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~ Exclusive Brethren ~

Dear 'Brethren,' I do write this 'epistle' primarily to the Christian 'Order' that names itself 'The exclusive brethren,' but it does in fact apply to all persons 'officiating' in high places as 'heads, leaders, guides, bishops, priests, clerics and politicians' of any religious or secular 'order' or ideological belief who by their 'rites, rules, rituals' doctrine do in FACT control the lives of other mortals.

I write in respect of the power of God's LIGHT for whom I 'speak' absolute TRUTH as well as in 'respect' for the power of God's DARK forces against whom men believe they need to 'protect' themselves using 'control and punishment backed by force of arms.'

I say that the above error of the day has resulted from the 'Sin' within man that enables the 'Evil' Dark to unseeingly and unknowingly deceive all 'leaders' and via their minds IT (the dark) justifies them into raising up 'exclusive' religious 'orders' be they named 'this or that' (hundreds of them worldwide) and, - - -

The 'Leaders or heads or officials' of said 'sects' believe that they (for God) have the exclusive rights to the interpretation of God's Words and, that as 'such' it is they who believe that ONLY they have the RIGHT to IMPOSE their 'control' over other mortals whom on earth stroll.

I have much to say to all "Elders" of the 'Exclusive Brethren' as well as to every member of their 'flock' because in FACT every person created by God is an INDIVIDUAL child of GOD who must not be controlled by the belief of their 'elders' or any other.

The primary 'principle' control of the invisible DARK force is ITS capacity to use man and justify their control of/over others and, in the 'case' of the 'Exclusive Brethren' this control is enabled by the FEAR and other 'dark' emotions (sin) in its leaders who believe that without their 'rules, rites, rituals' and other strictures, those they control would 'fall' into 'evil' ways and NOT be 'saved.'

I need you all to understand that our GOD is the ONE to guide everyone - - -  NOT YOU. So any person controlling any other is a 'person' who is themself defiant of God and ON the wide road to HELL and, - - - having read your 'web' page giving its Link I see that you state:

"The Exclusive Brethren practice separation from evil, recognising this as God's principle of unity. They shun the conduits of evil communications: television, the radio, and the Internet. Their charter is 2 Timothy 2:19 "The Lord knows those that are his; and, Let every one who names the name of the Lord withdraw from iniquity" - - - and - - - "When 'evil' is detected amongst any 'brethren' it is the duty of the others to withdraw from the person" and - - - they believe that they cannot 'operate' in any place that does not have a 'Christian government' and - - - they believe in supporting 'Christian governments' in their role of fighting evil.

I Terence state refseparation from evil - The 'evil' that one uses in their interaction is not the 'individual' per se but it is the evil DARK energy flowing through mankind during their interaction with others, and who are thus acting in a manner contrary to God's Primary Command:

"Go your way in PEACE and LOVE one another, even your perceived enemy and, - - - be MERCIFUL and COMPASSIONATE unto those that offend you and, - - - FORGIVE your enemy."  - - -

I Terence state ref : God's principle of unity  - The 'principle' of unity recognised by God in each individual is their capacity to NOT use Dark 'evil' energy in their personal interaction with others as one 'bows' in conformity to/with God's Command at all times and in all situations and, - - - it is not a matter of the 'other' using Dark energy, (The fruit of the Tree of evil) it is each individual who must separate themselves from their personal use of IT.

I Terence state ref: shun the conduits of evil - Enlightened man is not required to shun the 'sinful,' they are supposed to go forth and uplift their errant sisters and brothers by showing them by EXAMPLE how to live within the precepts of God's Command and to thus assist in their Salvation.  Take the 'beam' out of your own eye rather that simply observing IT in the eye of the other.

