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~ Disciples of God in 'action' ~
The 'satanic' Tester of man

 It is the dark side of God that ‘tests’ man. It is the dark side of God that ‘tempts’ man to use its forceful, controlling, deceitful, invasive, hateful, vengeful, vain, proud, jealous, critical, and destructive energy that is the ‘fruit’ of the tree of the knowledge of EVIL.

 The LIGHT of God created man inherently good with a soul full of Light energy, but buried deep within the soul of man were the seeds of ‘Sin,’ being the minute particles of the DARK energy of God. For God is ALL.

 The Light of God commands man at the time of their spiritual creation that they must not use the dark energy because, if the inner seeds are ‘watered’ as they are if dark energy is used and flows through their soul, then the seeds grow within and 'flower,' and they become the negative emotions of fear, greed, hatred, anger, pride, jealousy, condemnation, revenge, etc., that are the cause of all suffering.

 These seeds were ‘watered’ when man defied God’s Command to ONLY go their way in peace, and to be loving, kind, compassionate and forgiving, and man supped on the dark forceful energy in his ‘interaction.’ It was not the literal eating of a ‘fruit’ on a tree.

 So when a person uses force to control others or invade others property or punish others or to protect themselves or to confine or kill others or, - - - when a person uses the negative verbal expression of dark energy and is abusive or critical or coercive etc., then man is also ‘watering’ his inner ‘Sin’ and enlarging the dark emotions within, and thus the Dark energy is drawing his soul further away from the Light of Heaven and, - - - thus man also accrues a ‘karmic’ penalty of suffering within the Law of God.

A ‘disciple’ is one that follows the doctrinal teaching of another, and there are two ‘opposing’ teachings that affect you personally.

The one is the ‘belief’ that one must only use positive energy in ones interaction with others, and one is thus always peaceful, respectful, kind, loving, compassionate, and forgiving and in conformity to the Command of the God of Light and Love. (God the Creator)

The other one is the ‘belief’ in the use of negative energy in ones interaction with others, thus at times one becomes aggressive, unkind, disrespectful, merciless, critical, judgmental, abusive, punitive, controlling and destructive, and one is an  infidel’ or non-believer that defies the command of the God of Love as they heed the ‘call’ of the Dark Sovereign Power because, - - - they have been deceived into believing falsely that 'offenders' must be punished and thus in some way mankind is educated

Try and see that God is ALL, and both energies used are the energy of God in action via the mind and emotions of man and, - - -

Try and see that in the pure Light of the ultimate realm Heaven there is no person having any ‘speck’ of dark Sin within, and thus true respect, peace, love, and pure joy exist.

Try and see that you all ‘fell from grace’ aeons ago, because you did and yet do follow the ‘discipline’ of revenge, accountability, control, merciless persecution, punishment and killing, thus you are all the ‘disciples’ of the dark forceful aspect of God the Dark Sovereign Power.

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Only if you now do follow me and begin to see clearly and halt your personal use of the darkness and, you stop funding dark controlling and punitive Institutions will you by God be released from the ‘curse’ * placed upon your soul by your own ‘intent and deed.’

Note:  ‘curse’ * - The curse is the continuing return of suffering that you impose upon yourself within the Law of God. You hold yourself in the 'cursed' state of ongoing suffering because, you are conforming to and adhering to and supporting the established false punitive way of your predecessors that were 'deceived' a long time ago (The sins of your forefathers) and, - - - as you by 'action' cause others to suffer you continually 'accrue' a suffering penalty due within the Law of God.

The Dark side of the Source known as the ‘Devil – Serpent’ is what ‘tempts and tests’ its creation to see ‘who’ is worthy to live and ‘who’ is not.

Try and see that when a person ‘presents’ themselves to you lovingly, that they are at that moment a ‘disciple’ of the LIGHT of God, and their positive ‘motivation’ is inspired by the creative aspect of God’s energy.

Try and see that when a person ‘presents’ themselves to you aggressively, punitively or controlling, that they are at that moment a ‘disciple’ of the DARK of God, and their negative ‘motivation’ is inspired by the destructive aspect of God’s energy.

