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~ The Law of merciless Retribution ~
The False 'doctrine' of the satanic 'BEAST' exposed

The Law of merciless Retribution is the Commanded 'Law of the Beast' ideology, and it is an 'affliction' that has pervaded the psyche of man 'clandestinely' for so long, that man now believes that this "Do what thy wilt" Ruling Command of the Beast' is a justified 'ruling' because it appears to be honourable and wise, whereas it is in fact 'beastly' and contradictory to the Command of the Creator, and all that uphold its 'cruel' controlling ways become enslaved by the Beast and subjected to ITS 'eye for an eye - as you do will be done unto you' Law.

I add, that the 'statutes' or rules of man are the means whereby the invisible Beast gives man the 'permission' to go forth and be ITS punitive arm. It is within this supposedly honourable role that man mercilessly, unforgivingly and cruelly crucifies his 'brother or sister,' and he perceives his actions as 'righteous' through them being mandated by an unholy book of rules. Rules/decrees/statutes that are the 'Acts of Caesar' and his successors that all believe in RULE by Force of arms.

Yes, the moment a person adorns themself with a 'badge of office' and takes a wage to uphold these rules they have chosen to forgo their God and His Command and they become an operative for the Dark Sovereign Power (The Beast), - - - ultimately their 'choice' to defy God's "Only love and go in peace" voice leads them into the Abyss for a time and a time where they 'suffer' and pay for every 'crime.' *

Note: 'crime.' * - being the use of the dark forceful energy of God that results in another person suffering in some way. E.G. controlling them, punishing them, incarcerating them, stealing money from them, (fines) stealing goods from them, (seizing property) interfering into their business or personal affairs, imposing sanctions, physical abuse, deprivation of liberty, invading, waging war, killing etc.

I Terence state: The satanic doctrine of the Beast was written by the Serpent and imposed upon the human race through the mind of 'one' sinful man * and, this doctrine was by IT the BEAST named 'The Law' that is written down by many arrogant men through the 'ages,' and the core 'code of conduct' principle (ideology) or belief of this false doctrine is:

"Do what thou wilt - shall be the whole of the Law."

Note: 'one' sinful man,* - The same 'Law' has been written by multitudes of Chiefs, Kings, and political 'legislators,' being men that feel empowered to rule other men using force of arms as their 'authority.' For having the use of 'arms' they are self enabled to "Do what they wilt" and this they do, as they RULE you and you with an iron Autocratic fist. Thus this expose is written to release all men from 'governing' Secular and Religious sects, institutions, corporations that control them

It was and yet is written by 'possessed men' that the said 'Serpent' that named itself 'God' said that ITS 'devotees' should do many things to prove their 'obedience' and loyalty unto IT, and I give some of them here:

"Cruelly and callously go forth and rob, rape, pillage, and destroy, and seal your own fate with ME the invisible BEAST that you cannot see, as for ME you 'ritualistically' spill blood, kill, and dismember others as it is your 'free will' to so do as to ME the 'ultimate' Power you are TRUE and, - - -

Them that seek to entrap thee, to overthrow thee, them attack without pity or quarter; & destroy them utterly. Swift as a trodden serpent turn and strike! Be thou yet deadlier than he! Drag down their souls to awful torment: laugh at their fear: spit upon them!

As you so do, you will feel joyous delight and be filled by MY 'ecstasy.'

I do not give the full 'text' of ITS 'voluminous' Laws/rulings/commands here, but only some to show you something. For there is a hidden 'agenda' within its unholy 'text' unseen by those that 'fellowship' with ITS (The Beast's) 'The Law' teaching of:

"Do what thy will as you 'blood' spill, for there is NO 'power' above ME and thus, - - -

I now add this line below, for the implication above is that the Beast wishes you to believe that:
"There will be no 'repercussion' upon you for the 'deadly' and 'foul' deeds done by thee."

None of this 'sect' of religion (governing and other institutions) seeing that the Dark Sovereign Power is self empowered to fulfill ITS own 'hidden' Law and, that IT is 'bound' to fulfill ITS own Law that even IT cannot 'repudiate,' - - - being:

"As you do for ME shall be done by ME unto you."

For there is an 'immutable 'cause and effect' within the framework of the Source, being that for every 'action' there is an 'equal' and opposite reaction, on an 'eye for an eye' basis of, kindness for kindness given, sorrow for sorrow imposed.