I Terence state ref: shun the conduits of evil communications - No 'doubt' the leaders of every Exclusive Brethren group keep themselves fully informed of world affairs, but their 'control' over their 'flocks' is no different to that imposed upon other 'prisoners' of state who are 'bound' by the beliefs of their 'slave masters.' The 'conduits of evil communications' are the individual people expressing IT (Darkness) by word or deed and, in expressing 'control over others' one IS using said darkness by ones DEED. (Interaction with others)

I Terence state ref: withdraw from iniquity - These words are error in that any person 'behoving' to be a teacher of truth must BE a 'living' example of God's Command, and thus ONLY be a 'conduit' of Light benign energy in their interaction with the good and those expressing evil tendencies.

I Terence state ref: duty of the others to withdraw from the person - This is total 'error of belief,' for every true 'follower' of God's WORD that was sent via Jesus would never 'judge' another as 'unworthy' of being assisted back into God's fold, and any so 'judging' others as worthless and to be shunned are by their own deed proven 'guilty' of living in contravention of God's Command and a 'bad' and 'worthless' seed in the eyes of God.

I Terence state ref: supporting 'Christian governments' in their role of fighting evil - To those with eyes to see and ears to 'hear' I can but state quite categorically that there is NO such 'thing' as 'A Christian government,' for in FACT the ideology of EVERY government on earth is one and the same. It is simply yet another ideology whereby 'strong men' bearing arms seize absolute control over territory and impose 'martial law' upon everyone using RULES of TEXT in 'books' named statutes, and their officials raise up edict upon edict backed by coercion, force and punishment for any non-conformity to their endless demands.

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What needs to be seen by every seeker of Salvation is: That the code of conduct ACTIVITY of 'Caesar' (The establishment) and its officers is warlike and in contravention of God's "Go in peace" command and its primary activities are:

1 - To use force of arms to protect IT and its forces & subjects.
2 - To use force of arms to maintain ITS sovereign control and power. (The authority of its ruling Decrees-Acts-Statutes)
3 - To use force of arms to enforce ITS never ending 'ruling' decrees that bring all to their knees.
4 - To use force of arms to protect those of you that are 'true' to IT and ITS 'rules' code of conduct.

5 - To use force of arms to control all persons living within the 'boundaries' that ITS 'serving' men seized using force of arms.
6 - To use force of arms to control all 'land, mineral wealth, ocean products, timber resources,' etc., that ITS men seized using force of arms.
7 - To use force of arms to interfere in the lives of others within and beyond this border and, to wage  destructive war against any within or beyond this border that do not 'perform' as commanded or that are perceived as an 'enemy of the state' rules. (ITS Doctrine)

Man needs to UNDERSTAND that 'Evil' is God's energy, (It is the fruit of the Tree of Evil) and you cannot destroy IT. The moment you defy God and raise up a 'Sword' in the name of 'Christianity or in the name of Islam or other, you are in FACT using this very destructive energy against OTHER children of God.

These 'others' are simply people who as you were deceived by their 'elders' and, - - - they are as deluded and ignorant as you are and, - - - everyone revolves within the punitive aspect of God's ONE Law, and all become impoverished and homeless and suffer on and on for what they do and, - - - for what is done in their name or on their behalf backed by their 'taxes' comes back to THEM.

Any 'fight' against evil is an absolute contravention of God's Command, and those promoting such 'activities' are FALSE SHEPHERDS due to soon 'face' the Wrath of God for their DECEPTION, misrepresentation, erroneous promotion and use of teachings that are not only 'adverse' to the True Way, but are in fact holding multitudes of HIS children (God's) in bondage to the DARK, and everyone is on the WIDE ROAD TO HELL say I.

Dear 'elders' - you state on your INTERNET web  site that your 'flocks' cannot use the internet due to being exposed to EVIL WAYS promoted by others, and "What" I ask is more evil than YOU promoting FALSITY on your own web site so as to deceive EVERYONE having an Internet connection ?

Not only are you controlling your 'subjects' but you hold them in 'disdain' as you use the Internet, and it shows God and me that your 'promotional teaching' is in fact preaching UNTRUTH to ALL of God's children that YOU control as YOU personally lead them ALL into an 'awful' lot of suffering as you ensure they remain ON the WIDE ROAD TO HELL.