In either ‘case,’ your personal expression (action) towards them must be in conformity to the command of the Light of God of peace, love, mercy, compassion, respect, and forgiveness because, - - -

The reasons why the other is being negative towards you is because you deserved it or ‘earned it’ from a past negative interaction of yours (In this life or another realm) and, - - -

Because the other person is knowingly or unknowingly acting on behalf of the Dark Sovereign Power because they are ‘deceived’ by false teachings or, through their own dark emotions that ‘incite’ them and ‘invite’ dark thoughts that ‘possess’ and drive them and, - - -

One cannot destroy or 'change' the nature of the dark energy of God that is flowing through them. If you abuse or punish or destroy the person, then you are using the same dark energy that they were using, and IT the dark energy via another will again confront you and abuse you and, - - -

If you respond positively by non-action in non-retaliation, then you ‘clear’ your past debt to God and become more free. If you respond negatively and you retaliate, then you accrue a new ‘debt’ to be again ‘suffered’ on another day.

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So in fact, a ‘killer’ * sent to destroy you is a person being sent by God the Dark Sovereign Power to not only reset and ‘balance’ His 'Scales of Justice' into ‘equilibrium,’ but to also set you free from your past, for you cannot go ‘forward’ and upward to the Light until you have paid all your spiritual dues but, - - -

What you also need to see is, that at the same ‘moment’ that you are being brought to ‘account’ that the ‘tester’ will again tempt you mentally (telepathically) into  using His forceful energy to oppose or ‘kill’ your attacker and, - - - if you do retaliate, then you have abused one of HIS disciples, (army of followers) and He will again set his ‘hounds’ into action to mercilessly hunt you down in this or the after life to punish you.

None can ‘hide’ from the Wrath of God, and HE the retributive Dark Sovereign Power is the ‘mastermind’ behind all invasive, controlling, punitive, abusive, and destructive activity. He only 'sees' you and sets His avenging 'sights' upon you when you defy His Light and you then use His forbidden to use forceful Might.

Note: ‘killer’ * - The dark always operates through the minds of persons that are non-believers in peace and love and mercy and forgiveness, and thus are persons easily ‘deceived’ into being Its operative, and they thus become Its eternal slave unless my wisdom does them save.

You have only ‘passed’ your personal Salvation test when at all times and in all situations you remain a disciple of the ideological teaching of the Light of God, and you do remain peaceful, merciful, respectful, kind, and forgiving at ALL times and, - - - 

If you are still funding or working for any ‘punitive’ or controlling or regulating Institution then you ARE still a  disciple’ of the DARK discipline and you ARE on the wide road to HELL. Why work for or fund an Institution that uses 'Rules' that force all to become a part of its 'contrary' and punitive 'discipline.'

Your ‘actions’ are what ‘permits’ either aspect of God’s energy to flow though your soul. As the application of God’s Law is immutable, none can avoid God’s energy ‘return’ via others. So to ensure that you do not have to be controlled or made to suffer, then you must stop being a controller and stop ‘punishing’ others. 

The mental or emotional justification to invade, wage war, control, impose sanctions, regulate, or punish must be seen for what it is, it is the 'voice' of treachery 'tempting' you to sup on dark forceful energy, and its intent is your spiritual death - death - DEATH.

God sees your spiritual allegiance to His LIGHT energy or His DARK energy, do you? If you place your 'effort' in war and attrition and merciless persecution of others that are 'offensive' or not conforming to your 'barked' dictates, then you forever will suffer heat, cold, exhaustion, loss, deprivation, emotional turmoil, agony, and pure terror in the afterlife.

A 'Pilgrim' is a person on a journey to a realm that 'she or he' believes is a place that truly exists, and along the way (the road) the pilgrim is by God expected to OBEY the Command of the Sovereign Power that 'visibly' exists at the journey's end, - - - so 'she or he' BELIEVES.  I can categorically state that the 'faces' of Mother & Father (God) are visible and can be seen by the pure of spirit and they fill the 'sky' of the ultimate realm, heaven, as given in my book of 'The Visions of the last prophet.'

If you ‘wish’ to become free of inner sin so that you can avoid an eternal ‘hellish’ fate and rise up into heaven, then read all the ‘gospels’ written by my merciful hand that were sent to you by our merciful God of love. For if you seek to be an Olympic 'winner' you need the daily 'discipline' of correct training action.

If you seek Salvation then you must daily assert yourself to knowing what is right and what is wrong ACTION in God's eyes, and then follow the correct ideological discipline. Be a 'disciple' of the God of Love and go your way in PEACE.

You cannot ‘fight’ to attain freedom.
You cannot ‘fight’ to defend yourself.

It is all about ‘Action and interaction’ each passing moment of time.
Peace and respect and love and mercy and forgiveness is the ONLY way to pure joy in the Light.

Terence - the spirit of truth



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