry Malaher
Sent: Monday, December 14, 2015 12:57 AM
Subject: absolute truth & the returned Messiah

Preachers ‘teach’ that one must render $$$ unto Caesar because the bible tells us so.

Surely one needs to render unto God that which God Commands?

 Caesar wages War on all and sundry and grave indeed is the trauma and destruction imposed.

God commands PEACE & love & mercy & 'forgiveness of ones assumed enemy.'

Have none of YOU ever heard of COMPLICITY?

Every voter and taxpayer 'rendering' unto Caesar IS ON THE WIDE ROAD TO HELL for all are asleep.

If you need the protection of armed men (Caesar) then indeed you must pay their wages using the ‘coin of the realm’ -

 If you seek salvation then you OBEY God’s command even if you are persecuted unto DEATH.

So few indeed will survive the ‘taint’ of Satan’s breath when shortly IT is soon to be found at their door.

Why? Because the Law of God IS THE LAW and soon all will understand that:  As you sow so shall ye reap.”

Understand that what you or your SERVANTS did do 'punitively unto others' will now be done unto you when least expected.

Few indeed will ‘turn the other cheek’ because all have been deceived and NONE are yet MEEK.

 I AM HE and only those who obey my final message content will survive the Satanic drive.

If you 'think' that Jesus is going to 'appear' above the clouds and uplift believers then think again because, presently, where are the the true believers who will uphold the command of God even when being intimidated, threatened and persecuted by armed gangsters (State forces) who are being coerced to 'cough up' endless sums of money to prop up their ideology of control, subjugation, punishment, extortion and war? Few indeed are those who will accept to never make any other bleed.

Another reality is that when the scriptures were written there was no www.internet.co - - - so the story of Jesus supposedly 'coming 'up in the clouds' probably meant that THE MESSAGE FROM GOD pertaining to the TRUTH and the true content would appear 'up in the clouds' or in the ether of the www. 'sky,' and ITS message would uplift those who obeyed IT.

Why do supposed believers ‘vote’ for men to rule them when all these infidel non-believers support the dark powers as they instigate more control, interference, extortion, punishment and merciless retribution. Can none see this? Better to vote for God because in so doing one NEVER votes for man to ‘lead’ because all the rules of man DO is to mislead.

Now we are in the XMAS or ‘Christ-mass’ time. What is that to you? Is it celebrating the arrival and later elevation to the Light of a man named Jesus?

What is the TRUE ‘mass’ Jesus instigated? It was the message of HOPE sent to earth by God VIA the mind of the mortal man Jesus when, what we should be remembering is THE CONTENT OF THE MESSAGE God sent us VIA Jesus so as to elevate the consciousness of all mankind.

God's message to those on earth has always been The MESSAGE of love: “Love one another and go your way in peace.” Why then do YOU ‘grease’ the palms of warmongers instead particularly when it is the warmongers who control everyone by using guns?

Please advise ALL that the Messiah is here with a fresh UNCONTAMINATED message from God written per his OWN hand.