You need to TRY and comprehend the ABSOLUTE need to OBEY God's Command, and God's ONE Law given further below and, - - - you need to TRY and see the 'contrary' nature of the IDEOLOGY of governments (their rules and code of conduct)  that empower and enable their forces to coerce everyone into being complicit to their EVIL ways due to them funding and condoning such 'warlike' activity.

Try and understand that our God has no need to 'triumph' good over evil, for both the benign and destructive aspects/elements referred to as good or evil are a part of and within God's frame, God is ALL, thus it is only MAN that needs to 'triumph' as such by forgoing his evil contra God's Command ways and thus themselves 'triumph' over their own evil ways and be set free spiritually.

All the people who name themselves 'The Elect,' be they government officials or Elders or Bishops or Clerics holding 'office' in religious sects are themselves people who have as yet NOT taken the 'trouble' to LEARN the meaning of certain WORDS of their own language, namely the WORDS within God's COMMAND: 

"Go your way in PEACE and LOVE one another, even your perceived enemy and, - - - be MERCIFUL and COMPASSIONATE unto those that offend you and, - - - FORGIVE your enemy."  - - -

For IF any one of them actually UNDERSTOOD the meaning of the above words then there would be NO controllers, dictators, leaders, wise nor ignorant' claiming to have the DIVINE right to order you or coerce you or punish you for failing to 'bow' to their endless rules, rites, rituals, decrees etc., and all their 'biblical' TEXT books including government 'statutes' would become worthless, and anyhow, it is our God the Father to now impose His Wrath upon humanity, and all such 'books' that have kept man as bonded slaves to the 'officious' exclusive ELECT are to be cast into the fires soon to be seen burning here, there, and everywhere as HE now sets the 'record' straight through me.

All the people who name themselves 'The Elect,' be they government officials or Elders or Bishops or Clerics holding 'office' in religious sects AND all others named 'common man' are themselves people who have as yet NOT taken the 'trouble' to LEARN the meaning of certain WORDS of their own language, namely the WORDS within God's LAW:

"As you do unto others personally or that done in your name and on your behalf by your paid servants WILL BE DONE UNTO YOU - be it kind, merciful and benign or, cruel, merciless and malignant ON AN EQUAL and thus 'eye for an eye' or 'tooth for a tooth' basis."

NONE can 'void' or avoid the implementation of God's ONE immutable Law - There is NO 'forgiveness' within said Law - it is EQUAL for the rich or poor - official or otherwise - no mandate from man voids the implementation of the Law of God.

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Exclusive Brethren are men of EVERY religion, and ALL believe that they have the divine authority of God to STAND between God and man and DICTATE their own 'peculiar' ideologies, rites and rules and every 'last' one of them COME in the name of God or Jesus or Buddha or Muhammad or the 'Holy Spirit' etc., and EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM is deluded and bound by the Dark Sovereign Power of GOD because, - - - all of them feel POWERFUL and they all believe in their RIGHT to 'excommunicate' dissidents or control, interfere, regulate, punish or kill anyone, especially those of other 'beliefs.'

Last but not least are the Kings, Queens, Presidents, Mandarins and other DICTATORS being men or women of power who head governments, for these men or women use the RULES contained within their UNHOLY books of Statutes (their bible) to control, interfere, extort, enslave, injure, imprison and kill any 'opposition,' and their governments are not 'secular' for they are ALSO 'religions' due to their IDEOLOGICAL belief that they are ALSO 'mandated' by God to be the protector of you and me and, - - - ALL of these 'officials' are also deluded and lacking in grace as they wield their own mace as they defy God even though they 'foolishly' believe that HE 'backs' their Dark, callous, merciless and unforgiving ways.  

I say that TODAY there are less than .000001 % of people on earth that are by GOD considered to be living in conformity with/to HIS Command, and I cannot but 'stress' that soon HE and HIS retributive forces are to balance HIS 'Scales of Justice' in the manner by ME now told, and there is to be great wailing and travail that for SOME is to go ON and ON for eternity due to their pride, arrogance, ignorance and VANITY that will keep THEM 'spellbound' to the FALSE belief in their right to continue to control and punish and kill their perceived opposition.