I Terence state: Those following the satanic 'Creed' are the 'deluded' because, - - - they are 'blinded' by the 'dazzling' beauty of the words of the SERPENT that 'permit' them to 'wallow' in the lowest of desires and, to 'fulfill' their delusional fantasies that do in fact 'revolve' around their 'phallic' manhood symbol of 'strength,' for the strength of manhood backed by rules or false religious 'texts' give man the 'licence' to be powerfully aggressive and destructive.

For they revere its 'potent' feelings of pleasure that are aroused in some by 'sex crazed' perversity, that when 'aroused' uses 'blood thirsty' devilry, that is caused by their 'squally' Dark and sinful emotions of LUST and power and vengeance and vanity, - - -

For these 'persons' see not that negative lust and positive desire have different 'origins,' as do hate & love, and cruelty & compassion, and retribution & forgiveness. Arrogant men neither 'saw' nor see the hidden 'danger' in the words:

"Do what thou wilt - shall be the whole of the Law."

I Terence state: Because, it was deception due to the FACT that it is NOT the 'whole of the law of God,' for the 'whole' Law of God is the immutable "What you do is done unto you on an 'eye for an eye' basis," and God's Law reigns supreme and, - - -

It is only sinful man that does 'dream' of being 'as' a God or 'above' or 'beyond the reach' of the REAL LAW of the invisible God he cannot see due to his own 'delusions of grandeur' and perverted vanity. (Man filled with the power of darkness that lies unseen within his sinful soul)

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I Terence state I comment publicly to aid all those trapped in this and other 'religions,' and I have already observed the true meaning of the following texts that were written by 'a' man:

 "Do what thou wilt - shall be the whole of the Law" - in this are mysteries that no Beast shall divine. 
Let him not seek to try: but one cometh after him, whence I say not, who shall discover the Key of it all.

I say that the above means that: - - - Any person 'following' the 'The Law' teachings of THE BEAST will be 'blinded' to the FACT that even though 'some' of the 'mysteries' contained within it are true, that many of the 'mysteries' contained therein are Deception & FALSITY and thus, - - -

All using said 'teaching' that does contravene God's "Go in peace & love one another" Command ARE themselves beastly 'swine,' and shall be cast into the PIT to be dined upon eternally by said BEAST that 'swinishly' invoked said 'The Law' dictate through the minds of very VAIN men.

I Terence state: I AM the ONE referred to in the text <: but one cometh after him, whence I say not, who shall discover the Key of it all. > and I have revealed the Satanic source of said document designed to MISLEAD humanity through their dark emotions of 'vanity, pride, lust, vengeance and greed.' And as for some of its other text:

The fool readeth this Book of the Law, and its comment; & he understandeth it not.

I Terence state: Every person that 'fellowships' with any sect, group, religion, or governing institution, or self indulges in 'extortion, punitive, controlling, abusive, invasive or warring' rituals promoted by them is a FOOL as stated above.

They are a fool that understands NOT the deep dark implications and eternal burden of suffering they will impose upon their own soul for their arrogance, vindictiveness, lack of compassion, lack of mercy and NO forgiveness, as they lustfully & blood thirstily 'work' for the BEAST. For they have taken on its 'beastly' nature and are thus blind to this FACT.

Truly, the depth of cunning, depravity, and deceit of the Dark is unseen by all except ME. What you do not realise, is that every 'system' of man USES a similar abusive 'ideological' basis for their code of conduct doctrine that is backed by force of arms.

For 'in the name of the people' the servants of the people do 'invade, sanction, interfere, extort money, kidnap, hold hostage in cells, punish, and destroy' children, women, and other men as a DAILY RITUAL of the BEAST that governs their code of conduct policy.

But as this 'policing' policy is enshrined within RULES, none see that it is THE SAME policy as 'The LAW of the Beast.' Neither do they see that the BEAST has its OWN 'The REAL LAW' that IT invokes against ANY that wield a sword for IT, for they too will then BE raped, and ritually abused and destroyed on an 'eye for an eye' and thus equal basis.

Foolish are those that use ITS force to 'achieve' and thus 'enjoy' and delight in their arrogant or 'lustful' desires. I now refer again to the following notations of said 'Law':

Let it be that - - - So with thy all; thou hast no right but to do thy will.
 There is no law beyond 'Do what thou wilt.'

What you all need to see ref., the above is, that the 'Serpent' that inspired it giving men and his ignorant 'followers' the supposed 'licence' to wield the 'ultimate' weapon (death) with no apparent 'recourse' or 'payback' or 'comeback,' deceived them all, being those inspired by his 'satanic' teachings unto today.

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For the very Devil 'itself' DOES have a LAW that as God's is immutable for sure, being the 'Eye for an eye' RULE of God's "As you sow so shall ye reap" singular law therefore, - - -

The < There is no law beyond 'do what they wilt' > statement is FALSE, for whatever ones does DO, is always subject to God's Immutable Law - - thus it follows that every 'follower' of false teachings that use darkness, and ritually 'bloods' or rapes or sodomises or perverts or tortures or controls or punishes or kills do place themselves within the Dark Arena to be dealt with similarly by the SNAKE.

Reference these two 'texts' written by a man totally possessed mentally by the satanic Serpent - - 

O prophet! thou hast ill will to learn this writing.
I see thee hate the hand & the pen; but I am stronger. 

I Terence state: It is clear to my all-seeing eye that in order to 'receive' his encoded 'The Law' from the dark 'fold,' that the prerequisite was that his spirit soul was imbued with great 'ill will,' being vast amounts of negative energy that he had 'supped on' over aeons of time and, - - - 

It states quite clearly that even though the man 'hated' writing, he was 'overpowered' and thus "Possessed" by the mind of the Dark Sovereign Power, and 'forced' to write these unholy texts whilst his mind was 'Subjugated' unto ITS 'will.'

Man of 'flesh' and man of the 'underworld' has been easily misled by mere words and texts written by minds that were 'possessed' by the brilliance of ultimate deception.

They were also telepathically subjugated by the 'infinite mind' of the King of the underworld that spoke such sweet words that caress the mind of the reader and the 'prophet' that wrote them, - - - unto his and your own DOOM if you adhere to their teachings. For even that writer saw not this meaning within his own 'teaching':

I am the flame that burns in every heart of man, and in the core of every star. I am Life, and the giver of Life, yet therefore is the knowledge of me the knowledge of death.

There is great danger in me; for who doth not understand these runes shall make a great miss. He shall fall down into the pit called 'Because,' and there he shall perish with the dogs of Reason.

I Terence state The writer saw not 'whom' inspired his mind. He was in fact possessed by the Serpent that spoke in such 'riddles' that blinded those 'of sin' such as he was, so that he could not see that it actually meant - - the 'knowledge' of retribution and blood lust and rape & torture as the way of living is the WAY to the ABYSS and certain spiritual DEATH, - - and - - -

In < those that doth not understand these runes > - - - are those that follow and 'uphold' and use the 'deadly' satanic guidelines and, they make a grave error and shall fall into the PIT for a time and a time - - - Because - - -

There is a Reason, being that of that FATE they are deserving, and it is a place where all that enter therein 'shred' and torture each other in perpetuity - - - as ALL 'fulfill' the Satanic 'eye for an eye' Law of merciless Retribution.

I Terence state: The Serpent has been deceiving man since time immemorial and, - - - its 'thoughts' that enter the mind of sinful man always say: "Drink of my dark power and use its force to take or do what you will so as to satiate your innermost desires and you will not die in your sin." - This is FALSE and, - - -

I believe that you and all are very 'naive,' for every government on earth and every religion of the day also 'follow' these very same satanic teachings, for all condone 'control, regulation, invasion, retribution, extortion, slavery, punishment and killing' etc., in the name of self defence or in the name of 'upholding' the flag, nation or law (rules of 'beastly' men) - - -

For the same BEAST has given them a 'mandate' to so do, as IT inspired kings & politicians who raise up ITS satanic rule of law books that control all men. It is only MY pen inspired by the LIGHT of God that reveals this SEAL of the Devil from which all must now set themselves free.

Simple man is so easily misled by those in powerful positions who 'preach' and impose false doctrine upon the people. This is carried out by 'mainstream' religions or State religions, for all teach and condone the FALSE 'Beastly' doctrine of persecution and punishment and extortion and DEATH to the enemy.