I further state that every last 'child' of God IS an 'exclusive' individual with the RIGHT to be AS God IF THEY SO WISH, - - - but - - - If they continue to use His 'forbidden fruit' from the Tree of Evil, (Dark forceful and destructive ENERGY) then IT will FILL their soul and ITS 'weight' will drag their SOUL into the 'Cauldron.' ONLY God stands 'above' and beyond the 'reach' of His Law. He/She is the energy and THE LAW.

It is I the ONE who 'rightfully' comes in the NAME of the Father and the Mother/God, and all others ARE 'pretenders' to my 'throne' and all these are LIARS who are not only misleading others but also themselves.

Time is now VERY SHORT so I can but REITERATE - - - NO person should teach or preach that THEY come in the name of Jesus or God or any other 'divine' person - - - they can only themselves be 'safe' in God's eyes if they are wise and now say to ALL:

The true messenger of THE MOST HIGH has placed the Most High's message up in the 'Internet' sky and IT and ITS content is the ONLY spiritual truth to NOW be followed as ITS inspiration has flowed into this and every realm via the SINLESS soul of the Spirit of Truth and, as IT is thus per his 'hand' it is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH and, - - -

Any that from now on cannot halt their disrespectful CONTROL of others or who does NOT lay down their mace (voice, hand, sword, axe, spear or gun) WILL BY THEIR OWN DEEDS (actions) show God of their 'worthlessness' and be cast into the 'pit,' for HE the MOST HOLY abhors thieves, liars, deceivers, controllers, abusers and killers who brutalise HIS creation using His SACRED name to so do.

If you cannot now LIVE within the precepts of God's Command as given BY MY PEN then you have NO 'hope,' and the result of BEING an 'arrogant or ignorant' DOPE will SURELY be 'presented' to you on a soon coming day or NIGHT.  I say that you need to fall on your knees and pray:

"Beloved Mother and Father God who 'bore' my miserable soul, please help me to fortify my mind so that I can be less blind and no longer cruel or unkind to others or myself as I do my best to change my ways before THE LAST DAY."

I Terence have spoken for THE MOST HIGH Almighty God.

This 'epistle' applies to everyone be they 'common man' or bishop, cleric priest or leader for every one of them uses 'force' or 'coercion' to control by 'decree' or to 'abuse' their sister or brother or father or mother or daughter or son or their 'neighbour,' and ALL walk less than 'tall' in God's eyes, and all  are sliding backwards DOWN to the 'Pit' even though they believe they are 'safe and saved.'

Once you understand that 'leaders' are naught but 'deluded swine' you are NOT to condemn nor castigate them. You are to extend your love and compassion and do your BEST to elevate them out of their predicament and as this you do our God sees that YOU are merciful, forgiving and TRUE.

So all I can ADD is that anyone who fails to READ my final personal message to humanity from God will end up in the eternal flames and I say:  The ONLY way forward is for everyone to be given THE WORDS OF THE DAY below and set themselves FREE from the control of religious Zealots, yourselves and all religions and government control.

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I simply add these words which I send to all 'Exclusive' Brethren 'openly' so that everyone can see what via me our God has to say.

I state to you that the ONLY 'Words of the day' you or any must preach or teach are:
"OBEY our Lord God's wise COMMAND, for his messenger did arrive and his message is written in the skies and IT says that THE WORD OF TODAY and evermore is: 
Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto those others sinfully living" and, - - -
If confronted or abused then turn the other cheek in non-retaliation and, if to be put to death then 'go as a lamb to the slaughter' in NON-retaliation as you pay your outstanding spiritual dues to God the Almighty. For only in this manner will you be set free and, - - -
You must all now 'remember' that God's one IMMUTABLE Law states: "As you sow so shall ye reap" so IF you 'harm' any of God's children OR deceive them OR control them then you will suffer the same 'fate' within said Holy and JUST Law and you will fail this last 'testing' time and fall into the Abyss of eternal suffering so:
In order to be ABLE to 'restrain' yourself and control your negative emotions and deceiving thoughts that would mislead you, it will be wise for you to daily fortify your mind daily using the STAR prayer given by God that is in Book 1 of 9 of the Testament of Truth." 

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God stipulates:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

God states: 

I DEMAND - absolute honesty
I DEMAND - absolute respect of ME
I DEMAND – absolute loyalty to ME
I DEMAND – absolute commitment to MY children
I DEMAND - total commitment to the message herein

Those who for any reason cannot so do and are turned away from ME by their own 'conscience' choose to so do and, by their own 'volition' have the right to so do and, the consequence of their 'infidelity' to ME their invisible God they cannot see will take its natural 'course' and divorce them of their sanity for eternity.

God states:

"Who is" and "what is" My Judge? My Judge is Terence, and he is the one who 'Judges' the conduct demanded by Me for any seeking to be released from bondage to suffering so that they can rise up into the Promised Land, Heaven.

His task is now completed as he has laid My truth at the feet of the world and every seeker can examine IT and be their own 'judge' as they should be able to see if their conduct and interaction with others is or is not in accordance to MY "Peace, love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness" Command.

If your conduct is not as commanded by Me, then it is your own choice to continue to defy Me your God and suffer the eternal consequence or, you have a brief moment in time to stop being ignorant swine as you halt your aggressive, punitive and destructive interaction with others as you turn and face Me and lay down your mace.

Non-retaliation in the face of adversity is required by Me as YOU 'turn the other cheek' and suffer your dues owed to Me

It is our God who is the Master 'potter' who moulds the spirit soul of man and each of His/Her creation is unique in many a way, and all who now hear and heed my say need to remember this:- Any that God's 'pottery' control or deceive or abuse or injure or try to 'break' make a most abhorrent and ghastly mistake because, due to their ignorance and arrogance they cannot see the end result of their VANITY.

For God is God not 'they,' and as they pray or 'prey' upon the lives of others they see not the end result of their 'plot' to use or misuse and control and abuse God's moulded 'clay' as said - - - His - Her CREATION.

It was 'foretold' that in the END days the Wrath of God would unfold and UTTER deception, evil and destruction would take place as everyone wielded a mace against others and, - - - I call upon all 'Tall men' to assist in the elevating of the consciousness of man by exposing my final message from the Source before THE LAST DAY when "Armageddon of the MIND" does fully 'unwind' and everybody who failed to heed ME and MY message TODAY will become totally 'possessed' by the telepathically imposed thoughts of demonic forces - - - totally insane - - - totally destructive and totally VAIN and, - - -

The resultant destruction, desolation, deprivation, fear, suffering, anguish and eternal agony will BECOME their eternal damnation and destination in HELL brought on by their pride, vanity, greed and THE false belief that they are 'as' God. (Invincible and answerable to no one)

Try and understand, all written by mortal men having SIN within cannot be the absolute truth, and the PROOF of that is the most 'hideous' error within past scripture wherein 'someone' of the 'cloth' fearing to be put into the Lion's den pleaded with Caesar to be set free, and this was done ON THE CONDITION imposed by Caesar that the words 'Render unto Caesar' were to be placed within the scriptures in such as manner  that everyone would be taught that it was 'God's will' that they support, condone and fund by TAX Caesar's war machine.

Can none see the discrepancy where God Commands the true IDEOLOGY of love and peace and mercy and compassion and  forgiveness, yet everyone is now taught from birth to believe in supporting the CONTRA ideology of spiritual DEATH, being the IDEOLOGY of control, subjugation, interference, invasion, deprivation, extortion, depravity, merciless and unforgiving persecution, coercion, banishment, destruction of property and KILLING?

"WAKE UP" I say, from now on ONLY fund benign community effort for all warmongers and their 'supporters' are now to be put to the SWORD of GOD as God's immutable 'eye for an eye' LAW swings into action in every realm outside heaven in the manner revealed by me..