All such 'punitive' or 'ritualistic 'blood' purging were inspired by hypnotic thoughts that entered their psyche from the 'wellspring' of eternal misery that in fact is the 'super conscious' MIND of the Dark Sovereign Power

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No person other than me can ITS real face see, for in ITS 'lair' it is icy cold and utterly dark, - - - thus no person 'fellowshipping' with ITS creed of 'self-indulgent' revelry ever see IT for they have become 'as' it.

They will suffer ITS 'incestuous abominations' in perpetuity as ITS 'other' demonic forces impose their own 'torture' being their ideological belief in the imposition of terror and grief upon all that FALL into their/ITS lair, for that is THE LAW of that land. Man needs to try and understand that:

Any action that - terrorises another will ahead terrorise them.
Any action that - debases another will debase them.
Any action that - causes another to suffer will cause them suffering.
Any action that - imposes upon another will cause them to be imposed upon.
Any action that - is disrespectful or hurtful or cruel to others returns to 'punish' them. 

I Terence state: Man needs to see that any 'bloodthirsty' ritual act of killing or 'spilling' the blood of other 'children of God' is a treasonable act in the eyes of their God. Be it the Creative God of Love or the Destructive God of Dark. Go to the 'Mystery of God.'

For GOD is a singular but 'dual' POWER as exposed by God's dove, and thus the omnipotent God fulfils HIS one 'eye for an eye' Law for SURE. I say: 'Go your way in Peace and love one another,' for that is the True Command, and any other 'way' is treachery sent to 'tempt' you by the eternal 'Tempter.'

Any that follow the 'teachings' of others, - - - being any 'other' than ME* will fail and fall to insanity.

Note - than ME* -  I Terence am the prophet for the "I AM God the Creative LIGHT," inspired telepathically by the Light Sovereign Power, due to the power of my inner LIGHT.

The world will now fall into disarray for a time as all PAY their dues to the 'God of misery' for having followed ITS despotic and demonic teaching that 'permitted' every 'culture' to be 'invasive, regulating, extortionist, warring, punitive, destructive, perverse,' and IT saw that they were all swine needing to be crushed into oblivion by IT as ITS positive energy had lovingly created them to 'love' but, - - - they chose to be swine.

If you are being less than loving & kind & merciful & forgiving, then you are 'deluded' and on the 'wide road to Hell, and you are NOT on the road to MY Land Divine and, - - - that 'choice' may not be yours because, - - -

You may already be possessed by demons that you cannot see who have control of your mind, and it is they that are inspiring you to live out their 'sexual' delusional fantasies, and their bloodthirsty rituals of accountability and retributive and self-satiating killings.

The satanic 'conspiracy' is the one that leads all mankind into slavery unto IT the Beast. Whether it is inspired  via Hitler, Attilla the Hun or your State government 'legislators' that invoke fine and punishment and hostage taking and incarcerating and war and destruction. All are 'killers' in action that defy their Creator.

Do not 'despise or criticise' those trapped by the false teachings of said Beast, merely do as I do and teach them the true way to freedom. Educate, not punish or berate. For it is God to now 'berate' all those that offend HIM.

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I Terence state: The dark 'Serpent' justifies the use of force and the 'use' of blood or 'child sacrifice' as the means to 'satiate' the 'beastly' emotions of the DARK BEAST that man draws into his soul as he 'man' defies his Creator.

Man uses 'force' to assuage his 'will,' being the overpowering feelings of 'lust' that arouse his 'penis' being his 'sign' of strength because, his positive feelings of desire that existed before that were entwined with respect and love have been overridden by the dark energy and, - - -

His 'phallic' sign of 'God like' strength becomes his present 'delusional' focus, as he forcefully takes what he believes is his right because, - - - it 'feels' right and, he has been taught by the Serpent that it is his right. This is delusional Falsity.

These 'deluded' souls see not that their actions are immodest, disrespectful and 'beastly,' and destructive unto others and ultimately unto themselves and, that their 'The Doctrine' that they 'uphold' is in opposition to the Command of the Creator and, - - - they see not that ALL or ANY 'actions' have similar reactions.

All sinful men revere power - all sinful men that have been deceived by the false teachings of others believe falsely that they have the Divine Right to fight or take or kill or, - - -

To 'ritualistically' drink on the blood or suffering of others and NOT be subjected to the resultant 'penalty,' being THE LAW of the God that they neither see, nor comprehend, nor understand. They are all unwise fools that are turned into SWINE by the Dark Beast upon whose 'rules' they dine.