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The Wisdom of God the spiritual Master Potter are the inspirational thoughts that outpour from the Light into the mind of God's faithful children from His/Her Holy Grail cup.

 ~ The Shepherd's Staff ~

 "THE TRUTH" is the Crux of the Core, being the message of the cross for sure, in that on your day you must not retaliate in any way.

 "THE LIGHT" is the Wisdom from afar, symbolised by Christ's Morning Star, visible in an earthly sense to any who would recompense.

 "THE WAY" is God's Word of Peace not the sword, of Mercy and Compassion too, and ONLY let love through.

 So the Staff of the shepherd is God's strength, that is revealed to you at great length,
and IF on the strength of God's Word you lean, then all inner darkness will God from you wean. 

Yes, all darkness will be drawn out and free of inner sin you will then in JOY shout,
and never again will you pain feel, for in heaven, but love does unreel. 

 So heed the light and truth given you, for God's STAFF the Word, is so true,

 So all God's wisdom with love I impress upon your mind and soul and thus you bless saying:

 Sweet sisters and brothers so dear,
to my love please now draw near,
for truly, I reach out to you,
yes, even to those untrue,
And only I know what is at stake
as the darkness pulls in its GIANT RAKE

 And if weeds around your ankles are bound, by the rake's prongs will you be found,
and these spikes will dig very deep and for an eternity any lost will weep. 

So God's message needs quickly be found so the mind stays fortified and sound,
and thus, God's wisdom and love flow through thee and forever in heaven you'll be free. 

Go your way now in peace and make peace with all men.
"Only those that 'walk'
peacefully will by God be left in peace."

"Let no man deny or defy God’s call to bow to His Command any day."

Let it here and now BE understood that any person of any 'station' in life whose actions are not fully within the 'precepts' of God's Command and is thus a person who is controlling or interfering in the activities of other children of God who FAILS to now turn over a new leaf do by their OWN actions continue to defy their Creator who becomes their 'enemy,' for HE 'brooks' absolutely NO defiance of His Command and He will consign all such 'pretenders' to His throne into the Abyss of eternal damnation and agony.

All mankind have been programmed to 'take orders' from other men before doing anything, and now is the time to set yourselves FREE from 'slavery' and turn direct to GOD as you go your way in PEACE and do NOT interfere in the lives of others and love one another as COMMANDED and ONLY fund benign community effort as you refuse to fund by fine or tax or levy any demands by other men be they the supposedly 'legal' authority or otherwise. Our GOD is the AUTHORITY and He now sets free ONLY those that OBEY His Commands as given by me.

THE Commands of our Sovereign Power God state:

1 - "I your God COMMAND you to go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful and compassionate and if you are abused then you must turn the other cheek in non-retaliation and forgive your perceived enemy because, ONLY in this way do you pay outstanding spiritual dues to Me as you suffer. ONLY in this way do you not accrue any further dues to Me your God because you are no longer causing harm to others."

2 - "I your God FORBID you to use My DARK forceful and controlling and destructive energy essence in your interaction with others because the USE thereof results in the CAUSING OF HARM and destruction and it is My prerogative to so do but not yours."

There is only ONE ‘Law’ – “As you do is done unto you – As you ‘sow’ so shall ye REAP.”
Political mortal man needs to now learn that their 'vote' into POWER does not legalise their defiance of God's COMMANDS above, neither does it void or nullify or overrule the implementation of God's singular LAW of EQUAL RETURN given above.
God's 'anchor' is total obedience to HIS Holy Word “Love one another” - God's counsel is: ONLY use my LIGHT creative energy in your interaction with others as you OBEY my Command (1) above and THUS the return aspect via others will BE loving, kindly, compassionate, merciful and forgiving.

It is I to 'dis-spell' the myths of the past that have you all 'spellbound' by stories purported to be the truth as given by mere sinful mortals as they said - - - "He said" - - - and I SAY:


I AM the Spirit of Truth - Terence

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