Set yourselves free from your perverse 'phallic' insanity. You are all 'mesmerised' by the 'belief' that you can 'satisfy' your own sexual or other 'cravings' in forcing others to be your 'slaves.'

Any such 'fantasy' is the 'grand delusion' of selfishness that leads you into eternal bondage and perpetual ritualistic torture and suffering imposed by the BEAST, who will most certainly 'enjoy' your writhing and agonising shrieks.

I Terence state: Now is the time to burn 'THE LAW' books, for you are in 'grave' danger if you 'read' and 'promote' IT or ANY 'such' that empower you to punish, control, abuse or mistreat any other.

For the 'written permission' to be unwise and abuse others is the same as the 'mandate' given by the State 'rules book' religion that poses as 'secular.' Being the 'permission' to tax, invade, punish, coerce, steal, kill.

It is such 'rules - decrees - laws - mandates' that 'permit' arrogant, vain, and ignorant men to partake of 'excesses' that lead them to 'sinfully' engage in foul bestial rituals of blood, and lead them into their own spiritual demise.

The Beast is now to 'bite' the hand of men that 'fed' IT and gave IT power over man on earth and under the earth thus, - - -  shall IT now use ITS 'own' to destroy ITS own, - - - that were an 'abomination in ITS sight and, - - - thus shall every 'religion' be destroyed by IT for the evil ways they deployed and, - - - pure TRUTH will shine and, - - -

Peace will reign on earth and there will be no borders, and all the humble and meek and kind and loving and good and merciful and compassionate and forgiving will be free to come and go and their loving ways show as they inherit the earth and, - - -

Only those that now heed the Wisdom of their Creative MOTHER that inspires my pen and remain meek and forgiving and compassionate towards those that are 'pitiful' in their ignorance will become free, as they and all men are 'crucified' for their past or ongoing folly by the ignorant ones and, - - - in the 'act' of non-retaliation they PAY their dues in suffering and become free.

Be now WISE, follow the Wisdom of God and be set free from eternal misery.

"Peace unto all"

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Take NOTICE - Until such time as the records of Satan's 'The Law' rules/decrees/acts/statutes or other teachings have been 'burnt' and thus deleted from the 'sight' of God's simple children, I can but advise you most 'sternly' to NEVER seek to read what is written therein. For much of the text is inspired by the ultimate criminal Mastermind the Dark Sovereign Power and, - - - it is written in such an 'attractive' and 'hypnotic' way that its deadly 'intent' of deception & retribution is not seen by the 'unwary' such as you and you and, - - -

If you are 'tempted' by a mercenary wage to read its full text then you may well find that you believe its content, and this folly you may only become aware of when your spirit soul is 'extinguished' in the dark realms below for being so deceived.

Let it be herein stated by ME the Source of Light, that the 'texts' written by the ones with no name are the most dangerous teachings ever to have been written by the 'hand' of man. For they are in direct 'opposition' to the Command of the Creator "Go in peace & love one another" and, - - - any that now 'follow' the ones of NO NAME will most certainly DIE as their spirit soul 'falls' out of the sky.

Take NOTICE - The 'texts' of which I speak are the scriptural 'books' of every known religion of the day, as well as the texts of every government on earth that 'permit' people to interfere, control, regulate, tax, punish, invade, seize, kill etc.

"Love one another" IS the Command

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~ THE six-pointed 'Christ' STAR - True Light~

The meaning of the Six-Pointed Star, the Star of 'Hope'
The Six-Pointed Star as associated with the 'Mark of the Beast'

The True Star of David represents the spiritual 'shield' against evil as given by God through Christ.
Being that all that rely on God's Word o
f peace, and wield no sword, will find inner & external peace and spiritual freedom.

The six pointed Star symbolised by the light of Venus the morning and evening Star, is the heavenly 'symbol' of TRUE Light that REVEALS the 'Mark of the Beast' to mankind, as being all those persons 'numbered' by State systems as they the individual people 'vote for, condone, fund, and support' the punitive and extortionist and warring and destructive DARK ideology of the 'rule book religion.'

For it is the State Rules or Decrees 'enacted' that form the basis of every government on earth, the Rules RULE all its 'slaves' with Autocratic power as IT (the rule book) dictates unto man ITS punitive ideological 'code of conduct' demands. For IT'S 'text' is the 'voice of the BEAST' working through 'powers seen as normal.'

The Decrees force man into 'cruel, merciless, invasive, punitive, destructive and warring' anti-God ways, that are a contra ideology to the "Only love and walk in peace, and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving" Command of the Light of God. 

Thus as 'simple man' supports and condones the Dark punitive ideology of the BEAST, simple man accrues a return upon himself of suffering under the singular Law of God: "As you do is done unto you," and all remain on the 'karmic' wheel of suffering.

Man is numbered at birth, through being 'forced' to 'list' their children as 'chattels' of the Beast as they by 'Certificate of birth' sign away the freedom of their new born into slavery to the Beast within the Systems of man, and this continues on into adulthood as none can 'buy or sell or trade or travel' unless they have the paid up 'stamp of approval' by State authority and pay an extortionist 'tax' levy on every transaction.

So even as you the 'individual' are asleep at night, your servants the state workers and enforcers that are intruding, controlling, taxing, invading, kidnapping, holding hostage in cells, punishing, and warring and destroying in your name and on your behalf are causing untold misery and suffering unto others that will come back to 'haunt' them and you personally.

Regrettably the 'elders' within all religious 'orders' have also linked hands with the anti-Christ, as they joined 'hands' with political forces and participate in the 'blessing' of men and their 'weapons' going to war, and this is the ultimate betrayal of Christ and God's message of "Peace, love, mercy. compassion, and forgiveness," and the 'bastardisation' of the truth has sent multitudes of young men and women to Hell. It is I to now ring the final bell as the last 'battle of the mind' begins.


The whole world has now been 'suffocated' by this rotten 'punitive, controlling, extortionist, merciless and unforgiving' anti-Christ policy that is the Beastly 'order of the day' and, - - - as all will now see, the end result of that vain and arrogant insanity is that the 'hounds from Hell' will now show their 'face' through the mind of insane men, and they will be 'justified' in destroying everything.

For the beastly 'Law' of: "Do what thy wilt so as to fulfill your personal needs, wants, desires, and fantasies" directive from Hell, has misled arrogant man into believing falsely that he could use 'force' and force of weapons to coerce others into becoming enslaved to his own dictates, and not 'suffer' from any 'The LAW of GOD' consequence.

Regrettably, not only has man been enslaved by dictatorial decrees imposed by 'Caesar' style governments, (all governments on earth) but man has also been taught to rely on and support and condone this ant-Christ way, thus all mankind is complicit to this 'beastly' form of conduct towards his fellow man, and ALL are now to suffer the 'dire' and painful 'hellish' consequence.

Being that all will now be forced to 'suffer' at the hands of insane people that are cruel, remorseless, merciless, unkind because they are mentally 'possessed' by the thoughts of Demons who do not 'hear' your pleas for mercy as they fulfill the negative, dark 'eye for an eye' policy of the Dark Sovereign Power.

To become free of this 'cyclone' of eternal darkness you will need to heed ME, and fortify your minds so that you do NOT retaliate. For if you do retaliate through fear or anger, it is you then who will 'permit' demonic thought into your mind, and you will wield a sword and 'dismember' or destroy the one attacking you, and you then accrue a further painful due and, - - - those that continue to fight will do so forever as their spirit souls are 'plunged' down into the dark night below, where they suffer on and bestow suffering upon others in perpetuity.

Added note: Why was it prophesied that in the 'end days that there would be "Tribulation on earth such as has never been seen before"?

Because the 'gates of Hell' have been 'opened' by the false sinful and satanic deeds of man, being bad deeds of punishment, extortion, war, destruction and the merciless killing of the others perceived as 'evil' or wrongdoers. Thus man's spirit soul has taken on the 'image' and 'energy' of the Beast, and permitted IT 'Satan' to control his mind and now, via the mind of sinful man Satan will cause pain and terror and destruction as never before seen in this world that is the 'eye for an eye' RULE of God's immutable single Law: "As you do or did do will be done unto you" and, - - -

If you cannot see that any 'abusive' or punitive action is bad and not good, then you are 'lost.' For a good person doing good receives a return Tribute of goodness from the Light of Heaven, whereas a bad person doing bad deeds receives Retribution at the hands of Demons inspired from Hell.

Education is the way, not merciless retribution and punishment. 

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